Players that play on high ping often don't realize how disadvantaged they are until they try playing this game on lower ping.
With no latency, you can expect about 20-50%+ increase in both survival rate and damage output. That's just how ping-dependent TERA is. Is it any wonder that average KTera players consistently and significantly outDPS average NA players in every patches? Sure, they have talent system (And now Awakening), but I bet you that the ping plays a huge role too.

Playing with 150ms ping means your every action takes 150ms longer. It doesn't seem much, but it affects EVERY action you make and any skill chaining you do. They add up and it's very significant. Each shot of archer's Rapid Fire has to be acknowledged by server, so that one skill is like 7 X 150ms. And Rapid Fire makes up a significant portion of Archer's overall DPS and you really wanna just exclude it because it is unfriendly to high ping?

With enough practice you can clear any dungeon on high ping albeit some deaths and probably carried by other party members, but you can clear it. Some players may be OK with just clearing dungeons. Other players are more competitive and they need that competitive drive. There is a difference between Just clearing the dungeon and clearing the dungeon well and efficiently. High ping players that want to be a bit more competitive can't compete with low ping players and the only way to keep enjoying this game is to use proxy to reduce the input lag.

I've done some research and talked to a number of people. From what I've heard and seen, even paying real $$ for proxy scripts is the best investment you can make in TERA. Fluid gameplay you get as a result of the proxy script is worth more than any innerwear or dragon/phoenix mount that EME cashshop sells. Best of all, script is not in a lootbox. You may have to pay like $150, but you get exactly what you pay for - No script lootbox. If you still don't wanna pay, there are free ones available to everyone.

If EME/BHS want to get rid of proxy once and for all in NA, they have A LOT of problems to solve. I don't see the proxy going away anytime soon. It's staying with us for the foreseeable future. Sure, they may ban some proxy users here and there (mostly through player reports), but that's all they can do.