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 What are Reward Points 09/22/2018, 04:43 PM Ellexem
Reward Points are the 'experience', for lack of a better terms, for the loyalty program that Tera has. They will allow you to level up in it. You start at Tier 0, you can get up to Tier 10.

You can earn them from doing certain Vanguard Requests in-game. They are indicated via the golden horseshoe/upside-down omega looking icon.
You will find them on certain higher tier dungeons, battlegrounds, and Island of Dawn solo vanguards.

The Points are also awarded for when you buy things with EMP, on a 1:1 basis. (Note, actually buying things with EMP, not just buying EMP on their own.)

How to see how many you have of them? Find the following icon on your screen and hover over it. It will be paired with your elite status icon, if you have it active.

You can also click on it to open the fuller UI.
You can use the arrows there to page through the various tiers and see the rewards you get for having them (such as I have done for the picture to show the perks for Tier 1, despite that account being Tier 0). The ? button will enable explanations on the window, if you need them.

The Points needed to reach higher tiers will go up quite a bit.

Point are not to be confused with the Reward Credits, which are the currency with which you can buy things from the Rewards Emporium (which you unlock with Rewards Tier 2.)

You earn Reward Credits in-game only through the a daily click reward and a solo instance dungeon. Buying things with EMP will award credits on a 1:10 (credits:emp) rate, to my understanding.

Some redeem codes may also award either points or credits.

The official page about them. (A bit dated, complete with broken images.)
where can i see how many i have and what do i do with them
I know that you've said you know the basics, but just for the sake of completeness, or for anyone who reads this thread and doesn't know them, I'll cover a few things that tend to trip people up. (Plus, if you're last played two years ago some of this you might not have seen yet. Stil, my apologies for any repeat of information you already know.)

You get all of the armor you need for leveling from the the various roman numeral tokens. (XXII Token, XXVII Token, ... They are right click shops, in case you haven't encountered them yet. They contain the three main armor pieces as well as rings, earrings and a necklace.) If you want to feel semi-immortal, enter a dungeon with the gear from the tokens that the vanguard supplies for it. Try to have a full set from the previous tier if not, if you don't want to be too squishy. (Defense is the three main armor pieces and the earrings. Damage boosts are necklace and the rings, in case you need to prioritize one or the other.)

Getting some form of inner armor is also a great help. Either something cheap from the broker (the secondary effect doesn't really matter here, you just want the defense and hp for leveling mainly) or even just by completing the level 28-34 quest chain with Samael, which will also give you a very basic one for free.

Crystals you usually swim in if you do vanguards at all. Just make sure that you replace any that you've lost, if you don't have Elite with its automatic crystalbind. As well as changing to the better ones as soon as you get a good enough weapon and chest armor piece.

There are Battle Solutions that act as universal buffs. They have replaced the old charms. If you have Elite, then the Everful Nostrum is the same as the Prime Battle Solution. If you don't have it, the vanguards will provide various version of them (and they are also sold by general merchants, but usually you swim in these as well). So, basic combat supply, use it and you're already ahead of the pack again. (Sad as it is to say that.)

General tip for playing healer, expect at least someone to always end up taking every telegraphed hit. Expect the bleed inflicting hits to get someone (or everyone), so be ready to cleanse those. If the party is under-geared as well as in love with face tanking every hit, then you'll likely end up needing to both top them up before the attacks hit and then again after the attacks. As well as throwing every tool you have at the problem. You'll still likely lose some in such situations though, you can't hard carry through everything.

If it doesn't happen, you can then be pleasantly surprised.

Plus, If people are dodging the hits, then you'll turn into support buffs mixed with doing some damage of your own. You can then focus on debuffs, keeping your own short duration buffs up, giving everyone mana, and even doing some damage. This will depend on the party though. Some good parties can also end up expecting you to let them face-tank most things so that they can keep higher DPS up time.

Pre-locking on Focus Heal/Titanic Favor was something you could do to work around the whole standing in the attack thing, since the heal will stay for a bit in the lock-on phase, but that is of somewhat less utility now, since you need to supplement it with your other healing moves. Still, if you see that the boss is about to hit someone, you can lock on and only finish the spell after the hit.

As a priest, don't forget to use your buff (Blessing of Shakan). If the dungeon lasts long enough, you will need to reapply it. As well if someone dies. Focus Heal is very lacking, you will need to use the other healing tools that you acquire. This can make the first couple of dungeons, where you're still acquiring them, a great pain. Your short-duration buff and debuff will take time getting used to in how often you need to reapply them. (The debuff duration still tends to creep up on me whenever I've played a mystic for a while, because the mystic one lasts longer.)

Plague of Exhaustion nullifies buffs that the boss casts on itself. So if it brings out some kind of higher damage buff or endurance increase or things like that, you can just plague to make that go right away again. There are combo moves that increase the healing power of spells now. Healing Circle heals for more after a Backstep or Fiery Escape, for instance. (They are listed on the tooltips.) This gives incentive to play somewhat mobile; close in, drop the heal, try to not eat damage yourself.

As a mystic, make sure you have the auras turned on. (They should stay turned on upon entry into the dungeon these days, but it's still best to have a quick look. You almost universally want Merciless (crit factor, attack buff) and Tenacious (MP regen) for group content.) You will need to combine the healing from Boomerang with the lock-on heal, thanks to the healing nerf. The Thrall of Life, while it will heal and cleanse others, can only really be counted on to heal yourself consistently, don't expect it to reliably fix the HP of others for you. Don't expect people to pick up your motes, they may, or they may not. Your HP motes will cleanse. Your lock-on cleanse will also cleanse yourself, the target need not have anything to cleanse. (So if you get hit with something and don't have time to drop and eat a mote, you can also just lock-on to someone with your cleanse to clear yourself.)

Regression will remove buffs from nearby enemies. In my experience, this doesn't seem to be quite as universal as the Priest plague, but both are fairly situational skills anyway. Contagion will increase the damage done to the target, so combine with an enrage phase for highest boost to damage. The mana returned by Ring of Corruption doesn't increase if you hold it for longer. So if you only need it for giving the group mana, then you only need to land one tick of damage on the target.

Several classes are absolute mana hogs, especially during the leveling phase where they may not be using the highest Battle Solution and their mana pool isn't yet large enough for the percentage based restore of the Solution to counter their mana costs. Giving mana to the group is thus something that will help those greatly. (It'll also help those who aren't using a battle solution, well, if they are doing more than spamming the basic combo attack anyway.)

Group etiquette... many groups simply don't talk. Since you can play TERA with a controller even on the PC, they might simply not be near a keyboard. People not talking can also be a simple question of language barrier. Not everyone who plays TERA on the NA servers will necessarily speak English (or be good enough at it to hold a conversation, even if they can read it).

You will have situations where someone needs to take the initiative and start grabbing mobs. Usually this seems to be expected to be the tank, but while leveling it may end up being someone else, if the tank is too reticent. During the leveling game it's best not to let it bother you. You will likely repeatedly even find yourself in groups without a tank at all (if you okay that option while waiting for the queue to pop). As long as you have at least some idea of how to dodge, the most that will happen is that fights take longer as everyone chases the mob. The same really applies if the tank is bad/still learning/under-geared.

It's really no different from other MMOs in that regard, just with a somewhat more tinge of "Just get this done" during the leveling phase, in my experience. The only variables that the action combat part adds is that you can get out of the way of attacks and that you need to actually aim. Everything else is very much the same basics that you'll know from the other MMOs, from my experience.

People have a habit of pulling large groups of mobs. If their gear sucks, and they mistime a stun/block, this may see them flattened very quickly. If you time it right though, then you will usually just kill the entire pack of mobs very quickly. To get used to the timing, you can do something like pulling a dozen of those trees outside of Bastion of Lok. Just run around and collect them, circle to bunch them up, and then kill them with attacks that will do damage to multiple targets (be it a circle AE, arc damage, a line through things, or whatever else).

Until you get used to the timing, don't initiate something like that in a dungeon, just be ready to chip in your damage when someone else does.

Brawlers can easily set this mob gathering up with their Bull Rush skill, since they can just aim themselves right through the mobs, bunching them up in front of them, rather than needing to lead them in circles. So you'll likely see that quite a bit with a brawler tank.

The leveling dungeons all offer 99 neophyte resurrections, which will let you get right back up at a cost of 30 gold per use. Most people just seem to use those if they die, rather than waiting for the healer to res them. This can get a bit costly, but you usually end up with enough buffer from quests to be able to afford at least a few.

Ultimately, don't let it bother you if you aren't doing your best the first time through with a group. You'll just improve once you get used to the details. The leveling dungeons are easy enough that you can do them without a full group, so nobody is going to be likely to say much of anything if someone is not at their best. It can be a very impersonal experience even at the best of times.
Honestly, leveling dungeon IMS is mostly comprised of rushy people who ignore as many mechanics as possible in hopes of clearing the dungeon as fast as possible. They rarely talk and half the time I don't even think they notice or register the other people in party. In just making sure you have proper crystals for your class and having a +9 avatar weapon, you're already leagues ahead of them.

While there are faux-pas for later on such as running ahead of the tank, not having backcrit crystals as a dps and not positioning yourself properly (IE being at the front of the boss instead of being at the back), those are more of a common-sense thing - making sure you're not doing any of those helps your overall dungeon experience and is less likely to get you killed.

If you're on Velika and want some casual, laid-back people to run leveling IMS with you to get the jitters out of your system without worrying about being judged, then shoot me a PM via forum message. I mostly play Tera with two other people - we've all been playing since beta or damn near close - and we'd be more than happy to help you out or give you pointers if you want them.
Hi all, I've played TERA on and off for a few years but very casually--mostly just solo questing and exploring. Highest lvl characters were a 60 warrior and 55 berzerker before my last break almost 2 years ago, and I've played every vanilla class up to (or beyond) lvl 45 at least once.

Questing/leveling/casual solo play with a legion of alts is my favorite thing to do cause I'm a bit socially anxious, but I wouldn't mind throwing in a few dungeons this time around to speed up the leveling process. Grouping up and running dungeons has always been a bit intimidating tho. I don't want to be 'that person' who makes stupid mistakes, forgets to use x item or wear x armor, or creates difficulty for the other players. I have run a few dungeons in the past, but only those that can be outleveled and soloed. This is not my first MMO and I've played WoW & SWTOR much more hardcore than I do TERA, so I'd like to think I know the basics of PVE (along w/ TERA-specific stuff ie use avatar weapon, don't stand in stuff, pick up orbs, don't be out of range of the healer, don't stand in front of the boss). But TERA's combat system is different, which kinda throws me for a loop where group-play is concerned (especially on Priest/Mystic).

I'm sure a big part of getting rid of the scariness is just jumping in, but are there any seasoned/experienced players who can think of anything particular to be aware of? Personal pet peeves, tips, social no-no's, etc? It would be much appreciated ^^ I do read class guides and watch videos and try to be aware of surroundings, but still feel unprepared. (& only intend to DPS or heal, no tanking)
 Guild Emblem Help! 09/20/2018, 01:34 PM Viennoiserie
Check image size again.
Similar issue here.
 Guild Emblem Help! 09/19/2018, 10:44 PM 5L5N3WTRD6
Hello I have been trying to upload a Guild emblem and I am putting the photos in the correct folder but I am not able to see it in game no matter what I do. I have tried to Upload the below photo. The size is 50x50 24 bit bmp. Can anyone help?
Tsin wrote: »
At Lv. 65 the gearsets go in order of Guardian > Twistshard > Frostmetal > Stormcry > Heroic Oath. You get better gear by enchanting your current gear to the highest it can be enchanted (+6 or +9) then you have the option of "upgrading" the gear into a +0 version of the next tier set. This works for both the armor and weapon.
I was afraid that this game was p2w.
So i dont need to spend money on the broke? God bless XD
I just need to do enough to get the materials needed to upgrade my equipment! Very good.

Tsin wrote: »
If you still want any extra help and will be on the Velika server, then feel free to send me a forum message. I have a close friend who has mained archer for 5 years who would be more than happy to give you some pointers.
I'm in Velika too. If possible i would like to learn more with you and your friend!

Hey everyone!

It seems like many players prefer to pick simple and otherwise silly names. Unlike them, I've been trying to remain as lore-friendly as possible. After doing my own share of research and writing several name examples across each rave I've come to the conclusion that even though the races of TERA aren't particularly inspired in just one culture of our world, there seems to be a pattern when it comes to their names and its origins. Names can vary and I haven't caught any meaningful surnames. So I'll be pointing out what I've managed to find!


Amani names are generally rough-sounding and imply power;
Their names seem to share similarities to Jewish, Arabic, Indian and even Japanese names;
Names that are typically associated with man-beasts such as orcs and charr can be used as a source of inspiration;



Baraka names are isolated, tranquil and aren't meant to sound all that harsh;
Their names seem to share similarities to Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Turkish and Albanian cultures;



Castanic names might come off as heroic or even dashing;
Their names can share similarities to common Greek names and other Indo-European languages;
Their names can also be based on succubus and incubus lore;



Elin names are sometimes inspired by nature and other related topics or can come off as melodic and easy to pronounce;
Their names can share similarities to Celtic (Irish, Scots Gaelic and Welsh) names;



Elf names can be considered aristocratic and even pure;
Their names can share similarities to Israeli, Roman and Algerian names;
The portray of elves in fiction is quite common, so it shouldn't be hard to come across thousands of names associated to these species;



Humans are the most generic species in a fantasy setting and usually associated with medieval Europe;
Most of their names tend to be connected to common English and South African names;



Elin names are sometimes inspired by nature and other related topics or can come off as melodic and easy to pronounce;
Their names can share similarities to Celtic (Irish, Scots Gaelic and Welsh) names;



Popori names are also associated with nature, especially fauna;
Their names can share similarities to Jordanian, Japanese and Latin name;


And that's all! Hope these help and let me know your thoughts on the matter!
While I can't say anything on rotation and glyphs, gear and crystals are relatively straightforward.

For levels 1-64 your best weapon will always be whatever your on-level avatar weapon is. For armor, anything that's blue or higher on your level will be just fine. You can enchant your armor if you feel like you need to, but you NEED to enchant your avatar weapon or your damage will be mediocre at best.

At Lv. 65 the gearsets go in order of Guardian > Twistshard > Frostmetal > Stormcry > Heroic Oath. You get better gear by enchanting your current gear to the highest it can be enchanted (+6 or +9) then you have the option of "upgrading" the gear into a +0 version of the next tier set. This works for both the armor and weapon.

For crystals, archers can use back-crit crystals or side-crit crystals. So you'll want Bitter/The sidecrit one (can't remember the name off the top of my head), Savage, Focused, and either swap out the last one with either Carving (if you need crit), or Forceful (if you have high crit or have an avatar weapon that is on par with the dungeon you're doing).

As for the rotation, a few minutes of searching on Youtube pulled this up, which iirc is the most recent archer rotation guide I can find. Not sure whether or not his rotation is correct, as I don't play archer.

If you still want any extra help and will be on the Velika server, then feel free to send me a forum message. I have a close friend who has mained archer for 5 years who would be more than happy to give you some pointers.
Looking for rotations, keybinds, glyphs, best gear and crystals, etc.

I think the essentialmana guide is outdated.
I haven't tried to do so since before Xigncode, but you used to be able to just copy the game around.

The only thing that needed to be copied was the actual Tera game folder. Just make a new link to (or direct use) TERA-Launcher.exe to start it, and it should work.
The game looks to be a bit over 40GB in size, could I save myself a lot of time and just copy over the game folder to another PC instead of downloading it again? Do I need to copy over any special Xigncode files as well for the game to work?
The game looks to be a bit over 40GB in size, could I save myself a lot of time and just copy over the game folder to another PC instead of downloading it again? Do I need to copy over any special Xigncode files as well for the game to work?
At +218 Crit factor your 6th (and all following) hits of Burstfire is 100% Crit. Thats what you should be aiming for.
Remember, some gunners might have a more optimal rotation. But I do believe the most optimal crit factor for gunner would be around +200, if you assume you got mystic buffs, and Lamb Bugogi on High tier dungeons. I do believe 3 power, 2 crit setup is optimal, cause don't forget you can also add accessory etchings eventually.

i have a conflict about gunner CF stats, how much critical factor you must have to make more dps? i have a high elf gunner , with mix jewelry build, 3 power and 2 crit,
and i see other gunners with full crit build in jewelry make more dps than mine. What are the optimal stats that I should have?


 Coming back, but where? 09/16/2018, 01:11 PM Kirasaka
Just go play on EU. Your other thread getting closed because it even so much as mentioned TERA EU should give you a fairly good idea of how bad NA is at the moment.
G3N6RWAGNA wrote: »
I see some threads saying that right now NA is unplayable while EU has improved, or at least is not worse than NA.
Is that true?
You think ppl will be lying at this rate?

Hello there, old player... played from 2012 to 2016.

Back then I moved from the European server here because Gameforge sucks.

Now that I plan to return I see some threads saying that right now NA is unplayable while EU has improved, or at least is not worse than NA.

Is that true?
 Skywhale and Wraith? 09/15/2018, 07:42 AM Ellexem
I'm assuming this is part of an event? I realize how stupid this question may seem, but I have yet to find an answer after looking at the patch notes, and it doesn't seem to be a part of the Happily Evil After event (I could totally be wrong on that). Is it just an old thing that I somehow never noticed or..?

The answer you are looking for is the Guardian Legion missions. Each time you enter an area of an active mission, the area around you will change. The mobs you may be in the area for are going to largely despawn, the mobs for the mission will spawn instead. These changes will revert as soon as the mission ends. Leaving the area of the mission will also bring you back to regular mobs and zone appearance for the area outside of it.

Extra information of some kind (where to go for the specific phase of the missions, mobs that you need, and that kind of thing) will be shown on the map while inside of the mission area. That is what you saw with the dots and the marker.

The missions are aimed at level 65 characters. They are not meant for anyone still leveling. If you need something from the area where the mission is happening, you will likely need to wait until it is over. (For the flying missions you can also to change to a channel higher than 3, since those only happen on channels 1-3. Please be aware that you need to leave the mission area to be able to change channels.)

The missions are continuously cycling, so they will be back, depending on the specific one in either ~5 minutes, ~10 minutes, or roughly 7 minutes. (There is also the Superior Guardian Legion mission, which you likely have seen the announcement for on your screen at some point, which is on a roughly once an hour timer.)

The specific mission in Val Aureum is flying based. You need an ilevel of 412 to participate as well as a flying mount.

Flying missions, due to being done in the air, don't involve using combat skills. Instead you interact with the objects in the air. So being on the ground you can't do anything to affect things.

Once you reach level 65, there will be a quest that will take you to the Guardian Legion missions and try to introduce them. The instruction for how to do them are usually all on-screen elements.

Areas with Guardian Legion missions (and the mission names):
  • (Green) Tuwangi Reflex Training in Tuwangi Mire (Mighty Frong Pond area)
  • (Green) Eyes Wide Open in Aurum Road (Sand Wind Village area, that caged arena)
  • (Green) Bad Day at Bleakrock in Frost Reach (escort from near Icebase Stalker until about halfway to Bleakrock, along the road)
  • (Green) Crack the Crustacean in Tor Exsul (part of Raintree Oasis)
  • (Blue) Balder's Refuge (part of Upper Archive area)
  • (Blue) Shadow of the Gutrends in Blightwood (south of Hearth Trail)
  • (Flying - Light Blue) Search and Destroy in Sylvanoth (4 areas)
  • (Flying - Light Blue) The Rhapsody of Wind and Fire in Val Aureum (4 areas)
  • (Superior - Gold) Avenging Talons in Velika Outskirts

Green ones are about 5 minutes long. Blue ones 10 minutes. Flying ones 7 minutes. The Superior has something like 19 minutes, IIRC. There is usually some extra waiting period at the start, so things don't fully align neatly on whole numbers. Their active timers will be shown on the world map, if you activate the Guardian Mode toggle on it.

The Flying missions were added mid August, and their promo page was linked above. The basic Guardian Legion missions were added back in January of this year. The Superior mission was added with the July update.

My apologies if you already knew about the Guardian Legion missions and only were confused by the newly added flying ones. I just was left with the impression that you hadn't encountered them at all, thus the attempt at greater detail.
 Skywhale and Wraith? 09/15/2018, 06:26 AM WT4JAD9JAE
Sup, yes these think are part of something new in the game, you can check the info in this link, cya!.

Firstly, I apologize if this is a stupid question. The answer is probably in plain sight, but oh well.

Alright, so I was playing on my new Berserker in Colossal Ruins (in Val Aureum) and I first noticed some blue dots moving around together on the mini map. I tried hovering over and clicking on them, but I got nothing. A few minutes later, I saw a bull-like head just going around the mini map, so I figured I'd follow it. It turned out to be the Skywhale with the Argon Wraith underneath it, and when I got close, it showed a health bar as if it were a BAM. The stats were going down, but there was no one attacking, and it wasn't letting me do damage because it was in the air. I followed it a little more, but when I realized it was just going in a circle, I went back to finishing my quests. A few seconds later, the icon on the map went away, and I haven't seen it since.

I'm assuming this is part of an event? I realize how stupid this question may seem, but I have yet to find an answer after looking at the patch notes, and it doesn't seem to be a part of the Happily Evil After event (I could totally be wrong on that). Is it just an old thing that I somehow never noticed or..?
There isn't anything you can do. Support won't do anything about it.
You can disband the guild if there are only two people (yourself and the guild master) in the guild, and then re-create the guild using the same name, but that's about the only option.
That sounds like something you'd want a support ticket for.

If you meant if there is an in-game mechanic for it, then no. The merge might have your current gm deleted since they haven't come on for a while.

Why would you like to take over a guild with a gm that's been missing for so long? It'd probably be better to make another guild entirely.
 BG Glossary? 09/13/2018, 10:08 PM OakMoonbat
Thanks, I'm not expecting to be fluent off the bat, just hoping to suck less, and maybe avoid tripping up the rest of the team.
 BG Glossary? 09/13/2018, 08:53 PM Viennoiserie
OakMoonbat wrote: »
...should I just try to follow the crowd and hope to eventually pick it up from context?
That's how I learned FWC and CS when I was a beginner.
For guides, you can check Essential Mana's BG guide and/or Fraywind Canyon guide by PlagueFWC.
Hello everyone
I just came back to the game and I was wondering if its possible to take over a guild since the guild master did not login for over 5 years?

Thank you
 BG Glossary? 09/13/2018, 05:27 PM OakMoonbat
I am a fairly new player, and recently tried a couple BGs. I was seeing a bunch of directions in the raid chat, but had no idea what they were trying to tell me. Is there a thread or site somewhere that I've missed where the shorthand is shared, or should I just try to follow the crowd and hope to eventually pick it up from context?
They're most likely telling you that cause they use a DPS meter, it has a hp bar popup that shows the boss' HP in full, along with when the monster gets enraged. I don't know myself the difference between the 10x on the hp bar except to indicate whenever a mechanic happens, which can just be explained with HP percentage anyway.

Ive always see it like this but i hear other ppl say they dont see the x10 (or also can be x20 x30 depending on boss) stuff.
And no i dont run mods or anything.

Did a clean reinstall, removed the tera fold from hd.
No fix :(

I have a nice UI setup on my main server and would like to use that same setup on another server, is there a file I can copy or anyway I can do this easily without manually moving everything around and resizing it?
Last time I checked while playing my Ninja, I have about 74 ping. I think I'll stick with her
Yeah, gunner movement is a bit hard off the bat, cause you use dodges to enable abilities (Rolling Reload), and abilities to dodge (Point Blank). I don't know what ping you usually have, but more often than not, classes that do a lot of damage with one ability are better. You're always free to try any class you might like, take it to twistshard gear (do some level 65 dungeons), and then decide wether you like it or not ^^
What class you enjoy playing is more important than the damage you do :3
Lmao I have an Elin gunner that I havent played in forever, and shes only 38. I like the fact they wear heavy armor and are ranged, but ninja just seems faster in terms of movement and skills.
This probably isn't what you're looking for, it disables the messages on the bottom right when you pick up items. If not, then I do not think you can disable those messages.
 Berserker's Unleash build 09/08/2018, 03:21 PM Berogi
Not really a master, but I have been focusing my efforts on improving my zerker gameplay.
Most zerks use Fiery Rage for the Flurry of Blows before they Unleash, alongside Bloodlust for additional damage. There are also attack speed buffs like <Lein's Root Beer>, and Adrenaline Rush (Lancer Ability).

Additionally, during Unleash, your left click chains into your right click and vice versa. You need to go up to 7 stacks of one of your buffs and then use your 1 ability as many times as possible until the buff for the 1 ability runs out, in which case you use your 2 ability. Rinse and repeat until you are dead or the enemy is dead, or Unleash runs out.

If you want to see your buffs and how much time you got from Unleash easier, you can untick this box from your buff bar so it displays seperately
Yay! Go slayer!

For me personally as a slayer main for about 10 months, I just spam my OHS once before and once after Eviscerate and add a small delay before pressing Measured Slice to make sure the attack goes off if I got the reset. Most times than not you'll get a reset however. Sadly, that's how being a dps is, building muscle memory and making your combos as efficient as you can.

Since you mentioned that you can't look down at the skill bar too often, you could also use the "Display Cooldown Notices" in your options. It's basically like a little area that shows all your cooldowns, as you use them, where you want them.

Using abilities (I use mine a bit out of the way cause I only use it for big cooldowns): 5LLGtdO.jpg

Hope it helps!
GUNNOS YAS, well I'm a bit biased towards gunner, but since, like the other two classes, since it is not apexed.
You can get some good numbers with gunner, since it is easier than valk imo, but since there aren't any innate combos, like valk or ninja

If you are unsure about coming up with combos yourself however, you can check on Essencial Mana, there's a pretty good gunner guide I used myself to get better and it's not too complicated (Basically do Arcane Barrage 1st cast > Auttoattack > Scattershot > Arcane Barrage 2nd case > Auttoattack > Replenish > Repeat Until full willpower and then Rapidfire till empty > Mana Missles). Personally I have a ton of fun with gunner, but its personal bias mostly, I enjoy shooting machine guns and blowing stuff up =)
I said than I will never create a dps class because of the ridiculous dps checks and gear requirements in tera.But recently I got bored playing only tank and healers and decided to make a slayer cuz it was looking most bad [filtered] looking and ping friendly class.The apex quest was biggest nightmare in my life.With my brawler I have done it for 30 min and didn't even though that I should have brought some potions.For first time with my slayer I understood that dying completely reset the started quest chain.And after 2 hours and 30-40 potions finally done it.Maybe it was like that because I wasnt't able to finish even one full skill chain againsr
A question for the masters.

I have noticed some berzerkers being crazy fast during unleash and I would like to ask how do you have your build set to achieve that? Because for sure I cant.
Do they focus exclusively on attack speed?
If so, what do they do with the rest of their stats?

Or its because some ping issue?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks everyone for the comments, I suppose I'll keep playing my ninja till the update, although, what about gunners? Are they still decent?
I agree with the others that "viable" is very objective and up to interpretation, but for answering your question I'll assume you mean damage and useage. To give you a general overview:

Ninja: Low Tier Dps, High tier survivability, Relatively Easy to learn

Valk: Mid Tier Dps, Moderate learning curve, stacking runemarks fast and using them right away is the key to a good valk
Every class is viable. Right now Ninja is among the weakest of the dps's (soon to be the strongest with awakening 2.0). Valk is good for a non-awakened class, but if you want the best damage right now, ull need to roll an awakened class (zerk, warrior or slayer (zerk is the strongest)). I'm not sure how valk ranks after awakening 2.0. That being said, again, all classes are "viable" and after awakening 2.0 (hopefully in october) everything is pretty balanced supposedly (with ninja trailing ahead at the top, and zerk (or sorc?) trailing below at the bottom)
Given you're getting back to the game, being "viable" is extremely vague and it'll take you a while to reach the spot where you notice or care if you're viable or not (eg. timers on hard mode dungeons). Even so, any combination of classes can clear them.
They're terrible in terms of dps, but titansbane and smokebomb both have relevant utility. If you wanna do big damage roll an awakened class.

Edit: If you have over 50 ping don't play ninja period.
You saw the title, I want to know the current status of Valkyrie's and Ninjas, in PvE at least. Trying to get back into the game and I want to make a Valk, but I need to know if she's going to be viable.
I've been wanting to learn aa for a while now, and this was very helpful and well done. Thanks.
Don't really see the option to disable as well.
 EU and Asia servers 09/01/2018, 12:20 AM Tsin
EU servers are owned my Gameforge. The Asian servers (KR, JP) are owned by different companies (Nexon, etc.). This is EME, which is the NA publisher of Tera.
Your character name is absolutely useless if you don't know what server you were on. There could be a "Hokari" on every server in every published region.
Hope you can find the solution, I would like to know too, Tried before to disable them without luck :(
Gah… looks like I messed up somewhere on the post. Here's the imgur link for the capture I was trying to share. https://imgur.com/Q1unV6M
Could somebody please tell me how to disable these notifications? I've dug around in the UI settings and I can't seem to find it on the PC version.
 EU and Asia servers 08/30/2018, 10:23 PM WFCR7AJ7GK
if memory serves, one of my friends was playing on tera, and i was playing with her, i wasn't too sure how i can get back to the server, because steam won't let me, she's too lazy to run the game so i can install it again... btw, char. name is "Hokari"
 Mystic Apex skills 08/29/2018, 11:38 PM Vinyltails
get ilvl 439 (Frost) then you get the quest (velik's banquet)
 Mystic Apex skills 08/29/2018, 10:38 PM MidgetMafia
How exactly do i obtain these? I do not see a quest to start?
Thank you for those answers =)
MT - Main PvP server
TR - PvE equivalent
CH - Role-playing but low population
FF - PvP but low population (We have a very friendly guild here :3)
AV - PvE but low population
Thank you for your kind answers. I'm sure going to check out these videos later on. I wanted to comment a bit about your answers:

1) Yes, i remember that Priest is easier, i'm probably going to try it then.

2) Thank you for those links, specially that essential site, it really looks useful.

3) Own, that's a bummer =\ a toxic community can really kill my will to play...

4) That's good to know. I just thought that, since i can spend a bit of money once in a while, it's good to know that isn't absurdly necessary.
Hi there!

1) Mystic and Priest are awesome! Priest is easier then Mystic! Every party needs at least 1 healer, so they are really important !!!
I would recommend starting with a Priest !

2) Everything you need is on: Essential Mana, you can also check out my youtube channel : MrMrOther for videos, etc. You can also check out ThoughtBound he has bunch of videos as well!

3) Community is more toxic then ever, however if you can land in friendly guild, you will be fine! Try not to get involved in too much drama!

4) Tera is NOT PAY TO WIN, you don't have to spend even 1$ on it, and you will be fine! Almost every item on EMP store can be traded in game. There are people selling EMP....( they buy EMP and they sell it for gold)....If you want something, you just need to gather some gold, find someone that selling EMP, and that is it.

Tips ? Here
Tera Online- Review of the game 2018
Tera Online - Tips & Tricks for New Players ( 29th November 2016 )
Tera Online - Tips & Tricks Part 2 ( 29th January 2017 )
TERA Online - How to Level UP Faster ( Power leveling ? )

I have ton of videos on my channel, that can help you. However if you still need more help, my discord name is " Radovan#8280" .
i tried posting two times already, but nothing happened, i don't know if my posts vanished or anything.. I played TERA long, long time ago and never went far, so i barely know anything about the game. I stopped playing MMORPGs a long time ago. There are somethings i wanted to ask, if people can help me, since i don't remember almost anything about it.
Also, TERA is such a huge download that i really need to know if it is worth trying it out again.

1) I love to play support roles (such as healers) and i remember TERA having Mystic and Priest. What is the status of such classes right now? Easy to play? Hard to support? How is the "support" status on the game? Still valuable? Useless? I like to play pretty much anything, but healers is what i like most. I'm tempted on trying other classes too.

2) I pretty much know nothing about TERA, considering knowledge a pro player should have, such as forging, glyphs and such. Where can i find such guides and information?

3) How is the game right now, considering the community? When i played before, the community wasn't really friendly for some reason, since i was (and i still is) a newbie, people didn't really liked me. I'm much more a PVE / group / party player than a solo PVP one, so i need a MMORPG with a good sense of community.

4) I MAY be able to buy around 1000 EMPs a month, nothing more than that. TERA is too much a pay-to-win game or that would be good enough?

Thank you kindly for all your answers in advance.
Hey everyone!

With help of my friends I made Antaroth's Abyss - Guide. It would mean a lot to me, for you guys to check it out. I tried my best to explain every attack/mechaninc for every boss! This is Normal /Hard Mode guide! Which means that this video is FULL GUIDE of Antaroth's Abyss - Full Guide.

Here is the link: Antaroth's Abyss - Full Guide
first of all, I assume you are using 4 fine hardys? that said, why take the dmg, if you are gunner you should have lots of iFrames (recall is arguably the best iframe in the game) to avoid dmg, unless that was just a measuring stick example? As for why solo, that's fine, used to be a right of passage to be skilled enough solo all the lvl60~lvl65 2 star dgs, ans I've known some players who's PCs would routinely shat themselves if they did dungeons in a party, think that was patched tho but whatever~ (sorry if I come off rude, just trying to help)
As I said "from personal experience". That's because for me Tera is using 8-9GB of memory. The funny thing is that the game itself has to automatically reduce effects because there's not enough RAM supplied.
16GB is total overkill for Tera (and prob any game), 8GB is more than enough for Tera, an old 32 bit DX 9 game.
I already tested with 8Gb, 10GB and 12GB and the performance was the same, even with 10GB of RAM i could run Tera on one screen and multi-task on Chrome on another window with like 4-3GB left.

Prob it's possible to max Tera at 4K with just a GTX 1060 and even GT 1030/MX150 class gpu is enough for FullHD High. This is a very old DX9 game, Fermi (GTX 480) class gpu was high-end back then..
Overclocked K-Series CPU yeah it make sense cuz this game run horrible and is very cpu bound.
I would recommend:

16 gigs of system memory
K-edition **intel** CPU for overclocking
GPU: at least a GTX 780/GTX1060

OK so why I recommend having 16 gigs of RAM is because from personal experience 8GB wasn't cutting it for me. I actually had bottlenecks when I used 8GB and upgrading to 16GB made a BIG difference on FPS count.

Another recommendation I would give is to buy a k-edition CPU and overclock it. Since this is tera, Intel CPUs with their higher clock speed and overclock ability trumps over AMD's ryzen which has more cores but lower clock speeds. If I were you I'd purchase the i5-8600k with a liquid cooler(or a high end air cooler if you're not comfortable) and overclock it to 5ghz, heck if you can go higher clock speed go for it!

As for the GPU, if you're gaming at less than 1440p your gtx 1070 is more than enough. I bet even an i5-8600k clocked at 5GHz would still bottleneck your 1070.
GPU wise even with a GT 1030/750 Ti you can max Tera on FullHD Ultra, Tera is an old DX9 game (GTX 480/580 was the best video card during Tera launch).
Tera is just a poorly coded and CPU bound and prob will run like garbage no matter if you got a GT 1030 or 1080 Ti...
Can anyone give me some advise.. Is it enough to play this game on high settings with i3 8100 ,1070 ,8gb ram?
 Buddy Up Questions? 08/15/2018, 02:08 PM 79TW3R5A7N
My character: Wang.Jiaer
Wang.Jiaer's Server: (EN) - Mystel
BuddyUp Code: Wang.Jiaer#6482

Download TERA from: http://tera.gameforge.com/download

:D just sharing it here if anyone wanna use it :D
"why are you playing an MMO? You'll never be able to solo 90% of the Lv. 65 PvE content - having a separate weapon just for solo rolls is moronic."

Wow, TY, I should just party up with you? LOL You actually have the Gaul to ask a person why they would rather Solo and call them a Moron in the same Sentence Please, maybe you should put down your controller and work on some social skills.

As I noted I mostly play very odd hours. And person can enjoy, the Art, Mechanics and Challenge of any game without ever partying up at all. Nuff Said.
If you're specifically looking for solo content, why are you playing an MMO? You'll never be able to solo 90% of the Lv. 65 PvE content - having a separate weapon just for solo rolls is moronic.

You're getting hit hard because you're a DPS class whose base endurance (with armor) isn't meant to constantly eat boss attacks to the face. If you build endurance so you don't "get hit as hard" then you're losing out on damage you could be doing if you just found a party and got proper back crits.
Ty Bell, would not have thought of the aggro roll at all. I am thi nking of working up a 2ñd Cannon after I get this one to Frost one; I should hit TS8 tommorrow on my current gun so that should not be long. That would allow for a Solo and Group Gun. Once I even them out some.
Content past 65 isnt reallt meant to be solod. If you solo, you want to have decent gear and rolls specifically for soloing that wouldnt help you out in a group at all. damage to monster with highest aggro towards you on weapons for example.
Gunner is a higher DPS class now and definitely after the upcoming awakening part 2. The advantage sorc has over gunner is superior mobility and more straightforward gameplay due to it being rotation based, that's about it.
It's all good to me, still working on alot of it, especially some of the anomation cancels, still get caught to often when tossing arc bomb. So I very much appreciate it all, believe me not a words wasted, I started Gunner when Ninjas came out but took a year off Tera just after I hit 65, life and trying a few other games. I think Tera is my fav right now for the game play. I have good friends in GW, so I drop in there, and I loved Vindictus before the "Rising" patch nerfed everything and took all the challange out of that game.
Thanks much KP, I almost exclusively do the solo content, So I get hit a fair bit, HB-6 takes care of most if it; but just trying to achieve the right balance.

Ellexem wrote: »
Most likely your rolls/selected effects have something wrong. Green ones on chest, hands, feet, weapon items will lower ilvl.

You need Twistshard+0 on those four slots, with the correct rolls/effects, to get to 431. You don't even really need to upgrade your jewelry, IIRC, but you have those already anyway.

A ninja PvE guide, if you are interested (lists rolls, crystals, etchings, glyphs, and rotations):

Hum thanks, so I'll buy some scrolls to swap the green rolls^^
Most likely your rolls/selected effects have something wrong. Green ones on chest, hands, feet, weapon items will lower ilvl.

You need Twistshard+0 on those four slots, with the correct rolls/effects, to get to 431. You don't even really need to upgrade your jewelry, IIRC, but you have those already anyway.

A ninja PvE guide, if you are interested (lists rolls, crystals, etchings, glyphs, and rotations):
The only things that can help me reaching 431 are jewelry, but it requires materiels from 431 instances, I need help ^^
Here are my actuals items : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1473034938
for DPS your armor rolls should generally be "Decreases damage taken by 6%, decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%, decreases damage from enraged monsters by 10%" once you're frost/storm you also take the max hp line. Make sure you're also using 4 hardy niveots.. but you probably shouldn't be getting hit very often, since a dps is usually behind the boss..
First of all, I do not own the truth of the gunner gameplay or anything, its just what I have collected and my experience. Im just a +9sc gunner.

For me, Chicken.Salad played the gunner so much smoother than anyone at that time (in the sshm patch, tho prob other people also were playing gunner like that, idk), he played it in a different way, building WP and BF'ing like crazy, doing the TB>BF, AB>SS>AB and so on. That for me was the changing point when gunner became actually hard to master, and thats the point where the guide on essential mana left and now is obsolete.

The thing is, BF is still the top damage abitily, but that doesnt mean its the most important. IMO the best way to do the rotation is not to use BF whenever you have full wp, but mostly when balders/bombardment/AB/SS/replen are on cd and you have TB available. It tends to be at around 75% WP when the skills I just mentioned go on CD, cus its obviously designed that way.

Im asuming you have some knowledge on gunner, cus my writing sucks and I cannot explain in detail (pm for more xd), sorry.
Theres a ton of small mechanics you need to get used to, to mentions some:
-triple AB
-MM chains
-how to pointblank, pointblank>auto/roll>pointblank
-HB hits (the ones after AB) using BF critbuff to increase HB hits properly
-TB>HBsummon>BF when needed
-good use of recall, knowing how to deal when you dont get triple AB.
-SS to reposition when boss turns
-auto attack to cancel animations properly

Im missing some, sorry, there are too many.
For gear, just aim to 220 crit TOTAL (with mys buffs and lamb) and you are good.
Also I'll tell you what I think is the best initial burn rotation, Im not saying it is the best one, but it is indeed good.
It also depends if you are prestacked or not (full willpower).

If prestack: brooch/leins>bombard>tb>HBsummon(if glyphed)>BF(few ticks)>BV>recall>MM>AB...
If not prestack: get 1000 wp by AB>replen>SS rotation and then do 1st.

At the end I highly recomend you to watch good gunners and see how they doing. I recomend you to see this gameplay and check out the things he does. Also take in consideration that talent system in Ktera makes things different, tho its not actually that much of a difference for gunners, but still, there is.

You want a minimum of total +40 crit then the rest power for pve. Use all power vsyrks and split your jewelry rolls between power and crit.
Hello, so i started my valkyrie 2 days ago, i just kicked 65 and i was wondering which is the best stats path to go for valks, i was told it is better to pick pumped accesories set, but what about the rolls ? should i aim for power mainly or should i mix a little bit ? i'm asking because i don't want to farm again after realize i screwed up my stats later lol, also which jewelry crystals should i aim for, crit factor or power ? if there is any experienced valk out there i'd really appreciate the help, thanks in advance ~
I want to play TERA with you! Download the game at http://TERA.enmasse.com/download.

When you start the game and enter my BuddyUp Code, both of us receive special benefits!

My character: Lady.Brea
Lady.Brea's Server: Tempest Reach
BuddyUp Code: Lady.Brea#3713

Download TERA from: http://TERA.enmasse.com/download
I'm doing ok, even well for Solo, but My Gunner is now Minimum Twisthard 3, and yet any time Mulmok (First Boss SF) hits me with that big Blundering sword of his I take like 33-50% Damage; that does not seem right to me for a 2star Dungeon, So I'm thinking one of my Trait lines must be off; Whats the best investment to minimize boss Damage.
YungNA wrote: »
5HXX57GFRG wrote: »
That's not true ATM. That playstyle is kinda obsolete, ... Its not about BF only no more

Would not mind at all, hearing your thoughts on whats more up to date rotation, (for want of a better word.) for Gunner. : )

5HXX57GFRG wrote: »
Pretty much this. The main difference between the two is the playstyle. For your two hardest hitting spells ( Pulse and Meteor ) they have about a 3 - 4 sec cast time, so if you need to dodge an attack, you will likely have to forgo that damage. Luckily, sorcs have more defensive abilities ( Teleport, Mana Shield, i-frame shield, and dodge ) but less overall survivability (Sorcs wear cloth vs Gunners wear plate). I would say Gunner is a much more forgiving experience and easier class to play for new players. But if you don't like being a gun-wielding character, and prefer playing mages, there's nothing wrong with playing Sorc.

Thatas not true ATM. That playstyle is kinda obsolete. I've been playing gunner since it came out as a first char and forever main. Gunner has gone thru a lot of changes that modified the gameplay. Its not about BF only no more. And when Awakening comes its gonna change a lil more even. Just wanted to say that. If you want more advice on gunner pm me or tell me on this thread.
Also gunner>sorc <3
I, too would like to know.
pls help.. im online atm... i need some replies
 Sorc Arcane Pulse 08/06/2018, 02:46 PM DL7MMWLJ3W
Correct, you aren't suppose to reveal the names on here hence why I requested a PM.

As for thinking you need to be helpful with information to speak on this complaint board, there aren't many people that are helpful anyways that still continues to post so don't let that steer you away solely because of that.
Not only the charging bar, is there also a way to move the item level icon by itself?
 Sorc Arcane Pulse 08/05/2018, 07:49 PM FieryLuster
Unfortunately, I do not have enough comments or posts around the forums to send a PM. I hardly post around here as be being a simple casual that probably does not have much of offer for information. I will submit a ticket then and see if I can get anywhere with it. I do not think I am allowed to post character names out in the public forum.

Thank you.
 Sorc Arcane Pulse 08/05/2018, 07:01 PM DL7MMWLJ3W
Normal Arcane Pulse shoots a projectile of 2 [filtered] at the same time. Arcane Pulse during Mana Boost shoots a projectile of 4 [filtered] at the same time. That part is true.

What you are suggesting is that this person shot twice or more in one cast, in which cases, you have most likely witnessed a Sorcerer using a tool that can accidentally or purposely shoot out multiple Arcane Pulse during Mana Boost. This is known exploit for a long time and I'm surprised people out there are still doing that. Sadly there are people like that that continues to abuse the game and that person was lying to you to prevent their account to get investigated.

As long as your remember that person's name, I highly recommend reporting this and explain exactly as your described. Projectile hacks still exist to some degree and you just witnessed a hacker.

I may know who it is, and if you PM me the name and if it's the name I know, I have screenshot evidence that I can send to you. LMK, thanks.
I think that should work I'll try that, TY very much. Eleynn.
 Sorc Arcane Pulse 08/05/2018, 04:49 PM FieryLuster
I'm not sure if this is some sort of glitch or something illegal, but I saw another Sorc casting a charged arcane pulse and then a second or two later cast another fully charged arcane pulse in succession. I was quite amazed. I tried to do the same, but I couldn't do it. AP immediately goes into cooldown as soon as I released the button. The player told me that I have to be in Mana Boosted mode, have cooldown etches, and have fast fingers. I started to be suspicious of this so I'm bringing it up here. Is there such a thing as casting it twice in one cast? Is this legitimate? I don't think it is.
 Build Q? Chain Templates. 08/05/2018, 09:03 AM Eleynn
There are multiple skill trays; you can switch between them using the arrows next to the tray (on the left side) or using Alt+1-0 by default. When you log in, you'll always see tray 1. You can arrange your skills as you like on each of them.

I hope I understood your question right ^^"
 Leveling help 08/05/2018, 06:36 AM Blackbirdx61
TY Tsin,
Been thinking of Rolling a Warrior for Tanking myself, but was not at all sure if I would be wasting my time. I might well do that now.
TY again Ta, BB.
 Character Slot 08/05/2018, 04:58 AM Tsin
If you'd played TERA earlier then you could have gotten one of the physical copies for cheap (10-20 dollars), since those allowed you to have 8 character slots (the max at the time when the game went F2P) per server with a bunch of other account-bound goodies. You could still try to get one now but IIRC the standard version on Amazon has jumped up to something like 50-60 dollars. You can try to hope that your local Gamestop/EB Games has a copy floating around but otherwise you're sh*t out of luck unless you want to shell out a bunch of EMP for character slots.
 Leveling help 08/05/2018, 04:50 AM Tsin
> @Tsin said:
> learn to tank and queue as a warrior tank

No dis intended, but would that work, what I have mostly heard is Groups pretty well spurn anything but a lancer tank? Or has that changed.

Hardcore endgame parties prefer a lancer tank. Leveling groups and low to mid tier 65 dungeons don't really care as much. At that point it's less about class specifics and more about whether the person has actually learned to tank in the time spent getting to 65.

Rule of thumb when queuing for dungeons in IMS as a tank of any class: If you can hold aggro, keep up your endurance debuff, position properly and not die, you're golden.
Nicee, really helpful <3
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