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I've heard many players that do the raid weekly that in the past couple days they have got less loot from the last phase, the x3 superior etching boxes, superior noctenium and other items didn't drop at all. Is this true? did EME do a unannounced change to the loot table of the HH raid?
The current staff sucks at making events so yeah, without Spacecats around to make good events we will keep getting this garbage in the future.
Looking forward to what "amazing" idea they come up for the anniversary events...
> @MidokuPasta said:
> Hello, Chubby Chocobo Rip off.

Tbf FFXIV's version if Amaterasu is almost a direct rip from TERA.

You could argue that both the wolves in Tera and FFXIV are based on the character from the Okami game that is based on Japanese lore.
In all honesty they would make more money out of selling race changers than expecting people to buy costumes if they race change >_> surely people aren't as enthusiast in changing race every week if they wont be able to use all their costumes.
Regal frostlion account mount is only for CE owners, the gold dragon weapon skins were given to those who subscribed to Tera for the first 3 months since NA launch, unrelated of regular or ce version of the game. If you dont have CE you only have the Terminus argon horse mount.
Who was the GENIUS behind the great idea to make apothecary Dyes to 1000 coupons when they aren't even tradeable AND remove the NPC summon items (Phargo, Schwab, Dimon, Monti)? Considering Elite status doesn't give traveler insurances since years ago, they could have at least made the items not to be traded.
For all I know the stances only consume RE when applied, but they don't spend or require RE while activated o_O
Partyblast wrote: »
Catservant wrote: »
I think a perm fiery halo would be better as an event reward, don't you? (as long as it could be chosen, not random)

Either way I would love it, as well as the blue fiery halo.

This is the only ID I could find with a translated name, the rest of the IDs aren't named yet however I could post them if this one doesn't work or is temp.

Both temp and perm blue fiery halo are in the game files.
UdonPasta wrote: »
i remember they did this onces for halloween 3 years ago with KoF? i never got my achivement back then though *sigh*

it was cool when we got that broken fane of kaprima (enemies didnt hurt but they were spongy as heck) that dropped horns and bloodrave weapons.
Well gold talents used to be 30-ish gold each, silver talents 70-ish gold, then they only went down because of how many people were getting the 6000 talents jackpot in the last strongbox event that made GT around 10g each, ST 30g.
Zoknahal wrote: »
But the lance, i can finally fulfill my dream of "drilling" mobs to the wall! I could never do that with the old lance skin Drill Bit.

And i would like em to be dyable :( like, it has been a request for so long, i dont understand why BHS doesnt make em dyable.

Dyeable weapon skins would be amazing *-*
While Gameforge does a questionable p2w on the games they publish, they at least come up with interesting events/additions to their games. Tera over EU has had the league of levelers, dreadspire return, manahan leveling server, forsaken island return and now revamped kelsaik next 10 man raid:
I am sure they have more resources, people and permission from BHS to make things like this happen and it is disappointing that in our region we can't get stuff like this to happen.
The coloring is lame, they should be gunmetal, chrome or mate black for the animated ones :/ Hexapleon weapon skins.
what about kaia helmet or his cape?


The Kaia helmet, armor and cape were rewards for clearing HH30 but we didn't get those over NA. Dragonslayer set, for female characters looks like Kaia's outfit, for male characters looks like Elleon's outfit.

There are glyphs you get from SA/MC/Vanguard merchant and there are those you get with the glyph boxes from IoD tokens or directly with dawnstorm tokens.
This is the current up-to-date slayer guide https://essentialmana.com/comprehensive-slayer-guide/
Makes me think that they just didn't care about that issue just to make people get the new hairstyles >_>
Zoknahal wrote: »
Not bugged. It is intended and designed to be that way. Some costumes do not follow the up-swept hairdo option.

Are you sure of that? x_x
Since the release of the costume I noticed something was off, that being that it wouldn't toggle the up-swept hairdo for the hairstyle I mainly use causing an ugly clipping, I don't know if other races share the same issue. The use up-swept hairdo is enabled in options and not I am not using any hair mods that conflict with it.
I know that I could use a back slot accessory to make the hair go up and avoid the clipping but I don't like to hide the weapon.
I just wonder if BHS or EME were aware that the costume was bugged when released.
tisnotme wrote: »
actually was just wondering with the release of console if they'd do something similar again
also wonder if it be good for all consoles and pc
*thinking/hoping B)

I highly doubt it since this was just a leftover bonus from the time Tera was B2P with subscription, and since there aren't physical game copies of the console version, it wont do.
They would sooner remove the dye from the fashion coupon shop than improve the elite gift box loot >_>
Zerk tank was an idea until they added brawler, if they actually put effort into making it a dual class then brawler would have been ditched since that class only offers damage with no party utility compared to lancer and warrior that have party buffs.
Welp this thread became nothing else than a MUH ALLIANCE MASK rant. They wont put them in fashion coupons, never. So all the kids with their masks can hold on to their internet points and all the have-nots just look forward to grind dungeons to get them.
Equitas wrote: »
That's impressive. I'm sure En Masse is happy with your contribution. About the Velikan Gray, I miss having that as an option. I remember there being 3 mounts you could purchase from the stable master in Lumbertown. Now the Bay Gelding is dumped on us, and we don't have a say in the matter. I don't believe there was any real reason the shop was removed. It certainly didn't benefit anyone to do so, and it wasn't hurting anyone to have it there. I'd like to see it return.

The bay Gelding was the original lv 11 quest mount, later on early 2014 they made the 3 mounts available to choose but yeah, changed back to the bay so I only have the arcadian daple on an alt :c
We are getting the masks as new gear slot in a upcoming patch, both the echelon and exarch mask models, so look forward to that.
The respawn timer for that world boss is broken so it will only respawn with a server reset, meaning after a server crashes or after maintenance.
I wonder if they took a minute to think that with this change, the sales of race change vouchers are gonna plummet = less money coming in for them. People won't be buying again all their cosmetics they use with every race change ._.
They must be severely understaffed to not want to handle this "service" to the playerbase anymore.
RKE is RKHM, only last boss has an alternate fight mode but is essentially the same instance.
Maybe we get a permanent one in events, but since winter is close to an end i dont think we will get it perma til end of 2018 Q wQ
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
This is very nice! I can finally use the Eagle Helm on mains/alts without having to pay so much at the broker. But i think that 300 coupons for this kind of helm is a bit low? Why not at least 500? Or i am just exaggerating?

And i am really grateful for all the hard work put in there ( checking the items from the entire database and such ). Also, is there a chance to add this Priest Weapon Skin by any chance? I remember being able to use it some three years ago through some NPC reskin option and now i was able to find it again when leveling up a new priest.


That is the Dreamkeeper/Agnitor/Abyss/Bloodvision/etc weapon model, yeah i want those too added in the fashion shop soon, together with the fraywind models.
I hope you guys add the weapon models we see leveling 1-60,
TJKat wrote: »
Bastolve wrote: »
Not certain if anyone noticed but how come Reaper's noctenium weaponskin is exactly the same as Passionate Phoenix Scythes...

Ninja's noctenium skin also seems to be exactly the same as the North Star skin.

Because those classes were added after alliance. Neither reaper, gunner, brawler, ninja or valk had noctenium gear.
Ray676 wrote: »
Rip any creative class builds. Talismans were going to be so cool, stupid korean players ruining the game

No dude, it was going to be absolute BS, take away stats we already have and have to grind to get them back? that is moronic, also consider that the talismans were made to work around talents, that no other region has.
I agree, would be cool if EME would do what GF has been doing for some years and then put certain rare cosmetics for direct purchase, bundles even.
Although it was mentioned a few times to the EME staff that all the IDs for weapon models are in Tera Database, so for no reason they had to spend time digging the IDs manually to make them into skins for the fashion coupon shop. Of course we only need the base models, and not every recolor of the same, or maybe only one recolor of each base model and all their IDs are on that website.
CDR builds get screwed, after awakening healing on main skills get nerfed but having new extra skills kinda make up for that, endurance in general gets ruined so all healers all gonna be super squishy/having to put more effort in healing.
Its almost the same as people complaining that they can't do the ingame events because they are busy IRL e_e
Even while you can use the jewels for enchanting and blow a lot of them in the process, putting a item in the cash shop that DIRECTLY gives you gold when sold to a npc is 100% p2w. EME finally freaking lost it.
Melyodis wrote: »
can someone confirm if ktera community complains about lags and the same noc lags we have?

Their internet connections are in average far better than over NA, and as long as you have 50 MB/s download speeds you dont lag from normal noctenium, so they probably dont have the issue.
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
its time for new elite mounts tbh

Should put the max flight dragon/bird without buffs and passives.
Talisman system would have made sense and caused much less grief if it was introduced together with the gear revamp...not later. Playerbase was relieved to not have to spend hundred of thousands in getting the perfect rolls+ mw 3% bonus anymore, or accessory re-roll which was even worse. The players appreciated the change with the equipment stat selection but now the devs just take that away for no good reason, it doesn't make a lick of sense and I think that all the players that aren't thinking of quitting the game already after the news, hope that this new system doesn't get implemented at all.
Founder status with physical game copy code gives you the Terminus account wide mount, 8 character slots, 4 bank tabs in all servers, etc. Also a Tawny Huntress mount that is tradeable with single use only. Collector edition physical copy code gives you the Jeweled frostlion instead of the Terminus argon horse I think.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
I know that his can make some players mad at, but I think common nocterious should be blocked of being used and make the players to get the blue and gold noct.

If BHS don't have any intention to fix them then at least they can do that much.

Maybe make into a "this item can't be used anymore" but still be useable for the refiners, and at the same time make the uncommon noctenium refiners cost 0 at the vanguard shop so all players with common noct just convert them, remove friendly, alliance and common noctenium from every reward and make the vanguard reward for 439 and higher give a uncommon noctenium infusion.
Yeah you can totally sum all the damage you are doing as it displays on screen while also paying attention to the fight and mechanics XD
DPS meter is a good tool for checking your performance in a fight and your improvement as you do the dungeons repeatedly, although it can be often seen as a tool for bullying and e-peen bashing >_>
Actually the people are just doing "troll kick" randomly because they think it is fun. Sadly you can't see the name of the player that starts the votekick.
Depends on the hour/timezone for how many people are doing guardian missions but yeah, they are fewer as the weeks pass. Maybe better pricing on the items that can be obtained with the credits, or add more items to the listings like : uncommon refiner for the 412 seller, rare refiner for the 431 npc and superior refiners for the 439 npc? or even if only uncommon refiners for the high tier npc, that would be nice. Maybe silver/gold talent stacks from the surprise boxes.
Viticks wrote: »
Anyone found a solution to this problem ?! i cant run BG without lag cause of this sh** bug =(

When you do battlegrounds just store any green nocteniums in your bank, so it wont do the item count update cuz bg noct is limitless.
It would be nice to just allow players to unbind their cosmetics "just once" without any need of an item and of course, make the items untradeable. I don't think that would make the devs and publishers to lose any money since you wouldnt be reselling the cosmetics or unbinding them repeatedly, being limited to only one unbind would help a lot when having exclusive limited time cosmetics or some bound to an inactive character in the account.
No clue why EME even remove stuff that isn't seasonal exclusives from the cash shop, they lose so many potential sales with that behavior.
Ammutseba wrote: »
You'll be happy to read the Development Roadmap! As voted on, Fashion Coupon shop is up next and due for an update this month.

Oh thank you so much! (sarcasm.)

You brought that up 5 months ago. You'll implement it now. Great, thanks. Meanwhile, Spacecats was told about it almost 2 years ago: http://www.teradevtracker.com/?topic=/forums/general-discussion/topics/Fashion-Coupon-Store-Before-and-Now

I had forgotten how awesome some of those weapon skins are:




I can't wait to see the fashion store update. Hopefully, these skins will make it in.

Hopefully we get all the weapon models up to imperator and those that are in the game files unused >u>
:T only 2 days of double item exp...
Double item exp when?
Also before they added the new set upgrade option, they greatly decreased the amount/chance of artisan kits, copper clasp, pansophic ash and elemental essence from the dungeons that drop it so even if you dont +9 right now, it is better to stock up on those mats with months before that patch hit.
I took a peek at the calendar items in february and noticed no more dragon scales, that makes more of a pain for new people to get a shot at getting a dragon (only 1 from vanguard rewards for dungeons ilv 439 or higher) stacks of 20 goldfingers instead of 30, no dyads or smart dyads either. Are there gonna be events or such during this month?
Remove any crystalbind from the vanguards completion, add rewards for 16 completed daily. Put only strong bravery/canephoras instead of normal ones, make 16 daily give 2-3 sapphires, the 16 weekly reward be 2 emeralds. Putting silver talents on daily 8/16 would be good too.
So OP thinks the game is published AND developed by EME, not BHS and doesn't read the korean patch notes and news as they are released.
I don't think the developer will ever put those in the game, since for a f2p game you want players to spend more in micro-transactions no matter what. I think over Korea players can't even get their costumes race changed if they change race.
Entrophy ears with resized neck and rings is bis, results in a 4% as increase

Yeah i know that, but entrophy rings and necklace increase attack modifier and give more crit/power than the resized pieces.
As the title mention, I am wondering if its better to use all entrophy accesories or 3 pieces resized + 2 entrophy in PvE for the best performance.
I am having issues even logging in the launcher ~_~
I agree that EME should change the elite mount to a 290 speed one, with 924 flight time like the royal dragons/pteryx. Honestly doesn't matter what mount you put for elite as long as it has those stats. Also no crit passive BS.
I would prefer removing the soulbind from cosmetic rather than from gear. I don't see how removing soulbind from gear changes anything in your gameplay, other than in accesories maybe? Maybe if you are silly and play more than one character of the same class, only then unbound gear would make sense, otherwise only accesories, handwear and footwear could be moved around since weapon and chestpiece are class locked. Now are you gonna ask for multi-class weapons and chestpiece, right? At most would only make sense that they remove liberation scrolls and allow players to liberate with gold their gear, at different costs depending on the tier and made them UNTRADEABLE. Yes, you want to move the gear around your characters right?
Classes are released for the race/gender that generates the most profit from cosmetic sales, male brawler was just an exception. Players wanted the male brawler since the class was announced, same with gunner for elins that apparently was more requested than male version of the class.
If you want the unity stole, just gotta wait if they ever do a mongo event again.
Yesterday I did 3 NM runs and got dyad, noct and titan storms, today I did 3 NM runs and 1 HM and nothing extra dropped, nothing.
People farming loses for silver talents, since you get gold talents when you win and silver if you lose. Unless they change the rewards, it will stay the same.
Yakusan wrote: »
Naru2008 wrote: »

This. The players chose to quit because they KNEW they were doing wrong.

more like they quit because the experience of playing this game without the proxy is incredibly mediocre because of all the bugs and ping related issues lmao, i feel like theres a problem with your game if people can't fully enjoy it without resorting to third party programs but the devs don't really care

Those who want proxy stopped and the users banned are either players with very low ping or absolute under-performing casuals, or both.
Ray676 wrote: »
it's simple. ban everyone who uses injector/proxy. notroll.

That would kill off over half of the current tera population XD they already did a witch hunt early in 2017 and lost a lot of players because of that.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
Maybe if they made the cheap [filtered] innerwear more sexy or sexy enough to wear it, people buy it more often, but no one wants a character with a gray spots thats looks like a graphic bug.

Inner wear from goldfinger tokens is basically for stats, high and top tier have fancy looks but only come on the "cheap" color, although would be cool to change the low and mid tier ones for the dragonsilk looks since you cant get those from the cash shop anymore.
In Ktera you can "fuse" rare or superior inner wear and get a random one, like you do with crystals but that wasn't implemented in any other regions. I think in Ktera you can also combine unwanted cosmetics and get random others, too.
The extended range is gonna be fixed in a coming patch, was already fixed in korea some time ago. Also yea, priest weill get extended range for focus heal.
I think the problem is "what do we put as jackpots?" it used to be mostly enchanting materials that were also tradeable. if they put jackpots of entropic or metamorphic emblems, that wouldn't be appealing and many would scream p2w. Gold or Silver talents jackpots? people would cry over broken economy. Jewels? more p2w rant. Smart Dyads are cool, but still somewhat underwhelming. Cosmetics and/or mounts/pets? Also considering the locked boxes not longer can yield their own jackpot like used to be of 500 spellbinds, 200 extensive alkahests so while gambling for a jackpot you won't get anything worth it. I opened for the lulz 5 locked pet strongboxes and got less than 10 entropic emblems every time.
Still, kinda seems like a exploit for multiplying items, since if the skill book was used, i don't think support would modify the buyer's character and make him/her forget the flying skill as it gets restored to the former owner. Listing a expensive item for the wrong price isn't something new, a painful mistake to make, but I doubt players actively contact support due to such mistake to have the item returned.
You cannot reset Ghillieglade, Pit of Petrax or Ace dungeons anymore.
ilv 439 is frostmetal, also the vanguard rewards for PoP are VERY bad, so unless you just want it for the daily/weekly count, not worth it. Also depends on the class and skill of the player, on guardian or even twistshard the boss hits pretty hard so I guess that is why the ilv 439 requirement.
EME is understaffed and apparently assigned the few who cared about Tera to other games they publish or the console project so Tera PC is more of a back burner at the moment.
I think the only problem with getting a lv 60 scroll to play right away is that...you don't have any gold for the skills. Like, if you included in the pack an emerald or two, that sure helps.
Even if you have 99% you can fail, that 1% can screw you over.
We shouldn't get another triple drop event in at least 2 more months, it wouldn't be good to get another any time soon.
I agree, i would usually get at least one diamond a week from ghillieglade considering i do 18 runs every day, but i haven't got any in the past 2 weeks.
Well they wont make the santa or blue box hunt, would have been cool if they did though. As for the loots, would have been rare/superior noct, entropic/metamorph emblems, feasts, goldfinger tokens and maybe some cosmetics i guess.
Yeah it was a pretty bad nerf, 16~20 in 4 runs was nice. The other 412-431 dungeons's loot was also affected.
Hmm yeah, would be cool to get a few daily traveler insurances in the elite bar, with non tradeable variants of course. Permanent strong bravery or noctenium would be just too BS to have, extra item exp gain would be cool too considering elite already has the continuous 100% exp boost for leveling. Maybe halved PP usage on gathering/crafting?
Almost all the items from te gold boxes are tradeable.
You would need:
-Credits back on battleground rewards
-Useful items/mats obtainable with said credits
-Good jackpots
-Low level CS (remove kumas royale)
Sadly none of the mentioned above can be done with exception of jackpots but even with those, people only play battlegrounds on power hours because they aren't worth grinding like it was before.
Indeed, it sucks to do the 50 dracoloth kills in that area because you cant leave combat x_x
Bjond wrote: »
You're right -- just checked it. It's not 2.8g anymore. It's now 1.2g, which pretty much makes dw+15 the only viable use for metamorphics. That nerf might impact box sales, since they seem to be using metamorphics as the "booby prize". At least back pre-patch they would give semi-enigmatics and other mats that were actually valuable and could be sold.

Other than dw+15, there's zero use for the metamorphics even for newbies: by the time you've xp'd your gear enough to enchant, you've amassed so much matjunk you're unlikely to ever need to crack open either of the mat tokens.

Newbies mainly use them for artisan tools, copper clasp, pansophic ash, archdevan sufactant that are items that doesn't drop a lot.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
How do you even get so many? I thought that i had an excessive number when i reached 100k...

And thanks for the info since the emblems are more or less useless in terms of gold so this is an interesting option ^^

You get plenty from vanguards + dismantling any materials you don't deem necessary, i.e: Entrophy upgrade materials like archdevan formula (x200 emblems), otherwordly shard (x2000?) and carved ornament (x400) if you dont plan on getting the entrophy accesories.
The problem is getting the designs. If you didnt get them before the patch there is a good chance that some might not be in the broker forever >_>
I am pretty sure GMs can make it force spawn like any other monster in the game, the same way they do for events with dungeon bosses. They could just have it spawning a day on the week several times so people get the achievement.
So, we good?

- VG shop (2 boxes for 1 golden talent? That's almost worthless.)
- Ace Shop (IMPERATOR MATS from 4 patches ago...? Really? Rubies for 400 ace points?)
- Reward shop (20 metamorphic emblems for 400 credits?)

- Pvp "Jackpots" using worthless etching mats

- RKHM being a net loss on materials (doesn't need to make people rich, but they need to at least break even, otherwise the only reason to run it is the title.)

No, we aren't good yet. Thank you for fixing something that didn't needed to be changed in the first place though!
LesbianVi wrote: »
So, we good?

No, Elite players should die for those achievements :p

Hey, I did. Wasn't looking forward to doing it again.

Cheers EME for the prompt resolution (next time, save yourself the trouble and ask us what we want, yeah? A simple poll works).

They did. They asked the forum masses what they wanted. And the mob answered "We want EU's perma crystal bind! Elite sucks!" It worked out well, don't you think?

So like, why don't you go play in EU then? :3
Damn that was a pretty good response :D
Often you have to tell people how to play their class. Healers not recovering party mp or using their buffs/debuffs, heck, mystics that dont use the right auras, warriors that dont use stance, etc
Yeah apparently that is BHS's fault with the patch build and not EME since they cant change the dressing room on their own x_x
6R1MM01R3 wrote: »
SageWindu wrote: »
I'll admit, I think a 100% drop rate on the Keen Mote would be a bit much, considering that some classes can already trivialize IoD BAMs once you hit a certain gear threshold.

However, I do agree on a drop rate increase. I hazard a guess that it's around a 10% chance to get a Keen Mote. Let's bump that up to, say... 25%, or 33%. Yay or nay?

Yup, 100% is overkill.

Seriously, if someone needs a mote for every kill, they might want to learn to play their class better.

Do you do high tier bams on priest?

I don't. I thought healers got a massive damage boost for IoD already?

They dont, last i checked, not like in Ghillieglade or PoP :T
Its doable at a lower ilv but this is mainly about tiers, low, mid, high and the enchanting chests contain items required by the corresponding tiers, also i prefer not spending a vanguard request on PoP so that i can use it on something more useful, when doing it on ilv 432 characters.
SageWindu wrote: »
I'll admit, I think a 100% drop rate on the Keen Mote would be a bit much, considering that some classes can already trivialize IoD BAMs once you hit a certain gear threshold.

However, I do agree on a drop rate increase. I hazard a guess that it's around a 10% chance to get a Keen Mote. Let's bump that up to, say... 25%, or 33%. Yay or nay?

Yup, 100% is overkill.

Seriously, if someone needs a mote for every kill, they might want to learn to play their class better.

Do you do high tier bams on priest?

You whined about weekend AFK events, and we got one and it lags the heck out of the server.

You asked for perma CCB, and then you whine about achieves, so now they're taking it away.


Please do not make keen motes 100%. IoD is the easiest afk content in the game. We have double vanguards and semi-drops that make decent gold. Please @Spacecats do not change it.

FFS you people are absolutely ridiculous.

Cass you are always so angry and yelling and have nothing useful to say :v
Partyblast wrote: »
Dialoonia wrote: »
Yes but then reduce your rewards by half. EU get only a half of NAs IoD rewards

From what I've heard ever since the gear update, EU's IoD has had the same rewards as us. I could be wrong however.

We still have the double Vanguard item/credit event running on all our servers now, and unless they just turned it on recently, they didn't have that on last I checked.

He meant that in EU they have just half the vanguard rewards from quests, compared to NA.
Then again even if we were to get the 100% mote drop there is no reason to cut the rewards.
I was wondering if it would be possible that EME made the keening dawn mote that drops in Island of dawn from bams, to be a 100% drop rate like it is over EU version, they do drop somewhat "often" but having them drop all the time would be useful for the IoD grind, specially at lower ilv or for healer classes that try to solo the high tier bams.
Make ccb buff to stack so you can extend it for days of gameplay without having to worry about it expiring ~.~
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