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BOBBYYYY wrote: »
oh they're going to compensate us with 7 day cosmetics don't you worry.

those days are in the past. they went away with spacecats
> @Ambits said:
> this is honestly pathetic

Don’t compliment them.
I agree with you guys. Nerfing low level dungeons will hurt new players. Honestly, I'd like to know who runs the show over at BHS because I think they need to be replaced. They have no idea how to manage a game. They should call Jagex or Blizzard and ask for help.
the founder packs went on a discount sale last week for 30% off for the last week of them being available. they should have been removed from the store yesterday.
Naru2008 wrote: »
[You have to take into consideration anything they change on their current build gets completely overwritten when a new patch is sent out, and therefor they have to re-add it. This could cause conflicts with the new coding changes Korea sends out, and they need to troubleshoot everything to make sure it's added back correctly, and working correctly.

Fake news. If your assertion was true we wouldn't get KTera glitches (think RMHM fiasco, or Ninja being broken for months.)

They don't bug test. They just send it.

Exactly why the dressing room was empty ages ago upon post-patch right? Cause it's not true. :roll:
Cassandra come now, you're more sensible than this.
Currian wrote: »
I get around 1k talent ~ 15 wins from doing bgs, To me that is passive 60k every 2 or so hours but yeah it must suck if you only pve. They recently had a BAM event(on MT at least) that dropped a ton of blue nocts. so much so that I farmed around 100 of them in only 35 minutes.

You do not get 15 wins in 2 hours. lmao. Another no lifer exaggerating.
That big shop cleaning sale came right before the XIGNCODE drop. That is no coincidence, EME knew many players would quit once they heard about XIGNCODE, so they kept quiet and milked us right before we left. Think about it: they could have been ethical and loudly announced before the sale "XIGNCODE is coming". I know I speak for many players when I say I wouldn't have invested $30 more in this game if I knew I was quitting a few days later from XIGNCODE.

I know I will never see my money back, because EME's plan all along was to rob me and I fell for it, but the fact they pulled that [filtered] to trick me is what really pisses me off. I will NEVER EVER spend another PENNY on a game that has any association with this company, because they've shown their true colors: The true EME slogan is "haha got your money dumbass".

TLDR: I have essentially thrown my hard earned and limited money down the toilet, and was foiled into doing so by EME. The only thing that could heal this breach of trust is a full $30 refund, but I know that won't happen.

Bizarre, vous avez dit bizarre,
Je ne vois ne deux chose à faire, soit tu passe à autre chose, soit tu fais un rapport au support. Sachant, qu'il faut créer un compte support avant, si ce n'est pas déjà fait. Voilà en espérant t'avoir aidé au moins un peu. :) ;)
CROOOOW wrote: »
ay I don't comment here much, but I want to say that I love the current state of BG boxes, but I hate the jackpots. BGs feel a lot more rewarding when we get more enchanting boxes for wins and an actual decent amount for losses. However, the jackpots really need to be fixed. The shop is garbage right now, with almost everything in there being worthless for people who already have their dyads and mostly play PVP. EE's should be cheaper AND we should get more tokens/win. I also think there should be an option for full +9 people to buy something from the shop that they can sell/trade to others (e.g. the talent box we can get from grid).

Also, like others, I'd love to see the Bell shop come back. When it first went away, I didn't complain because I made a fortune off selling the Keybadges from the boxes. Nowadays, I can still make a decent amount selling talents from the boxes, but it really felt a lot nicer back in the day when I had some control over what I could get with the shop. 100% rng from the boxes is just not as nice of a system.

Bluehole is bringing the credit shop back. It was just announced in ktera so it'll be a while before it reaches our region unfortunately. :/
Mazzive wrote: »
"Maintenance has been extended again. We will notify you with an update ASAP.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the length of this unexpected Maintenance extension"


Like they care?....
Melyodis wrote: »
i ran rrhm last night and that buff was on my buff bar so i have no idea why your ask about it when we have it.

You kinda totally missed the point of the thread.

The original poster is pointing out that the buff ISN'T on in NA TERA for ALL those the dungeons unlike in EU.

He knows it is on in RRH - he is asking why isn't it on in AA(H).

Sadly, yea no seem to be selling it. It was 2k-3kvnow on broker is sitting at 10k waaaay overprice lol
I dunno if thos was called like this here but i lov the way of this "golden rose weapon skin" thos are ryly preety same as celestial spirit one or just imply as costume the frosts gear look i ryly like the way the frosts weapons look.
I think I'll quit in the end I don't care so much about their thing on this system that I play games on but don't feel they gave proper warning before hand. They should have literally post in bright red warning letters all over the website, launcher, and email you we about to install this malware crep on ya system now is the time to opt out if not good luck....I don't like things that run with out my permission on my system that just are useless... imo

Although play if you like the game and aren't having issues eme should fix it to where this software isn't causing frame drops and blue screen for people or log on problems. I'd say more people would be inclined to trust the software if it actually had good track record and the company was transparent on what is being collected period. I have personally logged on and played and notice no real difference in my own play experience other than that program that I did not want on my gaming computer... of course I didn't qol test it either for long because being livid about mr. spyglass on my system before I was like you kdkfdjfj up cancle elite just eat that $40 that acc mount you just bought >_<

Going forward I may come back if some major patch comes out that actually interest me and hopefully by then either they have xign to where its not noticed and we get updated info in what its collecting and are looking for on system with a white paper documenting it (or better option something more in house than crep software with crep record smarter option for community as a whole).

I've played since beta been through periods of playing then taking a breaks always found more reasons to come back than to leave totally but seems like they getting fewer and fewer and me personally this put foul taste in mouth and yes I know it can be easily bypassed but if I had to do that because I really wanted to play its just doesn't sit right with me.


1. If you like the game PLAY IT BY ALL MEANS... eme can possibly come out with ways to make the software be useful and not hinder the systems of the people that reported they are having issues after that patch involving it.

2. If you don't like xign crep don't play odds are eme don't care overall and any decision on whether or not to get rid of it comes down to $ and not communities overall view on it. (sometime businesses have to do this to stay a float or make profits i'm not upset with this way of thinking for companies so don't take it out of context it just stated facts)

3. Sucks if you are in the camp of just not being able to log on or have issues after this that make game unplayable feels bad man

o/ later nerds first and last post keep hope alive
As someone who runs log in to do only AAHM pop dg reset scroll off cooldown, I agree with Saabi that blue nocts should be made more available (in and outside of events). Not everybody enjoy logging in to spam RG & KC or low level IOD all day.

One suggestion that I could give would be to have something similar to that of SCEM. If I remember correctly you had to pay a fee to actually enter the dungeon but then you get superior noct along with feast. Why don't we just have it so that we get the benefit of superior noct once we engage the first boss. Just a small suggestion.
It seem TERA already lost `the quality` of dungeon run,
in fact that, the 5 man dungeon just bring the player's behavior to become selfish, picky,
and... in higher difficulties dungeon.. few of player tendency to become `elitist`,

I`m not actually social player in the games, and including my self,
i just spam 412 dungeon (RG,SF,KC) every day because its more efficient for me, and faster to farm.

So many player in my server (CH) very much lazzy to run dungeon with `Learning run`,
and guess what.., even my self with Stormcry +6 was never touch RKNM,RRNM,TRHM, and LKHM,
funny..., it seem i just lost my interest with those dungeons..
I seen this behavior in few of my friends, and also few other players, we seem a bit ignorance for those dungeons.
we farm everyday, but we seem have no time to learn mechanics for those dungeons,
we farm every day for low tier dungeon, and completely ignored high tier dungeon.

Most of cause :
Higher tier dungeon doesn`t gives a good reward, incentives, and spend way more time to complete the run,
And its become worse..., when people start to think in `trap run` when they queueing in IM,
and they decided to make pre-made-party with selective item-level and experience player to prevent failure.
In result of that, player rather to think in efficient methode in different ways.

The long list of 5 man dungeon in TERA (almost all of them was dominated in 5 man dungeon) was bring the serious `Boredoom` in every aspect,
including `the quality` of dungeon run, and 5 man dungeon fail to unite every player.
And thats why we need to bring back 10 man dungeon, to bring those `Dynamic` in social aspect of TERA.

I know my statement was a bit confusing,
but, as returning player in TERA, i feel something `miss` from the games it self,
yes... those 10 man dungeons..

I just miss the great eras of 10 man dungeons in TERA
- Wonderholme
- Rift Edge
- Akeron Inferno
- and the best 20 man dungeons ever, `Kelsaik Nest` 20 man (KNXX)

When back there i just happy with my +9 gear, while other player can make +12 gear,
and i remember i have 4 alts that already run `Rift Edge` more than 150 times for each of them.
And now?.. Stormcry +6 and almost completely ignored all of high-tier dungeon.. sadly to say..

So... if.. ENMASSE bringing back 10 man dungeons, just make it sure not to put them high-tier dungeon,
(Atleast with current frost metal armor range), that would gives a chance for many players to run it, and that would be efficient.
And dont forget to bring incentives for those dungeon, and good reward..

Sorry for my bad english,
feel free to post your argument,
and thank you in advance.. :)
Sorry guys, i was on smartphone and my english is too poor for a good explanation.

Ofc i can be better than i am, i'm not top archer or warrior, but i always do a good job in every game, and i'm fast learning.

I don't know if archer are really broken, but the numbers i see when i play with it really surprise me, yeah focus is bug, some radiant and penetrating arrow make a bug crit damage (like 30k crit) i don't know why, apart from this, i get everytime above 2m no matter what i use, is awesome.

Warr is a different story, apart from scythe i just can get above 1m if i am in the back and the boss is enrage, so i do 1,2m with blade of draw (with the chest roll)

My scythe are quite low, i see some 4m without any special buff (like channelwork) but most of time i get 2m, 2,7 or 3,5 (this last is when enrage) yeah i don't have the edge glyph but i use like 25 glyph egg still don't get it.

I like warriors in every game, but... it seems to simple in this game, you have to follow the chain showed, and wait for scythe, in archer i can decide what skill i wanna use.

I tested every dps, no one get me fun, atleast in lvl 20, berseker too slow, slayer low damage and similar play style to warrior, i don't like sorcerer.

I have a mystic, archer and warrior, maybe i have to lvl up a brawler but since i deleted mine for not collapse myself with t10 farming, i feel to lazy to lvl another.

BTW i just want to feel confortable with my warrior, and do a decent damage, my archer skill do more damage than my ONLY skill in the warr, it feels horrible and frustrating.

I'm wondering if i can get the city location of the servers, some people say pc eu servers are in germany, but i need exact city some servers in germany are in frankfurt, some are in berlin, is a huge different to me.

The only reason to know this is because i want to route the ip the best i can, i notice i have 60ms to berlin, very bad ping compare to frankfurt server i used to play in counter strike as far as i remember, so any chance to get down the ping just a little is better (i had 36ms to frankfurt, very good ping because i'm 2500km afar.

Thank you and regards
dragonmu12 wrote: »
idk why eme not responding to any of those threads ,really eme what happend? i like the idea of last bosses drop golden talent/silver talent in amount of like 30 as a group loot so anybody will get 20 each(439),35 each(446),50 or 60 each(453).

When the event was going back in those days. Every member of the party received the 50 feedstock reward...We should aim to that, not only reward one party member

thats what i said xD i want every member on the party to get that amount of golden/silver talent when looting.
i hope eme will fix the golden/silver talent problem and blue noct problem as well,the crab event yesterday was nice but its not permanent and was only on for some amount of time so there is a lot of ppl who didn't participate and get the loot so its not a really permanent solution for stuff like that
please eme only fix the golden/silver talent,blue nocts problem on end game dungeons.. they are not rewarding enough.
we know from the past that when you want to listen to the community you really do this so please listen to us this time again..
I only seen people kicked for afking or not entering dungeons in Ilvl 419 dungeons like (KC,RG,SF) those dungeons are easy enough to plow thru. I did have a full group of new lvl 65 that didnt have crystals at all, as in everyone in the group except me. I should of just left the group in that case, run took 45 minutes.

The only other time I've seen people kicked is in Rk-9 where they simply don't know the mechanics. Sometimes as a tank/healer we can carry them unless they are dps that keeps dying to s-bomb and we don't have the dps to break shield.

But to answer your question, yeah if someone is making you wipe 10 times, I'd vote a kick even if they are trying because they need to learn the mechanics better either thru guides or video. It ruins the experience for the group if one person is causing everyone to wipe for hours, you can only carry so much.
MN9LYJYA4H wrote: »
You guys still around here? I've got the exact same problem :(

I recommend starting your own thread so you can thoroughly describe your issue.
When the boss is enraged it takes more damage and the roll plus focused crystal multiplies this dramatically. IoD bams enrage a lot and so do the bosses in dungeons.
Some of the tanks have a skill to enrage and it’s highly valued for DPS purposes.
RenniBee wrote: »
big post

Yup, your situation is basically mine a few months ago. I farmed this stuff like insane and naturally, I got bored of it after a few months of consistent farming.
EME spice it up a bit!
metagame wrote: »
char slot description should always be updated with the proper amount

I'm gonna update your face with the proper amount.
With IOD BAMs Vanguard Request you take into consideration the party members. Now if its solo..then it's just 10. Group up with a person means now you supposedly can kill faster so the required amount doubles. 10 for you and 10 for your group member. Add a 3rd member and it follows the same principle as you keep adding to the group.

Basically with the IOD
BAMS...yes you can group up for them just remember for every member in your group just keep adding 10 to kill.
Press L3 to open medal shop (PS4). You can get Guile gear from the medals too so the grind is even faster. But yeah def don’t bother with slaugher for alts.
There will be better gear so don’t bother with conflate. Save your feedstock and alks for the new t10 pvp set.
Although this is a feature I would like to see added into TERA, I am closing the Thread, since it was Necro'd from December 2017.
If you want the BiS gear you need money and lots of it. Most people dont have the time to grind as you would normally have to for it. So in that sense, the game has designs built in, if you spend money you can get BiS gear, but its choice, not a necessity.
In my honest opinion, I don't think it'll be going away all together, but maybe they'll change an aspect of it. I'd say keep buying cheap strongbox keys on the broker (considering the market price will start going down once more and more people hear about the ongoing rumour of no more strongbox key events) and stock up on keys. Even if an event happens in a month, 6 months or 1 year from now, at least you'll have a huge supply ;)
People usually kick feeders, afkers, hackers, really toxic people (? rarely..) or people they're salty against. If you're sure you're none of these write a support ticket or smth
for more context someone asked in text chat if anyone knew the encounter and apparently nobody heard me say 10 times that it was my first time in that instance
Hey! I created my character a few days ago and am currently lvl 29. I was looking for a laid back guild that I could grow with and run dungeons. This guild seems perfect. The servers are down for maintenance right now but I’m hoping to send you an in-game request when they’re back up later this morning. My ps4 name is Sjmack19 and my Tera character name is Arakano.
pm me inforum, ingame (Hakky) or in discord Hakky#1227
Tera was always about easy lvl up and almost imposible gear up. Remember that while the ps4/ xbox servers are new the pc ones are really old and lots of pc players already have it jewellry. I used to play on pc server long b4 this accsesories were inplemented or inner armor and still was a pain a pain in the [filtered]
Confidence is opening recruitment again! As we have grown so have our recruitment requirements: You need atleast 1 piece of Sc now.
That being said we also offer more to players interested in our guild, transitioning from a Mainly Pve Guild to a Pve/Pvp Guild.

We have a network set in place to teach our members how to run all dungeons, even the harder ones (Rrhm/Rke/AA/HH raid)
That is paired up with our weekly guild PvP practices which are broken down into 1on1/3v3/10v10 or random Openworld PvP
Since pvp is so rewarding this patch the extra practice helps, none of which is mandatory just there to help our Guild grow stronger together.

Confidence also takes pride in hosting Fun Guild events. This has been lost on tera due to the non-stop grind but we understand that this is a game and it is fun to get away from all that. Our events range from things like hide and seek/costume contest to 10v10s against other guilds.

Pm or Pracel Throws if interested or /apply Confidence and I will get back to you.
I got my E today. Maybe you should try it again?
I have the exact same problem, The letter 'E' doesn't show up in a y of the Vanguard Quests like past letters. I went ahead and killed 10 Brutal Onyx Hydraths and received NO Letter E. I did this 3 times. That's 30 mobs no letter. It needs updating like the last IOD letter hunt.
Tempest Reach Buddy Up!

Strange.. my current house is in the west coast of the states and my average is 110-120 and normal server lag brings it to a good 150. I'm pretty jealous if you are located in EU and get 120ms XD (I pay 60 bucks a month for actual fast down/upload speeds as well)
Reason number 1: The event is not announced literally anywhere.

Still feels like Tera has no CM :^) or staff to be honest.
Oh RIP... yeah that would suck, I feel for you there. I did find it really strange they notified like 15ish minutes before with a parcel post and then like 20 mins after one announcement on server megaphone/world chat. Very out of the blue. Would appreciate more in-advance communication next time please EME.
And I totally agree with the comment a few posts up about the event being such a way that people are encouraged to solo instead of band together. I actually had some person tell me "Go away." when it was literally just the two of us on one of the bosses. Cause they wanted it all to them self that bad... yeah. Let's... make events in such a way that people aren't encouraged to be selfish like that.
Game SuggestionsGVG 06/19/2018, 03:02 AM The2scimmz
games boring as [filtered] without gvg tbh bring it back, if a guild doesn't wanna join they can stay pacifist mode.
There is no way you can take something from (example) 2003 and then slap a full price sticker on it and expect it to sell. This is 2018.
Well, obviously they'll see when they look at the sales. If it's not reaching their projections, clearly they'll do something else.

But this particular outfit is a bit of a special case because it's so rare. It wasn't something that was just sitting on the store for years, even in a lootbox or anything else. (It was only in a lootbox once rarely, and then available in an event.) So it wouldn't surprise me if, for this item in particular, the price was more worth it to people than it would be for other items. Certainly, not just any old rare will sell well at 4995 EMP.

Yes I understand it's rare. But it's eme's fault it is rare. Could it be rare for this exact reason? We dunno the answer to that.
The price will only be worth it to the ones that see the current market value of this costume, which is currently 1,2m on this server.
I'm not saying its a bad costume. I would love to have it myself as I'm a costume person first and everything else second.
But I understand the value of things and spending $50 on something that might be used for a little bit and swapped with something else is steep.
Not to mention the emotes in that deal, you need that costume or a "maid" costume to use. Good luck getting a maid costume atm. They took those off the store too. So if you're new, you'd have to pay $50 currently to use those emotes.
I am not sure if it's available for item level 410 players but if it is then you have to finish all the level 69 hunt vanguard requests until you see this ( see image )

Returning player LF people to play with im a priest main i tried other classes they are not the best thing for me i have a lvl 65 priest on TR but im willing to make a new one to another server or transfer my main im looking for a group to play with like a constant party either people starting again now or new players i dont mind at all i just want to play with someone reply if you are intrested or pm :D
Apparently if your client is the client from the beta, itll suffer strange issues.

Keep in mind i did not touch the graphics setting because it apparently doesnt work.

Mine were

-mystic orb not showing energy trail

-grim/sunder strike not showing dust trails

-lilith keep hm shield phase tanking my fps

-vault of kaprima 2nd boss murdering my fps

-delay on healing skills

-quiet a few strange issues tbh

After i heard to delete the upgraded beta to full game client im noticing the opposite now. Animations that werent there are now there, fps is a bit more stable, chat freeze still there though hoping they fix it on the 26th/aug 7th.

Just letting you know, dont have to actually do it but cant hurt to try right?

I wish i made comparison videos though.
Thanks I'll try it. And thanks again
Zoknahal wrote: »
Example: I was waiting for this awakening update, because it made Lancer just so much better than before. There you go, i just proved you wrong. :)

Fun fact: Just this weekend, I was playing my lancer with a guildie. After we finished a run, they remarked that they really had been meaning to gear up their lancer, so that they could try out and play with the apex skills. Because let's be honest, a lot of the apex skills are really, really satisfying to use.

That's far from the first time I've heard the sentiment of "wow that looks really neat, I wanna go gear my alt to try that out". Whether lancer superleap, or warrior aerial scythe to frenzy, or slayer doing their little double-dash then unsheathe-ing... a lot of them both look and feel impressive. And that's the kinda thing you want in a game like this, for the actual moment-to-moment gameplay to feel good.

I have my qualms with some specific parts of the apex update, but overall, it's a pretty nice update. (shock, gasp, BHS did something right for once, etc)
My poor wallet... Steam Summer sale soon, new costumes/wings if they're separate, summer swimsuits.
I would love it too, but we'll never see it. Ever.
It's [filtered] up too, because they don't even give us the option to buy the cosmetics in the shop! They erase it from the shop, and then they make it impossible to unsoulbind it so we can put it on another character or sell it to someone who wants it. Honestly I don't know what their problem is. They think this makes them more money through artificial scarcity, but the truth is I just spend my money on other stuff. I'm not sitting around on pins and needles waiting for a virtual dress to come out. If it's not there, I'll live without buying it and I'm not gonna trip over myself buying it for the price of a triple-a game later from the daily deal. Meanwhile, your company loses my money. Woohoo!
Evette wrote: »
Viauxi wrote: »
Ok, this is borderline parody at this point.
Every single time I arbitrarily check up on this game, Eme never fails to surprise me with some new micro-transaction nonesense they added to the game.

Lets see....
-I can buy freaking FINAL FANTASY XIV: STORMBLOOD with that money.
- I can buy a game like Nier: Automata, you know, a FULL BLOWN triple-A rpg....
-I can buy some trash weapon skin in TERA Online.


I think that is literally the single most overpriced cosmetic (for value) I have EVER seen in a f2p game, at least in recent memory. That much money for a Single. WEAPON. Skin. 50 dollars. Not even a bundle. Not even a costume set. Not even dyable. Not account bound. Nothing. Wow. The only publisher I can think of that may have had more ludicrous pricing is Nexon (but nobody is worse than Nexon.......)

This is why lootboxes and micro-transactions are completely out of control now. Can you even blame these publisher at this point?

It's like Eme knows the only people left playing this game are whales, just look at these pathetic replies in this thread. This community truly has completely lost any will to demand better service from this company (not surprised). Holy crap, seriously, I cannot believe people will defend paying that much for a weapon skin. And I thought BDO was pretty disgraceful (it is...), but at least they offer you a FULL DYABLE OUTFIT (/w the WEAPONS, complete with custom character animations) and there are no LOOTBOXES in their cash shop.

Well, you guys get what you ask for I guess. And judging from what I am reading in this thread; yeah, you guys literally asked for this. Can't argue with that. I don't hang around this game much anymore, so what do I know, right? After all, they only put it in the cash shop because they know most of you will probably un-ironically buy it. Maybe when I come back in a couple months, Eme will have a $100 legendary lootbox that guarantees a random premium flying mount! Kinda like what Trion attempted to do in RIFT a few months back.... Except it will probably actually work.

Welp, back to Fortnite....I can buy like 5 seasons of Battle Passes with $50.

I prettie much knew the thread was going to have people defending the price as they are most likely people that have gotten used to the way it is now and have not played games as long as I have to know what it was like many years before lootboxes. Guess I'm an old fart, its another reason I havent replied to this thread that I created in so long... but you prettie much summed it up better than me sir.

I've just gotten so tired of having it slap me in the face and destroy all the games I loved: Aion, GW2, Forsaken World, Elderscrolls Online and BDO etc are a few off the top of my mind. I just cant summon the energy anymore to voice it in a brick wall for people to understand that they are literally taking advantage of you, they are making more than enough to support their staff and the games development. Its called greed guys.

I'm fully aware that going P2P is risky as this generation of gamers have gotten so used to having their games free, which is a total shame, because the P2P model was the best. WoW is still sticking strong to it and not slipping like so many into the lootbox game, but WoW is an old game now, so its understandable that people would slowly drop off it. I just hoped that every new generation of game would take on the P2P model..

If games sticked to the P2P model, by this time now, those awesome costumes you see in that shop would not be there, there would be no shop at all. Those costumes would be in the game, in some form or manner, be it through rare npc spawns, ingame money or a type of fashion profession. I know you can purchase them via the broker (only AFTER someone has purchased it via RL money), but please think for a moment, what if, just what if, costumes like these where never placed in a shop for RL money in ALL games at all. What if the normal way of getting these things was through effort?

This was the world of gaming I lived in. You worked for your [filtered] in the game, there was no cash shop and P2P games was normal. Publishers cared more for their community and game develop, rather than their bank account.

If you can open your mind to my words and see it my way, then you will understand why I created this post and all of the people that sided with me. But if you cannot then too much time has already past and its hopeless.

Just to add, yes I do have Elite Status in this game. As I find the monthly subscription the normal way of supporting the games development and upkeep. Wouldnt it be interesting if all costumes on that shop were free to Elite Status members? ..P2P might even become popular again :P I'll stop talking this crazy talk now. Its total maddness.

no everyone want to pay 15$ by month to play their favorite game, for tera they tried with subscription, but it seem it failed, so it is why they turn into f2p

at the best time of wow, the first guild war was a sucess without subscription

and i am sure than aion was subscription when the game was released, so it seem than it fail for them :3
Having the same issue with the letter E.
Needs more
Most of the time I see mystics and zerkers taking aggro off tank and archers doing pretty dmg it seems but idk there are times I take aggro off tank but it's probably because I'm running with an alt account that's still in the process of getting gears. Mind you I play Slayer, 50% of the time I get kicked out just for being a Slayer and get told a lot to reroll zerk or mystic. It sucks really especially when I'm trying to run 417s just to get kicked even tho I've managed to clear without no problems. Get kicked only to have my dungeon entry wasted and having to wait for it to reset is really a pain in the butthole
also, man kann die einzelnen Skiils per S3 inviduel verschieben, ha das wuste ich nicht, wegen TastenKürzel, war ich der meinungm des es sich im eine Kombo handelt. aber hab es hin bekommen. danke
DeutschKonsole/PC Shop 06/18/2018, 07:08 PM grobschnitt
Hallo, mal eine Allgemeine frage. wenn ich über den PC für die Konsole einkaufen möchte, kann ich dafür oder muss ich sogar meinen PC Account nutzen?
hab da mal über den pc rein geschaut, und festgestellt das ich mich mit meinem PC Account anmelden konnte, das hab ich noch Coints drauf. meine Wegen den Angeboten. hab da auch was von Gründer/Starter packet gelesen, wie sieht es damit aus? hso ganz blick ich da nicht durch, und wenn coins kaufen, womit, per PC oder Konsole?
Danke für Antworten.

I never denied the fact that En Masse is a subsidiary of Bluehole, and in fact the name of the company prior to En Masse was Bluehole Interactive. However, En Masse does not have much control over the content we get, and if you're on the official Discord, we've seen GMs and Community Managers continuously tell us that Bluehole are the ones that schedule out the content, bring in patches and fixes for bugs, etc. En Masse just publishes the game in the West - while having pretty minimal control over development.



I also don't disagree that they have influence over the game, as they are the Publishers - to think otherwise is a little silly. I 100% support everyone's right to disagree with the game, and want more out of their game, especially if they spent money on it. It's well within everyone's rights to speak out and demand that we have a quality product. However, there's a difference between sending in Support Tickets and speaking with a clear mind as to what would better the game over a player going on Discord or Facebook Pages / Groups yelling "I HATE THIS GAME, THE GAME IS #(@", adding quite literally nothing but negativity.

It's the same for my own content. I love feedback, positive or negative feedback, as long as it's constructive and will allow me to grow. The same thing can be said for this game and its Publisher, Developer and Content. Constructive Criticism is perfect, but very few actually good through with it, without slandering and entire group of players, the game, the companies or whatever the case.

As for Unreal Engine 3 - I could not agree more.
In months of running dungeons I got kicked once, when I singlehandedly wiped us three times in a row (didn't plague in lkhm as I didn't know the timing).
Within 7 games of fwc I got kicked twice.
Yeah no, screw that, I don't even care about the performance
So in the past few days I've been noticing that my damage on my reaper has been much lower when fighting bosses in LK and SS and IOD bams. My Sundering strike has been dealing 500k-600k less damage on a crit, and my whipsaw has been dealing 60k-70k less per crit...all of my crystals are the same and even my stats in the info menu have stayed the same but my damage seems to have dropped out of nowhere. I've talked to a few other reapers on my server and they've said the same thing. Anyone else having this issue? I hope this gets fixed because it makes me and other reapers almost a detriment in a dungeon since my dps is so much lower now.
Hi! Im from singapore but sadly im from thulsa server! Wished i could join you guys though!
This has happened to me too simply because some people hate my guild.
back in the day when nexus was new on PC (showing how long ago I was actually active) I remember GMs would actually pop up in town and get involved in casual conversations with the players with whatever BS was going on in trade chat at the the time
Even if it’s a green one from Ghillie, it’s still a guaranteed drop from the tokens.
Lootboxes are for your own risk as always, I got one really easily and then had no more luck for a lot of boxes to come.
Then I get 2 golden ones from Ghillie... so yeah you either pay money for a chance to get it instantly or grind for a few days to get guaranteed one.
I don't think anyone is advocating for hard modes to be easier they are called HARD mode for a reason but making the normal modes more accessible to the wider player base is not a bad thing if anything it actually will end up in players being able to get experience needed to possible do things in hard mode... that being said I would rather see the guild level system and chat reworks happen before any dungeon balance patches. also IMO one of the things that has thrown me off most with the console port is the order of content patches being completely different than the order patches came out on PC
BobbyDigi wrote: »
Final Fantasy stop ignoring the reality. You go home fanboi. You are the drama, people are here to complain for a reason this game sucks. It’s a sham people need to jump ship and find a game that’s actually worth the time and investment. People who are dissatisfied have a right to their opinion stop trolling the forums trying to praise enmasse for whatever reason. The combat is great and fun, but there’s so much they do wrong just deal with that fact. I’m moved back to ffxiv, the combat may be slower, but the game looks better, plays better, has a massive dev team that actually cares. The money you spend there, at least enough goes back to game to keep making it better. Don’t support this game. You shouldn’t have to spend 100s to enjoy a mediocre title with no support. It’s a beefed up mobile game at best. With a dwindling player base, and no life improvements.

Im a final fantasy fanboy actually but oh well.. i don't mind if you call me a tera fanboy cuz im defending tera. Game is free to play. You are not forced to pay in order to play and that means you have NO RIGHT to complain unless you had to BUY the game in order to play then you have all the rights to complain about it.
If you are not happy with game and you want to move to another, that's all cool but no need to come here with your drama lol. There is already enough drama in this world.

You don't get it.

When people like you defend games and devs like this, you're hurting the game and the rest of the community rather than helping anyone.

Negative criticism is important, because it highlights the issues with a game. If you don't highlight the issues, nothing will be done, ever.

Sadly though, in TERA's case, BHS ignores any criticism unless it's super positive, which is also due to the white knights like you. You drown out the negative criticism by defending them like your life depended on it.

Give credit where credit is due, not when it's completely undeserved. You're doing exactly that. You're giving them credit even though they haven't done anything to deserve it, and you're bashing those who try to highlight the major issues with the game.

I'm gonna add though.

Those of us who played during head start did have to pay in order to play the game.
AkiraYatsu wrote: »
I agree! The Forums used to be places where changes took place, and (In some communities with a lower-than-average toxicity rate) actually GMs listened, and actively helped things happen. Not that it isn't the case in here mind you (been in like 10 posts only, read like 30).
Nowadays its all smoke and shadows, we don't know what they do and if we ever know its a limited amount of information released at the just right length to stop the fools from asking.
I myself took on the opportunity to go into the game and find out what people think.

Almost everyone I've asked (Which should b around 50 people) does not care about questing in this game, they think the story is poor, unpolished and basically boring. NOW THIS IS IN CELESTIAL HILLS, AN RP SERVER.

People would rather take 11 hours to reach level 65, than to take a few weeks enjoying your game, learning the mechanics properly and grinding good things like Fashion coupons and just... basically getting to know others.

This is sad, but not bad.

But the community is full of love, and fun people.
I think we are all still here because we enjoy the people we talk to in Tera, and of course the action.
But I believe there is not more than 5% of players who are still here because ONLY of amazing mechanics and sexy sprites.

So I think this game would have a HELLA lot more players if the game focused on polishing the level-up experience.
Not because we can't play for long and it takes us a thousand years to get to 65. (Because you already make leveling fun), but because we want the experience of enjoying a story. The leveling part brings people together, even more if you do those [filtered] bonuses for parties even if they are not in the same area. (Helps to make connections)

And plus if you made the beggining of the game SICK you could totally make a lot more bucks, and players. The judgement of anything goes for the earliest stages and I disagree when you talk about Tera and say the game doesn't get a chance. In a generalized perspective, kids don't care, they never have. They will jump into the next game and diss the next forums just as bad.

But that's just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

I'm really liking the way you say things. And I'm beginning to agree. The more I get into end-game, the more I'm understanding a lot of the setup and features of the early game, but it still leaves that story bit missing. I don't think I can come up with a suggestion to make it more involved or in-depth without suggesting slowing the leveling just a bit. The Story that's there is really good, if they had enough draw into it to make people pay attention, or let you get all the way through it. I can't get passed thinking they could solve it easily by simply shifting rewards into story missions or something. I'm also beginning to think the community just doesn't care like I do, and I'm gonna be stuck starting over, again, when Vanilla WoW (hopefully) reaches console :(
LFKJ5THH44 wrote: »
Also from my experience blocking players on psn does not block their ingame chat. What gives?

It does block their ingame chat.

Do this:

Type /inspect (their name.)

Click on the option to view their psn account.
Click the three dots.
Click “block.”

It does block their ingame chat.

Please don’t report gold spammers btw. They just come back on another account and we all have to block them again.
Forum for players to give game suggestions, HMMMMMMMMM..........

Sounds really nice and community-friendly section. But do they even give a sh*t? No bruhh.... they do what they think allows them to earn more money. So, this section is just for fun guys... No need to crack your heads to give suggestions, even if it's good, they won't even look at this page.

Funny to see how Tera still exists...
HAHAHA..... developers don't even give a sh*t about players ranting.

FEMALE locked classes allows them to get more money, so they work it that way.
Weapon SOLD
That's animal cruelty... poor fox.
I uninstalled after all the anti-player bs that eme just tosses at us and expects us to take, i moved to ESO and i love it, anyone else hop ship from this [filtered] game after all these recent [filtered] yous from eme?
he left on October 2016 and spacecats was already here
it's the +16 crit kind
Btw its worthless to buy fashion coupons. you can farm them at lvl 65 on iod, if you do iod normally (at least the 3 top), youll get a lot of fashion coupons at some time, Also i think you buyed them from the merchant at velika, so its also a bad point, because some real money fashions have lower price (ingame) than some armors at fashion coupon store
You can get tears in dungeon s as well, yet rare and not a good source.

I managed to finish my foil 2 days ago, yet I had someone in my guild help me.
Considering how solo content and easy pug (i.e. done with random people without much communication necessary) dungeons give the most from a time:money standpoint, I don't think you'd be in a bad spot at all. You'd definitely get bored fast, though. The world is pretty empty, and the aforementioned content gets samey/old quick if it's all you're doing.
Aww they gonna save the best for last ...

ye yuki in dyable maid and cute dance :3
No its account locked
> @Angloni said:
> I've been playing since the release and I've had a guild since the release. Now when are you planning to enable the guilds? I would love to use the guild bank and I would love to lvl my guild as would the rest of my guild. The last reply I received from Enmasse was that the feature hasn't been enabled. Well when is it going to be? Some information about this would be nice. Plans for the release? You can release the gunner, but you won't help the guilds already on the servers. Weird don't you think?

Unfortunately we just have to wait. The biggest issue I feel and believe they are having or will have is how to bring in a Guild System that came with the Guild Towers expansion? On PC they got rid of the whole Guild Tower programming. This would mean that they would either:

1) Give us the expansion that introduced the guild towers with the knowing fact that they will eventually remove them ( EME has stated from before they eventually want consoles to be running the same version ( Content may be a better word as console versions will always be different just look at how our Trade Broker functions compared to PC. Same as our Mini-Map feature as it's complete different from PC )

2) Introduce the Guild Features without all the Guild Towers programming. This would mean a totally different expansion and probably more work changing it.

That's why at this points it's basically up to the player base to just either keep playing and be ready for it or get tired of waiting and stop playing.

For me I enjoy the game. The grind, the rng, the high risk/reward system tera offers so I'll be sticking around to see how the game catches up to PC and see where the game goes.
Nette, geskillte Leute!
Okay thank you :)
thoughtful post
The two mounts give different levels of crit power. For example a combat thrush gives 1.5X crit power, the battle thrush gives 2.0X crit power.
Je t’invite à rejoindre là guilde sunshine, j’espère te revoir en en jeu.
Rejoins la guilde sunshine, nous somme pas nombreux mais tous 18+ et micro dispo voilà à très bientôt j’espère
this thread is nearly 2 years old xD nice necro @GAHL3R6PTF
Pages wrote: »
These are the base cooldowns for Mystic (the ToW is glyphed for 50% cd which is 5 glyph points...comparable to 5 glyph points that a Priest might have to spend on something a Mystic already has).

Assuming triple CDR rolls on weapon and double E4 etchings you have a total of 27.6% cdr on Mystic.This puts Contagion at 87 seconds and ToW at 109 seconds.


This is the base cooldown for Edict of Judgment. Notice how it is only 10 seconds longer than ToW. There is one important thing about Priest though: it gains +5% cdr from EStars (which Mystic does not have).

This means that a Priest with the same gear would have an effective 32.6% cdr (27.6+5). This means Edict of Judgment has a cooldown of 108 seconds, not including any time shaved off with Zenobia's Vortex. This is already 1 second lower than Thrall of Wrath, and only 21 seconds longer than Contagion. In a "perfect scenario" edict, you can get off 7 vortexes (+1 vortex on a reduced CD after the edict ends) for a total of 8 vortex = 16 second cooldown reduction. This means that, in just the duration of the edict, you are only 7 seconds behind a Mystic's cooldowns. This is not including the additional vortexes you can throw outside of edict.

So mathematically Priests do stand an advantage in lower tier dungeons, cooldown wise.

Damn... I honestly always felt like tow gets off cd earlier than edict and is always ready for enrage a tad earlier, thanks for clarifying lmao

Maybe, ironically, the runs I'm in with my mystic are always slower so I was never able to compare it well :joy:
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Bullcrap. I'm a woman and while I don't advertise it in-game... My main is a high elf's male. (He's adorable! And yes my username is his character name.)

Women play MMOs too. Go figure. And there are men that play and don't want to be a little Elin as well.

The devs think only guys in their basements play games. That is why all the new jobs come out as female only. It's sexist to be honest.

I will almost always play as a male just because I want to. I literally NEVER considered Elins. If there was a male version I would have looked.
I want to respond, I really do.

With the game being over 6 years old, i think it's safe to say the beginning and old endgame are more than likely a afterthought as they toss out other things. Every MMO after a while glosses over it's old content in favor of the new so i can't truly say they would care about how fast people level 1 - 60 or even 1 - 65. The game is new to Console sure but since they just copying things over in chunks it would more or less end up the same, fly to 65 and grind.

I wouldn't say they were detrimental to players, it helped when people were stuck on servers with Tera-level population. WoW at it's best had 18 million people and now it's down to somewhere a bit under 5 million. The queues helped those diehards and people trying it out being able to find dungeons and get content going otherwise it would be ghost town central like it is for Tera on console when you get past 410 content and queues become non existent. There are tons of Private servers for the game all at specific patch points that people want. RaidenWoW was WoTLK and was shut down when it got too big, and thus those who wanted a progression vanilla server that was on Nostarius when it got massive exposure the same as such C&D from blizzard.

The reason i bring up the design of Tera is because it was only bought to the US/EU when numbers died down in Korea and they wanted to capitalize on the market since it got to release with nothing stopping it even though it went F2P within the year it got republished. Everything is just a port over so we aren't a big selling point. It's like Elin, they are super beyond popular on KTera so they end up getting special cosmetics and new classes all the time.

I may seem "jaded" for all it's worth but if you look at the other forums they archived, people have bought up issues and things they wanted and tried to champion causes for years and it was all for naught. I honestly think Tera releasing on Console is only because it's the "popular" thing to do for F2P games nowadays.

Okay, I can speak on the server merge definitely. What happens is the game already has automatic Channels, if one gets too full it just created more and phases people over and as an area gets less populated it removes channels and even will give you a message to join a more populated channel.

PC Server handling v Console server handling shouldn't be a issue as FFXIV is on the same servers and has eons more players in than Tera and in one location. and Planetside for all it's worth also has the same and DCUO. They all share and display everyone no issue, I don't think they made any servers specifically for PS4 to only have a specific limit of people.
> @Lhumierre said:
> KingBowie wrote: »
> > @Lhumierre said:
> > AkiraYatsu wrote: »
> >
> > Matchmaking takes long because there is always like 8732132456 DPS and maybe 200 Heals/Tanks.
> As a Priest it takes 20-30+ minutes for me to instant matchmake so I don't believe an inblanace is the reason. Every time I finally get a group it's me (Priest) and any combo of lancer/warrior/brawler yet it told me while I was waiting that there weren't any tanks?????
> I seriously hardly ever get qued (sp?) up with DPS classes. It's always me and a bunch of tanks. There's an occasional Archer but that's it.
> It should never take a heals longer than 5 mins to queue in a healthy MMO. 20+ 30+ is a sign of the community and population.

Agreed but the population on my PS4 server (Dracoloth) seems healthy. There's always appropriate leveled people standing by the dungeons.Theres almost always a medium-high eating on channels 1-3.

It just seems like the issue with matchmaking isn't necessarily a lack of people trying to que up, but rather a poorly designed system that isn't putting people together effectively.
I'm also from EU and played on NA for the longest time (early 2015 to late 2017), though I did switch back to EU TERA last December.
There were plenty of EU players on TR when I played, mainly migrated from TERA EU when GF was messing up the game bad. xD
He didn't disappear, just ran off to the teleportal while the quest icon stayed on the place where he stood when you fight the warrior chick.

Hi there, my name is Marie, I made my account with Steam so my username is all funny!!! I don't know how to change it.
Anyway, I'm here for art because I want cute stuff!!!

  • i can refuse any order for any reason whatsoever
  • i can take a maximum of 2 weeks to work on a piece but you will more often than not have it within 5-7 days
  • i require full payment up front and i will keep you in constant communication about your artwork
  • you can request progress shots at any time
  • rushing/deadlines are an extra fee
  • double the price in both gold and cash for multiple characters, i.e if something costs 10$ or 50k, it would be an extra 10$ or 50k per character

I follow the EMP purchase numbers!!
I use a 1 EMP : 50 Gold ratio
10$ - 1000 EMP
20$ - 2200 EMP
40$- 4600 EMP

paypal/EMP slots
1. -
2. -
3. -
5. -

gold slots
1. -
2. -
3. -
5. -

1.) Character Name:
2)Character ref: (front, back and sides)
3.) Character Info/Personality:
Find me in game on Celestial Hills!!!
They spawned yesterday, Giant crab BAMs that dropped the same amount of loot at roughly ~8:30 PM (EST)
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