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go play eu tera, its much better atm. EME sux a$$
getting noctenium infusions from vg credits does seem like a good point. Hope they do it
@StitchedSoul do u get rewarded for s#cking EME's d!ck?
it was during the event so majority of people spammed the [filtered] of dungeons, rewards lost are not in-significant. Any word about progress on fixing the problem and some form of compensation (another event "wink wink") for our troubles would be appreciated.
What a [filtered] event, good job disappointing everyone
stop calling brawlers a tank, they are front crit dps with a block..
EME never fails to disappoint
Its really annoying to have a 1 hour cooldown on the cheap bravery that i'm sure everyone has bucket loads off. It would be nice to be able to use them every 30 minutes like the strong stuff. Shorten its cooldown plox
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