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Ah yeah I'm totally gonna believe infographics from a company that totally knows their game so well! Totally!

Bite me. Use your own eyes and brains for once in your lifetime. Male castanics have been the most popular male races since the inception of this game. I think anyone who's played Tera long enough with functioning eyes and a working memory would know this. And how many male humans do you even see-- better yet how many do you see decked out in expensive cosmetics? Compared to castanics? I wish infographics gave some actual detailed, useful stats instead of just 'character creation number', it don't matter if there's 2.2 human males if 80% of them are sitting in lowbie levels for the rest of their days.
Moripansu wrote: »
I would kill for a nice long hairstyle for females. Something like the long hair human females got with brawler release

you mean like the castanic hair with the blunt bangs that we've had since release?
or the female elf hair with the side bangs that's the most popular by far?
or the elin hair with the blunt bangs and curls/long hair with the fox ears?
No matter what you're not going to see that many male brawlers because male humans were never that popular to begin with. After Baraka they're the least popular male race in general. A unique male castanic class would be insanely popular and played by everyone without complaint, I bet every last shekel on earth on this fact.
is that a popori rabbi gathering
can't believe the word bussy is a forum violation it isn't even a real word

gay slang is just too much huh what's next you gonna ban the word wig?
ah so I have to watch a man do gay animations and call it fun? nty

didn't know male brawler animations included one of him absolutely smashing another man's bussy

colour me interested!!!!
can't believe i didn't keep reading and now i'm dead
the problem with complaining about this sort of thing in Tera is that Tera is like 90% weebs, you can't sneeze in-game without hitting some stray weeb. and any mediocre foray into anime will make it pretty obvious that those folk love little girl characters. really not hard to put two and two together here.... especially if you spend anytime on CH

just do what voidy said, if you know how to use google you'll figure it out.
KNX... one of my favourite things to come out of this game. The idea of not getting this worsens my depression. Actually most EU news these days worsens my depression....
M rated means underage-looking little girls in skimpy clothing/poses is ok, this is america there ain't no such thing morals here, you ever been to the south?

you should take a look at the summer loading screen contest my god... they were the absolute worst. nauseating.
(very serious)
((they were bad))
Wow dude, you would've really hated it years ago when healers (priests specifically) were basically unkillable due to how much they self-healed, got a priest down to 5%? Whoops you missed one stagger and gave them a chance to self-heal, back to 100%! And good luck trying to catch a mystic with telejaunt resets, hoo boy.

Healers have been nerfed around the board time and time again, both pve and pvp wise, but especially on the pvp-end of the spectrum. Just because you're getting cranky cause you have no friends to play with so you can actually learn what teamwork is doesn't mean you should take it out on the healers. If you were really coming in here with "revolutionary" ideas you would've proposed certain dps classes get nerfed so they can't crit you for 99% of your health alongside balacing out healing to suit that.

You say "lower healing power and they won't have a choice but to team play" which is just asinine-- you already have no choice but to be a team player, that's why teams that don't target healers lose. Because healers are vital, always have been and always will be.

That being said a good enough player playing the right class can solo most of the run-of-the-mill mediocre healers you find in queue, a good healer who knows what they're doing requires to be ganged up on. They're good, they're gonna get focused, that's... mmo norm, my dude.

If you don't like it you could always go play a solo game?
dang look at all these 'haves' who actually, surprise surprise, want the 'have nots' to get a chance at being 'haves' too. wild. it's almost like the players who actually participated in the content, the actual veterans, know the true meaning of value...

that's a pretty crazy concept huh, experience = wisdom. wow.

honestly i'm still recovering from the whiplash of some random accusing Zoknahal, one of the most ancient dudes on these forums, of fabricating stories. wild!!!!!
ok but which one is your favourite
why would i read your previous comments... i do not care that much, my dude. but i am sorry that i assumed that you have an alliance mask i just thought it'd make sense that to have an opinion on this (especially one with as much clout as yours, demanding screenshot evidence of multiple people and such) that you'd, you know, have a mask or at least were around for alliance? you might want to, as the kids say these days, stay in your lane.

@pltnmvenus there were three different levels of alliance mask: basic echelon, one for commanders and the exarch. the commander ones look like this, same base as echelon but with golden wings (screenshot taken by me, of my own character, wow!!!)

anyway since it looks like ktera is getting a rehash of the commander masks we'll get it eventually, so this conversation is irrelevant. very little in tera stays exclusive forever, if you've played for more than a few months you'd know this by now. if you want a topic of exclusivity that legitimately depressed me let's talk about when the shandra maniac title got nerfed to the ground, now THAT was a sad day.
"didn't make the cut"

what cut, dude. they were easy to get, not sure what about that you don't understand. maybe if you had any meaningful experience you'd get it? if the hardest challenge you've ever faced playing tera was getting an alliance mask then...... wyd

know what also needs to be released? that ugly sirjuka helmet. that thing was also [filtered] easy to get, was 99% RNG. no merit in that. (bring the dungeon back though that was fun)

everything that had actual merit, smolder, kelsaik mask, etc. have already been messed with, unfortunately. so really the only thing of actual merit is the gear you earned back in the day, no one can take that from you. (+memories)

just admit that other peoples' envy makes you feel special because other than that shallow feeling you're just another forgettable nobody. no one has to prove anything to you random dude ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
how can you attach sentimental memories and feefees to alliance masks those things were [filtered] easy to get, especially near the tailend of alliance's lifespan. i have a handful of them myself, of different ranks, and i can tell you, compared to my mayhem set for example, the feelings i have toward it don't go beyond "haha alliance was cool miss those days"

they weren't hard to get. not a huge achievement. not meaningful whatsoever-- just admit you want to not share them because it makes you feel 'special' despite doing something that wasn't special at all. let go of your weak egos my dudes.

guess who's never race changing ever again? everybody.
Equitas wrote: »
I wouldn't say I'm detached. I'm well aware of the misplaced hate and the ignorant comments calling TERA a "dead game" that's "pay-to-win". That's why I'm especially surprised at the tone of this thread. You guys are choosing now to sing EME's praise, after they've released a costume that does not look all that good and monetizing it in a fairly standard fashion. It's standard. What exactly are you people praising?

when you're starved and existing solely on empty promises and dashed hopes then you'd be praising the gods too when given a single slice of soggy bread

that being said i kinda like the new costume. winter fashion is cute.
"People don't want PVP"

ah yes all those people who willingly chose PVP servers don't want PVP! never have! you've solved the mystery! you could work for EME
aren't you the person who said they quit tera forever ago, bragged about other games you played and said you only stayed on the forums to see how bad the game was doing or whatever
do you have like a patreon... or a ko-fi... paypal....

would be nice to give some money to someone who actually does competent work
eme? money-hungry?

we been knew
i'm sorry but this is so funny oh my god

"see? i'm helpful!"

you sure are bud you sure are
how do you ya'll think.... guides get made.... how do you think the guide makers figure out what an optimal rotation is...... what glyphs will out put the best damage in said optimal rotation..... take a second, think about it. the answer might shock you!!!
i can't believe it's 2018 and people are still putting in effort to try and communicate with ElinUsagi

they don't know what they're talking about folks never have and they have no desire to learn otherwise, move along here.
Margarethe wrote: »
Amused, seems we're unable to have a thread with a serious topic without someone starting an argument.
And people wonder why the forums are not taken seriously.


it's ok you can say ElinLove and ElinUsagi
Ponilover wrote: »
i like how u ppl still think we're getting awakening
cuz we won't
at most we'll get changes to the existing skills like new glyphs and skill chains for lancers

interesting take. you wanna elaborate?

the community is already aware we're basically playing two entirely different games with the lack of the talent system so to not bring over awakening to NA would be a pretty cruel and blatantly rude nail in the coffin imo
that one dude on this thread who equated having master glyphs to being a "hardcore" player gave me an aneurysm i'll be sending you my medical bills

gear is one thing but glyphs, uncommon and master, shouldn't be hard or painstaking to get. that's stupid. the only time that was remotely okay was when ToT and SG was around cause ToT was very easy and fast and SG was fun and creative and also a great money making dungeon if you already had your glyphs (cause once upon a time you could just throw money at the broker and buy the talents you needed for glyphs)

but now it's dumb and not fun or a money-maker so having it take a long time/significant amount of effort is nauseating
okay but whats in those smartboxes
there goes my way of lazily amassing reward points/credits...
that's one of those solo instances i was talking about. it's just one of the very few in the game, just get it done quick and you can party back up again. any time the game forces you two to split don't worry about it, it won't last long.
CornishRex wrote: »
Saying we can't have it anymore because of exploits is silly because literally everything in this game can be exploited, should we remove dungeons too? Because of memeslash? Just ridiculous.

time to delete the entire game. too many exploits.
except the cash shop, that can stay.
the one thing that confuses me here is that you didn't say anything so how did the lancer know you were trying to actively tank and not just aggressively stealing aggro with your dps? heck if the lancer was that new they might've not even known it was possible for warriors to tank

other than that, idk. your questions aren't easily answered. majority of folk play this game like it's a solo rpg so when you try to tell them what to do or give advice they absolutely lose it. but then again you might get lucky and meet someone level-headed who genuinely wants to be a contributing member to their party and will really appreciate your advice.

i'd say take the risk, what's the worst that can happen? they start bad mouthing you and calling you toxic when your intention was just to help? nothing to lose sleep over. it's a personal choice though, it's not up to other folk to educate people (regardless of how entitled some newbies may feel), it's a thing that should be done out of kindness not obligation.
why not just use a flying mount to get to the NPCs? you get a free one when you hit level 65.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Ardire wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
You clearly couldnt play on a server where the content is released before others, because you dont get your videos, guides and info telling you what to do on it. :)

Who couldnt be more wrong?

o [filtered], i didn't know this was the ktera forums!!! forgive me... korean overlords.....

"going into an MMO with a solo-player game mentality"

Actually the solo-player mentality is what has driven people to read guides. You already say it, is an MMO yet when you want to run a dungeon for the dirst time or you ask about something in the game is what people will tell you "read a guide, look a video....", where are you leaving the MMO in al that if you already kill in in the first step?

i know what i said, fool. ktera players don't have no solo-player mentality, when they tackle a new dungeon for the first time they're all new, they're all learning, and they all wanna pull their weight. they're all on equal footing which is the entire point of what i said. if you're in a party and they know the dungeon and you don't you aren't all on equal footing, you're dragging them down.

"actually" nope, wrong, watching videos is what i did because i KNEW i was going to be playing with other, real people and i didn't want to let them down. group mentality. people tell you read guides right off the bat cause many dungeons are Lengthy to sit there and type out everything about them, no one wants to do that. but if you ask specific questions that show you know the idea but maybe not the details (i.e. "hey i know flowers spawn in RG, which ones should we hit?") people will 9 times out of 10 answer your question directly.

anyway, tired now. i said what i said and i'm good with it, ya'll have fun dragging your parties down into oblivion with you, i guess.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
You clearly couldnt play on a server where the content is released before others, because you dont get your videos, guides and info telling you what to do on it. :)

Who couldnt be more wrong?

o [filtered], i didn't know this was the ktera forums!!! forgive me... korean overlords.....
ElinLove wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
CornishRex wrote: »
Lol I think you completely missed the point.
I'd never even heard that nostrum exists so excuse me for not knowing the contents of everything in the game.

Excuse me but the game literally throws these at you and you can't enter a certain dungeon (kalivan's challenge) without having one on. Pls. Pls.

Second thing, yes you are underprepared for a dungeon if you didn't read up on a guide from youtube/forums/essential mana. It's a sad state we don't have proper guides on the site, but every player in ims SHOULD have the basic knowledge of the dungeon, less they want to trap their teammates for hours because they were too lazy to google.
You said to him you don't care you're doing badly so obviously you didn't care which flowers you need to kill, how it would help them, you never looked at the buff bar when you killed the flowers and were never able to deduce what killing each flower means. Frankly, a guide isn't even needed for this dungeon.
The guy who lashed out at you is a toxic idiot but let this be a lesson - prepare properly before going into a dungeon, and before you start a dungeon say you're new. Some people will be glad to help if they're aware of the situation.
And yes we do need ingame dps meters, badly.

People are not obligated to read guides or look at videos from streamers or yourtube channels.

These kind of behaviour from new gamers is what has been killing the fun on the games and that is to learn how to play it "playing it".

totally agreed, and I'll keep calling this "do the homework method" forever, as it's just as stupid as asking someone to do homework for their games. It's a shame the game doesn't have any proper mechanics teaching system (it's obvious we shouldn't just obligate players to do this, they tried with mentor and look how it ended).
That being said it doesn't take much more than asking what to do in most dungeons, and like 90% will say what to do (that is, from the people that DO know what to do), the other 10% are divided between not wanting to say cause they're lazy and will say later during the run IF anything goes wrong, and the ones that just b!tch and are useless.

you both couldn't be more wrong, viewing reading/watching guides as "killing fun" or "homework" is your own damn [filtered] perspectives, don't throw it on everyone else. when i leveled my first level 60 to-be character years and years ago i watched a video before every single damn dungeon i went in (anyone remember that british dude who played an elin sorcerer? i think his name was meoni or something?), i'm talking BoL all the way up to KN and then would continue to watch videos of endgame level dungeons when i got there.

not once did it ever kill my fun or feel like homwork-- on the contrary i gained more fun having an idea of what was ahead of me and being somewhat prepared for it, i.e. knowing i wouldn't be a complete sandbagging arsehole to the rest of my team was fun. because unlike the majority of ya'll with your incredibly selfish, self-absorbed mentality (americans...) the idea of being the weakest link or even causing wipes for my party was stressful and unpleasant, being able to contribute felt good! as it's supposed to in an MMO game!!!! being a strong, useful member of your party is the reward of MMOs not your own personal feelings and goals. (i.e. "i want to go into this dungeon blind and learn cause that makes ME feel good! idc how my party feels about it or the possible stress i'll cause them with my ignorance!")

so why should i not hold other folk to the standards i held for myself? it's only fair. other people shouldn't have to suffer because you're going into an MMO with a solo-player game mentality. the world doesn't revolve around all ya'll, the sooner you realize that the better.
i've been meaning to say this for awhile but mistytera every single one of your forum posts reads so alike to a string of trump tweets that it's nigh uncanny. blows me away honestly. it'd be impressive it was an act but since you're serious it's just genuinely troubling.... hope u find help soon (dude)
give your emp to me

no really, if you don't have much gold in game then selling your emp straight out would benefit you the most. if you can sell it all at a 1:40 rate that's an easy 400k right there, a nice number to get you started on-- depending if you wanna focus gearing one character or multiple (gearing multiple characters this patch really puts a dent in the bank fair warning)

also we have this new token system now, it's weird but you'll get used to it, basically all your consumables and mats, stuff like master enigmatic scrolls and masterwork alkahest, are useless (for the most part) and now exist to be dismantled into tokens, and with those tokens you can get the mats you'll eventually need for the current patches gear.

eme staff won't be back in their office until.... idk 5? 6 hours or something (since it's monday morning). so you might have to wait a bit for your issue to be resolved
i think what blows me away the most about this thread is everyone saying "you can't expect dps/tanks to use pots!!!!!" like bith t f??????? the game gives you 293484903 pots for free, of different kinds, constantly, if you're a dps and you aren't always carrying a full set of hp/mp pots, speedy resurrect scrolls, all the dps consumables (bulgolgi and root beer included), etc. you're a baddie, full stop. i can't tell you how many times i run into other dps players who constantly tell me "srry don't have res scrolls" like are u for real... get out...

if you have a good healer would you ever need to really worry about hp pots? rarely if ever. but if you aren't 100% running with some healer you know it's your own damn fault, competent dps can carry the worst teams and remain near 100% independent with proper consumables. like that zerker could've just used some potions, avoided death and continued to do his job, but instead decided to be dependent, whiny then yell at some healer he don't even know

embarrassin. same goes for you OP, you should be carrying pots so when you get in trouble like you did all you gotta do is press one hotkey rather than wait to drop a mote/summon ToL to heal and then boom, right back to taking care of the party.

tl;dr use consumables you lazy, cheap mfers
(and no motes do not substitute for a potion)
if you're willing to pay me on an hourly basis then i will begrudgingly queue for this BG then i've never found remotely fun in the slightest

my going rates at 1k an hour. hmu
if you're leveling via story and not purely through dungeons then there will be random points scattered about where the game requires you to do short solo things-- these things aren't very long nor difficult, just finish them separately then party back up together again.

for the majority of the time and for every dungeon you'll be able to level with your friend.
condescending comments like "princess" because for someone trying to paint themselves as a victim you are very uppity and haughty, not unlike a spoiled figure of royalty. also i'm genuinely boggled as to why you didn't use google when you couldn't find anything here (tip you won't find much of anything of use here)

since you've never played MMOs before let me give you a piece of sincere, not inflammatory advice-- one person losing his [filtered] at you does not warrant an entire forum brigade calling the entire community "toxic", i mean i know tera's population is small but one person isn't a community... if you are going to continue using IMS then it's in your best interest to both grow thicker skin and diminish any concept of an ego you hold on to, i assure you once you do this everything will become 100% less painful 'cause you'll stop caring.

if you don't wanna do this then look for a guild (big casual PVE guilds are usually more than willing to take on fresh 65s) and run with them. safer, and better chance that they'll be willing to teach you stuff.

also ignore crafting until you learn the actual basic [filtered] like your class, whoever told you that advice is a [filtered] pair of numbnuts.
i feel for you guy, i've never played a Mario game ever cause having to be forced to play as a MAN is just an OUTRAGE

no wait, i've never felt like that. 'cause i'm not an overgrown pissing manbaby.
dying in a normal mode dungeon is pretty embarrassing so you'll see people take it out on you or the tank or both of you to protect their fragile ego, similar to how when absolutely anyone loses a duel they first thing they automatically say in chat without fail is "lag"

people can't admit they're bad, so YOU gotta be the bad one. shrug your shoulders, move on.
I was more so focused on learning the importance of the professions and what I need to do after level 65.

okay wait what??????????? professions? you mean crafting??? something you wouldn't get into for some time as a fresh 65 since it takes a bit of time and gold to master any one profession? also something you wouldn't necessarily need to even think about until you hit the 3rd tier of gear (i.e. frostmetal?). this took precedence over learning your own class?

What's unfortunate is that you people would escalate the issue in other situations. The point of this is just to show that any of this is unacceptable under any circumstances. Its a game and it should not be taken this far. I had no interest in KISSING UP to this guy and licking his boot just to get information. It's not worth it if I can just get through it.

"you people" aight fam, don't even know who you are or who we are, but ok. also asking questions like "is there anything i should know about this dungeon?" or being actually honest and saying "hey i'm new and this is my first time running this" instead of claiming you know things that you don't isn't 'KISSING UP'

anyway, i already said plenty about how the guy harassing you in a complete nutjob. but you clearly aren't exactly a basket of peaches either, toxicity is a two-way straight sometimes, princess.
I promptly went to the forums here and looked through the guides and found nothing regarding dungeons.

do you not get google in your country
losing your mind in RG is so embarrassing and petty that i can't help but laugh, it's a dungeon that can be solo'd without trouble, i'd go as far to say it's easier than channelworks. someone tunneling that hard on being a [filtered] is clearly in need of psychiatric help.

but also i call BS on your claims of not finding RG guides (it's an old dungeon that's existed for literal years) and claiming those outdated valkyrie guides were of no help-- cause even if they're old they still tell you the importance of runemarks, bloodflower, shining crescent and ragnarok. and if you know how to properly work those particular things in your kit alone then you should be outputting decent damage as a valk.

also your beginning comments of "lol idrc" and claiming you know what to do when you very much clearly don't and "who cares" and THEN whipping out the classic "i just hit 65" excuse would not exactly inspire a veteran playing to go out of their way to be kind and explain every last detail of a dungeon and your own class to you-- obviously this lunatic was never gonna do that to begin with, but you know... for the future, you might want to try asking questions if you genuinely want to learn.

anyway tl;dr being an "elitist" in ravenous gorge of all places is LUL
incoming ban boyyyyyyz
Spacecats wrote: »
Yordaddy wrote: »
@Spacecats do you think CU:Velika is an upgrade or downgrade compared to Alliance?
And to be more specific, does CU:Velika offer more (pvp) gameplay time than Alliance did?
Is CU:Velika occupying more people than Alliance did?
also is there any other factor that makes CU:Velika superior to Alliance?

They're similar but different beasts. Not really an upgrade/downgrade situation (even though obviously one was removed shortly before the other was introduced.) Sorry I realize that's sort of a non-answer. If you're just asking my personal opinion, there's a world where both could exist simultaneously or in rotation.

As to the TERA dev team's long term plans (outside what we post on the Dev Roadmap), and the number of participants playing one vs. the other, I'm unable to say. Please don't let that stop good feedback, though. If you think Alliance was the best and still want to see it return, say why and I'll happily pass it on.

i... but.... were you even around for alliance? how can you answer that question if you weren't even around when the content was... or am i high and not remembering [filtered] correctly

anyway alliance was a thousand times better than CU by miles and miles. alliance had so much more to do and offer to everyone, dude above me described it all pretty well.

sincerely self-proclaimed invisibam enthusiast
real question how the [filtered] do you people play with your graphics jacked all the way up without going [filtered] blind. this game is so overly bright, shiny and saturated that looking at it makes my eyes water, especially in particularly bright+crowded places like velika
Starkhoe wrote: »
Second. This is just my own opinion, but I don`t think that Tera's lore was ever good enough to demand such close attention to begin with, let alone, becoming something to be prolonged. In fact I would even go as far as saying that for me, Tera's story side of things its mostly just for clicking "yes" on quests. A obligatory hassle. As far as story telling is concerned, perhaps some games get it right, but in Tera I think that it wasn't appealing in the past, its not appealing now, and its not likely to be appealing in the future. Though I will give them props for making Zolyn a lesbian zombie with a hard for wearing too much make up, and for making Paesyn a friend-zoned douche-bag that hits on a girl whose girlfriend died recently. Let that sink in for abit, and then tell me just how "good" Tera is, in terms of story telling. Not even going to get into that guy-girl-hybrid thing at the SG story line. Talk about freaks. Yikes.

reading this gave me a stroke i will personally paypal you money directly if you never post on these forums ever again
feedback for EME: play your own game for god's sake
1. vm2 patch before reaper'[filtered]. i was in a big social guild with lots of friends and wonderholme was so fun over voice chat, so much laughter despite the fact that trying to get gear during those times was absolute RNG BS (rolling for cubes against 9 other people, praying your sort of WH gear dropped and that it was the right kind between intense, keen, quick, etc etc) alliance was also loads of fun to do with friends, i loved stealing keys lol... nexus was also around and the knx/knxx raids and those were always social, fun times. selling quills didn't make you as much during this patch but i still enjoyed running queen regardless.
2. rift's edge patch was also fairly fun... but this was when the enjoyment of game for me begin to slowly decline, afterwards it was all just downhill.
3. the tailend of the starfall patch when they put starfall mats in the BG vendors so FWC was popping like craaaaaazy

recently made a new friend in game to compete in dps with which has been fairly enjoyable. but no where near those peak days of course.
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
Only tangentially related, but EME still sent out those holiday cards to permabanned players. Just as long as they spent enough money on their game, they didn't think to check if they were banned or not. Unprofessional.

that's funny as hell
Moroku wrote: »
Because I feel bad for people like you still playing this game. I want to save as many as I can. Also, because I quit the game I can't go on forums? Makes sense man OMEGALUL

where's your holy compassionate thread that will enlighten us all and save us from this hellscape, oh savior? moon2SMUG
who ever DID get banned...... condolences out to that guy FeelsBadMan
this is what happens when the people who run the game don't even play their own game like holy [filtered] this is embarrassing to the max

and EME being scummy as always and never explaining how or why you're banned just being vague and passive cause well you can't really be specific when you don't know anything! surprise!

mind blowing, i feel so sorry for OP. can't even play the game in a way that makes it fun for them (slaying as been around longer than the majority of EME staff now hasn't it?) jesus

and we got counterpoint out here acting like cause he's played ace attorney before he knows the REAL justice here

w i l d
bite your thong......... what........ tf.... are you trying to say.... get the marbles outta ya mouth

how people express themselves is not a direct correlation to the quality of their life. crazy thought, i know... people also don't have to justify themselves or explain their life stories to appease you, oh grand judgemental ElinUsagi user of the tera forums. like maybe people are expressing frustration cause the way the game is handled frustrates them... I Know That Sounds Crazy. but bear with me.

the rest of your post is comparative gibberish, but at least you explain the fact that if you don't like how someone expresses themselves or hurts your feelings then you'll instantly start judging their "life" which you can't possibly have any idea about. yikes didn't know we were all here trying to "satisfy" you with our posts

hopefully one day you'll learn to be content enough with yourself and your life that you won't be bothered about how people choose to express themselves, something which has nothing to do with you. merry christmas.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Ardire wrote: »
tf you on the tera forums if you have ""important matters"" to attend to, it's christmas dude if you celebrate at least give us the gift of not having to read your garbage one day out of the year

You have smartphones.

Reading something is fast, not sure how many words you can read but an average person can read about 200 words per minute, and spending few minutes per day in the forums (reading and writing on the phone) is of not consecuence for me.

I still take my flight to visit family members that live 1,000 km far from where I actually live, then enjoy a meal with them and in the night go with them to visit old friends, then today help them to prepare a good meal and talk about things of the past and present, making jokes and laughting at many things.

Why should people will comply about the state of a game in these days where there are many other things to do?

I only can see that people see Tera as their lives, mind to get one in the real world at all?

literally everything you just said means that people can still complain about this poorly run game and still have ""lives"", takes less than 5 minutes to write up a post and then get back to whatever else the hell you consider a "life", of course you can only see what you want you can't see people beyond the forums.......... wtf kinda point is that, pointing out that you can't think beyond yourself? "hey you post on these forums so that must be ALL YOU DO" like ????????

thanks for refuting your entire "argument" and pointing out your own arrogance and holier-than-thou behavior. not that anyone didn't already know that, but yanno.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Ardire wrote: »
why you actin like everybody celebrates christmas dude

And what do people complaining about a "christmass event" are implying then?

'cause events have become commonplace enough this time of year for people to expect them? not to mention being baited by spacecats' hinting about santas by comparing them to mongos? people who don't celebrate christmas still enjoy events you friggin jobber...

don't try to defend your insanely pretentious, arrogant and condescending remark. people are allowed to complain, doesn't have to have some "super mega deep depressing reason" why, people complain because they aren't satisfied. full stop.

tf you on the tera forums if you have ""important matters"" to attend to, it's christmas dude if you celebrate at least give us the gift of not having to read your garbage one day out of the year
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Reading this thread I wonder if some people have any friends in real life, familly, important matters to attend or something of relevance at all, because being bitter because a game doesn't have a christmass event only show how sad real life is for some people.

why you actin like everybody celebrates christmas dude
my points were made in my first post. don't pretend you're out here wanting to hear "points" or "debate". you're like every other basement neckbeard pseudo-intellectual dudebro who thinks he knows how to "debate" when all you're capable of is borderline masturbation of your ego and passive-aggressive blasé

one more time: the pvp community built up the pvp scene from the ground up, not BHS (they do the exact opposite for the most part since tera's inception, perhaps the biggest insult starting with reaper release). that's why majority of the pvp populace agrees on ruling together and neanderthal reaper mains like you are the whiny minority

otherwise known as non-factors. merry christmas non-factor, i'm done for the night.
Edomdrah wrote: »
Edomdrah is hardmode backwards... former top reaper >_>, people used to server transfer just to play with me or get away from my KoS list.

Btw, I almost never used shadow reaping in duels because I could 100-0 people without it. The few exceptions were for the day 2 released +15 brawlers, and the rare clutch duel where everything was being used anyway.

If you wanna hear even more blasphemy, I even advocated brooching during duels (the more complex the duel the better imo)

god this is like an early christmas present i don't even have to say anything you're out here embarrassing yourself for us all. god bless

"minimize duel complexity"

i don't think you know what the word complex means
(once again........... not surprising from a reaper)
edom it blows my mind that you've apparently been playing for soooooooo long but can't even grasp why there's skill restrictions in duels. maybe you live in some fantasy world where you think tera is a pvp game or was built around pvp in even the slightest so it totally makes sense to your own warped world to use full kit """as devs intended""" cause you think the devs gave a [filtered] about pvp in the first place

pvpers-- actual ones, idk what the [filtered] you are-- had to take it upon themselves to figure out these dueling courtesies so that dueling would actually be... you know... remotely enjoyable. and not simply a one-sided BS reflection of the fact that this game was only built with pve in mind and always will be.

"I think it's part of what made the community so toxic in the long run... elitist players acting like they know better than the devs trying to call the shots on how the game "ought" to be."

like this is the funniest thing i've read all day, like [filtered].... ur so right... those BHS devs REALLY do know what's best for pvp... wow... like.. brawler release? total pvp boon right there. BHS daddies know best uwah~

this is so obvious how can you not get it, players built the pvp scene from the ground up not BHS.............. then again you play reaper so i guess that question answers itself
spacecats hinting at santas then just leaving us all hanging...........

we got

will to accept golden gift boxes sent directly to me as an event ok ty eme
TWMagimay wrote: »
Yeah, you were the only one and since you took it upon yourself to contradict me by changing the topic, I see no reason to accept the change. The discussion is about FULLY gearing yourself, not sort of gearing yourself. Talking about how easy it is to achieve nothing by investing nothing is pointless and I ain't doing it.

I have thousands of those just no desire to keep remembering to refill them. And, as was already said, elite pays for itself in no time.

OP said in their first post that "the grind between frostmetal and stormcry is so cancer" so talking about that point in gearing is at least kinda relevant to this thread.... so i wasn't really the only one. not to mention there's quite a few folk in this thread complaining about the 'grind' of frostmetal alone. but hey i didn't know you were now in charge of this thread, congrats i guess

anyway lots of people in this thread have already claimed that they're well into the upper echelons of full stormcry without spending any money, so this thread's question has already been answered
imagine complaining about RG runs......
TWMagimay wrote: »
Low levels stormcry =/= fully geared. Nobody said it's impossible to have mediocre gear while soloing without elite.

PS: I need my free nostrums to function.

i said in my first post i was talking about lower enchantment levels of stormcry!!! TW pls!!!

wts stack of 500 nostrums i can't use these [filtered] potions fast enough
i ain't saying elite wouldn't help make things quicker but saying it's impossible to gear solo without it ain't true. cause, like... i did that. oh except for a week cause we got that free week elite voucher during elin gunner release.
("gear" here meaning lower levels of stormcry)

i'm sure elite+guild/static would double, maybe triple, the speed of which you can gear up. unsurprisingly. still for me, personally, i don't find elite worth it, 'cause while 8xRG and 8xKC might be efficient af i'd also rather eat glass than do that every day
at least they brought the santa suits back..... those are nice
pikpatsou wrote: »
The very old nexus. With the toxic environment where you died if u afked

not letting me afk while everyone else does the work is Toxic i deserve to afk!!!!

p.s. flagging up and defending ur node from other folk pvping is considered part of the work
TWMagimay wrote: »
Not sure how easy it'd be to gear yourself solo if you can't even farm enough gold for an elite voucher.

elite is a complete non-factor my dude, i ain't wasting gold on that, maybe back when it was on sale and the prices plummeted, but at normal prices, nah. i'll dump that money on emeralds or whatever.

what do i need elite for? more dungeon runs? i'll just reset, more than enough to max out the 16 VG quests a day. for putting stuff on the broker for free? definitely the most useful part of elite, can save you plenty of gold, but if you're that dedicated just use trade to sell expensive stuff nbd

gearing yourself solo is hella easy... it's just a grind. elite/guild theoretically could make it easier/faster but it's not impossible without those things.
TWMagimay wrote: »
kubitoid wrote: »
wanted to hear opinion on the matter from free non-elite players who doesnt have statics and active guilds to cover their buttocks but no avail.

ps - as i predicted only fairy tales from tropical woods lol

So, you are looking for somebody who's completely incompetent when it comes to grinding and also has no friends? Well, yeah, those guys can't gear in full BiS without spending cash. You cannot be this inept at playing an MMO and still get to the top.

you can easily gear yourself solo, without elite to at least the lower enchantment tiers of stormcry, you don't gotta be super capable to literally just grind the same dungeons over and over again. and maybe put in a little effort to master weaponcrafting to make your own darics and plates.

rly not hard... just a fat moneysink/gotta fondle RNGs junk a lil
Pleyadinus wrote: »
Hi all.
So, many, a lot (not to say all) dps players nowadays uses energetic etchs instead keen/power ones. That make them do less damage with a priest in party, I don't think energetic etchs would be useful for dps classes, maybe for some, maybe, almost like are you sure energetic?. Is what I think, I'm not an specialist gamer of MMOs games.

Well the bad news is: DPS classes that use energetic etchs instead keen/power is making the game unbalanced. Priests remain the perfect healer class B)

remember when i said maining priest for years makes you grow a self-absorbed bubble and keeps you ignorant? yeah, this is what i mean.
Nedylene wrote: »
You are asking to much as also demanding that the game becomes quite easy for your benefit. This content and game are not meant to be so easy and so benefitial. Are meant to last longer than the previous six month period for new year get implemented.

Do what all do and get your items and resources like anyone else. Don't be demanding for so much loot and easier gaming just because you are impatient and you don't want to invest the same time that hardcore player do.

Make your choice to be a casual player and deal with what you can get and reach or to be hardcore player and play the long and dificult run as many do and many of those do it without even complaining because they understand and they are not demaning to this company for easier and better loot and either demanding for special chance to gear up in one or two days.

do you like.... listen to yourself speak? do you even know what you're talking about? like take a second and listen to what you're saying and try not to want to off yourself cause jesus christ

it's not asking "too much" for the pvp JACKPOTS to actually be rewarding as is what the term.... jackpot... should mean. if you were actually playing the game and not just repeating the same drivel on multiple threads then you'd know that titan's embers/eases are literally obsolete these days, worth 5 gold each and aren't even used by etchers to craft anymore because the etchings they make are now just famed via IOD tokens.

pvpers deserve to be rewarded for their time, and especially for winning, just as much as any pver is. getting a mat that's quite literally useless these days is an insult, they might as well put campfires as a jackpot reward. even a """"""hardcore""""""" player isn't an idiot, unlike u so i don't know why ur opening your mouth to begin with.......
there's already a ton of complaints about how Island of Dawn quests are more rewarding than the actual dungeons . .

what???? you lose out on a significant amount of gold by doing IOD instead of dungeons and tokens are only useful if you're still in need of master glyphs/etchings. as for the boxes that give gold talents + whatever mats i rather just run TR for a stack of talents plus a nice sum of gold/chance for an emerald/design recipe.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
I don't mind if evenst are announced in the same day they start if they have a time frame long enought for most people to join and get the prizes offered in them.

if it's off-hand whatever events, yeah, then prep isn't such a big deal. but during december? the month where people are bound to be the busiest with irl family/friends/whatever obligations? yeah, giving a big heads up about events & when they'll start & the duration is a lot more important.

people have lives man, they can't just drop everything immediately as soon as EME announces 'hey event starts in an hour!!!'
don't get your hopes up my friend
my favourite part about this season are all the lights

something about seeing homes all lit up during the night is magical in some simplistic peaceful way
voidy wrote: »
Gonna preface this with: I have a priest, a mystic, a lancer, an archer, and a zerk that I play regularly. I also made a brawler when they came out initially to see the hype. I made a ninja as well, and a gunner, and a reaper. I've been around for a while playing multiple classes as I went, and basically doing the exact opposite of staying in a "self absorbed bubble." However, where my DPS switching was concerned, I never felt the kind of pressure to switch to a FotM like I do today when I play my priest. I played zerk during that year long stretch where it was trash-garbage and still got into runs, literally never had someone say "sorry we don't want a zerk." When I went with randoms I never got any grief about being a zerk, despite the class' poor survivability and their iffy damage and their lack of party buffs. People just kinda silently dealt with it, if they cared at all. Not so on my priest. People get vocal as heck, acting like they're gonna wipe just because they don't have contagion. Luckily I have plenty of characters to ride this out on, but it sucks because I just bought my priest a dress when the patch started and I geared her up enough to do RK9HM so I'd like to play her more often.

i said priest mains. you aren't a priest main, playing a priest for a few patches doesn't mean you're a priest main. you haven't been playing a single class solely for years my guy, bith i ran FI with you back when you were still zerking. sticking to just one class and never really seeing what other classes experience does make your perspective a pretty small bubble and i'm saying this from experience.
and yeah maybe no one specifically told you they didn't want you or your class but like that's probably because you play in CH where the grand majority's overall mood isn't very competitive, which is fine of course, nothing wrong with that. but OP specifically mentioned they play on TR and how elitist TR is, and it's like... some people are competitive, their goal is to be good or score high on moongourd charts or whatever, and people are allowed to be competitive if that's their goal in the game. plus zerk was so good during VM1/VM2/VM3 days... as long as you were good and knew how use your skills to maneuver yourself. REHM and ABHM was zerk peak those days were Good. but anyway rambling.

it feels bad but people are allowed to want efficiency, tanks and dps are allowed to want the best support they can get to benefit them and right now you get that from mystics. and honestly... even though mystic is dumb busted right now, as a support player don't you want to give people the best support possible? i feel like garbage playing my priest when i pve. my 6 year old character with all my good memories, costumes, champ laurel, the works. i'm still attached but knowing i'm not providing decent support isn't worth it imo. FeelsBadMan
Your assertion that priests were spoiled "for years" is incorrect. The kind of "I don't have to gear I can just chill" stuff you're referring to can be applied to both healers. In other respects, Mystics have been ahead of priests for a long time now (even before the quality of life buffs that made their active party buff a passive aura, a skilled mystic was straight up preferred, although they were admittedly quite rare since they required skill to play at the time; after QoL buffs came along, priests were just buffbots for a full patch until buff mechanics had to be changed to stop this) and this patch that let mystic play itself only widened the gap. I think when people complain about the issues of this patch, it's not because they're naive and don't understand that class balance has always been an issue in tera. Anyone with a set of eyes can see that. It's the extent of the imbalance, combined perhaps with the fact that your only healer alternative is mystic. At least in today's meta, if a ninja finally caves in and wants to gear something else, he has plenty of other DPS options to choose from. He doesn't HAVE to make a valkyrie if he wants to gear up a solid dps class. However if you're a priest then your only option is switching to mystic, a class so automated and simplistic that it's not even an enjoyable experience. Most people who enjoyed priest don't want to do that, so you get people simply playing other games instead.

disagree on that. priests HAVE been spoiled for years, looking back we were so spoiled it's ridiculous, do you remember how much priest's self heal healed for?!?! remember when mystic's didn't get a self heal off red mote?! remember when kaia's was so good..... and yeah you're right mystics can also get away with not caring about gear, true. but still during that time priest was just... the Easiest Class to Play, i know people don't like hearing that but it's true. priest is not hard, nothing about it is difficult, you can play it half asleep much like how you can play mystic these days. priest is still not hard, now it's just not hard and your support is janky weak. while a mystic is Very Not Hard and their support is janky strong. which is dumb but BHS has literally never known how to balance either healer class. but i really don't understand the argument of pitting their playstyles against each other and saying it matters, they're both easy classes....

but yeah i agree that having only 1 alternative healer class is stupid and limiting and we have 2359009054803 mystic alts running around these days most who don't even care to put in the effort to play their class to the fullest (just because it's broke doesn't mean there ain't a big difference between a terrible and good mystic still) but like i said before if you really love playing support don't you want to provide the most support possible?
Are you really gonna be like "yo when the game first came out there were more people than there are now, and there was still class imbalance so class imbalance can't be a contributing factor to the dwindling population"? Early tera had plenty more going for it at the time, enough to make up for class imbalance. The novelty alone could've kept it going strong; people could've stuck around expecting the developers to work out the class imbalances as the game aged. But look at it now. Heck, look at it over the last three years. Every other patch cycle they bring out some dumb new OP class and every cycle people quit sooner than before. Your friends may have been all too willing to drop the class that they spent hundreds of hours gearing and learning, but in my experience the brawler release made literally every lancer on my friends list quit the game, and the valk release pushed about half of the dps friends I'd met during the RMHM patch out of the game because they were frustrated about how much stronger the new class would be. None of these people would have preferred to play the OP new class, and only one of these people has returned since then. Like, real talk it's a game people play in their spare time for fun. In this patch, where gearing gets expensive and time consuming as [filtered], nobody would find gearing a character that they don't even enjoy playing enjoyable. Most would rather leave and hope things are better when they return, IF they return.

i don't know what to tell you here, you're right in the fact that class imbalance is whack and a huge detriment to the game, but if you've been playing long enough, and i know you have, then... well, you should be used to it by now. not to deflate the argument or anything but this is BHS we're talking about, cranking out new DPS classes because every one loves to dee pee ess over anything else to reel in big cash off everyone, while ignoring every other living thing for the next 2/3 patches. it makes money so why would they stop? (remember how insane reaper release was? jfc) that being said with awakening it looks like they're at least stopping for a little while, or at least slowing it down... so that's.... something i guess.

but still. it's an MMO, sometimes you gotta learn to adapt. change. tera has always been a game that's promoted alts, since the days of green dailies. alts are promoted left and right, for your own in-game benefit and to make money off the players in costumes sales and junk. obsessively playing only one character would only come around to bite you in the rear eventually.
>just pvp
Yeah dude just solo queue FWC for 35 minutes only to get in, lose, and get a lootbox that gives you nothing. Or find a group that's willing to let you, a complete stranger, into their 3s queues. Or join one of the few guilds that still bothers with CU since everyone knows it's one big circlejerk by now, and do a pvp thing once a week. Thank god priests are still wanted in pvp, the most neglected content aspect tera has to offer. :^)

dude why u solo queueing... also what healer has to wait 35 minutes for FWC to pop... when are you queueing.... 3am? BGs are suffering right now only to the AWFUL jackpots, thanks to, like you said it, neglect from EME. disgusting levels of neglect imo. but that doesn't mean it ain't fun or enjoyable still.

if you are willing to learn i'd bet my left foot that there's people out there willing to teach a newbie pvp priest the basics of 3's.... granted not on CH. good luck there.

anyway.... this was long jesus. i'm sorry you bought a dress for your priest and the class is on the proverbial bench at the mo. maybe go back to your lancer for awhile, at least she was cute. or if you're REALLY gunning to play your priest so bad then find a guild/static willing to run RK9HM with you, cause at the end of the day, even if it's slower, priests can still clear it and let's be real.... CH can't afford to be picky among it's few skilled players.
TPPW975FPD wrote: »
Fanciful wrote: »
TPPW975FPD wrote: »
their awakening were designed specifically so that they could be restricted in PvP BG's

Awakening skill can't even be used in BGs right now, and wont be usable in BGs until the Second Awakening update.

why not restrict all new classes from participating in BGs until second awakening updates?

what.... ? they already don't let you use awakening skills in BGs. why would they not let a Class in when they already don't let you use your awakening skills???
AbstractCH wrote: »
I hate when DPS compare themselves to heals. I’ve never seen a geared slayer for example get rejected from an LFG or seen an LFG that says no slayers. It’s simply not the same.

you haven't been playing the game long enough/long enough doing the hardest content. through every single hardest dungeon through every patch there was always At Least one class that got shafted incredibly hard. during MCHM why would anyone take an archer when velik's mark didn't apply on queen for the longest time?

ya'll say class imbalancing is why this game is dying but Tera was doing a lot better during vm1/vm2 days and there was still a whole ton of imbalance during those eras. (and every single era that followed)

i know ya'll priests mains literally don't know jack outside your own self-absorbed bubble, trust me i know i was a priest main during all those patches. not caring about anything, having a grand whole time healing and supporting through every hardest dungeon while friends and guildies were having to swap classes, our dedicated lancer who had been playing longer than i did even bit the bullet and started maining brawler when it came out, sure made a huge difference in dreadspire uppers. a good mystic friend of mine having to begrudgingly play priest to heal through the garbage nightmare that was ABHM. a warrior main guildie was in a static for a long while trying to clear SCHM when it first came out, eventually they realized they couldn't get past the dps check due to him, started playing slayer instead.

not me though! priests were always good! i could put in less effort, less time, go in lesser geared, dish out all my excess gold on costumes or whatever, still play, still heal and support, still get loot. ez no worry life

now ya'll are facing the same fate that everyone else and their grandma's have and act like it's the end of the world. it's so pathetic, we've been spoiled for YEARS. i ain't defending how this game works, it's incredibly stupid and frustrating to deal with. but i sure ain't gonna defend any of you either, it's just shameful.
summer wrap is the only way to maximize your dps
when you start a thread by calling "80% of you ungrateful" and think you aren't gonna get attacked for it

can you imagine if all priest mains were forced to learn another class to keep up with the current meta

it's not like anyone else ever had to-- oh wait. no. every single class ever has had to do this.

bye felicia

p.s. any priests who aren't whiny babies come pvp, where you are wanted and loved.
valkyrie good? ...... nah

jk. they're still one of the strongest dps in the current meta. alongside like... warriors and archers. if you want fat damage, that's what they're there for.

compared to other melee dps the biggest thing that sets valkyrie apart is their ragnarok mode (toggled by a skill you can use once you get enough ragnarok points for it) which is basically your Valk On Crack. you spend all your time outputting the most dps as possible in ragnarok or spending your time collecting points to activate ragnarok... rinse and repeat.

also they work off a system similar to warrior's edge, where they stack runemarks on enemies to power up their strongest skills (shining crescent and runeburst or w/e its called)

if it sounds complicated it's really not, it's a pretty straight forward class. not enough skills to fill up your entire skillbar, but a good amount of them come with huge cooldowns when you're not in ragnarok mode so whiffing a skill can be punishing to your overall dps.

easy class to learn, feels nice, fluid and powerful once you master it. 10/10 for castanic booty
The only issue is: would you accept increasing the rate of keen motes in exchange for eliminating the double rep/item buff?

Again, the difference in the rate of keen motes is directly tied to the fact that we have double rep+items. That's why EU and NA differs. So if you think they're just going to buff the drop rate while keeping the rewards the same, they probably won't. They mentioned on Friday's stream that they're planning to update the Vanguard Rep merchant to be more closely aligned to the additional items they have in K-TERA, so at that time vanguard rep should be more valuable again. So, is it better to get the job done faster but earn slower, or for it to take a bit longer and earn more? That's really the trade-off.

At this time, until we see the changes to the vanguard rep merchant, I'd be inclined to not push for a change to the status quo yet.

no offense counterpoint but double rep is beyond useless and considering they backed the fashion coupon shop update until february when do you realistically think they're ever gonna get around to updating the VG merchants? yeah, exactly. probably like. never. and even if they ever do i don't have very much faith in them putting in anything worthwhile. only thing VG points are good for these days are those rare events where they stick cosmetic items in the shop.

only thing worth doing IOD for is the tokens imo, if you're needing glyphs/etchings. you lose out on a lot of gold by letting IOD quests eat up your VG limit for the day.

earn "more" here isn't a very strong argument when we're earning pretty much next to squat to begin with.
above posters pretty much already said it but i gotta reiterate

i really don't understand ya'll who out here defending IOD... like No One Likes It... IOD is Not Fun...... keening mote means you can finish that awful garbage faster..... why would you not want that. it's not like IOD is challenging, or an example of skill..... just wtf are you defending here.... the integrity of IOD?

i vote that everyone can do IOD easier and faster so i see more people using etchings and master glyphs. which benefits everyone in the long run, c'mon now, use your brains.
Honestly without a dps meter a dps can't really tell if they're doing a good. Job or not. Here's an example from way back during Brhm days. My static had 2 archer, myself and another guy. At the time we thought we were doing similar damage, I usually let him have veliks mark since it just meant less work for me and did my thing. When the dps meter finally came out we found out he was doing 1/3 of my damage with veliks mark. Few tweeks with a roll or 2, huge change in glyphs and rotation and he started catching up. Before the meter it looked like he was doing a good job and he had basically everything a "good" dps shoukd have.

Sometimes you just gotta let someone know they aren't pulling their own weight.

this reason alone makes me wanna start personally using a dps meter just so i can keep myself in check. it can be dang hard sometimes to know how well you're doing, if you're pulling your weight, and like how does one get better if they can't keep track of their results? i always get mad excited when i run with folk who post up dps meter results in chat, it's like heck yea.... free report card...
Acendia wrote: »
There's some crazy people out there that believe that healers should DPS in the downtime, that even 1% more damage counts. I had someone seriously argue for that by saying "what if you wiped with boss at 1% because healer didn't DPS?"

when you run out of ways to blame wipes on the healer so you gotta make that Reach
Dialoonia wrote: »
What next? Coupons for Login. either you get login in prompt or you account will deleted?

god i wish they'd delete my account and save me from this never ending suffering
..... you have to buy hair styles?
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Then the event itself is just a cash grab event from GF to make people interested in paying susbcriptions to get a "free" frostmetal armor?



Aren't no one going to say how bad is GF to do events because there are issues like this or the hatred is only for EME?


More issues.


And complains from people.


I could do this all day you know ^^

If I keep reading UE is not the greener pastures some people want to make others believe.

since u wanted someone to respond to your poor arguments so badly....

1. if either you or acendia could actually maybe develop reading and comprehension skills then you'd come to realize that the kaia's buff is only for the first two leveling dungeons (BoL and SM) and only applied during your first two runs. so there goes that argument out the window...
2. bugs and issues like the ones in those two first posts are to be expected of everything new event or patch, things don't always work perfectly especially if this is something gameforge themselves set up? it just isn't a pre-made patch shipped over from BHS. (and a character getting stuck is such a commonplace bug that happens constantly here as well....)
3. that person complaining about the "challenge" is talking about the buff so clearly they didn't bother to go beyond the first two leveling dungeons (lol???) if they were complaining about RK9EM then yanno maybe he'd have a valid point, alas....
4. sad to see that the pvp community over in gameforge isn't entirely happy as well, but show me a region with a satisfied pvp community? anyone? anywhere??? at least they have a dude over there who actively is able to put in some effect, we all been rallying for EME to just remove the Literally Useless items from the jackpot (let along do something like equalize team 3's...) and we get nothing but silence on that end....

if you genuinely wanted to paint EU in a bad light you.... picked some of the weakest forums posts to use. seriously.
arwen has been doing nothing but supplying us facts from actually playing over on EU... included with pictures and all.

and considering your posting history Usagi i don't really blame anyone who doesn't want to put up with your BS
Dialoonia wrote: »
Also if u think its not challengeing have fun RKEM with 30% more attack speed and 30% more dmg. Most people struggle with normal speed core mechanic like double S pattern or inner > outer aoe and now its even 30% faster. With no propper gear all dmg is bleed thorugh tank block.

I dont remeber but u have 30% less time to break the shield ircc.

whole thread about EU's events

eme swoops in: hey guys COSTUMES1!!!111 HAAh COSTUUUUMES!!!!

i think the way they hold their sword is goofy

other than that ur fine. male high elf slayers always make me think of CH's legendary player Leyfon, godly slayer of his time.
1) quitting threads against the rules
2) me at every quitting priest main: bye felicia

3.a) i was a priest main for 5 years
3.b) class imbalance has never and will never go away because BHS is BHS so considering priest is getting shafted now after being the babied coddled and quite honestly insanely Easy for the majority of tera's lifespan now that it's experiencing patches of being lesser isn't exactly Shocking
3.c) you don't even main healers. go back to your lancer, or zerker.

literally every other class has gone through it. welcome to the club, cherubs.

and how do i know he doesn't enjoy pvp, he never said anything about it... why not try it if you really love priest soooOOoooooOooo much
wow now you finally know what it's like to play a class other than priest!!! dps can have been going through "flavour of the patch" switches for years!! you wanna whine cause for once there's a healer imbalance that DOESN'T benefit priest? try maining a slayer since the dawn of tera

full offense but this is what happens you're a mediocre one trick pony in a game with ever changing meta and a slew of class imbalance problems

you could always idk expand your horizons and try pvping, priests are still wanted there :^)
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