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We usually pick up at around 5pm Eastern time, and it tends to peek at about 8pm est-2am. We usually average about 9-15 people online during our peek hours.
Hi, may i know what's the timezone that most members are playing at, and the active hours?
hi there, may i ask what timezone are most of the members in, and the active hours?
 L> CH Friendly Guild 10/25/2017, 11:34 AM P3JNTTDC3Y
Hi all,

I'm rather new to the game and currently in the Celestial Hills server. Was wondering if there are any friendly guild which accept beginners? It will be best if it's GMT +8.
 [MT] Slay 10/25/2017, 05:12 AM Healbringer
=) I joined the guild today
 [MT] Slay 10/24/2017, 09:37 PM Klice
Yes we have a Discord. Pm me in game
Hey guys,

Who are we?

We're a group who usually hop on new games together. We are a semi-casual bunch of 4 to 6 people (sometimes more depending on Things(TM)). We started playing TERA about a month ago and we like it very much so decided to hang around. We are all mature people who completely lack gravitas or actual maturity. We do not like drama.

What do we do?

We enjoy clearing content, joking around, learning the games in detail. There aren't any games we played and did not complete at least some endgame content. Some of us sometimes pvp but we're mostly a pve bunch.

What are we looking for?

Like-minded peeps who we can hang around with and smash content together. Most of us are fairly anti-social people so we do not want a large guild structure - consider this a trait, we'll keep our numbers low, so if you enjoy 30 people being online at any given time in your guild, this is not the one for you.

Our guild is strictly for mature people, at least in the eyes of the laws of the relevant land.

We do not tolerate elitism, discrimination of any type (racism, sexism, heteronormativity, etc.) nor abrasive behaviour and we have zero tolerance on these.

We will NOT organise scheduled runs of anything. If we're there and we're doing stuff, you are we as well so why not do the stuff together? However, like I said earlier, we really do not have time for schedules. They become jobs and burn people out.

We play at the oddest hours. Most of us are on UTCish times. Some are North American. I think we have one from Australia (well, we don't think, we HAVE one, we just are not sure his ping allows him to play yet).

So, basically, if you are a laid back person who is still interested in doing endgame content and think you would feel at home in a (very) small community rather than a crowded one (basically, if you are an introvert or an introvert inclined ambivert like most of us), and you would never use the word SJW as an insult, we just might be the group for you.

In that case, send a request to Friendlies or whisper Shivvies / Shivverton / Diziette (Ascension Valley, obviously) for an invite.



 [MT] Slay 10/24/2017, 05:22 PM DJDJ4PHA6T
Im looking for an active guild... dose your guild offer discord groups?
 [MT] Slay 10/24/2017, 02:57 PM Klice
Guild Name: Slay

Tera Region & Server: NA Mount Tyrannas

Contact: /Whisper Kiro in game, send mail to Kiro, Add Kiro on friend list, Apply to guild in game

Description of guild: (PVE/P) We are a group of strong independent players that help each other in every facet of the game. We will first help you learn your class if needed, then help you understand dungeon mechanics, finally help you with your gear and game goals. We operate on a level authority, all members are equal and you will get to choose your title for the guild upon being accepted. Access to the guild bank is earned from being a consistent reliable member and is optional for anyone to contribute. All guild decisions are made by group consensus as we act as one unit. We currently farm RK-9,TRHM, FWC, and Daily BG
kubitoid wrote: »

Thank you very much.
~ I M P E R I U M M A G I S T R A T E ~

A Guild inspired by the Roman Republic

~ M I S S I O N ~

To build a guild were the actual leadership of the guild is NOT static but can change and would be attainable by all players. The top ranking members would control the guild structure and rank progression, middle ranking members control in-game guild direction, and the lowest ranking members would be the military and social core of the guild.

~ I N S P I R A T I O N ~

This guild will find its inspiration from the Roman Republic. In the Roman Republic leadership was divided between the Senate and the Assembles. The Senate was an advisory body and the Assembles was where laws were passed. Roman Republic had a civilian military that was lead initially by the Consuls. But as the Republic conquered more lands it was necessary to have the office of Dictator. In times of desperate need the Dictator would take absolute control over the Republic. The Senate was the ones that declared the Dictator and gave him Imperium.

~ G U I L D ~ S T R U C T U R E ~

Basically the players with the rank of Senator will control the structure of the guild. Senator rank would determine rank progression. The Senators would declare an eligible player and move him to the rank of Imperator (Dictator). The player with the rank of Imperator would have absolute control over the military structure and can appoint players to the Assembly. Assembly is where the guild is actually run from. There will be various Titles that will be sub-levels to guild rank. Rank gives a players position in the guild the Titles gives you responsibilities. The Senate would nominate special high position Titles and the Assemble could if so desire veto it. Example the Senate nominated a player the Title of Quaestor. If a player in the Assembly disagree with the nomination he could call for a vote to veto it. Only the Senate can appoint an Imperator and the Imperator controls the Assembly so both bodies have to work together.

This may seem top heavy or too complicated but it is really simply the Senate controls guild structure, the Assembly controls guild direction, and the majority of the players (called Plebeian) provide the guilds strength. The Senate is the Spirit, the Assembly the Mind, and the Plebeian the Body. All players are eligible for the position of Imperator (Dictator) and would be the supreme military commander of the guild. No active Senator or Consular can be Imperator they must be first demoted.

The Guild Leader (me, Skaulgr Garn) is only the guild administrator and the actual leadership roles would be determine by players abilities to gain and maintain popularity and his/her personal and leadership skill.

(for more information on Ranks and Titles see below)

~ P O S S I B L E ~ G U I L D ~ S T R A T E G Y ~ A N D ~ D I R E C T I O N ~

Before the establishment of ourselves in any cities the Guild will take on a more traditional structure (Leader, Officers, Guild Members, and Recruits). The guild would be a clan like structure. Once the Guild establishes itself in a city we would form a Senate out of the top Patricians. Then the Senate would declare an Imperator and that player would form an Assembly.

~ G U I L D ~ E X P E C T A T I O N S ~

~ The Imperium Magistrate is located on the Celestial Hills Server and is open to all English speaking players.

~ All members must show maturity and respect to Imperium Magistrate members and to other TERA players.

~ Any money needed by the guild would be raised by fundraising.

~ Members are asked to participate as much as possible in guild activities and events (as life would allow). Participation would directly effect your rank.

~ J O I N I N G ~ T H E ~ I M P E R I U M ~ G U I L D ~

Message Skaulgr.Garn in-game.

Hoping to attract players who:

~ Are Mature

~ Are Medium to Heavy Roleplayers – players who enjoy the settings and the storyline of the game who are fanatical about roleplaying and decorum.

~ Enjoy RPG and Strategy games~


Before establishing our presence in a city the guild will be a more traditional clan like structure. There will be only 4 Ranks and no titles. Equivalent Medieval inspired names are in brackets ( )

Consular (Chancellor) – this rank is technically the leader of Senate of the guild.

Patrician (Noble) – officer in the guild, commander of a group of Plebeians (Commoners) and Auxilia (Freebooters).

Plebeian (Commoner) – guild member, a warrior that serves under a Patrician (Noble) commander.

Auxilia (Freebooter) – recruit or casual player, a warrior that is a new member of the guild or a solo/casual player.


After establishing ourselves in a city the Senate will be formed out of the top Patricians (Nobles) and an Imperator (Warlord) will be declared. At this point the Rank structure will expand and there will be Titles for members.

~ R A N K S ~ S T R U C T U R E ~

Proconsular (Count) – this rank is technically the leader (owner) of the guild. (1 per guild)

Consular (Chancellor) – this rank is the leader of the Senate and the supreme military officer if the Imperator is not present or declared yet. (1 player)

Senator (Lord’s Councilor) – this rank gives the player control over rank progression of other players and grants citizenship. The Senators vote to nominate special magistrate Titles that grant access to the Senate. The Senators are the only ones to vote an Imperator (Dictator). (Approximately 10% of the Guild)

Imperator (Warlord) – once declared this rank is the supreme military commander. Master of the Infantry (infantry, skirmishers, auxiliary). This player with this rank appoints membership to the Assemble. (Only 1 player at a time)

Assembly Member (Civil Councilor) – this rank would give the player access to the Assembly to help determine the direction of the guild. This rank is appointed by the Imperator. (1 for every 6-10 players)

Patrician (Noble) – this is a member of the elite ruling family. This Rank is honorary but would make a member eligible for the Rank of Senator and various Titles. (Approximately 20% to 30% of the Guild)

Plebeian (Commoner) – this is a member of the common people. This person would have citizenship and access to the resources of the guild in exchange for service. (Approximately 60% to 70% of the Guild)

Auxilia (Freebooter) – this is the rank for a player applying for citizenship. After a period of service in the guild or other duties this player will be granted the rank of Plebeian.

~ T I T L E ~ S T R U C T U R E ~

Governor – each city gets a player with the Title of Governor. This player is responsible for the management of the city. Qualification: must hold the Title of Proconsul or Propraetor.

Proconsular (Count or Earl) – as well as a Rank this is also a Title. This is given to a player that has served as a Consular. (Rank: Patrician, Qualification: former Consular)

Propraetor (Baron or Viscount) – this is an honorary Title. This is given to a player that has served as a Praetor. (Rank: Patrician, Qualification: former Praetor)

Praetor (Sheriff) – this Title is for the chief judicial officer and commander under the Consular. A player with this title will handle player disputes and monitor and deal with bad player behavior. (Rank: Senator, Qualification: Patrician)

Censura (Constable) – a player with this Title will keep the records of the Guild. He/She will also monitor Senators for abuse of power. (Rank: Senator, Qualification: Patrician)

Quaestor (Exchequer) – a player with this Title will monitor and administer the Guilds shared resources. (Rank: Senator, Qualification: Patrician)

Aedile (Herald) - a player with this Title administers public works, arranges for festivals, gladiatorial games (Duels), The Triumph, and other events. (Rank: Senator, Qualification: Patrician and Plebeian)

Tribune of the Plebs (Reeve) – a player with this Title acts as the Plebeian representative in the Senate. Appointed by the Plebeian portion of the Assembly (Rank: Senator, Qualification: Plebeian).

Master of the Cavalry (Adjutant-General) – this Title is appointed by the Imperator. A player with this Title is 2nd in command under the Imperator. The Master of the Cavalry as the name implies is head of the elite cavalry (Equestrian order) (Rank: Assembly Member, Qualification: Patrician and Plebeian).

Lictor (Imperial Guard) – a player with this Title is the elite guards of the high ranking members of the guild. All their equipment is funded by the guild. (Rank: Plebeian, Qualification: Plebeian)

Equestrian (Knight) – an Equestrian is a member of the Equestrian Order that is the Elite Cavalry. In order to be given this Title from the Senate a player must be a strong warrior. (Rank: Patrician, Qualification: Patrician and Senators).

Centurion (General) – a player with this Title leads greater then one groups of players in battle. Appointed by the Imperator and answers directly to him/her. (Rank: Patrician or Plebeian, Qualification: Patrician and Plebeian).

Optio (Sergeant) – a player with this Title is the 2nd in command under the Centurion and is appointed by him/her. (Rank: Patrician or Plebeian, Qualification: Patrician and Plebeian)

Decurion (Commander) – this Title is given to a player that is leading a group of players. (Rank: Patrician or Plebeian, Qualification: Patrician and Plebeian)
I am looking for a PVE focussed guild. I am currently on Ascension valley but I'm willing to start over if you can power level me up to snuff. On AV I have a lvl 65 gunner (Nawabang) and a level 65 brawler (Jeffvi) as stated though I am willing to start over.

I don't mind starting over (With power leveling involved) because I play MMOs like a sociopath: I just got from NPC to NPC asking what they want dead and don't pay attention to the rest, so learning what stats are important and the deeper mechanics of the game I've just been brute forcing my way through would be beneficial.

I have discord and am always on it on my phone (No replies would mean I'm asleep) I do want a rather active guild though so in my countless hours of play I don't end up seeing it empty all the time.

I'm from North America, EST and have a good quality microphone though I dislike speaking. If you have any questions post them here and I'll reply shortly.
Hello, I decided to return to the game after about a year and a half absence. Been playing since the REHM/ABHM patch until Forsaken Island was released. My timezone is Eastern Standard Time (GMT). I'm looking for an active guild to run and learn the new dungeons, specially HH/RK9HM.

Thank you.
Looking for a guild that's active and doesn't mind helping me out getting the hang of the game. Really enjoy playing the game but would love some friends to play along and could always use the help lol. This is my first real pc game so still about confused on how everything works
Hi, I'm new to TERA and I'm looking to join a guild where I can feel....safe? (Gay jokes are only funny if "within the family" or if we've established a friendship.)
It gets lonely playing alone with no one to chat with or ask for help :[
I'm level 27 right now and just started the game a day or two ago. I also have a Level 12 warrior because I wasn't sure what I'd like yet xD
Hello fellas.

I recently started to play tera (been playing world of warcraft for 8 years). And iam looking for a guild with visions and takes the game more serious.
23 y/o and iam active alot.

Well, Anyhow. Iam intrested to join your community. PM me ingame if you think iam intresting. Otherwise i just want to wish you best of luck!

Forgot to tell my ingame name.

Hello fellas.

I recently started to play tera (been playing world of warcraft for 8 years). And iam looking for a guild with visions and takes the game more serious.
23 y/o and iam active alot.

Well, Anyhow. Iam intrested to join your community. PM me ingame if you think iam intresting. Otherwise i just want to wish you best of luck!
Returning looking for decent guild
[CH] Once Royal
Are you looking for a active guild on the CH server? Then give "Once Royal" consideration. We have been around since 07/07/2017, have our own discord server, and as of today's date 10/13/2017 we have reached level 96. We are looking for active players with and interest in leveling, running dungeons, gearing, and Civil Unrest. If any of this interests you you can send "Snowkitsune" on the ch server a parcel post stating why you would like to join. We need more active tanks and healers, but welcome anyone (including laid back and rp players) :)
NA77L5MW4P wrote: »
Siamo su tempest reach , Gilda: Pantofole e Pigiama :)

Siamo su tempest reach , Gilda: Pantofole e Pigiama :)
ciao a tutti mi sono appena iscritto e vorrei sapere dove ci sarebbe qualche gilda ita pronta ad invitarmi per giocare tutti assieme ho già esperienze!

Buon Game a Tutti è grazie per l'attenzione! :)
Been away for a LONG time, and am literally lost on the 65+ gear and crafting. Last time I played I leveled my characters to 65 and soon after had to quit due to time constraints.
I am a casual player and just looking for a fun PVE guild to play with in my free time.

There's not a lot to add to the title. I'm Israeli, 17yo, inexperienced in the game, I have social stress disorder, I work well under strict instructions and I always try my best to improve on my f*ckups. I don't know on what to expand more, so... yeah.... if you want to know something just ask! I'm an open book, but you have to turn the pages.
im brand new to Tera and was wondering if any guilds would like to take me under their wing. i prefer DPS such as brawler but could also learn to play a Tank character. essentially all ive done is the tutorial but have enjoyed the game. ive been looking into an MMO gaming mouse as well. previously i played a few hours of BDO so MMO's as a whole will be fairly new to me
Hello, I was wondering if I could have some advice for guild matters. Since you guys have a pretty good guild going. Just needed to know on how to expand my guild more, and become better. I'm doing quests every day to level up the guild and currently it's up to level 12.

It would be a lot of help if you could push me in the right direction.

I guess if I am going to take baby steps as a streamer, this is as good a place as any to start. I am new to streaming and have been playing around with the experience of it. I haven't got the extra life even scheduled just yet and haven't got my business finalized to be able to do the event just yet. I have a few more things to do before I can actually Set up or be involved in the extra life event. I'm on disability so I'm pretty sure I need to get with my social security office first to get a ticket to work thing going there. Being on disability and streaming for "money" might be complicated as I've not done an extra life event before. So there is alot of communication that still needs to be done and things need to be crystal clear for me.

In any case, besides the extra life event. I'm seeking to throw my priest character in a guild that has an experienced Priest to possibly show me the ropes on pvp down the road. I have the twitch desktop app, and I have discord as well. Would be nice if I could use the twitch desktop app voice feature if possible If not then I can use discord.

Please send me a message directly if this is something you feel you can work with me on. Thanks
Semi-active scrub looking for a guild on either TR or MT for next patch. If the new patch is something I'll be fully committed too, I'll be transferring to either server. So I'm looking for a guild that will be running a lot of end game content, HH, RK9HM? and the other newer dungeons that will be coming out. I plan on transferring my 4 main characters. Feel free to contact me here or Discord (Bree#4999) if your guild is open for recruitment B) Current gear for the 4: 3fAmodp.png
Just hit 65 on brawler and am looking for a reasonably active, drama free, fun guild to join. I am looking to learn the dungeons and other content as well as my class and just have fun doing it. My character name is Rohna, though it would probably be better to leave a reply here and let me try to contact you.
hey, i am interested to join, but i cant find the guild in server.
Bump! We're still looking for members! :smile:
I dont have the money to buy character slot. Can we come to an mutual agreement?
Ascendum is a great place to have fun while gaming! Besides having events in-game, we also have events throughout the week to get to know each other and to take a break to not wear ourselves out. Come join us down the path of enlightenment :D

Highfall is a guild dating back to late April. We started out as just a guild for friends who switched over from another game to Tera, but the GM decided it was time to meet new people, who eventually became long lasting comrades. Highfall became a place for socializing, interacting, conversing, and mingling with. Our guild is on Fey Forest and we mainly focus on PvE, though we plan on taking a few members to learn PvP tactics. We strongly welcome players who are looking for a familial environment and have desire to delve more into end-game content.

Our guild members come from various time zones. It can be a bit difficult to plan guild events, rallies, etc., but we try our hardest to have the best experience we can throughout our time on Tera. Of course, we are still developing as players and have much to learn, so, again, we welcome those who would like to join us in exploring end-game content.


As we talked about in our last post, goals change. Our original goal was to reach #1 on guild ranking, but not anymore. We're now trying to gear our members and preparing for the new gearing system.


Important to follow, okay... @_@ We have a "three strikes, you're out" system where we will remove you after breaking the rules three times.

1. No drama - If one of our members has a problem with another member, then that is a problem to be discussed with an officer of the guild. It is not a problem to be announced or spread for the sake of hatred.

2. No harassing others due to their race, gender identity, religion, nationality, ethnicity, ethics, sexual preference, or personal beliefs.

3. Have respect for all our members and those outside the guild.

4. Be active :smiley: we strive to find as many active members as we can. Of course, our lives outside the world of Tera can be hard. All we ask is that members will be as active as they can :)


Guild Master: Owner of the guild.

Arch Bishops: Officers of Highfall, little helpers of the guild. : )

Sovereign: 2nd officer rank, newly added to the guild to get an extra pair of hands to help out.

Noble: Trusted members who have been in the guild since the very beginning.

Chaplain: Members who have been in the guild for over a month.

Deacon: Members who have been in the guild for two weeks and have joined in on guild events.

Knight: Rank you first start out with.


We're preparing to implement a system where new, potential members are interviewed before being asked to join our guild. We believe that it's important to get to know our members, so simply send in a request and we will reach out to you soon! :smiley:

Sadly that is the reality of many guilds at the moment. I am pleased to say however, that Zenith is very much presently active. We are from various timezones, so there is often always someone online. And despite the timezone difference, we all still get to do contents together. To answer your question, the guild is made up of mainly level 65 characters with a few (a hand full) currently leveling towards endgame. As I had mentioned before, we do more than dungeon grinding. As a matter a fact, if we are able to meet ingame today, you are free to join us for our weekly guild activity and see what we are all about.
Well PMs are turned off apparently so I can't message you. But yes I would like to get with you with a few questions. Mainly concerning how active your guild is and level spread. I actually did join a guild on AV, but so far either I am just not catching anyone online, and when I do no one ever speaks even when I do. I have done some asking around with a couple large guilds that have tried recruiting me, and they all admit their guilds are pretty much inactive and they are just sort of going through the motions now, apparently waiting on update. Either that or they are just seeking 65s so they can grind dungeons easier with no interest in anything else.
Are you an active, friendly, manner-able and drama free player? Then you would certainly be a welcome addition to our ingame family. We are located on AV and called Zenith. We have weekly guild event/activities, whether it is dungeon runs, achievement hunting together, trivia and scavenger hunts, etc. We have and encourage the use of discord. It is not mandatory but suggested as that is where all events are posted and Tera updates are noted for everyone's benefit. We are still a growing guild and welcome all who are willing to learn (if you are new/returning player), manner-able, active and drama free. Feel free to apply to the guild in game. I look forward to meeting each of you that do!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a message (ingame or here) or post a comment on this thread. I will do my best to provide a response.
Hey. I am not sure if you have already found a new Guild to call home, but based on what you are seeking, you would certainly be a welcome addition to our ingame family. We are located on AV and called Zenith. We have weekly guild event/activities, whether it is dungeon runs, achievement hunting together, trivia and scavenger hunts, etc. We have and encourage the use of discord. It is not mandatory but suggested as that is where all events are posted and Tera updates are noted for everyone's benefit. We are still a growing guild and welcome all who are will to learn, manner-able and drama free. Feel free to apply to the guild and note that you are from here or PM me.

Playstyle: Semi-Casual | Progressive | PVX
Region: North America
VoiP: Discord
Server: Tempest Reach

Community Description:

Ascendum is a fresh and professional gaming community with experiences in leading multiple communities, guilds/clans and other forms of community management. Ascendum brings something new to the table that other communities may sometimes lack, the well known, but lost concept of "fun". The Council of the Ascendum community as a whole, are well known leaders in the gaming circuit with many past achievements and accomplishments in the MMORPG community, leading well-respected guilds and having the ability to manage a community the way that it’s truly supposed to be led, having every member in mind.

Our goal in Ascendum is to make sure that members are not encumbered by the usual restrictions that gaming communities nowadays hold. We want our members to be able to enjoy themselves in a relaxing, yet challenging, positive and highly energetic atmosphere with like-minded members. Our long term goal is to be the guild everyone knows as a professional and friendly bunch of people to game with.

Our guild prides itself on our core values which are as follows:

✧ Professional and fun.
✧ Experienced and committed.
✧ Dedicated and diligent.
✧ Friendly and social.

All the while maintaining our promise to making sure everyone is included and most important of all, having fun.

The Charter:

Ascendum Gaming Introduction Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQk3LsXLoaU

Goals in TERA:
If we are being honest with ourselves, then we all know that TERA has been around for half a decade, maybe even more. We just want to have fun, create some community events, do some dungeons and meet new people. There are amazing games coming out soon, and we'd love to try them out - like Project W from Bluehole Studios!

We are playing daily and just hanging out, if that sounds like the place for you, whether you're brand new, an old veteran player that hasn't touched Tera in years or someone who is just looking for a guild, then we are here for you!

Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaYBW-PKxx0

Recruitment Page: https://www.ascendumgaming.com/tera

We are a relaxed Guild until further notice, join us to expand our guild and help us on quests to level us up and maybe become the best guild there is. It takes one player to change ones experience. And by that I mean, we need active players, two moderators to keep things in check, and a Council system I have already set up. Much like the game WoW however, this ain't WoW. It;s Tera, and right now this guild needs more players. Right now there are only 11 Players in this guild, and we are still open for any types of players.

The whole real reason why I wanted to make this guild is to carry on one of my parents legacies, I don't want to sound depressing but, my mother and father, where one of the leaders of The Feared in WoW along side of many friends they had, and probably close to, I use to play WoW also, until, I got fed up and went to Tera. 4 years back, my mother died of cancer, and since my parents where both gamers (Which is awesome btw.) and the fact that my dad told me of his time in WoW, I decided to make this, and apparently, The Feared Guild in WoW was one of the biggest and best Guilds in WoW, a long time ago.

So, if you are interested friend me in Tera, or /w Shrio.Akuma.



Recruit. (Only be able to advertise the guild.)

Member (Members can Invite and accept people into the guild, and Advertise.)

Noted Member (Basically the same as a member, but a higher rank.)

Exalted Member (Basically the same, but, will get more currency than others. And be able to rewrite a Guild Message)

Raid Council (Raid councils basically deal with the quests that dungeons, GvG and Battleground, they make sure everything is top notch and ok.)

Social Council (Social Council basically deals with the members and any lower ranks that talk in the guild, sort of like moderators to check for spam, racism ect ect.)

Moderators. (Im recruiting trusted Moderators to help me out with leveling up our guild, and then I will decide three or four moderators to help me out.)

Admins (Admins are there just to keep the peace, so nobody is causing drama and [filtered], I do not want a cancerous Guild.)

Me. (Well ugh...me is just me I guess. Im the owner, Shiro.)

Hey all! B) Returning to the game after a years absence. My original home is FF, but I am open to AV as well. (And possibly other servers are not out of the question, since I have old characters on a couple of them) So looking for a new guild and a new family to play with, talk to and hang out with. I am restarting some characters to refamiliarize myself with the game and get used to everything again so bear with me.

I am looking for something active (obviously), but also a guild that is welcoming of all levels. One that is friendly and enjoys doing things as a guild whether that is dungeons or events or just goofing around exploring or whatever, and not just gathering members to show off a number. I would much rather be in a guild with a few members that talk to each other, help each other and play together than a large guild where everyone ignores each other unless you need a DG run. I don't normally use Discord, but can if required.

You can shoot a message to Etna on FF or AV, or just drop me a note or PM here.

Thanks for reading.
paid out 20 people so far, keep them coming!
Mm that’s ok right now we are a very small amount of people
 [FF] 25 Elf Warrior 09/25/2017, 07:27 AM LN56EPXPPC
Hello all! I'm not familiar with much about this game. Been flying solo a bit and want to really experience what a solid team has to offer. Almost solo'd Bastion of Lok level 24, but Murdranak forced me to just TP out because I couldn't keep him below 40% HP, if that helps gauge where I'm at. Nice to meet you!
Hey there,

I'm looking for a PvE Guild which aims for endcontent / progress, but also to have fun together.

About me:

I'm from Germany/ I switched from EU Tera to NA Tera.
I love to play Mystic most, so it's my main character. Right now I level my Mystic, so it isn't lvl 65 yet. But I know how to do all important things to equip and level on my own. So I'm not a new player in Tera. So I wouldn't ask newbie questions or so. ^^
I have 2 alternatives of voicechats (Teamspeak and Discord), then doesn't matter, which one your Guild would use, if required.

What I wish for is:

To have fun together in guild without problems whole time. It's a game and it's there to enjoy it.

To run progress but also normal Dungeons together in between (weekly/daylie/alternative characters etc.) so when all want to run what every together. I'm a little frustrated, cause in EU Tera it is and was hard to find people who would take you with you. Especially as a healer, there r so much of healers, so most of them have static healer or private healer. And lots of people don't want to take a healer with "first run" in progress. Everyone only would like to have healers with experience for dungeon xy.

To not have to be online "24 7". I have a Reallife like any other people. So I prefer RL than VL. But it doesn't mean I only would be online once a week. Oh no xD. You maybe know what I mean.

If you have any questions pls send me a post. Thx for your time and I hope for an answer of you. :+1:
Unfortunately, I'm on TR. It sounds like a really cool guild, though.
Guilda a všichni členové se přesunuli na EU server Mystel pod guildu Czech Hunters
Good Guild! I recommend it! ^^
Thank you! ^^
Welcome aboard~


About us:
A guild that has been around for currently 6 months and counting. We started out as a socializing, interacting, conversing guild which we still do. We mainly focus on PVE but plan on going PVP soon, we take pride in on how nice our community in the guild has become in the guild but we also strive to be the very best we can towards others. :smiley: So to speak we welcome all who desire to try their best in game.

Our guild consists of players from numerous times zones, so it can be difficult for events and raids but we try our best to make things work. We considering ourselves as family so discrimination will not be tolerated. Race, skin, gender, culture, etc that does not matter to us, be yourself. : )
Goals: In our last post we talked about how goals change and how our goal at the time was reaching #1 on ranking ^^ well don't get us wrong that is still one of our goals but we are mainly focusing on gearing everyone, getting the correct crystals, glyphs, gear rolls and etc.
GM: Owner
Arch Bishops: Main officers, have same authority as the guild master.
Sovereign: Recently just added, we needed an extra helping hands so we decided to add in 3 new officers to take some of the stress off of the Arch Bishops.
Nobles: Trusted members who have been in the guild for over a month.
Chaplain: People who have been in the guild for a month.
Deacon: People who have been In the guild for two weeks.
Knight: Newbies of the guild.

We have our own Discord and recommend all over lovely members to get it.

How to join?

Must be level 60 or maxed, simply send in an application.
Want more information? Talk to the people down bellow ↴

Hey there ... Read everything and like what I see. Would love to join. New to the game but I always main a healer ... in-game name is Bartanion.

I sent an in-game request as well. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.
Glad to have you onboard! ^^
By the way, there has been alot of changes to the guild, so there will be a whole makeover of this post soon, so look forward~ ^^
I'm not technically "new" as I have a founder account and did play the beta.. but I haven't played in years, so I'm making a brand new character and learning the game all over again. Any noob friendly guilds out there on TR ?
I'm also new and looking for a guild on TR, did you find a guild?
I'm in the same situation as you. Did you find a guild to join?
I sent you a reply! Good call, btw, Messy has been ... dirty lately. We still have to wash him. ;)
IM sent....
this is a great guild !

im a returning player, with a lvl 36 sorc, i'm trying to find a new guild since mine prior isnt active, its been about 2 years since i last played. i'll be active daily and can help with the guild as needed.
This is a refurnished guild recruitment page as I can not delete the old one
Dark Vitality is a pve/pvp guild looking for new to experienced members
If you want to join you can message me in game Cilsel or sylvany
You must be active at least 5-6 times a week. Please notify me or Sylvany if you are going to be gone for a while
We also have a discord that will be provided in the guild message
> @VampyreAngel said:
> Hi, this curious wolf was wondering which server the pack roams on?

The wolves are in fey forest
Fey forest
Hey, 2 germans looking for a PvE Guild (Archer and Priest, both 65). Priest has 2 years of Tera experience in EU (Hardmode, etc.).
Since we live in Germany (GMT+1), a European guild would be awesome.
Contact either Tabuut or Piata ingame if interested.
Deadly Carrot

Jsme nová českoslovenká guilda a nejspíš asi jediná CZ/SK guilda na serveru Mount Tyrannas. Přijímáme každého kdo se umí slušně chovat a hraje hlavně pro zábavu

Přátelský kolektiv
Guild akce - PvP/Raid
Komunikátor discord

Slušné chování v guildě i mimo ni
Zapojení do chodu guildy (příspěvky,akce,pomoc nováčkům)

Budeme rádi když se k nám přidáš, pro invite do guildy piš PM nebo MAIL na: Little.Nutcase / Aisslin / Demonic.Lollipop / Thesnovv

Zdar ve hře! B) :3

Whoops my bad. I was tired at the moment and thought to myself i should wait till i was fully awake XD
 Dark Vitality Recruitment 09/16/2017, 01:44 PM Pages
General rule of thumb, it helps to specify what server you're on.
We are a friendly active guild that is looking for new members to join and have fun with. we accept any and everyone so come join and have some fun. Let the darkness guide you to the path of glory.

Ahoj, jsme nová a asi jediná CZ/SK guilda na serveru Mount Tyrannas.
Bereme každého, kdo se umí slušně chovat a hraje pro zábavu.

  1. Vlastní Discord (TS3)
  2. Guild Akce - raidy/pvp
  3. GvG
  4. Přátelskou atmosferu
  5. Lidský přistup (když vám něco nepůjde hlavu vám nikdo neutrhne)

  1. Aktivitu
  2. slušné chování
  3. chuť pomoct ostatním

Budeme se těšit, pro invite do guildy napište: Little.Nutcase / Aisslin / Thesnovv / Demonic.Lollipop

Zdar ve hře! B) :3
 [CH] Celestial Angels 09/16/2017, 01:07 AM KiraKiryu
Celestial Angels is a active, helpful, and friendly guild for Elins only. I am looking for active and friendly Elins (social aswell ;P), we are doing Endgame PvE and welcome casual players aswell :D. If you are new to the game I will accept any level, and we can help with quests and dungeons for quests. Returning players are welcome to join aswell, we can help you get back into the game. RP'ers are welcome to join, since I would like to get into RP again :D. You can apply in game, and I as soon as I log in, or see your message while playing I will accept you, if not me one of my recruiters will :)
Hi, this curious wolf was wondering which server the pack roams on?
> @PjnHailee said:
> @hahloli Last time I checked the gm is 24 and his gf is 21 ;)

i dont see anything wrong with that
Made a new char on fey forest server and sent a request in. Username: Shagitto
Hey! ^^

May the greetings of the wolves descend upon all! And let it be known that we deliver a message, to those who's hearts burn with passion and desire, to stride with a pack, tread upon danger, and break through all obstacles, in joint, among your own kind -- as wolves.

In times of need..We band together! In times of sentiment and sadness, we're there for each other, howling at the moon -- as wolves..
We brave through the blizzards of hardship! And as a pack, we take down prey a hundre times our size!

Let moonlight fuel our souls! Let our bond be the source of our strength! Our foundation built by friendship!

Another thing, as a pack of wolves, socializing is our essence, nature and most centered quality! Our numbers consist of all wolves, worry not, even

previous loners are welcome!

Call us what you want, Survivors, Seekers, Fighters... But, we're not just any wolves. They call us.. The wolves of Silus!

So come one, come all~

If you are looking to join contact Aerin.Silus in game or Moon2
Hi, Looking for 4 DPS for P1-2 Wednesday 13, September at 9:00 PM EDT.
Only +15 Dps with Clear/Exp.

sure just ask questions in guild chat and someone would normally answer if they aren't afk/busy
If i join.. can you guys give me mystic tips cuz trying to level a healer alt.
Are you leveling an alt and looking for some free gold? Floormasters is the highest level guild on TR with maxed guild stats for buffs to help you level better.

Join our guild from any level from 1-20, and reach level 65 and you'll get a payment of 25k gold! While leveling, feel free to chat with guildies, ask questions if from veteran players if you're new, enjoy guild buffs, and just have fun!

All you gotta do is apply to the guild by searching up "Floormasters", also filter Level to "Any", and type in "Legend brought me here". After being accepted into the guild, change your personal introduction to "leveling alt". Once you're 65 I will mail you the gold.

No toxic players, you will be asked to leave the guild once you're 65, but you could always do it again for another 25k gold. Will kick out inactives if not logged on for at least 3 days.
Messy= Tsunstrike, faint, Caspurr. :)
B) ;) pm messy for a good time
Me and 2 of my friends ( playing since a bit more than 2 weeks) lf a active PvE guild on AV.
We are still learning the end game dungeon mechanics and would appreciate some help with it :)
we all 3 have +12 misery weapons and +12 T10 gear and im currently working on the rest of my T11 misery gear.

if you wanna know anything else just pm me or leave a message with your guild name or leave a char name i can contact ty.
I just joined the game yesterday! So I don't know much. I would love to find a guild full of helpful, friendly, active members. Also would like a guild that has discord for better communication. Please comment below ^^

I'm in the Tempest Reach server
@hahloli Last time I checked the gm is 24 and his gf is 21 ;)
Come come.. All join join..
evilbaobei wrote: »
evilbaobei wrote: »
"Floor Is My Bed" is an active PVE guild which consist mainly SEA players.
We have decided to expand our guild and will be accepting players out of SEA regions!
We welcome any active players of any levels who are willing to learn and run end game contents to join us today.
We also do provide gearing/training runs for end game contents and in game help through leveling and uses discord.
You may apply by searching our guild name or contact me in game : evilbaobei or you can also add me in discord bei#6865

Full Misery - tired of guild drama, just want a guild that actually plays the game and has fun doing it.

Discord is a bonus.
 T.H.E. 09/08/2017, 02:43 AM Henecchi
The Harbingers of Elinu, my House, is in Ascension Valley, Celestial Hills, and Tempest Reach.
Unfortunately, a dead House, it is, in all three realms.
Neither a House well-known, nor a House focused solely on pvp or end-game pve, is it.
Meant to be a place for those who do consider Tera to be their on-line gaming home, it is.
Whatever it is may be which does within Tera draw your interest: PVP, PVE, end-game PVE...
Or like myself, to enjoy something more than merely playing a "toon"...
To revel in the daily experiences of an alternate existence, more even than an avatar, but
an actual persona...
The Harbingers of Elinu, my House is.
The Harbingers of Elinu, your home can be.
For reference, find me you may on:1) X-Box Live as Henecchi. 2) Youtube as Henecchi Rin.
3) Twitter and FB as Henecchi Dracoin.
Also, on FB and X-box Live, have I created House clubs (The Harbingers of Elinu), for those who
would like to communicate out of Tera.
Whether "irl" or in persona, your choice is that to make.

Do take care, and g'bye. :) *waves*

Henecchi: Matriarch, The Harbingers of Elinu

That's kind of you, but no thanks, we're happy in CH! Perhaps you can make that sale elsewhere!
hey im selling "simplicity" char name in MT, you want it? :P
Hi there! It's not a mandatory thing to use TS, since we're obviously not going to force you to get it. However, we recommend it for the purpose of being able to communicate better when running instances. [filtered] hits the fan and we can't exactly type, you know? And sometimes it may get quiet in the guild chat if we're sitting on TS, is all, but we will respond and not ignore you if you talk. That said, it is entirely up to you if you still wish to join. You would be welcomed. (:
hello, id be willing to join although i wont be on voice comms at all since i dont use teamspeak anymore and mainly use discord.

ign is Crunchytomato
Join Us We Don't Bite!! B) B)
Hi there~ if you'd like, you can come join us in Celestial Hills. I'll leave our post here for you to look at. If you are interested or have questions, please feel free to contact me!

Hey guys, so i played Tera for 2 years a long time ago and im thinking about returning, but i will only return if i find a nice guild with nice people to play along.

My goal is to join a laid back, fun, interactive and friendly guild.

Since i didnt returned yet im opened to start in any server.

Hi I'm a new player. And im interested on joining you guys. Btw what server are you?
Mainly pve but if people wants to do pvp i will do my best to support that!

We are looking for members that are socially active and wants to do things together.
No level/item level requirements. Also no requirements in experience so newbies and veterans are all welcome!
We have discord server and I'm able to be connected from discord as well (emi#1603) and I'm also in EME's official server ^^

Either apply trough the guild search or send my main (Sweet.peach) friend request and put into request message that you wanna join ^^
Kitty Academy is recruiting for ACTIVE new and old players, wanting to learn end game content and strive for BiS gear. We are a friendly guild focusing on helping each other out and having fun doing it. We have an active discord and we welcome all to join, just be active. Discord is mandatory but having a mic is optional. PM Quicksin or send me ingame mail for more info, or you can just apply and a officer will get with you.
 [TR] Four Honor 09/04/2017, 09:37 PM Kentoanime
a tab bit messy poster but i'm gonna go with it, just look us up and join. Open to all...and we have no clue what where doing!!!
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