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Description: the player can buy a aleatory Prophecy and he don't know when the prophecy will be fulfilled. When the players enter on the dungeons the prophecy may or may not be. The prophecy is a surprise when will be fulfilled.

Example of the prophecy:
- Invasion of the gorillas: a portal is open and many gorillas appear. The players has 2 minutes to kills all gorillas. If players do not kill the all Gorillas in 2 minutes the players do not gain the rewards.
- Second boss: a second boss appears and after kill the boss the players wins double drops.
- Second boss in sequence: a second boss appears and the players need to kill the Prophecy's boss first and after the dungeon's boss to gain the rewars.
- the Rift: suddenly open the rift and many monsters appears. The players has 3 minutes to kill all monsters to gain the rewards.

Objective: create a dinamic and amazing dungeons.

What do you think ?
I 100% support this suggestion, I have some international friends who've been wanting to play TERA for quite some time but they can't because of the blocks. It's truly disheartening.
Wouldn't those countries be on a Korean server? I mean it's an option or most likely the outcome, but have a language set.
Is Dubai included on IP Blocked
Is Dubai included on IP Blocked
I wold love to see Mote can be auto-picked but I think its hard to ask for mote to be auto-picked, cause it isn't just heal, it also cleanse.
Please unlock roles to queue dungeon for some classes that can play other role such as Brawler as dps or Berserker as Tank
I understand what the company(ies) had envisioned when they were making changes to how parties work, but the system in place now is a nightmare. It starts from the inception of a party. Why, as the leader of a party, should I have to vote to remove someone? I understand having to initiate a vote once we're inside a dungeon, but the party leader should have autonomy up until then. The need for 80%, or every other person, of the party to have to come to a consensus has not improved anything in my experience. All it does is grant more protections to players who contribute nothing to the party. I was in a run not too long ago where the healer stood off to the side and danced while the rest of us were clearing. They'd occasionally heal the tank. We couldn't get rid of this healer because the tank kept denying the vote. We also couldn't get rid of them after the fight, thanks to the 120 second grace period. I understand that there will be people who are still learning and therefore might not perform well, but I can't abide someone who doesn't even try. I hate that these kind of people get to complete content because the current system inexplicably makes it more of a pain to cut the dead weight than to carry it. I suggest the following:
  • Give party leaders full control of parties prior to entering a dungeon.
  • Return the "majority rules" system of voting to kick.
  • Reduce the post-combat grace period for kicking from 120 seconds to 60 seconds.
Please bring console interface and controller scheme for PC. I played both open betas and it's ideal for Tera's action combat.

While there is already support for controller on PC version, it's nowhere near as good as console version and you cant emulate the controller keybidings because the interface dosent show you where each bidding is. Also the menus keep behaving like they do with mouse and keyboard the result being a chore to use controller for any task that is not combat and handing quests.

I believe anyone that tried the console version and uses controller on PC currently will agree the new controller and interface should be ported over for PC.
This would better in game suggestions.
Name: Machine of the Portals
Objective: create a network of the Portals where the players can customize the portals, confront the new challenges and the player may have a sequence of the Portals.
Description: the player use a machine of the Portal to put a rune and the machine open the portal to a especific map. For exemaple:
- rune for Bastion of Lok Tier 1
- rune for Sky Garden Tier 1
- rune for Bastion of Lok Tier 7
- rune for bastion of Lok Tier 8
- rune for Sky Garden Tier 7
The player can put a other rune together for a different map. For exemple:
- rune for double or triple numbers of the monters (NPCs)
- rune for double or triple drop
- rune for two bosses, at the same time
- rune for random monters (NPCs)
- rune for more rare itens, including new runes
If a player finished the maps from Tier 1, he can pass to maps from Tier 2...so, the players may have a network path of the maps and it create a objective of the maps and play the old maps, for exemple, Sky Garden, Bastion of Lok and others (reuse of maps).
Runes: according the players will running the maps, the runes will drop this maps.
Summary: The players can play the old maps, customize this maps and all players will have a path/objetive to follow.

What do you think ?
Most people don't bother with motes. They want to stay on the boss as much as possible and bring it down as quickly as possible. Moving away to pick up motes adds seconds to a fight, which is a big deal to many players. The expectation with Mystics, as it is with Priests, is that they will personally heal and cleanse as necessary. I personally support the idea of making motes activate on touch rather than pickup, but it's still not going to add more incentive to their use.
I love the normal elin ideal/running animations... id like to be able to pick which animations i want to see... cause honestly im tired of seeing Reaper standing the way they do XD;;;... i also love the way ninja stands as well... why can't we just toggle animations? i know its not hard to do... so please...
Please add white hair shader to the character creation option for elin race, the current white option on elin is a platinum blonde not a white.
Yeah, I noticed when I was playing my mystic, nobody used the motes, even though I tried to make as many as possible as a lv 32 mystic. This is the way that it should be, where you just run into them.
Even though I don't play this race, wouldn't the Amani be a better choice for brawler?
The male brawler was released yesterday, be thankful for that. It could have been a loli brawler. I actually like the loli's, I'm a girl, and I think they're cute. Remember it's not just guys who play MMOs, yesterday's release wasn't for us unless you are a girl who likes to play male toons, and I do know a few that do.
it is korea :p
i dont want to play a loli i dont wanna be a shemale just let me role male on all classes jesus this isnt japan
just simple suggestions:
- reduce damage and added more defense on Thrall of Protection, it means to protect not to attack
- reduce cooldown for Thrall of Wrath, it already reduced damage though so please does the cooldown
- return the defense cut for thrall of vengeance, I still remember Vengeance had this glyph before
And male human gunners...
Can we please have another option other than human forBrawler as that is like the worst made character in the game (My Opinion) I suggest adding Brawler to Elf as much as I want to play brawler the human in this game just erks the hek out of me they look pregnant and the way they stand is horrible and makes me laugh i refuse to play a Human in this game lmao Please give us elf as an alternative or something other than human ty....
Maybe change mote interaction from hitting F to pick up to just running through them to interact. It'd make life a lot easier for dps and make motes a more usable skill :)
I know pve servers are pve for a reason but I think we should also get GVG the opposing guild has 2 options to not be part of a GVG PVP just go on passive or forfeit the fight. I message spacecats about it some time ago but haven't heard anything about it but it looks possible for us to get it back with enough support.
this is my first time here
I'm writing this assuming someone from the game developers will read it
I just found two bugs
one of them is in your support system
that's why I'm writing here
I created my ticket
but it just don't want to ( Finish $ Submit )
Its not from the network
Its not from the browser
that's DEFINITELY a bug

AND this is the REAL bug I want to report here
First: Read my Ticket

"I found this bug in the game where I fall and unable to go back
I log out then came back and found my self in the travel area
I hope my pictures help this is my first ticket"

and those are the pictures
BTW: you need to improve the pictures system, make it like the support one with no url and stuff







That Took FOREVER!
anyway: this is the bug, I probably will not see any replies, I'm mostly into the game and not the website so I'm sorry if I broke any rules I just want to improve my favorite game <3
Consoles limit the download, look at any game and its gated to a point.
if anyone sees this as the first post for download speed like i did i found a post w/ a fix that worked for me!!


Enter Launcher;
Lower Download Limit;
Full Exit Launcher;
Re-open Launcher;
Set new parameters;

Estimate was 10 hours on unlimited... which it was taking, so i went to sleep, and i woke up with it still having 5 hours to go 8 hours later. I searched and found This post first, then i found https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/profile/pikpatsou 's post. I changed the speed to 64 and closed. When i opened the launcher back and set it to unlimited again. This jump-started the download to MY PCs max download speed.

Hope this helps.
Talking a bit about customizing, would it be possible to have skins thematized with npcs, creatures, bams, etc? This is something I missed in TERA compared to other mmorpgs I've experienced.

For example in Bastion of Lok, the disk used by the sorcerers is very beautiful, I really wanted to have mine. The Devans armor, their curved swords, daggers, and so on. But I went ahead and saw that we did not receive anything besides consumer items.

Here's the idea, imagine a set made by the Argons, use that blue shield with a shiny spear, or even a full armor of them.
To be a complete pirate from Cutroat Harbor, using a scimitar, a wooden leg, an old suit, and a parrot on his shoulder?
A jester from the academy at Sinestral Manor?
Or even use the tough skin of a Basilisk, Fimbrilisk.
The possibilities are immense. Each corner of TERA can give us a unique skin theme, being it for all classes or for a specific one only, so we could have the exclusions, the variants of each class and the bisarrices as it could blend the skins the way you want.

How to get these skins?
Most could be just killing and picking up the rare item of the creature, doing a quest for an NPC, or using some reputation, others could be sold but for a medium-high price on coupons.

This way it would make it more interesting to go to the place, to use some item of luck, to repeat the process be it to eliminate creatures or complete missions until getting the skin.

Maybe this will cause the player to explore the game a little more, I see lots of local and baus that could contain something and with him a small chance to give us something of value. Put this as achievement and visible so that from the beginner to the veteran know of the existence of these items.

Some might be hidden of course, to have a better relationship between players and information exchange, for example: "Hey, where did you get that skin? I've never seen it" "It's rare, it's only possible to get a world boss killed on that map. Grab some shamrocks on the map plants and try it too. "

I particularly think TERA is incomparable beauty, but I miss being able to have a character different from everything and everyone, a unique appearance.
With the new calendar changes for March, and the upcoming leader boards for Fraywind, why don't we bring back Bellicarium rewards? I'm sure this isn't too far out of their hands, but maybe getting some useful stuff that ISN'T from an RNG box would be nice. You get minimal points now, because the shop is outdated. Why not actually use the system for whats it is for instead of pushing it under a rug. Just a helpful thought.
I use all of my toon's, with male brawler coming everyone could potentially have 19 toons. Yes I consider this my full time job, lol.
Anyway it seems reasonable to me to expand banking slots. Just a thought. I know I could use the space. and while your at it, there should be additional wardrobe space. I love dressing my toons.
May as well post this here as well.

@CobaltDragon @seandynamite

I see a lot of people adding into the Fashion coupons so I decided to add some of my own I know this may end up locked but I felt like making the suggestion anyways.

1. I feel like 1 day Weapon skins would be awesome just have them at around 100 Fashion coupons instead of the usual 400-500.
2. Maybe add some 1-3 day versions of costumes currently in store. It'd be nice for newer players to try out before buying the actual fashions.
3. maybe add the old Lumbertown mounts that used to be available? I personally miss getting my Valkyon Gray.
4. Do an event Weekend where there is a higher chance of getting Fashion coupons fighting all Bams, so even level 20's can get something. Maybe even add in the Fashion Coupon loot box as a drop. I don't know if this even do-able but it'd be awesome.

Those are just a few of my idea's. Keep up all your goood work
last mount I bought was the flying dragons when they first come out cause they were account bound. I only buy account bound mounts. 50 dollars isn't worth buying just for 1 character. people spend 1000s in this game on things they will never own, and at any time can get banned from the game if the powers that be see fit. it would be worth it if we could somehow have a physical copy or download to where whatever we buy , we get to keep, that way if the game ever shuts down, we could still play it and have our mounts and costumes. maybe even have a lan party or something to that degree.
It's time for new mounts. Especially account mounts. it's ridiculous to spend $50 on a single mount for one character. Please have more elite mounts and account mounts.
We got LIGHTNING included by mass mailings...what is to say the REST of that can't be made to happen?
Just let me rent good gear
Equitas wrote: »
Isn't that what Civil Unrest is for? That aside, there's an option to declare war on another guild. I was under the impression that, even on PvE servers, warring guilds could still fight each other outside towns and outposts. The people that guilds that want to fight other guilds will do so. What is lacking is the interest. As far as Skycastles go, I don't think there's any intention to bring those back.

ye CU is for pvp I guess however that is once a week and lasts 20 minutes and declaring on other guilds on PVE servers was removed for some reason.
I'm all for this idea, but there's a problem. BHS and EME have already driven away most of "normal" people who would have enjoyed this game. They've forced this "Loli" garbage on us over and over again. Reaper? Elin exclusive. Ninja? Elin exclusive. Gunner? Previously restricted to Castan and Elven females, and only opened up to the Elin race after 2 years. There's rumors suggesting that the next new class (after male Brawler) is going to be restricted to Elins. Adding to that, they thought it would be a good idea to make lingerie and other revealing outfits available to them. This attracts a demographic that behaves in such a way that is off-putting to a pretty significant amount of people. If they opened up the restrictions on races and classes, it will already be too late. It won't bring in much in the way of revenue and TERA management will have the audacity to shrug their shoulders and say "Huh, guess people didn't want it after all." They've been getting this request for years now. I wouldn't hold your breath.
Isn't that what Civil Unrest is for? That aside, there's an option to declare war on another guild. I was under the impression that, even on PvE servers, warring guilds could still fight each other outside towns and outposts. The people that guilds that want to fight other guilds will do so. What is lacking is the interest. As far as Skycastles go, I don't think there's any intention to bring those back.
Bring back Tonka.
I get that pve servers normally dislikes pvp but the guilds like that can just go pacifist mode bring GVG back to pve servers. It'd make the game alot more fun in dungeon/bg downtime or when you have nothing to do. Also why not use skycastles for something add them back and add enchanting bonus or something while in it 3% bonus while in sky castle?
BUMP because [filtered] elin lock.
So after trying to find a good name for a new character for probably hour (still working on it) i was thinking surely not ALL of the names are still in current use.
So what if after a year or more or not being active you lose 'rights' to your original name? your character and everything is the same should you come back but you have to pick out new names?
1) Buff gold rewards for higher dungeons.
You should at least get what the first 431's give for all higher.

2) Reduce the HP on the bosses in Kalivan's Dreadnaught.
It's too close to KC which is a boring faceroll. KD is just a much longer boring faceroll.

3) Add TRHM drops to LKHM.
This would make LKHM relevant.

4) Some events that don't require grinding mobs / bams.
I think there's enough grind to go around atm.

5) Consider adding a smart box to the dungeon drops.
When the Bomber Jacket and the Starglow boxes were dropping, tons of people were farming dungeons for just those things. What I am thinking is like a low chance for a smart box to drop in a dungeon which contains a cosmetic item. Even if it's some of the older stuff or ones that didn't do all that well. Something farmable in theory, added to the dungeon drops that isn't gear related.
6 min cooldown with glyphs for a 5 min vow rez is so annoying in dungeons can't have vow when i need it or cant re vow fast because i have it at 1 min cooldown and that minute i can die anytime .
My suggestion is equal the cooldown to same time with glyphs or give us back the 10minutes vow .
Well, I'll have to play between 3/4 years. And there is something I miss ..
Developers are more focused on changing what they already have rather than creating something new (like some class) or something. Of course, modifying something already existing is great, but let it be more clear.
For example: I in the MMO's that I play, I always loved playing magician, the animations of the skills, was what attracted my attention the most. (this I miss most in the mages in Tera), I think the animation is very weak.

Another thing is that instead of creating classes that everyone can use, they create only specific classes, for example: Reapper (Only ellin can use).

If you agree with me or disagree, leave it below, so that the staff that develops see and who knows support some of my ideas !!!

Sorry for bad English, I'm Brazilian and I do not speak English fluently.
hello, im coming back to tera as old player that enjoyed playing lots of time the bgs specially cs, i wanted to give it a try again sinse there is no other mmorpg right now that worth time but... what i find when i relog its that the bgs were limited to lvl 58+ and in case of cs 65, i know this was implemented along time ago but what were enmasse thinking by doin this, half or more of the ppl that played cs werent lvl 65 and yea they maybe were noobs or newbies, but the bg was hell of fun specially for those that likes sieges and pvp like me that also dont like pve, was a very good option to lvl up if u didnt like to do pve content sinse gear wasnt needed just lvl maybe but was still fun. Now the quq never pops i was waiting like 1 hour for the quq in many bgs (kumas, fraywind, cs, the cage one too) but i couldnt reg any of those when before the max time for cs and others was like 10 minits in a bad day with no ppl, so sad that pvp players cant enjoy the bgs now coz there isnt a good ammount of 65s that play those bgs, as i said there was almost imposible to get a full 65 lvl team back the days.
Sincirelly i dont understand why they dont bring back the lvl 30 bgs, coz this lvl 65 thing just make ppl like me and lots of other ppl that just want to have fun playing some good siege games quit.
I think enmasse should give at least a try i think the ppl is coming back right now to tera coz rest of mmorpgs are trash compared or not worth playing, but if they keep with the restriction thing with unexistent bgs to play sinse no one is playing it only with that "event" is on but 3 hours only and then a desert again and thats if the premades that play keep the reg coz if not gg u wont reg any bg.
Or maybe implement some kind of reward for bgs dont know really i think that the lvl 30 bgs its the best option to bring ppl back to play those bgs..
Sadly they wont read this nor give any consideration sinse they didnt in the past 2 years and the game died so sad.
When I'm alt tabbed out of TERA I'd like to be notified when my queue is finished pls
I too couldn't agree more! Few months back, I was finally free enough to log-in and was shocked to see campfires gone and all my favorite CHARMS ugh. No, we don't find it a hassle to rest and wait so please bring them back. (dang, should've sold it earlier then XD)
I do concur with this suggestion. I mean even though I'm not creating new characters now. It's just that in different light settings it's hard to determine the skin color, especially for new players playing the game the first time. I always had to guess the right skin tone, which is really difficult. Now I know where the skin tone is by palette, but really it should be added.
I find that characters look slightly different in the character creator than in the game. For example blonde hair looks almost white and skin is paler.
In another mmo I played you had 24 hours to tweak your look after creating a character so you could go in game walk around a bit and then go back into the creator screen and fine tune things. I made a gunner in Tera and tried to give her a tan but her skin actually looks grey. I wish it wasn't such a big deal to change her skin tone.
but I hope they do
that's true and for them to raise levels they might have to add in new armor and new weapon or somethin I think
Can we please revise the trading in this game? I don't mind the player-to-player interactive trading screen. I like that you can lock the trade and see a list of everything that has been added to the trade, etc. That's nice. I also like the current ability to counter-offer someone's trades on the broker (though it could be updated). This post is more in regards to the limited action within trade broker. If you have a suggestion or comment to improve the idea, don't hesitate. If you're just here to talk [filtered] because you don't like change or something, please move along. This is not the post you're looking for.

1. Buy Option
The first suggestion I would like to propose is the option to post BUY offers on the trade broker. Say I would like to buy 17 Diamonds at 13k gold a piece, but the only diamonds on the broker at the time are 50k+ (trolls) or there are none at all. With this buy option, I could propose an offer that potential sellers could then see.

2. Secondary Changes to Trading
With the addition of this buy option this opens up a whole can of worms. Obviously this would be a lot more complex than just adding another tab:

--- It would require the algorithms between the buy side and the sell side for calculation of average cost to be synchronized.

--- Another issue that could be eased with this change is the fluctuation of prices based on one individual's actions. There are a few options for working on this:
* Setting a much more stern minimum / maximum percentage difference between the current average price and what can be listed
(i.e if diamonds are selling for 12k gold each on average, setting a minimum/maximum difference of .05% would allow them to be placed for 11.4k - 12.6k each)
* Setting a longer time limit for calculation of average cost. The more time used to calculate + larger amounts of trades being factored in = less fluctuation.

--- The market will be a little unsteady during the juncture but would very soon smooth itself out.

3. Intuitive / Automatic Trading
I have an idea of how this could work, but typing it all out would be insane. However, here is the basic concept:

- Player A puts a sell offer for 3 diamonds on the trade broker, selling at 11.7k gold each
- Player B puts a buy offer for 7 diamonds on the trade broker, buying at 12k gold each. <-- at the time of this transaction, Player A's transaction is completed, and Player B's is partially completed**. The 3 diamonds will have sold/bought for whichever offer was listed first. In this case, it's
- Player C puts a sell offer for 10 diamonds on the Trade broker, selling at 12k gold each
- Player D views the "Sell" side of the broker and sees the rest of Player C's diamonds. Player D then places an offer as usual for 11.9k gold each for the remaining 6.
- All trades are completed.

**As a side note, it may be nice for players to select whether or not they would like to accept partial trades upon creation of the buy/sell offer. This could be done with something as simple as a checkbox.

I don't think any of these ideas are groundbreaking, but they may at least help speed the process of trade significantly. Keep in mind, I am fully aware that there will still be ways to manipulate the trade system, and it may call for some mod intervention in the beginning until the bugs can be sorted out.

This is a suggestion to update the trade broker with the option to sell, as well as set the stage for automatic buying/selling and clean up the troll offers on the trade broker a little bit.
Urm.. No.
There should be a button called 'Authority Setting' in the guild window..
Where the guild master can set authority of certain ranks within the guild.
Why did u give a new member lvl 13 an authority to accept guild quest anyway?
Going town to town...yes it's similiar warping portal, but it doesn't stall really, even with good connection. The blue portal to character screen is a problem!
I wrote: I mean I could get up from the computer, but how would I know when it's done? I don't know why, but for some reason this loading screen simply stalls at times for like over exaggerated of 15 minutes it seems! It's just the way it utilizes. So, yep 15 MINUTES just about!

Seriously this portal thing to character screen sometimes stalls! I don't know why, but sometimes it utilizes so bad that I have to wait for a long time to even play Tera.

Here is my results. I literally timed it! If I can use my internet during the time of posting thread post, something is not right, and this blue portal screen to character has to go. I'm not kidding it's a huge problem because it stalls at times. I've talked to other people about it and they concur with me 100%.
  • No Stall: Average 35 secs
  • Stall: Somewhere between 8-14 minutes

Play Amani, they are better.

This is constructive criticism.
Just had an incident where a new member lv 13 decided to turn Guild quests on and off, destroying our current quest and ruining the guild quest count for the day. I think guild quests should ONLY be allowed to be turned on (or cancelled) by a character who is LV 65. This is not the first time its happened and it wont be the last unless you put some safeguard in place.
Ive been playing about a month now seriously. Ive noticed the Ressurection UI is um in some dire need of a revamp. When using the controller its a nightmare. Its so easy to hit that big red button... get ported out and then get nothing but anger. As for the new player Ressurection Prioritize the healer's Rez over the player given gold option.
L5A3HKWKNM wrote: »
the supports are more cucked as their dps arent really dat high.

This is untrue as Priests and Mystics have had an open world BAM damage buff for awhile now, and it was just increased by 20% this patch. They also gain more contribution points per damage compared to some DPS classes (BHS is continuing to rework the contribution scores so it will change in future patches). It is currently extremely easy to complete your 40 boxes as a dps healer, and aside from a random healing circle or Thrall of Life healing nearby people all DPS/Tanks should be able to survive the mechanics themselves, it is part of the game to learn boss mechanics so you can better deal with them. Even if you do die the resurrect point isn't that far off anyways, so you can always quickly get back into the fray.

Now if BHS designed this event with actual support mechanics in mind this would be a different story, but that itself would also come with it's own issues seeing as how limited healing contribution could be. Anyways that isn't really the case though.
Tbh, i prefer guardian legion the way it is right now.
Because its helps people to check themselves, before they rekt themselves.

U don't have to complete the quest, don't need to kill the boss either.
U get points and reward for dps only. And to dps, u need to stay alive and properly geared/ glyphed/ etc.
No one gonna complain if u die, and no one gonna be mad if u cant hold aggro.

Go in there and prove yerself to be the hero of the federation.

p/s: CCB check.
Healers lose out on dps and boxes if they spend time healing others so they won't really go out of their way to do it anyway. At most I personally cleanse when boss does stuns and maaaybe throw a healing circle at close ranged after bad mechs but usually I barely heal because I want to be done as fast as possible.
But yeah we can't see other peoples health which kinda sucks.
I began noticing a small problem while trying it for the first time. As a tank i realize that the healer isnt actually checking our health and healing us.
Then i realized that "wait were not on a party they cant see our health bar" so i went to confirm by asking them and its right, they have to heal at random just to heal people.

Its not a big issue for the dps or the tank to go to the Quest without forming a party, but isnt it a bit unfair for the supports?
I mean sure mystics got their thralls and orbs but the priest is literally blind without seeing the status of their allies(or mostly blind i dunno i dont play priest).
You could say that the Guardian Legion is suppose to play full dps on most of their quest but the supports are more cucked as their dps arent really dat high.

Wouldn't it be more beneficial and convenient for everyone to just go to the quest and automatically pair us up to a party? That way we can have a better teamwork and the supports would be at their best? (you dont have to do the "1 tank or 1-2 support" policy like the normal dungeon que just party us up when we get there)
You could premake a party with the support but then what about the other people who arent in their party?

Just my opinion, Im kinda looking out for everyone here.

sadly they dont care about less used races. no skins, no classes, dont even bother to tweak stuff like this... its all about spending as little as possible while earning the most.
I hope they don't raise the level cap. I don't see the point really when you can level to 65 already within a day. Like what would be the purpose to add 5 extra levels? It just sounds stupid altogether and an annoyance more than anything. Expansions are WOW, not Tera. We don't need to slowly drift up to level 110 it's played out in so many MMO's. Just bring more content and dungeons.. bring back alliances or more battlegrounds.
Moving backwards needs to be a thing. It would help instead of pulling forward and then back to get far from any enemy. This would be so helpful for archers since we are far damage rangers.
It would be a bit hard for mounts doing this but it would be cool to see those movements too.
It is this way because you needed that achievement in order to get Hawkeye title, which you can't get anymore since we don't have vault of kaprima and some other dungeons anymore.
Because of that it has been retired I suppose. Even though rg still has the One Flew Over Nimistrix's Nest, so it could be an overlook on their part not sure.
The achievement was actually originally a part of Encounters and Exploration under Miscellaneous when they first released the little items in dungeons for you to find while exploring.

But regardless this is how BHS has set it up (and both BHS and EmE aren't exactly masters of consistency), considering it was retired previously so maybe they just left it in special as less work overall to do, same goes with the other original Miscellaneous achievements such as the RG achievement where you find an oddly coloured egg in Nimistrix's nest.
I assist that you state this more politely than smothered by callow behavior.

I totally understand your frustration. Sometimes my brawler head clips with the hair, so it seems I have a hole in my head LOL.
The character customization has a lot of untapped potential. Here are some examples on changes that should be made.

With Elins I should be able to put any ear style with any hair style with any tail style. I think it is bad that each hair style has a forced/locked set of ears and tail and that you can't mix and match between them. This is coming from a player who doesn't even play Elins. (if you're wondering why I care about that despite not being an Elin player, the answer is because I am a considerate person and you should be thanking me for being considerate of a race I don't even play. You're welcome) I would probably feel more inclined to play as one if I could decide what hair go with what ears and tail instead of the three being locked into a bundle depending on the chosen feature. The drill-hair option for Elins? Why are those pompoms forced to be white? I should be able to make them whatever color I want. I feel this can also be extended to Castanics with their horns. I should be able to mix and match whatever hair style to whatever horn style I want. The limitations are an excuse for laziness.

The same can be said for the color options of what I mentioned above. I should be able to make the color of the tail/ear/horns whatever I want them to be. Why can't I make them match the color of the character's hair? Why can't I have a red-haired character with blue fox ears and a green cat tail? It just seems so lazy to me that they wouldn't do this.

Oh, also, this is more of a random complaint. But to whoever was in charge of creating the 3d modeling or whatever for the volcanic/obsidian armor costume, put it on a Castanic male, looked at the character wearing that armor while in combat-stance, and thought it was "good to go" despite the fact that the entire !@#$ing face of the character clips into the shoulder plate and thought "nah, it's good", your work was good but the execution was flawed in that regard.You should give all of the races a proper look-over with all stances because character body clipping like that is inexcusable, especially for cash-shop aesthetic items that people are PAYING for. Give your heads a shake. If public posts are proof-read prior to posting by an editor, why isn't someone doing a final-check on costumes and how they look on all races in all stances to make sure they don't look like cr@p when the final product rolls out? The actual armor itself is bad@$$, don't get me wrong. I love it. But my entire character's face being smothered by the shoulder guard? Just stupid. Fix it. (No seriously, fix it)

Here's the current obtainable Shattered Fleet Achievements:

1) To Be The Pirate King
Defeat Barbosa in Shattered Fleet 10 times
Listed as a Dungeon and BG achievement

2) Eliminate The Red Pirate
Defeat Barbosa in Shattered Fleet
Listed as a Dungeon and BG achievement

3) Ahoy, Ahoy!!
Defeat Power Monkey in Shattered Fleet
Listed as a Dungeon and BG achievement

4) A Pirate's Life For Me
Defeat the Unstable Sorcerer in the Shattered Fleet 20 times
Listed as a Dungeon and BG achievement

5) The Honor of a Quick Death
Defeat Barbosa in 3 minutes or less in the Shattered Fleet
Listed as a Dungeon and BG achievement

6) Party Like a Pirate
Find a Sand Castle in the Shattered Fleet
Listed as a SPECIAL achievement <-change

Required Action:
Change item 6) Party Like a Pirate from a SPECIAL achievement to a Dungeon and BG achievement.

Rationale: Be consistent. These are all current in-game obtainable objectives

An acknowledgement with ticket number XXX submitted--would be appreciated.

Ok, I'm on board. I honestly don't understand why this isn't getting more attention. It's one thing for us to have to fight with our ISPs over what speed we're paying for vs what we're getting. With any online video game, our connection is our lifeline. All we ever want is to download games and updates faster so we can spend more time enjoying the content, instead of waiting for it to arrive. Why do they even have an option for "Unlimited Maximum Download Speed" if there's a limit regardless? What's the point to the limit? Except maybe just to [filtered] us off and keep us from playing for an extra 2 hours? Games are supposed to have Minimum Performance Requirements, not Maximum Allowed. Maybe they have plans to use this as a future cash-cow? F2P limited to 10/mbps, upgrade to a full membership now and get UNLIMITED - MAX DOWNLOAD SPEEDS - FOR UPDATES!! Woot woot!! Seriously, what video game company takes it upon themselves to limit how good of a connection its players can have while playing their game? Seems reallly counter-productive, imo. You'd think offering the BEST connection speeds to their servers would entice more people to try the game given the added stability. Stands to reason that intentionally lowering/limiting connection speeds would drive people away to other MMORPGs that don't limit how smoothly the game runs...
Here's the current path:

1) Who's the Boss?
Killed 10 named world bosses
Listed as an Encounters and Exploration achievement

2) 100 Bosses
Killed 100 named bosses
Listed as an Encounters and Exploration achievement

Killed 500 named bosses
Listed as an Encounters and Exploration achievement

4) 1,000 Bosses
Killed 1,000 named bosses
Listed as a SPECIAL achievement <

5) 5,000 Bosses
Killed 5,000 named bosses
Listed as a SPECIAL achievement<

6) Bountiful Hunter
- 5,000 bosses (item 5 above)
- Big Game hunter
Listed as an Encounters and Exploration achievement

7) Get the Big Picture
- World Class
- Bountiful Hunter (Item 6 above)
- Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Listed as an Encounters and Exploration achievement

Required Actions:
Change items 4) 1,000 Bosses and item
5) 5,000 Bosses
from Special achievements to Encounters and Exploration achievements.

Be consistent and follow the designed pathway. These are current in-game obtainable objectives

An acknowledgement with ticket number XXX submitted--would be appreciated.

Or answer people like this in Email when you know that you can always upgrade your rigs with all the money you make:

"Your ticket with En Masse Customer Support has been updated. Below is a summary of your request and our response:
Discussion Thread
Angelia "GM Discodolly" said... 2018-01-25 01:04PM PST
Hi there!

I am afraid there is not. As much as I would love to be able to let people utilize what they can, this is not something we can do.

I am sorry about that.

Thank you!
Angelia “GM Discodolly”
EME Customer Support

** Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe**
You said... 2018-01-24 11:58PM PST
I am currently running on a 250Mbps downstream router where I am the only person on the connection at any time; I have run speed tests to verify this. I have about 10-15 Gb left for the Download (20%). So far, it has taken over two hours to patch the game, and there is no way it should take longer than an hour to download 77Gb with my downstream when I have no other programs tying the network down. Also, when I pull up my task manager, your launcher throttles to about 10Mbps for each file -- which is puzzling since I have the speed toggled to "unlimited" in the tools section for the "Maximum Download Speed..." Is there any way to stop the launcher from throttling?

Please do not reply to this email. This address is not monitored. To update your ticket or reply to our response, please visit support.enmasse.com and click on My Support Tickets.

—The En Masse Team "

I mean, really!? I'm putting it out there for all to see. This is the only MMORPG that I've played that throttles downloads back to 10Mbps, and then for support to just come back with, "Gee, well you got us; we suck..." Just, wow!

Also, the ports are open on my firewall for both the AV I use and also the hardware firewall.
I agree, I miss the campfires. I miss burning charms too. I also met many of my still friends through hanging around campfires. I think crafting should still be done at them or in the crafting rooms. Everyone needed a campfire if they were to craft away from the crafting centers. Kinda sad they were taken out.
7Y45H3GL4C wrote: »
Make players feel like they're obtaining something of worth instead of holding onto avatar weapon 1 until they get weapon 2 and every weapon picked up between is useless unless its the enchantable dungeon weapon.

I couldn't agree more, but this is an insanely tricky system to balance. A lot of people love Avatar weapons. There are a lot of arguments for why they are so great for the game. There are just as many for why they're bad.

In my opinion, Avatar Weapons should only become available to an Account after that Account has a character reach lvl 65. That way, new players don't have access, and are forced to learn what items drop from where, and which Raids or Zones they need to be farming for the next step in gear progression. Gear progression will exist again in a big way at that point. Simply remove the Crit Bonus from Avatar Weapons in PvP modes = Balance. Go farm up some PvP gear if you want to be strong there. Bring the game back to real content.

Once a player reaches lvl 65, they can create an Alt that WILL have access to Avatar Weapons. Remove the grind for players that have already earned it and learned how to play the game. They get their quality of life improvement for speed farming or power leveling, and, presumably, you remove all the current complaints about AW's, without sacrificing their existence in-game.
I want to quote, like, and agree with every comment posted so far. Campfires added a highly underrated quality of life to the game. I met most of my best in-game friends regen-ing at a campfire and just talking and joking. There's just a different "mood" you'll find in the people gathered and chilling around a fire. It gives a small but great mental break to the stress you build up doing Raids or grinding.
I would love to have more ways to make gold going out and farming all day would be awesome I know its not for everyone but having the option there would be nice lets make this happen!

I agree with this 100%. I hate not being able to farm what I want. If I want to take 4 hours of my day to not do Raids, but actually run around mining ore, harvesting plants, and collecting essence, I should be able to do that. Instead, we have a set amount of points to work with (Like stamina, but I don't recall exactly what TERA calls the resource), that applies to all 3. The potions to recover any points are absurdly expensive. If they'd take that away and let us just run around and farm without a limit, I could collect all of the crafting mats I need, plus extras to sell for gold. Solves my income issues, let's other players get the mats they need from my extra, and individual players could farm what they wanted in the way that best suited them.
Yes please bring back campfires so we can regain HP and MP again when standing around them.
If i have to be honest, i think it takes that “true combat style” from the pc version. I didn’t used it at all... also for pvp will be bad
Been playing TERA since the very begining, am from EU and played both versions. Enmasse, please ask BHS to review the publishing contracts... lol! One EU server is all we need. Plox

Sorry for the necro... one can never stop hoping... xD
The2scimmz wrote: »
If I remember correctly they already have a meter being made on KTERA or it's already made so it might even already have it.

If this is true, it is spectacular and appreciated news (to me anyways). Would you mind linking any info or discussions you've found on it? Even a brief mention would be great.
I would love to have more ways to make gold going out and farming all day would be awesome I know its not for everyone but having the option there would be nice lets make this happen!
I agree with this. We need a few more ways to make gold like how we used to. Playing more than one character to make money is not very viable. I have no problem farming stuff though.
Can you guys bring back the ways of the old Tera, where we could farm crafting items, weapon/armor/etc designs, maybe rubies, and emeralds, artisan kits, armor to use or to sell or even to dismantle into other useful stuff. It's becoming impossible to farm items to supplement end-game upgrades and day to day Tera life.

I recently returned to Tera and so far have been liking the game so far again, but when I found out the only way to make money is by dungeon spam, vanguard request and dailies, that is not enough to earn money in creating a stream of revenue. I also have my crafting capped and the artesian kits are killing any means of crafting, and farming rubies/sapphires from dailies are not enough for upgrades or daily play.
If I remember correctly they already have a meter being made on KTERA or it's already made so it might even already have it.
After testing PS4 version of the game I must admit that R3 button (lock-on) is main feature of this version.
It's extremely useful to use it when you have evading/jumping skills to rear side of a target coz a camera move back to face automatically and instantly.
Consider this I suggest to make this option not only against monsters but also against enemy players.
Think about it, this gonna be very entertaining feature and while some players using KBM (mice emulators on consoles) there will be no difference between them and gamepad users. That's very important thing.
I guess I went overboard explaining why I think it would be handy without actually explaining the meter itself in my suggestion. It could easily be a small simple box next to the minimap or something. It would show each of the 5 Party Member's names and a % next to their name. That % would be their current share of boss aggro. Obviously the numbers would always total out to 100% if you added all 5 player's % together. I think the ideal numbers would be the Tank holding 30%, each DPS holding 20% to each of themselves, and the Healer holding around 10%. If parties could see and monitor this during combat, actual damage values wouldn't really matter. The Tank would keep his Aggro the entire fight with the Healer keeping him alive. The DPS guys would just keep DPSing until the boss died. It could take 5 minutes or 15 minutes, but the party would still succeed just by sticking to basic mechanics and having the ability to see the results of working as a team. Obviously, hardcore veterans to the game already have a good sense of this, but the casuals and noobs (such as myself) really have no way of knowing if we're doing right or wrong, or understanding why it's right or wrong, without 1 of 2 events taking place: 1) A very kind Veteran Player notices, stops us, and explains that 1 specific situation to us (which is unfortunately a rare occurrence), or 2) An Elitist A**hole notices, flames us, and kicks us from the raid (most common). I fully realize that just having an Aggro Meter wouldn't suddenly explain everything about the game to those playing, but it would give a great basis for understanding more of what's happening and why it happens. With the meter, those Kind Vets would also have another tool to visually refer us to for guidance, without showing any actual DPS numbers for anyone to get mad about, brag about, or make any issue of. If the meter were created or sponsored by BlueHole or EnMasse, then we wouldn't be violating 3rd Party Program rules. They would also be able to take whatever precautions they wanted to ensure it didn't reveal DPS information, or any other information Players could use to harass others in a negative fashion.
How to judge agro? Easy if your tank and your not losing it to dps then you have enough. I don't mean losing it for a few second when a gunner uses BV or valk goes all out or even a war uses thrust or scythe. It's when you lose it long enough for the bam to go after that dps. I really hate tanking on my gunner, war or Valk, but I do and there only in frost.
I didn't see this anywhere else, but want to go ahead and apologize if it’s already been suggested. To be perfectly clear; I am not suggesting a DPS meter, only a Threat/Aggro meter.

Greetings to my fellow lovers of TERA. I played for a span of 2 months about 3 years ago, and I absolutely loved the game. It didn't take 45 minutes to pick a race/class; it has a good story, good content, good community, and the game gives a real sense of progression. I love the Action Combat style. All-in-all, it’s a fantastic game. I was forced to quit by a combination of an outdated computer that was breaking down and the fact that my keyboard coordination is practically non-existent. But, TERA coming to console has opened the door back up for me to play happily and effectively. In my excitement and anticipation, I've been researching and watching all the guides I can. Been doing this for the better part of a year, now.

It took a while, but something has become quite apparent to me: DPS Meters and websites hosting DPS rankings for Raids/Instances are actually useless and irrelevant regarding DPS classes. They do not show the maximum potential DPS for any class, they show the number value of the maximum DPS any member of that party could sustain without overcoming the Aggro production of that party’s tank. Regardless of what class you're playing, your overall damage output will be limited by your tank's ability to hold Aggro.

Example: Archer pushes 5m DPS. Warrior pushes 3.9m DPS. Lancer Tank can only out-threat 4m DPS. Warrior hypothetically never stops attacking due to never having aggro. He maintains 100% of his DPS. Archer overtakes tank aggro by 20%, so he hypothetically must stop all DPS for 21% of the Raid to compensate. That puts him at the same Overall DPS as the 3.9m Warrior. Max DPS or Max Potential DPS mean nothing to the Archer at this point, because he’s limited to less than 4m by the tank.
Because of this, Max DPS Potential for any class is a strictly arbitrary number. All that actually matters is how much threat your damage produces in relation to your tank. As long as your Aggro is less than his, you’re free to go ham. If your aggro generation threatens to overtake his, you know to slow down.

An Aggro Meter would allow all of the classes to monitor their Threat generation in relation to the tank’s. I feel this would promote communication and teamwork within the Raids, and help everyone monitor what’s going on in an easy to understand format. Since there is more to threat/aggro generation that simply DPS, this would not be monitoring DPS. You would know for yourself how much damage your abilities did, this would be allowing you to see the Threat generated as a result of that damage. It might even teach a player that instead of using Ability 1 to deal 1m dmg for 25 Threat and stealing the tank’s 23 Aggro, that player should use Ability 2 for 500k dmg/ 10 Threat and Ability 3 for 500k dmg / 11 Threat, to do the same total damage, but only 21 Threat, so as not steal Aggro and potentially ruin a Boss fight. This will directly help players UNDERSTAND MECHANICS for their respective class and style of play, therefore promote easier learning of such.

Playing DPS isn't so much about just throwing out all the damage you can as fast as you can before you get hit and die, and recording that number, it's about throwing out all the damage you possibly can without overtaking your tank's Threat production. So a Raid where an Archer is able to average 5m DPS isn't so much a statement about an Archer being OP or "King of DPS", it's a statement that the party's tank drew enough aggro to allow the Archer to do that DPS.

I'm terribly scatter-brained and feel like I'm rambling without getting to my point. My point is, a BlueHole or EnMasse sponsored/produced Aggro/Threat meter would be a great benefit to new and veteran players during Raids/Instances (whatever you prefer to call them). It doesn't matter what actual damage numbers are that you're throwing up as long as you could keep your threat/aggro % just below that of the tank. If you start getting too close, you'll know to slow down and back off. If you've got a lot of wiggle room, you know you're either free to keep it up, or might need to ask someone about your rotation. This will help players learn to manage their damage and rotation on the fly during combat, and specific to their party/tank. Another huge benefit being skills. Being able to see on the fly during different types of combat the relation of skill damage vs skill threat generated could certainly help to teach players what abilities to use in which situations, and which ones to AVOID.
The reason why items don't drop when a high level is killing is one of the ways to prevent botting. You see this system in many of Nexon's games. If items drop at maximum value you won't see people farming dungeons or IoD, but rather level 56-60 dungeons which drop 3-4g a piece because you only need to macro 2 skills to kill all of them. Tera may not be completely free from gold sellers, but this move reduces the number dramatically.

I will further explain. Currently, the most efficient way to earn raw gold is from dungeons like KC. In a good enough party, the run will only take a maximum of 4 minutes (It is faster than RG assuming you have a premade). That is about 150g/minute. In the same amount of time, you could get 60g/minute botting Labyrinth of Terror, assuming the gold rate remained the same as before. And while you may think I am trolling you and say that you get a smaller amount compared to what KC is), you can do this dungeon 24/7 due to its 10 minute/run limit (5 min/run if elite). And because the dungeon is so easy, a macro can do everything for you even if you don't have optimal answers.

Then you would say "Ban the botters then!". In a vacuum, this is possible, but botting is impossible to stop, unless you make very difficult for them to bot in an efficiency acceptable for gold selling. Many games have tried, good botting algorithms are impossible to detect automatically and lots of GMs have to be on standby 24/7 to ban them manually, increasing the operating cost of the game, which will then be thrown back to the games themselves. The vanguard badge system is precisely made to counter this while promoting alts.

Second point, your point of powercreep might be a little invalid. Lancer playing like frontal DPS was not due to a powercreep but a complete aggro revamp, which make it more interesting to play in. I don't think spamming shout is interactive for a tank. What is truly powercreep is stuff like a new class outclassing the other classes entirely (such as on Brawler, Gunner and Valkyrie launch) Bosses are already turning on some mechs and in future dungeons (and some past) they have been turning alot. Secondary aggro exists for that reason. Maybe there may be a mechanic in the future that forces primary aggro on something else like ABscess? Who knows?
Hey En Masse team,
I've played since the early days on steam and thoroughly enjoy the game to this day. The art direction and locations are both beautiful. With such a vast world and expansive lore, its a shame the world is so empty. So, I figured I'd drop my own recommendations in here on how to flush the game out and increase player enjoyment.

Through watching .Hack// and SAO (god rest my soul) one of the biggest things in a game is involving players in the world of the game they play. Events that occur in the main world as well as the endgame areas can involve players of all levels and reward them for continuing to explore the world and play amongst the lowly peons of the non-endgame players. So i'm going to draw from these two for ideas.

So, in terms of player engagement I would recommend the following changes.
- invasion events scaled to player zone level (maybe up to 5-10 levels ahead for added challenge) that randomly appear in the various zones. Rewards scale to player level in an ever-changing quest to battle the forces of the Argons or cult of Lok.
- Rewards continue to drop (though perhaps at a lower rate?) for players 60+ so that way players can continue experience the game world and interact with low level players.
- Expand the rewards tables. Maybe avatar weapons were a bad idea, and should only drop from the dungeons, collecting pieces as a rare drop from the dungeon itself for that area, or the story boss (depending). This means more weapon and armor crafting options to rival the gear dropped by mobs and there's some variation in how players build their early game characters, and high level players can make some gold by selling the rarer drops to players. Armor and weapons and accessories should drop from mobs, and rarer items drop in dungeons, instances, the invasion events, and BAMS. Maybe you see 5 players of similar class all using different gear that tailors to a different play style within that class because they got different pieces of armor. Like a glass cannon warrior has a chest piece taht has low defense but a buffed attack stat. Vary things a bit.
- Monsters and dungeons still reward players for fighting them. Like if a level 65 player or say a level 45 player fights against a level 15 monster, it would still drop the items it would for other players.
- Most of the players I meet in game always talk about how the rewards for doing things are not even rewards. it feels like a pittance rather than a reward. This can drive many of your potential "turn players into payers" away from the game due to the sheer grind of it all.
- alot of the classes, while buffed to all hell, feel like things have just given into what Warframe calls "Power creep" meaning weapons become so powerful, the enemies continue to scale to that new power level, and it just goes up and up and up. Rather than that, bring all the classes down to where they used to be. Make them feel like the classes they were. The lancer had to pull aggro by spamming his shouts and stacking aggro onto his abilities through glyphs. Now all he has to do is put a few aggro crystals on and play DPS instead to hold aggro. Anyone dealing substantial damage comparatively instantly steals that from them. If bosses would draw aggro based on players actions instead of damage output, it would change a few dynamics and make things more enjoyable. Like if dps were stacking crits from behind, it would try to turn and face them and focus them down, a healer still pulls aggro by healing, but the Tank's job would be to disable and shout preventing it from doing so, making tanks a more technical class than to just slap the boss until it pays attention to you. Just for zerkzilla to one shot the aggro away with a 24 million damage crit. Don't make the monsters retardedly strong, make the players adapt.
- Exp grind became too easy early game, and retardedly hard late game. That huge exponential exp growth required to level up is ridiculous. It should be a fluid algorithm all the way through. If you really want players to stack 1.8 billion experience points to hit 65, then apply that to everybody and stack the monsters to give the xp required to not make that grind take literal weeks. or bring endgame xp down, and apply a simple algorithm to it and make endgame more of a reward than a chore to obtain. With all that in mind.
- Make dungeon vanguard missions obtainable only if they reach that far in the story. tailor rewards to make the dungeons worth while (give out more weapons and armor variations, not just feedstock for days for the one weapon that's worth a damn), make story rewards worth obtaining in the ever-expanding ladder of player progression. Make players feel like they're obtaining something of worth instead of holding onto avatar weapon 1 until they get weapon 2 and every weapon picked up between is useless unless its the enchantable dungeon weapon. Players should feel as though the dungeons were something worked up to and something to struggle through. Right now, with only feedstock dropping, and the occasional rune for the nigh-on worthless crafting system (from what I've experienced) since you never hold onto those rare dropped gears long enough for them to bother being crafted into their enhanced versions.

one of the biggest issues I see that are lambasting the game with negative reviews, is the lack of optimization. Since the early game was designed before endgame was tacked on, it was optimized, but everyone noticed the drastic drop in quality within the endgame when it comes to ability for lower end pcs to handle it.

Either upgrade to TERA 2.0 by upgrading the engine, or fix the one you have now. I understand that it will cost the company alot of money to re-make an old game, but the source of revenue will just die off one day or decline to a non-sustainable level unless you guys really fix and better this game's content. WoW is a huge MMO still to this day because it added entirely new content constantly and actually updated their engine as they released new content to ensure they could maintain that content well.

have one of your dev teams sit in the global chat one day and just listen to your players. They'll passively give you all the information you need to really buff the game out and make it as memorable as games like warframe or WoW. Right now your combat engine is the BEST of all of the MMO's i've played and I'd really hate to see it go to waste by rusting into nothing. Just be sure to ignore all the "I'm gonna [filtered] the loli's comments" that the community is really known for. Sift through that trash and find the golden bits.
0xFF05 / 0xE0191009 how to fix??
Ardire wrote: »
why not just use a flying mount to get to the NPCs? you get a free one when you hit level 65.

The player could do that, but it's much easier to just walk and then jump to platform to platform. Trust me it works 100%, the walk helps you to not over jump the platforms. Really it's the best way to do it, if you want the experience while leveling.
I agree, even if they have no purpose. I think it just put a good environment to where people felt comfortable. I agree completely with you guys.
why not just use a flying mount to get to the NPCs? you get a free one when you hit level 65.
When I first played this game, I figured out that walking and then making the jump is much easier. / to walk on PC
I recently bought a rainblow cloud for my Baraka and I noticed that the colorful effect is not as big/noticeable as someone that's smaller ex.Elin. I don't think that's fair. I don't think just because you're bigger the effect should stay the same. I think it should go with the size of your character. It would be awesome if you guys could fix this. It's bad enough that you guys don't do too much for Barakas as it is. Which is understandable but there's still people that play Baraka. I only play Baraka so making an elin character is not an option. Pic related.
My small ideas for next or future exspansion to story.

Return of the Gods

Roak returns to now reak havoc upons the other races. ( release the destroied castanic homeland as new map )

Shakan returns to help with vanquishing Roak and his minions.
Also brings with him a Druid class. Dps/Support with “tamed pet” ( argonfied beasts should not be tameable as well as humanoids and bosses [world/dungeon])

Possibly new race???????
Shakan is the beastlord ( good fight for druid with pet )
Roak is a demon so loads of fun to be had developing a story and fun fights and crippling attacks ( possesion, shadow hold/aoe )
Since highwatch the home of the baraka’s was in the last why not the castanic’s destroid world??
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