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Did you end up race changing? Any issues if so? I would also like to race change slayer.
*Topic* I know eme staff does not even bother looking at forums anymore. But dungeon drops appear to be super nerfed n these drops are even more rare than before. I know the new bams drop them as well, but it's like 1 Veil every 700 bams. Please just add to meta emblem shop.
It was an unseasonably warm but beautiful morning in late December as I grabbed my Xermetal fishing rod and tackle box ready for a good day of fishing. I loaded up my gear on my wolf mount and set out on my way from my cottage on the outskirts of Ostagarth down to the docks of Cutthroat Harbour. On my way I couldn't help but think of the day before and the one that got away and knowing today was my day. Once I got to the harbour I picked up some fresh bait from the tackle shop, 2 dozen popo baits of course, the only choice for the serious fisherman. I found a nice secluded spot on the beach southwest of the docks, baited my hook and toss it in. 2 minutes later I was hooked up with a BAF, he was peeling line on his first run and just about spooked once he took a break that's when the real battle began. It was an intense game of back and forth that seem to last an eternity or at least 35 seconds. When I saw the large golden sail in the shallows and then finally on the beach I was the victor of the day and overcame my adversary of the day before. Needless to say me and the guild ate very good that night, nothing beats fresh golden sailfish.

IGN: Nikky
1. Can we please finally get a different elite mount?
2. Make the race change vouchers work on brawler.

Server- Velika
Guild- Knight Raid
Player- Arale

I hope Santa brings me a friend for Christmas!! :)

Happy Holidays to all!!!
I thought this was getting implemented with this patch....can you tell me when?
Why are we not getting this as well???
Anybody know when these reset back to 0? The number in parenthesis that is.
The point I was trying to make is if they already offer the innerwear through loot boxes in the cash shop why cant there be a direct buy option also, that was it. And yea I grind GG twice a day every day on 6 alts and has been at least 3 months since I have gotten even half decent innerwear.
Yes some people do get lucky with rng from GF tokens, good for them not everybody has such luck and when your trying to do multiple alts even grinding the 350k+ gold takes some time. And if that is one of the dumbest ideas you've ever heard then you really should get out more often.
Since it seems TERA is becoming/has became "pay to win" will you guys just go ahead and put the mid and top tier innerwear in the cash shop already for direct buy instead of being locked behind the ridiculous loot boxes or if you wont do that how bout gold "bundles " so that way I can just buy the 350k in gold that I need to buy what I know I want instead of "gambling" and ending in disappoint and frustration causing me to exit TERA and closing my wallet to the game. Also where is the item xp we were supposed to be getting today? Also how bout the Castanica Demons outfit for direct buy instead of once again being locked behind the ridiculous loot box system, it might just be my thinking but I'm sure alot more would sell in direct buy items.
Where it be? Today is August 16th I do believe and isnt that the supposed release date?
So another patch ninja goes untouched whenever just about every other class had an adjustment. Another patch where Shattered Fleet goes unfixed. And looks like every other strong box is still gonna have instance reset scrolls,
Is this correct? Maintenance will now be tomorrow 8/14 from 7pm-12am PDT?
Castanica Demons outfit please!!!
How is today a "daily deal"? One wolf mount for 1995 when you get all 3 in the store for 1000 emp more? And they dont restore anything while mounted....anyways Castanica demons outfit please!!!!!
Castanic demons outfit tomorrow please :D
Thank you very much for your time and your answer they are both appreciated. I am currently a top officer in a guild with around 100 members give or take but only about 10-12 of us are actually reliable enough to finish the GQs daily and that puts more pressure than needed on those members including myself which leads to getting burned out and ultimately looking for greener grass, which many of our good contributors have done. I also agree that EME should implement some sort of rewards program/system so the people who choose not to participate aren't receiving the same funds or whatever it may be as the others. Again thanks a bunch for your time!!!
I am curious, do you reward your top participating guild members in any way? The ones that reliably and consistently complete the daily guild quest or do you feel the dungeon rewards and vanguard rewards are sufficient compensation? Thanks in advance for all honest answers/opinions.
Castanic demons outfit smartbox, wolf mounts, any crit mounts
If your going to put them in locked strongboxes and loot boxes at least make them tradeable, so people that need them have an alternative way to get them and people that have way too many like myself can get another use out of them i.e. gold.
So I guess this is just for kTera atm?
Other members of my guild are on and playing so I dont get how it is only a problem for some and not all.
Same here. Sent in a ticket, reloaded launcher, repaired launcher and restarted pc, nothing is working. Last resort I'm reinstalling game and hoping that works. Man I hate maint. days they always screw something up.
And the same swimwear on the "daily" deals for a whole week. I mean if they're gonna be greedy the least they can do is put out a small effort. But I'm sure they're all just phoning it in n have been for awhile.
They have all been removed, why?
Flying Wolf Mounts Please!!!!!!!
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