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 Lmao like really? 12/12/2018, 04:14 PM DesertFlames
The recent update now makes focus heal delayed. So if DPS are low asf, be ready to have a lot of delayed tickle heals
 BattleGround skyring 12/10/2018, 06:17 AM BubbeIzz
Moday December 10th through Thursday December 13th is sole qur skyring 3s jackpots! 1 win = box plus jackpot item. A win usually bags you 5k gold in items and up with high chances of dyab niviot strictures. They might be smart DNS i dont remember
can u guys please fix dis actually garbage match making of battleground, everyone [filtered] match i play is totally unbalanced... sync queue, unbalanced gears, bad players... dis is so stressful. i hope u can fix it.
The worst in that all situation is the fact that Devs do not even care about PvP players. They've deleted 90% of our content, giving everything to PvE people. That's [filtered]. This game was once amazing, nowadays it is simply bad and boring. Why? Because 90% of the content is cut off... and 10% left is easied up to the ground. No point to play such a broken game anymore.
Why cant do 1 PVE server and 1 PVP as before?
Anyone signing on PVP know beforehand in what is entering.
id always mention those OLD nice lv16-20 "Vanguard Outpost" pvp. Fun as hell! Yeah, there is always some kiddo breakin the fun coming with a full geared 60, but in most cases, that 40/60 minutes of nice, fun and "fair" low level pvp was so epic.
manifest is trash
This is related to having pvp and not having pvp. I never played tera. I have played neverwinter and pvp in the arena but don't like it. I have always picked pve because I like to be left alone.

I never liked pvp, only because well I did.. When I was playing dransik classic.It did made me aware however from that game if you were just farming and a high level just comes over and starts killing you for the loot and other items.

Same thing for tibia. Man that game was worst I couldn't even leveing at amera at all with out a high level just killing me. Although I did liked the part, at times I was making loot bags and a level 15 comes over and steals the loot and I kill that character. Then last a high level would come and just kill me as he was protected.

But pvp world is needed like other games. Like world of warcraft I'm in a pvp game. Because i'm a human I kill orks :) so I expect the same in return.
I suck at leading but keep getting it when I queue for cs. I don't check the box either. When I ask if anyone else wants it no one speaks up and I'm left either being a terrible leader who gets raged at or kicked.
 Party Ques in FWC and CS 09/18/2018, 11:22 PM Elinerd
Then gear yourself up or don't get hit??? You can't fault stronger players for winning, doesn't make any sense.
 Party Ques in FWC and CS 09/16/2018, 06:41 PM CROOOOW
You can't blame gear? Tf you guys on? A heroic dps just about one shots an eq. You got a premade of 5+ sc+9 or higher peeps and they can wipe a team of eqs in seconds, especially if they got a few valks.
I'm sorry if this sounds like bait but I'm genuinely curious. Is the community on the NA servers so toxic that it's just not worth pursuing? I don't have a lot of patience for these kinds of people, and I want to know if that's all I'm going to find.
Played TERA on and off for about half a decade trying to level my character. Was never capable of getting the hardware to play it optimally (20-30 FPS at the best on craptops). I finally get to cap yesterday, and decide to join a battleground because I heard the PVP was great fun.

Kicked instantly.

Is the PVP in this game really not worth pursuing? Like, are the people just going to make it that much more difficult, to the point where I can't even play it unless I'm fully geared, gemmed, 100% optimized for the act of PVP?
The ones we have aren't available in bgs, they still aren't enabled in bgs in Korea after they got their second round (only saw an SS from fwc, but presumably they're disabled in all bgs), at least for now. A few skill modifications that came with awakenings do work though, like instant cast lethal and lancer walking block.
 Party Ques in FWC and CS 09/08/2018, 09:34 AM Elinerd
You can't blame gear at all because even when FWC was equalized, the better players would still curb stomp. And there are a lot of fully geared players in FWC today that just feed and barely contribute at all. I think making FWC EQ again would make games a bit more fun though. I've always wished we had good EQ gear like the old Canyon Clashes, those matches were the best.

Image example of last year's EQ. It was actually easier to kill people back then, EQ players today are more durable.

But yeah matchmaking is "broken" these days because there are too many people who don't play the game well.
 Party Ques in FWC and CS 08/25/2018, 02:27 PM uuki
> @Zakhaev said:
> to balance FW they need to do something with gear...
> Every time appear a premade with SC +9 full or Oath set, destroy they other team.
> No chance to winning since gear 449
> Im 450 ilvl with weapon +7 set sc +0, and litterally im doing really low damage... and when im going to Corsair, im doing su much damage, with equal gear

I know it’s gonna sound crazy but... u ever tried gearing up? You ever tried playing your class properly? Sure equalized gear is clearly bad compared to sc, but stop blaming gear that pretty much everyone has at this point just because you can’t be bothered to farm it/you just aren’t good enough.
 Party Ques in FWC and CS 08/20/2018, 04:03 AM Zakhaev
to balance FW they need to do something with gear...
Every time appear a premade with SC +9 full or Oath set, destroy they other team.
No chance to winning since gear 449
Im 450 ilvl with weapon +7 set sc +0, and litterally im doing really low damage... and when im going to Corsair, im doing su much damage, with equal gear
 HEALERS in Corsairs 08/16/2018, 08:25 AM ToxicDemise
So our heals were nerfed into the ground, and the only thing that kept me going into CS as a mystic was my thralls... especially thrall of vengeance.

via Patch notes:
Thrall of Vengeance
Decreased PVP damage by 70 percent.

All the more reason for mystic healers not to enter this POS battleground.
Hello everyone,

Came back after a very long break and I saw that a big part of the classes have awakened/apex skills. And so far I have seen them being used in pve.
So are the apex skills also available in pvp, and if yes, in all pvp modes (like 3v3/skyring) or just battlegrounds and 1v1?

Thanks in advance.

Terrain is a good way, the skill misses if there is tiny rocks in the way or if you're on higher ground, jumping was considered BM last I played but if you're in mid air when a Warrior back stabs you get knocked down instead of stunned. Cleansing Brooch will remove 1 backstab.

I also recall before I left a Lancer talking about "skating" moving with the block and auto attack IIRC. I wasn't very good at it so I didn't get to try but if you move using it you might be able to block backstab that way.

As always make sure you maximize your movement speed, backstab became aimed finally so bad Warriors will probably miss it on their own a bunch if you move too fast.
This has been happening since VM2 days, it is the death of MMOs. Developers don't understand that the thing that separates MMO's from other games is the ability to PvP. FPS games have had PvP since XBox 360, but outside of that, the only games that had online PvP were on the computer. The MMORPG has far better aesthetics than a FPS for most people and they allow for far more depth.

Other types of games were born shortly after and expanded upon what MMO's and FPS had done right, (MOBAs, Battle Royales, Whatever Overwatch is) however MMO's stopped evolving and eventually started devolving.

While other MMO's try to copy each other with the same game different art style, Tera had fixed the biggest issue plaguing the PvP in MMO's which was the combat system, and although it was showing some results the game had other issues that held it back, instead of fixing those issues it equalized PvP causing most of the PvP community to quit, and with that the game became dominated by PvE players, instead of trying to retrieve the PvP community it had lost, BHS decided it'd be better to keep the players they had happy, Dumb down the content for the worst players.

Every MMO is doing it now though, and it's how they lose players to non MMOs. If you don't have PvPer's in your game then there is no reason to have over world PvP, it's just a nuisance for the PvE'rs.

And to think Tera was so close to being on top, back then MMO and PvP sites were always ranking Tera high on MMO's to play, all it really needed was improved performance, Outlaw Penalties, and a fix to a few skills that went against the skill/intelligence factor of PvP.
Haven't you realized by now? Enmasse and BH always cater to the carebears.. They love them so much that they would even destroy their own game to appease the few that they are. Example 1) Making fraywind equalized and losing a huge population of PVP players as a result. Then when they realized it was a bad mistake they brought unequalized back but only at a certain ilvl while putting the new comers in equalized gear. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it?
 HEALERS in Corsairs 08/14/2018, 10:52 AM ToxicDemise
Shouts wrote: »
I mean healers have always had it rough in Eq. Battle grounds. Good example is 3s, they've always had the worst armor update after update. Its still VM1 and we've got Skills that's bases are so high that its pretty easy to drop a healer. There probably wont be any other changes towards them for it because Tera seems to be moving in a direction that is PVE/Social Focus than PvP. Yeah they might add something new every few updates, but as a whole PvP is pretty much gone on PC. People still PvP so I cant say its still fully dead, and shoot ppl still Que 3s more then ever. Its more like a skill gap, if your having trouble you've just gotta work around it or have friends that can peel. Tera has never been a soft game for PvP. You either learn your class to the point you can play with your eyes close, have enough friends to cover for you, or just dont and enjoy the game for what it is.

Yeah but what you're basically saying is we should just settle with what BH and Enmasse are giving us. They need to realize that the PVP community is actually really active, and a good portion of their player base does in fact PVP. They need to start listening to our damn feedback rather than pushing it off to the side. They should take some time away from focusing on their next PVE dungeon release and perhaps bring in some new PVP content besides this pathetic gridiron that is only for a few hours over the weekend. We haven't had a new battleground where you can play as yourself in forever. The focus is always PVE, and I am growing sick and tired of the neglect they have with PVP content in this game. Don't even get me started on the matchmaking system for PVP, as well as the rating system as both are a complete and utter joke all in itself.
 Lmao like really? 08/14/2018, 10:02 AM ToxicDemise
Of course any dps would say that. More fun for you at the expense of healers feeling useless in battlegrounds. I agree it makes it easier for DPS to curb stomp their opponent. The damage output in these battlegrounds with EQ is way to high and considering some people can hit as high at 80-90k with EQ gear is pretty much a damn joke. The damage output to healing output is way off balanced and everyone can see that. It was a mistake to nerf healing by 50% but leave damage where it was at. My heals shouldn't have to hit my teammate 5-7 times to heal the damage they receive from one hit from an opponent.

Enmasse continues to ignore this subject though, and has made no effort to even listen at all. As far as I know these many complaints have fallen on def ears thus far, so us sitting here talking about it we are just wasting our time. I've been in this game from the beginning and it's turned into a real joke.
I can't be the only one who gets this, but I swear matchmaking has gotten worse, over 90% of my games are either EASY wins or IMPOSSIBLE losses, it's just not fun when you win or lose without it ever feeling like either you had a chance or your opponent had one, at least if Premade vs Premade it maybe somewhat balanced I'd hope instead of 1 side always just being destroyed by a sync que...

I maybe in the minority but my experience and those of friends are all the same, battleground matching is NEVER even CLOSE to balanced I know it's hard to balance but like... 1 team 0 tanks another 3 or even 5? Just make premades not have 1hr long ques or whatever please... I know this will cause some issues with balance still but I can't possibly imagine it being any worse
 Lmao like really? 08/14/2018, 05:43 AM Elveneyes
As a Mystic in CS your heals do NOTHING you can do damage though and go positive easy enough, but as a healer well have fun being blamed in 50% of games since you can't really save anyone when your heals heal for that of a basic attack >.>
I'm having trouble against Warriors & I need tips from pvp Lancer experts on what I can do to improve as a Lancer. The warriors I duel constantly rely on backstab, so I'm burning off RE so quick because I know the second I release block I'll be backstabbed. Any effective ways to counter backstab heros as lancer?
my lancer had 210k
Thanks alot :)
Binding skills to mouse buttons is fine but you shouldn't use Spacebar on any skill really, could also take jump out of it so the only thing you do is Retaliate if you don't want to bind it to another key.
Just use skills where you feel comfortable using them but try to stay close to the WASD keys so you dont need to move your hand on the keyboard. Besides the numbers 1~5, I use QER F XC, Shift/Ctrl QEXC and Shift Spacebar(thumb); my hands aren't big so those should be easy for anyone.
9:09AM edited 12:28PM in New & Returning Player Help
Hi guys, iv started playing Tera coming from BDO and i love it so far, iv been getting abit confused about the combo's, what im wondering is, do i use all my combo's using spacebar or do i keybind certain ones for example, iv been using Combative Strike to proc the Scythe skill which i have bound to mouse 5, is it worth taking skills off keybinds like mouse 5 F R T G ext and just using them with space bar?

What sort of skills shall i keybind on mouse buttons, knockdowns? If anyone has a cool set up they can show me that would be much appreciated cheers!
 PVP Vid Thread (?) 07/27/2018, 06:42 AM Fuelyn

never seen a mystic so ill prepared
 PVP Vid Thread (?) 07/26/2018, 07:10 PM Palochi

Just a dumb Brawler video.
 Lancer PVP Setup 07/19/2018, 04:53 AM ZingoPingo
 Lancer PVP Setup 07/14/2018, 12:40 PM sp33dr4ge
I understand the crit needed for PVE.. however what type of setup for PVP? Should we be stacking power over crit... or keeping the same PVE crit/power ratios? I am full SC+9 minus the chest which is just SC. 103k power and I feel like I hit like a little #@# in FWC. Just curious if I should rock full power for pvp and get to about 160kish.
 No open world PVP zones? 07/09/2018, 08:44 PM Kira98
IoD is a farming zone. And pvp is dying like servers :^)
You can go to Velika outskirts for pvp. (sure if any do pvp right now :v)
Enmasse, agrega mas zonas pvp por favor, island of down por ejemplo.
I quit this game a time ago as well. Sometimes popping up to see on forums if there is any hope but I can see BHS does not really care about players.

It is simple - make one, real PvP server, with lvl limit of 10+ and make all of us shut up and enjoy the game again. Those who join the server will have to agree to the rules - no crying upon death. Kill, be killed, learn to escape or don't join this server. Simple like that.

Simple solution, everyone's happy. People come back. People = money.
What's your ign?
People usually kick feeders, afkers, hackers, really toxic people (? rarely..) or people they're salty against. If you're sure you're none of these write a support ticket or smth
Literally half the time I get into a FWC I get kicked before the match even starts. I use PVP crystals, so its not even like I'm unprepared.

Wondering why I'm even getting kicked, I decided to pick a random person in the raid and started a kick vote. To my surprise they were kicked without hesitation. Repeated this a few times and apparently it seems that people just vote yes without thinking?

I understand it was lowered because of trolls/afks, but at 80% people literally just get kicked for no reason and get stuck with a cooldown
 HEALERS in Corsairs 06/14/2018, 06:14 AM Shouts
I mean healers have always had it rough in Eq. Battle grounds. Good example is 3s, they've always had the worst armor update after update. Its still VM1 and we've got Skills that's bases are so high that its pretty easy to drop a healer. There probably wont be any other changes towards them for it because Tera seems to be moving in a direction that is PVE/Social Focus than PvP. Yeah they might add something new every few updates, but as a whole PvP is pretty much gone on PC. People still PvP so I cant say its still fully dead, and shoot ppl still Que 3s more then ever. Its more like a skill gap, if your having trouble you've just gotta work around it or have friends that can peel. Tera has never been a soft game for PvP. You either learn your class to the point you can play with your eyes close, have enough friends to cover for you, or just dont and enjoy the game for what it is.
 HEALERS in Corsairs 06/13/2018, 12:07 PM Gisborne
clean and heal ist the key on corsair, if u not clean bevore you heal, the dds die like flys, but u need time to cast clean, and time to cast heal, and not all healers stand behind you, some are maintarget and have to survive or are doing something oO...as mystic i try 2 run around and hope i dont lost a single one near me, but this is hard work and i think its a question of experience...as healer, you cant do it right for all, and its always your fault xD but you can try your best, and hope, its enough....
 Conflate Designs 06/13/2018, 03:51 AM WildWest
Hey there. Does anyone know which conflate design is for lancers? The broker provides the following: Instvar Chestplate, Akovar Chestplate, and Stokvar Chestplate.

 Console PVP equalized ilvl 06/05/2018, 12:00 PM Myx
They mixed patches for console and messed up a lot of things.
Hey i'am new to that game and i got noobish questin.
I'am 421 mystic with half of conflate gear but when i get into bg's i got some crap equalized gear, same is with my friend which have full conflate. I found on reddit that I should recive my own gear and rolls on fwc after reaching 414ilvl but looks like it not working. There is something broken on consoles or eq gear will stay with us till ambush set or even for ever ?
Please if you got time and knowledge explain me how gear working in bg's and arena
Why MT and FF still being called "PvP servers" if that does not exist anymore
Yep, extremely idiotic.
Last week i saw an afk 65 on Hw zone (far outside city).... The zone in marked as "PvP allowed" so i go Outlaw and try to hit him...Bug surprisse, none of my skills harm him... Stil dont know why. No safe zone, both 65, pvpallowedzone....

GG Bhs. Keep sabotaging your own game.
 No open world PVP zones? 06/02/2018, 10:23 AM Sinkra
I quit the game as well due to this. Really disappointing.
This might be shocking to some, but some of us actually enjoy the constant sense of danger that's present on open pvp servers. Why not just create pve servers for the people who don't appreciate that? It sickens me that so many mmos these days are ruining themselves in an attempt to cater to carebears.
 PVP Vid Thread (?) 05/31/2018, 01:07 PM xoBarb

forgot to post!
 Gunner pvp guide 05/29/2018, 05:55 PM N375KJA9XD
Hello Im a new player on Tera PC pvp server.

Im looking for a guide for my gunner in PVP. I just got lvl 65 and got the free lvl 65 equip.

I found some guide on google but they are from year 2016, is there any updated guide for gunner ? or can anyone tell me what to get for my gunner for pvp ?

Stats crit, crit power etc

Thank you
 HEALERS in Corsairs 05/29/2018, 08:06 AM Myx
I never expect any heal to support me. (I know they have a hard time with me) But the same goes for every over class/player in the bg. (expecting nothing from random players is the best what I can do for my mental health in bg ^^)
If dps crying about heal and you do your best its not your fault. If they don't pick up motes its not your fault. And if they can't dodge at least a part of all incoming dmg they shouldn't enter a bg mode.
So less healing ability means nothing else than higher skill of all players is required while the release on console flooded the game with noobs.
Your problem are bad players not low healing ability. :P
 HEALERS in Corsairs 05/29/2018, 04:31 AM ToxicDemise
Funny that you would all say that considering I bet none of you have ever healed in PVP before.

Dps are constantly complaining about heals now. DPS can't have it both ways.. 1) Expect to be healed as fast as they are taking damage since most dps classes crit as high as 50-70k damage or even more.. 2) Kill opponents faster now because the healers on their team are tickling their health pool.

I love how people find enjoyment out of the expense of others.. Healers feel pretty useless in Corsairs now thank you very much Enmasse/BH.. Even if I still have totem, boomerang, and motes. My main reliable heal is Titanic Favor and I am barely raising my target's health pools. No one picks up motes, boomerang is only aimed at those in front of you, and totem is unreliable with a 20 second CD.

The point is the damage compared to the healing is completely unbalanced. Healers feel useless in Corsairs especially when dps are crying about not getting heals even though healers are legit spamming every heal they have on them.
 PVP Vid Thread (?) 05/27/2018, 07:04 PM Blurberry
Haven't made a new one recently. Here you go.
 HEALERS in Corsairs 05/24/2018, 07:47 AM Myx
What I meant were fraywind matches from 2012-15, sry if it wasn't clear enough. ^^
 HEALERS in Corsairs 05/23/2018, 10:57 PM Maleficent94
I feel like people who don’t main healers and constantly do cs/ fwc at this point don’t and won’t get it. Too busy measuring [filtered] sizes.
Getting logged out of Tera mid Fraywind Canyon match. And then losing points. And getting a leave timer. Is not fun at all. Please Fix this Enmasse.
 HEALERS in Corsairs 05/22/2018, 08:13 AM Myx
Meanwhile I think back on fraywind matches where halve the team trys to kill one priest and he simply trololol his way through them. xD
 PVP Vid Thread (?) 05/21/2018, 01:16 PM YUMEKA
@ZingoPingo Help manifest bullying MT
I preffer healers this way. They was extremely OP. 1 heal before, can fix 75% of hp if not more.
Guys, I've been reading about classes and it seems one person says a certain class is broken, but then 5 other people say something different?

Why all the conflicting info?

I don't get it? Please someone help me understand?
Guys, check this out.
The first time I did "Sinatrall Manor" I was playing a ninja, there was a brawler and a valk and we made it thru!!!

Before we 3 started, the one seasoned player was like..."we need a healer" and there is no way we could make it."....

I was like, on, let's try, so we went for it.

The lucky factor was one of them had resurrection scrolls and he said at the end that was the only way we made it.

Needless to say, that was my first experience with Sinstrall and it was a total Rush!!!!

Tera Rocks!!!!!
 PVP Vid Thread (?) 05/18/2018, 01:26 PM ZingoPingo
Another sorc pvp video from me! :)
 Lmao like really? 05/18/2018, 03:27 AM Maleficent94
it’s dumb honestly I don’t get how dps can see it as a positive thing. Cs is already hard even before nerf why make it worse for heals?
 HEALERS in Corsairs 05/15/2018, 08:26 PM Campaigner
I feel like there is a group of healers in every mmo that wants healer to be a mindless, overpowered dispenser of invincibility. That's part of the reason I quit SWTOR, because no one ever died in battlegrounds.
 Lmao like really? 05/15/2018, 08:19 PM Campaigner
It makes combat more tactical now. CCs and planning actually matters because you can't just face roll into the enemy 100% of the time if you have more healers.
So +9/+8 sc endgame pve brawler main here, looking to get into the glorious cancer of pvp

manifest pre-summon top left corner CU literally 1 second into the CU impossible to get from the center of velika to here

I was wondering how is endgame PVP in this game how often does GVG happen? and does people do open world PVP? what about Civil unrest do guilds take part in it?

I have heard that PVP is dead but I wanted to check for my self, am on console but I still want to know for PC as well.
hello, am new here I was wondering which of these two classes is better if both were to be played by a master, am kinda having a problem to choose I kinda like beserker it slow but it hits hard I like that playstyle but I also like warrior aswell so IDK which one should I play.

and my main goal is PVP.
 HEALERS in Corsairs 04/26/2018, 11:51 AM ZingoPingo
Can you please stop spamming the forums. A thread in General Discussion & PVP exists and you've already posted & made your opinion known.
 HEALERS in Corsairs 04/26/2018, 06:35 AM ToxicDemise
I am actually quite shocked that a thread hasn't been started yet to address the serious issue with healing in Corsairs. I feel like I woke up in a bad dream or it's april fools and Enmasse is playing a crazy joke on us. The healing now with the current equalization gear is an absolute disaster. I was complaining about healing way back before this patch came out when I would only heal for 31k with my titanic favor (main target heal) on my mystic, BUT now.. holy hell.. 16k heals? That is a 50% drop from what it was before. The problem on top of this is that the damage in corsairs appears to have been buffed and the damage out is way beyond what it should be. The healing to damage comparison is insanely uneven. Not to mention the fact that we can't use awakened skills has made this even worse.. (not that mystics awakened skills really did much to help with the 50% healing reduction). All awakened has done for mystics is turned us into a hybrid DPS healing class. If i wanted more damage I would log onto a damn damage class and not heal at all.

Can we please get a GM to log onto the game as a healer and go into Corsairs!!! Tell me there isn't something wrong? I am literally tickling my teammates health and I feel absolutely useless in Corsairs. This patch was supposed to be exciting for everyone but I feel like healers were duped and screwed over BIG TIME! I wish there was a way to revert this patch and go back to the way it was.
 Lmao like really? 04/25/2018, 04:37 AM Maldicion159
I kind of like it. Not a healer btw but I benefit from being healed, so there's that
 Lmao like really? 04/24/2018, 09:41 AM ToxicDemise
It's literally a joke what they've done to healers. I am astonished that they think it's okay that us healers should spam 10 heals to get someone to max life while they are receiving damage from other players. I am tickling their health with my heals.. it's rather sad. As a mystic my titanic favor currently hits 16k down 50% from what it use to be. I understand it's more than 9k (priests focus heal) but we only have 3 legitimate healing skills two of which took a serious hit. Totem received a small buff but in pvp it's practically worthless as it can be broken in 1-2 hits so it barely compensates for the healing loss. Awakened skills are not usable so it makes this even worse for us healers. Not that any healing improved with mystics awakened skills anyway..

YAY AWAKENED IS HERE .. EVERY DAMAGE CLASS RECEIVES A BUFF AND IMPROVEMENT.. Oh but BTW.. Here's a nerf hammer healers! Btw mystics you're meant to DPS not HEAL.. NO HEALING buff for you but here lets give you higher damaging skills! SMDH

So what game to go to next?!? Hmm...
 Lmao like really? 04/24/2018, 01:14 AM Daddykuryon
They done goofed and nerfed all the healers.
 Lmao like really? 04/24/2018, 12:13 AM Maleficent94
Cs focus heals 9k? With players running around with 150k + hp? Math must be very hard for devs.
 [XB1] Vesporax 04/23/2018, 05:10 PM Sirca
First of all F yall pve heros i need yall to que for some pvp we havent done an FWC yet in the damn Xbox every time i que 3’s i see the same mofos and im tired of this if i see any of u farming Bams for fashion coupon i will kill you all my in game name is (Funeral) server vesporax i will kill any mofo that i see pveng
how do blocks work?
like in other games ive pvped in there were certain moves that were block breaks. is there anything that works like that in tera or is it just try and outflank the block and hit them from the back? - does stun/cc have any effect through block? etc.
i also read something about damage bleed over if the hit is high enough.

i'm playing REaper btw and i've read classes like d-stance warrior are sorta a direct counter to REaps, but i'm just curious what my options are and what my apporach should be here.
Dealing only with 1v1s ATM btw, but want to understand the mechanics in general.
Has anyone actually tested this in duels or even from experience?

It would be great if I can get some feedback from you guys if you have any knowledge if the PvP +2 Vyrsk is better than the Power +3 or vice versa.

I'm not talking about in battlegrounds more outside pvp/dueling.

Official Tera PVP DISCORD!!! If you have any questions or help feel free to join https://discord.gg/TfBkyWb
Well thx for the heads up....im not staying then
 Sorc combos 04/18/2018, 02:53 PM Edits
New Sorc here and just trying to get a run down on the combos and skills Sorc do on slept or stunned targets?

I tried Void Pulse into Meteor but void pulse moves quick and they can dodge the meteor sometimes.

Also I am console if that matters.

Help me out master Sorcs!
• People complain about it enough and then the change happens. I don't know. I personally have no issue with pking lowbies and every area outside of towns being non-safezone. Infamy should've been heavier on pking lowbies.
• GvGs are also messed up on a similar level, you can't scan, they don't end at 100 kills, and after you declare on someone, you can't declare again if they withdraw. :anguished:
• Just gonna tag this on as well, the PvP leaderboards offer ZERO reward for being top 10 or even rank 1. Gone are the days of getting diamonds and titles.
• Also wish Crusades/Alliance was still a thing.

Kinda went off topic there, but It's quite unfortunate to see the state of PvP ever-deteriorating.
I just returned to Tera after few years and....Are U FKN KIDDING ME?....why da [filtered] there are PVP servers then?.....how did it happen?
 Reaper vs Ninja 04/14/2018, 03:46 AM C4XCTEFX4E
Just a simple question if and equally geared equally skilled Reaper and Ninja fought who would have the better odds of winning? I cant find many videos of a Reaper fighting a Ninja on youtube, just doing some homework before Ninja hits consoles.
 (Console) Sorc or Archer 04/13/2018, 11:23 AM Edits
I had a two questions.

First, does it benefit to having an ALT wear the same type of armor for gearing both characters? For example if I my main is a mystic, would I be able to gear the sorc easier because of the cloth armor? Is that even a realistic factor?

Second, with the current patch console is on which class is better for 1v1 and 3v3? Which one requires the highest skill cap of the player? Is one more ping dependent than another? Console lags down and has frame drops, will that effect either? In the future are either expect to be buffed/nerfed to the point they won't be viable?
Yea welcome to the new Tera. For some reason more and more regions throughout the map are being made a safezone. I find it particularly confusing why areas like IoD & Highwatch Outskirts are safezones as well. Anyways, to answer your question, you'll find people pvping the most in Velika Outskirts.
Just started playing the game a few days ago. Hit 65 yesterday, and got outlaw declaration. I'm on a pvp server, and I can flag. However, every area I go to says it is no pvp zone. I feel like I have looked all over the place. Is there a single spot in the game where the little white wing turns into the red gate?
Also wall of text

Leather gloves and two retaliates. Also like 3 more glyph points.
Currently twisthard leather gloves have more defence modifier than my frostmetal robes. By a few thousand. What's up with that?
As a sorcerer I want pve gloves to be robes/cloth and there to be an optional set of gloves that are leather.
Two retaliates. Gunner has it. I want it. Give me two separate retaliate cooldowns. No RNG. Two cooldowns. One can be 30 seconds. A spare cooldown. Please.
The glyph points are kind of self explanatory. 3 is a modest request.
I want to have all the essentials that I'm forced to roll in order to have basic PVP utility + a few extra.

Some more cool ideas that are less realistic
Make traps fade into invisibility after a bit. Make the invisible traps stay armed as long as I'm standing in them. None of this deletion after 10 seconds nonsense. Let me chain traps like this. Everytime I cast a new one the entire chain becomes visible. If I'm standing in any trap in the chain the entire chain is sustained. Good luck walking into the border of my trap and tapping block when you can't even see it!
Also the new mechanic of lancer being able to walk shielded... Whatever since brawler can do more broken movements shielded... It takes away some of the magic/fun of them needing to walk forwards and time their block. Since warp doesn't break traps anymore maybe shields shouldn't either?
This opens up the possibility of camping, but there's stuff you can do while I'm camped... Leash me out of my trap... Use tenacity and walk into the trap (which should still break it)... Use self heal... Let your cooldowns cool down...

Let me swap people I have time gyred. Like the reaper skill where they switch places with the person they cast the shadow onto, but with two enemies trading places and no stun incurs. They just get disoriented. Between two people it's a swap. With one person maybe they do a 180 or nothing happens idk. Between 3 it's a shuffle/RNG. This would be a separate skill that would require there being people that you have actively gyred.

Make nerve exhaust allow basic mobility (non magic, so no jaunting) skills such as backstep and retaliate to be cast with the penalty of double cooldown. As per the current way things are no other skills can be used. And finally MAKE IT DO IT DOESN'T BREAK AT THE SLIGHTEST BUT OF DAMAGE. if you need to limit its lethalness give it a threshold, where it breaks after X amount of damage is dealt. If I crit 70k with fb on someone yeah sure it breaks. If I want to put slowing painblast on someone with a Swift Niveot on because they're booking it and I don't want to waste all my CDs catching up to them, I should be allowed this. It used to be broken. Now it's really frustrating.

Don't allow brooching out of sleep. Sleep is special. Very peaceful.
Show an animation when someone cleanses, one second before the cleanse is applied OR disable all skills except for non magic mobility skills for a second and have A BLOODY ANIMATION. It screws me over when I've blown every iframe and am completely vulnerable during a cast on an immobilized target and BAM suddenly they're full offense.
It should go down like this:
I cleanse. Immediately an animation triggers. It's apparent to everyone that I'm about to escape.
A half a second passes before any bad status goes away. During this time any one who wishes may prepare an onslaught that will immobilize me again. After that half second passes:
I can backstep, roll, leap wherever.
Once a full second from brooch cleansing I have everything back to normal and can play offensively.

Now more mindfuckery: slow down cooldowns on a slept person. If I'm slept and I have 3 seconds of cooldown left on my warp barrier, let that it take 6 seconds so if someone breaks my sleep after 5 seconds I am down an iframe for .5 seconds afterwards. Potentially exclude non magic mobility skills from this effect. Potentially also have this apply to stone skin. For the 5 seconds of invulnerability I shouldn't get all my CDs vanished (exaggeration). If I'm going to turtle there needs to be some kind of drawback.

Make Mana Volley break upon the target iframing or getting too far away. Also make it stackable. I want to spam it on slept people tbh.
 Bullrush Glitch Fix 04/08/2018, 01:50 AM LastBreathh
I would like to know when the Bullglitch will be patched. A lot ppl have been abusing from it in bgs and open world pvp.
 PVP Vid Thread (?) 04/07/2018, 07:37 PM xoBarb

console pvp!
i heard there was also outside healing going on.. maybe they should rework the 'flag' system.
I have made it to 65, bought the outlaw book to "flag myself" as pvp red. However you still are not able to attack other red toons in open world. So i'm guessing the name "pvp" is the only thing different.
Any of the two healers,priest it is more focused on healing in group but can solo a little while mystics are better for solo but can help the group too. Played both.
Hey guys, maybe that post is just more one like incontable others, but i'm starting on Tera Online (PS4) and generally i play solo, so, what the best class to play solo in PvP and PvE on console??
Thanks guys!!
All the classes besides the original 8 are busted.

I respect a good valk and brawler more than a good reaper though.
No open world pvp on pvp servers..
I think the hate towards Valkyrie is very warranted. If they couldn't use Ragnarok in PvP, I think they are just on the strong side, but not OP. Valk with the addition of Ragnarok really makes them busted.
Closing thoughts:
> @Strawberrypants said:
> Valkyrie pull should be PVE-only.
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