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It's not even that guys.....
I did the math if you subtract the achievements from the special you are left with 598 ACTIVE achievements. Ones you can earn that actually count.
I currently have 497 of 598 and I'm still 1600+ away. In order to reach champion one would need nearly all the active achievements on the game.
I was champ and worked pretty hard for it. Now I lost it and the only thing left for me is the PVP achs. I don't pvp and don't plan on it. This shouldn't even have happened. PVP isn't going to give me 1600 points.........
Whole reason I made this topic on the day of the event.

Everyone seems to bring other complaints not related to the topic into these topics without adding actual discussions......
The whole point of these types of topics are because not everyone can take part in "ALL" events that apply to the current.
Meaning this event is a waste for a good majority that want to.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
Depend of the hour, I've checked 5 channels on kaitor at morning pst totally ghost town. Nagas and friends free

Kaiator is not the same server........... I specifically said Velika in my OP
Kaiator is a merge of two servers, Velika is three.
metagame wrote: »
i checked nagas on both servers and found an empty channel in one go

Who farms nagas?
I'm speaking on behalf on the 65 bams which would all be taken.
Actually there is a event going on if you see the calendar. With this many people on the server now it will be really hard for everyone to be able to do these.

It was already hard enough before the server merge. I'm EST and I'd have to wait until 3am to be able to take part in these.
I mean you guys merged all these servers have the same events and you don't add more channels?
How is everyone supposed to take part in this when we only have the "channels" that was intented for one server?
I'm speaking on the Velika server here. This number should be increased to at least 24 since you merged 3 servers.
So I'm back with this :) To further add on to my OP (originial post)
I just upgraded my FM boots on my gunner


If you notice it has 0 ixp now
I didn't just enchant this when it had max, it had well over the ixp amount
All my gear aside from my weapon has the same ixp.


So why is it now that I gotta start over? Are you really telling me I just lost 76,404 ixp on my gear just because I upgraded?
This was not included in the patch notes either. THIS did not happen with any gear on any of the previous patches so why can't the user be informed of 100% of the patch notes when this game is updated?
I just lost quite bit of time on this game all because you guys made this dumb change....
SO what I noticed with a particular piece of gear on a toon.
It's +0 SC with 58k xp. It's not red.
But my other pieces have 64k and the xp is red meaning I cannot gain anymore xp on them until I enchant to lower this to a "unknown" amount atm cause we have no idea what the min-max is.
But I like to save my xp until I have enough for like +7 and then enchant. What this patch did was stop that.
Meaning that if you reach a point where you cannot enchant for awhile, you're gonna get screwed on xp cause you'll cap...........
Why wasn't this in the patch notes.............
And why is there a cap on this?
Don't count on Reaper.... It already starts off at level 50 and rushes you to 58.
we aren't on the same as consoles, so never expect that. Consoles are way behind us, they get different things at different times.
Nikitesla wrote: »
So many things that needs updating in Tera and they are worried about gunner recall.

Maybe optimization???

BDO just optimized; how long has that been out, two years?

BDO has been out way longer than two years........................
at the time of this post server was under maintenance
ummm 50 isn't enough to judge and 50 isn't a lot. Nor is 400.
Double VG events you can earn 400+ in less than 1 hour.

Golden Talents are always needed, it's how we enchant gear passed guardian.
Equitas wrote: »
I don't even pay attention to the rewards, I just click "Get" (or whatever the button is). My biggest problem is that it doesn't take the item half the time. I have to wait another day or 2 before I can finally collect the calendar reward. I don't think anyone has much room to complain, though. They shouldn't be handing out rewards just for logging in in the first place. At least people get something from it.

It's something that encourages you to come back the next day. That is the whole point of these log in rewards. So you're saying they shouldn't encourage the players to log in? I know of plenty of MMOs that do this. It's a nice welcome to the game and rewards you for consective days logged in....... You log in you get the said item/s and you get a buff for doing so.
The Calendar bug with not being able to claim items I've experienced a long with everyone else probably. That is annoying and seeing as it's not fixed means it's not high on the fix list.
Anyone else notice the calendar being absolutely bad ever since the Anniversary event ended?

No scales, no gold finger tokens, just stuff we already get for completing Vangaurd requests..........
Can't even take your chances with the broker. The markets are slowly going down item wise and getting more expensive due to the market not being able to restock because we no longer have people being able to buy and put there often. Great idea for the daily the deal, just terrible execution at it.
You don't nerf the store in favor of this. 200+ items removed would take well over 2-4 months to show them all on that thing even if it cycled daily..................
What was the point of this?
Both healers are in demand. Tanks are in the most demanding and this game needs lots of them.
Mystic is a fun class. But why the topic? Of course a healer will be needed. What people will want though is a good one.
So I hope you learn your class well and things should be fun after that. Just enjoy leveling and discovering your class and skills for now.

One tip though if you truely intend to be a healer. As a healer, you come first. Make sure you are safe before anyone else. Always try to be in a position where you don't have to worry about getting hurt much once you learn things. The next focus when you start pairing with others is always the Tank. Make sure the tank is alright and then focus on healing the DPS. I can't stress enough when I see the tank die in a dungeon and the healer goes and res a dead dps first. You > Tank > DPS.
from what ive heard, EU doesnt have these restriction on manglemire, they get it until it it removed with the next major patch

Dungeons are supposed to stay, not get removed.
I really hope at some point some of the other older dungeons make a come and not just for events....
not possible to get something like a beach wrap or summer wrap
at best a dyeable string bikini box (aka dyeable one piece for elins) I believe
It's the same as last year nothing new added at all except maybe some costumes no one really wants
EME has no control or input over which dungeons we get, just wait for ktera to release them.. sorry :(

Just because Ktera gets them doesn't mean we will too.
They have had Forsaken Island quite a few times now and we have yet to get it. They have also had wonderholme which we haven't seen here in quite some time.
RKC wrote: »
People just wait for awakening Part 2

That isn't going to do anything lol. The lower dps classes will still be at the bottom lol.
Having a few extra skills will help yeah? But the main problem is the other skils, they don't have enough power no matter how good you are with the class. CoS (Circle of steel) is still missing 10% damage from the actual ninja launch for example. It got nerfed by 30% and they only gave ninja "one" buff on awakening which was 20% to that skill. The auto attack, which is a core skill used by ninja was also nerfed, it never got rebuffed or anything.
Ninja has not gotten any actual buffs since release. They've only added "some" back which was taken away.

I've been a ninja main since launch.
It's 20 slots I believe
There is no way you can take something from (example) 2003 and then slap a full price sticker on it and expect it to sell. This is 2018.
Well, obviously they'll see when they look at the sales. If it's not reaching their projections, clearly they'll do something else.

But this particular outfit is a bit of a special case because it's so rare. It wasn't something that was just sitting on the store for years, even in a lootbox or anything else. (It was only in a lootbox once rarely, and then available in an event.) So it wouldn't surprise me if, for this item in particular, the price was more worth it to people than it would be for other items. Certainly, not just any old rare will sell well at 4995 EMP.

Yes I understand it's rare. But it's eme's fault it is rare. Could it be rare for this exact reason? We dunno the answer to that.
The price will only be worth it to the ones that see the current market value of this costume, which is currently 1,2m on this server.
I'm not saying its a bad costume. I would love to have it myself as I'm a costume person first and everything else second.
But I understand the value of things and spending $50 on something that might be used for a little bit and swapped with something else is steep.
Not to mention the emotes in that deal, you need that costume or a "maid" costume to use. Good luck getting a maid costume atm. They took those off the store too. So if you're new, you'd have to pay $50 currently to use those emotes.
ElinLove wrote: »
Ray676 wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
I suspect those daily deals have made the EMP dealers more lively around the game, have they? Well it's a win-win situation for everyone, unless rates skyrocket stupidly.

like they haven't already? 70 usd?? I could see that price if they were account bound.

ur just cheap

That doesn't make him/her cheap because of the overpriced content.
Maybe you're blind to the fact that they removed the rng boxes, which you could "possibly" get this cheaper from that,
in order to sell this for more.These costumes are old and I'm not talking 1 or 2 years old, I'm taking like 4 or so and it's still being sold for $50???
Are you kidding me? You can buy the newer maid costumes for cheaper.

Give some double bold, italic and 144 size font on that "possibly" there. Very, very, VERY far fetched but eh, that's how RNG boxes sell eh? "You may get this item for a mere 1,99!! Don't delay, buy today!"

Ain't agreeing with 50 dollars anyway, but really, going as far as making lootboxes look GOOD was quite far fetched

lol and yes. Quite a few people are lucky and pull the said item in a few boxes, it's not to say that a good majority will. But some can pull 2-3 in like 20 boxes. Look I like the direction they choose for direct buy, its not the gripe there. That was a good move.
The gripe is the price. You can't strip the store of most items and then only give us the option of $16-20 and then $50.
Most of the stuff on this game that people want is OLD. There is no way you can take something from (example) 2003 and then slap a full price sticker on it and expect it to sell. This is 2018. So if what everyone wants is several years old, you gotta come down on the price some. There is no way a 4 year old item should be the same price as an item that was just RELEASED.
Ray676 wrote: »
ElinLove wrote: »
I suspect those daily deals have made the EMP dealers more lively around the game, have they? Well it's a win-win situation for everyone, unless rates skyrocket stupidly.

like they haven't already? 70 usd?? I could see that price if they were account bound.

ur just cheap

That doesn't make him/her cheap because of the overpriced content.
Maybe you're blind to the fact that they removed the rng boxes, which you could "possibly" get this cheaper from that,
in order to sell this for more.These costumes are old and I'm not talking 1 or 2 years old, I'm taking like 4 or so and it's still being sold for $50???
Are you kidding me? You can buy the newer maid costumes for cheaper.
Not supposed to be easy to get a mask that you have to do a Hardmode otherwise to get.
This would be cool and I hope they do something like this, but umm
not to derail the topic, what happened to the size changers that used to last 24 hours
The thing is, there isn't a problem with the talents atm. Most people just don't wanna do the work.
It's double vanguards meaning if you go fight the low tier island of dawn bams you'll get some.
Roughly 224 talents per x16 quests. The monsters include: Basiliks, Ovaliths and Orisks. They aren't hard to kill and are a easy source of golden talents until June 5th as the calendar notes.
They gave these out when spacecats left, you could kill some mongos and get these free from the tokens they dropped.
What would be nice is if they did another dungeon event. In this event you'd have a chance to get a retired ground mount as a drop for beating the last boss or they could even bring back the awesome event where you could get lootboxes for being bosses. Now that would be fun and worth it.
So what gives on this? Why doesn't it stack to x10 anymore?
It's not mentioned in the patch notes at all. Surely I'm not the only one to notice this.
This class already does low damage and didn't get anything really on the awakening patch so why are you nerfing it again EME?
Black Desert is meant for that travel wise so that you actually explore the game. -_-
The way Tera is now you can reach level 65 without stepping foot into 90% of the other areas on the game. While I like Tera this is a huge problem for the game.

Better EXP? You already get handed a fast trip to level 65. What this game needs is less xp. Not in the sense that it takes you forever to level. But you can reach max level in a day or two.

Apparently you weren't here when Tera had the stamina system. Your max HP and MP decreased the less stamina you had.
To recover it you had to sit by a campfire and wait for your stamina and HP/MP go back up.
The actual HP/MP on pots on the game currently aren't really enough to be honest. Moreso on the MP side. Some characters literally go through MP like it's nothing and a MP pot only restores enough for a few skills and you're stuck waiting again. It's even worse when the healer has no idea what skill they have that actually restores MP to players.

Is this a serious a topic?
It's been like that a long time now. It's dying.
Found oneee

and it gave this
so because you don't want to grind to gear up these other characters they should cater to you? Doesn't work that way.

"because all my classes have frost weapon only, and the rest of my gear is guardian."

That was your first mistake. Had you gotten them to twist for the xp. You would have xp to help get them to full frost. If you had the money and mats to get the weapon to frost. You had the money to full twist those characters. This is your fault.
ChakNense wrote: »
ChakNense wrote: »
I had a crazy idea, let's unite all the servers, and so we'll have about 300 players online per day. The 30 players online from the AV server ask for help.

So if there is only 300 players online per day that means your server is dead too right?
Bad joke. :P

300 per day, because TERA is dead! All servers are down, but AV has long since died. I was being sarcastic.

I know. I was only joking too, nothing to take serious.
ChakNense wrote: »
I had a crazy idea, let's unite all the servers, and so we'll have about 300 players online per day. The 30 players online from the AV server ask for help.

So if there is only 300 players online per day that means your server is dead too right?
Bad joke. :P
Can we get instances reset for this???? I was in a dungeon and just lost it.
Never. Most of the stuff EU gets we never get. For example.... They have had Forsaken Island twice now.
The last time we had Forsaken Island here in the NA was when I came to Tera during the ninja patch, back in 2016.
Eme did have a test server last year if i recall correctly it was called Wonderholme server and it was insanely fun and hilarious would love to see it return and they had said it was possible to return...Gosh I miss it...
That wasn't to test anything though.....
All the features on that server could have been done on a normal server. There was nothing new about that server other than "fun"

You need to drop the party simple as that.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
This is very impressive and especially since i never thought that i will see three pages with mounts.. But I am not seeing that white duck with a red cosmetic on its head? How it is called? I like that mount so much and yet i have rarely seen it in game though i have to agree that the kitty mounts are also especially cute and even more on elin characters.

p.s. good luck with your quest

Thank you so much I really wish I could grab their attention just a little and have them help me complete my trinity XD Though Duckerberg never showed up on NA if I'm not mistaken.

whitte dafi with red radio in the chest ? im saw some people in AV with this ( im dont know if duckkerberg )


Quacklemore or something like that here in NA. The names for mounts are different in EU.
I saw one for the first time in my 2 years playing on the broker. But the guy wanted like 10 million lol.
Wow really? Geeze, I seriously wish NA would catch up. Almost makes me wanna go to EU. But I have invested so much into NA. U.U
Well at least for me, I can't say for you, my ping doubles if I go there.
So while I get 50-60 here in the NA. It's 100-120 there.

All my friends are here on the NA version, I don't want to leave them. But yeah, I would have loved to stay there. But my friends keep me playing.
> @Pages said:
> ShiroJirachi wrote: »
> Ardire wrote: »
> ok but which one is your favourite
> Probably my all time favorite, and the one I default to often enough is Malkin or Saltyko they remind me of my cats <3
> SaphirKanzaki wrote: »
> Now, that's impressive. There's even the Rainbow, Kitty and the Huntress. I think we had for a very limited time the quackerjack/duckerberg in NA.
> So far as I know we never got duckerberg did we? At least not on NA?
> I know we got quackerjack as part of a reference program type event where you had to mentor friends to 65 or something along those lines.
> Quackerjack was an exclusive mount for the top teams in one of the Canyon Clashes. You're thinking of Quacklemore.
> & I don't believe we ever got Duckerberg.

Ah you're right sorry I get them mixed so often.

I wonder why NA never got duckerberg. EU got it.

EU gets a lot of stuff that NA doesn't it's also way cheaper at times to get certain mounts on EU than NA.
I've seen mounts that go for 100k + on NA go for 40k on EU.
Well it could be used for the top 10 CU ranks?
OR maybe the top 10 leveled guilds?

Rather than them sitting with no use whatsoever this could give them a use.
While typing a messaging to my guildies sometimes there will be a freeze for about 0.5/1 sec before it sends the actual message.
I just ran the KC dungeon for a guild quest and the same small freezes are present in there, it will do it while in combat.

Ping keeps jumping randomly from 50ms to 106ms
while that isn't much, it feels like it's way more than 106ms. My whole game is freezing that is not 106ms. I've dealt with high ping
and this is a different issue. 106ms tbh isn't that high.
Hmm maybe he/she is reffering to the past few loading screen contests. They used to post the picturesof them all so that you could view them or download them. Now they don't, unless I'm mistaken.
Quest is not popping for me when I log on my chars, therefore I cannot do the quest or interact with the npcs for the rep credits. Anyone else with this issue?
We probably wouldn't see that until the later part of this year if it comes here.
consoles use another engine most likely, so just because it gets it there does not mean we will get the same on PC.
So then why not make an item that unbounds them, but keeps them locked to your account? That way you can put them on another char.
Just did a run and it was basically normally drops.

Sometimes they do have problems with codes, but this particular code appears to be working fine in general. That's why I suspect there is something different going on in your account's case. I would suggest to contact support, but it's probably not worth it for some reward points and 7-day sugar-spun wings.
I believe you are correct. Just tried the GF's account and it worked fine.
And yeah, I'm not going to contact them over a little bit of reward points and a 7 day cosmetic.
I apologize for this and well I guess I'll have to wait for next week's code.
You may have already redeemed the same code in the past. Not sure if it was a new code for this week's stream, necessary.

Never used the code at any other point in time. While this doesn't happen to often, they have had problems with codes.
Here is proof, I cannot redeem these at all.
Umm I know how to type and spell. Just because it works for you, doesn't mean it works for everyone else. This code was reported to have problems.
It STILL isn't working.
Code is not working as of right now, at least for me.

"This code has reached it's redemption limit."
Thanks I will use that. It wasn't just me only it was half my party for the dungeon I was in at the time.
Happens oddly around a certain time and goes away after a bit.
Na around this time for several weeks now I've been getting this weird lag. My ping goes from 80-90 upwards to 500 and more. Only on Tera.
literally just took that
It's just all over the place at times. But pretty much.
You have to learn to live with it to enjoy it sadly.

My suggestion if it does bother you a lot, I guess turn down the settings :/
Although honestly with our rig, we shouldn't have too.
ElinLove wrote: »
Starravage wrote: »
How much graphic ram do you have and system ram? I read somewhere on this forum that you need a lot of ram to run Tera smoothly, but that's more on loading everything

I vote on hoax, or memory leak.
I have 8GB and TERA never used more than 1,6GB in total. Seriously.

Maybe you never played at higher resolutions. I play at 2560x1440 and have done so for 2 years, this game easily goes above 2GB ram for me. (Not video ram, system ram)
That said, with 8 it shouldn't be a problem.

Graphic ram on Tera doesn't really matter these days. Even older cards like a Radeon 6000 series with 1 GB video ram should be okay.
But that said IF you are using one of those, then that could be your problem, lack of power..... even at 1920x1080
At 2560x1440 this game peaks at 1GB Video ram and maybe a little above.

The problem when you get 30 fps is just Tera being Tera. Your system config/parts won't even matter, you'll still get drops.

My system is a 4670k @4.6ghz and Super Clocked GTX 970 and I play at 2560x1440. Sometimes the fps is great and randomly at times without doing anything it turns to crap.
server around this time for me 8pm - 10 pm est just craps out. my 50-90ms suddenly goes up to 180 - 500ms for no reason. It's only on this game
There is my internet speed and it was just taken and I'm still getting terrible ping in the game atm
Unless I'm misreading this, we have been given more of a heads up on other classes too.
Take Valkyrie for instance, people already had tons of ambush stuff laying around and waiting before the class even came out.
Then had ambush on day one. This really isn't anything new. :P
ping has been spiking all day, normally I get 50-70
the whole day it's been anywhere from 150 - 800 making the game unplayable at times.
Needs a glyph for shorter cd reduction and one for longer duration on the clone, while a useless skill you could just glyph it on a tab that is empty and have fun with it. The most fun with it is during the hyper something mode, where it gets a 80% cd reduction? or something like that?
Not really. You act as if this server is always down when it's not. :|
I was fighting bams on iod and everything just stopped exactly how it did yesterday when the server went down. Can't use any skills, nothing moves either (npc, other players.)
Now it says the server isn't available
Everyone just stopped doing stuff lol, I wondered if someone used the time stop skill.
Hopefully it's up again soon.
Clearly the TC knows nothing about these other servers. Just because you play on MT doesn't mean the other servers are dead in comparison.
MT IS the most crowded server, but that doesn't mean all the other servers need the same amount of people to be considered active.
What goes on, on these servers shouldn't be any of your concern since CH nor AV is your main server. Neither are dead and neither deserver a lesser reward.
Just ran TS I can confirm normal drops there. I don't want increased dungeon entries for a dungeon that isn't included in the event x.x
LucyFear wrote: »
Joining lfg for rally raid is not really hard. Just get connection and friends. The main problem is the time spawn. Before, I really like it. Since it spawns 8pm my time. So every weekday and Saturday, I joined and sometimes I got the vm box (very low chance) since mostly 20-30 people will be competing in the raid. Not to mention, other raids as well.

You can create a healer and just afk hahaha. easy jk. Leeching is a bad idea haha

This is indeed the problem here. Not everyone can just GET A CONNECTION. Stop looking at things from what you are able to do and see it from the outside of others. Clearly this guy and many others aren't able to do the same which is why this thread was created.
His post is in regard to players that are already fully geared with +15 stuff. They come in make a group together in which the people with just standard gear from the game (non VM) get grouped together and don't stand a chance at getting it. This is the point he is making. The people w/o the same gear as them that need/want it, don't stand a chance at getting it. While the person who already has the gear, just either puts it on an alt, or sells it.
That car is maybe 10-20k on your server, but on my server its 80k and up.
comparing AV to MT...... MT is a really popular server. Not a good comparsion at all.
Found a box and it dropped nothing.......
same happened here no elite box, but got fed bills from log in
Alec13 wrote: »
Go do the quest and item will be gone you lazy duck

Not necessarily I still have a level 20 quest item and completed the quest a long time ago
EW9TEHMN33 wrote: »
KnightFalz wrote: »
EW9TEHMN33 wrote: »
there other way to make more chars on same acc? except buy slot ?

cuz i never pay real money for videogames and if its that whey only its ridiciluse for me ...

You're getting more than you paid for. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

ok but still im not interasred to pay cash for game' im here just to enjoy and its wont work fully that way i see

you can earn gold in game and buy just about anything you want
best draw so far was a +15 scroll
Yep said I got feedstock T10 x150
but nothing
also to point out it was misspelled

"T10 x150 Feedkstock"
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