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If you want the unity stole, just gotta wait if they ever do a mongo event again.
Yesterday I did 3 NM runs and got dyad, noct and titan storms, today I did 3 NM runs and 1 HM and nothing extra dropped, nothing.
People farming loses for silver talents, since you get gold talents when you win and silver if you lose. Unless they change the rewards, it will stay the same.
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This. The players chose to quit because they KNEW they were doing wrong.

more like they quit because the experience of playing this game without the proxy is incredibly mediocre because of all the bugs and ping related issues lmao, i feel like theres a problem with your game if people can't fully enjoy it without resorting to third party programs but the devs don't really care

Those who want proxy stopped and the users banned are either players with very low ping or absolute under-performing casuals, or both.
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it's simple. ban everyone who uses injector/proxy. notroll.

That would kill off over half of the current tera population XD they already did a witch hunt early in 2017 and lost a lot of players because of that.
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Maybe if they made the cheap [filtered] innerwear more sexy or sexy enough to wear it, people buy it more often, but no one wants a character with a gray spots thats looks like a graphic bug.

Inner wear from goldfinger tokens is basically for stats, high and top tier have fancy looks but only come on the "cheap" color, although would be cool to change the low and mid tier ones for the dragonsilk looks since you cant get those from the cash shop anymore.
In Ktera you can "fuse" rare or superior inner wear and get a random one, like you do with crystals but that wasn't implemented in any other regions. I think in Ktera you can also combine unwanted cosmetics and get random others, too.
The extended range is gonna be fixed in a coming patch, was already fixed in korea some time ago. Also yea, priest weill get extended range for focus heal.
I think the problem is "what do we put as jackpots?" it used to be mostly enchanting materials that were also tradeable. if they put jackpots of entropic or metamorphic emblems, that wouldn't be appealing and many would scream p2w. Gold or Silver talents jackpots? people would cry over broken economy. Jewels? more p2w rant. Smart Dyads are cool, but still somewhat underwhelming. Cosmetics and/or mounts/pets? Also considering the locked boxes not longer can yield their own jackpot like used to be of 500 spellbinds, 200 extensive alkahests so while gambling for a jackpot you won't get anything worth it. I opened for the lulz 5 locked pet strongboxes and got less than 10 entropic emblems every time.
Still, kinda seems like a exploit for multiplying items, since if the skill book was used, i don't think support would modify the buyer's character and make him/her forget the flying skill as it gets restored to the former owner. Listing a expensive item for the wrong price isn't something new, a painful mistake to make, but I doubt players actively contact support due to such mistake to have the item returned.
You cannot reset Ghillieglade, Pit of Petrax or Ace dungeons anymore.
ilv 439 is frostmetal, also the vanguard rewards for PoP are VERY bad, so unless you just want it for the daily/weekly count, not worth it. Also depends on the class and skill of the player, on guardian or even twistshard the boss hits pretty hard so I guess that is why the ilv 439 requirement.
EME is understaffed and apparently assigned the few who cared about Tera to other games they publish or the console project so Tera PC is more of a back burner at the moment.
I think the only problem with getting a lv 60 scroll to play right away is that...you don't have any gold for the skills. Like, if you included in the pack an emerald or two, that sure helps.
Even if you have 99% you can fail, that 1% can screw you over.
We shouldn't get another triple drop event in at least 2 more months, it wouldn't be good to get another any time soon.
I agree, i would usually get at least one diamond a week from ghillieglade considering i do 18 runs every day, but i haven't got any in the past 2 weeks.
Well they wont make the santa or blue box hunt, would have been cool if they did though. As for the loots, would have been rare/superior noct, entropic/metamorph emblems, feasts, goldfinger tokens and maybe some cosmetics i guess.
Yeah it was a pretty bad nerf, 16~20 in 4 runs was nice. The other 412-431 dungeons's loot was also affected.
Hmm yeah, would be cool to get a few daily traveler insurances in the elite bar, with non tradeable variants of course. Permanent strong bravery or noctenium would be just too BS to have, extra item exp gain would be cool too considering elite already has the continuous 100% exp boost for leveling. Maybe halved PP usage on gathering/crafting?
Almost all the items from te gold boxes are tradeable.
You would need:
-Credits back on battleground rewards
-Useful items/mats obtainable with said credits
-Good jackpots
-Low level CS (remove kumas royale)
Sadly none of the mentioned above can be done with exception of jackpots but even with those, people only play battlegrounds on power hours because they aren't worth grinding like it was before.
Indeed, it sucks to do the 50 dracoloth kills in that area because you cant leave combat x_x
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You're right -- just checked it. It's not 2.8g anymore. It's now 1.2g, which pretty much makes dw+15 the only viable use for metamorphics. That nerf might impact box sales, since they seem to be using metamorphics as the "booby prize". At least back pre-patch they would give semi-enigmatics and other mats that were actually valuable and could be sold.

Other than dw+15, there's zero use for the metamorphics even for newbies: by the time you've xp'd your gear enough to enchant, you've amassed so much matjunk you're unlikely to ever need to crack open either of the mat tokens.

Newbies mainly use them for artisan tools, copper clasp, pansophic ash, archdevan sufactant that are items that doesn't drop a lot.
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How do you even get so many? I thought that i had an excessive number when i reached 100k...

And thanks for the info since the emblems are more or less useless in terms of gold so this is an interesting option ^^

You get plenty from vanguards + dismantling any materials you don't deem necessary, i.e: Entrophy upgrade materials like archdevan formula (x200 emblems), otherwordly shard (x2000?) and carved ornament (x400) if you dont plan on getting the entrophy accesories.
The problem is getting the designs. If you didnt get them before the patch there is a good chance that some might not be in the broker forever >_>
I am pretty sure GMs can make it force spawn like any other monster in the game, the same way they do for events with dungeon bosses. They could just have it spawning a day on the week several times so people get the achievement.
So, we good?

- VG shop (2 boxes for 1 golden talent? That's almost worthless.)
- Ace Shop (IMPERATOR MATS from 4 patches ago...? Really? Rubies for 400 ace points?)
- Reward shop (20 metamorphic emblems for 400 credits?)

- Pvp "Jackpots" using worthless etching mats

- RKHM being a net loss on materials (doesn't need to make people rich, but they need to at least break even, otherwise the only reason to run it is the title.)

No, we aren't good yet. Thank you for fixing something that didn't needed to be changed in the first place though!
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So, we good?

No, Elite players should die for those achievements :p

Hey, I did. Wasn't looking forward to doing it again.

Cheers EME for the prompt resolution (next time, save yourself the trouble and ask us what we want, yeah? A simple poll works).

They did. They asked the forum masses what they wanted. And the mob answered "We want EU's perma crystal bind! Elite sucks!" It worked out well, don't you think?

So like, why don't you go play in EU then? :3
Damn that was a pretty good response :D
Often you have to tell people how to play their class. Healers not recovering party mp or using their buffs/debuffs, heck, mystics that dont use the right auras, warriors that dont use stance, etc
Yeah apparently that is BHS's fault with the patch build and not EME since they cant change the dressing room on their own x_x
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I'll admit, I think a 100% drop rate on the Keen Mote would be a bit much, considering that some classes can already trivialize IoD BAMs once you hit a certain gear threshold.

However, I do agree on a drop rate increase. I hazard a guess that it's around a 10% chance to get a Keen Mote. Let's bump that up to, say... 25%, or 33%. Yay or nay?

Yup, 100% is overkill.

Seriously, if someone needs a mote for every kill, they might want to learn to play their class better.

Do you do high tier bams on priest?

I don't. I thought healers got a massive damage boost for IoD already?

They dont, last i checked, not like in Ghillieglade or PoP :T
Its doable at a lower ilv but this is mainly about tiers, low, mid, high and the enchanting chests contain items required by the corresponding tiers, also i prefer not spending a vanguard request on PoP so that i can use it on something more useful, when doing it on ilv 432 characters.
SageWindu wrote: »
I'll admit, I think a 100% drop rate on the Keen Mote would be a bit much, considering that some classes can already trivialize IoD BAMs once you hit a certain gear threshold.

However, I do agree on a drop rate increase. I hazard a guess that it's around a 10% chance to get a Keen Mote. Let's bump that up to, say... 25%, or 33%. Yay or nay?

Yup, 100% is overkill.

Seriously, if someone needs a mote for every kill, they might want to learn to play their class better.

Do you do high tier bams on priest?

You whined about weekend AFK events, and we got one and it lags the heck out of the server.

You asked for perma CCB, and then you whine about achieves, so now they're taking it away.


Please do not make keen motes 100%. IoD is the easiest afk content in the game. We have double vanguards and semi-drops that make decent gold. Please @Spacecats do not change it.

FFS you people are absolutely ridiculous.

Cass you are always so angry and yelling and have nothing useful to say :v
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Yes but then reduce your rewards by half. EU get only a half of NAs IoD rewards

From what I've heard ever since the gear update, EU's IoD has had the same rewards as us. I could be wrong however.

We still have the double Vanguard item/credit event running on all our servers now, and unless they just turned it on recently, they didn't have that on last I checked.

He meant that in EU they have just half the vanguard rewards from quests, compared to NA.
Then again even if we were to get the 100% mote drop there is no reason to cut the rewards.
I was wondering if it would be possible that EME made the keening dawn mote that drops in Island of dawn from bams, to be a 100% drop rate like it is over EU version, they do drop somewhat "often" but having them drop all the time would be useful for the IoD grind, specially at lower ilv or for healer classes that try to solo the high tier bams.
Make ccb buff to stack so you can extend it for days of gameplay without having to worry about it expiring ~.~
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Margarethe wrote: »
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BHS/EME: "We added Permanent CCB to elite now!"
BHS/EME: "Ok we removed it BUT we're giving you free 6hour crystalbinds so you don't have to buy them and choose when to use it!

The cycle continues

Amused, this is the version I see:
BHS/EME: "We added Permanent CCB to elite now!"
BHS/EME: "Ok we removed it BUT we're giving you free 6hour crystalbinds so you don't have to buy them and choose when to use it!

The cycle continues

I really don't see anyone who said it was a useless feature. Find me a post about someone who said this. In fact, people went out of their way to compliment this decision AFAIK.

And like I mentioned, free 6 hour crystalbinds hardly fix the issue. It is using them and repopping them. I play on four characters so now I need to stagger them constantly and open it on one character and get it out of the bank every day? All of this because 10 people on the game want 20 achievement points? I'd say look at your own advice from earlier

Only because it doesn't have value for you, doesn't mean it doesn't have value for others.

The value in this case ruins probably 95%+ of the population while 5 percent (very generous btw, my actual guess would be 0.25% or lower) get to get a useless achievement that they will never think twice about after getting it.

Odd, was positive I saw those.
Was unable to find any.
Apologies, I was incorrect.

When did I say I do not value it?
Only said it isn't fair to those hunting achievements.

I agree removing it isn't the best solution though.

I wonder who were the inbred morons who complained enough to make EME change the permanent CCB...
Amazing response by the "community manager" no less, "we have totally ignored the situation and posts in this thread but hey, we gonna release new costumes so you can give us more money with rng lootboxes!"
PLUS enchanting/conversion failures ~_~
Considering they are just moving fed bills items to fashion coupon, we might not even get new weapon skins for fashion coupons, grand update!
Sadly eme staff wont reply to this thread trying to give any "excuse" about how our region is lacking, or a soon™ in positive changes, since they already failed to comply with their own roadmap with the fed bill shop changes that should have happened on november. Their focus on tera should be to mantain their remaining population happy and interested in the game, that would give positive feedback that could bring more players, instead of trying to grab some new players that wont stay. If they can't do that, console release will be even more of a failure than what it is foreshadowed at the moment.
Deluso wrote: »
Now that you're saying revamp doesn't mean it's being remove but those Fed Bill store situation stated otherwise. Well, history teach us a lesson. Next thing we know something gonna get removed. We just don't know what EME were thinking and what would happen next. No info, no clarify nor confirmation from EME either until it was too late to change those decision. But then when we ask about something (like this), again no official respond except "removed some comments or close/combine this thread" reply.

On related note: Please update those shops to match current patch. I'm still amazed that Ace Medal Shop from Ace Dungeon still selling heaps of relic junk from prehistoric patch. 8000 Medal for Tier 2 Etching? Mmmkay...

Yeah the Ace shop should get an upgrade too considering that you can't use reset scrolls for barracos/akasha's trial anymore.
Should be like 600 or 800 item exp, 800 or so gold, 3 dragon scales, 150 vanguard credits.
Yeah EME is doing a poor job as publisher for NA for the past year and they should understand that the goal isn't to bring more players that will quit after a week or month, but to maintain players in the game. Our login event is a sad joke that only requires to login on weekends for a disappointing garbage reward while those EU cumulative login rewards seems pretty good.
Accesory Tier IVs are just for the most hardcore tryhards and absolutely not worth it, Tier IIs are good enough. While if you want tier IVs for weapon and armor, you are better of gambling with the superior etching boxes.
Galiers wrote: »
20 account this weekend... no mounts

anyway... that mount is tradeable?

Nope, you can bank it but cannot be traded.
Got another Veteran CCB, thanks EME
Hmm, i think that unlike the blackheart, it should be like the black/white picnic costume and stay as lootbox permanently in the shop, since that costume is just the special variant of the idol costumes that are dyable.
its raid gear, in most mmorpgs raid gear is always superior to any obtained from other pve content.
Disappointing choices, no rocker lootbox, or bomber jacket, noblesse weapon.
I got freaking ccbs, i think eme still doesnt get that CCBS ARE SO DAMN CHEAP AND WE GET A LOT OF THEM FROM EVERYTHING!
All i know for gunner is that there is a certain crit cap to make sure burst fire has a 100% crit, but I don't know much much crit is required for that ~_~
There aren't any up-to-date gunner guides either x_x
It was a stupid move from them, they are losing potential sales since if people cant preview items they arent eager to buy them. It is as stupid as removing items from the cash shop that arent exclusive seasonals, they sure love to lose sales.
I just made an elin gunner and i was wondering what inner armor to use at 65, i have 16 crit and 12 power inner armors.
Yep noticed that your arcannon doesn't show if you are using the first armor type, it will show if you use another armor model or a costume.
Would be great if they made elite spend 1/2 PP when crafting, endgame enchanting mats consume a huge amount of PP considering how much you need to make.
I love the elin loading screens, there are 2 that i like a lot (the one with elin bunnies wearing different swimsuits, VERY well drawn, and the one with chibi elins in a glass with fruit) I wish those could stay all year long.
One player having issues with that doesn't make the game broken for the entire playerbase, plus that is from EU. Repair/reinstall client or could be even that your computer cannot load/render the UI elements properly.
9RA7AY6NK7 wrote: »
I lost hope when they made male brawler.

Smh they should've just worked on Elin Brawler instead. c:

I agree, should have been male gunner and elin brawler.
He got himself banned on purpose :v
+ accesory upgrades from bellum to daylight, belt from twist to storm is about 60-70k
You can change the screenshot saving path in the Tera/Client/S1Game/Config/S1Engine.ini file
Sucks that new players cant get them anymore, mainly healers, same for the previous tier accessories for the hardcore min/maxers, when we had channelworks players could still get accesories from the previous tier there, it would be cool that ravenous gorge could drop the god/heaven accessories and then cleansing brooch. Otherwise you have to sell your firstborn to upgrade brooches up to quatrefoil just for having that handy self cleanse.
> @6R1MM01R3 said:
> I got like 8 smart dyads from this weekend :D also TRNM runs can done way faster than other ilv 431 dungeons.

Well then you can thank your luck because that's a rare thing. All whom I asked 2-4. I got 3 despite did min 6 runs.

I don't say its long. I'm saying all the SAME dungeon where you have to deal with those who put puddles everywhere. :lol: Still LK would be even faster and less irritating. In general if to choose between farting moronic monkey and ugly giants AND a lady with a fiery horse I would pick second set.

I did a lot of runs though ._. i think i saw only one miner hat drop from all the runs.
in frostmetal full exp success starts at 61% and gradually goes down with every next enchantment, i think to +9/convert to stormcry is about 30% at max exp.
Well i've failed 6 times in a row to upgrade a bellum to daylight at max exp, it has a 60%+ chance to succeed but as long as it isn't a solid 100% you CAN fail.
The last maintenance for the chat hotfix reset every setting in-game and also any .ini file, so if you had modified those files for performance and whatnot, you would have to re-edit them again.
Word bosses, will the paperclip with googly eyes be there?
I got like 8 smart dyads from this weekend :D also TRNM runs can done way faster than other ilv 431 dungeons.
Double gear exp from vanguards event would be cool, you still have to deal with enchanting rng regardless but at full exp it increases your odds.
I changed once the OS language and stopped saving them as the directory that was set as default had a different name now cuz of language, changed back and started saving again
Indeed, receiving a ONE HOUR CCB is kinda insulting when bams from IoD drop the 12 hours CCB like candy.
To be fair, it is unlikely that you will spend more gold with failed accesory upgrades (from prospect to daylight) than the gold you would have to spend on SES for having accesories rolled perfectly previous to this patch.
I don't think they are increasing the number of slots, they didn't in korea.
Have you actually seen people with no ears? It looks incredibly weird. Same reason all animal eared girls have 2 pairs.

Miqo'te in FFXIV have only the cat ears and they look nice.
Calling BS on that, also only guardian up to +6 has 100% and twistshard "with full item exp" can reach 100% success up to +9, i think the upgrade to frostmetal isnt a 100% even with full item exp.
Chinchilla wrote: »
Out of all the things that have changed, the one thing that stays consistent is pseudo intellectual basement dwellers, snarkily putting people down over benign and friendly posts

Furry rodent, if taco bell corporate cancels your favorite $1 crunch wrap, you don't go to your local franchise owner and yell at him about it because they have no power to keep it.

99% of the complaints about TERA are over things EME has zero power over, including content and gear cycles. Server outages? Yes, yell at EME. Stormcry having ludicrously low enchant rate? Sorry, EME can't do anything about that.

Now go back to your basement.

You are the only one in the thread commenting out of context, ranting about crap that nobody has pointed out. Are you ok in your head?
Yeah stormcry should last more months, then be eligible for upgrade in the next tier whenever it comes. I think it would be like +9 sc into +4 of the new top tier, +7 sc into +2 new top, +5 sc to +0 new top and so on.
What tokens? IoD vanguards, dungeons?
Highwatch was a "new" server released with the steam launch, was lively for a while but then died out after the Lucid patch, then merged with other 2 dead servers to make Fey Forest, so stayed dead.
A lot of people will abuse the "stolen WB ban" and will use this "exploit" to just solo any WB around, taking them from people who would rather party up for the loot share.
66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
Smart dyads were 100k KS, normal dyad structures were 25k. They should add smart dyads to the ace dungeon shop for 8000 medals, since they already have dyads for 2000 medals.

They have barely touched the ace shop...it still has dread ores on sale...
But I agree it would be great if possible.
This is gonna be a new wave of bans by false accusations.
maybe in like 6 more months to a year if there is a new tier in korea, i'd think storm +9 would turn into the new top +2 or +4
I agree, before the moronic BG changes that removed the earning of credits you could get a smart dyad for 85k KS credits iirc, otherwise you can only count on luck with events that give them, and i haven't seen a smart dyad from kyra's shack yet. Not sure if you can buy smart dyads from cash shop over korea, maybe you can and that is why, but over NA there is no such thing and you can burn through several niveots using the dyad structures just to get garbage, useless dyads instead of the one you need, many more if you need a dyad with an specific secondary effect like Glistening Hardy/Relentless.
Dvsv wrote: »
576JWJ75WP wrote: »
And that's what MMORPGs are. A long term video game that you literally play for years and years for your character to grow with you. Your character in an MMORPG is like a pet that you take care of. Like a tomagotchi, but in a way larger scale. It's not just a "video game" that you play to have fun. But alas, most people have moved on from that.
That's true for classical MMO's (most from early 2000's), it make no sense at all on Tera where your gear (or even your class) historically get trashed every 6 months..(and i'm pretty sure they'll do it again soon...)
That's why i never bothered too much with "pseudo" economy problems made by EME cuz OP events like mongos, etc..
But there's always that vocal and minority here and on k-tera forums that think this game should be an oldschool korean grind, no matter if devs trash everything on the next 6 months...
When BHS/EME listen to this vocal minority, the game will just turn into more and more P2W, cuz it's not that hard to understand that adults from 2017 will not put 12 Hr/day on a video game like when they were kids back in 2004 (newer and younger gamers nowadays can't care less about MMOs).
So, they'll either spend real money on the game or just quit (and put real money on games with better content).
576JWJ75WP wrote: »

As for the topic, gold income is.. kind of stale. The best way to accumulate gold is through Vanguard Dailies which has a limit of 16 per character, which kinda sucks, because not everyone wants to create an army of alts. So the game pretty much limits you on how much gold you can make per day with 1 character, forcing you to create an army of alts if you want to keep playing more... which is very very lame.

Maybe they could reduce the gold requirement on gear upgrades, increase the bound materials required, and make those bound materials drop somewhere for us to grind outside of dungeons, so we can actually play the game, instead of forcing us to log out or play an alt after we finished our vanguard dailies limit. Just a thought, probably not the best idea.

Gold sucks anyway... game's been out for years and years now and the size of the inflation is just hilarious.
Ok, let's just do the math...
We can't farm gold selling the one of the few thing that is tradeable and ofc everyone will sell: Golden Talents, almost at 30~35g ea.

So, we need to burn 16 VGs running dungeon (the game force us anyway cuz gear exp...), let's say it's 20 min and 700 G each dungeon, that's 16*20 = 5.33 Hr spend in game for 11.2K gold.
Wanna do it on 3 toons? Ok, np, it's just 16 Hr a day for just 33.6K gold that can't even pay for a Golden Daric recipe lol.
Or you can do exactly what BHS want, i.e: Spend IRL money on this game, trade EMP and get all the gold you want, better yet, just playing 1~2 Hr a day, maybe only doing stuff you like (i.e: clearing HH on your static!).

And the last part: There's no inflation in this game rn, it's exactly the opposite, gold will deflate soon cuz there's much more gold sinks on all this gear upgrades than means to farm gold..

Btw, just fyi, on the previous patch it was possible to farm lots of gold just with 3 toons (3~ hrs a day) farming IOD and selling lakan scale (2K ea early/mid into the patch), i don't remember how much now, but i'm pretty sure gold/time spent was better than on this new patch..

The problem is that now there isnt any equivalent to that, at most you can sell titan earth/storm but you get those at 30 dawnstorm tokens each, they got for about 700-800g and you need ilv 439 to do high tier bams, or convert 120 mid tier tokens to 30 dawnstorm for 1 titan earth/storm
Wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a witch hunt like false accusations of stealing wbams like it has been with people using 3rd party apps.
You get considerably less the closer you are to 80, that is scientifically proven >_>
its just that the servers are having more player activity than they have had in months XD
Montblanck wrote: »
Ferria wrote: »
It's depressing I know and mind you, the recent "buff" priests get which reduces the CDR with energy stars seems like a huge [filtered] hype but in reality, those who main priests know that it's just a psychological gimmick.

People now only want priests for the "extra" CDR to help the party but if you had to pick, they'd always pic mystics. Sad truth.

I know it sounds like just a half-heart attempt to balance the healing classes - I think so too, to be honest - but we have yet to see this when the change comes to NA. The buff is almost another CDR weapon roll. No other party buff, consumable, vyrsks, innerwears, and brooch buff give CDR. This is also why healers mostly roll CDR top line because you can get attack speed from other sources, but the source of CDR in-game is sparse.

This Energy Stars buff will mean:
- Faster buff cooldown (GS/AR, Manaboost, Fiery Rage, etc) for more usage
- Less filler skills (eg. Brawler might not have to auto attack/Flip Kick/fill in GF after all)
- Better skill alignment with enrage phases and faster enrage skill cooldown (more Shining Crescents?)
- You can now stack more attack speed with less worries, knowing you would not run out of skills to use because of cooldown lock

I'm still not sure if 5% CDR is huge enough to have an impact (which is why I said we have to see it when it comes); all the same, it will give Priests more leverage in the healing department - it's just uncertain how much leverage it would be.

CDR in estars will be considerably better than placebo crit considering that most class metas are rolling cdr/energetic etchings.
IoD bams dont give enough gold, you can't repeat high tier bams and if you only do mid tier bams you will get considerably less gold than using the vanguards for dungeons. You use talents for enchanting and crafting darics to plates so selling them isn't wise if you need them, dungeons do give 600~700g per vanguard and you can do up to 16 vanguards so the only money to make money consistently every day is spamming dungeons all day long. Assuming you do 16 runs that give 700g each that would top at 11200..for one character. If you put on average a dungeon run to 25 mins (queue time/slow party), that is 400 mins/6.6 hours, again, in only one character.
Just ask someone else to craft the plates and they can keep the crits :D
Well priest is about party survival while mystic is party dps, most mystics just give mp with aura and forget about using the mp recovery skill after corruption ring while priest you just move around and release when charged, the skill that gives endurance down debuff is a lock on with mystic, while priest is just a hit, priest dispel skill is ranged while mystic is close quarter. Priest has aoe cleanse while mystic is targeted and cant cleanse a whole party at once (count on people picking up the motes), arise for getting up people/preventing kd for some seconds. Kaia Shield is great for damage mitigation and can prevent knockback mech in a boss like Lilith (mystic solo heal in that dungeon is terrible)
When is Elin gunner coming?

Scheduled for november, no exact date given yet.
There is the toy banhammer weapon skin too. Also a scythe for the darkside weapon skins.
Also I wish all x200 noctenium were upgraded to x500 and all x500 were upgraded to superior noctenium infusions. I was also looking forward to the permanent disco ball :c wasnt playing on the last kyra shack.
So...some servers will be down for days or am I getting that wrong? o.O
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