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^^ That's why Shandra Manaya rules on Tera Na and Tera Eu withing all servers >:3
Code 1: Hyper Fire Turkey Time
Code 1: Mashed Popotatoes
Code 1: Lamb Bulgogi Best Bulgogi
Code 1: Blueberry Baraka Buffet
^^ enjoy
Now we know that Deadpool in this reality is Spacecatspool!!! B)
WB's race >:3
Helo and welcome >:3 , you can always start a new carácter if you have the server slot and use a buddyup code for level rewards (permanent pet with auto loot at lvl 1 + rewards every 10 levels) if this helps you can use my codes and ill help you when I am online >:3
Megami.Kaguya#9126 , Yufy#1344 , Rory.D.Mercury#0691
Hope it helps
Ein cutness kill the hammsters
I got s massive lagg spike before the client crashed , I ran the client again but i got server is not currently available mesage
Look´s like the log in sever is down.
Hi mate, I log in around 12pm to 6pm
Brawler 65 gl & hf >:3
Tera game is a player-friendly mmorpg , at level 65 you can enjoy endgame. Plus paying for elite status is worth it.
PS.. Hope you find in the game a good time and new Friends >:3
welp, cant even log in on TR, AV, CH or MT, gg
1500ms from mexico ....
FB on parcel, but no Elite boxes
>:3 Gracias , Danke , Thank you >:3 Ari-Gato >:3
HOLA >:3
This is my buddyup code:
Fey Forest PVP65 : Sheeana#0485
Celestial Hills PVE : E.D.I#0466
Hope you enjoy the game and send me a mail in game or here to help you.
the buddyup last for a month after you use it and thats plenty of time for you to level up with story and or Instance matching dungeons.
I can once say this :awesome: :+1: EMPLOSIONS!
ty anmasse >:3
o.O nice drawings mate .

Fey Forest

same as picture
Np , let me know if you need help >:3
Hola mate: MT Megami.Kaguya#9126
all 3 slots free >:3 GL
>:3 Working now >:3 ty enmasse
HOLA nice work >:3 keep it up
Just imagine a Elin Brawler >_<
>:3 Any time, I am afk just pm to reply >:3
Hi mate, Sheeana#0485 >:3
Hámsterinos were attacked by cows!

Name : Sephie.Michaela.D
Server : Fey Forest
Description : Dress in Red and Welcome Autumn
I blame Enme for not feeding properly Mr. Hamster
Achievment Complete "Server Crash" , NOW RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
Achievment Complete "Server Crash" , now pls end guild patch
Achievment Complete "Server Crash"
Achievment Complete "Server Crash "
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