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Hello Good People of this forum,

Thank You for the responses so far...BUT...

The answer to my original question seems to be...NO...two people are unable to FULLY play together.

My friend and I are each at level 10 doing the "Anya Quest Line".

At the most intriguing and challenging point of the game so far...we each had to leave our party to advance the quest.

We each then had to fight the "Argon Predator Boss" on our own in a separate instance.

Are We Doing Something Wrong?

Are we at a tutorial part of the game and things will change?

Thank You Again.
Thank You So Much for the Replies.

I have high hopes for the game of Tera.

I find the Classes and Races to be unique and interesting.
Hello Forum,

I am new to Tera and would like to play this game with my friend.

We formed a party and notice that we see each other in the realm together.

However in order to advance in quests each one of our characters has to leave the party at certain points.

Is this a permanent feature of the game?

In other words...I would like this game to play the same way that Marvel Heroes did or as DCUO.

Thank You For Your Time.

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