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I need some help with these. What glyphs should i use. What rotation should i do. What enhancement points should i get.
Server: Velika
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My character: Takeshi.Kira
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Hello all. My pc specs are :
CPU AMD FX 8300 3,3

I have problem with FPS rate and cant play pvp. I have display settings near zero and even then i cant see nothing else but shadows.
Should i buy new mainboard and ryzen cpu?

Server: Velika
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Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Fraves#8652

Thank you and have fun!
Bump. I still can't log into the game. I just want to delete the level 10 character.
First one unlocks based on doing the basic Guardian Legion quest from Seir (Enemies Foreign and Domestic, IIRC), the next two based on item level (431 and 439) triggered quests. You get access to the vendor aspect upon the completion of each of the three quests.

The unlocks are character based, so you need to do that on every character you want to use them on.
thanks i found it
I cant use the guardian legion vendors on my other characters but i can on reaper is there something im missing?
 Brawler or Lancer 12/04/2018, 09:35 PM J3RRK33DTR
If you're wanting to be a tank that does decent damage then Brawler would be a good pick, Warrior an even better pick though you'd have to seriously dedicate your time to learning that class as opposed to Brawler which is more casualised and ping friendly.

Lancer is on the lower end of the damage spectrum relying more on supporting party members, generally the best tank class in many cases but going by what you're looking for the class will likely not suited to your tastes.
 Brawler or Lancer 12/04/2018, 08:15 PM Ponilover
lancer cuz of 25 seconds of adrenaline rush
for solo purposes both are fine
brawler is less ping dependent tho
 Achievement help 12/04/2018, 11:46 AM Viennoiserie
That happens if you enter with a party and someone triggers the cutscene by opening the doors before you finish interacting with him. I recommend that you try to be the first person to enter the instance, quickly kill one mob to get the orb, pass through the barrier then interact with Karakhir.
 Achievement help 12/04/2018, 09:17 AM Skylean
Ok i need help .__. looking and looking how to end this aci, i know he is at enter but when barrier open he disappear and i don't get achievement ._.

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 Brawler or Lancer 11/29/2018, 12:09 PM Dell22
Which one was why?
 Brawler or Lancer 11/29/2018, 07:33 AM Dell22
I am not sure which to main I wanna be a tank but also do decent damage.
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0R7Twp8 Image attached.
So I just logged into my account again after several months to find out that I can't even play the game. Apparently, there was a server merge, and now I have to delete 1 character in order to play the game. I have 6 characters in total. I have 5 level 65 characters, and 1 level 10 character on the server I'm trying to log in to. I won't delete any of my capped characters no matter what. I've been trying to delete the level 10 character though, and it's telling me I can't delete the character because of an item in brokerage. The game is unplayable to me if I can't either log in and remove the item from brokerage, or delete the level 10 character with the item still in brokerage. I'm not sure what to do here, but this is ridiculous.
 NOOB QUESTIONS 11/28/2018, 04:53 PM skalleface

1. You need to buy a shape changer "height" with either fashion coupons (100) or on the brokerage. There are permanent ones.
2. Unfortunately you cannot see all weapon skins so I suggest you google them beforehand. Some you can see in the dressing room, though. (Same tab as the Tera Store in game).

Hope this helps :)
Thanks, so i try to submitting a ticket!
is having trouble, he disappeared from TERA STORE
hm yeah that's really weird then. sorry i can't help you more than this, never encountered the issue myself. i guess you could try submitting a ticket if you haven't already, seems more like a glitch to me
 NOOB QUESTIONS 11/24/2018, 07:56 PM Leandrosacra

1. I'm new to Tera and I realize that there are Elins who are lower than others how to make it small?
2. In the TERA store I go to WEAPON SKINS, but I can not see how it would look in me so how I can see what I'm buying?
Still doesn't works! ...but if i want to use for another character at lvl 22 it works!
I can't understand
make sure that you have all your windows closed (like banker, wardrobe, settings, parcel post, etc), that your character is standing still and that you're not on a mount. i know that there are some windows that prevent you from using consumbales, and you just have to close them. you can't use consumbles when you're running either. could give it a try
I purchased an Appearence Change Voucher for my Slayer lvl 65, but when i click on it for use, it say "You can't use now".
Someone can help me?

Server: Velika <3

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Server: Velika <3

Code: Demetra#1789 (0/3)
Code: Mih#1577 (2/3)
Code: Nayuki#4180 (0/3)
Code: Krazinha#4298 (2/3)
Code: Yuki.Mist#7245 (0/3)
Code: Kraza#2285 (0/3)
Code: Yuki.Rim#2173 (0/3)
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years ago it was learned very early on.
but about 2 years ago approx it got changed to lvl 50.

put increased damage and defence on thrall of vengence, cast it then stand back, gives you time then to recast and have space to run around it to take aggro back off you :)
There is nothing to fix.

This was an on purpose change back around September of 2017. Many skills were changed so that you can learn them earlier. (Boomerang Pulse was moved to level 8, for instance.) Mystic had a few that were moved to later. (Thrall of Protection and Volley of Curses as the main ones I recall.)

Level - Skill name
  • 1 - Sharan Bolt
  • 1 - Teleport Jaunt
  • 1 - Arun's Vitae
  • 2 - Metamorphic Blast
  • 4 - Metamorphic Smite
  • 6 - Shara's Lash
  • 8 - Boomerang Pulse
  • 10 - Titanic Favor
  • 12 - Contagion
  • 12 - Retaliate
  • 14 - Sonorous Dreams
  • 16 - Arun's Cleansing Touch
  • 16 - Command: Follow
  • 16 - Thrall of Life
  • 18 - Command: Attack
  • 18 - Thrall of Vengeance
  • 18 - Resurrect
  • 20 - Aura of the Merciless
  • 22 - Corruption Ring
  • 24 - Regression
  • 26 - Aura of the Tenacious
  • 26 - Aura of the Swift
  • 28 - Arun's Tears
  • 30 - Mana Infusion
  • 32 - Mire
  • 36 - Aura of the Unyielding
  • 38 - Thrall of Wrath
  • 40 - Summon: Party
  • 42 - Vow of Rebirth
  • 42 - Ancient Binding
  • 46 - Curse of Exhaustion
  • 50 - Thrall of Protection
  • 56 - Curse of Confusion
  • 60 - Warding Totem
  • 63 - Volley of Curses

Hello I am a new player in TERA PC I have a human mysctic in level 12 but I can not learn THRALL OF PROTECTION 1 in the TERA version ps4 this skill is learned in level 8 or 10, I went to a mystic master and it indicates to me that You can learn this skill at level 50 which is ridiculous.

I have a friend in TERAPC and he has a mystic and he told me that THRALL of PROTECTION learned in the first levels, that is from level 8 to level 12

Could you help me with this case?
Could someone fix this?
I'm sorry for my English is really bad, I'm using the Google translator
If it's still in your quest log (default key to open is L), click on the eye icon at the right side of the entry. That toggles if it's shown in the side tracker. (You might have to click it more than once in a few cases, but usually once will toggle it from it's current stage to the other.)
Please help, i didnt mean to do that i just wanna finish for my reaper skills
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For all the folks coming back or starting out with the new Elin Brawler update, a list of Buddy Up Codes! All on the Velika server.

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Happy hunting
 Artisan armorcraft 11/10/2018, 05:08 PM Ellexem
Design: Silver Siglo
Design: Fine Zawaleather
Design: Pure Cobala Ingot
Design: Fine Pilka Silk

All are 500 (Artisan). Should be right on the Armorcrafting Designs vendor in Highwatch.

Zawaleather you should be able to just buy everything from the merchant, but I can't remember how far you can take that. I think I just did Siglos myself to get to 650 the last time I pushed an Armorcrafter to Master level, but that was just because of the skill point to PP ratio.
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Buddy code Free tem/exp
Free item for lvlng
More % exp fast lvlng
1 lvl instant for each 10 lvl = 20->21 / 30->31 40->41 etc

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 Artisan armorcraft 11/10/2018, 01:32 AM RayneAU
So I just leveled my armorcrafting to 500.
Where are the next set of BP to make more stuff.
It seems like the BP jump from 400 to 650 with no way of leveling past 500.

Is there a merchant I don't know about.

Just sent you a private message, check your inbox maybe you can reply to that
Seems I can't send private messages yet. If I post the code here you may not get it, sorry.
Is there a way to easily hand in quests with the controller? On the keyboard you can just press F (default) repeatedly to pick up and hand in quests. With the controller you seem to have to use the cursor to highlight the quest, press the interact key, then move the cursor to the bottom of the quest window to highlight the continue button, press the interact key, etc.

Would be nice to have an equivalent to pressing F repeatedly without having to put the controller down.
 Gunner Apex Damage? 11/08/2018, 06:47 AM Rommy17
Plz help.
How to use "mana missiles" without charge?
on 1.53
Hey if it is PC only and you don't want it I'll gladly take it :)

Send me a private message on the forums via your inbox thing.
 How to get mask 11/07/2018, 11:01 PM Meningitis
Cyborq wrote: »
I don't know all the places, but I hear masks drop in for example Pit of Petrax, DRCNM and some other harder dungeons.
They don't drop in pit. They're a leaderboard reward.
Island of Dawn tokens give you II and III etchings. Absolutely no reason not to get at least those. Anything better I'd leave for further down in the progression path.

The flying mission tokens also have those basic etchings, if you feel that those are easier to get for you.

Accessory etchings are available as well, in case you haven't seen that yet, but those aren't in the token shops. Daylight and equivalent is the earliest I would consider putting anything on those (and even then only the I ones, though those would still be likely wasted, unless you're just not going to be in a position to upgrade them for a long time).

The banquet pre-quests will give you some etchings for your weapon as well, though they might not be what you want. The follow up quest, after you've done your Apex skills and finished the actual banquet quest, will give you a necklace I etching depending on class.
Okay, unfortunate, but thanks for the info! would you still recommend getting etchings on lower tier gear, or are those pretty difficult to attain nowadays?
The dyads will stay bound to the previous stage, they do not upgrade along with the item. (So if you used them on a say Frostmetal weapon then they will still say they are bound to that, even after you've upgraded it to a Stormcry one. Just to make sure that there is no confusion here.)

So the same as always, dyads only for the latest stages in the progression, unless you feel like wasting them.

Etchings and the second effect set also do not make the jump over an upgrade, so will have to be reacquired with each upgrade.

Item XP will also reset with upgrades, these days, so no sense in building up more once you're at the point of upgrading. It will just get wasted.
Hi I'm just returning after a long time away from the game, and have a few questions.

It seems like the gear nowadays progresses from one tier to the next through upgrading rather than anything else. Dyads, as I understand them, become soulbound to the gear that they are attached to. Does this mean that when I attach a dyad to my weapon for isntance, and then upgrade it, that the dyad structure is still soulbound to that upgraded weapon? This would make me feel much better about using dyads earlier in my progression up from lvl 65.
 How to get mask 11/07/2018, 12:27 PM H6655DYXE9
item lvl 446 dungeons mask drops - Red Refuge Hard (RRH), Antaroth's Abyss Normal (AAN), and Dark Reach Citadel (DRCN)

item lvl 453s dungeon drop infinity mask slightly better than the ivl446s in - Grotto of Lost Souls Normal (GLSN) and Antaroth Abyss Hard (AAH)

Battleground boxes do have a small chance of giving infinity mask.
Try using mass teleport - I think the i-frame is a tad bit longer. Do you have latency issues?

I'm unsure of a 'trick' but it definitely takes some practice to master. Teleporting when you see the flower explode may be a bit too late, so try timing so that you are in the midst of teleporting when it explodes. I assume it's a bit similar to the timing of the “Your flesh will be deleted” mechanic on the first boss of AA.

I'm sure I'm wrong, but try it!
 How to get mask 11/06/2018, 09:38 AM Cyborq
I don't know all the places, but I hear masks drop in for example Pit of Petrax, DRCNM and some other harder dungeons.
I received an Argent Order Helmet code from en masse and I need to come here, login, and input the code. It's a 24 number code. PSN has 12 digit codes, and Xbox has 25 digit codes, so I guess this code is for PC only? Will it give the helmet to me on the console versions?

I don't play on PC so if it really is PC only, I'll most likely give it away.

Thanks for any help!
 How to get mask 11/05/2018, 07:57 PM Raz4r
So im a experienced player, been playing since tera first came on steam. i Just got my warriors apex skills yesterday, and ive been struggling, trying to find out how to get a mask to fill the last gear slot. Ive seen different things online, like that i just missed the deadline for the leveling event that gave the masks as a reward. Can anyone who knows how to get them help me out please?
the RU TERA website can be found here https://www.tera-online.ru/
I know that, but the npc is not in her usual spot. Does anyone know where she has gone? Because I can't turn in the candies until I find her.
 What to do with candy? 11/03/2018, 12:37 AM yuxz
You can exchange them for goods at a halloween npc, a horse mount and some masks. Event ends on 6th.
 Buddy up with me 11/03/2018, 12:36 AM yuxz
New player here, having just reached 65 recently. Please feel free to use my buddy up code Firia#3698 !
Got a lot of unused halloween candy from the event because I've been in the hospital for a few days. Is there anywhere I can turn them in still? Or am I at a loss on event items since the npcs are not where they usually are?
 Weapon Skin 11/02/2018, 11:35 AM Cyborq
One skin is enough, since it is an item you equip and it will override the look of your weapon.
You have to unequip the skin to remove the look.
All costumes will equip in the costume section of your profile (press P in game) and you can right click them to unequip.

Most costumes become souldbound to the character you use it on, which means you can only use the skin/costume on the character you equip it on.
 Weapon Skin 11/01/2018, 03:59 PM 43TC3C5PWA
what ? i know that... i think if i buy only one skin and iam lvl 60, skin is for all weapons ? 61-62-63-64-65... or its set for only one specific
 Weapon Skin 11/01/2018, 10:35 AM Cyborq
If you open a smart box on reaper, you'll get scytches for her.

"Bloodshadow Weapon Skin
 Weapon Skin 10/31/2018, 07:55 PM 43TC3C5PWA
Hello i start with reaper and i want buy this skin https://store.enmasse.com/tera/item/ninjawepskin/bloodshadow-weapon-skin . That skin is for all weapons ? I mean, when i get new weapon,skin is still on old weapon or its on new too ?
left click on the bars
you'll have to click on them every time you change a character or log in
I started to play a little while ago, but I see other players in videos that the numbers are shown, my show is the percentage, how does it change to appear the numbers? thanks in advance.
This is Tera NA (North America) and English is the only officially supported language. If you want to play Tera in Russian, you need to download Tera RU and play on Russian server.

It may be possible to at least partially change in-game text language to Russian by modyfying game files and swapping them with Russian versions, but it's not officially supported.
Need help. I cant change language in game from english to russian.Where i can do this???
 Gunner Apex Damage? 10/28/2018, 12:56 PM Ponilover
chest roll for blast damage, glyph blast for damage and attack speed
double energetic etchings or pumped if you have a stagnant party with a lancer
+250 crit total
spam left click when using the jetpack + beer for hm's
squeeze in time bomb + ray and the first attack of arcane barage for that sweet swift glyph
no point using burst fire w/ the jetpack cuz it sucks compared to blast
one last thing
time bomb - ray bomb - detonate both bombs
obv use jetpack and balders when the boss is enraged

the rotation w/o jetpack is pretty much the same, the only difference is using time bomb + ray off cd
you're not supposed to farm those relics in one spot
keep doing dungeons, killing bams for vg quests in diff areas
and don't bother
once you hit lvl 50 you'll start getting relics for the next weapon
Im a lvl 49 valkyrie trying to get a LEVEL 44! relic weapon cos i was roling a levl 38 one and my dps was extremely low but as stated in the title the drops for the peices was way to low, i was farming things my level near castanica and it took me 3 hours to get the peices and i still havent even completed all of the relic peices! help!..
can anyone help me with the following:
what is the timeing of dodge on MYSTIC , for the first boss flower mecha.
i tried to dodge it like all different times, before it hits, when it hits ,but it never works for me. is there a trick im missing. all guides show warrs, archers, or braws so....
 Gunner Apex Damage? 10/26/2018, 01:51 PM J53ALA4R96
Hello.. how much an Apex gunner's damage usually is against dungeon monsters? Example Dreadnaught boss?
I'm in 440 Armor level and frostmetal +0

Here are what I've observed on my damage:
Balder's Vengeance Usually when not using the jetpack like apex skill hits not less than 20mill in damage, but with the jetpack on, it reaches 30+m
The blast hits for 500k each hit.
And other skill so far, doesn't hit less than 1m....

Is this damage still low? How much should I usually hit?
Can you give me advice to reach better damage?
I just observed tho, i never die in dungeons so far.
Idk how to monitor my damage, but this is all i have observed.
sorry.. help is very appreciated since i am new to this. lmao
And one more code! For Velika of course.

BuddyUp Code: Rufus.Thracius#3284
Server: Velika
BuddyUp Codes:

Server: Velika
BuddyUp Codes:

hey, someone can told me how many players are active?
Queria saber si tienen la misma cantidad que a principio de año, nada mas
cmon men, there are nobody?
A fast question, how many players are active in this game? There are more than 10.000 players? Or 5000? Because i played in march and there was too many players, but now what?
Useless guide!
Totally worked. Thanks!
Hello, I wanted to know how many players are active in 2018, because at the beginning of the year I played this game and in March I stopped playing, can someone tell me if the game is still as active as in those months? thank you and good night :D
 Apex 439 requirement 10/19/2018, 11:59 PM Rassei
I've been away for a few months, came back for the awakening patch and just got my sorcerer to 439. Did they buff the ilvl of frostmetal/twistshard gear? All I have is 2 Daylight rings, frostmetal belt, frostmetal disc/chest but both my gloves and boots are still TS at +5 yet i hit 439. I was pretty sure that when i got apex on Slayer, Warrior, Brawler, Priest and Berserker i had to have full frostmetal +0. Did something change?
 Stuck on Server Select 10/19/2018, 11:56 PM Rassei
I was having the same issue as you a few days ago. Uninstalling the game and reinstalling the steam client fixed it. Hope this solves your problem.

I am a new player and am stuck on the server select screen. I click on a server and nothing happens. I tried some of the solutions proposed in past threads, such as editing the hosts, file but they have all failed. Could anyone help me out?
@Cyborq Yes I would recommend you to at least try it out, especially if you're a fellow EU player as myself. :)
This is this weekend's event btw:

clear (for example TRNM twice a day and you will receive the following:
2x Metamorphic Emblem Chest (each chest contains 1000 metamorphic emblems)
A random chance to get:
2x Superior Noctenium Elixir
30x Elleon's Mark of Valour (100 of those you receive a talent chest that contains
2x Emerald
Alogn this event, there's also a letter event

If you collect all letters you can actually get an Ancient might Flight skill (the buffed phoenixes/dragons) or even Darkan wings :open_mouth: or x2000 Golden Plates, etc etc....

As you see, the rewards are huge. GF are not being cheap.


Thank you for the detailed response, I must admit I have not been active on the forums or in game for a while now so yes, I must have missed the thread you mentioned.

One might consider taking a peek into the EU servers, seeing how I'm from Europe myself. :)
You didn't notice this thread? It has 69 pages already...
Anyways, because of what Enmasse did recently, they lost lots of players from NA. Estimated is at least 2k people who moved from NA to EU. The rest left Tera entirely I guess...
So the population in NA Tera decreased by alot, compared to EU that their population is pretty the same...
I'm one of the players who left from NA to EU so I can say from my own experience the differences that I've noticed for now:

-I'm also from EU so obviously ping is much better.
- for some reason the optimization of EU is better. In NA I had to lower the presets to 0-1, in EU i can play completely fine with 5-6 with not FPS issues.
- Much easier to get silver and golden talents, the main ingredients that you need to upgrade your gear. For example:
- Elite alone gives the player 40 golden talent and 10 silver talent daily (also some elleon mark+goldfinger token) so that's 1200gold talent & 300 silver talent per month.
- Those elleon marks drop from dungeons and from them you can get even more talents (quite generously actually) basically you can farm lots of golden and silver talents from simply doing dungeons, you don't have to farm IOD at all. I just started playing in EU and i already have more than 1000 golden talents and 600+ silver talents and god knows from where.
- Their events are way better. Weekend events third week straight since I moved to EU is basically an "afk event" - simply stay logged in and every hour you receive a gift. The gifts? pretty nice. You can basically get a free bank expansion :3
- Dressing room is complete, whereas in NA its not.
- LFG page is almost always full, 2 pages at peak hours. (And rmemeber you dont have to play at night just to get into dungeons, just normal EU hours)
- more variety of costumes that you can buy from their store (not in loot boxes, the actual costume).
- As far as i saw, more patient people in IMs. in NA its very toxic, NA players are much more angry people. You can actually notice the difference in attitude from an NA player and an EU player (in general).
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