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You can achieve 800 ARTISAN in a second profession but you can only master one.

only in a second profession? or could you get 1 master and get all the rest to artisan?

After you get a second artisan the take test option disappears for the rest of the professions.
Thank you!
Yamazuki wrote: »
(Of course, this may be why I don't work for a F2P gaming company; not greedy enough...)
Oddly enough, being less greedy actually creates a better game. League of Legends as a successful f2p game had extremely low money spent per player to the point larger devs+publishers like EA were laughing at Riot, even though none of them has been able to release a successful "Game as a service" yet.

Most publishers and developers are just forced into quarterly sales rather than long term gains, which causes features to be cut, early releases, and the over reliance on either pay to win, or excessive RNG.

Well, part of it is economies of scale too. You can afford a low spend/player when you have millions upon millions of players all the time. Even in the absolute best possible world, TERA can't reach those heights -- cost/player for an MMO is higher, and TERA itself is just way more niche. It's not entirely "if you build it, they will come" either, unfortunately -- even if they had made all the right decisions, TERA was never going to have that kind of reach.

That being said, I do think one of TERA's strengths traditionally has been one of the more fair F2P models in the MMO scene, and I just want to make sure that this gets preserved when the tendency could be to just overload Elite to the point where it feels "mandatory" for people.
Well i guess can give them some credit atleast the prizes this time are not bad some new items that are permanent, it's a step in the right direction I guess.
New meals don't work in a party: fish salad, moongourd pie...etc. It does not indicate in description to be exclusive to person
iirc it's always been that way.
Late reply, but there were multiple reports of this last night on Discord as well. The San Jose Zayo node was misbehaving. It seems like it resolved itself in time, but it was definitely annoying for those impacted. Guess we'll have to see if it happens again tonight.
Yeah for sure, but who cares no one has a voice here it's all about KR tera
They must not be that rare, although I haven't gotten any. Only going for 1500 on broker though.
I did find a lot outside of Bleackrock.
> @vkobe said:
> lol popo bait :3

I feel this is :o bait :3
To be honest, I had more success upgrading gear who's item exp WASN'T at 100%, so I don't think it actually matters.
I see I will check it out.
So long I do not play so ...
I second this, especially for guild quests where we gather and where can I find Azure essence??
That's a very pretty piece!
Add to this that bugged texture streaming (which permanently downgrades your textures for the whole session after being in a busy place once) is still a thing. The only workaround is to open settings and exiting it by clicking OK to see your textures return to normal.
Pretty sure it's called Sailorsuit. lmao
well im guess im need food from cooking artisan

im lost 3 Queen Salomon for quest :'(
The recent update now makes focus heal delayed. So if DPS are low asf, be ready to have a lot of delayed tickle heals
hi, I have a question! In this registration event, there is a reward of the Blue (Rare) version of Noctenium, it means that we can soon make the same as on the pc? :)
Name and shame so other players do not encounter what you have experienced. Don't give up though just find better people to play with.
Crafting has been simplified now to just a few designs. It was recommended to at least get 500 mastery first before the patch hit (for Smelting at least, idk others) since there was a lot of cheap fodders. Unlike now that you are really limited in both resources and on what to craft.
Login event 1 day travel atlas cannot be opened by both elite and non-elite players, cannot be banked, cannot be deleted.

AIHM cannot be reseted (cobalt already warned via discord) via scroll.

item claim stuck on loading and just fails to load.
Melyodis wrote: »
you can find them here as for a schedule our cm will have to give that info.

Thanks so much for the link. I'm a bit lost on Twitch, so this really helps.
> @Exortus said:
> JuuGaa wrote: »
> Hi,
> So today i Posted a request cause the item claim wasnt respondin and now its working again YaaaY
> But wait.... Why arent there any items for me to claim?
> I spend like 100 bugs on in Game Stuff like costumes and mounts and now there is NOTHING in My item claim?
> WTF where is the stuff i paid for?
> Can anyone help me pls
> Im so frustrated right now...
> I recommend sending a ticket: https://support.enmasse.com/tera

Yea ty i already did
I Hope they can fix it and i get all the Stuff i paid for.

Are Bugs like this happening more often? Or is sth like this more likely a rare bug?
Crafting is pretty much pointless atm on console (except Etching) since you can make Deathwrack gear and the ingot it requires at 0 skill level

On gear revamp, you will need to level Weaponsmithing to make Gold darics/plates and Armourcrafting (on an alt) for silver silgaos/Plates and Alchemy (on another alt) for gems like Emeralds/Diamonds to enchant higher end gear.
Thanks saru, saw it early. Now i just need you guide to complete AIHM =)
Sloppy seconds is looking for new to the game players ! Or just anyone that needs help with the game (: Let us show you the ropes and help you get to max! With this healing event early leveling is faster than ever. If you need any help at all send a request or msg through this thread (:
Hope I see you in the guild thread !(:
Happy holidays❄⛄
This is a terrible idea. We already have an alternative progression system implemented into the game, so what's the point of adding five more levels? There's an already established gearing system that has demanded hundreds of hours and in-game resources to complete; increasing the level cap will turn all of that gear obsolete and increase the mindless grind even further. It will also affect the already existing "endgame content" and create a series of issues.

If games like ESO, GW2, and SWTOR were to do something like that... there would be an uproar.
Gospodja wrote: »
And the implementation killed matching. It might be a good idea for lfg to work cross server somehow.

I agree with this. The implementation has definitely hurt matching, but pre mades had already started to grow in popularity especially due to the lack of knowledge in new dungeons. For example, in Kalivan's Challenge you could ignore the mechanics of the first boss and be fine. Now if you ignore them, you wipe. Not to mention the surprisingly large amount of players who are still unable to complete VHNM.
To be honest? i like the new etching system. Using powders to get what you want instead of leaving it to RNG. If you open a lot of etching boxes, you can dismantle the etchings you dont want, into powder, and exchange the powder for the etchings you want.
Gospodja wrote: »
Ok, so you are saying that this worldwide project has times, when support is not working and there is no single person to controll?

Also, they can request the full patch notes, not just basic descriptions.

Support handles the tickets. They do not patch the game. Support works weekends to handle those tickets.

They can request it, yes. But whether they receive it or not is the question.
Actually you can also take high-quality screenshot on computer for your game with FoneLab screen recorder.
It is easy to use and you can try to record gameplay screen with audio on windows or mac without lag.
Lucadiimm wrote: »
Hello! I had a problem when claiming an item after a purchase .. when I try to get it I get an error and says to try again later. how can I do??

It would appear that it is working now as this thread states: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/30169/purched-items-arent-shown-in-item-claim#latest If I am mistaken, then I apologize in advance.
If the items you purchased are not showing up in item claim, I'd send in a ticket: https://support.enmasse.com/tera
JuuGaa wrote: »
Im playing on PS4 and i purched some items in the store. But now i cant claim them cause everytime i try i get the msg above.
Does anyone Else experience this issue?
Or do anyone knows whats up with this and how to fix it?

It would appear that it is working now as this thread states: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/30169/purched-items-arent-shown-in-item-claim#latest If I am mistaken, then I apologize in advance.
If the items you purchased are not showing up in item claim, I'd send in a ticket: https://support.enmasse.com/tera
I'm legit shocked EME doesn't already have a response to this on the forums...
Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Luis.Kirito#9317
My character: Luis.Kirito
Luis.Kirito's Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Luis.Kirito#9317
My character: Luis.Kirito
Luis.Kirito's Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Luis.Kirito#9317

okay, maybe it's Real-time optimization, so I turned that down to 0... same thing. How does this game manage to run so terribly when it was made 4 or 5 hardware generations before I built this computer, anway?
lmfao? is that an actual joke
if you are a popo and fish with popo bait ... is there a chance your char will get eaten by fish?
In K-TERA they got a new version of Wintera that is a bit different (has a some battle royale elements in it), and its rewards are different. Our region still has the old version from last year, so it doesn't yet have these changes.

That is true, BUT last year's version of wintera gave a handful, like 1k belli, 250 killing spree credits. That was on top of having better rewards as jackpots and in the wintera token shop. This year's version is disappointing, even if you consider last year's rewards were potentially overdone.
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
By the way, guys, the talent drops aren't labeled as 'extra' or ultra rare. Its 'uncommon.' Whatever that means as I ddin't see any 'common' drops listed.

In the linked post it says:
Tiny Santas 12/01 to 12/26
LOOT TABLE 12/11 to 12/18: [loot table will change!]
Dyad Niveot Structure x 1 extra rare
Golden Talent x 12 extra rare
Silver Talent x 3 extra rare

That's where they got the extra rare from. It refers to chance to drop from the Tiny Santas.
I thought this was getting implemented with this patch....can you tell me when?
CW4G4FNCD7 wrote: »
What time are the servers supposed to be back up today?

Don't necro dead threads
LiamDahvis wrote: »
LiamDahvis wrote: »
LiamDahvis wrote: »
Gear EXP has nothing to do with why people left and took a break. They left because of the Proxy ban that has now been lifted. Also, Gear EXP is rather simple and I have yet to fail when my EXP is Capped. It even tells me I have a 100% Sucess rate because of my Gear EXP Overage. The only time gear exp is trash is when people try to Yolo their gear and enchant even when they know they don't have the gear exp then they complain and cry about using all their mats up.

Is your highest gear Twistshard? Because Frostmetal and beyond, 100% Exp does not grant you 100% success. Stormcry +0 at 100% only gives you about 33% if I recall correctly. That's pretty bull for such a grinding essential part of the game. Not to mention each fail gives you only about 2%...or something.

I'm in Frost because I'm not an Elitist and don't really care about Stormycry or Heroic Oath *shrug*

It's not a matter of being "elitist", it's just what you said was hugely incorrect. After you progress beyond Frostmetal, you'll start to question it I'm sure. After all you'll be using emerald and diamond to enchant. And it's not just one or two diamond, so it's a lot of resources for one try when as stated above, the Exp on gear is so irrelevant.

Only I'm in +5 Frost and has never failed on it. Always had 100% success rate never failed once. Sooo lol not incorrect for me at all.

What the hell are you even talking about? Frostmetal with capped item exp doesn't even have 100% success-rate LOL. Which is why I always said the BS with enhancement starts with frostmetal. Its a garbage set of gear that can be a pain in the [filtered] to enchant because of RNG. At best mine capped out at 60% success rate when I had managed to grind up full item exp. And you're only at +5? You're a joke. Stop coming on here and spewing false information.

What I think you mean is that you've been lucky and haven't had a single failure on your enhancements - that does NOT equate 100% success-rate. The fact that frostmetal, a garbage gear-set doesn't cap out at 100% success-rate for capped item exp is an insult. I remember failing too many times when enhancing my frostmetal it was utterly ridiculous.

And then when you finally manage to get to base stormcry you're still pretty much in garbage anyway until you enhance it all up to at least +8 and its even worse because the base success rate is only 31% WITH your item exp capped out. And even worse as you enhance it higher and higher that success chance steadily drops.

It really hurts the most on your weapon, because that crap is a resource [filtered]. Going for +9 it took me 93 plates, 4 diamonds, 6 elemental essences, 8 pansophics, 16 tools and 10 clasps. The plates, diamonds, and pansophic ashes were the killer materials wasted multiple times. And for me the most difficult material was the pansophic ash, with the elemental essence right behind it. Diamonds are super expensive and I crafted it all from scratch. Each failure was like a punch in the face until I FINALLY succeeded on the 7th try.

So yeah, the OP is right. Item exp is a joke, just like all of your responses to this thread.
D9MPY4GAFR wrote: »
They kick people with pve crystals, also pve names and pve glyphs... Also people with the [filtered] horse, so get a premium mount.
But usually how it works, you just have to be lucky to be on the sync que team.

Sync que team will kick you faster :^)
TJKat wrote: »
SageWindu wrote: »
Be that as it may, there's nothing to say that valks can't reach people of all races in the current age. The lore is flexible enough for it - hell, look at brawlers.

Besides, they're not like reapers who are literally anguish and vengeful rage personified.

Since when do classes have to be lore-compliant? Gunner arccannons channel power from the Core. Elins and Castanics can't access the Core's power, so shouldn't be able to be gunners. According to lore.

No one said that the classes had to be lore-compliant........
LizzyElune wrote: »
spung wrote: »
I'd rather have them decrease the spawn time than increase the keen drop, because that's whats holding me back from finishing faster as I cannot decrease that 30 min as I have to wait for spawns.

faster spawns or extra movement speed would be good to have, as i said in my opinion i spend more time moving to the next bam (or waiting respawn) than actually killing them, also 5 vgs in 15 mins with fm+2 ninja (on basilisks), its not as bad as i thought before doing it

now to answer @Shunkou

Im with spung but not because its doable or it would break economy, but because bams are too weak and it takes more time moving to the next bam than killing it

Are you reading forums at all? ... many times they posted this kind of thing you suggest is undoable because depends on BHS. What they can do to make it better to everyone is increase the drop rate, nothing more.
I am a new guild master how do I upload a new guild logo
Sometimes i can´t use Rapid Fire in a Combo by Holding the Button (After Radiant or Penetrating Arrow and Sequential Arrow). The Cooldown is ready!!!

Pls fix this.

Zoknahal wrote: »
Warframe has Fishing, and its pretty good.
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
The only thing I agree with concerning the OP's post is that BDO is the worst MMO in the market right now. A complete trash game. I quit playing that and started playing this again after a 4-year hiatus. That says a lot.

That being said, as others have already mentioned, I don't think they're copying that trash game; fishing is a common activity implemented in plenty of other games over the years including MMOs. I remember my favorite MMO from when I was a kid had it. Having a couple life-skills introduced into the game will never make it as trash-garbage as Black Desert, because Tera actually has content that you can do with or without other people.

Literally none of that is the point nor the point of the thread.

The point is TERA has many things going for it, it could benefit much more by working on those strengths as opposed to copying something that's in a ton of games already. I want to play TERA to hunt big [filtered] monsters, engage in flashy dungeons and play all the cool classes which still has one of the best if not the best combat in an mmo.

Body is 10 characters too short.
The hilarity ensued when i thought that i have a decent chance to get some alt up with frostmetal until the weapon got downgraded to +5 frostmetal..

I mean.. Nevermind...
What i am starting to see lately is some very well made mystic bots that mimic the human actions up to a certain extent ( i have followed the bots around in the battlegrounds out of curiosity ) and by that i mean that they do cap pyres or go inside sieges but they fail to heal players or themselves and because of that the bots have around 20% win rate with more or less 700ish rating.. But they farm oh so many credits which is pretty crazy for some bots to do in battlegrounds..

And there was another thing that i saw which was interesting.. IF we kicked one bot and gave it a battleground cooldown then another bot would come right after in the next game if the game that we played was too short ( we ended up knowing the name of the bots eventually .. ).

Of course, i thought about gathering some evidence and trying to report but i am not sure how far i would get with it.. And mainly because for a few days there was this ninja injecting through the CS gates all the time and many players said that they reported him with video recorded evidence.. Then i saw the ninja some days later doing CS as if nothing happened..
XTFW5JHP79 wrote: »
TeraNuibe wrote: »
XTFW5JHP79 wrote: »
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
Why would you even risk on any item that is above +6? IF you even tested the scrolls a little then you should have seen that especially for Stormcry.. they have a very high chance to fail ( expect to use 10 scrolls and get one enchant or maybe two if lucky at any level of Stormcry including +0 storm ).

I have ran a lot of tests and it seems that the chance to enchant a Stormcry Weapon is about 10% while around 15% for Storm Gloves? And given that the rare tanly boxes have Frostmetal scrolls mixed in there mixed with the login type event where we get a fixed amount of keys then... This event seems to aim more towards frostmetal than anything...

p.s. the scrolls that do not downgrade stormcry are super rare even from the rare box and they fail anyway..

because I did not know that the chance to degrade was HIGH, they did not say anything about it, and I only used 1 scroll to test thinking that it would be like the hammer that drop in the shadow sanguinary.

first that it should not even have a chance to degrade I have nothing against the new system of enchantment but it is very expensive to enchant a weapon with a mediocre chance of success and they put that crap to stuck me

well youve been warned on the tooltip about the degredation...if u wish for ur wep to not degrade then you should have used the rarest one which doesnt degrade ur item upon failure...i guess lesson learned that we must read first before doing stuff,,

dude I know the item had a chance to degrade, the point is I did not know the chance was so high, do you really think that if I knew I would have tried?

the most ridiculous thing that this company ever did was to have made this scroll available to use in the SC 5+ set

don't use chance as an excuse here is the same rng situation all you has to do is use it +5 simple you don't like it uninstall, the thing with rng is you could have had 100% chance to succeed it could still fail. so i don't get your point. They it could degrade after a +5 or +6 whatever even if the chance was high or low it would not make a difference BHS is still ebenezer scrooge it would fail still get that in your head.
Gospodja wrote: »
Well then the fame will die. Look at Bungie and their response rate, or any other MMO. If u want to keep ppl playing pls do fixes. You haven’t been able to fix feats, lags and game crashes in mass pvp during the whole year??? Seriously pushing hard.

As I said before, all they can do is provide BHS with feedback and push for fixes. BHS decides what they want to fix and when.They can push harder and harder and they still do not have the final decision. However, Bluehole has recently hired on a dev team specifically for Tera console so we will see how that plays out.
Hexxu wrote: »
Now they have dumped Kuma's and the BG's currently don't give anywhere near enough points for the mats 200000 for 1x Lady's Handkerchief ect
how the hell are we supposed to make T11 weapons now? am i missing something.

The materials to make Ambush drop very often from Demokron Factory (Hard), Kalivan's Dreadnaught, Bathysmal Rise, and Velik's Hold (Normal). Due to this, Ambush has become very easy to make.
Why are there spammed code posts Ll over the place in thread that have nothing to do with the actual sharing of codes or dead old thread
> @TakeshiKira said:
> ¡Hey, use my Buddy up Code for Amazing Rewards!
> My character: Takeshi.Kira
> Takeshi.Kira's Server: Velika
> BuddyUp Code: Takeshi.Kira#0470

This isn't a buddy up code thread and also an old dead dreaded up necro'd thread
  • Flying Skill: Royal Ghost Dragon
  • Village Atlas (Permanent)
  • Travel Journal (Permanent)
  • Flying Skill: Jetcycle MHZ
  • Flying Skill: Skycycle MHZ
  • Studio Style Smart Box (Hip Hop)
  • Jeans and Jacket Smart Box (Varsity)
  • Castanica Demons Smart Box
  • Care and Use of Your Pet Felicity
  • Dyeable Deep Jammers Box
  • Blackguard's Leathers Smart Box
  • Elite Status Voucher (90 Day)
  • Golden Noblesse Smart Box (Elleon Rare)
  • Purple Master Plasma Smart Box
  • Red Master Plasma Smart Box
EME is being lazy with localizations.

FWIW, it's actually a BHS issue -- they provide the English translations, and EME just localizes it after that. In this case, they changed it in Korean but never changed the English equivalent, hence it's broken.
EME BHS is being lazy with localizations.
¡Hey, use my Buddy up Code for Amazing Rewards!

My character: Takeshi.Kira
Takeshi.Kira's Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Takeshi.Kira#0470
¡Hey, use my Buddy up Code for Amazing Rewards!

My character: Takeshi.Kira
Takeshi.Kira's Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Takeshi.Kira#0470
¡Hey, use my Buddy up Code for Amazing Rewards!

My character: Takeshi.Kira
Takeshi.Kira's Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Takeshi.Kira#0470

Hey hey! I'm SugarEnvy, but go ahead and call me Sugar.
Last time I was on these forums was a couple years ago, I figured now might be a good time to come back!
I've improved a lot since I was last here, so I hope you guys like the changes!
Just like last time, I'll be offering chibi art commissions, but the main thing this time will be a YCH!


Please note that I launched these about a week and a half ago on other platforms, so I won't be adjusting prices specifically for here!




ETA OF HOW LONG I TAKE : Up to 1-2 weeks, but typically if I'm not busy after taking your payment I would start on it the same night.
WHAT I WILL DRAW : Elins, Castanics, Humans, High Elves, Amani (maybe) - SFW - OC's of yours or your friends from other games (FFXIV, WoW, ect), ask if you aren't sure!
WHAT I WON'T DRAW : NSFW, Popori, Complicated armor
PAYMENT METHODS : Paypal Invoice, Trading gold / valuables in Velika.
* NOTE - I take full payment before I start any work, this is to avoid having people run off with finished art work without paying anything.

Not interested in any of the YCH poses?
That's alright! They're not in everyone's taste!
But if you're still interested in getting art from me, it would be an additional $10+ USD / 150k gold added onto the prices above!

I also have another method you can pay for these - with costumes and such!
(Current market prices of the item will be whats deducted from the gold commission price)
Please note, though, I won't automatically accept everything offered!
I'll include a list of stuff I'm interested in, so please feel free to take a look around!
Chromaplasm Weapon Skins
Master plasma Weapon Skins (Any colour)

Bone Dragon Mounts (Ultrafury, Nightfury, Bonefury, Astrafury, Ashfury)
Peep Mount
Flying Wolf Mounts (not the mechanical ones)
Cat Mounts
Stormscale Mount
Gloomwing / Gloomscale Mount
Royal Ghost Dragon Mount

Volcanic Weapon Skins + Armor
Arctic Weapon Skins + Armor
Dyeable Bewitching Elin Costume
Dyeable Asian Silk Dress (Elin or Castanic)
Elin Dyeable HYDRATH Uniform
Elin Dyeable Frost Suit
Dyeable Rogue's Garb
Blackguard's Leathers (Elin)
Dyeable Pixie Princess Costume (Elin) + Wings
Pixie Princess Costume (Elin) + Wings
Starglow Costume
Eldritch Academy Uniforms (Charcoal or Ivory)
Jeans and Jacket (Elin or Castanic F / M)
Dyeable Flight Suit (Elin or Castanic F)

Black Ramen Cap
Seafood Stew Cap
Blue Ribbon
Black Bow
Ebon or Ruby Fascinator
Chrysanthemum's (Any colour)
Angelic Head-wings
Frostspun Flower
Golden Antler Hairband

Fur Coats (Black or White)
Capes (Veteran's, Captain's, Officer's, Noble's, General's)
Frosty Mantle of Indifference
Diabolic Wings
Angelic Wings
Cheery Winter Scarf
Snowy Winter Scarf

Don't see anything on this list that you have, but still want to offer something? Let me know!

If you're interested, please message me in one of the following places:

Finished commissions will be posted in a new comment here!
Most likely reason is that it's blocked from talking to the patch server. Someone mentioned something like this on Discord recently and they said it was being blocked by their anti-virus for some reason. If that's the case, I would send in a ticket with info about your AV brand so they can try to get it worked out.
Vulcarion wrote: »
spung wrote: »
McOnosRep wrote: »
Vulcarion wrote: »

4. All talent-type (talents, darics/siglos, plates) recipes will change to craft at a rate of 5 to 3 instead of 2 to 1. However, it seems each individual craft might take longer?.

I couldn't find this in the guide but maybe my search skills suck. But if true isn't a ratio of 5/3 WORSE than the current deal of 2:1?

No, its better by a fraction of 0.4
I believe crits were removed in the process making it slightly worse considering crits were set at 8%. But in the long run is better overall. Now you just need more to craft more since you cannot craft with 3 or 4.

No I dont think crits were removed from those recipes actually. So it's literally only a positive, EXCEPT for the fact that, supposedly, it takes longer per craft and also... the recipes may possibly have more expensive artisan refining kit ratios. Kinda hard to find these very specific details, probably just wait and see on Tuesday :3

Crits weren't removed, but they stayed the same; 2 extra plates. As in, you get 5 instead of 3 after patch, and 3 instead of 1 atm. And since we're gonna do a much lower number of total crafts, this was actually a huge nerf, since we won't be getting nearly as many crits. Unless they boost the crit rate to balance that out, it'll be considerably worse to craft plates after this patch.
On Tuesday, December 11, we'll be taking the TERA servers for Xbox One and PlayStation®4 in Europe down 02:00 UTC for scheduled maintenance. We expect the downtime to be two hours.

This is a hardware maintenance only. There are no software changes to note.
> @LiamDahvis said:
> yuxz wrote: »
> Is my daily entry consumed if I drop as soon as we enter the dungeon, before starting the first fight? Sometimes I just know we are not gonna make it by checking all party members' gears.
> Only that's a really dumb theory because I've seen people in Heroic and Stormcry completely wipe in rk9 lol. Gear's don't matter as long as a player knows what they are doing. So stupid to have the mentality of Good Gear=Good Plays. I saw a ninja in full storm cry barely able to do 600k dps in RK9 where I'm in frost and do 1.5 mil.

I agree!!

It is VERY obvious when people buy their gears, especially on 439 runs because they are floormats and/or cannot hold agro against FM dps...

It is very amusing when you see +7,+8 or +9 SC's die to first or second boss in RMNM..

The best way to tell if the person bought their gear is inspect their dungeon clears or inspect their jewelry exp.
Hello all. My pc specs are :
CPU AMD FX 8300 3,3

I have problem with FPS rate and cant play pvp. I have display settings near zero and even then i cant see nothing else but shadows.
Should i buy new mainboard and ryzen cpu?
Kharllos wrote: »
I'm very disappointed, my skills fail, my ping is so high now.. what's the problem EME ??

If you could post your traceroute at the moment, it would help to identify where the problem is. I saw one from someone who right now was having their connection routed all the way through Europe and back by the intermediary providers, so it might be that's happening to you too.

yes and its still happening.......for once i would agree with switching from zayo as atleast with savvis i had constant 110ms not 190-210ms....

There's an issue where even if you have 120 ST to iframe once (since 180-30-30=120 ST), you cannot iframe. ST consumption is still 150 ST, so if you iframe at 180 ST, you have 30 ST remaining.

This issue persists without Backstep's Energetic Backstep glyph, where you require 180 ST to iframe once, even though the ST required is 180-30=150 ST, where 30 ST reduction is from Seasoned passive.
Moday December 10th through Thursday December 13th is sole qur skyring 3s jackpots! 1 win = box plus jackpot item. A win usually bags you 5k gold in items and up with high chances of dyab niviot strictures. They might be smart DNS i dont remember
spung wrote: »
Data sniffing is a serious issue in this game. They couldn't even hide world boss spawns, what makes you sure they could hide something like health ? Perhaps even a simple tool like DPS meter could pull something like this off the bat. Its a failure before they even release it.
If it's the case where the field boss monsters spawn like the current monsters and function likewise, then it is pretty much impossible to hide HP. nonetheless, i'm sure DPS meter developers will not and should not implement an HP bar for them. the developers of shinrameter aren't trying to make a packet sniffing program so that people can exploit the game. that said, i'm sure people will eventually be able to predict the boss' HP through data analysis.
Are you still active?
The santa outfits are from the winter gifts, the snowbelle was sold in the store and came out last year, and the scarves were from Wintera, which is an event starting soon. I don't know if they will still be prizes, but I hope the scarves will be available someway. I'd love to get the white scarves for all of my alts.
I'm definitely down for the first two points, I've ran 139 glsh & 138 glsn so far, and I've only gotten two amp 2's and even after all these runs I've only got 39 coins, not even close to buy an amp2. And as for t4 etches well they aren't even considerable whatsoever
The amount of points that you get per match are ridiculous, they need to fix this.
So the gems you mean are the dailies or other rewards ones (ruby, diamond, etc.) not the ones you put in your gear.

The ones that go in your gear pile up and take up way too much space.

I meant the gems (rubies, diamonds, etc.). You get a bunch of them as rewards for leveling, for the event.

I think you are talking about crystals (the things that augment your armor and weapon). Personally, I either destroy my old crystals when I get too high level for them, or I list them in the Trade broker for just 1 copper each (00.00.01), in case someone else can use them. They don't sell for much, because everyone gets so many naturally, just leveling up.
i just want new more events
Your problem is that it searching for the version and it can't find that version.
I did start Corsairs last week, but it took massive involvement from my side to make ppl follow me. The Jackpot was t11, lags and freezes, so basically only my charisma and hard spam everywhere helped to run it. And nothing was given to ppl of their fault not switching drop. And all they do is just “sorry”. If they want me to bring BG’s back, i’ll Have to see improvements from their side, not removing rewards(150 Killing spree???), not removing pre-maids. Does not help! But removing bugs and lags and participating in game life. Develop better communication with Bluehole then if can not handle situation right now. Be on players side, at least this time, not on greedy wallet side!
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Du hast Mango vergessen! xD

Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Fraves#8652

If you're looking for a group to go to rally bam with let me know!
Limited spots available. When they fill they don't open until someme drops off! ! Ilvl 420+ please ;)
Excuse me..that was a lot to type out by phone. I'm sure there is some bad mis spell checks and few grammar. However, I'm too lazy to proof read.
I would be curious about the OP's thoughts on how much easier it is for PVP players to get elemental essences than it is for PVE players. @metagame is correct, that additional cool down for FWC will mean nothing.
I am finally publicly accepting commissions! I do most commissions for TERA players; however, I am willing to draw other things outside of the game. From drawing your OCs to drawing your main in an MMO; I'll do my best to make them as good as possible!

No elin swimwear OF ANY KIND
No elin devilicious costumes

*My work usually takes about a day to complete, unless it's a big project which could possible go into the next day. Due to my never-ending burn for drawing, I take about a MAX OF 3 DAYS TO COMPLETE ONE TO TWO DRAWING(S).

*How it works: You request what you want via pricing info in docs, I will create a free sketch and see if YOU like it. If you do, you may pay me via Venmo (or in game gold). If you don't, I will make changes to the sketch until it is approved. You are also given the option to cancel. There are no refunds AFTER the sketch has been approved. You cannot cancel when a drawing in process.

*When making a request, please send in as many references as you can. I will DM you if I require more for a more accurate drawing.

*In discord, I let my status notify people if I am drawing their commission or not: https://i.imgur.com/Tl19FDF.png

*Do not be discouraged when asking for multiple characters in a drawing. I DRAW A LOT and it will not bother me if I have to draw up to 5-10 characters at a time. (However, please note that the more characters, the more expensive and the more time it'll take to complete the drawing.)

*I don't make any wish lists, but hey, if anyone has a 2.0 Battle Birdy, I'll be happy to take that off your hands :D


Pricing and Art work Information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tdgXU-DKTEcOgtwpVimhaTsu26XZqbJUmdJeX-IPnpM/edit?usp=sharing

Some Art Previews (Same ones in the doc)

'Moe': ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

USD Payment Methods:
There's only one, download Venmo (mobile paypal)

USD and converting it to TERA gold:
$5 = 75k
$10 = 150k
$20 = 250k
$30 = 350k
For example, if I wanted a Moe Commission with a background ($15 USD), I would have to pay 175k in tera gold. ($10 + $5 = 150k + 75k = 225k).

Drawing weapons will be $45 or 675k EXTRA. (Just to discourage people into making me draw them qq)

However, if I have to draw weapons, I will not draw any of the following weapon skins:
Lady Tanly Gantlets

If you like my work, please don't hesitate to contact me via discord @ Edini#0564 if you're interested about my commissions.
Or hell, if you don't want to just check out my deviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/absolutini

Thank you for reading~ <3
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@seraphinush You didn't address the main issue I have pointed out. How far can BHS push the gap between the difficulty of obtaining gear. Lets say +6 BiS in the next 4 months... where will Stormcry stand in terms of efficiency, or better yet, Frost. Even though we entered the second year of having the SAME gearing sets, the difficulty curve to craft inferior gear remains the same.

Creating much worse disparity between gear than the old system. The game will never see the light of next year.
I think i already have -- obviously i have no idea what BHS wants to do but the direction that i think they're going is exactly what i said, which is making it easier for players to enchant overall by eg. decreasing enchanting cost, increasing enchanting material drop in dungeons, etc. making changes to metamorphic token shop is counter-intuitive to me that a developers who want players to run dungeons to make it easier to gear by simply buying enchanting material boxes off the trade broker rather than running dungeons. i get that it's frustrating that gear gap certainly exists as i'm also one of the bottom feeders, but i just don't see metamorphic token shop is the way to address this.
aww i missed it
I wonder how this will effect +15 deathwrack sellers.
could someone please clean up the cluttered lfgs on the servers? people are bugging them so their lfg stays up even when offline and no one is in party, quite annoying to me tbh.
The level 65 characters will have a 24-hour deletion timer if you try to delete them. Within that timer window, you can login to the game on one of the other characters. So, one thing you can do is to set one of the 65s to deletion temporarily, enter on your level 10, remove the item from brokerage, and then go back to restore the level 65 and delete the level 10. You could also in that process check your bank (etc.) to see if you have a character slot and use it so you could keep the level 10 as well.
The new items in the bg shop have ridiculous prices and dont even make sense. You pay 200k for a FULLY made ambush part or can buy a SINGLE hypnotic powder/envy crystal for 56k

The maths behind this is totally messed up lets use the weapon you need 20 hypnotic powders which would be 1,120,000 credits. You can buy the whole set for 1mil credits and thats not including needing envy crystals. Like there is actually no point in thinking about buying hypnotics or any actual material same goes for misery you expect people to grind 130k when they can just grind 70k more and have ambush?

Not only that people gain under 100 credits per game from battle grounds and skyring which is 3 days of the week awards you 0 credits only 150 reputation for both shops? How do you expect people to grind such stupid numbers without the means our guild sat in gridiron que today for a hour before giving up. The only day we managed to fully fill any 10/15 person bg was the day of the mat change to t12 mats since then nobody bothers besides winter when it came out
Fixed an issue where using Wintera scarves caused a client crash.
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