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BOBBYYYY wrote: »
Is this dungeon too hard for you baby?

No need for name-calling. Completely unnecessary.
Playing the broker requires alot of market knowledge. You can't just go flip items around expecting to make a profit. Theres alot of people that gonna lowball you or use those nasty broker tricks if you are not careful enough. Now theres even scripts to play broker for you. Good luck competing against that as a new player.
I have make the statement that the green-eye look is something you don't find easily in character creation. Creepypasta I like your brawler xD.


HarIey wrote: »
well i took wings 750k div by 10 is $7500 in cash you need to spend so that will take say $500 bucks a year 14-15 years to save up lol

This entire system is busted, I think it takes $12500 to go from tier 0 to 10. If anything it discourages people from even bothering.
Guilda com foco Endgame e C.U.V.
É necessário uso do discord
Jogadores de qualquer level, desde de que seja ativo
People want more information. They've gone from inside the scenes videos and updates everyday to "we're working on it we'll letcha know when theres something to letcha know".

I get that there isnt some huge announcement to make but they went from letting us know which specific errors were crashing the server and the steps they were taking to correct them to utter silence.

Tons of people want some feedback. We know you are working on it. Are you close? What issues are you experiencing? If you have identified the issues whats the time frame on implementing fixes?

Don't act like its crazy to want this feedback its the feedback we were receiving leading up to and during the beta tests!

If info has to get passed down the chain it obviously was making its way before. Its the SUDDEN silence thats so unsettling. Makes it seem lile release may not be so close.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
That bravery potion better get removed cause some ppl prefers strong cane over that garbage.

im have like 200, im pop up when im bored lololololo
How about you calm down and stop stressing yourself out over literally nothing and stop making assumptions about other people? Less trouble and stress for everyone involved if you actually stopped to take the time to think over everything you've been saying. You have your right to not use Discord, and those who do use it have their every right to use it. End of.

Now it's all lost! Is this what you wanted? GO AWAY! Discord is stealing your data! Yet, if people have a issue with their privacy, they should try to avoid it, if they want to use Discord's functionally. Hammer&Chisel got sued with Open-Feint, when they sold it to GREE. GREE had no idea that it went through UDID by phone tracking data and social media accounts, so they ended the app. I'm serious that is what made me not use it! If you don't care, that's perfectly fine by me! END OF THREAD!

Well with FFXIV on PC/PS4 you have to go thru the Mogstation to buy stuff or sub that's why I asked
BTW I saw a bunch of YouTube videos commenting about leechers doing Eureka typical must be really awesome .
7WANMXD4HM wrote: »
also after they are 65 the account needs to be online for 1 hour a week/month whatever.

What if you go on holiday for a month w/o your PC then? lol
It all comes down to money again, if BHS thinks it won't make them as much money as elins do it simply won't happen I guess. EME has no say on this matter sadly, besides providing some feedback that koreans rarely listen to :lol:
Is there any updated guide (Or any close one) to unlock the champion Laurel?
Wi2ard wrote: »
Thats idiotic. I've known bad 'Steves' that didn't ruin all Steves for me for the rest of time.

Okay, explain how you will know Steve is the good Steve if he's just named Steve? I'll tell you how, there will be another name that you check to make sure it's him. Why add that extra step? This is a dumb idea. You're trying to change a 6 year old game.
Someone can close this post, please?
Description: the player can buy a aleatory Prophecy and he don't know when the prophecy will be fulfilled. When the players enter on the dungeons the prophecy may or may not be. The prophecy is a surprise when will be fulfilled.

Example of the prophecy:
- Invasion of the gorillas: a portal is open and many gorillas appear. The players has 2 minutes to kills all gorillas. If players do not kill the all Gorillas in 2 minutes the players do not gain the rewards.
- Second boss: a second boss appears and after kill the boss the players wins double drops.
- Second boss in sequence: a second boss appears and the players need to kill the Prophecy's boss first and after the dungeon's boss to gain the rewars.
- the Rift: suddenly open the rift and many monsters appears. The players has 3 minutes to kill all monsters to gain the rewards.

Objective: create a dinamic and amazing dungeons.

What do you think ?
what events? (lately didnt follow) except Strongbox lottery once more
AKS666 wrote: »
MMOs ARE the genre for me.
But it looks like Tera is not my game.

Glad you figured it out. Good gaming. Thanks for giving Tera a try. Bye bye.
Can someone break down the types of pvp there are in the game.
Duels (1v1)
Are battleground 3v3s or are they larger? Its kind of hard to find all the information in one spot. Thanks.
EmpressSin wrote: »
... Not everyone can be on discord or twitter and i think majority of the players check here first because it is Tera Forums.

Or facebook, and the blog, and the main website and whatever other freaking service or app you decide needs to also be a communication option that you juuuust might use so we'd better check!
See i knew they had the two publishers, but didnt know that gameforge wasn’t on the console version! I guess soo much for that dream lol oh well no big loss. I’ll play it anyway!
Just type the word with spaces between letters and done.
yes .
Class: Warrior, because tanky DPS and dual-wielding are my weakness.

Race: Castanic. Devillish gents and ladies with a thirst for redemption from their dark backgrounds and the desire to rebel and break the mold always have a special place in my heart <3
Human females are sweet too.

Yes they are in Pacific Standard Times.
36EFJJ5E7D wrote: »
Again to be clear:

En mass has been giving out updates just not here or on twitter...

All argument that their hands are tied are now null and dont need to be mentioned again.

Le sigh..

I'm on the official TERA discord as well, bud, and he has not given you any information other than.
Cobaltdragon - Yesterday at 6:18 PM
In all seriousness though, we're hard at work and will give the juicy details as soon as we are able to.

Which is basically the same as i have been stating all along. They can't give you information unless they have information to give you, and that information has to be passed down the chain of command. It is COMMON PRACTICE for game devs and publishers. Community managers or especially GMs are not at liberty to address the community unless told to do so by the higher ups.

Again, you prove yourself to be as clueless as a wet rug.
36EFJJ5E7D wrote: »
All customer service related points were directed at the fact that keeping us informed keeps us from grabbing something else to play and will lead to the biggest launch. Not about anything I'm owed.

The first comment under my post about how I was losing my excitement was someone saying DUDE ME TOO. So its not like I'm the only one who would get a boost out of an update.

First of all, i never stated anything about you stating something about you being owed anything. I simply said that you haven't bought 'jack all' since it was an open beta, and the game itself is free to play.
36EFJJ5E7D wrote: »
You're basically just making the argument that I'm not a customer and have no rights. You say you wont repeat yourself and you hope I get it but its you thats missing the point.

You don't actually have any rights since you're not an actual customer, but a tester. Testers do not have any right or are not in any position to make demands about anything.
36EFJJ5E7D wrote: »
Every point I made about customer service was about how I've been trained to know that keeping people aware of the process keeps the percieved wait time down. If they know why they are waiting they are happier to wait. No En Mass doesnt owe me anything and I'm not a paying customer yet.

You're not working for a game developer or a publisher, or a public media figure, which is why you've been 'trained' differently.

For the last time, stop comparing the gaming industry to a cardealership.. It's the most ridiculous comparison you can make as it makes all your arguments moot at best.
36EFJJ5E7D wrote: »
Thats not the point. Its about customer retention which btw is a big thing in the success of mmos. Its ridiculous just how much this games success depends upon riding the wave when the hype is highest.

It has nothing to do with customer retention. For a store, like the one you're working in, yeah, you kind of need to keep your customers interested, but you are working with cars, not game development or game publishing. The whole process and chain of command is completely different. Car salesmen and other store salesmen are more independant as they don't have to go through the chain of command aka their boss, to tell their customers what they should and shouldn't buy, or what they should say to keep them interested. I've worked as a salesman myself. I've also bee na community manager, and it is strict.
36EFJJ5E7D wrote: »
As far as community managers being limited in what they can say. I've made it clear that I'm not looking for some huge insider scoop just and idea as to whats going on. Which btw cobalt dragon hopped on another thread similar to this and said hed been much more active on discord and then supplied a link which asked me to download an app just to be a part of a different discussion. So no its not that they couldnt tell us anything. Its that they have these official forums for no damn reason and want me to download an app to get up to date info.

Again, there is no updated info like what you're talking about on their discord server. They haven't revealed anything other than what i wrote above. They will provide more information as soon as they're able to.
36EFJJ5E7D wrote: »
Soooo since they are totally capable of giving out the info I and others seek and just havent.... Yes you are white knighting right now acting like their hands are tied. Or acting as if it wouldnt be better for en mass to appease me and tons of others who plan on spending money and just want an update. I can promise you en mass doesnt view us potential customers as the plebs you do and you arent going to get any extra inventory slots for sacrificing your pride today.

I'm not whiteknighting anything. Why would i even want to whiteknight them? I'm just stating the facts, which you seem to ignore as you sit there making silly comparisons to game development and cardealerships..

I've never said anyone here is a pleb. You not only ignore facts, you lie and state that i consider the community of being plebs. I've never stated it and i never will. Why would i?

Potential customers are not actual customers, period. During the beta, you're testers, nothing more, nothing less, though valuable to the develpment of the game, for sure, but you are still in no position to make demands on updates.

I'm fairly certain that they would love to give us more information, but they kinda need information to provide us with in the first place, and that has to come from the higher ups aka the developers themselves.

The information you 'demand' is information they don't have at hand, such as a release date or what's going on behind the scenes.
I was actually referring to the world boss achievement world bosses.

As was I, they all respawn on decently short timers. The only one that cannot spawn without a server restart is Humedaras the ghost baraka.
lolwat wrote: »
Partyblast wrote: »
there are trolls that camp the spawn spots and kill the world boss right after maintenance just to grief players. then the wb doesn't spawn again until next maintenance, and they do it all over again. I feel like all world bosses should spawn so many times per day. yeah it might not mean as much as it used to be, but so much has already been removed from the game, theat they may as well let us be able to get these. I know they dropped it from 100 kills to only 1 kill each, but some of those once a week spawns are nearly impossible to get.

That's only one boss, the ghost baraka for Northern Arun, and really BHS should've had that fixed by now but like a bunch of other bugs they won't touch it.

As for the others they all respawn on a decently short timer, and in the cases of the loot WBs it's not to grief other players but to acquire the loot that drops. Achievements are still massively easier to get now compared to before.

Drops should be removed from all world bosses. The fact that it's easier now, doesn't mean it's easy-easy. As I said, I've been hunting 3 or 4 bosses for months now and haven't even seen them.

It's easy but it's not easy enough for you because they were made into legit WBs that have defense and give loot? The original intention of the WBs? You don't have to kill 100 of these bosses but they're still difficult because people keep sniping them from you, the same thing that would've happened during the 100 kill achievement times? Okay.

Adopt the technique that WB hunters use if you want the achievements, you'll have to camp the spawn areas. Easiest way would be to come online directly after a maintenance but of course you'll have to fight other people who also want the WB, but at least then you'll have a time of death which will let you camp within the respawn timer of the boss.
No one knows. Your best bet is to join the discord, as the staff seem to be more active there than here.
the most common way is lv 20-60 is dungeon queue, then get the story quest for 60 equip so you can queue Sabex Armory to 65 ....

I think I'll give that a shot! Many thanks!
hi i am just look around tho
You can change the interact button. You have to go to skills tab and go over to interact and put it on a different keybind that way. It won't work any other way. You're welcome.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
No RNG, right? :c

This is what he had said on the subject before:
My goal is to have the non-RNG versions released next week. Planning around how the RNG versions could be distributed is ongoing. But basically, the non-RNG will be released to the cash shop, the RNG will be added as rewards in game via events or some other distribution occasionally.

I want to play TERA with you! Download the game at http://TERA.enmasse.com/download.

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Today is 03/21/2018
Code is new.
Brawler 65
Celestial Hills
Buddy Code: Dremonik#9972

I want to play TERA with you! Download the game at http://TERA.enmasse.com/download.

When you start the game and enter my BuddyUp Code, both of us receive special benefits!

My character: Dremonik
Dremonik's Server: Celestial Hills - Roleplay
BuddyUp Code: Dremonik#9972

Download TERA from: http://TERA.enmasse.com/download
You can i dont it in the beta lol but its still not the same just slightly annoyes me to not have the convenience of being able to select a player thats around you and press trade instead of being stuck using a mailing system
MistyTera wrote: »
Just look at the lists on server...There is your answers.

The worst possible advice you can give someone.
Just remember we only get 2 character slots to start with per server (if it's gonna be the same as PC).

So make sure you save the best two.
I 100% support this suggestion, I have some international friends who've been wanting to play TERA for quite some time but they can't because of the blocks. It's truly disheartening.
May one of the mods please close this thread for me? Thank you <3
Sounds like poop. Will stick with BDO and RoR. Thank you for the replies. I appreciate it.
I like everything @Killstyle said. I vote for that! Especially the fishing and cooking part, and yeah, fix dreamstorm. No "oh its broken take it away and not replace with anything...." that made me sad.
EmpressSin wrote: »
do you know if you are going to be on a pvp or pve server?

I always play the pvp servers ......if it will be one at launch. Cant really be a pve/pvp guild on a strictly pve server.

cool i'll probably shoot you a a message on psn then once launch gets closer or maybe sooner so we can keep in touch if there are multiple pvp servers so we get on the same one.
i'm def. looking for some chill people that will be on a pvp server and i got about a half dozen friends proabably looking for a guild as well.

my name's DEACON__ on psn.
Wi2ard wrote: »
PhantyUK wrote: »
Don't even necessarily want a release date at this point just some communication.

'Hey guys this is going better than we expected, it's all on schedule so expect it (insert soon or alternative variation)'.


'So we took in all your beta suggestions and we want to make this game the best possible version of it for release date. So it's going to be a little longer yet but it'll be worth it!'.

Or maybe we're just a bit too hyped and demanding atm.


I don't think we're too demanding. It takes minutes to let people know things are going well, or to reach out in some capacity.

I've explained this in a different thread. I also wish people would stop making duplicate threads and use the search option.. Getting ridiculous now.

The fact that we haven't received any information yet is

1: It has not even been a full week since OBT2 ended.

2: They can't give us information unless they are told to inform us by the higher ups.

Be patient. We'll get more information in due time.
AW9HNDDGYJ wrote: »

ChronosHavok, thankyou so much for the link, this is exactly what i was looking for, just need the game to be out now so i can put all this knowledge to practice...... thanks =)

No problem
You can link your account to steam just go to your account settings.
You can also just go to the foler and open the launcher that way to switch accounts
I've had munnies drop from mobs while on beta out in the zones questing
I have opened the PC and played for a few hours but then i had to restart the game and all of a sudden i was getting this message and after reading this thread and trying all sort of things listed.. it seems that it was eventually solved by changing the DNS from Level3 to Verisign.

Hope it helps.
clfarron4 wrote: »
Any more word on the possibility of Talents being reconsidered or replacement buffs?

EU are about to implement a player buff for RMHM. The specific part is this:


Amusingly enough, this corresponds with the following Talents from KTERA that are accessible to all classes:
Ketoth wrote: »
ALL CLASSES - points included on classes breakdown
  • Increase power by 23 - 80 points
  • Increase Endurance by 23 - 70 points

I believe this has been done in recognition that dungeons are balanced around the KTERA Talent System, as I don't see any other reason why this would be implemented by Gameforge.

Same buff we got for HH during 30man I imagine, I approve although it does surprise me the same treatment wasn't added to at least RKHM, hopefully they continue to do it to future content since it just gets worse from here.

Hopefully this is just a build BHS is releasing to every region and not just EU specific, or maybe BHS is still on that whole "We don't balance around talents" stance which EmE will most likely follow.....
No, they can't, I asked that years ago. In other games yes, but not in TERA no
The situation is so bad on AV that we have to get people from another servers and crossqueue to get a run going. LFG is worthless now because whole AV has each other on discord.
please remove body block from guardian its cancer
EEJYD7RHNY wrote: »
Were you actually able to play? are you nz or aussie, i am nz and couldn't even get the client to download

yeah i was, i kept my xbx on US. had no problems with lag or connecting. Perfect run playing it. im Aussie and my friends were able to download it and even play in the 2nd beta
Brighde wrote: »
i agree the leveling system has become insanely easy and useless!. It wouldnt be a problem but when you are trying to do story line you have a high chance of outlevelling the dungeons and systems you need and being unable to continue. And those quests are not discardable (BoL , Sinestral Manor, etc) If the leveling is going to be as fast as it is can we at least remove the max restriction for instance matching so people who actually do want to play the game dont get locked out of it??

I agree that levels should not restrict matches. Other MMO's (most of them?) have solved higher level characters accessing lower level content and playing with lower level people. This is not new Territory, devlopers.
Will try that out to use a regular keyboard once Tera is back on console :)
4YGEKAXYT9 wrote: »
Alright, thanks. Another thing I was wondering is, how well geared in terms of armor you have to be? Is it possible for a healer do it on guardian? A healer who's got over 300 rmhm (old one) clears.

It's possible to do all dungeons as a healer in Guardian (even old gear) if you don't get hit, so yes, you can...just be prepared to heal alot due to the % hp of the spheres. I remember people doing old RMH in gear that was 2-3 cycles back and being fine
Yeah, not sure if mentioning it is considered as breaking the ToS, so better let people figure out by themselves how to get them at those prices.
Starting Friday, March 23rd at 4:00 AM PDT to Monday, March 26th at 4:00 AM PDT, you'll be rewarded a Champion's Enchanting Chest for completing the Vanguard Request "Win in Corsairs' Stronghold", or rewarded a Superior Etching Box for completing the Vanguard Request "Win in Fraywind Canyon".
stiiiiiillll no reply from enmasse
Our Support Team can verify if a Collector's Edition or 2012 PAX East code was ever applied, so as mentioned above, if the Regal Frost Lion is now missing from your Account, a Support Ticket can help resolve that for you.
booty.blast is not a officer anymore :confused:
Personally I was happy to get my fashion coupons so I could get a decent looking costume for my Mystic
>you can hit me up as well. DEACON__ on psn.
>i got about 5-10 people probably going to start a guild. all of us older with families etc, but pretty dedicated mmoers.
>i'm trying to convince th elot to go for a pvp server though, so if ya'll are down for that give me a shout.[/quote]

Sent you a psn friend request.
we aint gonna miss nothing , cuz after some time they add again , tera always do that , even with dungeons , they remove some dungeons to add others and some time later they add again and remove others , then the game doesnt get too repetitive ^^
I wold love to see Mote can be auto-picked but I think its hard to ask for mote to be auto-picked, cause it isn't just heal, it also cleanse.
Zoe , the problem with sounds are only in dungeons and caves and was reported already , i think they're working on it ^^
The Pe restriction (PE meter) is like a stone inside a shoe: No fun, no use . Just annoying as hell!

I really cannot see, how this function is supposed to make the game more fun to play! It’s just an unnecessary source of frustration.
Please unlock roles to queue dungeon for some classes that can play other role such as Brawler as dps or Berserker as Tank
BD is neither. Its a sandbox mmo, not focusing on either but incorporating bits of both respectively
So does pve offer anything that pvp doesn't? Because if not the choice is brazenly clear (for me at least)
All classes will be available in time, so no rush, I hope people don't expect things to run flawlessly too lol as we level up and do endgame, we're bound to find a lot more bugs, I'm really curious to see gunner come out.. I wonder how they will optimize the effects and see if it breaks the game in anyway lol
As the title say's, im here looking for fellow PC Veterans like myself or newcomers with the drive to rise to the top.

Guild Name: Vendetta

Xbox Club Name : Tera Vendetta Guild Official Release

My gamertag : TheUntamedWrath

The guild will be for all purposes in Tera, ranging from everything PvP to PvE, if you can think of it then consider it to be apart of what we do, so if you want your place at the top or just want a place where all content is pursued then Vendetta is the best place for you. I do have a discord aswell with everyone in it however ill be redesigning it under the guild sometime before release. I'll also have a up to date 1-65 Level guide for members that will be shared on the discord that i'm currently putting together.

So if you are interested, shoot me a message and or a friend request, if not then i'll see you on the battlefield! ;)
So yeah i’ve told my brothers to login using VPN, but still they couldn’t login.. Is it because the account already got blocked because they tried to login not using VPN before??
UP! Draw distance need to be improved
xpadder dont work for this and some others mmorpg games.
for this game xbox360 and dualshot 4 controllers work fine
and generic inputx controler work whit botton misread, but you can ramap thy pressing selec botom to opend the ui costum cotroller
sorry for my bad english
You've been very helpful. Thanks. Your English is fine; it's impressive that you'll help someone out of a jam like this. I've found the controller config will sometimes reassign button shortcuts when they involve button combinations. Tera still has a long ways to go before it'll be on par with other action-RPGs, but it's nice to see them bridging the genres and providing some competition to Phantasy Star Online and other action-MMOs.
Fluff and I are TRYING to help [...] lol.
If that's what you call "trying", then stop trying. You obviously don't understand the difference between a DirectInput controller and an Xinput controller, or why someone would prefer one over the other.
Hopefully not. That would ruin the game for everyone else. If your pc account means that much to you, why aren't you playing it to begin with?

Ketoth wrote: »
why craft when you can buy the etching box for a fraction of the cost

im alwasy like have 49 treatening weapon/gloves etching IV before open 50 etching boxes
Try searching for a topic to see if there is already a discussion on it. There are many topics already on this subject.
Guild Name: Slay
6ZfB6P7.pngTime Zone: Variable
Region: International
Server: MT (NA)
Strength: PvE
Language: English
Voice: Discord

Slay is recruiting skilled and knowledgeable players as well as ambitious newcomers and returning players. This guild is a home for endgame determined individuals to dominate all available content and have a good time doing it. We have a Fun over Everything philosophy and will always maintain this when making decisions, planning events, and clearing content.

Slay tries to recruit unique individuals that display a natural talent for gaming or at least a strong willingness and ability to learn from our experienced members. When looking for potential recruits, we try to find people who work well with our current guild members in typical situations such as dungeon runs, leveling, battlegrounds, etc. We enjoy clean dominant runs, but we also look for the people we can get into massive traps with and still have a fantastic time.

Must be active in voice chat (at least listening to calls and participating socially)
Must be level 65
Must have full Frostmetal or higher
Must be a good person

Endgame Training:
For players not yet Frostmetal or not experienced in endgame dungeons we have a small section of our guild available to help mentor and guide you to accomplishing your goals!
If you would take on this role you will be helped by our veterans to obtain your best gear available and learn how to play your class properly! Players with potential will rise to the top, become geared, and trial for us in an endgame dungeon to become a member! This option only applies to players that are highly active with the guild in Discord and Guild chat.

Slay continues to develop skilled and enjoyable players

So Come Join us !!!!

Or get ganked by Panda Gang up2u

Contact if Interested

Or fill out this application and we will contact you asap!

Thank you!
The elins we're or are female popori..

You are dead wrong there though!

Read the lore :trollface:


Between Archer revamp and Warrior Revamp period. Cause EME is brilliant and lost patch archives, only fall backs are Essentialmana's patch notes which dates are based on Ktera's date on patch.

But IIRC Warrior revamp hit the start of January 2017 with Archer revamp hitting September in 2016....Dates could be wrong but it's old stuff.
celestal hill or ascension valley :3
My understanding is that it tracks on the following levels:

- You can earn it once per server and weekend. First character to three hours gets it in the parcel post.
- It's awarded based on a single character having been online for three hours. Not you being logged in on a variety of characters for three hours.
- Crashing should not affect this. (I've had the game just close on me due to being in a very crowded area, it didn't restart the timer on that character for getting the boombox.)
- Switching to another character doesn't affect it, but it doesn't add to the three hours total of the one character.

You will get the new parcel post indicator once it's been awarded. It happens right in-game. The box was not bankable, IIRC, though I'm under the impression that all of the possible rewards are.
Im sure you guys will have your solid group but if you guys need brawlers or preists ill seach this again when release is out
It will get wiped, you will have to remake it.
Nope, probably will be implemented soon though.
Hello EME crew!

I was wondering if PS and Xbox Tera store will get bundles as Steam have.

I made this thread on PC forums https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/22367/steam-bundles#latest and I think it would be a good idea to make offers like these for those people that are not sure to spend money in the game for diferent reasons.

These bundles allows players to get a great QoL for a great price and may make them see the advantages those hold for their adventure on Tera.

Right now I am not sure what version of Tera console I will play but certaintly I would love to have stuff like those on consoles when the game is full released.
If player housing ever got introduced it needs to have a function beyond "Hey, look, I have a home.". It could include a free (one hour cooldown) teleport to your home, a fishing hole and cooking place, should only be placeable on the outskirts of the major cities (i.e. outside Velika maybe even around that coliseum thingy), extra storage place, possibly only place you can change your cosmetics, extra rested xp, maybe even a place to pick up special quests, etc.
Closing Thread and removed images that are Forum Rule Violations.
Please report this type of activity via Support Ticket , instead of making a Call Out in the Forums.

@ess - An appropriate action has already been taken on what you had been reporting.
I agree. I'd like to be able to move the windows around, also.
ETRERWJ33P wrote: »
CRiiMSoN I can agree with that for sure. Yeah they could put them in so everyone could see but not be able to link. I just enjoy the competition and I'm not one to flame someone over their numbers. But, I know what you mean with Elitist. I just think it's more fun to be able to compare.

Killstyle well what console were your nephews playing on? Xbox had issues the first day basically on the 2nd beta while on the 1st beta PS4 had issues logging on. There are more classes than what were given in the beta I am just unsure as to if the will be available at launch. Those are Ninja, Gunner, and Valkerie. There are minor bugs from the pc that are still there in the console but it's just a beta. Those could all be gone by launch. People just need to give the feedback and ask questions. Hopefully someone from EN Masse or Bluehole can answer and responde to this post for clarification for us all.

I have played both pc and console vers (just not the ps4 don't have one) so I can say they did fix a lot off the bugs yes their still there but their better then on pc. As for the elitist [filtered] hats there is nothing you can do really to get rid of them the best you can do is report and block them and there was a way to make it where you could not see them talking in your chat box but others would still see it.
Killstyle wrote: »
Still waiting on EME Staff or @CobaltDragon to give the word that they are going to say something about this.
I did sent the request forward, stating that :

Quite a few players have been requesting the return of a revamped "Crusades" / "Alliance System", and the return of the Original "Island of Dawn" as content.

(In order to bring back the "Alliance System", some efforts would need to made to prevent Player-Vs-Player Kill Feeding)

Simple replies like this one go a long way. Thanks for passing it on. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work. =)

Indeed, I hope they can make it good again with the new team. It died so baddly cause of lack of ANY balance. The loot was all VM2 stuff in a VM(7?) era, rewards were meh, balancing was weird, and the NPC AI was....yea

Fingers crossed
Meningitis wrote: »
let us know that you acknowledge this is an issue?
Acknowledged and filed as a bug.

Yeah i know i needed answers for console but i needed answers from expirienced pc players. Thanks all
> @ChronosHavok said:
> MedicalMalpractice wrote: »
> Lvl 65 and climbing the ilvl tree on pc as Mystic main. It's a great feeling solo healing a 12 man raid without a single death. All the buffs going, mana flow to the Lancer and other dps, healing totem topping off those I've missed. Pocket shots with boomerang pulse. Debuffs popped off for burn phases.
> Might seem like allot but it's not too hard with practice. Unless your group is a trap one. They're kinda harder salvage.
> Yeah probably the same feeling i get when i solo heal with a Scholar on FFXIV

Exactly that same feeling, but without having to sub for it. I mean unless you want to as this case is.
Everything was removed/moved. Many things have not been changed/fixed yet.

You should know EME works (lmao) slowly.
The end-game for PC was recently revamped. If you want a peek at the old system, you can check these;

This is the current enchanting system that beta had access to:

This is the beginning of the end-game gear progression. I am not sure if the gear in this video is the in the console release, but the system is still the same regardless of what the gear is:

And here is the awakening system that I think will be in the console release, but it's hard to say:

Here is a video of how much materials you potentially need to +15 your weapon. About 12k alkahests and 20k feedstock, give or take a few thousand:
A batch of winterwing mounts are now on the broker, so there was some code or something. I did a search and came across loads of people selling starter pack codes with a free winterwing mount, but I don't know how a person gets a starter pack code.
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