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Ooh that explains it, i use ingame elite vouchers and with the emp saved up everyday i did buy something in that time slot
I'll let it speak for itself...

its new yea
very TRON like, wish it also came in red/blue/purple/rainbow/dyeable, would fit the plasma weaponskins greatly ^^
but just green alone is... not so great :/
> @Babbelsim said:
> I got the email and spend no real money at all in this game, so i think its random.

Im also not from NA either lol
Oh no more friendschip token (shop) anymore?
I got the email and spend no real money at all in this game, so i think its random.
I know alot of people have been asking for something more in the PvP area and it looks like Bluehole finally listened!

I asked on Discord yesterday tagging a member of staff asking if they could at least ad the new pixie outfit because i wanted to see how it looks on my character before i wanted to buy it, a few min later i got a big fat "NO"

They cant even do that >.>
They said next "update" will come on Oktober 7 but thats tomorrow on a Sunday... :thinking:
wtf they deleted so many post o.o
Yea thats never going to happen
KitTeaCup wrote: »
We love you TERA players and we understand that you’re upset about this. We will investigate solutions that provide some of the benefits that these 3rd Party Services offered in a form that doesn't violate our terms of service. Please be patient with us while we see what we can come up with.

This line really made me laugh, all i see is a lie and a empty promise... when your doing plan A always make sure you have a plan B by means that if your doing something big like this make sure you ALREADY have something to replace PROXY/SP immediately so you dont lose a big portion of YOUR playerbase.

Also NEVER drop a bomb like this right before the weekend its like you people get a kick out of this or your to scared of the backlash and wait for it to die down because you dont HAVE to respond back because its the weekend, not very professional of you.
I wish they had a rule that they need to have propper working servers that dont give a fart as soon 20+ people standing in HW!
they all left to EU
This is going to be fun watching the next month's https://steamcharts.com/app/323370
(I know everybody doesnt play via steam but its something to see playerbase charts)

I know we as the playerbase who have high ping and/or crappy old computer who needed 3th party stuff to play because servers are so bad will have the last laugh.
Burn baby burn....
Looks like K-Tera has a new Developer team!

Here is a google translate of the webpage, i know its crappy i will replace it as soon as somebody translated it ^^

This is so cool, thank you for taking the time to create this <3
No your not old, turning 33 myself in 2 weeks :P
Hello people o/

Here is the dev note about the new crafting system.
For a faster response its best to go to discord and tag them there, works for me most of the time
I said this before and i will say this again, we need a Liberation scroll for cosmetics.
Its a win win for both parties, EME is selling a new item that people going to need and the buyer will have a use of the costumes and/other cosmetic that are just sitting in the wardrobe/bank cause its bound to a character that has been race/gender changed or deleted.

@KitTeaCup maybe a good idea?
I also got the mail but no code :/
Ssnm and sshh are event dungeons.
Like mm and dw before they are not in the guild quest list
Here is some crappy google translate more info
make sure to check his spam folder :P

i did that to! XD
Babbelsim wrote: »
Feels kinda unfair to be honest :<

People that have been supporting the game almost daily like me have not seen a code in ages

EME is taking leadership advice from zapp brannigan - you're loyal enough already, no beer for you!

jokes aside though, this actually is a really common thing to do when making changes to the game that might make players want to return, just give them a reason to login for a few days and the few that stay are happy enough.

If you really want a code, get in touch with your friends who quit last year and ask for their codes xD

i tried lol
my husband has not played the game sinds last year but sadly he did not get a email *pout*
Feels kinda unfair to be honest :<

People that have been supporting the game almost daily like me have not seen a code in ages
I got nothing either :(
Thank you very much for this extra info!
Before the end of this year EU gets it, so my guess we get the same build :D

Just heard it on the Livestream, NO MERGE FOR CH.
basically (as a tip by @KitTeaCup ) CH can be used as a alt dumping server for the other servers accessive character to dump in...

I have no word anymore about this..
I cant wait for the Livestream later today, see how many friends im going to lose or not :'(
Thank you for changing the polls and move them to the forums =)
Hi everybody o/

Here is the Dev notes on the new fishing system!

personally i think it looks pretty interesting ^^
A better way would have been if they had the poll here on the forums or even better on their main page on their website and ADVERTISED it on twitter, you know with link to the poll etc.
@Kaizoe that was so beautiful written, thank you for saying the right word i could not find

On other news for people who do not come on Discord, this is what KitTeaCup had to say over the matter

so make sure you tune in on the Friday Livestream
EME decided to use Twitter instead of their official forums to hold these polls over the 2 new server names, so i'll just link it here for you all, so cast your votes people!

PVP Poll:

PVE Poll:
I really expected some type of compensation for the loss of cosmetic and other EMP purchased items that you will lose because said item is bound to a deleted character.

Maybe some sort of Lib so you can bind it to another character would have been nice.
@seandynamite i would also like to see those Data numbers please
free transfers = even more empty CH server :C
Vinyltails wrote: »
Babbelsim wrote: »
As a CH player i was so hyped for the server merge and look at it now... nothing!
Im so sad, mad and disappointed... CH is so dead in all aspects, its hard to find people for LFG's because most of them MOVED to TR, there is literally NO RPing going on ever and believe me i know! I have been on DAILY for the past 2 and a half YEARS!

Pls EME merge us to we deserve it!

Well there is a few RP groups here and there, small but you gotta know people...iirc it's like The blue caravan or something?...House Arboera jumps in as well. I know one of my friends goes to a gala thing they do now and again but yeahhhhh, gotta know people really...Desire isn't really around much and don't really hold public casnio nights anymore as far as I know (or at least announce like before)

yea thats what i ment no open world RP's anymore (should have said it more detailed sorry) and im in Desire myself its still pretty active PVE wise but we dont RP at all atm.
As a CH player i was so hyped for the server merge and look at it now... nothing!
Im so sad, mad and disappointed... CH is so dead in all aspects, its hard to find people for LFG's because most of them MOVED to TR, there is literally NO RPing going on ever and believe me i know! I have been on DAILY for the past 2 and a half YEARS!

Pls EME merge us to we deserve it!

I just had to share this here :joy:
they have been inactive for soooo long (couple of years?) and never removed by Bluehole, hopefully they will be used again for some purpose in the future
> @ElinUsagi said:
> Vinyltails wrote: »
> Also another reason is so that everything is equalised in CU, from gear to mounts for that one guy who never got another mount and is slower than everyone else
> I have seen people with diferent colors on the gear inside CU. How they do that?

If you wear a dyeable outfit outside CU when you go in CU it takes over that dye color
This is not a good idea, we dont need more p2w stuff
The blue, black, white and red Chrysanthemum hair flower
Stream starts in around 1 hour from now, incase people want to know
Here are the patch notes from KTera which has more info on the auto-pot pets.

Start reading at point 3.
Oh nice! Thanks, guess i'll watch those streams from now on
This is something i would love to see happen for a long time, even if its just a event for a few months.
Maybe now that JTera is doing it and hopefully the feedback on it is positive there is a chance for it to happen over here.

Maybe after the server merges? ;)
> @CornishRex said:
> > @Babbelsim said:
> > No dont leave CH alone its dead as hell, we need more people!
> I'm pretty sure hoobs just wants the ch economy for himself he he

I was thinking the same thing lol

RP server or not CH like AV and FF is pretty dead, we have the same right to become a healthy server just like the other servers.
Its not like there is much RP going on anyway these days.
No dont leave CH alone its dead as hell, we need more people!
I also want to adress is ever since EME opened a Discord server the communication here on the forums are almost completely dead, when i want a fast awnser i mostly go there now.
The downside to it, its hard to read back what has been discussed in the past with my fellow gamers.
And now for the 3th time, Elin garment boxes... AGAIN! There are other races to you know! :angry:
Please stop it with the darn gem boxes!! This is the 4th time i'v seen them in the daily deals!!! :angry:
It would have been a better idea to have a full(er) store again with the basic older items and have daily deals aside for special/seasonal/dyeable items

Because right now EME is actually missing out on money like this, for example a player is looking for specific item like lets say glasses he/she will have to wait for it to come in rotation of the daily and god knows how long its going to take.
That will result in that the player will eventually give up on the item or simply forget about it which results in a missing sale for EME because its not in the store.

Maybe something to have a meeting about? @KitTeaCup @CobaltDragon
I would love for this to happen here, i dont care if its just for 2 months and i will lose my character.
I would play it pure for the nostalgia bliss <3
I always wonderd why only have the sky castles as guild housing? There are sooo manny buildings in towns that could be a nice house to have for your guild.
I say lets make those suitable and open them up for sale for the top 30/40/50 (take your pick) guilds and make a point system in a way you can earn points to decorate your guild house.
Like for a broker, banker, chairs, tables, beds, paints, etc. etc.

Seeing as BHS is bringen fishing to the game, which is to MMO's a standard thing, maybe there will be hope for guild housing.
It looks like Console is getting 5 free character slots and i wonder if PC is getting that same deal
Seeing as all the character slots magically all been sold on the broker as soon the server merge news came out :/
Holy moly... hang on to your pants people where going for a ride!
K-Tera already has a new flying Guardian Mission and it looks like fun, we will probably see it soon

Only the Fashion Coupon had a smallish update and now Strongboxes had a update but thats not a ingame shop so yea...

Personally still waiting for that buddyup code friendschip token shop update :/
darn it you jinxed it! >:C
dont jinx it!
Most of the servers are pretty dead
I dont think anybody is "getting inspired" the way things are running for the past months :sad:
I really like Tera alot but with the lack of less players on the NA servers (i play on CH but i heard TR and MT are not doing so great either) and EME not doing much about it server merge wise and only give us not so great events and patches...

If i could pay and take my whole account to the EU servers i would do so in a heartbeat.
1 question are those boxes only temporary or perma?
People say its because EU event is shorter they get better rewards but the front page on EU it says " participate in some great summer activities from Thursday, 12th July until Tuesday, 28th August 2018"
Im sorry but thats not that much shorter then ours
there up now https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27925/patch-notes-v71-july-12-phantoms-keep#latest
Ah ok then i dont care about it, already got over 2/3 pages full of temporary mounts still in my item claim dusting away to oblivion :joy:
Anybody got the code?
Looking at the positive angle, i have to say it does save the hassle for EME if they ever want to server merge.
But then you can only transfer to the 2/3 most popular servers and not to the lesser ones.
This has been a on going problem for longer then a year, sadly EME can't or will not do anything about it.
I get it its a big hassle to deal with a server merge, all those people complaining about losing names and even full characters because there is not enough room for all of them so they will have to delete some and if those characters are high geard with alot of cosmetics, thats got to be a painful decision.

On the other hand, more people on your new server playing is very nice and less servers to maintain for EME which will also cost less for them to do so.
Please be real!
CH is pretty active
Can you please stop adding those gem crates to the daily deals pls? The economy is already expensive enough ty :'(
ok boys and girls got some feedback from Discord, maybe we can turn this thing around where both EME and player can be happy with this event.
let them know how many medallions your happy with per box, or if you got any other ideas please share them

im ok with 30/40 per box and the other temple one around 20/25


2 days of farming with multiple characters and then you end up with this...


im so done :rage:

Superstar smart box
They seem to be more active on discord then here on the forums
I agree, we have these dragon scales for a very long time now, its time now to make them atleast bankable to share between your characters
I'll just go for 1 water pistol because it looks like a fun backslot and the rest of the madellions i'll just save up incase there in the mood to change the price, that is if i feel like grinding them which i do not really at this moment :cry:
im laughing so hard right now...
im soooooooo pissed was looking forward to the event for a while cause i loved it so much last year, this is just stupit! :angry:

also the medallion shop in the Balder area does not even have the loot box only the beach questline
Oh that's weird O.O

here you go ^^
i saw it like an hour or so ago ingame

@seandynamite @KitTeaCup
anyway does anybody know the loot table list of what can drop from the ''Sandy Summer Festival'' loot box?
On the ingame calender it says starting time 13:00pm
3 and a half hour to go from now
Yea i think its a typo
But who cares about that?

"Sandy Summer Festival Loot Box" HYYYYPE!! \o/
Will probably come back in the store with the summer event end June/begin Juli
> @Zoknahal said:
> @Babbelsim I suggest you to take down your pics. Datamined is not allowed in the Official EME forums, unless ofc, you want not just your post taken down, but a small vacation from the forums.

Oh i never knew that, thanks for the warning
> @masbola2 said:
> Babbelsim wrote: »
> people found these in the (K-Tera?) game files :wink:
> so im 99% sure they are going to be the new summer/swimsuit's for 2018
> source?

people found these in the (K-Tera?) game files :wink:
so im 99% sure they are going to be the new summer/swimsuit's for 2018


Didnt this happen somewhere last year with a patch?
I rather have 10 deals for a week/month then 2 deals per day cause you just look over it like *meh* dont really pay attention to it.
Also big thing if you like something and you dont have any money at the moment you got no time to save up
Im hoping the summer event will be like last year, it was fun and the prizes where great!

And ofcores K-Tera has new swimwear this year, people already found them hidden in the files :wink:
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