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ohh i see i see.. thnx for the rply...
PD6AX3WYRY wrote: »
does sc greatsword still available TR server??

hi I think i sold the +9 sword a while ago. I only have a +7 slayer weapon on the new pvp server now if i remember correctly :(
does sc greatsword still available TR server??
WTB SC+9 Slayer Weap TR Server...Asap
WTB 50-100mil gold serious offer here. DM me on discord: HeroKillerStain#8208
Or on forum...
WTB Warrior gear: Stormcry +9 leather set, Duals Stormcry ++ dm me on the forum or on discord: DORION#8208
Already liberated
pm/negotiate Mesmer
trading my CH gold for your gold on ANY other server. Looking to swap ~200 mil of my CH gold for any other server gold. Message on forums or kamizuma#8312 on discord!
buying at 1:70 (8/25/2018)
/w Szal
buying at 1:68 (8/12/18)
 [TR] WTB SWAT Cap 08/11/2018, 04:39 PM Felwinter
Please mail in-game to Sturme. I would like the cap.
As the title states selling +7 sc boots and archer cuirass, have them listed in the broker. If interested please attempt to whisper or send a parcel with your offer to Briezie, ty!!
Shoes: grounded IV etching

Sleeves: energetic IV etching, dps and heal rolls

both already liberated

900k each or offer
Update 2018.08.09
buying at 1:65 still (8/8/18)
All items are currently on the broker -- check for price

  • Arctic Bomber Box
  • Castanic Demons Smart Box
  • Dress For Success Costume Box
  • Fast Summer Fun Swimwear * 2
  • Fright Night Box
  • Frostsilk Dress Box
  • Rare Summer Fun Swimwear
  • Rodeo Roundup Pack
  • Ultimate Power Accessory Box

  • Fit and Fine Smart Box
  • Sinestral Subjects Smart Box * 3
  • Study Hard Smart Box
  • Study Session Smart Box * 2
  • Sunday School Smart Box

  • Care and Use of Your Hello Kitty Pet Precious
  • Care and Use of Your Hello Kitty Pet Teacup
  • Care and Use of Your Pet Crimsette
  • Premium Alkahest * 10,000
  • Riding Skill: Shadowmare
selling the following on MT:



selling the following on TR:



accepting gold/items/emp. message on forums or discord (kamizuma#8312) if interested!
 [MT] WTS SET SC +7 07/19/2018, 01:49 AM Viticks
WTS Brawler chest sc +7 850k
Stormcry gauntles +7 650k
Stormcry greaves +7 630k
All etching iv (U CHOOSE) and liberated !
Still looking
message Blanka in game

 [MT] wts +7 cloth boots 07/13/2018, 01:26 AM Rio95
t4 etching add 'Ninga' in game
Message me here or in game (Nerfed).
Discord: Nero#7827
as ^Title suggests. Discord: Completo#0929
I'd like to buy a +15 Pockmarker lancer weapon on Tempest Reach.
Ingame name: Nightsongg
Pink Wreath - 85k
Plucky Princess Wand - 65k

The Pink Wreath and the Plucky Princess Wand prices are 15k cheaper and 10k cheaper than the last brokered sale, respectively. Post in the thread or PM Not.Healing in-game.
No individual sales (yet)
Looking to sell all 4 pieces at once
PM price for all 4 pieces
1 starglow wepaon left

edit : added bonefury mount.
This is what the mount looks like
If you're interested, message Tooi on the MT server and I'll get back to you.
I can work something out in regards to other servers.
As far as I can tell, there should be a limited amount of these left as it was from a one time event and extremely hard to get.
WTB Makin' waves smart box

pm me here on the forums or on discord; Jiva#0645 and tell me your asking price, thanks!
hi I am buying emp on all servers (need LOTS). Message on forums or kamizuma#8312 on discord if selling (include server).

Current Rate (as of 7/2) --> 1:80.
PM if interested.

As the title says. Whisper Nyoran IG ~
title,i want some nice costume/weapon skin or consumables (silver/gold talent,rubies,emerals etc)

pm in-game to truppo or bighandscrithard

price 350k each.

Pink glasses 20K or best offer [price negotiable]
Tortoise Shell-Brow Glasses 25K [price negotiable]

In game whisper me to negotiate, IGN is "Sky"
Pm Isegard or Keranis if you have one for sell . If not online please send parcel instead and I will answer you asap . Thank you very much .
pm me inforum, ingame (Hakky) or in discord Hakky#1227
Weapon SOLD
hey there,as the title say,i want to buy +24 inner crit and 30/90 elite voucher.

post here or in-game /w misumo
Send a parcel to Satan or Knuckles if you're interested! Shoot your offers and I'll respond to them!
I have on my store to sell
Stormcry sword +9 (Double roll) energetic iv = 1,8m
Stormcry chest +8 (Double roll) grounded iv = 1,3m
Stormcry gloves +9 energetic iv = 1,2m
Stormcry boots +8 grounded iii = 850k
Add me on discord hakky#1227 or ingame (Hakky)
Hello everyone . Anyone selling full stormcry set for gunner ?
U just sold it to me. Im using my alt that time. Thanks btw
Are you still buying cures? I have 255 for sale. 200k for all. Pm Galaxie in game
also selling scout´s coat and dedication emote. /w taily or mail me
Reply here with in game name if interested
Rolls: x2 enrage, flat damage, behind damage, cdr
Energetic IV etching
already liberated
pm Galaxie in game
Pm me in game at Miyucchi/Miyacchi
Pm me with offer, Ign : Rust
400k all. Leave your name if interested
 [TR] WTS +9 Valk Weapon 06/04/2018, 11:38 PM Madnero
PM Nerfed in game.
My character name if you want to contact me in game is Regnum.
[MT] WTS Elite Vouchers 30-day and 7-day

Server: Mount Tyrannas

I am selling the following:
Elite Voucher 30-day
Elite Voucher 7-day

Reply here if you are interested
[Tempest Reach][NA]
Lance is +9 Stormcry with Tier IV Energetic dual rolled for PvE & PvP.
Chest is +9 Stormcry with Tier IV Endurance dual rolled for PvE & PvP

WTS or WTT for Brawler +9 Stormcry Wep + Chest

/w or mail "Eufie" or "Bad.Memes"
as title says,i want to buy slayer weapon +15 deathwrack,pm here with the price oh whisper me in game /w misumo
Looking for 300k, reply here with ign if interested.
 WTB EMP Tempest Reach 05/28/2018, 04:56 PM FCR4F4WE64
Im willing to buy your emp.
I would like to get your offers with rate/amount
Feel free to message me on forum, under the post or ingame: Souzy
Buying +9 sorc weapon for 1.5 mil.

Leave a comment here


Pm S.holic in game.
 WTS> Reaper +7 weapon 05/22/2018, 05:09 PM 7NEYLM5YMR
Reaper 7 weap t 3. Energetic not woke msg in game lemon.pie / Scarlet.Lemon
Willing to pay up to 1.5M for +9.
Please leave msg here or pm in game or leave me a mailbox msg in game

Ign: Cheesebunny

 [MT] WTB +15 Reaper Weapon 05/18/2018, 01:34 AM chiix
Whisper rachii in game :D
 [MT] WTS +8 SC Staff 05/17/2018, 07:29 AM Fonzy
+8 SC Staff (priest weapon)
Rolls: dual rolled. First set for healing and second for dps
1st. x2 7.2% cdr, 6% heal, 4.5% aspeed, replenishes mp when using a skill
2nd - 9.6% enrage x2, 6% dmg, 14 crit, 7.2% cdr

Etching: energetic IV.

Contact Sagesse through game, via parcel or whisper.
Weapon has 2 sets, Pumped IV, and proper rolls for pve/pvp.
Chest has 2 sets, Grounded IV, and proper rolls for pve/pvp.
Gloves are rolled properly and have Energetic IV/Pumped IV.
Boots are rolled properly and Grounded IV.
Whisper Emberos, or leave your IGN and price here in case i am AFK / Offline.
buying emp on all servers at: 1:43 (1:44 if 12k+, 1:45 if 24+, 1:46 if 60k+) message me if selling + server
Send parcel or /w me if interested!

Offering 320k (last trade broker price)

Ign: Keep.Booping
you can parcel yine or taily in game or you can just DM me in discord yine/taily#7739
Feel free to send me an message in-game or whisper me: Kinky.Monika
Also willing to trade my +7 SC Leather gear for Cloth Gear. I have +7 Archer Chest, +7 Leather Gloves and Boots.
WTB SC+2 Axe Zerk/ SC+2 Zerker Chest Armor
IGN : Heruvim
Mail me here or ingame
WTB Marrow 500k
 (TR) 04/30/2018, 12:09 PM RenaDSniper
B>>>> Azure Phoenix for 180k
 [MT] WTS +7 bow 04/30/2018, 05:59 AM Dogtreat
paracel ign Thot
 [TR]WTB Stormcry Axe +7 04/30/2018, 05:14 AM Heruvim
Pm me here if you have it .
will pay 300k

post here, or pm in game/parcel to Sirachaninja
 [AV] WTB Pteryx 04/28/2018, 03:41 PM Vetolopi
WTB Pteryx PM Me
let me know price, thanks
Looking to buy 24k female elf costume
Send a parcel to Rxn in game.

Server: Mount Tyranass
Like the title says whisper me Yenneferr
Parcel Kewl, Myre or Mhoz to contact me in game if you want.
Also selling +7 Bow / +7 Cloth Sleeves and Shoes.
 TR WTB Ashfury 04/02/2018, 11:19 PM DJ9Y676WFA
as title say,i want to buy ashfury mount in tempest reach server

post here or in game to bighandscrithard with ur price

thanks in advance.

WTS +7SC Brawler Gear ( four pieces ) @ 2.3mil gold ( not negotiable since i have the liberation scrolls myself and they are expensive ).


WTT with equivalent gear for priest/mystic/lancer/slayer/berserker or even valkyrie.
Etching energetic iv
650k + lib or 680k already lib
Pm ingame : Hakky
Discord : Hakky#1227
or in here :)
 [MT] WTS> +7 SC Lance 04/02/2018, 12:27 PM EchoNow
Double CDR lines T3 energetic. Parcel Shinsoo in-game.
Is that Full Warrior Set still available?
I'm looking to buy Dyeable Crop Top for Castanic Fem, pm me or parcel post me on either Platinum or Little, thank you~
Yes i just sent you a PM
I would like to get whole set of stormcry for slayer? You still got?
Hey Guyz
I hope you all are doing well!

I have made different games and now wanna sale them through disks in market. I have contacted with a packaging boxes printing company. They have really nice designs but i am looking for the best printing company who can design my boxes beautiful. here is that website: ( https://thecustompackagingboxes.com/ ) and please let me know if you have any other good option for me?
Whisper Muphasa in game, you can also send a parcel post. only serious offers
Parcel Jess or msg me on discord. Jess#3389 with offers. I won't check this.

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