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 guild emblem 12/11/2018, 03:19 PM Kakikone
I am a new guild master how do I upload a new guild logo

Server: Velika
BuddyUp Code: Fraves#8652

I recently came back to the game after a year or two, and had discovered that the servers have merged. After checking around and sorting my characters, I had found out I only have the items from the bank on one server. I did a bit of digging around and found out they had a temporary bank for the items on the other server, but I can't seem to find out how to access it. I was told that there is a bottom at the bottom of my default bank but it isn't there. And yes, I do have at least one character from the other server.
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond so thoroughly. I'll definitely read the warriors bible, check my crystals and get the Crystalbind. I'm really enjoying being a warrior, I guess it's just going to be a lot of practice to be good with chain skills and i-framing (and eventually rotations) to be a good warrior. Thanks again!
Welcome to TERA!

Here's an updated BIBLE for warrior, i hope you enjoy reading:


It's a lot, don't be scared. Warriors are one of the hardest classes to play, but also incredibly fun and rewarding. I've been playing a Warrior for many years and i just love it.

Don't be scared to suck in dungeons, you're lvl 21, everyone that's starting off will suck, and experienced players leveling new chars will only help you out, no one will flame someone new that's really trying.

The nº1 most important thing is: ALWAYS check your crystals in weapon/armor, and on jewelery in endgame. This crystals make a huge difference and you will be called out if you go into a dungeon w/o them. Get Complete Crystalbind to avoid crystals to break when you die.

Appart from that, Warrior needs a lot of practice and understanding. It has many skills with low cd you have to chain as fast as you can, which can be chained in ways don't even show you, while also i-framing stuff and trying not to depend on healers to babysit you.

As soon as you have all your important skills, you can start diggin into warrior rotations, and start practicing them. By around lvl 35 you'd have learned enough skills to start caring about this.

Anything you want to learn about warrior is in the guide i linked above, other than that is just practice over and over.
AFAIK there isn't any way to log onto your characters to put any items in your wardrobe if you have more than the allowed amount of characters. You're essentially stuck in a catch 22 since you'd need to log onto your character to deposit your items but you can't log in until you delete x amount of characters.
Hi Everyone! I wanted to introduce myself and possibly find some help. I've played other MMORPG's but I'm new to Tera. I'm also new to the class of Warrior. In all other games I always found myself initially drawn to the magic classes and then regretting not choosing a class that was better at close combat. I've read some guides and watched some videos on YouTube but a lot of the information I found appears to be out of date. I'm hoping I can find some help from someone with Warrior skills. I'm up to level 21 at this point but I'm afraid I'm not really any good. I'm actually afraid to try a dungeon right now because I don't want to suck and I'll feel really bad if a group fails a dungeon because I wasn't doing my part. Is there anyone out that who would be willing to take me under their wing? Any advice or guidance would be really appreciated. Thank you!
Bump. I really would like to know before I chose which characters to delete. Thank you.
Hello, i haven't started yet and im having problems installing it, can someone help me? Please do tell me if i posted in a wrong thread 46762615_1976627065736573_1022383202074886144_n.png?_nc_cat=102&_nc_ht=scontent.fmnl4-4.fna&oh=a520682233846de56d901ce0e1246be4&oe=5C7012D9
Hello, i'm a warrior with over 3000 hours in.

You want to NOT use spacebar at all if possible. Combos go much faster and smoother if you press the key for the next skill, instead of spacebar. There's a noticeable dps difference between the 2.

There are "hidden" combos for warrior, skills that will chain even though there's no pop up to combo. Like how you can combine Rain of Blows into Scythe.

To me is comfortable to have Backstab and Death from Above in my mouse buttons, because they are very useful skills that don't combo. The rest i just use my keyboard because they are pretty fast paced and i prefer to have them that way.

I found this guide minutes ago, it's incredibly extensive:

 avatar weapon 64 11/23/2018, 08:23 AM 9XAKWJ5F4K
I do not speak English very well
I read there that you have to go for the 64 avatar weapon, but how to get it? there are relics to collect level 60 62 and 64

Question 1. Is it easy to collect the 3 weapons? or from level 60 I do not give collect and just when I go up to 64 do I give collect so that at the beginning of the level they give me the relics of level 64?

  Question 2. If the avatar weapon level 62 you get for example at level 63, will the following relics give you level 64? or do we have to wait to go up to level 64 to get those relics?

question 3, at level 65 you no longer receive any level 64 weapon relic, right?

a greeting, thank you
Good day. I have been away for a bit of time and noticed there was a character merge and I have to delete three of my characters. Is there any way to take the cosmetic items off of those three characters and put them in my wardrobe somehow, or are they now lost forever? I appreciate your time and patience.
Server: Velika <3

Code: Demetra#1789 (0/3)
Code: Nayuki#4180 (1/3)
Code: Mih#1577 (2/3)
Code: Krazinha#4298 (2/3)
Code: Yuki.Mist#7245 (0/3)
Code: Kraza#2285 (0/3)
Code: Yuki.Rim#2173 (0/3)
 Returning Player 11/17/2018, 09:36 PM DHEE5KW5FP
There was a server merge recently so the pvp servers became one server and the pve servers became one server. when the merge happened they went based on whichever server had the most additional slots used, they did not combine them. That means if you had 5 slots on Tempest reach 4 on celestial hills and 4 on ascension valley then you'd only have 5 all together. Right before the merge they gave out Character slots so people could expand their characters without having to delete any of their characters.
 Returning Player 11/17/2018, 09:27 AM FG6MTL5K6M
Hey guys, was just wondering why the server is making me delete my extra characters when I've used Additional Character Slots from the past. Did I miss an update where those were taken out of the game? I currently have 6 or 7(I forgot) and its prompting me to delete to only have four. Pls help
Server : Velika

Server: Velika

Buddy Up Codes: Briezie#1815 / Naomie#1966
Hi ^^ Codes can be used 3 by 3 accounts ^^
Server: "Velika"
Guild : "Raftel" lvl 60 free to join
BuddyUp Code: Boltcranck#7388 , Usagi.Tsuki.Shiro#0041 , Tuka.Luna.Marceau#2180 , Albedo.D.Ooalgown#1791 , Yao.Ro.Dushi#1770 , Sophia.Velmer#2347 , Tsuki.Elza#4734.
I will post Kaiator codes later ^^
hey i was looking for the same if you have a extra code to throw around
hi ^^
Guild Raftel lvl 60
I'm a new player my server is Velika and I'm looking for a buddy up code
 New guy, any advice? 10/06/2018, 03:49 AM Emeris6
If you're looking for a healer, you really only have 2 options: Mystic or priest

Priest is considered the better healer in the sense that it's easier to play and keep people alive.

Mystic is usually more saught after though because their buffs are considered better.
You need golden darics and plates if you want to level your armor and weapon past frostmetal, so the most relevant skill atm is weaponcrafting.

Armorcrafting allows you to make Silver Siglos, which are in turn used to upgrade your jewelry. Second most relevant skill.

Alchemy is used to make emeralds and diamonds, which are used to upgrade everything, but you don't actually need master alchemy until upper level stormcry, so as long as you're willing to shell out 1.1-1.2k per emerald then alchemy is pretty well worthless.

Etching is irrelevant entirely, as you just open up etching boxes for anything tier 4, or do island of dawn bams for anything tier 3. This skill is actually a huge waste of time, effort, and money.
Shows on kaitor but not on velika
Im a returning player but see no spot to enter my buddy up on character select screen. I see it still exists through an alt friends list. But cant put it on a lvl 1?
Warrior is in the best shape It's ever been in, especially once you unlock your apex skills. It's hands down one of the strongest dps in Tera currently. It honestly sounds like you just don't have enough experience using the class and it has a pretty steep learning curve. The problem you're having is fixed once you are familiar with the boss encounters. Warriors have zero issue with utilizing their edge on bosses. Nothing about warrior is "unplayable".
I've made myself a warrior when i started my journey cause i've read that it's a good DD class...the dodgy, calculated kind that does massive burst damage using edge but when i first unlocked it, it didn't really work out the way i wanted to. Bosses kept teleporting over the map, neather building up edge to 10, nor dodging seemed to work the way it should so i left, hoping they'd manage to make the stability better.

Months passed and here we are. Nothing changed...

Long story short: i bought me the small founders pack, a cape from the currency and got me the psn and twitch loot both onto that character i put my hopes on. Please tell me there's a way to change my class cause to me, warrior is pretty much unplayable as is.
it all depends on who you know
 Mystic's glyphs 08/07/2018, 08:21 AM Legolam
Assuming you have top-tier glyphs. If you don't have them, then you need to get them.
That's basically all you need for PVE. Can spend the remaining points where you like.
 Mystic's glyphs 08/07/2018, 12:38 AM NeKoruu
Hi, i have just a small question about my main - mystic. I don't know this game very well that's why i'm asking for small guide about glyphs on him. I just have no idea how to spend them right and which thing is the best to use. I already have apex just in case someone needs to know.

Thank you in advance ^^
 New Here 08/04/2018, 08:09 PM GortoCrema
Hii theree, Just leading a guild with my friends in Ascencion valley, "Un Cortadito" my Lancer is "Gorto" feel free to Message me if you want a friendly guild.
Hi guys, iv started playing Tera coming from BDO and i love it so far, iv been getting abit confused about the combo's, what im wondering is, do i use all my combo's using spacebar or do i keybind certain ones for example, iv been using Combative Strike to proc the Scythe skill which i have bound to mouse 5, is it worth taking skills off keybinds like mouse 5 F R T G ext and just using them with space bar?

What sort of skills shall i keybind on mouse buttons, knockdowns? If anyone has a cool set up they can show me that would be much appreciated cheers!
 New guy, any advice? 08/03/2018, 02:50 AM XM5W5J9ADP
Yeah, nevermind. XIGNCODE, little girls and teddy bears? Not for me.
 New guy, any advice? 08/02/2018, 09:29 AM XM5W5J9ADP
I have not finished the download yet, but looking forward to playing tomorrow. I played Wow (the only mmo I ever played) for...ever, and always gravitate toward playing 'tanky' classes. I don't care if it I do less damage if I can pull several and kill them all at once. I like healer classes too as long as they can solo level fairly well too (think mistweaver monk in Wow) and not be strictly a healer who needs help with everything else (holy priest, resto druid a few expansions back). That said, any recommendations to which class I should start with? Anything else a complete newcomer should know?
My character: Kinstar
Kinstar's Server: Fey Forest
BuddyUp Code: Kinstar#1769 (0/3)
Server: Killian

BuddyUp Code:

Elora#6673 (3/3)
I play as Tiruz on the FF server, which I chose for the open world PvP and slightly lower population, though I wonder if I made a mistake. I heard that even on PvP servers, open-world pvp doesn't really happen until level 65, and I'm not sure if I can find a guild and people to play with on FF, so I may play on MT instead.

I like playing a black human archer because there's something hilarious about a giant muscle-bound black guy running around with a curved stick, and I also like range fighting, hit-and-run tactics, and it just seems like a solo style class. Even if it's not really good at solo, I like to, I guess you could say pretend or roleplay being a lone ranger.

Also, I'm interested in trying roleplaying, but I hear the roleplaying server doesn't really do any roleplaying, so idk. Maybe I should just play on MT.
Server: Bahaar

Slyz#5895 0/3
Muup#7865 0/3
Hello there! I'm a returning player who was last consistently active a few years back, with full +12 Schisma. I recently came back to TERA since two of my friends from real life began playing, but I was pretty taken aback because about 50% of my stuff said "no longer usable, sell to a merchant" lmao

Anyway, I already worked my way through the ilvl 431 and under dungeons and got full Frostmetal gear + Daylight accesory set, however I noticed that it's necessary to craft to enchant my Frostmetal armor. Apparently the Golden Darics require Artisan 500 to craft, but I honestly have never crafted even though I've been here since VM1. Usually only the highest gears (VM) had to be crafted and the armor/weapons dropped from the hardest dungeon were enough to clear everything anyway, so I never bothered. Now I'm just incredibly lost as to how to level my crafting all the way to Artisan 500 and how to optimize the gold spent while crafting.

Could experienced players please offer recommendations to level my crafting and recommendations concerning crafting in endgame? Thank you very much in advance (:
 MT- buddy up codes 07/14/2018, 04:34 PM Ravel00
I want to play TERA with you! Download the game at http://TERA.enmasse.com/download.

When you start the game and enter my BuddyUp Code, both of us receive special benefits!

My character: Leerooy.Jenkins
Leerooy.Jenkins's Server: Mount Tyrannas
BuddyUp Code: Leerooy.Jenkins#3658

 guild emblem 07/12/2018, 06:09 AM Equitas
The image has to be 64x64 pixels, and has to be in .bmp format. It also has to be in the GuildLogoUpload folder (\TERA\Client\S1Game\GuildLogoUpload).
Server: Mount Tyrannas

Baek.Seo#7238 Used 2/3
Darkringor#8354 Used 1/3
Chung.Ha#4247 Used 0/3

Valid until: 08/05/2018
 guild emblem 07/08/2018, 06:23 PM 6NEJPDGFL3
hey guys I have a problem with uploading the guild emblem can I get some help? :)
 Sebastian Brand 07/08/2018, 06:17 PM 6NEJPDGFL3
hey guys I have a problem with uploading the guild emblem can I get some help? :)
 Finding Buddy Up Codes 07/08/2018, 09:29 AM Equitas
5L5MLXK54A wrote: »
Server: Killian

BuddyUp Code:

Eolia#1533 (0/3 used)
Raeva#5944 (0/3 used)

Valid until : 09-07-2018

You're on the wrong site. The forum for the European version of TERA can be found at https://board.tera.gameforge.com/index.php/BoardList.
Server: Killian

BuddyUp Code:

Eolia#1533 (0/3 used)
Raeva#5944 (0/3 used)

Valid until : 09-07-2018
 Newbie And tutorial. 07/05/2018, 02:28 AM Yvonnelim99
that's impressive,thx,I'm not delete my character.
 Newbie And tutorial. 07/05/2018, 02:06 AM Equitas
If you want to delete a character, you can do so from the character selection screen. If you are trying to recover a deleted character, you need to send in a ticket to the support team.
 Newbie And tutorial. 07/04/2018, 11:08 PM Yvonnelim99
ic,,,,,,,,,thx for a tutorial equitas,I'm not gonna change a email and account armor,I'm so happy =)
Hello. I'm coming back from a 3 year hiatus. I'd like to know how is the game going. What is the current lvl cap? Is the game f2p friendly still? Is there enough ppl to run stuff or do I have to wait forever? I used to play in Mount Tryranas back in the TS patch. Also, I'd appreciate so much if someone could give me some insight in the major changes have been made and provide me some links with up to date guides about priest, gearing and instances. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
 Newbie And tutorial. 07/04/2018, 07:01 PM Equitas
If you need to change the email you have linked to your En Masse account, and you can't access your current email, then yes you have to submit a ticket.
 Newbie And tutorial. 07/04/2018, 03:54 PM Yvonnelim99
u're mean send a ticket?
 Newbie And tutorial. 07/04/2018, 03:52 PM Equitas
You don't have to change your email. Account Armor is in place to protect your account, and requires you to be able to access your email for a code En Masse will send.
 Newbie And tutorial. 07/04/2018, 03:43 PM Yvonnelim99
I'm so scared about change email and finally was account armor. :(
 Newbie And tutorial. 07/04/2018, 09:03 AM Equitas
What exactly are you having trouble with?
 Newbie And tutorial. 07/04/2018, 05:32 AM Yvonnelim99
Hello everyone my name is Yvonne lim from malaysia,need some help for tutorial,plz teach me.

Server: Mount Tyrannas

Darkringor#8354 Used 1/3
Baek.Seo#7238 Used 0/3
Kharedrin#8318 Used 0/3
Suhyun#9718 Used 1/3

Valid until: 07/06/2018
Server: Killian

My character: Sikorka

BuddyUp Code: Sikorka#5706 (0/3 used)

Valid until : 09-07-2018
Howdy folks...

Welcome me and Ill welcome you. Scratch my back n ill scratch yours ;)
Server: Killian

My character: Sulea

BuddyUp Code: Sulea#5403 (0/3 used)

Valid until : 09-07-2018
 Returning player 06/19/2018, 12:47 AM Arisu724
Returning player LF people to play with im a priest main i tried other classes they are not the best thing for me i have a lvl 65 priest on TR but im willing to make a new one to another server or transfer my main im looking for a group to play with like a constant party either people starting again now or new players i dont mind at all i just want to play with someone reply if you are intrested or pm :D
this thread is nearly 2 years old xD nice necro @GAHL3R6PTF
go in to your skill set and open the mount tab and see if you still have that mount if not send in a ticket to have it replaced
if you still have it re key bind it may be
unless you only had the temp mount
hello community, I'm new and my English is a bad thing so I'll be brief.
For quite some time I managed to get the mount of lady love the wolf playing online kritika, today I had some time, and wanting to return to play tera I wanted to try it but when I try to learn the spell it shows me a message that says "you are out of that item", I'm confused, I can not use my mount anymore? It would be very sad for me, thanks for answering this post35181014_2000845709956432_435982168871665664_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&_nc_eui2=AeEsPY3x6jyXUnKg_ffG00zFgxA2Fovq_13aDvTWb5D7Cdn8f2V2l2pZ-21gDRv2ZZyI3dbK4xTaNNqfVC4IbMA3oK-lruZls7f80YbnzQ7nSw&oh=5bc66f9dea7c8803550b747e3f849697&oe=5BB1EAC5

Actually I'm pretty sure you get them for maxing out rep with the hands. Then you can buy them in the shop. Unless it's changed.
Hello everyone, i am somewhat a new player to TERA, how it all began, i installed Watch Dogs and it had steam installation requirement, so i installed it, that was the first time i learned about steam and how it is a game library to almost many of the games, i started searching for free to play online games and found TERA online, it had somewhere around 3K steam users, so i thought i might try it, but didn't had high hopes for the game, so i downloaded the game via steam, 32 gigabytes, it auto installed on my PC and i started the game. This all happened on the FEB of this month. almost every browser MMO and MMORPG'S i have played i played as a mage or a class that is close to it so i chose sorcerer, Mage is always OP in the end, it starts weak but becomes stronger than all other classes in the end, that's why i like mage, so i played sorcerer, was going on story-line quests than somewhere around level 35, i met some players who told me doing story is a waste of time of this Gen in TERA, and only thing that matters is end-game stuff, so i leveled my character to 65. than i started leveling up on my gear, and finally reached to base SC after 4 months, but within that first month of my game, i met someone who was so kind enough to give me a 30 day free elite, it was 60K gold on TB so i told him I'd repay that much once i get the gold, even when he said its no big deal and it was a free gift from him, but i still repaid him and bought another 90 day elite from him, and i started doing almost everything in game, from quests to dungeon, and than second month i asked him for 9 character slots, and i added that to my owing list to him, now i have tired 7 classes, sorcerer, lancer, brawler, mystic, berserker, Valkyrie and gunner ongoing, although i mainly play on sorcerer, and its my max leveled gear character, 3rd month came awakening April, i was so excited, made my brawler reach awakening first, and was so happy than other 2 followed afterwards, 4th month came anniversary and i got busy with grinding and events and was able to repay around 350K gold to the player who gave me everything on loan, now i have started 4 star dungeons and i get alot of kick outs because from random matchmake on second or third boss, because my sorcerer deals low damage and people dont like it, i haven't got the chance to go in with other classes because people dont like newbies and i am just now too afraid to lfg, anymore, now i installed a dps meter because people use it and they say i am doing so horrible, so i had to check like how much damage or contributions i do in the dungeon, well in the end my contributions on each boss comes around 10-15% damage wise, and 800K/s is max damage i reach on 4 star dungeons, sometimes more if i get lucky, MY PING IS LIKE 270ms AT BEST AND HARDLY EVER GOES BELOW THAT, AND BECAUSE OF MY TIMEZONE DIFFERS WHEN I COME ONLINE HARDLY ANYONE IS AVAILABLE IN GAME SO I HAVE TO RANDOM MATCHMAKE MOST OF THE TIMES, now my question is

WHAT CLASS IS NOT RELIABLE ON PINGS to do DAMAGES, I seriously got so demotivated these past few weeks because of so many kickouts from 4 star dungeons, and now i hardly ever feel like playing, only thing i do is try out new classes on my remaining character slots, and hoping something that i like happens,

TO DEVS PLEASE MAKE SORCERER MORE DPS i was talking to a old returning player in game, he told me sorcerer used to be Number in the beginning years of TERA than it declined as other classes got buffed up and took over, i dont like playing other classes that much,

i just want to know if any classes if good with ping around 270ms, otherwise i'll be leaving the game soon, because its so hard to get materials to level up gear, and the devs have removed how i used to level up gear, through metamorphic emblems and low dungeon grinds. so now its very hard for me to level up gear,

SORRY I MESSED UP EVERYTHING ON THIS INTRO MESSAGE, JUST GOT BACK FROM A RK-9 DUNGEON got kick on last boss, and was angry while writing up my story,

I AM FROM FIJI ISLANDS, GMT+12 TIMEZONE, my daily ping is 270ms around and my online hours very few players online in game
Joined Tera in hopes of having a bit of fun here and there, not a hardcore gamer, but neither casual, haha!

Old player of..
  • Ragnarok
  • Flyff
  • Secret of Solstice
  • WoW
  • Fiesta Online
  • Tree of Savior
  • Blade n Soul
  • Maple Story

And some others.

Ragnarok, Tree of Savior and WoW were played for more than a year. The rest were casual play.
I'm hoping to find more happy people than the ones I've found so far ^ ^ So if you like any of the games mentioned above (or not). Lemme know!

I love going on parties with people and basically anything social regarding MMO's.
So if the community is willing to add a new player with a lot of experience and a little bit of brains... Hello!

Now really, should I play Ps4 or Pc? Also, what classes are the most complex as far as support goes?
Now that I can run the game, I wanted to try out a new Tank class, but am unsure what would be easier to get good as a tank with.
Fist off, sorry for being a newbie or "that guy".

I've been playing for a little while, but the level gains are way too fast and i get locked out of instances and have to skip stories and missions, then get overpowered in dungeons because i didn't progress properly. It's annoying as hell! I like to grind, but this game seems to punish grinders (i think I'm finally okay for now though). And now that my rant is done let's get to the questions.

1. How in the hell do i change my forum name?!
2. Can I link my gaming account with my forum account (used the wrong email).
3. Why can't i delete or dismantle avatar weapons?!
4. Why won't my slotted earrings (lvl 55) take any crystals?
5. Any decent guilds on Orisk?

I have a million questions, but I'll have to look through the forums more before i ask redundant questions. Honestly this leveling thing is terrible though! I haven't even finished all the quests on level 32 and I'm a 55. I had to skip 23 levels and there quests because of too much XP. This double XP week is garbage too. I wish there was a "halt XP" option.

When you start the game and enter my BuddyUp Code, both of us receive special benefits!

My character: Ovat
Ovat's Server: Tempest Reach
BuddyUp Code: Ovat#8258

 Returning player 05/16/2018, 10:45 PM DN94GJD4YP

When you start the game and enter my BuddyUp Code, both of us receive special benefits!

My character: Ovat
Ovat's Server: Tempest Reach
BuddyUp Code: Ovat#8258

 Returning player 05/10/2018, 01:49 AM HCCLJAE63P
returning to the game after not playing for a long time looking to try and get back into it. NO idea what i want to focus on.
Zerker is super fun. Great dps and great tank.
 Not very new...but 05/07/2018, 10:26 PM Riaxuez
New to Tera in general but I've gotten quite experienced playing on console. Got the cutting edge title and am past 424...just intoducing myself (: WUSSUP MY NAMES BUN
You will not be disappointed with a zerker imo, if that is what you are leaning towards. I wanted to like warrior, but it just didn't mesh with me for some reason. Warrior felt more like a rogue class from other games, but without stealth and zerker felt more like a traditional two handed warrior from other games.

As far as skill caps go, I think Warrior is one of the harder classes to master. I'm not sure on pvp lethality, as I haven't looked much into it. Zerker has some nice stuff for pvp though.
 Gear Ranking 05/03/2018, 06:29 PM EHNJXWNHT9
Hello, im new to this game.
At the moment im playing on PS4 and almost reached lvl 65.
Now i start to wonder which gear to get.
Could anyone give me a ranking of the lvl 65 gear so i could work on it? I mean which one is stronger, cause i have seen there exist a few sets for lvl 65.
A hint about where to get it would be great too.

I've also read something about "NM", "HM", "VM8" Gear and so on. Could anyone tell me what that means? I've read about it on another post.

Thank you for your help.
Is there a way yo keep a style it keeps changing every time I get new armor. Is there a way to lock it or something, where i get new styles? Very confused thanks for the help, by the way need a guild, how do I get into one? playing in PS4
 item pass 05/02/2018, 03:27 AM TrueDraconian
Hello, recently I buy the item pass on ps4 and Iam from Canada the price of this is 80$
For the cat mount and candyspinner pet
And next month the flying lion don't know the rest But this price it's not so much fair, with elite you got reward and emp everyday for 20$ but for 80$ you got stuff once a month and yes a flying dragon in 6 month... Ish.

But why not have reward everyday or once a week, like box of goodies, costume, skin, feedstock, noble ,GOLD or EMP ,something make you proud you buy that item pass
I don't want to be rude but it's kind of cheap
I will prefer stuff to upgrade my gears lil faster because I buy a expansion

I saw PC got lots of different flying lion and dragon
You said item pass is exclusive
But Iam sure ppl could still buy a flying lion later but different color and whatever hp/mp recovery

Flying dragon less likely we gonna have a diamond or ghost dragon for example
No just the cheap one fire dragon
Whatever I'm still playing till October lucky you
hello so am new to Tera I haven't played it yet but when I do I really wanna pick up a class and stay on it till I completely master it, I have watched some videos about how the classes work but really can't decide between beserker and warrior, I kinda like the berserker more I like slow but hard-hitting playstyle but I don't know if its as good as the warrior when I master it. my main goal is PVP.

so which one should I choose warrior or berserker which is stronger in PVP if both were played by master players??
 Finding Buddy Up Codes 04/27/2018, 12:17 AM Zakhaev
Server: Tempest Reach

Buddy Code: Mabel.Atr#1862
 Finding Buddy Up Codes 04/25/2018, 01:11 AM PopRawkz
Thanks so much!!!! :3
buddyup code for any server for Tera-NA and Tera-EU pve or pvp.

Fey Forest pvp65 : Shandra.Manaya#8299
Aacension Valley pve : Tsuki.Elza#2834
Celestial Hills pve : E.D.I#0466
Tempest Reach pve : Murbella#1329
Mount Tyranas pvp65 : Yufy#1344

Mystel int pve : Usagi.Kaguya#2524 , Shandra.Manaya#7235
Seren fr pve : Shandra.Manaya#6441
Yurian de pve : Kaiatrix#7004
Killian en pvp65 : Shandra.Manaya#2619
 Finding Buddy Up Codes 04/25/2018, 12:57 AM PopRawkz
Okies, found out how to input Buddy Up Codes....

Character Name: Nolani
Server: Ascension Valley

So, is there anyone who wants to give me their Buddy Up Code?
 Finding Buddy Up Codes 04/25/2018, 12:46 AM PopRawkz
I'm lvl 1, just made a new toon. I started playing about a week ago....So I have no idea where to find my Buddy Up Code.....Could someone help me out.

Thx!!!! =)
Just figured I'd introduce myself, I'm Richaholic; (GT=ThaAceWhiteGuy) currently going as FNTDJMJECR for the time being but that should change in a few days. I'm new to Tera but a long time MMO fan, some personal favorites being SWG and SWTOR. Was in the market for a new MMORPG when I came across Tera being released for console this past year. I've been playing since early access on Xbox (server=Basilisk) and have my Lancer max level with a Sorcerer not too far behind.

I've always enjoyed tanking in games like these so it's no surprise my first pick was a Lancer. The combat system is pretty amazing and at item level 410+ I'm starting to experience the challenge of higher level dungeons. Just curious, has anyone else wondered why the Tanks in Tera don't have a guard ability? That'd be nice, oh well.

Still somewhat new to the game but I feel I'm picking up rather quickly while continuing to learn something new everyday. My friend and I are extremely dedicated and founded our own Guild titled Mandalorians. If you're newer like me, or experienced even and looking for some new people to play with come join us! We'll never tell you that your level is too low or you're too experienced/inexperienced because we all started somewhere. Message me on Xbox Live or respond here and I'll be sure to get back to you asap. Excited to be a part of the community and hopefully I'll see you in Tera. Happy gaming <3
 Tempest Reach 04/23/2018, 12:40 PM Dreamms
Is Tempest Reach still active or dead?
Hi everyone, I recently tried to masterwork my guile weapon after I enchanted it to +9 after a lot of attempts the weapon picture become red and it says I need an indentification scroll to remove the enigma, the added effects from being +9 are green but are unidentified. If I try and use a scroll it stays greyed out and says weapon can't be transmogrified, has this happened to anyone else? Or is this a part of the masterworking process?
 New Player Ofcourse 04/21/2018, 07:05 PM GGDXLTJNRL
Hey everyone,

From the title you can tell " I'm new to Tera". I saw the game, looked it up, then downloaded it. I am a total noob. So far I been winging it. I am currently a lvl 16 Aman Sorcerer. I been looking up guides and videos. A lot of the content I'm seeing are mainly about PC or end game stuff. I never played a MMO game on a console and haven't played one on a PC since I was 15-16 girl. Overall I just want to have fun and enjoy the game. But I want to make sure I'm good and playing right.

I have notice nobody really speaks/chat.

So if anybody have any suggestions? Videos? Anything ? Lol Or willing to help in the game personally. Thanks

Server Thulsa
 New Player Here!!! XD 04/19/2018, 02:38 PM PopRawkz
Hiya all,

Just started Tera yesterday and got to lvl 20 easy. I know nothing about the game, but am having a great time learning new things. Is there anything I should know or tips on the game that would help me?

Thanks so much, and I look forward to getting you know some new players and info.

PS. Still don't understand buddy codes, and since I'm lvl 20 I can't use them, correct?
So level 65 dungeons REQUIRE you to use a battle solution. Except that i am already under the effects of my Everful Nostrum and the game doesn't recognize it as a solution and the dungeon never starts.

Since these forums seem to be as poorly setup as this game right now, I will post this here since it will not allow me to do so in the correct forums.
 Hello New Player here 04/19/2018, 03:53 AM MWFWRDHLGN
Hey Guys, ignore the forum name, My name is Raggu. I am a PvX type player with a friendly, welcoming personality, and very open to learning. I also have discord if you'd like to invite me to your server. I was wondering if there was any information of the game populations, its fun factors, and any interesting things about the game itself. I also want to know if anyone is looking for a newbie to teach the game, or a guild willing to help me out, and get me into the game. I am eager to hear from you all. Hope to talk to you soon. ^^
The Police Dept (The Police Department)

new guild in Tera on the Melkatran server is recruiting all levels skilled or noobs to join as we hopefully go to the top! We currently have level 65 guild leader (GT: Brandon500xl - InGame Name: Shlut) and two awesome officers at the moment (GT: UnderWrldQueen InGame: QueenStar & GT: Big Tyler 08 InGame: Vera_Moon) PM any of us for questions. If want to join Press start go to guilds on server & hot apply to join! Let’s “Serve & Protect” how we see fit! Plus can pull over players speeding on their mount B)
 High Elf Race question 04/13/2018, 08:03 PM ZackGTie
I like the looks of the armor and some of the animations however I keep reading that they have only 4 race traits while others have 5. Is that in any way something that might affect pvp, pve, gvg any game mode? Now, what about dps clases? I know castanic have a 1% extra crit from behind, to me that doesn't sound like a lot but i rather ask you vets about it.

I want female high elf because weapons seems to be larger in my opinion, and huh.. "hmmm", "animations". ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) yeah!
 Alt-Coholics Question? 04/13/2018, 07:57 PM ZackGTie
So how do alts work on this game? I know bank is shared among characters. Is there anything at high lvls that is not shared? Also, can I grind with a main char and use gold on my alts?

I know this might sound like obvious to some, I had some games that would not let you do any of this stuff hence the thread. Thank you!
 What to play 04/08/2018, 06:28 AM MLAYLMLEAH
Im kinda new to tera and im thinking of investing my time into playing it. choosing classes, im thinking of running an amani berserker but i dont know if it is a good choice. My playstyle is as a tank . i find playing tanks very fun for me.
Hi, i'm a newbie just starting playin this game, and just after the Chara creation, i get some doubts..
First of all, what is the 'buddy code' i keep hearing around? How can i use one of them?
And then, i'm playing on STEAM and i choose the Killian server..(pvp INT) What is people talking about with 'Mount Tyranas/Celestial Hills server' etc? i miss something about these..
Thanks for the help! \o/
(oh yeah, i'm an italian player, so if any italian here... i also lokking for a guild or help in game ^^ )
I play on the NA servers, I only play PvE. I have characters on all the PvE servers and am willing to delete one and start over for a newer player. I haven't played in years so I am pretty much relearning the game. Feel free to add me on Steam Woolly85
Still trying to get a feel for the game again after a long layoff, and I'm doing this by leveling up some of my pre-60 classes. I have a fair amount of 50% exp buffs, but I wasn't sure if these stack with other things?

Isn't there a rest exp bonus in this game? Once it's gone, should I move on to a different character?

 Help to item lvl 410 04/04/2018, 05:09 AM tisnotme
wackyzacky wrote: »
[PS4] Well that made zero sense.
wackyzacky wrote: »
Pay attention
wackyzacky wrote: »
figured it out.

you know
1. you necro"d a two year old thread
2. you have a condole section to ask such questions rather than necro old thread
3. our pc gear doesn't consist of any of this anymore
 Help to item lvl 410 04/04/2018, 03:50 AM wackyzacky
Ok, figured it out.

Pay attention to personal extensive/rare alkahest. Masterworks is way too expensive. Not sure where I got them, probably form endgame 65+ quest or loot from those packages, gifts. idk to be honest, but spent about 190 of em getting all gear to +12.

But then I I got stuck at 409, to fix this reset your lows to at least a ilvl 397. The enchantment reset function, dont worry you shouldn't lose your masterwork rating.
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