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Elin Black Cat Club
Seren's Night School Dyeable Uniform
Elin Cutie Star Shopping Spree Box
Dyeable Striped Bikini Box
Vesel's Rememberance
Ladies' Track and Field Locker

Parcel or whisper Shinsoo on KT.
iceKyubii wrote: »
Hello! Interested in purchasing from you. Your discord doesn't seem to work. Is there another?

it should work, make sure lowercase "k" for kamizuma#8312

alternatively, what's your discord? I'll message you
Hello! Interested in purchasing from you. Your discord doesn't seem to work. Is there another?
buying at 1:65 (11/27/2018)
WGEM573TEA wrote: »
do you have bow +9 in velika or have it at all ?

no bows left sorry
buying at 1:135 for BLACK FRIDAY
Looking for someone to trade even up thanks message me in game Kaatshiima
Full Tier 4 (BiS) Pumped accessory etching. 1 neck, 1 belt, 2 ring, 2 earring.
pm for offer
Can transfer to Kaitor or velika.
Selling for Mystic +9 SC set. 4.8 mil gold total.

Also selling full Tier 4 (BiS) Pumped accessory etching. 1 neck, 1 belt, 2 ring, 2 earring.

pm for offer pls.
do you have bow +9 in velika or have it at all ?
+9 Sorc Robe
+9 Sleeves
+9 Shoes

+7 Arcannon.

Cost Cheaper than the norm so grab it while its still available.
If you still need zerk axe, I am still selling~
Still stands~
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
Do you have +9SC Axe or Gun on Velika Server?

hey if you're still looking for one, yeah i have 2 +9 axes on velika
Axe +9
Chest +8
Gloves +9
Boots +9

Gives discount if provided liberation scroll

Discord : Elye#2450
Or send me a message here.
PM if you have it.


p.s. also looking for a gunner weapon
Do you have +9SC Axe or Gun on Velika Server?
ohh i see i see.. thnx for the rply...
PD6AX3WYRY wrote: »
does sc greatsword still available TR server??

hi I think i sold the +9 sword a while ago. I only have a +7 slayer weapon on the new pvp server now if i remember correctly :(
does sc greatsword still available TR server??
WTB SC+9 Slayer Weap TR Server...Asap
WTB 50-100mil gold serious offer here. DM me on discord: HeroKillerStain#8208
Or on forum...
WTB Warrior gear: Stormcry +9 leather set, Duals Stormcry ++ dm me on the forum or on discord: DORION#8208
Already liberated
pm/negotiate Mesmer
trading my CH gold for your gold on ANY other server. Looking to swap ~200 mil of my CH gold for any other server gold. Message on forums or kamizuma#8312 on discord!
buying at 1:70 (8/25/2018)
/w Szal
buying at 1:68 (8/12/18)
 [TR] WTB SWAT Cap 08/11/2018, 04:39 PM Felwinter
Please mail in-game to Sturme. I would like the cap.
As the title states selling +7 sc boots and archer cuirass, have them listed in the broker. If interested please attempt to whisper or send a parcel with your offer to Briezie, ty!!
Shoes: grounded IV etching

Sleeves: energetic IV etching, dps and heal rolls

both already liberated

900k each or offer
Update 2018.08.09
buying at 1:65 still (8/8/18)
All items are currently on the broker -- check for price

  • Arctic Bomber Box
  • Castanic Demons Smart Box
  • Dress For Success Costume Box
  • Fast Summer Fun Swimwear * 2
  • Fright Night Box
  • Frostsilk Dress Box
  • Rare Summer Fun Swimwear
  • Rodeo Roundup Pack
  • Ultimate Power Accessory Box

  • Fit and Fine Smart Box
  • Sinestral Subjects Smart Box * 3
  • Study Hard Smart Box
  • Study Session Smart Box * 2
  • Sunday School Smart Box

  • Care and Use of Your Hello Kitty Pet Precious
  • Care and Use of Your Hello Kitty Pet Teacup
  • Care and Use of Your Pet Crimsette
  • Premium Alkahest * 10,000
  • Riding Skill: Shadowmare
selling the following on MT:



selling the following on TR:



accepting gold/items/emp. message on forums or discord (kamizuma#8312) if interested!
 [MT] WTS SET SC +7 07/19/2018, 01:49 AM Viticks
WTS Brawler chest sc +7 850k
Stormcry gauntles +7 650k
Stormcry greaves +7 630k
All etching iv (U CHOOSE) and liberated !
Still looking
message Blanka in game

 [MT] wts +7 cloth boots 07/13/2018, 01:26 AM Rio95
t4 etching add 'Ninga' in game
Message me here or in game (Nerfed).
Discord: Nero#7827
as ^Title suggests. Discord: Completo#0929
I'd like to buy a +15 Pockmarker lancer weapon on Tempest Reach.
Ingame name: Nightsongg
Pink Wreath - 85k
Plucky Princess Wand - 65k

The Pink Wreath and the Plucky Princess Wand prices are 15k cheaper and 10k cheaper than the last brokered sale, respectively. Post in the thread or PM Not.Healing in-game.
No individual sales (yet)
Looking to sell all 4 pieces at once
PM price for all 4 pieces
1 starglow wepaon left

edit : added bonefury mount.
This is what the mount looks like
If you're interested, message Tooi on the MT server and I'll get back to you.
I can work something out in regards to other servers.
As far as I can tell, there should be a limited amount of these left as it was from a one time event and extremely hard to get.
WTB Makin' waves smart box

pm me here on the forums or on discord; Jiva#0645 and tell me your asking price, thanks!
hi I am buying emp on all servers (need LOTS). Message on forums or kamizuma#8312 on discord if selling (include server).

Current Rate (as of 7/2) --> 1:80.
PM if interested.

As the title says. Whisper Nyoran IG ~
title,i want some nice costume/weapon skin or consumables (silver/gold talent,rubies,emerals etc)

pm in-game to truppo or bighandscrithard

price 350k each.

Pink glasses 20K or best offer [price negotiable]
Tortoise Shell-Brow Glasses 25K [price negotiable]

In game whisper me to negotiate, IGN is "Sky"
Pm Isegard or Keranis if you have one for sell . If not online please send parcel instead and I will answer you asap . Thank you very much .
pm me inforum, ingame (Hakky) or in discord Hakky#1227
Weapon SOLD
hey there,as the title say,i want to buy +24 inner crit and 30/90 elite voucher.

post here or in-game /w misumo
Send a parcel to Satan or Knuckles if you're interested! Shoot your offers and I'll respond to them!
I have on my store to sell
Stormcry sword +9 (Double roll) energetic iv = 1,8m
Stormcry chest +8 (Double roll) grounded iv = 1,3m
Stormcry gloves +9 energetic iv = 1,2m
Stormcry boots +8 grounded iii = 850k
Add me on discord hakky#1227 or ingame (Hakky)
Hello everyone . Anyone selling full stormcry set for gunner ?
U just sold it to me. Im using my alt that time. Thanks btw
Are you still buying cures? I have 255 for sale. 200k for all. Pm Galaxie in game
also selling scout´s coat and dedication emote. /w taily or mail me
Reply here with in game name if interested
Rolls: x2 enrage, flat damage, behind damage, cdr
Energetic IV etching
already liberated
pm Galaxie in game
Pm me in game at Miyucchi/Miyacchi
Pm me with offer, Ign : Rust
400k all. Leave your name if interested
 [TR] WTS +9 Valk Weapon 06/04/2018, 11:38 PM Madnero
PM Nerfed in game.
My character name if you want to contact me in game is Regnum.
[MT] WTS Elite Vouchers 30-day and 7-day

Server: Mount Tyrannas

I am selling the following:
Elite Voucher 30-day
Elite Voucher 7-day

Reply here if you are interested
[Tempest Reach][NA]
Lance is +9 Stormcry with Tier IV Energetic dual rolled for PvE & PvP.
Chest is +9 Stormcry with Tier IV Endurance dual rolled for PvE & PvP

WTS or WTT for Brawler +9 Stormcry Wep + Chest

/w or mail "Eufie" or "Bad.Memes"
as title says,i want to buy slayer weapon +15 deathwrack,pm here with the price oh whisper me in game /w misumo
Looking for 300k, reply here with ign if interested.
 WTB EMP Tempest Reach 05/28/2018, 04:56 PM FCR4F4WE64
Im willing to buy your emp.
I would like to get your offers with rate/amount
Feel free to message me on forum, under the post or ingame: Souzy
Buying +9 sorc weapon for 1.5 mil.

Leave a comment here


Pm S.holic in game.
 WTS> Reaper +7 weapon 05/22/2018, 05:09 PM 7NEYLM5YMR
Reaper 7 weap t 3. Energetic not woke msg in game lemon.pie / Scarlet.Lemon
Willing to pay up to 1.5M for +9.
Please leave msg here or pm in game or leave me a mailbox msg in game

Ign: Cheesebunny

 [MT] WTB +15 Reaper Weapon 05/18/2018, 01:34 AM chiix
Whisper rachii in game :D
 [MT] WTS +8 SC Staff 05/17/2018, 07:29 AM Fonzy
+8 SC Staff (priest weapon)
Rolls: dual rolled. First set for healing and second for dps
1st. x2 7.2% cdr, 6% heal, 4.5% aspeed, replenishes mp when using a skill
2nd - 9.6% enrage x2, 6% dmg, 14 crit, 7.2% cdr

Etching: energetic IV.

Contact Sagesse through game, via parcel or whisper.
Weapon has 2 sets, Pumped IV, and proper rolls for pve/pvp.
Chest has 2 sets, Grounded IV, and proper rolls for pve/pvp.
Gloves are rolled properly and have Energetic IV/Pumped IV.
Boots are rolled properly and Grounded IV.
Whisper Emberos, or leave your IGN and price here in case i am AFK / Offline.
buying emp on all servers at: 1:43 (1:44 if 12k+, 1:45 if 24+, 1:46 if 60k+) message me if selling + server
Send parcel or /w me if interested!

Offering 320k (last trade broker price)

Ign: Keep.Booping
you can parcel yine or taily in game or you can just DM me in discord yine/taily#7739
Feel free to send me an message in-game or whisper me: Kinky.Monika
Also willing to trade my +7 SC Leather gear for Cloth Gear. I have +7 Archer Chest, +7 Leather Gloves and Boots.
WTB SC+2 Axe Zerk/ SC+2 Zerker Chest Armor
IGN : Heruvim
Mail me here or ingame
WTB Marrow 500k
 (TR) 04/30/2018, 12:09 PM RenaDSniper
B>>>> Azure Phoenix for 180k
 [MT] WTS +7 bow 04/30/2018, 05:59 AM Dogtreat
paracel ign Thot
 [TR]WTB Stormcry Axe +7 04/30/2018, 05:14 AM Heruvim
Pm me here if you have it .
will pay 300k

post here, or pm in game/parcel to Sirachaninja
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