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Kk. So my points should go up every month with renewal thanks for the info
Well i got elite and noticed my tera rewards went up. Does it go up everytime i renew my elite?? And was wondering if i canceled elite do all the scrills i saved up become useless?
My small ideas for next or future exspansion to story.

Return of the Gods

Roak returns to now reak havoc upons the other races. ( release the destroied castanic homeland as new map )

Shakan returns to help with vanquishing Roak and his minions.
Also brings with him a Druid class. Dps/Support with “tamed pet” ( argonfied beasts should not be tameable as well as humanoids and bosses [world/dungeon])

Possibly new race???????
Shakan is the beastlord ( good fight for druid with pet )
Roak is a demon so loads of fun to be had developing a story and fun fights and crippling attacks ( possesion, shadow hold/aoe )
Since highwatch the home of the baraka’s was in the last why not the castanic’s destroid world??
I want campfires back as well. They were a good way to meet other players and allowed for your small afk break (restroom, smoke, snack/drink)
I would like to see ninja released to castanics male/female.
And maybe release druid/warlock class for amani, popri and baraka
Hi i am a returning player and really do enjoy Tera but... i find gender and race locking classes a bit rough. Why not have certain classes as must have max lvl toon. Plus i do enjoy they new classes but i do prefer males over females kinda sucks when some of the males are already feminine.

A new race qould also be nice. Maybe some kind or dragonkin/naga/merfolk or also would like to see a fullsized furry toon elin and popori are cute and all but where is the beast that means business (wolf/tiger/lion).

Would also like to see class costumes you get from fashoon coupons dyeable or more a colour selection.

I came back and started a valk and got me my free ladylove. But the problem i am having is finding myself a battle outfit to match my pink wolf and hair. Yes i had to make a female sadly had no other choice.
Problem is though i dont want no frofro girly out fit i wanna be a mean loking valk rocking in pink

Anyone else have sugestions on unlocking classes for males and all race.
And any on a new race??
New classes are fun and all but new back story is more enjoyable
Well fingers crossed it shows up today.
I hope this discussion stays open and get more FAQs that people have been wanting to ask, and hopefully get the answer/help you were looking for. :)
> @tisnotme said:
> ElinUsagi wrote: »
> tisnotme wrote: »
> yes in UI settings in options either in launcher at toon selections or in game on same icon to log out from you can fiddle round with screen res settings and size to size settings to most you stuff like hp bar chat and others and wether you want them or not and transparence
> The option is for all the UI, you are right it does change the font size but for all UI elements, sadly it can't be done for each UI element.
> have you tried the line under UI scale that says ~ " scale combat elements " ~ that has a hp/mp next to it , the hp/mp is a drop down list that can change individual items size on/in your screen all but chat from memory so you can change your res then enlarge general UI then cut most but chat back to your workable wanted size

Worked like a charm thank you so much i cant now get the story from quests without hurtting my eyes
Thanks so much. This is very helpful i willy try it when i get home from work :)
I cant seen to find a FAQ in forum so i opened this. I am having some issue reading the text/fint size in game is there a way to increase its size. I play on pc
thats sucks if its only for 1 char if they only giving one away should be account
Araix wrote: »
Question about Ladylove. Is she account bound or only character bound??

anyone know??
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