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You used to be able to create a raid to kill BAMs to get a caiman to pop, kill it and enter the portal.
Today we tried running caiman raids and every single time a portal popped, only a few people could get in.
The rest wasn't able to, even tho we all decided to wait untill everyone was in range to kill the caiman.
Is this a bug?

Same here. Haven't gotten one in a long time..

Got ya!

+3 Height Elin VS. Absolute Max Hight Lyn

Now to compare the actual real hight, I found something interesting..

Do the math..

Like this?

Getting the hairstyle coupon preview back in the fashion tab and pet/mount preview.
Also pet hunger UI above the health bar, thnx
Why are people just assuming I didn't use lock on heal, or boomerang? Ofcourse I did, I always off cooldown spam titanic, obviously, because it isn't my first run and I drop motes around the boss as a last option, as I mentioned one berserker died only once in 2 runs because he rushed outside the circle and gained 3 stacks. I wish I could've pulled him in like a priest can, but I just spammed titanic and dropped a totem, but sadly I couln't save him.

But that wasn't my point at all, I was just wondering why such pure hate was absolutely necessary.
It's very heartbreaking that people have this much hate in them.
As a mystic I joined a lfg LK normal, we did a flawless run the first time, no one died, I healed, I debuffed, everything was perfectly fine so we descided to do a second run.
During the second run a berserker died once and this is what happend:
I thought people were suppose to use potions or orbs when the healer was in trouble?
And I fully cover the floor in them.

Let me remind you that only 1 berserker died and that the first run was fully flawless.

How am I supposed to enjoy the game as a healer after this?
I get a party through a dungeon and this is the hate that I get for it?

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