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Just did a run and it was basically normally drops.

Sometimes they do have problems with codes, but this particular code appears to be working fine in general. That's why I suspect there is something different going on in your account's case. I would suggest to contact support, but it's probably not worth it for some reward points and 7-day sugar-spun wings.
I believe you are correct. Just tried the GF's account and it worked fine.
And yeah, I'm not going to contact them over a little bit of reward points and a 7 day cosmetic.
I apologize for this and well I guess I'll have to wait for next week's code.
You may have already redeemed the same code in the past. Not sure if it was a new code for this week's stream, necessary.

Never used the code at any other point in time. While this doesn't happen to often, they have had problems with codes.
Here is proof, I cannot redeem these at all.
Umm I know how to type and spell. Just because it works for you, doesn't mean it works for everyone else. This code was reported to have problems.
It STILL isn't working.
Code is not working as of right now, at least for me.

"This code has reached it's redemption limit."
Thanks I will use that. It wasn't just me only it was half my party for the dungeon I was in at the time.
Happens oddly around a certain time and goes away after a bit.
Na around this time for several weeks now I've been getting this weird lag. My ping goes from 80-90 upwards to 500 and more. Only on Tera.
literally just took that
It's just all over the place at times. But pretty much.
You have to learn to live with it to enjoy it sadly.

My suggestion if it does bother you a lot, I guess turn down the settings :/
Although honestly with our rig, we shouldn't have too.
ElinLove wrote: »
Starravage wrote: »
How much graphic ram do you have and system ram? I read somewhere on this forum that you need a lot of ram to run Tera smoothly, but that's more on loading everything

I vote on hoax, or memory leak.
I have 8GB and TERA never used more than 1,6GB in total. Seriously.

Maybe you never played at higher resolutions. I play at 2560x1440 and have done so for 2 years, this game easily goes above 2GB ram for me. (Not video ram, system ram)
That said, with 8 it shouldn't be a problem.

Graphic ram on Tera doesn't really matter these days. Even older cards like a Radeon 6000 series with 1 GB video ram should be okay.
But that said IF you are using one of those, then that could be your problem, lack of power..... even at 1920x1080
At 2560x1440 this game peaks at 1GB Video ram and maybe a little above.

The problem when you get 30 fps is just Tera being Tera. Your system config/parts won't even matter, you'll still get drops.

My system is a 4670k @4.6ghz and Super Clocked GTX 970 and I play at 2560x1440. Sometimes the fps is great and randomly at times without doing anything it turns to crap.
server around this time for me 8pm - 10 pm est just craps out. my 50-90ms suddenly goes up to 180 - 500ms for no reason. It's only on this game
There is my internet speed and it was just taken and I'm still getting terrible ping in the game atm
Unless I'm misreading this, we have been given more of a heads up on other classes too.
Take Valkyrie for instance, people already had tons of ambush stuff laying around and waiting before the class even came out.
Then had ambush on day one. This really isn't anything new. :P
ping has been spiking all day, normally I get 50-70
the whole day it's been anywhere from 150 - 800 making the game unplayable at times.
Needs a glyph for shorter cd reduction and one for longer duration on the clone, while a useless skill you could just glyph it on a tab that is empty and have fun with it. The most fun with it is during the hyper something mode, where it gets a 80% cd reduction? or something like that?
Not really. You act as if this server is always down when it's not. :|
I was fighting bams on iod and everything just stopped exactly how it did yesterday when the server went down. Can't use any skills, nothing moves either (npc, other players.)
Now it says the server isn't available
Everyone just stopped doing stuff lol, I wondered if someone used the time stop skill.
Hopefully it's up again soon.
Clearly the TC knows nothing about these other servers. Just because you play on MT doesn't mean the other servers are dead in comparison.
MT IS the most crowded server, but that doesn't mean all the other servers need the same amount of people to be considered active.
What goes on, on these servers shouldn't be any of your concern since CH nor AV is your main server. Neither are dead and neither deserver a lesser reward.
Just ran TS I can confirm normal drops there. I don't want increased dungeon entries for a dungeon that isn't included in the event x.x
LucyFear wrote: »
Joining lfg for rally raid is not really hard. Just get connection and friends. The main problem is the time spawn. Before, I really like it. Since it spawns 8pm my time. So every weekday and Saturday, I joined and sometimes I got the vm box (very low chance) since mostly 20-30 people will be competing in the raid. Not to mention, other raids as well.

You can create a healer and just afk hahaha. easy jk. Leeching is a bad idea haha

This is indeed the problem here. Not everyone can just GET A CONNECTION. Stop looking at things from what you are able to do and see it from the outside of others. Clearly this guy and many others aren't able to do the same which is why this thread was created.
His post is in regard to players that are already fully geared with +15 stuff. They come in make a group together in which the people with just standard gear from the game (non VM) get grouped together and don't stand a chance at getting it. This is the point he is making. The people w/o the same gear as them that need/want it, don't stand a chance at getting it. While the person who already has the gear, just either puts it on an alt, or sells it.
That car is maybe 10-20k on your server, but on my server its 80k and up.
comparing AV to MT...... MT is a really popular server. Not a good comparsion at all.
Found a box and it dropped nothing.......
same happened here no elite box, but got fed bills from log in
Alec13 wrote: »
Go do the quest and item will be gone you lazy duck

Not necessarily I still have a level 20 quest item and completed the quest a long time ago
EW9TEHMN33 wrote: »
KnightFalz wrote: »
EW9TEHMN33 wrote: »
there other way to make more chars on same acc? except buy slot ?

cuz i never pay real money for videogames and if its that whey only its ridiciluse for me ...

You're getting more than you paid for. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

ok but still im not interasred to pay cash for game' im here just to enjoy and its wont work fully that way i see

you can earn gold in game and buy just about anything you want
best draw so far was a +15 scroll
Yep said I got feedstock T10 x150
but nothing
also to point out it was misspelled

"T10 x150 Feedkstock"
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