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 Race Specific Classes 06/14/2018, 02:30 AM 7XFCHLT9CD
Wrong place! Delete this pls
 Race Specific Classes 06/14/2018, 02:29 AM 7XFCHLT9CD
I find it pretty unfair that Elins, Castanic, and Humans have their own race specific classes.

It would be nice to see Popori, Aman, Baraka, and High Elf specific classes! Show them some love too! </3
But to be honest, I think that a Popori or Aman Brawler would be SICK to see!
I am seeing that there is no official rp server on the PS4, so, I'd like to create a guild on my server Felbane. I have been a forum rper for about 12 years now and was an rper on ESO. I would love to try my hand at a guild here on Tera. I would also like to hear what you guys would like to see in both an rp and a guild.

Thanks in advance!
 PS4 RP Community? 04/05/2018, 06:58 PM NJPNEPCYMR
I've had no luck on Dracolith, and I've been on there since early access.
 PS4 RP Community? 04/03/2018, 11:07 AM Aelustriel
I am trying to find the server with the highest amount of role players. So far I have only seen two servers posted but no definitive answer as to which one is designated for RP.
The two servers were Thulsa (via a Reddit thread which seemed more of a joke) and Dracolith. Does anyone have any insight as to which would be the best one to find other role players? It would be nice to have a solid answer like the XB players. :)
 XB role-playing community 03/28/2018, 09:36 AM Noctx
Xbox EU Server Abraxis
My husband and I are very excited for the launch of Tera on Xbox we were wondering if any of the role playing community has picked a server for a unofficial xb role playing server.
 marry 03/20/2018, 11:06 PM DatGeek
The elins we're or are female popori..

You are dead wrong there though!

Read the lore :trollface:


 marry 03/17/2018, 01:39 PM AKFDTWLJRP
> @Demonax said:
> Popori don't have female partners :'(

Yes they do. The elins we're or are female popori. But technically you can marry whom ever. I mean if other game have like half orc and half elfs. I'd say sky's the limit.
Where are all you people? Anytime I try to find roleplayers I can't find anyone rping. So as Anna says "w-where is everybody?"
These two are my favorites
 marry 03/13/2018, 09:15 AM Demonax
Popori don't have female partners :'(
 Favorite Quotes from TERA? 03/04/2018, 03:29 PM TLX
vkobe wrote: »
my zozo

Body is 3 characters too short.
Nice xD
"Don't Skip Any Meals~!"
This one, from a Poro NPC in the Deathfrost Plains, in an unmarked camp:
Would you like to make some money? I have a very special proposition for... oh wait, you seem to be just a bit taller than I was hoping.
Never mind.

I'm a -3 Elin. What does this guy want, a toddler?
Some castanic males:

"I got distracted by mirrors....... See why ?" Always gets me.
2 from poori......
For the federation
the lore now is so messed up, its hard to say what it is. there is the basic storyline...to a degree and the lore of the races out there.
Hi. As the title says, I am new to Tera lore. I like looking at the lore in games like WOW,GW2 and yes even Runescape, and before you go saying "Runescape doesn't have lore" it does In fact it has a lot of lore but that is besides the point. I just wanted to know what resources where available to find out about the many places and things to find in Tera. Thank you.
You may correct me, but Popori are made from wild animals by Elins (NA/EU version. Also in KTera?).

Why are Popori not mass produced then? One would domesticate them like e.g. wild deers in a certain area with close control to have a mass production running. Even if that is too complicated, you just force replicate/clone the wild animals.
You then train them in warfare and have a nearly unlimited amount of cannon fodder. Here we go with the Clone Wars.

You may correct me, but Popori are made from wild animals by Elins (NA/EU version. Also in KTera?).

Why are Popori not mass produced then? One would domesticate them like e.g. wild deers in a certain area with close control to have a mass production running. Even if that is too complicated, you just force replicate/clone the wild animals.
You then train them in warfare and have a nearly unlimited amount of cannon fodder. Here we go with the Clone Wars.
 Cosplaying at game '~' 02/04/2018, 08:15 AM yuripon
I made Morrigan Aensland.
 Cosplaying at game '~' 01/12/2018, 04:40 PM Icerya

anime character name : Toga Himiko from Boku no Hero Academia
in game name : Himineko
server : FF

a Toga filled full with blood is a happy Toga <3
adores her >w<
 Cosplaying at game '~' 01/11/2018, 03:41 PM Ikhay
This boy is very kawaii, Blend S was a very fun anime to watch... Elin became kawaii also, I want to do the cosplay of Koutarou Araki from Denpa kyoushi in my Elin one day ...11498-346206138.png

Trying to piece together some of the story here pre 65, but I already completed the story quest and a lot of the zone quests. Is there any way to go back and read some of the quests?
Renora wrote: »
I really loathe the way they have streamlined the starting areas. I can live with Stepstone Island, hamfisted though the change was, but I think it's a shame that they have cut out so much of Arcadia. Maybe I'm missing something since I'm not a game developer, but it seems like a strange choice to reduce your game's content and rush people to end-game where things stagnate rather quickly after a time. They already sell "straight to level 60" vouchers for, I assume, the people who don't care about the journey.

I don't know. I think I might just be jaded!

I agree with this assessment. I prefer to solo level doing the story quest (which is just as fast), rather than grinding bams and vanguard which seems to be the most recommended way. I like being able to take my time and do different things instead of just standing in one spot killing the same thing over and over. Levelling my latest two characters, a ninja (trash class has no business in the game or in the lore) and the valkyrie (also lore makes no sense but basically a more squishy half slayer half zerker at least it's fun to play) I was going through areas many players never even see, and completing parts of the story new players will not even encounter. Areas like Frontera, acarum, Dragonfall, Scythera Fae even Zulfiker- these areas are completely optional, but by skipping them new players miss a lot of the prettiest and most endearing areas of Arborea. There really is also no incentive or allure to explorign the world, completing the stories, and really falling in love with the game like I do every time I level a new character. It's sad that new players won't get that experience. I don't think EME or whoever the new developer is really cares though, it's obvious Tera is past it's prime, a one-trick pony, made to generate revenue without adding anything as far as exciting/new content goes.
May I ask, why does it matter? It's a game! If you are based on the knowledge of the lore, it's slightly messed up!

They already messed up with branches by saying you're from the island. Lets just say you flew to the Island of Dawn, got sent to the Step-Stone.

Really there's isn't much of the story with the Island of Dawn, but messed up.

Only a short time ago, the Island of Dawn rose from the sea between the continents of Arun and Shara, throwing everything we know about the world into chaos. A scientific expedition left almost immediately from Velika to investigate the event and the mysterious new land itself.

There were mysteries enough to keep this team of scientists busy for years. How could a brand-new island be home to ancient ruins and relics? Why was it populated by wildlife, nature spirits, and demons?

Before they could do more than begin to ask questions, most members of the first expedition perished in a massed demon attack, while the expedition leader, Elleon, went missing and was presumed dead

Remember Karascha's Lair? So yes it's messed up! I don't know what else to say? Sorry, but sadly the story is thrown off.
they could have used the old alliance territories for the big bams instead of screwing up iod. they could have kept iod as the starting area, and then before you go to samael's hideout storyline do the stepstone island quests and all. it would have made much more sense.
I was just thinking about when a family member invited me to play Tera. Very fond memories. I loved Island of Dawn as a starting point. The story line was rich and interesting enough to keep me coming back for more. IoD was actually a better place to train and learn new skills, as well as make gold that you need to upgrade those skills etc. Stepstone Island is lacking in every way. Perhaps I feel this way because I started in IoD. I feel the new players are missing out on a lot of things this game HAD to offer. All for the sake of moving things along faster. However, people like me actually love the story and lore. That is why we played the game to begin with. I have played other MMO's since then and still think Tera is a better choice only because of what the story line used to be. I don't necessarily mind that EME or Butthole (yes i spelled it that way on purpose) felt that they had to add a new starting point. That is fine. However, they didn't need to get rid of Island of Dawn. They could have kept it as an extension of Stepstone along with all the lore, missions and achievements (some of which are now unattainable). Call it extensive training. That to me would have made more sense. And the flow of the story line wouldn't have been interrupted. Most, if not all, of Fey Forrest missions are gone along with other story line in that zone. For me, this is unacceptable. I really can't stand starting new characters because of it. And for those who don't like lore or all the tedious missions (which I love) they could have gotten a level 60 scroll like someone before me mentioned. As for the big BAMS, there is plenty of unexplored map that the developers could have used instead of ruining Island of Dawn. They could have worked on more story line and added it to the end of the game instead of ruining the front half. Seems to me like a sheer lack of imagination and pure laziness on their part. I am actually happy I came acrossed this thread. This has been a sore subject for me for quite some time when it comes to this game.
Are you talking about the splash files or loading screen images . . ? because the comments here are not splash.bmp images :o
Apart from the many unchanged dialogue that the game lore has regarding newer characters being from IoD when they were not, the timeline goes something like this:

The Creation Arc (Titan's dominance, Primal God's creation (Saleron, Isren), Lesser God's Creation (Kaia, Velik), Creation of all races and God's Warrings, Wind Elves vs High Elves, etc, ruling and fall of the Giants)

Pre-TERA EVENTS (Civil Unrest on Velika, small Race Warrings, creation of most new Allemantheia while the Giants are now Baraka and all of that)

Stepstone Isle/IoD events (Yes, canon-wise, both Islands have soldiers doing missions at the same time there, our arc is on SI, though)

Samael/Southern Deva Arc (You vs the Deva's that did not join the Archdeva's and are not from the Castanic clan either, so they are regular soldiers and robbers while having a glimpse on the Argon's from Samael deal with them to let them come to Southern Arun and wreck havoc)

The God Arc (You vs Thulsa, Akasha and Killian and their argon partners)

The Argon Finale (You vs the remainer of the Argon army, now that the god's that threatened Arborea are dead, this is where Shandra Manaya died and ALMOST ALL Argon Creatures were killed, only mutations left)

The First Archdeva Arc (Expedition to Northern Arun, Syona, Randun, Ribina and the others go to explore the Dark Continent)

The Second Archdeva Arc (The Storm Barrier attacks all the rest of Arborea, you are sent on the Intrepid to find a solution)

The Post Highwatch Reunion Arc (Highwatch has been reconnected to the rest of the world, war against Demokrons under Dakuryon's wing that try to wing back what they lost)

The Archdeva Chaos Arc (Dakuryon dies and Lakan gets killed by federation heroes (you) after he reveals himself to be Dakuryon's master that gave them the power to control Blood Magic and thus turned them into Archdevas)

The Current Arc (Peace has returned to the World but Randun is left unsatisfied and frustrated that capable heroes (you) weren't able to save people such as Syona and the others, thus uses the power of the still living Bloodshard to set chaos out in the world)

That´s the current TERA lore in a TL;DR form.
So we have a lot of gaps left in more recent times.

Echoes of Archanea show us some underlying issues which bring Dakuryon and his rise to power using the Blood Shard, as well as the later descent into madness of Randun.


Then there is the recent attempt on Velik's life by Dakuryon working for Lakan, along with the various heavyweight monsters, there is Lilith who vowed her existence to Lakan, and who knows who else is just waiting in the wings to cause trouble...

And of course there is Vergos's back story to add in there as well
can you help me find the the guild of luminous in fey forest plssssssssss help me
Thank you @pikpatsou
Favorite one:
The simplest u can do is select the images 1 by 1 (or even visiting the sites of the image u select), because the loading screens are scattered at various places (teradevtracker, old forum archives, and present forum)

I've already set the filter to show Large Size Images. It contains the loading screens from event contest winners too.

I was looking to save all Splash :3
Hilter revives Shandra and Spacecats be like.


Spacecats can't be defeated, so Spacecats gets a HOT-TUB in his office.
There used to be some male castanics that said something like: "I have a big... attitude" or something like that.
Knife blades and harness buckles smeared with black soot; muffled oar-locks and a moonless, midnight-rendezvous, torchlight's on the moors and signal lights beyond the breakers . . .

Throughout the ages and across civilizations, there has and will always arise the inevitable desire, demand, even desperate need, for those things regulated or forbidden. These desires and demands, in turn, frequently spell opportunity to an entrepreneurial few. Individuals like me, who—despite oppressive laws, exorbitant taxes, or religious or political creeds—have ventured to make available to many what some would see reserved for the few.

Now that I got your attention, the attention of every parasite and customs authority in the Federation, and possibly ending my lucrative business venture, lets continue. I'm coming out of my less then reputable closet and making my own life increasingly difficult for the possibility of new clientele.

I've been in and out of the trade ever since I slipped my gilded collar which was afforded to me through my affluent parents and quick rise through the Federation. It's not always the dirty alleys of the cities or towns, no. Sometimes the trade takes me up in to the ivory towers of various patrons throughout the Federation. They know that when they see the Golden Phoenix logo, they can expect a quality product and service with a cheshire like smile. They know what I know: I'm good, the service is good and the product's good.

Which is what's making me wonder why I'm sitting around and waiting for a new business venture to show itself. It's definitely not out of a fear of getting pinched. If it were, I'd not be flashing my career choice across the notice boards of all the major cities for all to read. I've run arms, I've been the slaver so many despise, I've been the perfect soldier and yet nothing has ever given me the thrill of the deal. There's a magic to finding that perfect mark, that person who clings to you and begs you for just one more drink, one more infusion. It's a real turn on. It's better than the product I'm selling most times.

It's not a game a you can just walk away from.

The goods must always flow.
Shandra gets reborn only to be smited by the angry god and Shara and getting samuel's head thrown at her again. She died again.
wow your art is so cool !!!! im still figuring out how tera works and all but i'd love to rp with you sometime !!! i just set up a deviantart here (its empty rn sorry;;;) so we might exchange contact details via note !!!
 Cosplaying at game '~' 10/27/2017, 08:25 PM Luniack
Hello frends '~'
every time, we ( the weebs ) try to make characters who looks an anime character, so i had an idea to make one thread about ~


character name in game: Kud from MT server
character anime name: Hideri from Blend S

share some cosplay in game on this Thread o/
Ok, this failed horribly. I guess I'll just post whatever i got.

“Duck!”, I screamed as the long, green tail of the giant serpent whizzed over our heads. “Follow it!”
We ran after the tail, zipping around corners and rushing down hallway after hallway of the grey tunnels under Allemantheia. The tip of the tail took another sharp right turn, causing everyone to crash into the wall it was in front of just a split second ago.
“Oof!”, Marco had just slammed into me as he crashed into the wall. “Ouch.”
“Sorry!”, he shouted, as he got off me and rushed towards the fleeing end of the tail. “This way!”
We all got up and ran towards him, only to find that it had gone down a hole in the ground, leading further down into the tunnels.
"Alright, guys. Use the featherlight potion. It looks like a long way down, and that tail's not gonna be waiting for us."
Narrator interrupts story.."Umm, HAVE FUN WITH IT". Now back to story......
Next day Monkey starts training. Then all of sudden monkey evolves to a weird popori....*cough* Back at Enmasse/BlueHole Headquarters. What the heck is this? [video] Oops I was redoing my character, one employee said, "I messed up, I don't know what happened? I just started working here, fooling around making the best popori EVER!" "Good luck with that", one supervisor said and laughs, "Pugmonkeybaby, REALLY?" Later the employee started to watch the lego movie. The employee gets inspiration.




Spacecats was born!
little does everyone know the Amani is a goddess in disguise the goddess shara who awakens to see what their world has become only to be met with great sorrow to see it in ruins after the argon invasion
Ok, this failed horribly. I guess I'll just post whatever i got.

“Duck!”, I screamed as the long, green tail of the giant serpent whizzed over our heads. “Follow it!”
We ran after the tail, zipping around corners and rushing down hallway after hallway of the grey tunnels under Allemantheia. The tip of the tail took another sharp right turn, causing everyone to crash into the wall it was in front of just a split second ago.
“Oof!”, Marco had just slammed into me as he crashed into the wall. “Ouch.”
“Sorry!”, he shouted, as he got off me and rushed towards the fleeing end of the tail. “This way!”
We all got up and ran towards him, only to find that it had gone down a hole in the ground, leading further down into the tunnels.
The sushi cat appears again and teleport everyone to IoD, where the angry god was waiting for them because castanic was still holding the half-eaten cheeseburger.
 marry 10/22/2017, 01:15 PM Kuroshitsuji
:+1: :sweat_smile: Don't need.
Then a monkey grabbed it from her hands, threw it at Shandra Manaya, & it died immediately during the Argon Invasion. Everyone looks at monkey, sees his robotic arm, & get puzzled with monkey's strength. Monkey looks at robotic arm. "Ooh-ooh-eee", monkey says. Everyone cheers, "A monkey just killed Shandra Manaya with Samael's head"! Monkey joins federation.

alone walked in a hulking female Amani with her axe and in one of her hands she held the head of Samael the traitor
You meet Paesyn in Stepstone isle but later down the line (SPOILER but who cares) when you hit 60, you meet him again and it's like you've never met him at all and its your first encounter

Another thing is that once you finished Stepstone, the rest of the story assumes you've came from the Island of Dawn. If you do the story quest and get to Tralion, the obelisks states that you came from the Island of Dawn. This also happens when you go back to the destroyed Island of Dawn and talk to the NPCs for the side quest.

And lets not get started with the Archdevan story. Unless you've been keeping up with the patches, its all over the place
The entire storyline is screwed up. Tera had a story/plot but now the argons after having defeated the Queen Argon simply have been rehashed and brought back to 'life' in different ways which is a puzzle-piece jargon set.
So, if you do the quests in Seeliewood and in general around Scythera Fae, you can learn a lot about young Icaruna and her mom, Isren. I suggest doing those for a greater understanding, but basically it goes like this. Isren, Goddess of the Faeries had her garden in Seeliewood (which you can go visit actually) and her daughter Icaruna loved her very much. However, when the divine war happened, Isren wanted to stay neutral but Thulsa and Gluda's children killed her anyway at their behest. After Isren's death, Icaruna was driven crazy with grief from her mom's death and kind of... "turned to the dark side" as it were, losing her grip on morality and this started her kind of journey down the evil path, eventually leading to her becoming the Goddess of Fear.
Time skip for a bit, Icaruna died during the Divine war (don't remember the details atm, can go looking for them later) however managed to circumvent death completely by having her soul inhabit the body of her brother Killian, the God of Terror. This leads to the kind of sharing you see. The green eye is hers, the red one is his.
Both Killian and Icaruna are Saleron's children. (Saleron, Lord of Prions, Father of Dragons). Saleron's other confirmed children include Kaia and Velik.
I think thulsa sealed icaruna's soul in killian's body using necromancy, she was the princess of the faeries so that may be the cause of her mother's death. (depression or something) in form corruption... idk. And theres some connection with saleron because his dragons are immune to the faeries shields around scythera fae. maybe isren is killian's mother too idk wtf D: god relationships are weird, but also i think killian captured her sister's soul to get her powers, with his 'strong personality' he may influence her to do his will.. just like balder and ishara XD, one bad and one good, but ended weird.
Sister Poppy looked at her mystic brother and said what's wrong? He stuttered and said "I've lost some of my magic!" Then screamed "Nooooo! My thrall is gone I can't summon him." Angrily, he shouted "Where is that cat I will strangle him" Sister laid her hand on his shoulder and looked at her archer brother and asked, "are you ok? He replied "oooh! I have something new for my bow. Something very nice indeed. Rain of Arrows and Thunderbolt" Sister shook her head and explained "something has changed in the dream something that affects everyone"
Very nice art work :)
on a side note i love ur art
go to the tavern in velika. sometimes they rp there and are open to new rpers. also don't be afraid to ask them. let them know your intentions. you can add me on ch if you want..... Eve.Hallows that is my ign there.
looking for rp players to help me getting used to rp. Not constricted to server. It will eventually end in romantic settings, maybe.. doesnt need to be though. Im an artist so I'll eventually draw them together or story based
(check https://tumblr.com/blog/necroninja34sketchblog or https://necroninja34.deviantart.com/) for artist ability.

I just need to get better at story writing and character development.
It'd be better if you have FB for Messanger quick texting. Thats all :D TyTy
The Poppy Clan looked at each other and in perfect sync said "WTF"!
Cool story bro...
kimboo wrote: »
damn you really really really like this Spacecats fellow eh

Um not that way really, but it was just made up for humor by my own mind. As I said....

I was originally going to do this for the Valkyrie Loading Screen Contest, but no one does captions on those loading screens. So I didn't enter, even though my sense of humor was hilarious. My valkyrie is named Phoenix.Jadeite. Phoenix is my Alias on all my characters. So her name is really Jadeite. I play on the Mount Tyrannas server. I know this is a cheesy story (made up-lore), but hey it was funny in my mind.
Ok, next section.

I followed Jodoc’s directions and found myself in a large, well-lighted room filled with scrolls and books. I walked further inside, looking in awe at the sheer number of books there were. I made my way to the front desk. There was a Popori behind it, muttering furiously about a scroll.
“Ahem”, I said.
The Popori looked up at me, surprised. He immediately noticed the bow on my back. “Ah, I see. Jodoc sent another youngster to learn. And you happen to be an archer. Books for archers are on the shelves that are three rows to the right.”
I went to my right when the Popori spoke up again.
“To MY right” he added.
“Oh, right. Thanks!”, I replied.
I sped off, prepared to spend the rest of the day reading.
The following morning, I found Jodoc talking to some of the guards.”Are the scouts still missing? Did the basilisks kill them?” I heard Jodoc ask.
“No, the scouts are not missing, but we found most of them in some of the basilisks’ mouths.”, one of the guards answered.
“Oh, Alexa”, he said as he turned around to find me standing there,”We’ve been having basilisk problems. Could you report to Isla in Beastiale Vale? She’ll give you more information.”
“Ok, I’ll report to Isla as soon as possible!”, I replied.
Jodoc started to thank me, but I was already gone.
damn you really really really like this Spacecats fellow eh

I hope you guys can fill in the missing links and connect some dots with this. cheers o/
But before anyone could do anything, a sushi cat materialized and teleported everyone except the enraged god to Velik's hold.
Sister Poppy said "Brothers to me, things are about to get hot!" The two brother run beside their sister. Poppy the Wonder pulles out his scepter and his brother readies his bow. Sister Poppy takes her staff and initiates Kaia's Shield.
Um, don't you meet Paesyn on Stepstone Isle when he asks you to check the anti-argon machines?

That's right
Um, don't you meet Paesyn on Stepstone Isle when he asks you to check the anti-argon machines?
I think the whale is the "Skywhale".
The god turned his attention to the remaining group and charged up to smite them...
I sometimes help serve at the tavern, if they are there when I log in. Otherwise, message me on Trellain.De.Drowvani I am always interested in RP.
Ok, just finished another part, but I won't be done with another part for another two weeks or so. From here, the story may be off because I haven't had a level 1 character since last month, and I can't remember what the names of things were. Also, I not one to stick to a specific story that has already been made.

When I saw the world again, I was standing in a camp. A man behind me tapped my shoulder.
“Are you the help Seir told me about?”, he asked.
“Yep”, I replied.
“Good. Now listen. The sabertooths have been causing trouble lately. Why don’t you go and kill some. It would ease the load off of my remaining soldiers. Oh, and while you’re at it, can you gather some of those red flowers? One of my doctors said that it would help my soldiers heal or something.”
“Sure thing!” I said.
“And watch out for the tusks!” he shouted.
The sabertooths were easy enough. Each one only took an arrow or two to kill. The flowers were hard to find, though, and the sabertooths kept attacking me. But I soon completed the job. I rushed back and gave the flowers to the man.
“Well done”, he said,”Now, I got a report for Jodoc in Crescentia. It would really help if you went to deliver it.”
He looked down and realized that he was talking to empty air.
As soon as I heard “report for Jodoc in Crescentia”, I took off towards Crescentia. The only hitch I encountered were the Sporewalkers on the road, which I killed easily. Once I was in Crescentia, I easily found Jodoc. I gave him the report.
“Thank you”, he said.
He looked at my back.
‘Hey, you’re an archer, aren’t you?”, he asked. I nodded. “Well then”, he continued,”Why don’t you go to the local library. It’s the second building to the left of me”.
I nodded, thanked him, and ran off.
Thanks! I'll consider it, but i don't think I'll be able to post another section until next week, due to playing on my reaper, Alexa.
Nice story.

All archers should know the 5 Tenants of Bruhn.


So, I decided to take up writing, and I decided to start by writing a backstory for my reaper on Celestial Hills PVE Role play. Please give me advice on what I could do to improve. So... Here's the first two parts.

I ducked just as the sword slashed at my head. I responded with a slash from my own sword. The director caught it on her blade and pushed me back. I slashed again, but the director blocked it again.
“You need to work on your sword skills.”, she retorted, as she once again blocked my blow.
“I don’t need your advice Karen.” I shot right back.
I knew that I should be saving my breath, but I didn’t care. I was too fed up with fighting her. The greatsword was NOT my thing. Nor was the twin swords. Or the Ax. Or running around healing people. I never wanted to see another staff or scepter after THOSE training regimens. I’m horrible at tanking. That left me with the option of being a sorcerer, a ninja, or an archer. When my test for the greatsword was finished, I decided to go to the Martial Symposium As I made my way to the Martial Symposium to get a bow, I overheard the archery instructor and another human male talking about something. I strained my ears to hear them more clearly.
“What can we do with her NOW?”, I heard the instructor ask,”I’ve seen how bad she’s done on her target practice with an arcannon. There’s no doubt that she’s gonna fail.”
That made my blood boil with rage. I thought the target practice with an arcannon had stayed a secret. SOMEONE obviously spilled about it.
“Well, we are running short on soldiers, and we need all of the help we can get.” the man replied, “besides, you don’t know how she’s gonna do as a sorc, an archer, or a ninja yet.”
“True” the instructor said mournfully,”Just don’t blame me if the training goes horribly wrong”.
“Alright then”, the man said, “At first sight of that little Elin ACTUALLY doing good in a class, I want her to be deployed immediately!”
“Yes sir”, the instructor said dutifully, “I will make sure of this”.
The two walked out of the room. I hid in the darkest shadow I could find. The two walked right past me. I muttered a prayer to Seren and Elinu to help me, although I knew that I had to do this on my own.

I started to walk to the Martial Symposium, where I knew I would find the instructor. I found the building and walked in. The instructor was waiting for me.
“Alright”, he shouted,”I’m gonna have you first try the shuriken. Now, slice those training dummies down”.
He handed me one.
I made my way outside, with the instructor on my tail. I made my way to the first dummy and slashed the shuriken across its mid-section. There was not even a scratch on it. I tried again, but to no avail. I just wasn’t strong enough. The instructor silently took the shuriken and handed me a disk. I tried to will it to float, but it didn’t. So I wasn’t connected to magic either. He finally handed me a bow. I notched an arrow and pulled the string back...
I let go of the string. Whump. The satisfying sound of the arrow hitting its mark. The instructor had his mouth open. I was equally surprised, but I took it better than he did. I made my way to the next one, lit the arrow on fire, and fired. It, too, hit its mark. I knew that I was to be an archer.
“OK, your training is done.”, he yawned, “you should go see Seir in his office.”
I knew that there was nothing to say, and I made my way to see Seir.
Seir immediately started shouting at me as I approached. I covered my ears.
“WHY are you STILL HERE! SHOO! Go to Bulwark Camp in Oblivion Woods. They need help there. NOW, GO!”
He gave me some new armor and a teleport scroll to Bulwark Camp. I read the enchantment on the teleport scroll, and the world disappeared.
I am always looking for RP, when I am in Tera, and not running an event.
Hey all! I'm a new player who has recently found a home on the Celestial Hills server and am looking for IC contact with people of all sorts. My female Castanic is named Asylillia, a weaponsmith and engineer. She likes big guns, explosives, long walks on the beach, and long stays in the bed. She can be a bit aggressive, sarcastic, but is also tons of fun.

I am looking for both normal RP, [filtered], or any mix there-of, especially if it is long-term. I look forward to hearing back from people here and in-game!
rip lubetown you will be missed
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/17/2017, 06:37 AM Dreadweaver
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 10:05 PM TheCatalyst
Omnomberry wrote: »
I once visited that servers velika to ask how it was there, a guy asked me if he could sniff my [filtered].

Was it a popori? Sometimes that is how a popori greet a person.
U should respond back by telling him that u will eat him as steak.
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 07:22 PM EllieChu
Dont forget to write about it on your blog
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 06:18 PM vkobe
kingloli wrote: »
So I remember when I played WoW there was this area called pornshire on moonguard server, it was like an amusement park, I loved every second of it, is there an area is this game that has something smiliar to wow's pornshire ?

celestal hill is our pornshire, but call it erpshire ;)
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 04:46 PM Omnomberry
A born Celestial Hills server player.
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 04:35 PM kingloli
thanks all :D, i can't wait to start having crazy erotic [filtered] with you all :)
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 03:40 PM LesbianVi
CH every where, CH every time, CH all the time, CH all the places, CH dangerous, beautiful, bootiful, Bountifull. CH BEST THING in any MMO.

+18 requires, rest we don't care. 1st appearance come with a older person, things might get nasty : >:)
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 03:36 PM OliverTera
Lubetown used to be the hub of all [filtered]/RP back when CH was at its peak. Now ppl usually are in Velika doing RP (near broker). Occasionally RP guilds host events in different cities like cutthroat harbour or castanica, but thats the extent of it.
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 03:22 PM Omnomberry
Velika and Highwatch is usually where ppl afk around, usually in the US afternoon I believe.
On Tempest Reach at least, not sure about Celestial Hill server.
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 03:13 PM kingloli
I just want to find an area with lots of people I can [filtered] with :(
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 03:05 PM Omnomberry
I once visited that servers velika to ask how it was there, a guy asked me if he could sniff my [filtered].
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 03:03 PM kingloli
66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
Celestial Hills server probably your best bet

is there a specific area in that server :3?
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 02:55 PM 66ECX7NAN7
Celestial Hills server probably your best bet
 SERIOUS RP QUESTION 07/16/2017, 01:38 PM kingloli
So I remember when I played WoW there was this area called pornshire on moonguard server, it was like an amusement park, I loved every second of it, is there an area is this game that has something smiliar to wow's pornshire ?
@Spacecats did u see this? lol,

nice work
My sense of humor I guess =)
is gud stroy I like
I can't imagine Isren being Killian's mum... that'd be nutty, so maybe Icaruna and Killian are half-siblings? Might make sense, the whole symbolism of half-siblings, Icaruna later dying and then being absorbed by Killian to become a literal half of him. idk

i'd have to run through the sky garden quest like again but i wanna put money on Saleron being Velik's and Kaia's pop.
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