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ElinLove wrote: »
to be fair there's pretty much nothing you can do against it, if it spawns in 2 places (heck let's say spawns in 5) you can just create alt accounts and leave the plugin running on all, one on each location can't you?

I also would bet on the approach of making it more interesting for a bigger amount of people to do it together than one soloing the boss just cause he wants. Totally discouraging soloing makes no sense since some times of the day there just isn't enough people to do it together, but making it way better to do with MORE people could be a way to counter it and engage players into group PVE at the same time.

Also one important thing that I think should be changed at the core of the game (which means utopia) is reworking entirely the KS/group thing like I said above. I mean why can't people just jump in and help?

Well, never thought about that I must say. That's one way of going around it lmao.

Oh god I know you say soloing during certain times is unavoidable but I [filtered] you not I made an lfg for a wboss a few days ago at the DEADEST time and I got 10 people apply on me the moment I put the lfg up so I don't think there would ever be trouble with getting a party for a big wboss that drops tons of decent loot.

Also yes, jumping in and joining OR to get a cheevo without having to reset the damn thing would be great.
Gelos wrote: »
Simple thing is to always tell them what they are doing weong. The difference is only in how toxic you are when you go about it. I'm playing a ninja with a mystic and an archer during RG event. Mystic knows what he's doing archer is lost. I carry the first boss and when we get to 2nd boss ninja tanking in back critical crystals. Archer doesn't know mech no crystal bind cruxs wrong skills makes the fight go through all the mechs. So with the boss at 25% life I as the archer if he knows the mechs. NADA nothing. Mystic gets an attitude when I start to explain mechs and what the archer should do. "You should shut up or you don't need my buffs and heals" LOL ok mystic this is my 5th or 6th at that I can actually play and know the mechs so RG yeah don't need you or buffs or aura. Plus I've got ninja I frame jitsu... starts last boss without me (doesn't even wait) archers oblivious and is already there. 15 mins into last boss mystic drops archers finally paying attention and asks where the healer went. Archer is burning through neo res's so I tell him to respond and I'll kill the boss, no need to recruit. I explain what mechs to avoid and I kill the boss right after 2nd egg.

THEN I explain the mechs for first 2nd and 3rd boss. Tell him where his gear is wrong, tell him the correct skills to use in what priority and where he should be almost all of a boss fight (the back).

Rng gods pity me I win the rolls on all the loot boxes. I ask what server archers on and log in there. Parcel him every no strum I had laying around along with CCB and replacement crystals for what he broke. Explain what they are for.

Make a friend on TR, noon but hey I was once also. Laugh at mystic to myself because archers not gonna understand.

You have to say something to new players or they will never get better and they will quit soon after because of the difficulty curb.

I agree with this as long as you explain it plainly and dont use those fancy acronyms for stuff on new players without spelling it out. I am not a new player but it took me a long time to "get" a bunch of abbreviations for stuff.

Don't be shy to ask the acronyms too, that's also part of learning the game. I remember when CS was a thing (Corsair's Stronghold, in case that's also one unknown), 1st time I did it I just followed everyone around and asked what I didn't know like the acronyms and such, then later on I started to pick up on the strategies and such, and by my top shape I was quite the lead. Would rarely ever lose a defense round, and could like 60% of the time get a nice attack as well (come on, it's CS after all, ya all know how it goes!).

I know that every now and then there's some trash that just wants their oh-so-pros on their team (that may even suck but don't tell 'em that), but more often than not, someone will tell you the answer to some question. The quicker/simpler the higher chance of success too, as less patience is needed for it.
I remember quite some times new but eager guys came asking for the acronyms and such, they learned them on-the-fly and proceeded to help the team epically, and I mean epically, even if low levels and clear 1st timers (you can tell it if it's an experienced guy trolling saying he's a 1st timer).
ElinLove wrote: »
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Low tier bam is winning this match.

2 minutes to kill 10 of them vs the time you can spent on a 3v3...

hang on 12 seconds on each including moving to next? What gear/class you do this? Full consumables on too?
Never bothered with them other than waiting between BG/dungeon queues so never put much/any effort to know

Twistshard brawler can average ten in 2.5 minutes (assuming no a-holes show up and camp on you.) I imagine a valk/archer/war can do 2 minutes easily.

Can confirm this, it never took me more than 40 mins to finish 16 iod on a twist brawler. Since then I got stormcry on her.. should try it again lol.
I didn't see this anywhere else, but want to go ahead and apologize if it’s already been suggested. To be perfectly clear; I am not suggesting a DPS meter, only a Threat/Aggro meter.

Greetings to my fellow lovers of TERA. I played for a span of 2 months about 3 years ago, and I absolutely loved the game. It didn't take 45 minutes to pick a race/class; it has a good story, good content, good community, and the game gives a real sense of progression. I love the Action Combat style. All-in-all, it’s a fantastic game. I was forced to quit by a combination of an outdated computer that was breaking down and the fact that my keyboard coordination is practically non-existent. But, TERA coming to console has opened the door back up for me to play happily and effectively. In my excitement and anticipation, I've been researching and watching all the guides I can. Been doing this for the better part of a year, now.

It took a while, but something has become quite apparent to me: DPS Meters and websites hosting DPS rankings for Raids/Instances are actually useless and irrelevant regarding DPS classes. They do not show the maximum potential DPS for any class, they show the number value of the maximum DPS any member of that party could sustain without overcoming the Aggro production of that party’s tank. Regardless of what class you're playing, your overall damage output will be limited by your tank's ability to hold Aggro.

Example: Archer pushes 5m DPS. Warrior pushes 3.9m DPS. Lancer Tank can only out-threat 4m DPS. Warrior hypothetically never stops attacking due to never having aggro. He maintains 100% of his DPS. Archer overtakes tank aggro by 20%, so he hypothetically must stop all DPS for 21% of the Raid to compensate. That puts him at the same Overall DPS as the 3.9m Warrior. Max DPS or Max Potential DPS mean nothing to the Archer at this point, because he’s limited to less than 4m by the tank.
Because of this, Max DPS Potential for any class is a strictly arbitrary number. All that actually matters is how much threat your damage produces in relation to your tank. As long as your Aggro is less than his, you’re free to go ham. If your aggro generation threatens to overtake his, you know to slow down.

An Aggro Meter would allow all of the classes to monitor their Threat generation in relation to the tank’s. I feel this would promote communication and teamwork within the Raids, and help everyone monitor what’s going on in an easy to understand format. Since there is more to threat/aggro generation that simply DPS, this would not be monitoring DPS. You would know for yourself how much damage your abilities did, this would be allowing you to see the Threat generated as a result of that damage. It might even teach a player that instead of using Ability 1 to deal 1m dmg for 25 Threat and stealing the tank’s 23 Aggro, that player should use Ability 2 for 500k dmg/ 10 Threat and Ability 3 for 500k dmg / 11 Threat, to do the same total damage, but only 21 Threat, so as not steal Aggro and potentially ruin a Boss fight. This will directly help players UNDERSTAND MECHANICS for their respective class and style of play, therefore promote easier learning of such.

Playing DPS isn't so much about just throwing out all the damage you can as fast as you can before you get hit and die, and recording that number, it's about throwing out all the damage you possibly can without overtaking your tank's Threat production. So a Raid where an Archer is able to average 5m DPS isn't so much a statement about an Archer being OP or "King of DPS", it's a statement that the party's tank drew enough aggro to allow the Archer to do that DPS.

I'm terribly scatter-brained and feel like I'm rambling without getting to my point. My point is, a BlueHole or EnMasse sponsored/produced Aggro/Threat meter would be a great benefit to new and veteran players during Raids/Instances (whatever you prefer to call them). It doesn't matter what actual damage numbers are that you're throwing up as long as you could keep your threat/aggro % just below that of the tank. If you start getting too close, you'll know to slow down and back off. If you've got a lot of wiggle room, you know you're either free to keep it up, or might need to ask someone about your rotation. This will help players learn to manage their damage and rotation on the fly during combat, and specific to their party/tank. Another huge benefit being skills. Being able to see on the fly during different types of combat the relation of skill damage vs skill threat generated could certainly help to teach players what abilities to use in which situations, and which ones to AVOID.
> @MForAll said:
> > @ElinLove said:
> > miraglyth wrote: »
> >
> > > ElinLove said:
> > > miraglyth wrote: »
> > >
> > > The multi meteor hurts you more than anything, especially the longer cast time. You'll see what I mean when it kills you cause you dont want to cancel it.
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > ain't it just like from 1s to 2s cast time, if that even? I don't recall it being THAT slower, but if it's a situation where you should cancel it to survive but you just feel like not doing so cause it's gonna hit so hard so must not cancel, well that's not an issue with the skill itself rather the player's intentions to maximize DPS.
> >
> > You make it sound like 2 seconds is short. Unless I'm talking to you with little to no experience in parsing and hard difficult dungeon, then I wont bother esculating the many reasons why adding casting times over many of their skills is result of lower DPS.
> >
> > Do you do harder end-game content, or not? Thank you.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Keep your useless trigger to your hard modes then. Yes it's slower to cast and it does more damage and it's your own fault for not wanting to cancel it's cast anyway. It's just that it's not nearly as slow as you make it out to be either, the initial cast is the same for both (if not faster when Overchannel is on, can't confirm/won't bother), just the hits themselves happen for like half a second up to one second more.
> > Time your attacks properly and problem solved
> You sound like you don't play sorc, or has any understanding of 'DPS' at all. Lets say, for example, MS has a cast time of 2 seconds and at 90-100% it crits for 3.5mil. What that means is when using MS, you know for sure that there won't be any other skills that can do more or as much amount of damage during that 2 seconds. This is where priorities come in. Under those two seconds of MS, you could have casted VP and spammed lightning strike off resets, and does more damage than MS would. Meteor shower during Mana boost is dps loss, period. The cast time is simply too long for it to outdps lightning strike resets. That doesn't mean you shouldn't MS during mana boost because if the last hit crits, it's worth it. Hence, LS>MS is a priority. This changes when the bloodlust effect of MS (non mana boost)breaks even. At that point, MS crits for ~6-9 mil, and spamming lightning strike won't compensate for MS cast time. Thus, making MS superior to LS. (Numbers used were not correct, it was meant as an example of the dynamic of Sorc's rotation)

Nah dont reply to that person, I already got proof that this person doesnt know anything about DPS and dodges the question. At least if other Sorcs know what I'm talking understands, then my job here is done.
i get full sc for 5 characters .. only fail 2 times for sorcerer weapon.
I dont know if this is the correct place because the explanations on the forum are quite bad so i am posting in the help section.
What happens is that sometimes out of nowhere the fps drops to 1 stays like that for a few seconds and then goes back to normal. it doesnt matter what am i doing, where i am it just happens. the problem is that these drops are happening more frequently the more i play and its getting really annoying and nearly unplayable. Can anyone help me solving that?
I'm very new to playing Tera so please forgive me if this information is easily available. I'm just a little lost on where to go to find it!

What I'm looking for is a calendar or some kind of sheet that gives rough ideas of when mass, global events take place in Tera, perhaps even what events are currently running or planned insofar as extra exp weekends or release of new patches, etc.

I would like to make a general calendar for my guild to look over sot hat we might be able to plan specific days and times of the week to party up and roll around together, for both users who play a lot and users who get on only every now and then. So having an idea of when big events are happening/even loosely typically happening (like if they're the same month(s) every year) would be super handy.

Thanks for looking in. ^^
Syndrica wrote: »
Happened to me once too - CS mid-game (and no, I didnt not afk).

Double negative so you DID afk! :<
But on a serious note, what aeee98 said.
I don't know whether you live in a bubble or not...

but most if not all games have that problem.

I have mentioned this in another thread, if botters cannot be 100% removed from any game (even Tera's anti-bot gameplay had flaws), I would be surprised if even 10% of the said "hackers" are banned at this point.

I heard that the number of people using said scripts (free or paid) have rose over the past year. The biggest reason being the acute instability of the server affecting the ability to play the game normally. Second but very notable reason is that they don't live geographically close to the server, and 90% of the game is inaccessible to them due to the game being balanced more around low ping players. (You won't be able to break RK9 shield in normal mode at 250ms ping unless your party is in full stormcry, a huge jump from the basic requirement of full frostmetal, imagine hard/extreme mode).

As a to-be comp-sci undergraduate myself, I would like to highlight that you may actually have people around you already using scripts without you knowing. That is the truth for scripts, it can be really subtle and it can completely emulate the game's normal course of action, but in reality the person could be doing 0ms rotations from EU (which is about 100-150ms), and you wouldn't even know, because it isn't something like a certain oneshot script.

If EME does an actual blanket ban I am actually interested how many players will be left in the game tbh. I am expecting less than 20%.
Hi all,

Wich one of the above you think I should get it to artisan, because I see only 1 per char can be artisan.

> @MorganPhoenix said:
> CornishRex wrote: »
> allofspaceandtime wrote: »
> I still have over 1k dragon fireworks on av. maybe someday I will sell them
> They were made untradeable recently lol
> Too late
> Oh for Pete's sake! :angry: These kind of unanticipated random changes to items years after they've been released/discontinued is one of the reasons I've largely stopped playing Tera. I gave all my dragon fireworks to my friend to store over New Years on the assumption I'd be getting half of them back. Now I've lost them forever. Thanks for that eme... I really appreciate it when you slap long time players.

Yup, no announcements, nothing.
Eme patch notes are simply lacking, I didn't even know you could make swiftly hardy dyads until recently when I randomly fused some BECAUSE NOTHING WAS SAID IN THE PATCH NOTES REE
Not to mention some bigger things aren't there either, like the buff to vergos that happened a while ago.
Calm down your paranoia, this is disturbing to read
Mid tier Island of Dawn Vanguard Quests (Dawnfall Token) for RNG boxes, high tier IoD (Dawnstorm token) for direct purchase of glyphs.
Meshak wrote: »
I'm not sure I like the analogy of us being a pawn when we're the paying customers.
The analogy was about the scale of our voice/power. Even as a paying customer, the scale of our influence is limited because of the business structure at play (centrally managed by the development team to serve all global markets, of which we're only one, and not necessarily the most important one). That's what I've been trying to explain.

Meshak wrote: »
If you're suggesting the only thing we can do is have one person talk to eme when they get the chance and hope for change I would hope there are more options for interaction.
No, that wasn't what I was suggesting. I was just trying to explain the issues I try to focus on, my reasons for choosing those particular types of issues, and why I take this approach. But everyone gives feedback in their own way.

Meshak wrote: »
How about a follow up to the message they forwarded. Whether its good news or bad news.
I don't even know if EME gets that kind of specific follow-up until changes are further down the development timeline. But even if they did... I'm not sure it'll really go better if they start giving people the "bad news." I mean, I think it'd still be the right thing to do... but I also worry that it'd make people even more upset for being ignored/denied.

Basically, people in our market are not used to being treated as a "secondary market." All the major tech companies and many of the major gaming companies are here, and they all spend a lot of their focus on making products people here like. They also tend to be more directly interactive with people here to get their feedback and openly iterative. BHS's development culture really isn't like that, from what we've seen over the years.

Anyway, I really wish that we could get a representative of the BHS development team to take and directly respond to questions from our market. I've made that suggestion before too.
They wont even add the BG Leaderboards back. Its all a joke to the dev's
Partyblast wrote: »
even though literally everything is a copy+paste, including the "draw me like a french girl" death animation

I assume they at least made alterations to the gunner-exclusive armor looks where needed... otherwise, well, may not get quite the take-up they were thinking... lol
Zerea wrote: »
I've seen a couple cases of Target>S-Bomb>Shield as opposed to the typical Target>Shield. But generally speaking if you start heading towards the front at ~8:10, ~6:10, etc... You can expect the target to either occur shortly after the 00 mark or you at least know mentally the attack is "queued up" and the boss just needs to empty his attack queue.
I've had quite a few wipes because of Target>S-Bomb>Shield - if 2 ppl die to it, it's RIP. :grin:

I've noticed the first Target comes around 8:15 if everything goes smoothly. I did EM tonight on priest for the first time. Seemed easier to get the regular Targets, as I didn't need to go near the boss except for In/Out and Area Check. Obviously, dodging the Target was a bit stressful but one gets used to it after finding their own way of doing it. While mystic has it easy mode dodging the Target, giving mana is usually what makes these regular Targets fail to target me when having a ranger or two in party. The alternative is to never give MP but I'm not used to being only half-useful. This is why I feel very uneasy when everyone is using Combat Accelerator and I don't need to feed them any mana whatsoever. q_q
Zerea wrote: »
As for apparently targeting melee range people, you are either too far or they are farther from the boss than you. If you are greater than ~22m from the boss you do not exist to the targeting mechanic and it will instead target the next farthest. Otherwise, the ranged DPS are taking too much space and need to be hugging closer/you need to be farther.
There's this moment when they are way too close and you're afraid to res someone because of fair Area Check could take place, and I can't afford to wait half a minute every time I need to res someone. I sometimes have to ask them to back off, so I can move closer to boss. :angry: It makes no difference to them but means a great deal to me because getting 4 ppl killed with the melee stun, while very funny :lol:, doesn't make me feel too good about wiping the whole party. :smile:

Well that 'splains it - thanks. I would have gone forever without figuring out that root beer thing. The sorc rotation is the first mention of it that I've noticed.
Hi Players,
Our school is having a fundraiser. Please donate any amount you can to help these young athletes. Most appreciated.

Back when we used to queue corsairs stronghold for insta pvp action...
Detailed chibi commission for Firian~ :3


A slot is open for either Paypal or TR!

:3 <3 a million thanks, it was such a pleasure to comission you~ I'm feeling very tempted of doing it again :3 <3
-wrong thread, forget this and move on-
I just turned level 65 on my Berserker, and I'm trying to figure out which Brooch I need to pick. Do I pick Ferocious Parthian Brooch or the Fancy Parthian Brooch? I checked essential mana but it wasn't mentioned except for in the comments, but I don't know which brooch goes which path.
The large bulk of the story (well it is not large but there are many mini solo instances in some of the questlines) was meant to be soloed. For example, the level 60-65 storyline has 5 solo instances. Do not worry as you can rejoin your friend after both of you finish the instance.

5-man Dungeons from level 20 all the way to 65 are all party ones, you can make more friends while you are on it!
1) As a tank upgrade weapon, armor, gloves, boots in that order. After frostmetal you can opt to only upgrade Weapon and Armor first. As for accessories upgrade circlet and belt last, as the endurance it gives has lesser value/gold than any armor piece.

2) After EXP cap extra experience is saved for the next enchant tier. This is extra noticable after you get to Frostmetal when having max enchant XP will NOT give you 100% enchant chance.

3) You won't get to stormcry playing only TRNM and LKNM easily. Unless you have a huge chunk of metamorphic emblems and gold stashed, you would want to do RK/SC/BP/TRH/LKH (for materials) and KC/RG/SF (for quick gold whenever you don't have time to do other things) when you get to Frostmetal due to the extra gear experience from Vanguard requests.
A good tank knows what damage he can take, and what damage he can't. A great tank would know boss patterns from the back of his head and wouldn't even need to think about what damage to take or not but by instinct.

Also by not respecting your ability to counter every 4-ish seconds you are actually jeopardizing your own dps even though you think you may be doing more. A good chunk of your damage comes from there and unless your shield counter is not up you should be aiming for it.

Haloist wrote: »
May I just ask, what is the aim of your post? You already know it's opinion based, so what's the point of asking for our opinions if they don't matter to you (or anyone else for that matter) at the end of the day?

If you're asking just to find out what the majority thinks is a "good" team so that you can use it to justify your actions in-game, then I have a better suggestion. Ask your party what is acceptable to them and then work from there. This goes for everyone who's reading this. Never ever assume that your party is gonna go along with whatever you decide to do just because YOU think it's ok.

In any case, please don't be offended by my words. I just wanted to make sure that this thread doesn't go in the wrong direction and cause even more problems for everyone in future.

Basically this. A mentality of a min-maxer and a regular endgame enthusiast is different. A min-max lancer will basically aim for highest damage (since it is honestly too easy for him to maintain the rest of the stacks, and would actually facetank or cheese every mech they can). A regular endgame enthusiast may not be as hardcore as a minmaxer and their views will vary a lot. This is the same for healers.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
on MT at least, the miner hats are 5k gold on broker.. if you really want one, 5k gold takes less than an hour to earn. the dyads and superior nocs seem to be dropping at least resonable amounts. it's not really an interesting event but at least it's something different than running 32 RG's every day

Can you explain what reasonable amounts really means? I have done quite some runs so far and all that i have seen was a single miner hat.

How many runs do we usually have to do to get a smart dyad?

I've done about 20 runs and gotten 6 dyads and 4 superior nocs, plus one miner hat drop. Seems fine to me for a dungeon that takes 10 minutes.

I cannot really believe this unless you were extremely luck or all the runs were HM? And i am saying this because i am reaching 20 runs soon and so far all that i saw was 1 smart dyad and 2 noctenium besides some random titans.

At the very least the event lasts so much longer and in a way it is better like this because more players have access to it without having to log in during the week ends but even so if we have to spend 15runs per smart dyad then it is discouraging even for the players that are not always able to be online when the event happens during the week end .. so i think that with everything said it was still better to have proper drop chances and have the event during the week end then have not so very proper drop chances and make it last one week since with the second option it takes just too much to get any result and it is not that much helpful.
Hello I am thinking of making a small community, which is completely related to TERA online.
But I know advertising a website's URL in forum is not allowed. But what if it is fully about TERA online?
Thank you.
Hakusai wrote: »
there is a server online atm in EU, its called "Manahan" and is an event server
dont worry, EU has same stats, but for the duration of manahan, they have slighty changed basestats:
-10%Power and Endurance , +5% Atk-spd
it's temporary

From Miriam on Tera Online discord

Seems like event server has different stats while its up.

I did not know that this is the case since i barely play on EU and when i do then i test things on the Manahan server.

Anyway, thanks and sorry for opening a thread just for something like this.
Bump :D always recruiting and growing
Piltover wrote: »
Just get better at the game and stop complaining that other people are better than you

shut up idiot
Hey En Masse team,
I've played since the early days on steam and thoroughly enjoy the game to this day. The art direction and locations are both beautiful. With such a vast world and expansive lore, its a shame the world is so empty. So, I figured I'd drop my own recommendations in here on how to flush the game out and increase player enjoyment.

Through watching .Hack// and SAO (god rest my soul) one of the biggest things in a game is involving players in the world of the game they play. Events that occur in the main world as well as the endgame areas can involve players of all levels and reward them for continuing to explore the world and play amongst the lowly peons of the non-endgame players. So i'm going to draw from these two for ideas.

So, in terms of player engagement I would recommend the following changes.
- invasion events scaled to player zone level (maybe up to 5-10 levels ahead for added challenge) that randomly appear in the various zones. Rewards scale to player level in an ever-changing quest to battle the forces of the Argons or cult of Lok.
- Rewards continue to drop (though perhaps at a lower rate?) for players 60+ so that way players can continue experience the game world and interact with low level players.
- Expand the rewards tables. Maybe avatar weapons were a bad idea, and should only drop from the dungeons, collecting pieces as a rare drop from the dungeon itself for that area, or the story boss (depending). This means more weapon and armor crafting options to rival the gear dropped by mobs and there's some variation in how players build their early game characters, and high level players can make some gold by selling the rarer drops to players. Armor and weapons and accessories should drop from mobs, and rarer items drop in dungeons, instances, the invasion events, and BAMS. Maybe you see 5 players of similar class all using different gear that tailors to a different play style within that class because they got different pieces of armor. Like a glass cannon warrior has a chest piece taht has low defense but a buffed attack stat. Vary things a bit.
- Monsters and dungeons still reward players for fighting them. Like if a level 65 player or say a level 45 player fights against a level 15 monster, it would still drop the items it would for other players.
- Most of the players I meet in game always talk about how the rewards for doing things are not even rewards. it feels like a pittance rather than a reward. This can drive many of your potential "turn players into payers" away from the game due to the sheer grind of it all.
- alot of the classes, while buffed to all hell, feel like things have just given into what Warframe calls "Power creep" meaning weapons become so powerful, the enemies continue to scale to that new power level, and it just goes up and up and up. Rather than that, bring all the classes down to where they used to be. Make them feel like the classes they were. The lancer had to pull aggro by spamming his shouts and stacking aggro onto his abilities through glyphs. Now all he has to do is put a few aggro crystals on and play DPS instead to hold aggro. Anyone dealing substantial damage comparatively instantly steals that from them. If bosses would draw aggro based on players actions instead of damage output, it would change a few dynamics and make things more enjoyable. Like if dps were stacking crits from behind, it would try to turn and face them and focus them down, a healer still pulls aggro by healing, but the Tank's job would be to disable and shout preventing it from doing so, making tanks a more technical class than to just slap the boss until it pays attention to you. Just for zerkzilla to one shot the aggro away with a 24 million damage crit. Don't make the monsters retardedly strong, make the players adapt.
- Exp grind became too easy early game, and retardedly hard late game. That huge exponential exp growth required to level up is ridiculous. It should be a fluid algorithm all the way through. If you really want players to stack 1.8 billion experience points to hit 65, then apply that to everybody and stack the monsters to give the xp required to not make that grind take literal weeks. or bring endgame xp down, and apply a simple algorithm to it and make endgame more of a reward than a chore to obtain. With all that in mind.
- Make dungeon vanguard missions obtainable only if they reach that far in the story. tailor rewards to make the dungeons worth while (give out more weapons and armor variations, not just feedstock for days for the one weapon that's worth a damn), make story rewards worth obtaining in the ever-expanding ladder of player progression. Make players feel like they're obtaining something of worth instead of holding onto avatar weapon 1 until they get weapon 2 and every weapon picked up between is useless unless its the enchantable dungeon weapon. Players should feel as though the dungeons were something worked up to and something to struggle through. Right now, with only feedstock dropping, and the occasional rune for the nigh-on worthless crafting system (from what I've experienced) since you never hold onto those rare dropped gears long enough for them to bother being crafted into their enhanced versions.

one of the biggest issues I see that are lambasting the game with negative reviews, is the lack of optimization. Since the early game was designed before endgame was tacked on, it was optimized, but everyone noticed the drastic drop in quality within the endgame when it comes to ability for lower end pcs to handle it.

Either upgrade to TERA 2.0 by upgrading the engine, or fix the one you have now. I understand that it will cost the company alot of money to re-make an old game, but the source of revenue will just die off one day or decline to a non-sustainable level unless you guys really fix and better this game's content. WoW is a huge MMO still to this day because it added entirely new content constantly and actually updated their engine as they released new content to ensure they could maintain that content well.

have one of your dev teams sit in the global chat one day and just listen to your players. They'll passively give you all the information you need to really buff the game out and make it as memorable as games like warframe or WoW. Right now your combat engine is the BEST of all of the MMO's i've played and I'd really hate to see it go to waste by rusting into nothing. Just be sure to ignore all the "I'm gonna [filtered] the loli's comments" that the community is really known for. Sift through that trash and find the golden bits.
We had already few such threads. Use search. Long before holiday eme told that they do not plan to do it. After that no one wrote anything.
Updated the guide to make it less cluttered and easier to read.
Duang is a PvE focused guild that runs all dungeons from RG to RKE daily.
We finished a guild cleaning recently to get rid of inactive players and now have 54/100 members. We are looking for active players, at any level. If you are new to the game, we can take you to none endgame lv65 dungeons and run you through. If you are looking for RKE spam, we've got that covered too.

Some people think Duang is an alt guild of Floormaster or Mana, Floormaster/Mana GM may have referred any player to join Duang because they are not openly recruiting, and I know them personally; but I would like to make it clear at here that we are an independent guild.

We also have our own discord server to chat outside the game and host events: https://discord.gg/hXp9hGH

New/veteran player support:
Our guild is Lv134, we are eager to grow the guild and learn the guild skills. We also know that by leveling up a character, the guild gains exp. So we offer any character under lv20 (new or veteran) a bundle of rewards to join our guild and level up. The rewards include one Superior Etching Box, one mount skill book, and various shape changers in a total of about 10,000 gold worth of value. These rewards are designed to help you to better enjoy your new character. You can find out the details in our discord server announcement channel.
Plus, if you don't want to stay in the guild, we still offer you the rewards. You can join the guild before lv20, get to lv65 and leave after you get the rewards. In another word, leave or stay is up to you.
This offer will remain valid for as long as I still play TERA. I also hope this can attract people who don't play TERA to start the game.

Leave a comment below if you have any question, I will try my best to answer them.
♡ quickly experimented a bit today with a new style and my brawler, inspired in some aspects by an artist named Okyi! if anyone is interested in this kind of art style for future commissions, let me know~
I also don't mind drawing creatures like wrath, I need practice in that department so I welcome it! No extra cost if you want to through in you thralls or pets in the pic, and no extra cost for weapons!


Send Moods Idiots
I love manifest :)
1 question about this, i'm kinda new to the game but i wanna use it.

Is it bannable? And can anyone recomand me a good one?
I just wanna see how much dmg i'm doing to see if i'm close to others at least.

But an event like this that anyone can do in their free time will ruin the economy... better make the kyra boxes drop from wb's that spawn once or twice a day where the whole server is hunting it, have it last for a week, and in the last day spawn 1hit mobs for 15 min with only an in game announcement that drop twice as much as you gathered in that 1 week. Either that or 7 days costumes, it's how we do events around here now.
Inora wrote: »

Sketch for a friend in the Tera Art Discord! (ALSO I HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS IS TOO NSFW FOR TERA FORUMS RIP ME)

Too NSFW for the forums? Heh we wouldn't be able to post screenshots of our characters in armor and in-game outfits if it was!!
I have a feeling that this is like the 3rd time your topic gets deleted hehe

*One tip: you can edit your comment only a set number of times before it gets marked as spam, so I would advise posting updates as a reply instead of editing the OP comment, after these times it gets deleted and in case it's OP post I guess the topic vanishes altogether.

By the way these are insanely adorable!
Commission @Blushu DONE <3
I'm an EU player, and i don't really know how it will work for us.

The Net Neutrality is voted right ? And will be effective today or so ? (14 January)
EU will not have acces to US server anymore ?

And if we have acces, there will be more ping for us because we are not the "priority" ?
So no more Tera US for EU players ?

If someone knows exaclty how it works, can he explain to us please ?
Commission done for @Yarinu <3 thx again
Hopefully it comes soon I try to play any including minecraft or elder scrolls online to wait until Tera comes out lol
i just want more content... bring dsu any soon pls!
Trappie wrote: »
I am still having this issue :/

Alright, If you haven't already done so, can you please make a Support Ticket ?

If you have already made a Ticket in the last 6 hours, can you check to see if you've already received a reply, and update that Ticket, so that we can continue to investigate ?


Hi there, I am a new player and just downloaded the game but am running into the same issue. I get the user authentication failed error when I try to log in from the launcher. I am located in California so I am not sure why this is. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
tl;dr in bold
If you're missing textures that aren't loading at all, maybe you should repair the game through the client.
If it's just the textures taking a long time, it has to do with your computer. It's a CPU-heavy rather than a GPU-heavy game so it doesn't run the best unless you have the best. AMDs don't run this game very well at all imo, so that's already a disadvantage. If you want things to load quicker, you're gonna have to scale the settings down. If you want to enjoy the game's graphics, you can probably play at 5-6 when you're in the field, and then scale down to 0 when you're in dungeons. There are some dungeons that still run at 6, but you should probably stick to 0 once you get to the upper dungeons so that you don't run into the boss taking a long time to load.
I don't think my already shattered heart can handle more of this D:
Ferria wrote: »
Oppabo wrote: »
Woo contest over! Congrats to all the winners ;w; Here's mine!!

This is really creative!

Thank you, thank you!!

Hello friends, it's me with an update - I removed the AV gold option (sorry friends) and am prioritizing paypal commissions! I might take payment on CH for a limited time as well, please PM or discord me about that!

Latest commission for a guildie:
aeee98 wrote: »
Soffyasd wrote: »
Looks like nobody noticed about my "invisible" hat, check the shadow on the first screenshot... To me, that was funny. xD

the shadow of the hat is visible, it is just in a weird angle.

This one is more clear.


Yeah, the hat does have shadow, but only on my toon, not in the ground.
While leveling any class will be mana starved
Endgame you shouldn't have that problem, especially with a prime battle solution.
thanks for the code!
commision for JXE5356AKE
What remains of the lore exist in the Roleplay Forum. It has been retired and eventually like the original lore will disappear when the retired forums get deleted. The more you combine information into smaller categories the harder it becomes to find what you need. If Tera had a good search engine it would be no problem. Case in point do a search on lore then one on Tera Lore and look at the results.
The grind on IOD for glyphs doesn't take super long, considering that a lot of even the blue glyphs are crap, if you just get the ones that matter it shouldn't take you more than a few days to a week to get them, and in the meantime you will be collecting VGs and gold while you're at it, it's win-win-win.
You could try to use PingZapper. It comes with a 7 day free trial, and then it's pretty cheap to buy a subscription. It helps re-route your connection through multiple servers and you could try it to see what works for you and if it really improves the connection and lowers your ping, by all means, pay for a subscription.

PingZapper is completely valid and will not get you banned by the GMs. They have even stated it's a valid usable 3rd party program because all it does is re-route your connection, and they have no issue with it.
People farming loses for silver talents, since you get gold talents when you win and silver if you lose. Unless they change the rewards, it will stay the same.
Come Awakening patch this will be our DPS ranking when each class is played optimally.


You should still play Sorc if you genuinely enjoy the class. But if something like this will bother you as you get better and better at the class, it might be something to reconsider. At the very least all non-awakened classes will be giving the whole party a 14.5% damage buff, so just consider yourself a support DPS. :shrug:
jrtseven wrote: »
Pumpedd wrote: »
jrtseven wrote: »
You've completely missed the point of almost everything that has been said to you. You're a disappointment to everyone.

If you want to keep crying about your past traumas and unrequited attention, just whisper/pm me. This thread is not the place.

Unfortunately its been a bug for over a year easily, dont think they'll ever fix it. Its been reported numerous times.

Totally true, however that doesn't mean we can't throw ideas around and possibly find a way to recreate the bug. That's also a big part of it, they can't really send a case to BHS unless their team can reproduce it.

Ive sent in over 10 reports about how shield bash throws you backwards sometimes causing you to miss, brawler root bug thats not even supposed to be there, lancer leash resist which was never like that.

They wont fix [filtered] and this is the reason the game is in the state its in.
They removed the creds system. I still have 100k that I haven’t used sadly but nothing in the store is worth spending the creds on. I heard they have something in the works but with all the latest changes I have little to no hope.
Xerses wrote: »
Digivolve wrote: »
Digivolve wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Shoutout to everyone that afk'd with me on TR ;D

These are currently being planned for a release in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.

You said January 18th on stream though....

He said that was the goal to get it into the store for everybody by then. It might still be the plan, but it's a goal.

"Goal" is a really cute name for dates we probably can't and won't keep, but just throwing it out there anyway

Having plans/goals like this is the reality for all software companies, including gaming. Things slip dates all the time because unexpected complications come up; sometimes it's visible, sometimes it isn't. It's the nature of the job. If people expect them to be transparent to any degree, they'll have to deal with this uncertainty.

how much do they pay you?

Could you take your failed trolling and get outta here? Thanks.
as far as I know, no.
D3PLW4F449 wrote: »
thn i can get 65 lv gold weapon and gold eq ?

If you mean the golden gear skin you can get it from fashion coupons, I am not sure about the black versions.

Ferria wrote: »
Chibihime wrote: »
@Ferria Im not using Mods :open_mouth: i just edit them a tiny bit :x

Yee they're lovely ;w; <3 Teach me senpai!
Aww Tyvm :3 I did run around a bit to make some more screens xD

Mieax wrote: »
wellllll we also didnt get FIHM still xD

I was sad about that. I liked FI. T.T
we've known it was still there though...it was up in 20minutes after the patch that "fixed" it....and then everyone went silent about it
clfarron4 wrote: »
Isn't Gameforge getting RMHM in the next couple of weeks?

Have they confirmed that it is included in their January patch? If so, then we should get the same here. We know there'll be a patch in January and March (and March includes Male Brawler), so it's just a question of which of the two have RMHM. It would make more sense for it to be this one.
VirtualON wrote: »
Also EU players say they make at least 100k profit per DSU run

This is exactly why we will never get it .. or if we do then it will be a super nerfed version.

Players always said that its easier to gear or enchant on NA past the arsenal patch but the truth is that it was always harder because for example we never got the important stuff like the update on vanguard shop or certain dungeons.
can do any server, full +8 mystic gear and full +7 priest gear, msg me offers
MistyTera wrote: »

There are others, but I just gave you this one for reference example.

That guide is very outdated, looks like its from Brawler patch (December 2015), and has some bad advice for the current day mystic. i recommend reading this guide. it has been updated to the vsh patch (may 2017 i think), so its much more up to date. Also when you get to 65 be sure to read this gearing guide.
I believe close beta is over and all are now waiting for open beta , so the code is now usless unfortunately
Since my old discussion was removed without any note or anything I repost it again -.- If it wasn't a bug and someone removed it on purpose please tell me why at least...

Hey there,
I'm creating gifs and stuff, so if you like my work read the following information about commissioning me~ ^-^

♡Examples of my work♡

☆I have the right to reject any commission offer for any reason
☆I won't do extreme violence or gore.
☆Tera characters only
☆Payment upfront
☆You are not allowed to use my art for commercial purposes
☆Credit me if you use the art somewhere else
☆No background

☆Gif ☆ 50k
☆Additional Character + 25k
☆Not animated ☆ 30k
☆Additional Character + 15k

Half body:
☆Gif ☆ 100k
☆Additional Character + 50k
☆Not animated ☆ 75k
☆Additional Character + 40k

Full body:
☆Gif ☆ 150k
☆Additional Character + 75k
☆not animated ☆ 100k
☆Additional Character + 75k

☆All listed prices go for simpler(3-5pics), fully colored gifs
☆Nsfw + 20k
☆With pet + 10k
☆With mount + 30-50k
☆Weapons could cost extra, depending on how detailed and therefor difficult they are to draw.
☆If you would like to commission something else, not a gif or another character that isn't from tera, feel free to ask.

♡What I need from you♡
☆Send me a PM or contact me ingame (Rabqit | CH)
*What do you want to commission?
[Example: Half body gif with pet. Cuddling the pet.]
*How do you pay?
[Example: That would be 110k -> 50k + wish list item with a value of 60k]
*Front, side and back view (Screenshot) of the character and everything else that I shall draw.
[Example: Screenshots of the character and of the pet]


It will take me about 1-2 weeks per commission, starting with slot 1. As soon as I finished one commission, slot 2 will become slot 1 so it will work like a waiting list. (That doesn't automatically mean first come first serve, because I still wont do stuff I don't enjoy drawing :3)
As soon as I am finished you will receive the gif or png file either with white or transparent background, your decision (both would be possible as well of course). Note that if you commissioned an animated drawing, you can also have all the different png files if you'd like to.

♡Wish List♡
(Will be updated soon)
☆Starglow Weapon Box / Starglow Arcannon (most wanted)
☆Azure Phoenix (x2)
☆Arctic/Glacial Dragon Armor (Elin)
☆Finishing School Casual Uniform (Elin)
☆Frostsilk Dress (Elin)
☆Frostspun Flower
☆Feral Valley Jr. High Uniform (Elin)
☆Castanica Demons Outfit (Elin)
☆Dyeable Striped One Piece (Elin)
☆Summer Wrap (Elin)
The low key ads for a 3rd party program that is against the rules in this are interesting.
it pops often on days where it is the highlighted bg.

Message too short.
There's a huge difference between a top tier warrior and a top tier ninja. However, as with any tier, comparisons only really matter when both players are at an equal level of skill.
FRSTY wrote: »
Tbh we deserve to be ignored and our feedback forgotten about, 3.7k people have seen the thread and only few of us up-vote and give our opinion. Sad sad sad.

one of the reasons why people don't give their opinion, is because we have been giving it for years now and they just get ignored. ive given mine many times and also in this thread , even counterpoint has given theirs multiple times and they are on player council. sometimes we get the " we will look into it" or " thanks for the comments" , but that's pretty much as far as it goes. so yeah, people feel like its a waste of their time and efforts now giving their opinions.

It has been like this even in the old forums.

If you look into it you will see almost no constructive feedback because people only joined in threads were flamewar between certain individuals are involved, but when it comes to a thread with good/positive feedback the comunity just turn the back and skip the thread "because its too long to read" or simply because its more fun to meme the publisher and others they don't like and good threads ended being sunk with trash threads about bickering.
This boy is very kawaii, Blend S was a very fun anime to watch... Elin became kawaii also, I want to do the cosplay of Koutarou Araki from Denpa kyoushi in my Elin one day ...11498-346206138.png

azuriela still mad cuz bad... yikes
0xFF05 / 0xE0191009
0xFF05 / 0xE0191009 how to fix??
I originally thought it was going to be mid january but now i doubt it since EME hasn't given any information at all.
Im leaning towards the 30th because they "technically" arent breaking the promise of january like they did last time with the promise of the RKHM patch being november(november 30th it was released).
Catservant wrote: »
Asharielle wrote: »
I've had such horrible luck, I've spent probably 300 USD on events trying to get the unity stole and never gotten it. Made my gunner right after the Guilded Age event so missed that, and it's just been awful luck for me.

Did you miss the fifth anniversary? Could outright buy it then.

If you had to miss that month, then you are correct--you have the worst luck I have ever seen.

Yes, I missed the anniversary shop.
Do you guys use Discord? If so, a link?
Rieu wrote: »
Fluffies is a SEA based guild, recruiting fellow SEA players to join our adventures!
We are a small group of friends in a casual PVE guild looking for members willing to learn and clear various content with us.
No requirements, except :
- we are looking for SEA players because of timezone issues (UTC/GMT+8).
- active & friendly, willing to join guild's activities (guild runs/guild quests).
- having discord.

Look for our guild name and apply, or contact me ingame : Avior, or Maxiboo, or add me on Discord : Rieu#4499
- small sized
- level 130
- helpful & no drama
- server : Ascension Valley

Join us today B)

fluff up!
people that dont play bgs dare to talk about it, yikes

stay salty bad kid
I don't care about CU. But BG rewards are lame. I would love if they bring back CS for lvl 30+, it gonna help out with que times since i've never got a que pop since i came back 1 months ago.
Do you only do animations or do you so static art pieces as well?
Dialoonia wrote: »
Do all classes get the 5 glyph points? Also do all classes get the story line quest (non awakened just get glyph points instead of skills?)

Yes. Doing the quest on any character nets the 5 glyph points (I believe Mystel herself gives them to you before she sends you back in time). For unawakened classes, it nets them the damage passive (at least until they bring the 2nd wave of Awakening in Spring)
Ardire wrote: »
why not just use a flying mount to get to the NPCs? you get a free one when you hit level 65.

The player could do that, but it's much easier to just walk and then jump to platform to platform. Trust me it works 100%, the walk helps you to not over jump the platforms. Really it's the best way to do it, if you want the experience while leveling.
Yes, Xbox Live Gold was required.
Dear fellow PvPers,

imo Tera is still the most unique action combat MMO without tab-targeting. Such a shame it turned into a cash-cow but whatever. Could you please help to answer some questions?

What is the best PvP gear and what's the most efficient way to obtain it? Please no p2w comments. As far as I remember PvP-players are forced to do PvE-crap in order to gear up.
I need to start from scratch so I don't know if it's worth to get the best gear atm. At least I am a veteran with much ig money. Is the next gear-upgrade near? (1-2months?)
why on earth did they do away with blast from the past?? as a healer with loads of time i had fun running those dungeons!
CornishRex wrote: »
Shealee wrote: »
i still cant believe that so many of what make Mystic a "support" healer is still left unused. Why is there no kind of DPS modifier buff for the group when we pull out vengence for a burn, but theres a defense buff from protection? (yes, buffing endurance is a defense move) why are all the other auras completely and utterly useless? When I play my priest almost every single one of her buffs and skills are used. 90% of mystics skills are useless. I've just never played a "support" class where everything about them was useless except for 2 buffs (auras are buffs) and their ability to heal.
Anyway. just a class rant, i love mystic i think they are a lot of fun to play, i just wish their skills were more widely used instead of having just a few that are viable.

Most of the cc skills are meant for pvp and 50% of their auras are useful so idk.
Their buffs strongly outshine priests buffs too.

50% arent useful, thats my point.
I agree, even if they have no purpose. I think it just put a good environment to where people felt comfortable. I agree completely with you guys.
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