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Piltover wrote: »
Just get better at the game and stop complaining that other people are better than you

shut up idiot
Nah i'm having this issue for uhh 6-7 hours so far xd

stay salty bad kid
Am i the only one that started getting disconnected literally every 5 - 10 minutes? It started happening today

stay salty bad kid
people that dont play bgs dare to talk about it, yikes

stay salty bad kid
stay mad kid, make ur own sync to beat the another one ;) oh wait.... ur 2bad

shut up [filtered] if you havent got something constructive to say then gtfo of this post
Koikoi wrote: »
Match making needs to take into account gear and overall score and move people to balance out the battlegrounds accordingly.

When you get into fraywind and it's a full eq raid against 5+ full +9 team you have to wonder what is going on.

Not to mention the times when one side will have tanks and the other none.
Or one raid all mystics and the other all priests.

Match making definitely needs work.

yee its terrible seems to be the way it works the first 15 people that que fwc go into the first team and the second get put into the other team the only people that would vote no on the matchmaking is the people that abuse the sync que system
Piltover wrote: »
@Azuriela the parse they did on your tower today was pretty neat though :)

im not in attack but with the money manifest spend on their gear i wouldnt expect anything else
enough said
We all know Attack is gonna be Mount Tyrannas lead in 2018 mani will deteriorate as theyre already doing MT let mani get away with it too long now mani aint used to the pressure ALL GEAR NO IDEA!
Sync ques kill fraywind one side seriously stacked the other full of pve

yee i was testing it in a duel with a friend how comes it doubles it?
hey so i was just doing some testers for fun and my backstab says 12 sec cooldown i have both energetic 4's which puts it down to about 10 seconds. ok so now i put the 15% cooldown reduction on the chest roll and it raises my cooldown to 15 seconds anyone else have this?
manifest? you mean manifest, amaterasu and treehouse? guild alliances in CU seems cool man bring back yikes get wrecked
anyone else?
hey anyone have any fixes for rendering grey blobs in mass pvp and highly populated areas? im running SSD, 8gb ram, i5 overclocked to 4ghz, gtx 1060 gb all that stuff i thought id be loading them fairly easy
Are we going to see a extend on the Event from the lack of parties due to the Chat Box disabling happenings?

i have 15-25 ping and not sure if you mean attack speed in game or internet speed but attack speed is just 100 +27 and internet speed is 100mb/s
id like to see some decent valkyrie weapon skins and dyeable costumes in fashion coupons
anyone having trouble with valk skills not connecting properly from the back i have +0 stormcry set 58-50 crit and 239 power with a mystic in the group only hitting 6-10mill on crescent and averaging about 1,5mill/s ( so ive been told) in dungeons like trnm? my glyphs and rotation is the same as essential mana website
LYC14 wrote: »
You should take a look at the Valkyrie guide on Essentialmana to see how you can improve your gameplay further.

thats where i went i do everything on that website already
ElinUsagi wrote: »
There is no RNG on damage.


think white damage is pretty standard as a base amount but definitely RNG crits
Ardire wrote: »
your... rotation is wrong? how can you mess up a valk rotation? build up your rune marks until they're red, backstab, press shining crescent button for big damages. weave in powerlinked spinning death if ur feeling fancy. badda bing badda boom.

unless you've been using SC without full rune marks this entire time then we're all gonna have ourselves a laff mate

im not that pleb :p
sorry to comment on an old post but how do we get it other than bellicarium points
Heres all you have to have to guarantee you see that:
1. Have nostrum on.
2. Have correct rolls on equipment.
3. Have canephora
4. Have any healer buffs
5. Tank debuff on boss
6. Healer debuff on boss
7. Enraged boss
8. Shining Crescent from behind.
Nocts dont apply to Shining Crescent. Canephora will tho, so use it if you'd like.
If you meet these requirements, you will for sure see it. Because at the end of it, there is no RNG on damage. IF YOU MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS, YOU WILL DO THAT DAMAGE.

was just talking to a valk friend on discord apparently my rotation is pretty much wrong :p so think im gonna have to work on that a lot and get out of my bad habits
lols. i have 2 valks, a +0 twist and a +6 storm here and i easily get 10-15 mil crits (twist) and 20-25 mil crits (storm) on Shining Crescent in TRN and [filtered] like you are saying if its enraged and if its not its still easily 6-8 mil a crit (guardian) and 12-15 mil a crit (storm). You aren't convincing me.

not even joking man ive never seen a crit over 20k with my crescent fully buffed
Ok so heres what i got i have all the "best rolls" on all the gear and weapons and that for PvE have 2 energetic and 2 grounded III


crescent barely managed 10-15k with nocts, mystic and ragnarok
Anotsu wrote: »
Azuriela wrote: »
i just see my Shining Crescent damage go from like 15k+ to 8k-6k maybe its party comp or something but it just seems weird how i used to see big numbers now i see barely anything

Sounds to me like you're comparing damage from dungeons like TRN/KDN/LKN to RK9/LKH/SCN because higher tier dungeons have a lot more endurance, you always do a lot less damage there.

naa i dont run HMs cos i dont feel i have the damage i just dont see these big numbers valk is supposed to be so notorious for i see higher on my sorc
i just see my Shining Crescent damage go from like 15k+ to 8k-6k maybe its party comp or something but it just seems weird how i used to see big numbers now i see barely anything
ok so i got a valk and its +9 frost with Storm weapon but i do pretty much the same DPS as i was doing when i was twist!? why does it feel like my damage hasnt even changed
Any updates in it ever? the outfits are terrible would be cool to get something half decent in it with all the fashion coupons that drop
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