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pm me inforum, ingame (Hakky) or in discord Hakky#1227
Weapon SOLD
hey there,as the title say,i want to buy +24 inner crit and 30/90 elite voucher.

post here or in-game /w misumo
Send a parcel to Satan or Knuckles if you're interested! Shoot your offers and I'll respond to them!
I have on my store to sell
Stormcry sword +9 (Double roll) energetic iv = 1,8m
Stormcry chest +8 (Double roll) grounded iv = 1,3m
Stormcry gloves +9 energetic iv = 1,2m
Stormcry boots +8 grounded iii = 850k
Add me on discord hakky#1227 or ingame (Hakky)
Hello everyone . Anyone selling full stormcry set for gunner ?
U just sold it to me. Im using my alt that time. Thanks btw
Are you still buying cures? I have 255 for sale. 200k for all. Pm Galaxie in game
also selling scout´s coat and dedication emote. /w taily or mail me
Reply here with in game name if interested
Rolls: x2 enrage, flat damage, behind damage, cdr
Energetic IV etching
already liberated
pm Galaxie in game
Pm me in game at Miyucchi/Miyacchi
Pm me with offer, Ign : Rust
400k all. Leave your name if interested
 [TR] WTS +9 Valk Weapon 06/04/2018, 11:38 PM Madnero
PM Nerfed in game.
My character name if you want to contact me in game is Regnum.
[MT] WTS Elite Vouchers 30-day and 7-day

Server: Mount Tyrannas

I am selling the following:
Elite Voucher 30-day
Elite Voucher 7-day

Reply here if you are interested
[Tempest Reach][NA]
Lance is +9 Stormcry with Tier IV Energetic dual rolled for PvE & PvP.
Chest is +9 Stormcry with Tier IV Endurance dual rolled for PvE & PvP

WTS or WTT for Brawler +9 Stormcry Wep + Chest

/w or mail "Eufie" or "Bad.Memes"
as title says,i want to buy slayer weapon +15 deathwrack,pm here with the price oh whisper me in game /w misumo
Looking for 300k, reply here with ign if interested.
 WTB EMP Tempest Reach 05/28/2018, 04:56 PM FCR4F4WE64
Im willing to buy your emp.
I would like to get your offers with rate/amount
Feel free to message me on forum, under the post or ingame: Souzy
Buying +9 sorc weapon for 1.5 mil.

Leave a comment here


Pm S.holic in game.
 WTS> Reaper +7 weapon 05/22/2018, 05:09 PM 7NEYLM5YMR
Reaper 7 weap t 3. Energetic not woke msg in game lemon.pie / Scarlet.Lemon
Willing to pay up to 1.5M for +9.
Please leave msg here or pm in game or leave me a mailbox msg in game

Ign: Cheesebunny

 [MT] WTB +15 Reaper Weapon 05/18/2018, 01:34 AM chiix
Whisper rachii in game :D
 [MT] WTS +8 SC Staff 05/17/2018, 07:29 AM Fonzy
+8 SC Staff (priest weapon)
Rolls: dual rolled. First set for healing and second for dps
1st. x2 7.2% cdr, 6% heal, 4.5% aspeed, replenishes mp when using a skill
2nd - 9.6% enrage x2, 6% dmg, 14 crit, 7.2% cdr

Etching: energetic IV.

Contact Sagesse through game, via parcel or whisper.
Weapon has 2 sets, Pumped IV, and proper rolls for pve/pvp.
Chest has 2 sets, Grounded IV, and proper rolls for pve/pvp.
Gloves are rolled properly and have Energetic IV/Pumped IV.
Boots are rolled properly and Grounded IV.
Whisper Emberos, or leave your IGN and price here in case i am AFK / Offline.
buying emp on all servers at: 1:43 (1:44 if 12k+, 1:45 if 24+, 1:46 if 60k+) message me if selling + server
Send parcel or /w me if interested!

Offering 320k (last trade broker price)

Ign: Keep.Booping
you can parcel yine or taily in game or you can just DM me in discord yine/taily#7739
Feel free to send me an message in-game or whisper me: Kinky.Monika
Also willing to trade my +7 SC Leather gear for Cloth Gear. I have +7 Archer Chest, +7 Leather Gloves and Boots.
WTB SC+2 Axe Zerk/ SC+2 Zerker Chest Armor
IGN : Heruvim
Mail me here or ingame
WTB Marrow 500k
 (TR) 04/30/2018, 12:09 PM RenaDSniper
B>>>> Azure Phoenix for 180k
 [MT] WTS +7 bow 04/30/2018, 05:59 AM Dogtreat
paracel ign Thot
 [TR]WTB Stormcry Axe +7 04/30/2018, 05:14 AM Heruvim
Pm me here if you have it .
will pay 300k

post here, or pm in game/parcel to Sirachaninja
 [AV] WTB Pteryx 04/28/2018, 03:41 PM Vetolopi
WTB Pteryx PM Me
let me know price, thanks
Looking to buy 24k female elf costume
Send a parcel to Rxn in game.

Server: Mount Tyranass
Like the title says whisper me Yenneferr
Parcel Kewl, Myre or Mhoz to contact me in game if you want.
Also selling +7 Bow / +7 Cloth Sleeves and Shoes.
 TR WTB Ashfury 04/02/2018, 11:19 PM DJ9Y676WFA
as title say,i want to buy ashfury mount in tempest reach server

post here or in game to bighandscrithard with ur price

thanks in advance.

WTS +7SC Brawler Gear ( four pieces ) @ 2.3mil gold ( not negotiable since i have the liberation scrolls myself and they are expensive ).


WTT with equivalent gear for priest/mystic/lancer/slayer/berserker or even valkyrie.
Etching energetic iv
650k + lib or 680k already lib
Pm ingame : Hakky
Discord : Hakky#1227
or in here :)
 [MT] WTS> +7 SC Lance 04/02/2018, 12:27 PM EchoNow
Double CDR lines T3 energetic. Parcel Shinsoo in-game.
Is that Full Warrior Set still available?
I'm looking to buy Dyeable Crop Top for Castanic Fem, pm me or parcel post me on either Platinum or Little, thank you~
Yes i just sent you a PM
I would like to get whole set of stormcry for slayer? You still got?
Hey Guyz
I hope you all are doing well!

I have made different games and now wanna sale them through disks in market. I have contacted with a packaging boxes printing company. They have really nice designs but i am looking for the best printing company who can design my boxes beautiful. here is that website: ( https://thecustompackagingboxes.com/ ) and please let me know if you have any other good option for me?
Whisper Muphasa in game, you can also send a parcel post. only serious offers
Parcel Jess or msg me on discord. Jess#3389 with offers. I won't check this.

Inbox me if interested.
Added a few new weapons to my list of available weapons
 Delete 03/22/2018, 07:45 PM ARJCGWWH9A

whisper me ingame: Slaying.Bunny or Sky,Ng
ahhhh y can't u be on CH server.... i want that slayer +7 sc...
Parcel me in game at Dollar.Tree.Quality if you wish.
double rolled full set of PvP and PvE dyads inbox Blanka in game
Stil on sale
WTS +9 Stormcry Slayer Sword / Will trade for +7, 8, or 9 Warrior swords and Gold
Message here or Parcel Ordinal in game
Kirche wrote: »
Item XP disappears when you liberate it.
Item XP disappears when you liberate it.
 WTB +9 Ninja Weapon 03/12/2018, 03:11 AM Aiyume
WTB Ninja weapon any server, possibly +7/8 gear, please leave a message or contact me on discord: Aerina#7138. Thanks!
WTS warrior Full SC 8/8/8/8 set, Slayer sc+7 weapon

Full exp on warr set, weapon at 35%.

Mail me on forum or in game (ign: Shadow.of.Arborea or Lenakaeia) for offer in gold (plz search TB first for price history).

Only 2 weapons left, get em before they gone.
I don't have gold but I can give you something off the emp store for it. I'll give you an emp amount that most other weapon skins are around, but we can negotiate that further.

Respond to this post if you happen to have the Steam Powered weapon skin and would like to sell it, thank you.

Selling +7 Valkyrie weapon and chest. Open to trading for SC gear for Berserker or DW weap/gloves + gold or certain items as well.

Contact me at discord: bubblegum#8822 or in-game on Slowed, Hyesun, Merival
Still selling 3 vm 9 (SC+2) weapons
asking 400k, not on broker message me here

i will sell only 1, you can pick either bonefury or nightfury
 [AV] WTS bonefury 03/05/2018, 05:45 AM SirachaNinja
asking 400k, not on broker message me here
Looking to sell, post offers here or in game to Angel
+15 Addleblade (Slayer)
+15 Gulfmoon (Valkyrie)
+15 Strevortex (Sorcerer)
+15 Deathscythes (Reaper)

Selling +7 SC Ninja weapon. Can re-etch if desired. Contact me in-game on Slow or Hyesun or on discord bubblegum#8822

Possibly interested in trading for Reaper scythes or Berserker axe. Possibly DW+15 axe + gloves or DW+15 Warrior swords + gloves as well.
 [TR] WTS +7 SC Gear 02/23/2018, 12:13 PM Sohle
WTS or Trade +7 Warrior Weapon for Glaive.
WTS +7 SC Warrior Armor / +7 SC Cloth Gloves & Boots
Comment here or PM /Parcel in-game: Sohle
As the title says, i have a +7 bow for sale for only 600k (which is the cheapest on broker) OR you can parcel/pm me your offers.

My name in game is Jason / Wires .
/w or parcel Cysteine !
u still selling?
Like title says. WTS/WTT +7 Stormcry Archer Set for Ninja Set. I can change the current etchings to whatever etching of your choice. Preferably better to contact me through discord/DM me your price/offer. Pichu#8980

Still on sale ! You can also parcel or pm "Ayukoo" .
WTS Slayer weap +7 650k+ lib or 680k (already lib) energetic iii double roll (pve and pvp)
WTS Slayer chest +7 600k + lib or 630k (already lib) grounded iii double roll (pve and pvp)
WTS Gloves and boots sc +7 (Warrior,slayer, valk or reaper) 550k + lib or 580k (gloves energetic iii and boots grounded iii)

Accept offers here or ingame (Hakky)
Parcel Sohle or commemt here. Also selling Prismatronic Smartbox.
Selling Stormcry +7 Warrior Weapon (etching IV)

Leave comment here or pm me here, ty :)
WTB Footsteps: Snowflake Penguin
The price is logical, no overpriceing
still selling
add me on discord first if it says you can't find me, or join the EME discord
 [FF] WTB Pteryx 02/04/2018, 03:16 PM ThePieBoy
Offer me ingame. Degeneracy
I have Ninja fullset +9, dual rolls + full t4 etchings, can consider to trade with +7/8 valk gear if you add gold. Also can sell/trade separate parts.
Contact me on Discord Ready#8703 or DM me please, most likely will ignore any comment leaves on this post.
PM or Parcel ingame - Sohle
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