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Afaik it should be possible to get the items for the other characters unbound through support shouldnt it?

And ya they changed alot of stuff, lots of people lost names in the merges too

@66ECX7NAN7 said:
Delete Shore Hold and bring back Fraywind Canyon.

Fraywind canyon was really fun! I think Shorehold is fine, it's just the way that some people are that tends to kill it. If you have +6 gear...kick him! Hey that guy isn't good! Kick him! I never seen that guy's name before! Kick him!

Kick Kick Kick, and then you have a dead battleground where no one really wants to play it. The part that bothers me the most is that alot of people that have a ego or consider themselves "good", I personally don't think they're that good. But Such people tend to form cliches, and once they get to know each other, then band together to kick people that they don't like or don't know. I believe too that a good way to fix SH would be to invite newer players into playing it. If you can get newer players to que with some kind of reward and find some way to deal with the toxicity, there's a chance it could be alive again. Like what was said above, it's really a community issue since if you add a reward, it would just incentivize kicking in the battleground. People have to be willing to play together and refuse to kick just because a "pro" or someone says to kick them.

I will say that for Fraywind canyon, it had its fair share of issues as well. The main problem with FWC were the syncs. People did syncs so they could win easier and if they saw someone they didn't like, they kicked them. Its quite similar to how Shorehold is now, but instead of Syncs, you have people who teambuild since you can't queue as a party.


The same logic applies here too. Shorehold isn't really "competitive" since you have fewer than ~30 people that do the battleground actively at any given season lately. You can get rank 1 in most classes on kaiator if you just play through the Battleground for fun and not act toxic. The rankings on average are ~1200 which is easy to get if you had an active battleground (they were harder when it was 1300+ on average) and the only way to make it really active is to encourage people to play it. If you go kick happy everytime you see someone you hate or you don't like, or you kick because you think that "x is better than y" then I doubt most people who try out the battleground will continue to queue. Think of it from this perspective, lets say you're queuing as a new player (with good / excellent gear) and your attitude is "oh boy! i'm excited to try this battleground!" but the first time you go into it, the elitists yell "Omg that guy is terrible! please kick! reeeee" and he constantly gets kicked. I doubt that the player would keep playing it.

To make Shorehold alive, it requires a community effort. People have to be willing to not kick because of ego or elitism. People need to work together to explain how the battleground works, be willing to let people who are interested in the battleground try the battleground and encourage newer players to queue it (+6 and +15 is fine imho). The only other likely alternative is that Shorehold will remain dead for weeks on end.

@IggyBoii said:
Yep. PvP server is ruthless.

Ruthless...nah not really. It has been kinda toxic lately though with all the drama.

Are you going over to Velika?

@GKFP7K6KL7 said:
delete brawler and make a lancer

I have Brawler, Lancer and Warrior all geared for up to CSHM, why delete a class? lol

I know you manawars and you seem fine as a brawler, at least in my opinion. In PvE brawlers are fine for the most part, in PvP brawlers are great since you can draw and chain with ground pound. Lancers have virtually no damage compared to brawler in PvP. You could always just have all 3 classes though if you wish, getting myth and a min of +10 is really easy and +15 gear is getting much cheaper too. There is the issue of trying to "optimize" damage while playing, but you'll be able to pick up on what works best with practice.

lol I didn't know call outs on this forum was even allowed. I've played with plenty of people that I saw with the double and triple cards going and I kinda just ignored it since most are pretty nice and cool people. The community is kinda too small for drama in both PvE and PvP. Considering some of those people are regulars in PvP, PvP will probably die even more if they get banned.

Shouldn't you be encouraging more people to play and get along since the community is so small? I'm not saying that abusing the bug is wrong, but it's probably a better idea to encourage people to have fun and spend time together.

nah, i got dc too @ around that time and kt had issues too recently

Ironically, it's probably easier to rank in PvP than PvE. Unless you have a sync or can get together a god-like party with really good gear, or unless you cheat in Petrax, then it's almost impossible to properly rank in it. There's plenty of scripting in PvP, but for the most part, you can kill most scripters without using scripts or proxy yourself with a bit of practice. If you're looking for a basic non-r1 title, it's definitely easier on both VK and KT (especially Shorehold and 3s since they rely more on direct confrontation and less people do them compared to CS)

I havent tried the new hm version of the dung yet, the boss keeps count of deaths?

I dunno if im the only one here that it bothers, but it seriously hurts my eyes since its too sharp
...why did it get changed even? :/

You can also get from caimans, but i'm not really sure if people still do caimans much honestly

@CornishRex said:

@39HATFDXLY said:
Most players that do PvP aren't really toxic at all

I'm sorry but... Hahahahahaha

Compared to before, nope I don't think the current community base is as toxic as it was 4-5 years ago. There are some toxic players (I don't think callouts are allowed), but outside of a healer or 2 and maybe a few others over on kaiator, I really haven't seen that many toxic people. Currently, there's ~50 people on average that que shorehold total, and less que during the "usual days" for the battleground. Personally, I'm not toxic to anyone and I have 7 characters with +9 pvp gear and I try to encourage people to try battlegrounds if / when I can. I have a friend that usually ques shorehold with me too, and we pretty much always reject kicking people in battlegrounds (he's a old time player back from the alliance / old battleground days).

Back when Fraywind was originally up, PvP was far more toxic imo. The sync ques were really cancerous, and people would use their syncs to kick people they didn't like, or people who were eq. Compared to then, it's quite a bit better imo.

PvP isn't really hard to do, think of it as being the same as PvE, just much less repetitive and predictable. Most players that do PvP aren't really toxic at all, and the pvp community is pretty small, so most players just play for fun.

The only active BGs are 3s, CS and SH and they aren't as active as they used to be during last season when FWC was back. SH isn't really hard to play or rank in but it's much more direct than CS and relies on you fighting people over pyres. CS is team orientated, but relies much less on PvP skill than SH and 3s. 3s is basically SH, but more concentrated. If you're worried about "being bad" or "toxic people", then I wouldn't worry about that at all honestly since most people won't judge you at all. I do want to say Kumas too, but I haven't done Kumas in ages, even though it's pretty fun (and weird) haha

The new earrings doesn't give HP?

True, I miss getting pentakills on those toxic elitist people that used to sync q fwc from mt / kaiator. Most of my characters are in end-game pvp / pve gear though, so I would prefer non-eq with the option of eq tbh (but due to the way pvp gear works, I'm not sure if they could do it based on ilvl)

@Mopho said:

@metagame said:
you can contact support about it, and they'll try to get in contact with the master via the email that they signed up with--if they get the OK from them, they'll swap leads

That is interesting. I had asked support if they'd hand over lead to me since my guild leader hasn't been on for two years, the GM who answered my ticket said they dont do that. So either they were lying or lazy, or both.

I don't think they normally do that yeah, I was in a guild a long time ago where the GM was off for 3+ years and they said they weren't able to change it over

I'm guessing they may do it in extraordinary circumstances, but I doubt they will for the average guild

i have 3 +9 pvp characters and it's ironically not a plate issue, it's the fact I spent millions and millions of gold and it's always "break, break, break" and as soon as you get to +8, you get regressed back to +6 most of the time, i still have 5k+ plates since I do pvp lots of the time but i'm not really bothering to enchant more characters atm lol

You can farm plates easily from shorehold and if you do it for hours on end, you should easily have a few thousands since it's alot more active now compared to last season. I really don't think they should add the option to swipe compared to just making it easier to enchant and imo pvp inner armor is actually worse. The level of grind for 21 stat signature innerwear is beyond insane and actually makes getting +9 look like a dream if your rng is bad since you have to have enough tokens to do basic + basic + basic > rare + rare + rare > genya + genya + genya = signature and most of the time you'll get a low stat one / 80% of the time you'll fail to get the next tier and have to start back over >.<

@Konatta98 said:
They put RE EM and anyone do that dung xD why u wanna a raid dungeon. If they put Kelsaik HM 10man is same thing. WH and AI was aids dungeons.

The next "raid boss" is the world boss but is soon tm xd

I dont think AIHM was too bad though for the last reiteration, just every one had to work together to defend the sword from being overran by the mobs while another team fought to boss...it required lots of teamwork lol

theres almost no dungeons anymore...we need dungeons in general haha

I have shiny red titles...they're super animated too~

Lots of toxichold and CS titles...and maybe 1 blue~

spending $5k on tera lol

im not saying its bad and tera is a fun game, but kinda feels like there's better things to spend $5k on tbh, maybe a few hundred if you really REALLY want something badly, but $5k seems like alot

Does anyone know how much better it will be than radiant?

@Fluffnificent said:
The set gives a total of 51 power and 28k up or 33 power 42 crit and 28k up if you're a crit dependent class like me. I am very grateful for the update. My neck cost right at a million and I got lucky on my 4th attempt at 400k xp, base chance was 11%. Now I have both rings and soon an earring. Oh well, I paid 100k + for each piece of yellow gear too, so what? Great patch for gearing up.

I ground my weapon like everyone else, now you buy one for 20k. All good imho

^ lots of alts in radiant = no complaints from me when it takes near zero effort

i'm llaaazzzyyyyy lol

I read the announcement and it says that the disconnects are due to a DDoS. This game is almost 9 years old and has a pretty small userbase, is there really any point in trying to DDoS it?

I'm actually quite curious since i've played a bunch of smaller MMOs, but i've never seen any of them have such a problem before

@Langrilt said:
lol , is not that hard reach lvl 70 now , just takes like 2-3 hours doing MC .

this ^, I would 2nd the idea of more boxes though since i'm the lazy type of player

Been procrastinating for ages to go full radiant because the rate was so low, but had 100s of mats laying around for radiant due to pvp / pve runs. Got quite a few alts to radiant with no issues so im really happy with this new change. Just want to say I appreciate it by saying thanks to eme and im sure alot of others appreciate it too

I miss BRHM, AIHM and TSHM. I met some of the most toxic people that i've ever met in Tera during timescape that ruined my play experience back then and I would literally see the same people for the next 3 years complaining in global and afking in highwatch until they ragequitted this year and sold all their stuff

BRHM has always been my favorite dungeon because of the design. I've always kinda loved Kalivans too due to the it being pretty much the only dungeon with a rainy theme, I hope we get them back one day

to be fair, i did the same on my main and just never bothered on my alts until now thanks to how the rate was before. PvP gear is 100x worse if your rng is bad though imo since it can take millions to get +9 and getting plates (less so now with cheaper bell credits, but still kinda so) is a grindfest with the only BG giving them being shorehold. If it makes you feel better, you aren't alone though since that happened to alot of people recently

Just dced and cant log back in

I heard its supposed to be on the ktera roadmap, but im curious as to how the gear will perform compared to the current pvp gear

@Davri said:
I've heard around that there seems to be an "invisible queue" for getting into the servers. If this is true, this is probably the company's band-aid on the server crashing that has been rampant for the last month-ish. So if you just press "Enter Server" theoretically you should be in the queue, and then you just wait anywhere between 2-20 mins and you should get in depending on the load on the server. Of course, to me this is all hearsay, but the reality does seem to reflect the theory.

its not hearsay, its the truth lol

make sure you try to get on early on sat before CUV since its 15m+ on average

Even with "experienced" you're basically immortal now in most of the dungeons, does anyone else think that the amount of neophyte res is far too high?

@kamizuru said:
How to resolve casual/new player problem ? it's simple, create a LFG (learning run) enjoy! ;)

Nope, even with LFG its hard for people to get it done. Lots of people are unhappy because of the way the community is in regards to the run in both IM and LFG. A friend created a LFG earlier trying to get a CSNM party and people refused to run with him

@Xeroshu said:
@Elinu1 I think you missed the purpose of this patch, its to get "casual" players like yourself caught up, You could always ... idk get better at the game and run higher tier dungeons... ?

Kinda toxic to say honestly, but here's my observation on this patch. CSNM (especially with DD active) is VERY selective, and not just now, but the same as it was before this patch. Most people stick with friends or statics for LFG and IM is usually pretty much either people X-Queing or a small amount of players queing the dungeon and kicking people in gear that doesn't meet their standards (i.e I met someone that said they only want myth and kicked otherwise). The way this patch is, and this is speaking from someone with both +15 myth and full +9 pvp gear and pretty much at "end-game", there's a wall of sorts for people in the game. Removing the other dungeons and forcing people to do the harder dungeons while the community is the way it is, it's a recipe for disaster.

I can say the same for PvP as well. Shorehold has been popping recently and there's been players complaining about "undergeared people" and kicking so they can raise their ranking. The issue with both this, and csnm / FA, is that it's a community issue imho. Realistically, the end-result of all of this will be driving players away from the game, when they should be encouraging players to play (especially long time players). I can also understand that this issue is inherently hard for EME to solve, but for pve, a little more dungeon variety that allows for "steps" would probably be much better imo.

Do the scrolls in the event for 10+ and higher gear at 10 tokens each prevent your gear from losing levels on enchant attempts?

is there any reward for laurels besides personal gratification?

Velika just Disconnected for me

Velika just Disconnected for me

they could have lost names, but the characters themselves shouldnt have been lost

did you try contacting support?

ironically, that's pretty good news for me since I still have 13 stacks of gold talents left...lol

Lots of people on Velika are getting disconnected atm

Lots of people on Velika are getting disconnected atm

I can't find the answer, but was curious

@Konatta98 said:
For "good player" writte so much xd.
Good player just farm, get gear, sell run and stay chilling.

Nah, most good players just AFK now i'd imagine

I still spend most of my time with my friend who I met through PvP back on AV. When he's not on, i'm usually just AFK in highwatch or AFK fishing lol

They're adding exodor mats to BG shops in this patch too so hopefully pvp will be more alive afterwards

I was wondering since TERA NA tends to get patches 2 weeks or so after TERA EU

I'm afraid to even log out due to the 10-20m+ server que times earlier...so lol

rip csn, in server que again

also me and my friend got kicked from the server just now

server crashed again?

10+ min in the "invisible queue"...

@counterpoint said:
So actually this issue happens to me on Velika, but not Kaiator. Not sure if it's the same for everyone or what. (I wonder if it might be that there's a sort of invisible queue to enter the server, but no UI is showing?)

After I get into the server, actually loading a character in Velika seems to happen quickly, and once it starts the "warp" is reasonably fast, so it's just this pause at the start. That's what makes me think it's an invisible queue.

Same I think so too, i'm not able to log in at all to either of them atm though

@Konatta98 said:
@counterpoint we can do CU today or server have issue again?

I can't get on for CUV, been waiting 7m haha

Entering servers now takes 30s ~ 1m+ to enter, is this happening for anyone else?

So few people que CSNM in IM that it's either toxic elitists (sometimes) or people Cross Queing with friends (more often this) and it's nearly impossible to do myth that way. LFG takes ages to fill and people tend to be very selective / toxic depending on the parties that you're a part of. I think EME really need to make a new way to get myth besides CSNM since it's pretty limiting in my opinion. Today a good friend of mine tried to find a party for CSNM and pretty much every single LFG party rejected him. He had +15 yellow gear btw, so I don't think it was a gear issue.

@ Eme I think you should look into offering the mats for myth in another way. Seeing people buy runs or people completely unable to find parties for CSNM is kinda bad imo. AQ was the same way in all fairness when it came out (it was hard to find a party in IM back then, but not so much now) and perhaps its just my observation, but I think it would be a good idea if the mats could maybe drop from different runs or perhaps in battlegrounds.

Not to mention it can take near a hour to find a CSNM party in IM. Alot of people want to do CSNM, but because of the way the system is set up for getting myth, it not only breeds toxic and elitist behavior, but it turns off alot of people from trying the run (even with knowing the mechs for it).

New record for me, but super hard to play any runs with the disconnects atm. Will we get any form of compensation?

New record for me, but super hard to play any runs with the disconnects atm

just hit 10k ping, whoo!

  • Berserker
    • New passive skill : Excessive Bleeding
    • Increase skill damage of certain skills based on maximum HP
    • Fiery Rage
    • Changed to consume HP instead of MP, added effect to increase maximum HP by 10%
    • Removed Glyph of Brilliance (decrease MP cost)
    • Vampiric Blow
    • Increased maximum HP recovery
    • Lethal Strike
    • Changed to consume HP instead of MP
    • Thunder Strike
    • Decrease 1% of maximum HP based on charge level
    • Removed Glyph of Sanativity (decrease overcharge HP consumption)
    • Cyclone
    • Decrease 1% of maximum HP based on charge level
    • Unleashed
    • Unleashed: Beast Fury – Consume 6% of maximum HP
    • Unleashed: Dexter/Siniser – Recover 2% of maximum HP
    • Unleashed: Rampage – Consume 3% of maximum HP

  • Sorcerer
    • New passive skill : Magical Familiance
    • Increase maximum MP by 4%
    • New passive skill : Spell Infusion
    • Increase skill damage of the following skills based on maximum MP
      • Meteor Strike, Hailstorm, Nova, Void Pulse, Arcane Pulse
    • Void Pulse
    • Consume 6% of maximum MP
    • Meteor Strike
    • Consume 12% of maximum MP
    • Removed Glyph of (decrease MP cost)
    • Hailstorm
    • consume 10% of maximum MP
    • Removed Glyph of (decrease MP cost)
    • Nova, Arcane Pulse
    • Consume 8% of maximum MP
    • Fusion
    • Recover 15% of maximum MP upon successful hit
    • Mana Boost
    • Added effect to increase 8% of maximum MP
    • Mana Siphon
    • Recover up to 20% of maximum MP based on charge level upon successful hit
    • Removed Glyph of (decrease MP cost)
    • Mana Barrier
    • Increase damage absortion by 500% of maximum MP
    • Removed Glyph of (increase damage absorption)


For the new patch, does this mean that the higher the max HP / MP, the more damage that they deal or is there a specific calculation used for it?


ive stopped trying to log back on...now im just reading coronavirus articles lol

@Elinu1 said:

@LnLDemona said:
simple solution to a vast majority of lag and disconnect issues players are facing... REGION LOCK THE SERVER. Yes, I said it. lock it out for anyone trying top access from outside of the US., OR, a disclaimer stating that players outside of the region can and will experience increased lag and DC's. Simply put, this is a NA server, meaning NORTH AMERICAN. IF it is so hard to play on the server with a huge portion of the worlds population trying to play due to isolation and quarentine orders... go to EU, or K-tera servers. There is only SO MUCH bandwidth available over internet trunk lines. the more people online WILL equate to higher ping times and eventual dc's.

Are you srs bruh...?

Server pop is prob too small for that tbh

yep, lots of issues with server lately...but tbf i'm too lazy to log in after getting dc often lol

Hmm..There's been alot of issues with the server lately, but I believe it's due to routing issues with the server

Eh, I think you should ignore the kick honestly. For being good, GVNM isn't generally too hard, but in IM it's better to go into it with the mentality that you may wipe sometimes. There's alot of variables that could have happened there, perhaps the healer could have been lagging (the server has been awful lately tbf), perhaps the tank could have been learning or something else. If they're nice people, there's nothing wrong with getting back up and trying again imo, but if they berate you, it's better to just ignore it and join another group.

When I typically do IM (i've been sticking with AQ lately), usually I go into it with the mentality that not all the runs will be perfect. If someone needs some advice on mechs, glitching the 2nd boss of AQ, etc I always go out of my way to try to help as much as I can. For gear, I don't really expect anyone to have the best gear or to be "the best" (I que some characters with +15 myth, some with +10 yellow and my lowest I que with lately is my +6 blue alt), but the one thing I look for in a party would be the attitude of the party members. I really enjoy meeting new people and having fun together even if we wipe in runs, and I have no issues with trying again if we wipe usually.

If we played together in IM, personally I wouldn't kick you or anyone else, I just don't see the point in acting toxic when the community (both PvE and PvP) are as small as it is (that goes for both sides, there's just no point in toxicity imo).

According to patch 92, anyone who comes in first place for PvP gets 250k per character. If you do it on 6 characters or 6 times out of any season and keep the trophies (worth 250k each), you can get a custom title of your own design. Very few people que Battlegrounds like Shorehold (Skyring is active sometimes, but not really that much). Do you think the new rewards will entice people to que?

Can't connect after it said that I was having connection issues, is the server having issues atm?

Can't connect after it said that I was having connection issues, is the server having issues atm?

i kinda wonder how baraka reaper and ninja would look tbh lol

@metagame said:
fwc with the current iteration of gear would allow a zerk to 1v15 an entire team

find a different game.

Nope, Shorehold popped last night and fighting a player that had +15 Myth gear worked out fine and I was able to do pretty good damage with my current set against them. +9 PvP weapon / +9 PvP top / Yellow glove / Yellow Boot seems to work pretty good for geared matches. I think at some point there's a diminishing return for exodor gear in PvP and a mix of PvP and Exodor gear is better. When I did some testing in duels, I noticed I took alot more damage with having either full exodor or full PvP +9 on.

In FWC, I think the main issue would be if they tried to equalize it though. The way the current gear is, ilvls would be tricky to do since PvP gear gives almost no ilvl, and exodor gear gives huge ilvl (and HO somewhere in-between). There would also be the issue of incentives as well I think. FWC is more geared towards people killing each other for points, so there would need to be some sort of quirk to entice people to que it. We are supposed to be getting exodor materials in battleground shop soon (in patch 92?), so hopefully that will entice more people to PvP and maybe if FWC came back, people would be willing to que it for mats.

This is a NA server :)


  1. Elite you can buy from broker (might still be bugged), it's good for farming and getting more FA / CS runs
  2. Velika is pretty populated atm (Kaiator is smaller, but most of the people there are pretty nice)
  3. Nope, lots of guilds are recruiting. There's a bunch of different guilds recruiting and most do a mix of PvP / PvE
  4. All classes are to some extent honestly. It really kinda just depends on what you enjoy and practicing (and playing for fun)
  5. Tera is an old game, but its still pretty fun. It's nice to see new players joining the game :)

yup, that should be in the upcoming patch

hopefully pvp will be more alive though now since it gives 250k reward in it and the personalized title could be really nice

yep, but the letter T is a lie...almost 70 runs, not a single T lol

im not really a try hard pvper (im a regular pvper) but I would love to see fwc again

I've done CSNM, near endless event dungs and grinded on alts a bunch in the last few days, but I haven't seen a "T" Drop from boxes yet. Is there a easy way to get the letter T? (its the last letter I need)

@PP597W94LA said:

@RKC disse:
Im planning to play tera again. I left around 2018 and I want to play again. In steam its shows 500 players online but I know that not everyone is playing tera on steam. Soo i want to know if the game is still alive.

and since nobody said anything.
the truth is that most are ignoring the end game.
by the ridiculous RNG, the fear of being kicked in dg, and so on ....
many are just logging in and playing in weak dg because they like the gameplay which is quite good.

No issues with doing dungs through IM here, especially AQ and higher dungeons. I did notice some elitism from some players in a certain guild (towards their own guild member btw, it was when we were playing together and the rest were his guildies and I was just helping their guild run). Outside of that event, haven't really noticed any elitism much for the most part this patch

RNG is still pretty much cancer (kinda feels like it has been for the last 5-7+ years tbh)

I kinda just farm AQ lately and CSNM with my coins, but would love to play BGs more again. I really hope BGs become active this weekend

@Fluffnificent said:
I saw a ninja with a leveled annihilation shuriken the other day. They were stacking physical and had like 450 crit lol. I'm dead serious.

Why not have both? I have a +10 anni shuriken on my ninja and +15 DL shuriken too lol

this event has level 70 scrolls! I need a bunch due to my laziness haha

Tbh I actually enjoy PvP more than PvE, so to me im pretty happy with it :)

I really wish there was a BG spotlight like the old days, but increased credits on battlegrounds is pretty good for farming when you can spam it

probably, but playerbase is kinda small tbh

even if you're rank 1 every season, besides the title I dont think theres much value to it. You get a mask ticket and some other small items, but they are supposed to be making pvp more relevent in an upcoming patch which might make ranking much more active. Even if they made a new server the main issue would be motivating people to do pvp (since pvp is dead most of the time)

dunno, never seen a mask from either and EM is basically the same as HM i think, just that he does the DPS check barrier less often in EM and has a timer instead

@Konatta98 said:

@seraphinush said:
Fortunately, you don't have to have +15 gear to enjoy the content !

You can do all actual "Endgame" with heroic gear lol . But ppl not gonna play for stay on heroic gear.

AFKing in Highwatch and looking at your cute elin in +15 yellow gear w/ kawaii outfits or fishing while afking and playing other games while in said kawaii outfits = true end game

You can't say suck, but you can actually say some REALLY "graphic" words and they aren't censored...lol so idk the purpose of the chat filter

During the event, alot of PvE players joined to get exodor gear from the PvP event and it was pretty fun. I am kind of wondering though, is it possible that with KTera planning to focus more on Battlegrounds, there's a chance that FWC might return to Tera?

@Elinu1 said:
Looking at your cute elins is real endgame while afking in highwatch.

This ^

@F7DYWGCF5P said:
its not lazy
its a win win for everyone

we all need the tokens
WE DONT need more crap like 7 day costumes for elins

and it costs EME nothing but goodwill since the tokens are no trade items as is the exodor gear

and im not saying 20 tokens even 4 5 is fair

im happy with my yellow gear and all of my yellow gear have 3 rolls on it but finding a decent belt / mask is impossible, i only have 185 exodor belt tokens in bank so just a bit of those tokens would go a long ways since they're such a grind to obtain haha

server imploded you gotta wait a bit till its back up (issues been going on all day)

server imploded u gotta wait a bit

i cant finish the event, 4th time today that this has happened lol

@MatrixOfLeaders said:
Just wait, in a day or two, there will be entitled american kids creating "We need compensation " threads....

as an american, i agree with this and would like compensation for not being able to do the event :) (not really, but it would be a nice gesture)

I think alot of people were upset by what happened with the servers, will there be any sort of compensation?

I think alot of people were upset by what happened with the servers, will there be any sort of compensation?

Considering it was kind of the "birthplace" of my pvp experience, I would have to say yes, especially considering that I met so many great people over the years too (ive met many toxic people as well) and I would love to be able to run it again for nostalgia. I would hope that they wouldn't modify it though like they did grid where they removed the 2nd floor. I do see a issue with equalization though since pvp gear is roughly 60 ilvl +/-, how would they do the equalization for it? Also what would the rewards for it be like I wonder now that we have pvp gear?

servers are imploding and tera isnt working right atm

Cant login or do anything anymore and got trapped in a BG

Cant login or do anything anymore and got trapped in a BG

@asusm5 said:
people only accept skilled on dungeon .. i see some many people yellow set at +10 , ignoring all mechs , low dps , no body want carry p2w people . if you want get skilled .. make friend or a static party .

Im skilled in most dungeons (hard ones like AQ and Bahaar too), have +10 yellow gear, low dps and I still run most dungeons on LFG without a static party, same with IM and ive had no problems lol

Although to be fair, even before I had "skilled" status in my character's list for dungeons, I still managed to find parties for most dungeons without much of a problem even on LFG and I've met alot of nice people that way, one of those people became one of my closest friends in tera too

Actually I'm wondering how alot of other people feel about the current state of TERA. Currently, I've been playing for roughly 7 years but lately I feel like I lack the motivation to sign in to TERA on a regular basis. Alot of people say to "do PvE and play the game" but I feel like AQ is dreadfully boring and I feel tired after playing it similar to alot of other PvE. I had alot of fun when I was playing FWC and 2 floor grid a long time ago and I feel like I mostly played PvP since it gave me alot of fun in TERA. When Shorehold was popping a few days ago, it reminded me how fun that PvP can actually be and how fun TERA is / was when PvP was alive. With people only doing PvE now, AFK Fishing or AFKing in Highwatch, I don't really feel like I wish to play TERA online anymore or to log in much. So it actually has me thinking, what motivates you to play TERA still?

lol its been going on for like 9 years and been getting worse, so doubt it. Its even worse if you live outside of the US

nope afaik

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