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The description doesn't mention.
I have elite and am aware that the next EP level requires more exp. My point is current gains for getting EP is depressing and we need talents especially since we don't get Veliks buff or Dreadspire buff anymore. Most players in NA still don't have all the talents needed for dungeons that were designed for having talents.
No event and no 100% boosts... no motivation. send help!
The animations were never in sync with the effect being applied.
Not a bug, BHS intentionally changed these skills to be affected by attack speed.
Simply buy velithrochs and essences from PvE players. (sell runs)
EME has your back. Stay tuned for a "25% EP Booster" on Tera Store for only 4995 EMP!
Game crashes now If you swim for like 5 seconds or more. wtf?
Lots of effects are missing. Turn up the graphics. Might as well go max.
OP is correct. These drop rates are [filtered]
Make jackpots guaranteed, even winning trash would be better than absolutely nothing.
No where, it's gone. Can't get it anymore. It used to drop from Velik's Sanctuary Hard Mode.
voidy wrote: »
BattlePopo wrote: »
Your arguments are silly. Priest is still the better healer. Go play a Mystic if you think they are so grand, what's the problem.
The problem is people who play support classes want to feel useful and not redundant, which is how people feel when their class gets shafted this hard. OP's arguments aren't silly; they're legitimate ones and if you don't have anything constructive to add, please don't bother posting.

I'm not going to write up 2-3 pages breaking down why OP's arguments are silly or unintentionally bias. At this point it's just players voicing opinions. IMO, PvE was always brain dead easy so it's hard to say how much is easier/harder. In 3's and PvP, priest was and is still unarguably superior.
You're arguments are silly. Priest is the better healer. Go play a Mystic if you think they are so grand, what's the problem.
Are you high? Valks are already overpowered. They should've even exist.
For the second rake, you don't actually need a dps to actively step out and be furthest. Just tell the mystic to jaunt towards Darkan or go inside him. It's probably better if a dps goes out, better safe than sorry (not a parse run), but it's not required if mystic knows what they're doing and can anticipate it coming.

For Perimos' heal reduction. Yeah good luck, DPS can eat the reduction, but you better pray the mystic is ping carried and can spam heals fast.

EME does not care. Alot of pvpers are huge whales that spend $1000s to buy BiS gears to be able to trash talk and tell others to git gud.
remove or update your UI mods...
This has to be a bug, the new contagion gets resisted... since when does contagion get resisted??? Is this new intended behavior? Why is this a thing.

Are you rich? --> Buy and sell EMP.
Are you poor? --> [filtered] yourself out.

Making gold is easy if you have no shame. If your shame is preventing you from making gold then you need to grind and work hard.
> People here say mystic is easier than priest
> Fewer mystics can clear SCEM compared to priests.
> ???

Healing was never hard for either class.
It's just funny that only a few players can handle healing extreme mode (SCEM). Priest is still the prefered healer for PvP (3v3's) and Extreme modes.
> Boyfriend buys gold
> Gives to you
> You claim to be innocent?

Trading gold is fine and has never been a problem. So I suspect something is missing from your story. Such as BF buying gold or doing something fishy.
Lot of paranoia. Unless people are directly affected or threatened, most don't care about privacy, unless you have something to hide. What is there to be afraid of?
Nah I've got stuff to do, you've affirmed my points and there's nothing left to discuss. Keep baiting others and trying to convince yourself that a small good deed (from long time ago) outweighs larger ongoing negative ones. I'm sure your idol will be proud.
Analyzing every line is excessive and doesn't make your claims any more convincing. Replies to the joke, historical events and figures don't deserve any further discussion, because they were silly to begin with, my point was to show you how ridiculous your analogies were.

I'm not going to defend EME, they've made mistakes, they also don't owe you anything. I'm not going to excuse your idol. You seem to be a fanboy and don't want to admit he can do anything wrong. He's lurks discords for attention and justifies illegal greedy actions by blaming others. He's not helping anyone but himself. You both seriously need to do something else with your time.
are you also going to blame einstein for hiroshima and nagasaki considering his role in the making of the atomic bomb?

(Hi Bern?)

Your argument is beyond stupid and not even comparable... First of all, Bern is not Einstein, not even close. (Does this even need to be said?) The purpose of the bombs was to end a war ASAP and minimize death and destruction compared to ongoing fighting. (Talking about real lives and war here, not a video game) The Manhattan scientist didn't know what they were working on, but were guilt ridden and remorseful when they found out.

Unlike Bern, who feels no guilt, no remorse, no responsibility, and has contributed nothing positive to this game (Name one, anything). He deserves no praise. I blame the leaker AND the creator. Shifting the blame to EME and dodging responsibility is childish and wrong. Drop the ego, own up, and be an adult.
it's not our fault when eme decides to completely ignore our attempts at communicating to work with them and fix their mistakes

It's not your responsibility and memeslashing wasn't a problem before. I'm seriously starting to be concerned about your mentality. A normal healthy person doesn't think the world revolves around them and owes them something.

(kek sounds like Bern is more like Hitler, if you want to keep going down fantasy road).
Dialoonia wrote: »
do u really belive this? He even told in his own page that someone leaked his OWN one shot script.
gib wrote: »
bernkastel is not selling the script. it was stolen by another player and leaked to the public. he is not selling any variations of the oneshot script currently.

Are you saying someone hacked his computer and stole it? Likely what happened was he shared it and was naive enough to trust others. Not the same as stealing... Don't excuse him. Also if he did write it, then we can all thank him for this mess now. Despicable
sure, cause PvP'ing with 2 fps + server lag is fair and fun. Makes sense
I know, it's hilarious when 20+ players die at once from 3-4 gunner casting BV at same time. Every day.
But come on now, these areas are completely void of players except during rally. No point in having pvp enabled, only encourages griefing.
as title states. Add a toggle option to disable the new "directional" skills. No one that I know of even wanted these in the first place. Changing skils so controller players have an easier time is fine, but at least add an option or toggle to disable. Wouldn't take any time at all to implement.
Simply don't hold W while regressing.
If you have to hold W while regressing, try running to his side instead of into him.
It's an annoying bug, but nothing no one can do about it. So we all have to deal with it.
EQ gear sucks big time. Not balanced at all. It wouldn't be so bad if it had proper pvp rolls/etches. At least with unequalized you can customize your gear with rolls+etchings to your preference and not get perma-chain stunned or 2 shotted.

Well in any case, Tera is strictly a pve game now. Pvp has been after thought for a long time now. So I'm not arguing against equalized BG's, just wish the eq gear was better suited for pvp. CU doesn't really matter, pvp gears aren't going to save you from zergs 1v20-ing you.
What's stopping the newbs from forming their own learning LFG parties and wiping together?

Working as intended. Seriously, there's nothing to fix.
Leading used to give extra credits. Now it gives nothing. Take the initiative if you really want to win.

@kel186 What's stopping you from leading?
Solo dungeons in MMOs :thinking:
While in a party/raid. Press Ctrl + Y to open a window that shows who has applied.
Ok I checked, it's gone. No patch note ever said it was removed. I guess they did remove it or is unintentionally missing now.
Background was not removed, video settings have probably been lowered. Try increasing preset or aerial.

Options -> Video -> Aerial set to 2
When people say 50K, they are always referring to gold. So 50K = 50000 gold. Simple.

BTW, it's copper and not bronze.
Elins can't be Valkyrie so pass on that class.
Your jokes suck. Go away
Great timing.... I just bought one off broker 2 days ago. Waited forever for someone to post one. :rage:
Toxic people on the Internet you say? It's an mmo, join a guild or make friends and learn together. That's really all to it.
Put Oak Weapon Boxes in EMP store.. profit??? No idea why that hasn't happened yet, not like they were limited-time license items like Hello-Kitty.
Nothing wrong with liberating gear and etching it. Man did this thread go off the rails or what. Old news btw, OP you can stop trolling now.
Pretty sure Humedras is bugged and never respawns, I could be wrong, either way he's probably the hardest one to get. Do what others say, check immediately after maintenance or when the server decides to randomly crash and reset. I agree with you though, this should be fixed.
Do your daily vanguards. Run dungeons and sell loot on broker. That's usually all there is. Do events when they are available, currently there's Abscess and PVP. PVP chest has chance for designs and mats that you can sell. Gathering 65 stuff sells too. Elite status has no tax on broker and double the runs, which helps.

Sadly, the days of endlessly farming bams and mobs for gold and mats is long gone
Hurricane became obsolete recently as well. I'd consider that a huge PvE nerf, 0.1 extra crit aura doesn't make up for it.
3 months now and still can't declare.
5 a.m PST = 6 a.m. PDT...

So ye, technically it did reset at 5 a.m. PST
Could be the "Use upswept hairdo" option is turned off.

Check your quest tracker window. If your dailies tab is full, then no new quests will be added. I fell for this before, especially when elite expires and you lose the expanded amount quests you can have.
??? Walking cancels it for me. Never had a problem with canceling before, I wonder what could cause that.
Close and restart the launcher
It's not your bro's fault... This is an actual bug that has been occurring. Happens on all classes too. The solution I use, is to turn nocts on/off, for some reason toggling your nocts will let you use skills again. No need to relog :) Still annoying bug though, it only started when Valkyrie patch came. Never had this problem before.
I usually ever see a mama throwing unless their team lost so badly that it seems there is no hope in winning, so throwing is just a way to end the game quicker and move onto the next.

If the mama is throwing on the first round to feed a friend on the other team or just for the lulz, then that's unfortunate. Luckily in my experience I've never seen that.
April fool's or not, it was not funny, simply cruel. Elin Gunner would be enough reason to actually play that class.
There are many paths to 65. Standing in town and waiting for queues is only one way to level up. I leveled my Valkyrie to 65 in 7 hours, didn't queue for any dungeons or Kumas... You could always quest (story/zone/vanguard) or kill bams while waiting in queue.Or do what LancerJiva suggested, form a party with any composition, eg. 5 dps. What I did for SA and CR is I entered those dungeons alone and killed the mobs and then reset, I didn't bother with the bosses cause they took too long to kill to be worth. Yeah, that method might be boring but at least it was fast leveling without relying on others. There's a triple xp event this weekend so queue times will greatly improve during that if you wish to continue on that route.
I wore no gear except a Level 1 weapon and earrings+rings with impact crystals. It's obviously RNG to KD, but in my experience it was pretty easy/fast.
I think they're referring to the ping??? Just a guess...I see nothing wrong though. Quit trolling pls
Been 2 months. Still can't declare GvG's on my friends' guilds... Was hoping Valkyrie patch would fix whatever caused this, but nah.
nutmeg wrote: »
Hurricane is working fine, most likely u just got unlucky. Doesn't have a 100% proc chance

No, I was permanently in hurricane for 30 mins, ran RMHM twice, no procs at all in those 6 fights. The Priest's hurricane was working though. And when I left party afterwards and tested on a bam, it procced just fine.
I have dragon on my dps classes and they still work, but my mystic's hurricane proc is not working. Doesn't seem to be a dragon-specific thing, but a wider issue regarding all procs.
6 and a half hours. Solo'ing dgs until 60, then I decided to do story quests and queue dg's on the side. Would've been faster if I skipped the story quests, but I decided to them anyway, wanted to get a start on those achievements.
Not really a bug, I mean it doesn't break or affect gameplay at all. Tera world is huge, so visible holes are bound to happen. Simplifying the collision in non-important spots is a way to improve performance. I'm a perfectionist so I can understand for the reports, but honestly these are very low priority and are not going to be fixed.
No. It's still happening. I've been trying for the past 40 mins, has not been resolved for me.
Checked my old guild bank, where we kept just about every scroll we came across. We definitely did alot of ToT, so if there was a scroll to ToT we probably would have it in bank. But I couldn't find one. It's possible that we didn't bank any, but more than likely the scroll never existed. I honestly don't remember if there was one, I think we used to teleport to Kaiator and walk to teleport. It would be interesting to see if there actually was a scroll though.
This bug has been reported since Beta. Happens to any key (skills) and not just movement. Say you die while holding rapid fire, when you res, you will still be casting rapid fire off cd even though you're not pushing any keys. It's mostly noticeable with movement cause you die often while trying to move out of things.

Spamming all 4 WASD keys upon ressing is now second nature. I don't even think about it anymore, but you're right! This should not be a thing.

What skill is rolled on chest?
Jewelry rolls?
Send a ticket to support.
I've never had a problem with Volley of Curses. It works 100% of the time, unless of course the enemy iframes it, but that rarely happens. Or if you get hit by the enemy while casting it. The volley does take half a second or so to reach the enemy, if you do any other skill in the meantime it will cancel the volley. I haven't heard anyone having an issue though. A video might be asking too much, but it would be interesting to see.
Dhrizzit Your comments are not related to the bug report I posted.

I'm not complaining about ganking or uneven batles. I have friends whom are in other guilds and we often set up matches somewhere. My problem is neither of us can declare anymore. There is a bug in the game where GvG declarations stay on cooldown permanently.
After completing a GvG (winning or surrendering) , we cannot declare on the same guild again. It's been like a month and we're still "on cooldown". I guess now we can only gvg a guild once and that's it, never again?
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