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oh fair enough

the dragon from the jackpot is not tradeable

Lmao what the F is this topic

huge eh keke

Also, on another note, i do not like the way the game is going, but you either quit the game and move on, or just keep playing it.

"the "new updates" are pretty much the same thing but with a different color", Tera has always been like that and nothing will that change, if you think they make new models for each new boss since 2013 you're a naive person. They are lazy and nothing will change that, even our little discussion here is meaningless,i do prefer to have "new" re-skinned bosses with other mechs rather than nothing at all.

" however I understand that some people are easy to please" Same as above, same models, if you're not used too that already then you're playing the wrong game and wanting something that BhS never cared about,you either play the game or keep crying on forums like you.

" I mean, just look at the player base it's a clearly sign of how the people lost the interest in the game" We have been losing players ever since we got the level 70 patch,insane grind and not worth your time unless you cared about being BiS and ingame ranks( which is a joke), and to top it off new expansion with a broken gearing process with rng on top of rng with pointless grind that is in no way healthy and worth it that made a lot of players quit,the obvious P2W aspect that Tera has become with new gear is what drove players away the most. Don't forget the proxy scandal that made mEME did and made players seek refuge on EU, not that it would be any different now.

" but anyway this game could be better for sure, unfortunately many people settle for anything so they don't feel the pressure to make good changes for the benefit of everyone." This is somewhat true indeed this game could be a lot better for sure, but saying that players settle for anything is partially wrong, yes there are some that don't really care about and just want to play whatever is thrown at them, but there are a lot more players that care about the game, you can see that a lot on eme's discord, they keep getting complaints about the game and the same goes for EU, so it's not like they don't care, is just that BhS doesn't care about what other regions think, they are finally "trying" to listen to other regions given how low tera's pop has reached.

" I'm very frustrated with the current state of the PvP, because it was the main reason of why I started playing Tera and this is why I am dissatisfied with the recent changes" i won't give my 2 cents here since i never enjoyed doing pvp that much even though i have always been playing on MT and now KT. BhS won't care about PvP since afaik ktera doesnt really care about pvp. And if i'm not mistaken our server is the only one that still has a pvp server for god knows why, 'cus there is no pvp anymore.

" so stop imposing something that you consider true, because you don't help people with that, at least take your time and give your arguments, otherwise be quiet and keep your opinion to yourself, good bye." When you have people spreading miss-information about the game and when you call out apparently i'm the one imposing [filtered] that i consider true, what i said it's the truth, whether you like it or not it's a fact, and just because you dont like it doesnt mean it's wrong.
I gave you my "arguments" about the merda you wrote have a good day and don't bother answering me, i won't be replying to you anymore.

Totally serious, if you're not up to date with news that's your fault. yeah game is a hell lot of different but bhs is still pumping new stuff, dont spread bs info.

What ? They just released 3 new dungeons and new brooch and new gear, wtf are u talking about no longer keep this game up, dont spread false info

I'm talking about past level 70 patch , but you're not wrong.

SEA was the first to die.

You can still get etching boxes from world bosses,but since that aren't that many people can easily camp them and monopolize the market,i agree we need more ways of getting everything, but bear in mind, this wasn't the first post about the stuff we needed, and it won't be the last, so i'm sure only counterpoint is going to read this and pass to them again what's already been given.

it's not eme's decision but they can pass on to BHS and hopefully we get it eventually.

a shut up.

Eh so fish bots ruin the game eh, i see. elaborate

who knows, eme doesnt care.

yall lucky as [filtered], i failed 45 times, 45 times to get a +5 on my dl weapon. not even counting the other fails before +4, just from +4 alone, 45.

Man ,when people are lazy and just talk [filtered] smh

Gold is quite easy to make now a days. But i believe the problem isn't paying once for it,it's paying more 1.9m gold for each character you wanna gear, it should have been made like EP talets as stated above.

Sure, and i`m santa claus.

What who the F levels up doing dungeons F that.

They said caimans were buffed, but they don't seem to be. 1h grinding faound 4 caimans 2 portals . not even worth the time doing it

[filtered] no,[filtered] bgs.

@Christin EU has 20 channels everywhere.

pics or it didnt happen

If eme made a casual server, no one would play on it, you so called "casuals" would eventually get bored of the game and quit making eme lose profit, i understand new players are what keeps the game going, but if you separate new players from veterans most of the casuals will quit, casuals come and go, but veterans keep the game running, while you can lleisurely enjoy ur casual gameplay.

What a bunch of cry babies, no wonder people don't Q for dungeons anymore, have to hold hands with them now a days.

Only pay 2 win aspect that tera has are the companion loot boxes, other than that nothing. It is not late to start since we are getting a new patch october that is going to introduce new gear. But like any other korean mmo it has a lot of grind so just download the game check it out see if it's worth your time and if it's not just move on to another game :)

"you want it, work hard for it" There are a lot of people on discord saying 25 is quite a lot, and that it should be changed into something else, some are asking to lower the coins needed for said dungeons, but it all comes down to mEME really wants, you buying coins. But i do not expect much from eme,same with the leveling event.

I can understand that, but why not make EXP and SP EXP together?

@Erazus said:

@Aluh said:
Caimans are not an event, i don't know why people keep saying they are events, they are features in the game which ktera implemented,they also buffed their spawn ration on the next patch we r getting it. The OW event was indeed great but they don't solve the problems our server have, and we are probably never getting it fixed since we have new gear coming.

@Erazus said:
As for the level up event, we did/do have an event going on and mixed with caimans. You could literally get 70 in a day...

I did not say it was an event lol, you guys are not reading properly. There is this regular weekly event of increased level and SA exp (like the increased EP, increased vg rewards, increased vg gold, etc. we get that alternates throughout a month) and that MIXED with caiman is insane.

All right fair enough, my mistake then, is just that i've seen a lot of people saying the caimans are an event and i just read it really fast. About the weekly thing, we are only getting the exp one after this ep week, and the fact that it only lasts a week sucks, yes it is indeed great and we should be grateful, but it's not like mEmE is going to lose anything by doing a leveling event that lasts more than 2 weeks. Someone requested a jackpot event this week before they announced and boom jackpot event, why not be the same with a leveling one. Also, the increased exp from last boss was from ktera and they just finally brought it too us. So it's not like eu had the upper hand on this.

Caimans are not an event, i don't know why people keep saying they are events, they are features in the game which ktera implemented,they also buffed their spawn ration on the next patch we r getting it. The OW event was indeed great but they don't solve the problems our server have, and we are probably never getting it fixed since we have new gear coming.

Just make the character and leave it at level 1.

hopefully not too soon

When the gears "breaks" you don't lose it (as of now the only gear with this type of system is the pvp one but we are getting them later this year for the pve ones) you can still use it but you have to repair it if you want to keep enchanting.Tera already had the fail system back then, but it was much more "forgiving" compared to the new one, but there's really nothing we can do but wait or quit.

Aw man i hope u can trade that cus i already bought amp on my main :/

fixed found the issue

only using boss hp bar mod tho

Any1 else having this problem?

no it only "breaks" when your enchantment fails you don't lose the weapon u just cant upgrade it untill u repair it.

Since we are getting the patch 84 and 85 all together this week, im pretty sure we can expect to get the patch by the end of november.

Dude ur nuts

we probably won`t ever be able to use them.

Pretty sure that is just for show, converted 4 so far no fails.

Right click the stone and click your brooch,but you need a quatrefoil or the upgraded version, it won't work on your Quickcarve or Pumped Brooch,

yes , cus they dont drop.

wow i thought i was the only one that remembered that stupid talisman system they tried to implement, hopefully they complain a lot and they remove it.

the point is to make you buy rainbow baits.
As usual Soon ™
OMFG that golden dragon armor i NEED IT NOW
Castanic i usually agree with what you say, but on this case, you're wrong, first of all you don't even know who the owner of this thread is, this dude is almost BiS in anything and he knows what he is saying, i'm pretty sure you play on VK, but since ur not on dean's(not that you need to be on his discord to be competitive but there you can see who's competing the most) discord i know you are not part of the competitive players. You're missing the point of this thread.
i race changed mine and as far as i've noticed, nothing is wrong with her.
We had one before getting lvl 70 patch, but they were only for guardian/twist and frost.
The problem with putting good stuff in the calendar is that people will glitch them and get a [filtered] ton of them,they already do with the haste coins and blue nocs, i wouldn't mind better stuff either but i highly doubt it eme will change it
you can also do on the lvl 69 one, i do it untill i get baslisks, since it`s easier for me to kill them, so i usually try to get every 67 and 69 to be basi.
EU is getting the nerfed amount of coins 435 so i`m pretty sure we are getting the same , but it`s still not enough, only thing we can do is either quit or swipe for coins, and i rather quit then wasting money.
They pretty much took what we had for free and now are making us pay for it. i just hope some1 buys tera from them tbh. They are killing the game.
The whole system is just a cash grab, [filtered] bhs.
If you disable kicking lots of trolls will join and do nothing, i dont do SH and i dont care about SH but on CS there are a lot of afk bots, and taking the ability to kick would kill cs.
I see, that totally sucks,but thank you for the answer.
Since you add this, could we also get the one that gives flat amount of coins?

Ur right mb.
IoD is only worth doing when you have double vanguard rewards, even so it's not worth unless you do it with tons of alts. The sheer amount you need to enchant your HO gear is so high that unless you one shot everything you either have to use almost 10k golden talents or even more if you have bad rng, for one piece that of gear that is.
Damn totally forgot about the "player feedback", we are F*****. Too bad tho, i also have 30k coins wanted to get someting nice out of it but it seems that won't be possible. :/
Any feedback when we can use them and what costumes we can trade them for?
I want to know that too.
Since we're getting the new dungeon tomorrow, is it possible to add it on the double drop list? It would be nice to have it and more people would be willing to do it.
Djevik wrote: »
Aluh you and the rest of the elitism people in this game is the sole reason why tera can’t and will not grow.. you care to much about yourself.. I played this game since the close beta days and not once throughout the whole time playing before the f2p switch did i ever sent anyone a run.. bc they didn’t know mechanics or they were under geared..

I want to come back to tera i do. Tera is my first love in a sense of mmorpgs but after reading the replies to this post makes me question it bc i would sit there and not be able to do dungeons or just keep getting kicked bc of your type..

i 100% agree with op NM of any dungeon is cool take people along and show them the ropes and this tends to them having fun eh? than they have friends that they will suggest to the game and rinse and repeat. Tera is dying bc of the [filtered] [filtered] EM has done but it’s partially player base as well bc there was and still is a lot of toxicity and elitism in this game and i have no idea why..

i get it bc winning is fun and being the best is awesome but be those things without being a [filtered] douche flute..

i remember MCHM which ideas one of the funnest dungeons to me and one of the hardest and we would at times take 2 fandoms with us just to show them what’s up.. even though we didn’t even have max gear back than...

quit being full of yourself and enjoy the game and enjoy the people in the game bc tera isn’t going to be around forever at this rate you want to be a elite or toxic and keep pushing players of the server or new one for that matter of fact and have the server feel like empty by all means keep doing what you people are doing...

But...Aluh wasn't even acting Elitist they were simply telling people how it is. IF you are that sensitive then yeah Tera is not the place for you.

Dont even bother. No point in arguing with someone that doesnt play the game.
I get your point but it is just like toofaceddiva said : "t's not really fair but that's just the way it is. It's just like PVP people kicking people in Battlegrounds for not being the best. It happens it's best to just move on and ignore it." same thing happens if i decide to join SH without pvp gear wouldn't you say so?
It usually takes less than 2min to kill the 1st boss. just so you know.
"We even cleared the first boss in less than 10m" Are you kidding me? 10m to kill the 1st boss of such an easy dungeon, no wonder they quit. smh
Hum i see. Now im curious too.
When you make a character you have 5 voices to choose from that`s probably why,
Aluh wrote: »
The amount of runs u have doesn`t really matter, if you die 3 times in a row it is your fault. I`m not saying i agree with them, but i can see why they would do it. Coming here to show their names won`t do you any better since counterpoint will come here and lock your post.

You're one of those toxic people
everyone might have a bad run.
And I haven't mentioned 1 death was a dps sniped me with laser, the other death was boss turned and kded me because lancer lost aggro.
Show me your ign and let me moongourd you,
let's see if they actually kicked you after you died 3 times ?

Go on search for Doakebi
The amount of runs u have doesn`t really matter, if you die 3 times in a row it is your fault. I`m not saying i agree with them, but i can see why they would do it. Coming here to show their names won`t do you any better since counterpoint will come here and lock your post.
Hum weird, i used to have that problem with free SP, but not without proxy. Weird, really weird.
Whats your ping
Aluh wrote: »
I`m aware of that, but he clearly meant for pve not bgs. Otherwise he wouldn`t have made this thread.

Battlegrounds are 65 and above, just giving you the information you need to stop misinforming people. :#

They think kuma's is a real Battleground.

Aluh wrote: »
I`m aware of that, but he clearly meant for pve not bgs. Otherwise he wouldn`t have made this thread.

Battlegrounds are 65 and above, just giving you the information you need to stop misinforming people. :#

"you need to stop misinforming people" What? Missinforming people? Are you okay?
I`m aware of that, but he clearly meant for pve not bgs. Otherwise he wouldn`t have made this thread.
Also, vgs do give exp but not for level 65 players and above. We will be getting that on the next v81 patch iirc. And the "event" starts tomorrow anyway have fun leveling toons.
Not yet. Next patch.
Just ignore Gatokatzen, he keeps saying non-sense stuff like that on every thread.
" And I know that En Masse is catering to the pervs " what? blame kpraton
As title says, could you add more channels to where the new bams/mobs spawn so we don`t have to worry about getting pked every single minute? EU has like 20 channels for that but we only have 10. Also, could you make so that you can`t flag where the new wb spawns? We have one single guild monopolizing every boss spawn and it`s making us pve players unnable to kill/hunt them.

PS: before u say hur dur move to pve server, no i wont, expensive and i won`t start everything again.
The bait is real
Scrolls are worth nothing btw
nozoyo wrote: »
Hi, patch will be going live on the 9th of April. An official announcement should go live sometime soon too. Expect more detailed information about the patch between now and the patch.

Who r u and where did u get that info
Gatokatzen wrote: »
The problem with Krafton Bluehole is that they based their game in an extreme demanding in time progression game, instead of do a game were gameplay supply that aspect of the game.
If game were more competitive an less farming gameplay intended. Would be better.

Look at Fornite, Ark evolved , Grand theft Auto or Billonarie EA games. All of them put the players in to create their own kind of game and let them play as they wish, without heavy farming .

I bet Tera needs Unreal engine 4 yes or yes. If people can create their gameplays, people going to spend money. And invest more time without get angry ot bored.

What the F are u smoking? That [filtered] strong af talking non sense
says the guy selling every piece of +7/8/9 gear on broker.
Yeah probably.
vkobe wrote: »
so we will get level 70 before popo brawler ?

People are speculating it will be released on the 26th of march, the same day the Timescape event ends. Nothing official tho.
why u gotta be like that
NA doesnt have a classic server, only Korea and EU , but those are event servers, meaning they will be gone when the event is over. I don't know about console, but on PC pretty much both servers have the same amount of players or close to it. The game is still updated , while it usually takes 2 to 3 months for us to get new updates from ktera. As of now, Tera doesn't have any relevant Raid Dungeons, outside of daily bosses raids(But you don't need a raid to do it at all, you can get up to 3rd place with only 5 people if you have nice gear).
Here's how you can do a traceroute:

Start -> type "cmd" -> press Enter -> type "tracert -d diag.enmasse.com" -> press Enter -> when complete, press Ctrl+M and highlight the output of the command -> right-click on what you highlighted -> Ctrl+V to paste it.

(You don't need to type the quotes in the commands listed above.)

You can also remove the first few lines ("hops") from the entry if you want, as they contain your actual IP address, and that much isn't needed to see the picture with routing.

This is what i got everytime i did the test, but as soon as i started playing the game , boom, 400 ping. Never had any troubles with the old host(?) ping was 120 and after it was changed to zayo it is 160- 170 most of the timeD:
1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 3 ms 9 ms 13 ms
3 9 ms 9 ms 19 ms
4 9 ms 8 ms 10 ms
5 41 ms 56 ms 25 ms
6 29 ms 28 ms 39 ms
7 26 ms 28 ms 28 ms
8 122 ms 111 ms 110 ms
9 114 ms 106 ms 103 ms
10 158 ms 156 ms 146 ms
11 150 ms 145 ms 149 ms
12 108 ms 108 ms 107 ms
13 177 ms * 175 ms
14 170 ms 163 ms 176 ms
15 199 ms 166 ms 225 ms
16 168 ms 169 ms 170 ms
17 169 ms 169 ms 168 ms
18 172 ms 174 ms 169 ms
19 169 ms 171 ms 173 ms
20 184 ms 173 ms 175 ms
21 180 ms 171 ms 175 ms
22 170 ms 171 ms 184 ms
Sure i'd love to do that, don't know tho. I'm playing from brazil, and asked around if some had the same problem, and some said they did. I tested on EU and ping was fine, solid 200 no spikes ,which is normal for me.
Anyone else having routing problems since yesterday? Game was unplayable yesterday (Ping between 300 to 1000),by some miracle i could do guardian with my mains today before it went up again. I think they changed something about zayo yesterday but i don't know. Any feedback would be grateful.
Aluh wrote: »
we had that for a while, not sure why it was turned off D:

Because it was done way in the past and set it as a super-long-time event. Then when it eventually expired, the current staff decided to switch to the rotating event schedule instead, since they didn't want to interfere with BHS's progression and reward design in a major way. Until they change that philosophy, I don't think it'll be brought back.

we had that for a while, not sure why it was turned off D:
Jesus [filtered] christ Gato, are you going to keep saying the same [filtered] over and over all again on each [filtered] post?
LOL the last one tho.
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