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Im lazy and I run both end-game PvE and PvP, I dont mind teaching new players mechanics and I never kick people from PvP (or PvE) if I can help it. I don't think its everyone, but there are indeed some people that "want to only run with the best", I tend to try to avoid those kinds of people though and play for fun

kaiator is pretty dead tbh

ya tera is sitll running x86 too, needs better coding

Wait, rock the lancer?

same, can finally upgrade all my alts haha

@Enishii said:
get gud at pvp, get so good that nobody will even think of kicking you. Thats the solution

Pvp has been dead for a week outside of 3s. The issue is that the community was already pretty small and if you kick people from shorehold who just want to try it and might like it, then they won't que it and the pvp community won't grow. Same if you kick people because they "aren't good" they will simply avoid queing, hence you have dead battlegrounds. If you want Shorehold (or any PVP) to be active, then you need to be willing to accept that not everyone will be "great" at PVP and you need to be willing to play regardless.There's alot of people who just want to play for fun, but don't want to que because they don't want to be kicked

Look at it from this perspective as well, lets say you have someone que grid / CS and they work hard and finally get that +6 pvp set and they're excited to que shorehold. Shorehold pops and the people in the raid says "that guy is terrible, kick him!" and it keeps happening over and over again. Do you believe that person will come back to shorehold? Situations like that leads to people leaving PVP and especially shorehold (since way more kicks happen there than CS or Grid)

pretty much but I doubt BHS would bother suing them unless they made a ton of money off of it lol

nah, technically we all "have to start over" next month since you cant retool HO next patch. Come level with us theres an event on atm :)

its a meme mount for looks, no crit, bonuses, extra effects etc (think of it being the shorehold starlynn event mount except it can fly)

i think its pretty cool

Ironically, DFH is my favorite...you can be lazy in it lol. But yeah I do agree with you, even if you have the skill and ilvl, it takes a considerable amount of time to get the mount, I really hope they add another method to get it in the future as well (something easier if possible)

tbh I kinda like the look of the boat and that makes me want to try for it, but I kinda wish that it had some kind of passive (similar to dragon or phoenix mount). I think that would inspire alot of other players as well to try to learn / master runs like bahaars (its really hard at first, but once you get the hang of it its not really too bad)

@Christin said:
1. Require the proper pvp gear. 2. Don't show pvp stats in the player's profile. 3. No pvp ranks on leaderboads. 4. Limiting the amount of kicks players can initiate each day. 5. Fix reporting system so people afking can be reported and banned from pvping. If they let people form their own parties, you'd have a totally OP party constantly winning. IMO not letting people party at all would be better. Make pvp fun like Kumas once was before they made all of the changes to it. Only reason they had to make it 5v5 was because they blocked level 65s from playing with lower levels.

A major problem with FWC were the sync ques, people still do it, but without being able to pre-form a party it's a bit harder. I would say yes for requiring the proper pvp gear, but +6 still gets kicked in SH often, so its quite a difficult situation. I think there are alot of people who like ranking on leaderboards, but even if leaderboards were taken away, people would still kick unfortunately and that just ruins the fun for other players who want to play in uneq pvp

out of all of them I only like DFHM :(

Like damage wise, is it worth putting it in to any skills? I tried 99 ep on a skill but it didn't seem to increase damage too much so im curious, is it worth it?

Also do want to add that when I do SH for a few hours, most of the kicks against players do come from certain people in manifest. Players like Polaris and alot of the older players are pretty cool, but ive noticed that most of the kicks come from a certain few in that guild (who do shorehold often). So i'm not calling out manifest as a whole for kicking people, but only a certain few from manifest that are overly elitist and "kick on sight"

not just that either, ive seen actual good players get kicked too. I'd really just rather play for fun in shorehold so I don't particularly care for alot of the elitism that happens in it and the pvp playerbase is pretty small (even a smaller amount of those people que shorehold) so its almost always the same people queing (from manifest, treehouse, yakuza, etc)

in a way thats why I miss FWC, it was a bit less toxic but it was less concentrated than shorehold and took more people to kick. Im pretty sure its against the rules to call out peoples names on the forums but ive noticed some of the same people who qued FWC and kicked people for "being traps" que SH too...and for the most part they aren't very good themselves (relatively speaking). For me i would be happy though if people just didn't kick at all (unless the person was an obvious troll and came in with something like guardian gear, and even then I would rather explain pvp gear to them instead of kicking)

tbh some people just accept regardless of checking gear in shorehold. Shorehold would be far less toxic if people didn't kick for no reason / randomly. Like yesterday I saw someone in full +9 get kicked and no one said anything when asked why shrugs

i used over 300 keys and din't get one, but assuming that silver tal and gold tal prices go up after this event, I stand to make a bunch of gold to help with my enchanting. So for me trying the event was worth it.

As for the mount itself, I would say that it gives the same as dragon (2x crit) pretty much. Afaik, the main benefit would be the combined resurrection effect, but its no different than just holding goddess blessings (those give res too every hour). It's really just an endgame luxury honestly

@Ellexem said:
The calendar has been disabled, there is nothing for you to do to get access to it again. It was disabled due to some kind of exploit, as far as I understand it.

On a personal note, I'm not even getting notifications any longer. They were there for the first six days or so, but then stopped. I have no idea why things are so inconsistent about this.

There has been no timeframe given for when (or even if, if we're being realistic; no matter the words about it being worked on) it will return. The fix for the exploit requires work from Bluehole, but since we're the only region that even seems to use the thing, it seems very unlikely to have any real priority.

Personally, I expect that it will eventually be announced that it was discontinued. Perhaps the functionality might return as a more web page based custom solution, like the other regions seem to do (when they want to do such daily gift things), but a more frequent use of the two other in-game systems seems more likely.

The official word on it:

On the topic of in-game calendar, this feature will remain disabled until the underlying exploit is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

wow I never know priests door pull was an exploit, I was always thought it was just a part of tera lol (like an actual intended part)

I really appreciate the fact that the staff have given us rewards boxes as an apology for the server downtime. But I only thought it was supposed to be one time only, but the community received credits yesterday as well. I was wondering, will it be an ongoing thing for the 800/400 coins and emporium credit box until the strongbox event ends?

is the server up?

oh wow, that would be kinda cool to have

im lazy lol

cant, fwc is ded (they deleted it), and pvp is pretty inactive since event

would be cool to have fwc back tho

^ title

nah pvp kinda ded right now

its pretty dead today to be honest, since the event went away BGs are barely popping if at all

thanks i appreciate it :)

Im not 100% sure if it's alright to ask here (idk what the rules are on asking for links), but i'm trying to find it on the forums and can't find it and thought it would be better to ask the community

any chance bgs will be active again soon? its double credit weekend and they're pretty dead



spin 2 win is fun though

yeah lots of people were hacking or something

My alt with +6 keeps getting kicked by people from kaiator and I can't finish the event on her since I got kicked over 10 times (yep, and she has +6 gear). Has EME considered doing something about the kicks in shorehold for people that just want to play casual on alts? Or at least eliminate the cd, so it's a little less annoying when kicked?

Also has there been any discussion about bringing back FWC? FWC was kinda toxic too, but compared to shorehold it was alot better in my opinion. And since it had a larger concentration of players compared to Shorehold, it was actually harder to kick people on average

you can get the weapon on your character (that you want to enchant) and it will be soul bound, but you can deposit it into the bank. Move the weapon / gear that you want to enchant to your character that has gold / plates and enchant, and rebank and give back to priest / alt. Its the easiest way to enchant across characters imo. The only thing it doesnt work for is brooch and innerwear

I have 2 characters with +9 pvp gear and 1 in full +9 pvp with new acc from the dungeons and they never get kicked. But my character with +6 is kicked because she's a "trap" in shorehold (by a certain guild and certain people constantly). Smh this is why shorehold is dead 99% of the time when there's no event and it's going to die again right after. It's pretty unfortunate really tbh

@ the pvp community, as a person who loves pvp myself and does it often, take my advice. Don't be elitist, the pvp community is already pretty small and kicking someone because they aren't "good at a class" isn't an excuse imo. If you want shorehold to be more active, you need to be more welcoming to people who want to try as well as the general community (i.e not kicking people just because you want rank and letting people learn)

Just wanted to put that out there, I do apologize for venting, but it's quite frankly annoying the amount of elitism and toxicity i'm seeing in shorehold.

I've spent millions and damaged my gear 100s (probably thousands) of times getting to +9 so i'm actually kind of numb to trying it for PvE and probably going to just play through. I think alot of people who never tried pvp gear enchanting (or just flat out hate it) will rage though and I'm worried that alot of people might quit as a result

I hope the community still plays as well since the community population is already getting really low

well the short version is that PvE gear is basically taking on the PvP system now, as a player whose already spent millions on enchanting PvP gear, im kind of numb at this point haha

Quaqix and other awesome players quit tera recently, feels like the pvp community is dying (and pve too)

Quaqix and other awesome players quit tera recently, feels like the pvp community is dying (and pve too)

nope never

does anyone else notice this? fewer lfg, fewer people chatting in global, no battlegrounds active at all, etc

I've been playing TERA for 5 years and I loved the pvp starting out (I've never kicked anyone or tried to be toxic to anyone btw), but with PVP becoming inactive and the new adventure coin system basically forcing me to AFK, I don't feel like even logging on that much lately to be honest. Probably the main thing that entices me to still log on is the people that i'm kinda close to, but even then I don't feel like there's really any motivation to play TERA anymore. When I do login, LFGs are often dead and there's not much activity compared to what it used to be (which i'm assuming others feel the same way that I do). So i'm curious, what makes you guys still play TERA?

Did 3 DFH runs and nothing to do for hours while coins regenerate since no adventure coins. With BGs dead, there's nothing to do at all on tera

= 3 DFH runs and then 5-6+ hours of afk just to refill it for maybe 20 min to drain it and another 5-6+ hours of AFK. I don't think this is a good system for PvE to be honest

finding a pt for BRHM is a chore, even if you have skilled lol

That way we can all kill each other in pvp for fun and not have to run endless DFH (until you're forced to log off due to no adventure coins) to kill boredom :)

@Melyodis said:

pvp is fun tho

Does eme have a plan for bg calendars or some kind of reward system to entice more people to play PVP content?

anyone else notice that tera is getting less and less active?

there's useful loot in that chest? o.O

ye its 456, but you can get 456 with full +9 SC, quatrafoil brooch, innerwear and full ethereal acc. I know some people like faster runs per se, and I would imagine some people prefer HO but I was wondering if it bothers a considerable amount of people if players join with SC +9. I haven't done PvE a huge amount lately, but I find BRHM to be pretty fun

I haven't encountered any problems yet, but I've been wondering since most people have HO+0 or higher. Do people mind if you join in full +9 (w/ full ethereal), but know the mechs to the dung?

tfw i never swipe for stuffs and eme just wants you to spend a fortune to put monies in their pockets

IMs are kinda dead for BRHM...I was in que for an hr earlier and gave up :(

P.S. - also hi Kud, you might not know me but I think you're an awesome priest :)

Yeah...that PVP gear is sadistic >_> I only have 1 +9 weapon and i've spent over 10,000+ plates collectively, I ran me around 6000 plates on my main to get +9 and I spent over 4k on my alt and no +9 weapon. Innerwear took me months to max and pvp is dead in both SH and CS now so farming mats is impossible. With the new gear coming to tera, I think PvErs are gonna feel the pain of what PvPers feel....just that their gear won't crash back down to +6 (i'll have to work on my gear too for pve...so....yeah haha...)


fix the client, the client is still running on x86 >.>

OMG...why do you want to make PvE gear into PVP gear, +9 PVP gear was bad enough haha...

I loved BRHM, but im curious, how hard is BREM?

P.S if you go beyond III on halidoms and relics, rip your sanity as well, getting IV and V will make you pull your hair out

lol you think that's bad? I already spent 1 million+ gold on my ninja trying to +9 her pvp weapon (and failed) and i'm out of purple plates and no one does shorehold, so I can't even farm anymore and I spent almost 900k just getting entropy thanks to bad rng haha. The whole system is a grind fest honestly, pets are impossible to max, pvp signature took me months and lots of failed tries, I spent almost 3 million trying to +3 my Heroic oath armor and getting gold in the game is easier, but with such bad rng, farming it back / farming the mats can be a real chore

...so yeah, this game is pretty sadistic with rng :(

elins is love, elins is life, elins is profit for eme, so probably not.

any chance eme may make it more active in the future?
thank you, I appreciate it :)
Like is it allowed to make one character on one account and another on another account? Also is it allowed to play them both at once? It's a weird question ik, I only have one account but was considering making another and was wondering if it's allowed. Thanks!
the game runs fine usually, but for some reason since the update I get extreme lag now where i drop to 10-15 fps and then it goes right back up to 60. It never happened before the update, what did the update change?
ah so it wasn't just me. My ping is usually fine, but I have random FPS drops which I never had before, even after restarting my PC, that's in addition to the skill delays though
dead pvp = no reason for me to even play lol
I dont really care much for the new accessories and would prefer to just do PVP tbh lol, can EME do anything to make pvp more active?
cs is barely active anymore except for maybe 4 hours a day and shorehold is forever dead, is there any chance shorehold may become more alive in the near future?
The only battlegrounds most people do is CS day in and day out and after this week it will be CS again. We need fwc or a battleground calendar back so people will do other battlegrounds :(
id be cool playing with you and wiping, today my party wiped 11 times in RMHM, but we had tons of fun, not everyone are tryhards :)
Win or Lose, now is the best time to keep playing if you want to max your pvp gear (if it's a goal of yours). After this event, shorehold probably won't pop regularly and will return to being a dead battleground. People will most likely return to CS and getting plates will be FAR harder. If you can, stock as much as you can, win or lose, title or not, it's probably one of the best farming chances for plates we will have for a VERY long time lol
lol shorehold is weird
voidy wrote: »
Came in here hoping for screenshots of the discord, left disappointed. It wouldn't even be hard to provide proof while staying anonymous.
I mean, while we're at it, I'm part of a discord that worships KTC and sees her return to the forums as Christ's second coming. I can't provide screenshots though, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

spacecats > kitteacup. If KTC is the second coming of christ, spacecats coming back to tera is like the rise of god himself gracing us with his glorious image
meh, to be honest not really that caring about Manifest, Ero, Yakuza, Definitive, Pig or any of the other pvp guilds that show up in Shorehold, i'd be happy if it was actually active at this hour lol

Besides, there are alot of skilled players in Shorehold, but if you keep playing there's no reason that you can't beat them. Just use the anger towards them and kick their butts in Shorehold. They lose, you got your revenge, and shorehold is alive...everyone is happy (:

But if im 100% honest @ the player council issue, I don't think there are any "player councils" or if there are some, they really don't hold as much sway as you think they may. I think it's more like, 1 person initiates a kick -> everyone accepts without inspecting for the most part lol
@ everyone here, come que shorehold (with or without pvp gear) pls, SH dead atm

I have full +9 on my character and I wont kick anyone, I just want it to pop lol
got it, thanks alot :)
Im kind of a curious and cant figure out how it's done or where to get gifts haha
Fun Fact : I wiped 8 times in lilith keep HM today due to the wipe mech

Spoilers : The healer learnt how to do LKHM properly and we had lots of fun
TLDR : use pvp gear, kill any and everyone you can (except luniack, that guy is one of the best healers in tera), contribute to your team and SH is fine for a nightmare-ish amount of farming plates and forevercrying on the +8 fails when you get so close to +9
Any chance of SH being a bit more active this week? :(
Ah, thank you very much for the info :)
Haven't done CUV in many many years (so practically never), but I want to spend time with a friend of mine since I've been bored. He says that CUV is today, but How do I join? Also I want to play without joining his guild (I want to play for fun with his team, but not be directly in his guild), is this possible? thx
Back when fwc was up, that was common is there any chance we could get that back?
The current player pool for shore is actually so disappointing, most top players have stopped playing it

I'd play it endlessly if it popped...haha
It hasn't popped at all since the event and I still need plates lol
How many people here will still que, i'm curious if some people will still do SH or will they switch over to CS completely for the week. It was nice seeing it again, especially since I need near endless plates
dunno, i havent fished in forever...which is ironic because im always afk lol
The chance of getting kicked in grid and cs are super low, so now is a great chance to get new pvp gear. Also to the experienced players who are playing alts now or want to play alts, here's a tip from something I learned. If you have alot of particles on one character, you just need to get pvp gear on the alt you want, deposit the gear in the bank, then enchant on your main, rebank the gear with +6 and then give it back to your alt. You can do that with repairs too if you dont have enough particles on your character currently
when CS popped last night, my ping shot up to 1000+ then dropped to ~60, then spiked back and forth between 40 and 300, I think tera is just weird with routing tbh
my buddy was depressed because he got kicked from sh 5 times today and I was playing my nub alt (+6 pvp gear). He's better than me too on his alt and I didnt get a single kick, people really should take skill level into consideration. He was in +4 pvp gear
I que from a PVE server too though, you do know that PVP BGs are cross server right?
buddy, my main is 1300+ rank in sh, i havent gotten kicked at all. I just like coming here while bored lol. But yup it did happen 3 times today, i finished my alts apex quest and didnt get kicked either, all alts are full +6 pvp gear, but I would be cool if you joined SH, it's popping alot faster now and the more ppl the better
It pops and then they afk...lol, that's happened 3 times today
im both pve and pvp with endgame gear (HO, quatrafoil, catspaw, etc / near max pvp gear, signature pvp inner, grade 4 pvp brooch, etc) and i wouldnt be interested in kicking anyone, I just want it to pop so I can farm plates haha. It was nice seeing shorehold active tbh, going to be sad to see it die due to people kicking and elitism
sh ded atm, 31m que time
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