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double rolled full set of PvP and PvE dyads inbox Blanka in game
Stil on sale
WTS +9 Stormcry Slayer Sword / Will trade for +7, 8, or 9 Warrior swords and Gold
Message here or Parcel Ordinal in game
Kirche wrote: »
Item XP disappears when you liberate it.
Item XP disappears when you liberate it.
WTB Ninja weapon any server, possibly +7/8 gear, please leave a message or contact me on discord: Aerina#7138. Thanks!
WTS warrior Full SC 8/8/8/8 set, Slayer sc+7 weapon

Full exp on warr set, weapon at 35%.

Mail me on forum or in game (ign: Shadow.of.Arborea or Lenakaeia) for offer in gold (plz search TB first for price history).

Only 2 weapons left, get em before they gone.
I don't have gold but I can give you something off the emp store for it. I'll give you an emp amount that most other weapon skins are around, but we can negotiate that further.

Respond to this post if you happen to have the Steam Powered weapon skin and would like to sell it, thank you.

Selling +7 Valkyrie weapon and chest. Open to trading for SC gear for Berserker or DW weap/gloves + gold or certain items as well.

Contact me at discord: bubblegum#8822 or in-game on Slowed, Hyesun, Merival
Still selling 3 vm 9 (SC+2) weapons
asking 400k, not on broker message me here

i will sell only 1, you can pick either bonefury or nightfury
asking 400k, not on broker message me here
Looking to sell, post offers here or in game to Angel
+15 Addleblade (Slayer)
+15 Gulfmoon (Valkyrie)
+15 Strevortex (Sorcerer)
+15 Deathscythes (Reaper)

Selling +7 SC Ninja weapon. Can re-etch if desired. Contact me in-game on Slow or Hyesun or on discord bubblegum#8822

Possibly interested in trading for Reaper scythes or Berserker axe. Possibly DW+15 axe + gloves or DW+15 Warrior swords + gloves as well.
WTS or Trade +7 Warrior Weapon for Glaive.
WTS +7 SC Warrior Armor / +7 SC Cloth Gloves & Boots
Comment here or PM /Parcel in-game: Sohle
As the title says, i have a +7 bow for sale for only 600k (which is the cheapest on broker) OR you can parcel/pm me your offers.

My name in game is Jason / Wires .
/w or parcel Cysteine !
u still selling?
Like title says. WTS/WTT +7 Stormcry Archer Set for Ninja Set. I can change the current etchings to whatever etching of your choice. Preferably better to contact me through discord/DM me your price/offer. Pichu#8980

Still on sale ! You can also parcel or pm "Ayukoo" .
WTS Slayer weap +7 650k+ lib or 680k (already lib) energetic iii double roll (pve and pvp)
WTS Slayer chest +7 600k + lib or 630k (already lib) grounded iii double roll (pve and pvp)
WTS Gloves and boots sc +7 (Warrior,slayer, valk or reaper) 550k + lib or 580k (gloves energetic iii and boots grounded iii)

Accept offers here or ingame (Hakky)
Parcel Sohle or commemt here. Also selling Prismatronic Smartbox.
Selling Stormcry +7 Warrior Weapon (etching IV)

Leave comment here or pm me here, ty :)
WTB Footsteps: Snowflake Penguin
The price is logical, no overpriceing
still selling
add me on discord first if it says you can't find me, or join the EME discord
Offer me ingame. Degeneracy
I have Ninja fullset +9, dual rolls + full t4 etchings, can consider to trade with +7/8 valk gear if you add gold. Also can sell/trade separate parts.
Contact me on Discord Ready#8703 or DM me please, most likely will ignore any comment leaves on this post.
PM or Parcel ingame - Sohle
I'll put in the liberation scroll, prices are 750k for the lance and 350k for the axe, can negotiate (:

My IGN is Blockable , make sure to parcel me instead of trying to whisper, or hmu in the forums, thanks~
just like title said, i have 2 flying suit smart box so.

IGN: Sky.Dng
will trade +8 mystic gear or buy with gold msg me
I want Stormcry Shoes +7 in MT
Hi ,

Looking to buy Thunderbolt or Hertz on Tempest Reach.
WTB> Keylock Rings 2 pcs
IGN: Kyoko.Masamune
Will buy bulk. /w hoofoo or mail in game ill get back to you asap. Thanks!
i have a bit of emp i wanna get rid of
can do any server, full +8 mystic gear and full +7 priest gear, msg me offers
+7 SC Lance Tier 4 Energetic - Price is 750k (Negotiable)
PM > Gosul or Satsukimi
Discord > Hiro#9047
Pm message me in game:Vinjoker, or skype:vinjoker1
Tier4 energetics. dyads serious offers please thanks!

/w hoofoo in game.
Tier4 engergetics. dyads serious offers please thanks!

/w hoofoo in game.
Would like to sell my SC+2 Valkyrie Weapon for 320K or Trade for SC+2 Zerk Weapon

Mail Armlet if u have any questions! :)
wrong discord number
I would like to buy these headphones. Message me here if you have one that you would like to sell. I can straight buy for gold or a pop superstar costume box + gold.
Custom SC +2 gear (weapon, chest, boots, gloves) for any class. You will be buying a +15 deathwrack which is convertible to a SC+2 item.

Weapon: 350k
Chest: 275k
Boots: 200k
Gloves: 200k

PM/parcel in game: Corvi.Rei or DM here in forums.

+9 Stormcry Secepter
dual rolled, Etching Energetic IV

first set of rolls - healing rolls:
x2 7.2% cdr, 6% healing, 4.5% attack speed, 14 crit factor

second set of rolls - dps rolls:
x2 7.2% cdr, enrage damage, flat damage, 14 crit factor

price: 1.7m

+9 Stormcry Sleeves
dual rolled, Etching Energetic IV

first set of rolls - healing rolls:
12% endurance, 6% healing, 2.5% attack speed

second set of rolls - dps rolls:
9 crit factor, 5 power, 2.5% attack speed

price: 1.2m

+9 Stormcry Shoes
Etching Grounded IV

4 endurance, 6% movement speed, MP replenishment

price: 1.2m

+7 Stormcry Disc
Dual rolls, Etching Energetic IV

first set of rolls:
x2 enrage damage, flat damage, behind damage, 7.2% cdr

second set of rolls:
x2 7.2% cdr, enrage damage, flat damage, behind damage

price: 700k

PM Meraki in game or DM meraki#9163 if interested.
Have a nice day!
mail/pm Princess.Sparkles on CH

Have warrior Stormcry+7 chest/boots/gloves 4sale too.
Buy piece by piece 500k for armor and weapon 600k or full set 2mil.
Parcel - Aearies
send me a offer in pm or parcel - zinzent
Selling archer stormcry +7 bow or Trade for 2.0 dragon mount + gold
Parcel Pervi in-game
WTB> Inner Armor crit +20
Whisper price here or ingame: Kristin.Danielle
250k for 5 vouchers please pm me. Ty
Want to sell Tradeable +15 Deathwrack Valk weapon, upgrades to storm +2. Pm me
also buying +7 stormcry axe
buying golden gift boxes for 70k each, any server. Message me on forums OR add kamizuma#8312 on discord to set up trade. Can pay with gold on ANY server.
Want to buy Brawler +7 SC weapon. PM me price or in game.

ign: Nawmean
Parcel Dabang to make offer.

+8 Weapon +7 rest for brawler
+8 Weapon, +8 Chest, +7 rest for valkyrie
30k each or 75k for 3.

PM here or in game (Corvi.Rei)
Ign : Heruvim

I'm looking for someone that wants my Housekeeper Outfit for their Cutie Star Outfit. c:
You can reach me on Arikha and Naerumi most of the time.
WTS or trade Cloth Gloves, equivalent to +2 Stormcry when converted, for Leather. WTS Elin Dyeable Snowbelle suit and Cathodyne Arccannon (gunners).
PM or via Parcel "Aearies"
Hello all!
On Tempest Reach, I'm selling the names
1. Fog - only gold offer/willing to nego
2. Yano - 140k
3. Raindrops - 90k
4. Sunshines - 90k
5. Indiana - 300k
6. Dew - only gold offer/willing to nego
7. Hox - 220k
8. Showers - 90k
9. Memu - 50k
10. Talks - 60k
11. Pawprints - 90k
12. Hoppie - 25k
13. Puppit - 25k
14. Parties - 75k
15. Ballets - 75k

Please offer on any name and I am willing to nego. Send me a PM or comment on post.
I'll also accept items on my wishlist if they match up to the price of the names. I will accept multiples.

1. Airy Aurora
2. Elin Summer Wrap
3. Elin dyeable snowbelle
4. Buffalo bear
5. Dyeable arin
6. Golden plates & darics & emeralds & diamonds
7. 2017 Elin dyeable maid costume & elin emote
8. Elin Settle emote & peace emote
9. Elin Triple T elin uniform
10. Parlor & Chamber maid costumes
WTS Obsidian Dragon Wings 17K

Tempest Reach
PM Kardax
Pm Desynccc or mail in game.
I'm looking for a frostsilk dress box. I'm practically broke, so I can't put things on the broker or buy it on the broker. But, I do have:
Red Plasma Smart Box
Blue Master Plasma Smart Box
Cromaplasm Smart Box
Deep Blue Jammers Box
So if you want to trade, reply here or pm Lilly.Sorcerer on FF.
Server : Celestial Hills

First pm, first win! Let me know so I can log in to the game, otherwise just go and get it from Broker if you don't want to wait.
bumping for later
Anyone selling?
PM Hitomi.Hishihara
or just sell it on broker, I check broker from time to time. thanks <3
Whisper or msg to Is.Ice / Bunny.Clyde / White.Blend
Or make offers here
WTS Dyeable Princess Arin's Maid Uniform

IGN: Kiciunia

dont offer less than 800k
message me here or parcel me ign: Chachee
WTS Necklace Keen IV Etching Design

IGN: En.Dere

Pm, or mail me

I want to buy a Deathwrack Brawler chest. please send me a pm with price
pteryx 350k
azure 90k

- not willing to pay more, so pm me if you sell at this price.
Negotiable price - pm Caelestis.Nova (parcel if offline so I can check message)

~Costume Sets
Bronze Bikini Smart Box
Dyeable Elin Spring Shower Raincoat
Swagger into Gothic (Smart Box + Aubergine topper)
Medley of Gothic Rapture Bundle (Elin Costume + Bonnet)
Elegant Glide into Gothic Rapture Bundle (Smart Box + Bonnet)
Popo Rascal Bundle
Popo Bunny Bundle
Popo Panda Bundle
Popo Kitty Bundle
Varsity Blue Dogs Smart Box
Smart Uniform Smart Box
Conjurers Costume Smart Box
Headliner's Costume Smart Box
Sharp-Dressed Bird Box + Penguin Topper

Blue Frames
Wind-Up Key
Black Horn-Rimmed Glasses
Qew wrote: »
[Tempest Reach]
Custom Deathwrack +15 (Stormcry +2)
- Deathwrack +15 Weapon 350k ea
- Deathwrack +15 Armor 300k ea
Warrior Stormcry +7 Set

[Mount Tyrannas]
+15 Pockmarker
+15 Rattlemaster
+15 Gulfmoon
+15 Plugsmil

Hi, I'm interested in a weapon vm9 of brawle and valky what's your nick in the tr?
Double enrage rolls, etching Energetic IV.
Parcel Dth in game if interested.
please lemme know price!
(also lf red plasma/ red master plasma shuriken if i can't afford :'D)

post here or message himineko if you're selling any >w<
Pm or mail Desyncc/Desynccc ingame for more info.
WTB Design: Golden Plate. Offering 90k. /w or parcel Lilith.Astrid. Thank you.
We can negotiate prices
Reply here or message me in game (Breakerxx.Nex) o/
1300 gold each! Whisper Ani , leave a comment, ot parcel! ^^/
Updated price to meet market demand.

3 brooches already sold :grin:
taking offers~
Title says it all. Parcel/whisper Gengar.
Qew wrote: »
The gear I sell is not awakened because awakening is removed this patch. It has the same stats as the awakened +15 one and can be converted into stormcry +2.
Gavin33361 wrote: »
Are you selling awakened +15 gear?

awakened has mw bonus so there is actually a stats difference. I'm looking for an awakened one for min-max purposes.

Either the box or elin version please and ty!
150k! ^^/
Gavin33361 wrote: »
Are you selling awakened +15 gear?

Awakened is obsolete
Natthan wrote: »
Hey bro, can you help me please? I WTT my Priest VM9 Chest +15 for Mystic VM9 Chest +15, do you want a deal?

The gear I sell is not awakened because awakening is removed this patch. It has the same stats as the awakened +15 one and can be converted into stormcry +2.
Gavin33361 wrote: »
Are you selling awakened +15 gear?

Are you selling awakened +15 gear?
Hey bro, can you help me please? I WTT my Priest VM9 Chest +15 for Mystic VM9 Chest +15, do you want a deal?
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