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Sloppy seconds is looking for new to the game players ! Or just anyone that needs help with the game (: Let us show you the ropes and help you get to max! With this healing event early leveling is faster than ever. If you need any help at all send a request or msg through this thread (:
Hope I see you in the guild thread !(:
Happy holidays❄⛄
Are you still active?
I currently have a 65 Gunner, not really sure if I want to complete playing it
Recently picked up this game again after many years; quitting long running time on World of Warcraft to start something new. I want to attempt endgame PVE but of course I'm a noob and willing to learn from others.
Updated the buddyup codes:
Wir die Gilde „Ragequit" suchen Aktive mitspieler
(Server: Meldita)

Wir setzen unseren Fokus auf den momentanen und kommenden End-content. Wir sind eine sehr kleine familiäre Gilde.

Ein GS von 417+ sowie Erfahrung mit den Hardmodes wären wünschenswert, sind aber nicht zwingend Vorraussetzung.

Unsere wichtigsten Anliegen sind aber Eigeninitiative, Kommunikation und Kritikfähigkeit und am wichtigsten "Aktiv" zu sein.
Gemeint ist damit eine aktive Selbstbeteiligung an Partys.
Zwecks Kommunikation haben wir einen Discord-Server und eine Whatsapp Gruppe was aber nicht pflicht ist.

Sollten wir dein Interesse geweckt haben, schreibt mir bei PSN:
- Dom_First_Blood

Aufnahme erfolgt nach einem Partygespräch.
Join the "Grim" guild on PS4 Tera we are new and currently looking for active members
Guild name : Struggle Town

Server : Mount Tyrannas

Contact : Joins on apply! Discord available: https://discord.gg/ZeywZem or PM Lys#6092

Description of guild : Free guild buffs! This guild is open to everyone! Players for endgame PvE hang out in our Discord server. This is a guild mainly for guild buffs and the Discord is a small community of endgame players from many different guilds. Newer players may wish to join both the guild and the Discord to learn more about endgame content until you find another guild to be your new home!
T R U T H, somos una guild latina PVE-PVP, buscando jugadores dispuesto divertirse y pasarlo bien.

  • Uso de discord.
  • Voluntad de aprender y crecer.
  • Dispuesto en ayudar y contribuir las actividades de la guild.

New player with a level 20 brawler. Very experienced with MMOs but not with Tera. Looking for a mainly PVE guild but willing to attempt PVP. Also willing to grind any guild activities with other guild members. Ty for reading my message and hope to hear back from people. :)
BLACK PEARL Guilda Brasileira mais ativa em DGs e guerra de guildas (CUV), recruta jogadores experientes e tbm novatos que utilizem discord e loguem com frequencia. Mande pm ou apply e seja bem vindo a bordo.
I have updated about the rewards, please read the line start with "Update:"
Hii there Guzno! In our Guild we are currently recluiting high ilvl characters, we are improving and making a develop of the guild meanwhile we grow up in number, we aim in a future to join GW and much more!

Guild Name : Un Cortadito
or W me : Gorto
[CH] (Celestial Hills) - Un Cortadito

Buenas! Somos una Guild de habla hispana, con miembros de toda latinoamerica, sobre todo de Argentina! No hay requerimiento alguno, mejor si sos activo/a, buscas aprender y estas dispuesto a enseñar <3

Tambien podes enviarme Amistad a

[CH] (Celestial Hills) - Un Cortadito

Somos una Guild de habla hispana, con miembros de toda latinoamerica, sobre todo de Argentina! No hay requerimiento alguno, mejor si sos activo/a, buscas aprender y estas dispuesto a enseñar <3

Tambien podes enviarme Amistad a

Hello, thanks for your time. I'm a returning player whose looking to join up with a good group who are dedicated and fun to play with. My name is Guzno and I'm a lvl 65 Archer. Please comment below or PM me in game. I'm a very active player. Thanks again :)
Guild ativa em busca de novos players no servidor tempest reach..... podem adc ou aplicar direto pelo G que a gurizada aceita :)
Hi im also looking for pinoy guild but my server is not in TR..but ill try to play in that server if i can.
Hi, I'm looking for a lgbt guild(I'm a transgirl). I play on ps4 and I'm just starting to play. So Im looking for a place to have fun, be safe and make friends. By the way I speak Spanish and English. I'm from Mexico. Thanks and have a awesome day! ;)
I am just having trouble finding any guilds on these forums for EU servers. So if any of you have a guild on a EU server that would be nice. I have a level 43 priest on Mystel so yeah hit me up.I might not answer here so imma just also put my discord tag here. Slappy#0506
Bump, great guild to get into!
Just wanted to refresh with everyone, we are still recruiting! :) Always looking for new buddies to play with.

Edited main post to reflect our new guild level (76 to 91) and such. :)
Were you peer pressured into playing this game? Then you should join us and get peer pressured even further!
On a serious note, we're a newly created guild who just started playing not long ago, and are looking for people to run and learn dungeons with daily.
We do have a guild discord, in which we chill and share memes.
We [Peer Pressured] are located in Tempest Reach.

Things to note:
- Our usual active times [7pm - 3am (UTC+8)]
- All are welcome, regardless of level, new or old.
- We're sociable and helpful :)
- We do play other games too! And you're welcome to join us or the other guildies!

If you're interested in joining, apply to the guild directly or /w Therylia / Aerinarys or message us on discord: Donut#2108 / smitedaram#6417
Amaterasu has reopened its doors and is looking for active 60-65 players of any class to fill its ranks. We are an 18+ guild with a discord requirement for voice chat, in game discussion and to stay updated when offline. We are currently farming 410 dungeons for gear and materials progressing into 417 content in the near future. If you have any questions please reach out to our GM Trefenwyd - PSN : xTheNightwindx or apply in game. We look forward to hearing from you!
I would love to join if you are still recruiting. My PSN is Korgin. I am playing with a few friends and we are currently still leveling up.
Hey! My new guild Bloodlust is recruiting players on the Ovolith server, and the only requirement is that you're fairly active so we can run PvE and PvP content often!

All you have to do is join the Ovolith server and join in, anyone is welcome, just be respectful and kind.

There's a community page you can join as well and I'll be creating a discord once the guild grows. I hope this guild becomes a home for competitive spirited players alike and I look forward to meeting you guys, welcome to Bloodlust!
Hiya! Thanks for checking us out.

Awakening Fate is a relatively new guild: friendly, sociable, and helpful. We actually used to be the guild named Awakened Fate, but after a particular accident, our Guild Master had to remake the guild. So now we're small and trying to grow and become our own little community. We are mainly looking for active players that are nice, want to improve on themselves and/or help other players. If you want to join, feel free to apply to "Awakening Fate" in-game, or whisper me. My most active characters are Vivian.Narquois and Joker.Nohr. I highly recommend just applying, though, as I'm not always online certain characters or I'm leveling one of my non-65's.

Some things about us:
- We are EN.
- We accept any and all levels.
- We accept new players, old players, or returning players.
- End Game wise we are PVE Focused!! We will consider PVP if our guild gets bigger.
- We use Discord for offline chat, you don't have to VC with us but we're around if you want to hang out! Discord is not required, but it's recommended so that you can stay up to date with the guild and easily ask other members if they want to play.
- We play other games together like League of Legends, some people do PUBG/Fortnite, Blade & Soul, R6, whatever's on the table. Our Discord has every member labelled with what games they regularly play.

Again!! We're a very small community looking to become bigger!! If you don't want a small, new guild then please look elsewhere!

Thank you for reading. And if you are interested in joining or have questions, feel free to ask!
Hi! If you're still looking for a guild to join, mine accepts any and all levels, though we're relatively new and trying to grow bigger, so I hope that's not a problem! Our guild is named Awakening Fate if you want to send an application, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.
Hi, I'm new to the game, and thought it would be cool to join a group :).
Recently removed all inactive players from the guild now only accepting level 40 to 65 players.
This guild seems worth a tryyyy, hesitant long time semi-casual returning playerrr. I used to main warrior tAking pre 65 patch, nowadays just a casual archer/brawler main
Gameover is looking for 417+ dps that already has experience or is looking to learn the 417 dungeons. We are a very close knit group of players that are in party chat pretty much 12 hours a day. If you have any questions message me on psn: Trev776.
 Looking for Guild 07/07/2018, 11:39 PM JK434FGLA7
Which server are you on?
Guild Master: Osaki
Guild Level: 204, Rank #8
Guild Size: Large
Playstyle: PvE, PvP, and Casual

What are the requirements to join the guild?
We're currently welcoming players who are 65 and active. In addition, we have a few simple requirements:
  1. iLvl 431
  2. Skilled in all 431 Dungeons
  3. Willingness to learn and grow
  4. Willing to help contribute to what the guild does, not just lurk.

What do you do as a guild?
We often hold guild events. They normally have prizes, but sometimes they're quirky and just for fun, like a photo contest for valentines day, a race across a river, and pvp tournaments. We voice chat every week, whether it be through learning dungeons or just to hang out.
We also participate in Civil Unrest, and team with other guilds to better our chances. There are some people in our guild who frequent Velika Outskirts too, and they invite other people to come along with them to practice and have fun.
Daily, we accept guild quests, and we invite everyone to come along and spam dungeons with us. If you are new to endgame, we would be happy to bring your through the content. Along with these, we also go BAM hunting together and frequent rally.

What kind of dungeons do you run?
We try to run all of the dungeons that are available in the game, meaning all 3, 4, and 5 star dungeons. If there's a dungeon that we don't know, we normally get together a group of people to try and learn the dungeon for fun, since it's always more comfortable learning new things with people you're familiar with and know won't judge you for messing up.

What's your rule on innactives?
If you don't log into your main account at least once every 14 days, you will be kicked unless you've informed the guild beforehand that you will be absent. We give alt accounts more leeway.

Do you have a discord/Is discord required?
We do have a discord and we require that you join it, since that's where we plan things with and for the guild. A lot happens there. If you don't want to be kept in the dark too often, don't be shy and join us!

SO! If you're interested in joining or have any questions, please contact Osaki in-game (Osa#1322 in discord), or the officers Moral (Mory#9134), Sennen (Sennen#7697), or Yri (Artorias#6618). Feel free to comment on this post, or send an invite over to our guild and we'll get you in with us ASAP. We look forward to growing with you!
I am recruiting for my guild Trinity Soul on the Orisk server on Xbox One. Accepting all levels and people of all experience. Ages 13 and up welcome as long as you are mature. Be respectful to all members and get to know each other. For more questions message me here or message me and add me on Xbox @ Korrupt Kitten. My name on Tera is Lophee on the Orisk server.
 Looking for Guild 07/02/2018, 03:40 AM THFT9GKTCW
Hello! Im a fairly new player who is looking for a guild or other players to tera and other games with. Im shy at first but im friendly. For Tera i plan on starting a new character and would like to have players who are willing to go through it all together. I do have discord and a mic.
Hello, I am Rainel! =)
I am recruiting for my guild Illyria (illyria). We are rather new, but are having a ton of fun. The guild was start about May 15th, and we are already level 76.

We are looking for social, leveling players, and those who are looking to progress in 65 content. Our main goal is to have fun, and to be able to progress with each other. Those that find they need help are getting the help they need to grind for gear upgrading mats, and leveling up. We are laid back and here to have fun, real life does come first!

:3 Our guild is open recruit, so feel free to apply to us to join right away! :3

We do have a discord https://discord.gg/sj56rQp is our link! :)

<3 Have any questions about us? Please feel free to send me an in game message! I am Rainel.Yosei on Tempest Reach and I look forward to hearing from you! <3
There's two of us and looking for EU guild, healer and berserker
Hey I will be returning to the game soon once I finish building my PC and I remember having a ton of fun with guilds in GW2 when I used to play it so I was looking for a PvE guild to join for Tera. You guys seem to be exactly what Im looking for and I would love to join if you are still looking for active members.
My main is a lvl 22 Brawler. I'm looking for a guild that is active, social, friendly, endgame, No drama, Mature and willing to help me improve in the game. I don't PVP. I am experienced MMO player but new to Tera. I have no mic/headphones.
We do game content everyday if interested in just chilling and farming/beating dungeons then hated is the right guild for you. We also have discord where we all chill and communicate in
HE7HFAXDWC wrote: »
Hello, I'm currently downloading the game on PC ATM. I played a little on Xbox with a warrior, got to level 26, are you still recruiting? I'm going to be making a new character but should be able to get it leveled pretty fast.

Yes, we are always recruiting, no need to ask :)
Send an application and someone will accept it
Hello, I'm currently downloading the game on PC ATM. I played a little on Xbox with a warrior, got to level 26, are you still recruiting? I'm going to be making a new character but should be able to get it leveled pretty fast.
Hi All!

Divinitus is looking for new recruits. With our players starting to dwindle we are looking to recruit more people.

We are a laid back guild that enjoys helping out new players and running the top end dungeons. Please feel free to join :)
Hey! I created my character a few days ago and am currently lvl 29. I was looking for a laid back guild that I could grow with and run dungeons. This guild seems perfect. The servers are down for maintenance right now but I’m hoping to send you an in-game request when they’re back up later this morning. My ps4 name is Sjmack19 and my Tera character name is Arakano.
Confidence is opening recruitment again! As we have grown so have our recruitment requirements: You need atleast 1 piece of Sc now.
That being said we also offer more to players interested in our guild, transitioning from a Mainly Pve Guild to a Pve/Pvp Guild.

We have a network set in place to teach our members how to run all dungeons, even the harder ones (Rrhm/Rke/AA/HH raid)
That is paired up with our weekly guild PvP practices which are broken down into 1on1/3v3/10v10 or random Openworld PvP
Since pvp is so rewarding this patch the extra practice helps, none of which is mandatory just there to help our Guild grow stronger together.

Confidence also takes pride in hosting Fun Guild events. This has been lost on tera due to the non-stop grind but we understand that this is a game and it is fun to get away from all that. Our events range from things like hide and seek/costume contest to 10v10s against other guilds.

Pm or Pracel Throws if interested or /apply Confidence and I will get back to you.
~Hello there sugar~

Rough Romance is now recruiting! We are a small, PvE-oriented and chill guild, but with your help we can build a big family! We are looking for active players, both new and experienced. Feel free to join our Discord as well for news, tips, or if you just simply need a place to chill!

Although we like to take things rough, we can play nice sometimes too <3 Apply now!
Hello! I'm quite new to the game as I have just made my character two days ago and just capped to 65 yesterday. I am very much interested in joining your guild. :')

I've sent an application in-game just in case you don't see this post, lol.

IGN: Michiaki
Looking for a guild on Ascension Valley. I have a brawler that is lvl 23 and I am looking for a guild that actually helps their members with anything. PVE content and end game raiding. Do not have a mic or headphones so prefer a guild with no DIscord.
Hi, we are looking for friends from above country to play togather in Dracolith server for PS4 please pm me (Misashi/Kodomo). Thank you.
Hello, I just want to remind everyone that we are still recruiting, the rewards are still giving out.

Again, we are looking for people who actively play the game (perhaps do dungeon runs daily), or people who wants to join for the levelup rewards.
Celestial Angels is a active, helpful, and friendly guild for Elins only~! I am looking for active and friendly Elins, we are mostly Endgame PvE, but welcome casual players as well owo. If you are new to the game, know that I will accept any level!! We can help with quests and dungeons for quests. Returning players are welcome to join as well, we can help you get back into the game. You can apply in game via the the guild search by pushing (G). As soon as I log in (or if I am on and see your message while playing) I will accept you, if not me one of my recruiters will c: we also have a discord, but it's not needed to join the guild! If you have any questions send me a pm, and I will reply to it as soon as I am able.
HeyoImChi wrote: »
Hi! My boyfriend and I are returning players and decided to start a new guild together. Atm it is just myself and my boyfriend, quite small, but as they say you've got to start somewhere, am I right? If you're interested or have any questions regarding the guild in general, comment down below or inbox me in game @ Yesoli.
Thank you for taking your time to read this and for considering our guild as your new home! ^w^

Hi everyone!

This is Oathchord of Guild Pathfinder from Celestial Hills :D

We are recruiting active guild members who:

• Needs help in learning the game
• Wants to run dungeon with fun people
• Wants to learn end-game dungeons
• Needs a laid-back guild with no pressure in gearing up
• Wants to grow up with the guild
• Needs help in crafting golden darics/plates, silver siglo/plates, emeralds/diamonds
• Optional: Wants to do CU and Harrowhold in the future

Guild background: Level 156 Guild previously called Plebeian Rehab under ultimatedestroyer which is passed on to Ellenella and now passed on to me.

Discord details:
# general - Anything under the sun (and not offensive :P)
# music - Share your love for music!
# food - Share your love for food!
# movie - Share your..okay you know the drill
# birthday - Share your special day and you might get something special -winks-

Should you need more details, feel free to add me or parcel me in game.
Or even if you have decided not to join, you can still ask for my help as long as it is within my reach :D

Have a good day everyone!

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
Hallo ihr Lieben.

Wir, die alte neue Gilde "Senseless" suchen deutsche Mitspieler.
Derzeit sind wir eine kleine Gemeinschaft aus wiederkehrenden Spielern, die bis vor ca 1,5 Jahren erfolgreich sämtliche Dungeons gecleart haben und dies auch zukünftig gemeinsam wieder erreichen wollen. Alle Klassen sind willkommen, Hauptsache du hast Spaß am Spiel und hast Lust dich aktiv in die Gildengemeinschaft und auf dem TS einzubringen.
Ein Grundverständnis vom Spiel und eine ähnliche Zielsetzung deinerseits wären für uns natürlich wünschenswert.

Wenn du Lust hast mal bei uns reinzuschnuppern oder auch nur eine Frage hast melde dich bitte hier oder ingame bei Ravijenna, Shaku oder Mexxtro

Ein frohes Zocken euch allen :D
thread is closed
New Guild Lunarians (Pve/Pvp) is recruiting ACTIVE members to join us! Lunarians is a Guild planning to be a very active Guild with a fun and friendly environment. The Guild is mostly made up of mmo vets who are somewhat newer to Tera and new players to Tera making us very diverse. You will find people just starting out in the game or older players who are clearing a variety of content. We run all kinds of content along with leveling and helping new players getting to max level!

Post here or pm "taronyu" or "callmearya" in game for an invite! You can also just request to join. Taking all new players, vets, and casuals :)
By +7 frost I assume you mean in every slot not just the weapon?
Bump. Any guilds recruiting at all? Just looking for a place to learn and grow.
My main is a lvl 65 gunner with Stormcry +7. I'm looking for a guild that is active, social, friendly, endgam, No drama, Mature and willing to help me improve in the game.
if you are interested in me joining your guild please message me on discord Sumanituʕ ´•̥̥̥ ᴥ•̥̥̥`ʔ#7051
Orisk server.
Hallo ihr Lieben, da wir an deutschsprachigen Spielern interessiert sind, schreibe ich diesen Text einfach mal auf Deutsch.

Wir sind eine Gruppe bestehend aus vier Spielern, Priest und drei DPS. Entsprechend suchen wir einen Tank, der sich unserer kleinen Gilde anschließen will.
Unser aktueller Gear- und Erfahrungsstand beruft sich derzeit leider erst auf Frostmetal und die entsprechenden Dungeons um dieses Gear zu farmen, da wir erst vor Kurzem nach eine 1,5-2 jährigen Pause wieder angefangen haben. Davor haben wir allerdings sämtliche Endcontents inklusive Manaya gecleart und streben auch wieder an, uns dies langfristig gemeinsam zu erarbeiten.

Im Idealfall bist du etwas tankendes, das auf einem ähnlichen Stand ist und somit gemeinsam mit uns die Dungeons lernen kann bzw jemand, der geduldig genug ist und einige Zeit zum Lernen einzuräumen.
(Wenn du nicht tankst aber trotzdem an uns interessiert bist, kannst du dich auch gerne melden, dir muss nur bewusst sein, dass wir in der Gilde derzeit wirklich nur vier Leute sind und eventuell nicht immer Platz für dich ist)
Wir sind ein lustiger Haufen mit überwiegend derbem Humor und würden uns über jemanden freuen, der sich dem fleißig anschließt.

Wenn du Fragen hast und/oder uns kennenlernen willst melde dich bitte hier oder ingame bei Ravijenna
Hi! My boyfriend and I are returning players and decided to start a new guild together. Atm it is just myself and my boyfriend, quite small, but as they say you've got to start somewhere, am I right? If you're interested or have any questions regarding the guild in general, comment down below or inbox me in game @ Yesoli.
Thank you for taking your time to read this and for considering our guild as your new home! ^w^
My gt on xb1 is HellbentKilljoy i'll help you but both my toons are 53 and 60 what lvl are you at?
I have a few classes in frost or higher, Berserker, Archer, Brawler, Ninja. Just looking for an active guild to run content with.
what server is this?
Update 28.05.2018:
Wir sind immer noch auf der Suche nach einem fähigen Mystiker, der o.g. Anforderungen erfüllt.

Sollte sich kein Mystiker finden, könnten wir uns alternativ auch mit einem fähigen DD anfreunden (aufgrund der Gruppenkonstellation allerdings kein weiterer Reaper!), Anforderungen sind natürlich die gleichen. Bitte fragt einfach bei mir an! PSN-Name: EllenMethr
Hoping to recruit those who main Tanks for 410/417s.
We have enough healers and dps for now.
Bump bump bump
Hey we are a small friendly guild trying to recruit players who want to learn and progress through the game
Wanting to experience the full game levelling, dungeons, battlegrounds and generally having fun
Voice chat on PSN
Discord server for everyone to socialise, ask for help and view guides/videos on mechanics of dungeons and classes
If at all interested please message me on PSN pixiewitch13
Or directly to the guild “Serpent Society”
Hello there is your guild still recruiting?
Hello guys I'm looking for a guild English or international on server maligos i have some characters but my main is a Mystic for playing with group purposes.
Hola gente!!
Estamos reclutando gente lo mas activa posible para jugar a TERA ps4, buscamos un minimo de 410 o 412 de item level ya que a estas alturas es donde nos encontramos todo el clan. Para los que estais subiendo y no teneis ninguna intencion de dejarlo, darle caña, si os poneis, lo subis rapido y os estaremos esperando para reclutaros.
Jugamos en el servidor pvp Zyrnaxis y nos ayudamos unos a otros a ir subiendo, somos un equipo, de momento todos españoles y latinos, pero no cerramos puertas a nadie, asi que si quieres ser parte del clan contacta con mikel69x, huh_nena o Federexo (id ps4) o mandando una request a nuestra guild y nosotros nos pondremos en contacto contigo (Clan Vlad Dracul), esta en el 5º o 6º puesto, por si no lo localizais.
Por ultimo avisaros de que tenemos foro para nuestro clan, donde colgamos cualquier evento, informacion util y demas...os aseguro que es super util.
Muchas gracias y os esperamos!
I am looking for a guild I am currently 50 on priest 63 on brawler. I want mature people and people who want to have fun. Discord or xbox voice would be a plus.

Je me renseigne un petit peu. Il y a des guildes francophones active sur le serveur Tempest Reach ?
Une bonne dizaine de membres actif et un discord de dispo ?

Merci d'avance ! Bon jeu à tous !
Hello, I am leveling a healer at the moment with two other toons 60+. present guild not a great fit. looking for a group of adults and a discord. casual player looking to learn what I'm suppose to do end game. PVE focused.
Erst mal ein freundliches Hallo an alle Interessierten!

Unsere Stammgruppe - bestehend aus einem Lancer (meine Wenigkeit), Sorc, Archer und Reaper - sucht einen fähigen Mystikerersatz ab iLvL 422, nachdem unser bisheriger Mystiker leider die anfängliche Begeisterung für Tera verloren hat. Angesiedelt sind wir auf dem Server: Skulregnath (PS4). Wir laufen alle Dungeons ab 417 aufwärts, haben aber auch Prestige-Ziele wie die 100 Runs Shadow Sanguinary (Hardmode) für den Leuchttitel ;-) Die Runs, die wir diesbezüglich dir voraus sind, würden wir selbstverständlich auch für dich nachholen! Neue Dungeons werden wir gemeinsam kennenlernen und meistern.

Was erwarten wir von dir?
- unter der Woche abends zwischen 20:30 Uhr und 23:00 Uhr Zeit (nicht immer täglich, aber doch regelmäßig)
- dein Gear hat bereits mindestens iLvL 422, Waffe|Ausrüstung|Schmuck etc. sind bereits perfekt gerollt und auf MAX
- wir gehen davon aus, dass dein Mystiker sinnvoll geglypht ist und du ihn beherrscht, man muss dir nichts mehr über Buffs, Debuffs, Healprioritäten erzählen!
- solltest du Teil unserer Stamm-Gruppe werden, solltest du auch ein Mitglied unserer Gilde werden, damit wir unter einer „Flagge“ laufen

Was wäre wünschenswert (also nicht zwingend Voraussetzung)?
- du bringst bereits Erfahrung von der PC Version mit
- du bist bereits einige der 417er Dungeons erfolgreich gelaufen

Wenn du oben genannte Voraussetzungen erfüllst (und bitte nur dann!) und wir dein Interesse wecken konnten, dann melde dich doch bitte über das Playstation Network bei mir. PSN-Name: EllenMethr

In diesem Sinne noch einen schönen Tag,
eure Anasteele

P.S. Ihr solltet übrigens auch keine Probleme mit Frauen in Führungspositionen haben =) ;)
With the great success Confidence has had in recruitment 45+ members daily we are unfortunately Closing our Recruitment for now. However there is a small exception, we are still accepting at least 2 piece Stormcry tanks skilled in rknm/rrnm because one can never have enough tanks. Thank you for everyone who helped us recruit and all of my great guildies for joining us.
Tired of wasting time with pugs and struggling through dungeons you shouldnt?
Ethereal Legacy is recruiting high end players focused on joining the frontline. With a deep skill pool and a highly active player base we focus on pushing endgame content upon release.
Looking for:
(417s) pressing and trying to challenge 422s
(423s) ready for a statik to clear RM422.

Ethereal Legacy
UPDATE: For anyone interested in joining, our co leader and I will be hosting an Xbox Live party this Friday (5/23/2018) at 5:30pm EST. Come join us and see what being a Mandalorian is all about !! GT: ThaAceWhiteGuy and Panthers 8917

See you in game :+1:
UPDATE: For anyone interested in joining, our co leader and I will be hosting an Xbox Live party this Friday (5/23/2018) at 5:30pm EST. Come join us and see what being a Mandalorian is all about !! GT: ThaAceWhiteGuy and Panthers 8917

See you in game :+1:
 LVL 38 2 days playing 05/23/2018, 02:43 AM 4DE9G77P5J
Looking for a helpful active guild hit me up Cannedmonkey12 GT IGN Nard Dog
new guild, didn't want to create a whole new thread so fixed up original :)
(PC) New guild on MT looking for casual players. No log in requirements or level requirements. Looking for chill people to join our guild. We are both low level (27-28 at the time of this post) looking for a guild to run dungeons/ quest with. Eventually we want to get into PvP as well. I can set up a discord if we get to that point. PM me on MT for an invite (Methodicalnuggett)
Guild elven colony, serve felbane, language: Portuguese, English and Spanish. Recruitment of members, server felbane in ps4
J447L443MA wrote: »
I just downloaded the game yesterday. Going to be starting tonight. My gt is kaotiksoul

Awesome! I just sent you a message via Xbox Live :+1:
So uhh...any guild out there that would love to have newbie like me in? I've been playing for 2 weeks now and I've gotten to the point where soloing isn't gonna do me good anymore. I've managed to make my way to lvl 65 but endgame stuff is just too much for me. So like aside from taking me in, if possible teaching me about endgame stuff and things to do when in a dungeon with other people. My character's name is Alfaune and is a lvl65 warrior. I've done the whole dougal equipment thing and part of the new quest line. I'm now in the island of dawn and from what I've been seeing about equips I need and other things, I don't think I'll be able to do it myself. Especially since I've looked at guides and stuff and have a hard time understanding. All that aside I'm just looking for some peeps to hang out with and learn from.

(Sorry if that was too long lol.)
Haven't made a toon yet but will be playing this evening after I get off work. I'm USA east coast. My gt is kaotiksoul. I play other games as well mostly sea of thieves
I just downloaded the game yesterday. Going to be starting tonight. My gt is kaotiksoul
Hallo bin schon eine ganze weile auf tempest reach unterwegs, und suche eiserne mitstreiter, gern mit teamspeak oder discord. bin lvl 65 ,habe frost gear und würde mich gern auf eine Pn oder einladung freuen.
heiße im spiel "Doomsday.Machine"
Been playing alone, but it's gotten a little lonely. Hoping to join an active guild. One that, preferably, isn't elitist or big on memes. Doesn't have to be a large guild. As long as it's active and people like to party up for raids/Island of Dawn dailies, then even 30 or less members is fine.

IGN: Mui
Class: Sorcerer (Elin)
Item level: 422
PSN: Zykre
Discord: Moe#0991
Siamo una piccola gilda che cerca reclute con cui divertirsi ed instaurare un bel legame, cerchiamo gente seria e cordiale, anche coloro che non sono assidui nel giocare. L'importante è stare tutti insieme
Looking 4 old school/experienced mmo players from Brasil

Hey ^.^ I'm super interested in joining... I'm super new to the game. I'm normally PC Master Race but started this game on my PS4. :) hopefully you're still looking!
Hi there,
i am looking for a guild for 410+ dungeons, aiming for having fun in hard modes (I'm getting tired of hour long pug-wiping cause the healer doesn't know mystics actually can heal). I got some experience from pc on EU and NA servers, and currently am playing a brawler in endgame. I wouldn't mind changing main to either Berserker or Mystic or whatever is coming next - Feel free to contact me here or in-game on Dentist, Flatten or Nayomi

Best regards
Hi, I am a founder returning to Tera on the Celestial Hills server. Looking for a PVE oriented casual, friendly guild of more "mature" players. Thanks!
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