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Scythera Fae and Pora Elinu
Scythera Fae, Celestial Hills, The Plexus from Manaya's Core
This is the PC forum.
get good to the point where you'll never have to IMS or LFG into randoms, and then get even better than that so that even your friends will never run into anything to complain about.

Make a group of friends to run with or join a good guild that does content together and you'll never have that problem.

for help new player i hope :)

/reup for audio problem
 Future Patch Notes. 05/26/2018, 06:02 PM HLK76PFWXT
Hello, i did now find other place where to ask so i thought to ask here:

Does anyone know exactly how the future patch notes really work? I am asking because for example i was looking over them and i saw buffs that some of our classes already have them? So what is going on? I am more interested about the gunner but i think that some of the buffs were already applied on NA.

I would also be thankful if anyone might know a way to remove the self heal from priest's holy burst spell since its messing with slaying.


I am back playing Tera again and man I really enjoy it.
Super Cool Guys, I haven't been to selliewood or allemantheia furthest level I've been is level 32.

I have been to Pora elinu, that's a really Cool area...
Pora elinu and selliewood
Hey Everyone. I am returning to Tera after a long time. I played it on intial launch, like when you had to start on the island of dawn. Now, i I've been playing and i very pleased to see that you can jump right in fighting Argons and I really like the new brawlers. I started with the Ninja and now I am working on the brawler class.
But that aside what are some of your Favorite Areas?

I really like the area where you first see Rasdat and the long wheat grass.

But what are some of your Favorite Areas?
what are you looking for class wise
Okay so someone on the new Server: Arkazaar. Just crafted the 435 Ambush weapon. EU btw. Im pretty sure he's the first to craft it if im not wrong.
Just started Tera and I am a priest, been healing in every RPG game, not looking forward to toxic people or I end up trolling and get kicked :cold_sweat:
I just do what I can. I've become pretty Darwinian. Maybe some players are better off taking a nap while I get a thrall to do their job.
Is this a trick question. Who says I had that to begin with?
We`re still looking for 1 DPS (Sorc/ Slayer/ Warr) to head for upcoming Hard Modes.
(Our Item-Lvl is 420+)
I agree... sometimes i find myself in the middle of like 20 people and can't even walk... it's more than just cancer...
Basically? [filtered] to my guildmates who are usually with me.
I'll never forget one Tank in RKN who was FACE TANKING EVERYTHING, occasional blocking, no dodging, kept getting stunned at the first boss, it was just a royal mess. So they decided to yell at me for not "predicting" enough when I made it clear at the start, I was still sorta training in there with my healer. I was just raging in VC in Discord with my guildmates. It helped that I had a few guildmates with me in that run, and they could see I wasn't raging for nothing. So that's how I keep my sanity.
I lost my sanity long time ago but still love the challenge when it come to healing on any game. If they do want to yell at me I block them out and stay foce.
Anyone think it's possible to solo Thulsa's doom as a 60 mystic?
I'm finding the last boss impossible do to the Death Walker adds he keeps summoning.
They take almost no damage, and mess up (reverse) your controls, they deal damage like a BAM, and my dude is busy fighting the boss, so no help there.
And they run FAST.
I am a warrior on Ovolith Server looking for a Static group to run daily 410+ dungeons with
my PSN is SenpapiFranku and my Server name is Tokyo
add me if you want to form a group or msg me
 Tanks and Gear 04/18/2018, 03:07 PM Edits
Do tanks require perfect stats/crystals to viable tank or is it more based on player skill. For example, healers are not as gear dependent to be effective as a DPS.
There seems to be quite a bit of conflicting info about the changes to zerks since there isn't just a cookie cutter guide anymore. Last night I was playing around with my zerk trying to see if I can find the most optimal setup for him now. I'll post it below and then hopefully we can get some other experienced zerks in here as well to either correct the areas you feel are wrong. Maybe then we can come to a good standard build to push out to other players that may be less experienced. This is a copy of a post I made here so check both in case a good point gets made there.



There's not really a good way to share glyphs and I'm not at my computer to take a screen shot. So I'll just say the glyphs I'm using. I may get a pic in later if this method is just too annoying to read.

Thunder Strike - All glyphs except hp consumption glyph

Flatten - All glyphs

Fiery Rage - Only the flurry increase glyph

Cyclone - All Glyphs

Vampiric - Only Skill Damage glyph

Lethal Strike - Skill damage amp and double crit glyph

Triumphant Shout - 12% healing glyph

E smash - All three

Mocking Shout - Speeds cyclone charging



The rotation that feels good to me atm is:

With Fiery - TS>Vamp>Cyclone(pray for reset)>Lethal

Without Fiery - TS>Vamp>Mocking>Cyclone(pray for resets)>Lethal>Raze>Flatten

I'm not sure if this is the best min/max. But it's working pretty well for me.


Apex Rotation

This is the one I'm still toying with and could really use the collab on. From what I can see the point is to get your stacks up for Beast Fury so the only rotation I'm really seeing that maximizes that is to alternate sinister and dexter until you have their 5 stacks and the 9 stacks for rampage. Then spam rampage until you have the 9 stacks for Beast Fury. Then pop Beast Fury. So what I was trying to use was the rotation below because using rampage doesn't seem to reset the stacks. But using Beast Fury does consume the stacks.

(Sinister>Dexter>Rampage)x10 > Beast Fury

That seems to give you all the stacks while still putting out decent damage. I dunno. I'm just guessing based on the stack interaction. It could be possible that beast fury isn't even worth it. I haven't done enough testing yet to tell.

In conclusion, I love the changes. It breathes new life into an old game. I min/maxed for years and then took a pretty large break from the game. But, I'm back. And I want to be at the top again. Just because it is the internet lets keep things on topic and keep the trolls to a minimum. I'd really like this thread to be constructive enough to be something we point new players or struggling players to.
 Healing 04/18/2018, 08:55 AM DK63J9H6KR
I play as a Mystic and its fun but i have some complains.
- Spam heal others no time for self heal. My main heal only heals my targets and not me. I gues it is ok but i think othe players dont know it and expect to much of me and just ignore thing on the ground and stuff like that.

- Animation place lock. When i cast healing i get locked in a place and cant move for short time. Every time when i need to heal someone i check if im save but the moment i cast heal BOOM boss cast something and i cant move.
PS: sorry for bad english grammar-skills >__< /shy
Hey there,

tired of failing and waiting for an Invite into the Instance-Matching or do you simply want to run the higher dungeons?
Well, seems like youre searching for the same thing as we do.

We`re Celless, Divn and Eva - and we`re looking for 2 (exp) DPS to do all the fun stuff as a static.
Our Classes: Archer, Lancer and Priest.

What we offer to you:

- Know-How in Dungeons (almost in every Dungeon)
- EXP since Sneek & Peak on PC (2 of us)
- Patience for new stuff/ learning process/ w/e
- Guild (even if its a bit useless right now)
- Quite a good sense of humor
- We`re always willing to help (as long as you are willing to progress)

What we`re looking for:

- Player with Headset + Voice
- Talking in English, since we`re 2 Germans and 1 French
- The ability to say more then "Hi"
- willing to progress in Dungeons and Class-Gameplay
- a sense of humor
- be friendly (no need to be shy)
- 20+ age
- Staying power at new stuff

We`re not super Pro - but we still do have some experience which helps a lot.
We`re looking for 2 of you out there who might also have some exp or are at least willing to progress on the End Content.

Since we also have Jobs and a real life our Online-/Play-Shedule is:
Monday - Thursday: 20:00h (8pm) - 00:00h/ 01:00h (Midnight/ 1am)
Friday + Weekend depends : )

Sooo if you think you might be one of those guys we`re looking for - let us know!

Best regards,

cannot move when throwing magic,especially when casting nova and the time throwing pulses
What is the difference between damage against enraged monsters VS Damage against monsters?
Hello All. I played at the original launch with a zerker. I've finally come back and I want to try a ranged character, either an Archer or Ninja.

I played Archer a bit before and it seemed fun, but looking at the Ninja also looks appealing.

I'm kind of odd in that I don't like playing classes that are heavily populated (popular) and tend to prefer more obscure picks. Are there tons of archers at max level? I'm reading that Ninjas are horribly underpowered right now. I don't particularly like the race lock for it, but the playstyle seems interesting.

So simply put, are ninjas that bad right now? Is archer very popular at max level?

Thanks in advance!
We healers come in two flavors: sarcastic af or very sweet. You eventually get used to all of the screaming and learn how to tune it out. Unless your team spams the chat every few seconds lmao
Why do healers get so few contribution points even though a good ones almost double the dps of like 15 stormcry players
FaytEsteem wrote: »
When dealing with other dps/tanks who don't block or dodge and get hit by every attack and constantly yell at you to heal/cleanse them when your trying to res another party member and what not.....how do you manage to stay sane here?

i just got level 38 on my mystic and i got thrall of wrath.
the description says that is lasts until it dies but when i summon it, it randomly unsummons in about 10 seconds.... and it has a 10 minute cooldown D: ( 5 with glyph )
it doesnt matter if im in combat or out of combat it just dissapears... is this supposed to happen?
I've never been into healing, almost always run a dps class in MMOs I play so I never really understood how frustrating it is to be a healer until now. Especially a mystic healer in a dungeon where it seems like the melee are trying their hardest to get hit.
 Warrior as a class 04/06/2018, 01:27 AM KenAmada
warrior still a tank class, but you can keep playing it as a dps class

if you asking about warrior dps tier, you can check it here i think : https://essentialmana.com/tier-list/
 Warrior as a class 04/05/2018, 10:22 PM Gralhaftw
I was wondering, if warriors are still a tank class? i find em pretty fun but i don't like tanking. i Was wondering if i can play fine and dps normally as any other class? or are warriors a low dps tier?
 Need an answer 04/05/2018, 09:54 PM Viennoiserie
For dungeons below level 65, (re)entry via IMS is restricted by the following:
instance entry cooldown
item level
character level

You can enter these dungeons repeatedly.
 Need an answer 04/05/2018, 04:20 PM 4HRWNPF7HY
How do dungeons requeuing work? I just finished bastion of lok but I need to go in again is there a limit to these things is it only one a day? I join by random queue if it matters
 Best Gunner Race? 04/05/2018, 07:20 AM NikuroTega
Castanic is best for PvE. For PvP any race is fine. Elin Gunner is good to swim away fast with swim passive and rocket jump speed buff. Other than that, Castanic is best if you're planning to do both PvP and PvE.
If you hit 'H' for vanguards throughout leveling you can just use that to port to a set of BAMs appropriate for your level for farm while in queue for dungeon for 20-60. If it is 0/5, it's a BAM. which give much more exp when killed than normal monsters. But yeah I agree dungeons are the fastest just sometimes queues are quite long so it's good to do these or story quest if you find grinding BAMs too boring in the meantime.
tisnotme wrote: »
or you could do sand lizards in tor exel (or what ever is called) and the hatchery in the dailies list to get to 60
hell you could even go get your rep up in balders or val kaeli if your looking for different things to do than dungeons

I'll do that for my alt! ^o^ I finally got my main dude to level 65 a few days ago thanks to you guys and gals' advices and tips so thank you very much :D
or you could do sand lizards in tor exel (or what ever is called) and the hatchery in the dailies list
old video but consider as god lesson ....
 Best Gunner Race? 03/28/2018, 06:24 AM Reinforcers
castanic it is. but gunner is gunner whatever the race is ...
 Best Gunner Race? 03/27/2018, 11:24 PM Pages
As Saabi said above, Castanic Female is the best race for Gunner. Other races have to build around 30 more crit factor to achieve the same crit rate on Burst Fire because they don't have the Castanic passive.
 Best Gunner Race? 03/27/2018, 06:27 AM Saabi
Castanic because of the crit passive.
 Best Gunner Race? 03/27/2018, 05:49 AM DHLXFDT4K9
Starting from scratch*
 Best Gunner Race? 03/27/2018, 05:48 AM DHLXFDT4K9
I would just like to know what would be the best race for a gunner starting over and why? Thank you
Pugs, keep chat off. Always. When it’s over type “thank you” then bamf. Keep that up and eventually no one will ever complain because you’ll be boringly adequate at your job. If it’s still bothering you (199/200 HP “heal me”) then sensitivity is an issue. Something else entirely. This forum can’t help.

Before all that though; worth getting yelled at. Especially unnecessarily. That garbage makes you really good at your job. Then turn chat off.
 Lancer's crit factor 03/24/2018, 01:34 PM kammishiro
What's the optimal crit factor as of today for lancers?
I inspected a lot of endgame +9 Stormcry lancers
Some has +150, some has +230, others has +280, +290, +310 and rest power

What's the best optimal for doing damage?
Title. Just seeking raids that would allow a Priest who's experienced in p1-p3 to join. Willing to learn p4, but doesn't have to.
Yes they are in Pacific Standard Times.
the most common way is lv 20-60 is dungeon queue, then get the story quest for 60 equip so you can queue Sabex Armory to 65 ....

I think I'll give that a shot! Many thanks!
the most common way is lv 20-60 is dungeon queue, then get the story quest for 60 equip so you can queue Sabex Armory to 65 ....
please remove body block from guardian its cancer
Selenya wrote: »
Runs dungeons until 60 and then, go story quests until 65 x)

Sounds good, chief! Dungeons runs for days!!!! ^o^
This would be PST time right ?
Runs dungeons until 60 and then, go story quests until 65 x)
Aside from dungeon runs and the storyline quests, where would a fresh LV 50 character go to grind more EXP? I'm unsure what any good BAMs to farm would be and at this point I'm sort of stuck of where to go to next? Any and all advice and tips would be very much appreciated!
I think its the same PST times as before namely:

Day Name Time
MON: Sabranak5:00AM-3:00PM
TUE: Anasha 2:00PM-3:00PM PvP?
WED: Frygaras 11:00AM-3:00PM
THR: Sabranak 5:00AM-2:00PM
FRI: Anasha 2:00PM-3:00PM PvP?
SUN: Frygaras 11:00AM-3:00PM

If anyone knows better info please post.
Hello guys,
i'm hearing some people saying about rally bam's are back ?
I played this weekend and didnt saw any msg, but today a friend of mine already killed one (and got a good reward of it)
Anyone know the time and day that it spawns?

I really love that [filtered] :D
Thanks for the calculator. I have one more question. Are the crit resistance values listed for each monster the real values that were discovered within the game using some sort of tool, or are they just educated guesses? If they are the real values, then this calculator would be very useful.
This was suppose to be a retired subsection of forums. anyway you can get the crit cap HERE
That's what I figured out too. Now what happen if Valkyrie had slightly more crit factor? I sometimes wonder that.
I had a feeling that was the case. I've heard of diminishing returns and I used to follow the guide on Essential Mana, but my berserker seems to handle better when I stack crit factor on everything. I used to try balancing it out, but each dungeon has monsters with different levels of crit resistance. I figured if I just overstacked crit factor on everything then I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.
When people talk about 'crit caps' they talk about a pivot point where crit factor has a lower contribution to damage output than other stats. Berserkers don't really have one.
 Slayer buffed? 03/15/2018, 12:51 PM 36EFJJ5E7D
I love hearing that the game is all skill. I'll check you out on YouTube. I enjoyed slayer by far most during beta so I believe I'll be maining it when it comes out. I wasnt so much concerned about being top tier as much I was worried about not being accepted into groups bc if you google slayer dps its described as a joke class. Like horrible dps. But I know these things change on the fly in mmos.
 Slayer buffed? 03/15/2018, 09:28 AM Saabi
Overall though you shouldn't be concerned about DPS tier. There's no class in this game that will make you struggle to clear any content and TERA is literally all player skill.
 Slayer buffed? 03/15/2018, 09:17 AM Saabi
On PC right now in NA, regardless if your ICB bugs or not, Slayer is one of the strongest classes in the game right now. It is top 3 without a doubt. After awakening its top 3 spot still remains.
 Slayer buffed? 03/13/2018, 05:35 PM Vulcarion
Right, just remember that as a console player, we are unsure as to when you will get the awakening update (console players are starting with a previous iteration of the game, I think RMH patch?). So, it may be a long wait for you, I'm really unsure.
 Slayer buffed? 03/13/2018, 05:12 PM 36EFJJ5E7D
Thanks for the answer man. After my time om beta slayer was my favorite class and I'd hate to end up maining the second worst dps in the game. If they are gonna be in a better spot soon ill ride it out
 Slayer buffed? 03/13/2018, 05:02 PM Vulcarion
When In Cold Blood (ICB) is used, it changes the skill overhand strike to ultimate overhand strike (a version of the skill with essentially no cooldown). At the same time, there is a hidden damage multiplier that can either amplify the damage of ultimate overhand strike immensely or, if you're really unlucky, decrease it (i don't remember all the specific values). This hidden portion of the skill is a glitch that BHS has been aware of since at least december of last year and probably longer, but unfortunately they still do not know how to fix it. This is why people call slayer the jackpot rng class, because of this hidden damage multiplier that is, for the most part, random.

With bad rng, slayer is considered to be fairly weak. With good rng, slayer is one of the strongest classes in the game. If you're playing the PC version, we'll be getting an update in April where slayer is "awakened" and gets massive buffs. Though the glitch isn't fixed with this patch, slayer will still be a decent choice regardless (aka it will be less reliant on rng).

 Slayer buffed? 03/13/2018, 03:41 PM 36EFJJ5E7D
I posted this earlier but I think in the wrong section. All the talk I've ever been able to find on slayer says its crap. I looked into it further and apparently the reason was the move In cold blood gave out random procs. Sometimes it hit big sometimes small and so the class was rng dependent.

Well I looked into slayer during the beta and in cold blood gives a flat boost of power. There doesnt seem to be a way for any kind of variance in the description of the ability so I'm wondering if they buffed that ability and slayer is considered more viable now
Motes are literally for oh [filtered] situations when the healer dies. Don't blame the DPS when you are too lazy to utilize Boomerang or Titanic Favor. This is coming from a Mystic main.
The way you do it as a mystic is if they arent picking up your motes then they obviously dont want heals. Dont heal them till they learn how to play around the team.

lmao dps aren't supposed to pick up motes in normal situations. If there's a mech happening and you can't heal, or you're dead they should pick them up, sure. If you're alive and kicking then you better use yo focus heal and boomerang!!
FaytEsteem wrote: »
Yamazuki wrote: »
Doesn't bother me when people get hit, if they didn't, then, what would I be doing other than watching people play and debuffing every few seconds?

Yeah, i understand the boredom when people don't take hits. But let me clarify what i meant, I mean those who rush in and literally don't dodge anything, get killed by every attack. And piratically iframe every heal then proceed to blame you for not doing your job right.

I have no problem with people taking hits, just if they do it on purpose knowing they can't facetank.

in that scenario I would just disregard their opinion entirely as its quite clear they have no idea what they are talking about and it's a waste of time to argue with a player who refuses to accept their own mistakes and blames the healer
The way you do it as a mystic is if they arent picking up your motes then they obviously dont want heals. Dont heal them till they learn how to play around the team.

nope. mote mainly is for cleanse which most players didn't know mote has cleanse. main healing for mystic is Titanic Favor, which the glyph make you can heal up 4 players directly and added lock range up to 3 meters. Cleanse is when your party hard or unable to get mote, such as stun, fear, confuse. mystic can also support the party with wide area HOT warding totem and endurance +20% when you add glyph to Protector
The way you do it as a mystic is if they arent picking up your motes then they obviously dont want heals. Dont heal them till they learn how to play around the team.
If it really does exist, does anyone know what it is for Berserker?
Mine is a Castanic male with the extra 1% crit chance from behind.
 Brawler for beginners 03/10/2018, 11:16 PM Anxient
Is there somewhere to go to find a beginner guide to brawler tanking? I'm currently playing the beta on ps4 and love the class so far but would like to get a much better idea of what I'm doing. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Trying to form a static on TR for daily RKE runs, please pm me on here if interested. Need dps and tank. Looking for skilled that clear regularly but want a static only.
HanzoMain wrote: »
Almost all of the healers including OP who complained on this thread are completely clueless on what this game actually is.
Tanks do their job by keeping aggro, turning bosses intentionally, and help the flow of the party with enrage timers.
DPS do their job by constantly attacking the boss with their rotation, with some classes being harder than others, to keep the maximum damage output to reduce the time duration of the dungeon.
Healers do their job by healing, cleansing, keeping buffs up, and resurrecting players who messed up their iframes or position.

Healers are supposed to be the back up, or literally "the support" of the party, yet all of you guys are complaining about your own role that you picked for yourself. You guys sound like typical mercy one tricks who die easily and complain when others are dying. If you're letting someone die intentionally as a healer, all that shows is that you're an ungrateful spoiled [filtered] who needs to be put in place. Don't play a healer and ruin the reputation of good healers. If you play a class, then play the class right instead of erping in velika as an elin priest and getting carried in dungeons with most likely a tier or two lower than the Tank/DPS's gear, only to complain when the party doesn't match your standards.

If you're being unnecessarily complained at, honestly just git gud.
They complain at you because they have experienced better healers, not whiny lil 5 year old elin priests.
Every DPS/Tank player have ran with a healer, at least once, that lets them trust the healer easily and dish out more damage, engage in more risky plays, and simply trust the support for its support.

It amuses me how this thread even managed to get so big with so many complains from healers who can't do their jobs right.
Always remember that opinions can go both ways. While you think the DPS/Tank is garbage, they can also think you're a garbage healer. And most of the times, a good healer will improve and hit such an impact on the party that they will praise you and thank you at the end of a run. But so far, as I can see from all these complaints are from garbage healers. It's a shame that some healers take their jobs seriously, but still get looked down upon because of you.

learn to play the game, or reroll to archer.

If you keep insulting and complaining in the pt, w/o me actually doing something wrong, then I'm not gonna take it and shush only bc "it's my role" but I'll answer you in the way you deserve to be answered, even sending screenshots to support if it's too much.
Being a priest/mystic doesn't mean being a saint, despite the classes' names :') and putting all the blame on healers like you do is unfair, also quite arrogant if I'm allowed to say so.
Healers are support, but not your damn peg - if you like to go full [filtered] and purposedly ignore mechs to get heal-carried while you show your epeen on a dps meter you should ask the healer if they're ok with it, like they used to do for SS pizza mechs, not just pretend they're gonna do it bc "it's their role"... yeah and you as dps are supposed to have iframes so that you can use em as well, that's part of *your* role.

You clearly never played priest or if you did, you only went with LFGs and premades, bc you obv don't get the feel of being insulted by trash tier players gettin' 1-shot at every mech in IMs and complaining with you, as well as the effort of takin' all the responsability for a PVP loss even when you're at the top places for assists :')

How do they say? If tank dies, it's healer's fault, if healer dies, it's tank's fault, if DPS dies it's DPS fault.
That's my line.
 Archer gear? 03/07/2018, 09:49 PM AG3JHAW9PL
Hi guys, returning player here.

Managed to enchant my gears to the current mid tiers and have some questions:

1) "Optimal" or ideal accessories combo for archer with Priest? Mystic?
2) Gear etchings?

Thank you
1. Crit cap for a castanic warrior is (these are without the food buffs btw):
- base crit + 159 (with assault stance on), when you run with a priest
- when you run with a mystic, just switch your crit jewelry/crystals to powerful ones

For a non-castanic warrior the crit cap would be:
- base crit + 172 (once again, with assault stance on), when running with a priest
- with mystic, again, switch crit stuff to power stuff

2. Not sure, should be the numbers of both base and after the "+"

Hope I helped!
 Question - Crit Factor Cap 03/06/2018, 09:40 AM xZeLL
I've read through google and other places where I could to find it, but I can't.
1. What is the Warrior DPS PvE Crit Factor Cap?
2. Is the cap both numbers on the stats? or just the number on the right after the + ?
oh full trap runs are my favorite. they teach you so much about healing. there's always going to be some things i can't heal through, like someone standing in the fire over there and running away from me, but for the most part it's a learning experience.
i don't heal legitimate assholes though. especially people berating other party members. you can sit your [filtered] on the floor in time out until you stop acting like a d**k ty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
 Ninja's 03/05/2018, 05:08 PM Velicea
the FOTM is always changing so there's no point in keeping up with it. i started with sorc and at the time it was the "best" in number terms and i've watched it bounce back and forth since.
so,you can swap out for what ever's the best right now, sure, but you're just gonna end up right where you are rn later.
 Ninja's 03/05/2018, 05:03 AM Saabi
as a "top tier" player that plays with other "top tier players", there is no elitism. We don't care how much DPS you can output as long as its reasonable for your class. Most important thing is the willingness to improve and the ability to do mechanics while performing as well as it is possible for your class
 Ninja's 03/05/2018, 05:02 AM Saabi
You should always play the class you enjoy the most and the one you can see yourself put the most time into. Buffs and nerfs come and go on all classes. You'll only do well with the class you are good at. I personally mained slayer basically since forever, even when it was considered "weak", but it didnt matter I was the top performer on my class and always output top tier numbers. It doesn't matter how good your class is, its how good you are and how much effort youre willing to put into that class. TLDR Play ninja if you really enjoy it and can see yourself growing with that class.
 Ninja's 03/03/2018, 08:32 AM aeee98
Ninja is flat out the weakest damage in terms of numbers, and it is proven by top players.

It is however one of the easier classes to actually get to this top number (which is about 20% less than FotM Warrior) because its rotation is actually extremely easy.

 Brawlers and crit power.. 03/03/2018, 08:23 AM aeee98
The true BiS for Brawler (assuming Mystic most of the time)

Enraged/CDR top
Crit Power (yes, 0.3 Crit Power)

RHK Top Roll (only go Jackhammer if playing at above 150ms ping)
Standard Defence rolls

Gloves and Boots are standard.

Run Double energetics

Run 3 Pumped 2 Carving (This means you have to fully utilise your Haymaker properly) and Keen Vyrsks

Your non-buffed crit factor should be at around +170-190 with this setup assuming 16 and up crit innerwear. I personally left mine mine at around +180, although +190 is best if you don't want to pop lamb all the time. Use accessory etchings to ease yourself into the lower crit cap.

You get about a 4% damage increase by swapping damage to Crit Power and properly prioritising skills assuming regular setup. If slaying Flat Damage is slightly better.

With a priest, swap one pumped ring for one carving ring (about 40 crit factor extra).

Don't use old jewelry as 1) its gonna be nerfed next patch, 2) many of your skills don't scale with attack speed, and as such you don't gain as much benefit unless you are lazy to get Entropy gear.
Healers, how do you keep your sanity?

weed ;)

here is my setup, i also run double energetic etching

7.2% CDR because even if you run 14crit or .3 crit power, your increased wait time between rotation will result in less dps.

9.3% enrage damage
9.3% enrage damage
8.6% aggro damage
6% damage
7.2% CDR

your main rotations are:
A. roundhouse kick > jack hammer > pile driver > haymaker
B. roundhouse kick > jack hammer > pile driver > ground pounder

filler skill: counter punch (use everytime it is available, it should chain back to the roundhouse kick) and start ur rot A or B

growing fury: should be on at all times.

your glyphs should center around these skills

i use 3 carvings (ring - 4 power, 4 crit; earring - 4hp, 4 endurance; necklace - 4 power)
2 pumps (ring, earring): same stat as above
power inner: 8, 10, 12
belt: 3 power, 6 crit
diadem: 8 crit

green: keen
blue: hardy
red: wrathful, focused, pounding, carving

etching: double energetic (weapon, hand), double grounded (boot, armor), pumped (all jewelry)
 Ninja's 03/01/2018, 08:26 PM shinjuki
Ninja is the weakest in pve though. being optimistic and saying you CAN keep up with others is a waste of time when you can pick up a zerk and get much more dps with half the skill, ninja and sorc are the only classes that literally cannot get over 3mil dps in rke while theres a zerk with 4mil on moongourd. the only reason to chose ninja over other classes is to give all of your dps a long lasting iframe with smoke bomb, but overall a better class will make the run faster anyways.
 Ninja's 03/01/2018, 05:12 PM ZwesomeRachel
If you don't spam spacebar on ninja, ninja is very strong. If you use spacebar on ninja, it will weaken the dps by a lot. Also, never use 1000 cuts as a DPS as it does minimal damage in endgame dungeons. It should only be used as an iframe ;)
 Ninja's 03/01/2018, 11:37 AM Starkhoe
I play a ninja and I run all the current endgame content. Never felt like its actually "weak", and nobody ever complained about my dps either. It simply requires abit more effort and being spot on with you're timing and rotations. Yes, some classes are generally stronger. Of course. But that shouldn't pull you away from playing a class that's loads of fun, and very strong in capable hands. There are no bad classes, just bad players. I don`t consider myself an expert but that`s my two cents.
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