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 Crafting Woes 12/05/2018, 03:18 PM GuardianAngelGG
I don't know anything about plans to expand the crafting. I just started playing Tera a few months ago, and gathering and crafting are two of my favorite things in the game. I never played WoW, so I have no idea what their crafting is like. I have taken multiple characters to level 65 in Tera, and I always make it a point to take each of them to 350 in each gathering skill, and I have made three of them crafting masters, so far (Weapon, Armor, and Etching). I will work on making one into an Alchemy master soon. I think expanding the crafting, including possibly adding story for it, is a great idea. I would definitely support that. :)
 Crafting Woes 12/05/2018, 01:50 PM PTYT69MDGP
I started playing just a short time ago, and recently got alchemy to master, after a lot of in game money spent. However, I was disappointed to find the only thing I can make are battle potions. In reading more online, crafting in general had been nerfed badly. One major thing I enjoyed in WoW was the intricate crafting, including tinkering to create some of the contraptions available in game.
I think the crafting needs to be revamped, and possibly a couple more disciplines added. This can potentially give a way to add items in the game with additional story, as well as freshen up the game play. Does anyone know anything further planned for crafting at all?
res 123456
With the current patch gear enchantment costs I'm pretty sure most or the majority of players are not happy with how things are.
link related

My suggestion does not ask to change the current system as I believe it is far from being saved and gear should of stopped at stormcry +9 or even heroic oath +0.
My suggestion is to add an equalized option for dungeons, this means that any players that enters an equalized dungeon have their gear equalized to the ilvl required to complete the dungeon it doesn't matter if their ilvl was higher or lower it will be equalized either way.

How does equalized dungeons benefit the game?

First of all the majority of the game content which is dungeons are locked behind a gear wall, most new players probably quit before even attempting a hard mode dungeon and the newest dungeons that come out such as Bahaar are gear walled to a very small percent of the population.
With equalized dungeons anyone can enter any dungeon without having to worry about being undergeared, as most games now a day are just jump in and play Tera however requires a long time/money investment before you can play some of the content.
I believe this is one of the reasons why the population is so low as players literally need to spend months spamming the same dungeons over and over again until they can upgrade/enchant their gear to do higher ilvl dungeons, Most will probably quit before they even get to a hard mode dungeon.
With equalized dungeons new players can at least attempt harder content before they quit the game.

Equalized dungeons for End game players?

Some end game players play to parse, which means to do as much damage as they can on a boss in dungeon this however requires best in slot items.
In the past when Visionmaker set gears were best in slot you only required the latest set with +15 weapon and the rest of your gear could be +12 along with tier 3 etchings on gloves and weapon along with best in slot jewellery which were really easy to get with good rolls on rings and 8 power or 16 crit innerwear to acheive maximum damage potential. This was achievable by most players the only hard part was getting the +15 weapon and rerolling rings could be annoying.
Today in order to achieve maximum damage potential you literally need best in slot everything full heroic oath +3 with tier 4 etchings, ethereal jewellery with amplifer 2s and etching 4s, Marrow brooch, Transcendant mask, 28 crit or 14 power innerwear, 1.5 crit power passive mount and 2.0 crit power passive mount. I don't think anyone has really achieved this yet and trying to get these takes way too long and requires alot of luck.
Items such as mask and innerwear have never been best in slot for long as they literally get replaced by the next patch which shouldn't happen in my opinion, best in slot should be like marrow brooch an item that has been best in slot since ambush patch.
Realistically players that are trying to parse aren't even doing it in the most optimum way as they most likely do not have best in slot everything.
The solution to this is equalized dungeons as every player will be best in slot in these dungeons which will create a new standard for the game.

Other Stuff
The mount crit power passives should maybe be disabled in equalized dungeons as not everyone can afford these.
There should also be a leaderboard for equalized dungeons that is seperate from the original, this way players can attempt to be on the leaderboards in an equalized setting.
ilvl vanguard requirement should be removed.
CM has no control over base game development, if BHS feels it isn't worth spending resources on something, then it won't be done. This is why anything that is done by either EME or Gameforge will be simple drop changes, or altering existing content from a numbers perspective.
I have a couple of suggestions that may just save the game. Elins, I love em too, don't get me wrong, but this constant favoritism is backfiring and killing the game, I know elin favoritism saved the game once, back when the game first went free to play. That only dealt with costumes only for elins though, that was not as bad as having elin only classes. Face it, most of the new classes have been elin only, I am even including the elin brawler as well, even though that is not really new and has been made available for human race before. It still counts. I know you have little to no control over what BH does with the game, but maybe you can talk to them? Barring that, there is something you have more control over that you can do. Your new community manager? Or whatever job title that woman I hear you just hired has, you know the one, the one I hear refuses to play or even learn about the game she is supposed to be working on?! For all Spacecats faults, at least he played and knew his stuff. Either she needs to step up and learn about the game, or she needs to go. Now I don't suggest firing her at the drop of a hat here, I would not want anyone to lose their job, but, that being said, if she still refuses to learn about the game she is supposedly working on, you may have to fire her, as a last resort I mean. I would hope she would get the hint before that and learn about the game at least.
I think a Fairy race, and a Centaur race would be fun. Also, whatever the giant women are in Dark Cathedral-they are properly proportioned giants, and it would be cool to be a giant race like that. The fourth idea goes along with Centaurs and are a Naga race-smaller then the giant enemy Nagas of course. I can't imagine all the work that would need to be done to implement them though.
 GvG for console 11/15/2018, 02:32 AM MY6K3XL54D
The GvG isn't in console there is no battle ready activation and it's really disappointing cause the guilds are ranked by lvl as a guild master my guild is ready to go to war but I can't declare cause we're stuck in pacifist state GvG was one of the reasons I play tera and is saddens me to see that it's not in console and I think I'm speaking for a lot of the console players they would like actual guild ranks
 New Elin Look 11/10/2018, 01:46 PM Folktale
Can we please get a fawn themed elin (antlers too!)? This would increase new characters being made, purchases of new costumes or appearance changers, etc. That's all I'm saying.
Sairivon wrote: »
Can we also allow armor sets to have full customization on colors?
There are sooo many colors that just don't feel like they work (to me) on X or Y armor because you're only changing so much of the piece's colors.

P.S. Sorry for the necro, but it was on Page 1, so... >_>
Most of the games introduction and game areas should be reworked its kind of boring and complicated,
alot of the enemies and monsters for example are useless and don't have effective ways to keep the game feeling fun compared to games that have enemies wth health or manashield, preemptive counter ambitions and great gameplay.rewards.
One good hexa oculist with tentacles,marina and pirate could be new mage&DPS corsair, bluemage, hero'viscaljudge,
I think alot of the games Cliffs are to be reporposed and docked with traps, shops, animals & snippers o' gunnery to cause aggro. Trees were too easy.
Umysnuun wrote:
popori ninja, and female version.

Unlikely, as that would involve creating new animations for a race that is not very popular. BHS is quite set in their racelocking ways and it's already available to Elins, at best it would be extended to Female Castanics/Elves given they are the next most popular and commonly share animations because they're too lazy to make any different ones. In regards to "and female version" I'm assuming you mean female Popori, in which case read directly below this as to why this won't happen.
Umysnuun wrote: »
also you want to add a Elin male.

There will never be a male Elin as they are technically the female Popori.
Umysnuun wrote: »
my ideal race/class would be mech or monsters, something evil or bone or demonic for the future in terra, i just dont like having to choose a human in my games.

It's unlikely that, at this late in the game's life, they will introduce new races. You are not forced to pick human to play any class besides the brawler, which will eventually be extended to the Elin race. (Go figure)
Umysnuun wrote: »
think halloween is a good example of untypical race selections in a game, even if you have to do a DLC or purchase for the time being at the character selection its a good idea to have soem UNORTHODOX RACES.

This game does not need DLC, and they already have a decent amount of races available to play. As long as they fill the niche choices of Humans, Elves, some form of animal-like race (Elins/Popori), and a large muscular race (Amani/Baraka), they have little reason to dedicate any time or funding towards making another.

Can we also allow armor sets to have full customization on colors?
There are sooo many colors that just don't feel like they work (to me) on X or Y armor because you're only changing so much of the piece's colors.

P.S. Sorry for the necro, but it was on Page 1, so... >_>
It's a nice dungeon people don't do it though, it just need to be more attractive to players , since it's normal-hard to do people know how to do it.
I suggest to bring EE to the dung .
Hello, we pvp players miss a lot of pvp world, we need a farm besides the BGs, please bring the alliance back and change the buff of the first ranks, for example a buff of power or endurance, as immune to stun and Stagger is very unbalanced, thank you.
 Add a PvP server. 10/09/2018, 06:44 PM Sanxxieh
As always - it would be great to finally see a PvP server in this game.
think halloween is a good example of untypical race selections in a game, even if you have to do a DLC or purchase for the time being at the character selection its a good idea to have soem UNORTHODOX RACES.
my ideal race/class would be mech or monsters, something evil or bone or demonic for the future in terra, i just dont like having to choose a human in my games.
toy, you could animate the flowers and menus for character creation, and the icons, its difficult to explain, but it just looks plain and boring, each class and race just needs more upgrades/detailing, dlc, and purchases for supporters and freeplay version.
the details in character creation should include names for parts and descriptions optional to the player in the future, i like to know what type of tail i am using or selecting for keepsake.
also character creation is a bit dark$
lacking colors & dlc/details.
also you want to add a Elin male.
players who attack from the front will get a slit, guarding enemies, magical barriers, and other merits to enhance combat, rewards based on how good the players use strategy or choice.
also you want to make sure that enemies are more aggresive to flying and ridding players by increasing the aggro, and knockback or ranged magic effectiveness, players should be allowed to quickly fly over or make fun of monsters, its dangerously stupid, reductions to energy and speed should be obvious priority and dislocation/knockback next.
often from level one i wondered why you can fight enemies that dont even have any level of excitement or combat prowelness, players just kill repetitive without any level of growth or gratification, or skill, the enemies being too weak and inoffensive, along with other predatory skill are making terra apear to be a disgusting game, i feel that the monsters should have a great deal of respective blocking skills, to match the territory areas, and types of players/tactics and battle worthy rewards, killcount, general leaders, rare/and color changes based on hp/defensive/magic,
to further complicate things, the magical enemies and players can take MP damage, or use MP to recharge and cover their defensive and hp damage, so instead of players dealing hp damage,m the can be found to attack the mp resources/or additional guardian forces or elemental forces per game area, valkarie profile had some good ideal per area enhancements that helped both the player and enemies to even the odds, such as stronger defense vs elemental attacks/ magic when the player is fighting during a rain, or in a moist forests,
in terra theer are many types of areas with simular monsters, maybe you can account how strong the monsters get when fighter near others to stop trains and slow down things for the players, adjusting the rewards for those who choose to fight multiple demons or monsters, and give players who focus on 1 mob, a little credit or more items, potions, mp/regen, and sub-passive skills-ups to their current movement/walking/and aoe enchantments that corelate to what enemies they beat or defeated, like a passive trait attained from defeating a wolf, called howl simular to detrimental effects it can slow down movement speed and sprinting, to 50%, but exp/treasure is increased.
 Boost Sorcerer Skills 09/29/2018, 01:07 PM Umysnuun
rename the staff of hope to Martha.
 Boost Sorcerer Skills 09/29/2018, 11:53 AM Umysnuun
final reprisal moddifies heals and r2 attacks for cleric, cooldown abilities and exhausted skills become useful melee and submajics, they drain more mp/hp/special ammo.
 Boost Sorcerer Skills 09/29/2018, 11:52 AM Umysnuun
i realize that the standdar r2 attack could be improved by the abilities in cooldown and dodge, i think that its too predictable and aannoying rightnow because it shoots the same thing and lacks diversity, so what to do is during final reprisal it should allow the normal r2/r3 cleric ranged to become enfeebled by each element, along with new aoe/enviro changes and burst logic there could be some changes that make travel more fun too for mages who use these skills and rather walk than horse, maybe doubletap features, and tired/berserk states/stances and temporary effects while in town/etc that replace combat mechanics,
the only attacks and combo are ruined by the lack o f strenght / range.
-reaction to frontal attack, and rear attacks.
-reactivity flash, glow, defensive, stances, player/enemy changes.
-gameplay based on distance/range/stealth/sound.
=increased enemy defense / aggro / realism/
=great use of terrain, realistic areas feel tactile
=ep weight - feet on grass feel slow and heavy, gravel bumpy, water/gravity: each area should feel distinct from each other include reductions and passive game changers, traps, discounts, and strenght/weakness based on time of day, terrain, and enemy/player/class/race/topography becoming reactive to magic and weather.
 Boost Sorcerer Skills 09/29/2018, 10:15 AM Umysnuun
cooldowns should become weak attacks with melee at close range to replace magic or guardmagic that employs runes.
burst and chain magic to become avaliable at the expense of the dodge action, by double pressing.
geographic adjustments to spells, passive traits adjust the magic /apperance when casting on different blocks/terrains bonuses.
aura of strenght; magic changes when taking damge.
p-level 1 magic adapts when casting on grass, buff.
p- ....casting on stone, water, allies, surrounded, changes to aoe, laser, burstfire, reductions to cooldown, extras.
 A new class 09/29/2018, 10:07 AM Umysnuun
charmers, beast masters, necromancers, spiritualist and geomancers are adequate because they can use logic strenght and resources/team work.
 Nicolas Cage Footsteps 09/29/2018, 09:49 AM Umysnuun
whut is footstep mean at all.
the enemies who are able to see the playeer dont have to attack right away unless the player gets too close, if they get too close they can use a aoe, magic, or charge up a tackle that knocks them back, in the level 1 plains the rodents should instead of dying serve as knights who can defend against 1 or two players first attacks, with great frontal defense and evasion, and good aggro to sound.
- logic is missing from casual enemies, defensive front = block / parry / evade
a frontal attack on a monster should be countered with a reduction, the hp would be returned to the player as a counter attack at times if they are in range they could be knocked back with a kick, or ambushed by other enemies nearby by or stronger daddy/leader/momas and birds/guardians of the plains, spirit guardians and other terranomalies according to the karma and violent rule of war, constituting defense in ones self also the enemy.
it doesnt hav4 to be [filtered] up, you just need to make the enemies defend and react more realistically to a incoming sound or player action, if i were one of those level 1 enemies i would at least wear armor, and travel in a group. if i were to get hit by a ambusher or group of players i would sprout defensive ampules among that i would go berserk and my atk would go up, and my cry from hp lost would be so loud to summon other comrades to help nearby, the epic would terraform the clouds in the heavens to gray and thunder and mists would take over to give me great cover for my speedy escapekick to finight...to survive another day, as a level 1 who wins against players they should get badges and other markings as potential targets with a reward note, and bounty dismal.
the enemies i found in terra starting up the game as a cleric at level 1 were not impresive or challenging, i only got hit once with a foot/dirt attack because i was doing something productive at home,not paying attention, or i set my controlelr down, its very unfun to kill enemies quickly, they have the same unrewarding deathe, in comparison other games have ragdoll mechanics that makes them fun/funny like destiny2 alot because the monsters are smart enough to use the environments areas to run away,guard and resist attacks/bullets/magic because they can use tactics, or ambushes/shields/armor compared to a regular rpg game, where monsters always receive hp damage and they dont block any attacks, thats not even cool, or funny and will get players killed in a realistic setting, havent you seen a movie lol, anyways just make them react to sound, and attack in a group/aggro settings are too slow, and very uninpresive to show off anything that terra has later on from level 1, since the games areas are grass and the monsters are apparent, at least you want to make them use the environments more realistically, you want to make the grass inhibit players with penalties as if they were moving in molases via some restricting of movment mechanics when traveling through some areas that look different, thesse simple improvement should complete terras realism and travel, the best options are gravity and realism in any game i played so far, the rest is easy.
race with scales, fur, and plating/jewery for me based on opal/diamonds/and liquid that its part dragon and beast with hair, as well as orbital gravity.
JBGaming wrote: »
Maybe its time Tera introduces a new race as well?

monster fanatic here, i think we need to have a open discusion about which monsters should be allowed to be used for enhancing or creating a new race/character, the creatures and classes are good but seem like they need rivals and other things found in other games, not just the fire/hate and passion for wielding magic or weapons, but purposeful and romantic adaptations and musical combat improvements, like the feature in some games where a person is able to preview some attacks and techniques, tera stops when you can see that theres no customization and learning of new attacks, theres nothing worse than playing a game like ffxiv or terra, monster hunter world, where they lock your character to one fireball type, and the same melee attack, its really ingineous, i hated getting or upgrading weapons in monster hunter world for the same reason, you dont learn new attacks or magic if you have a new weapon it will occasionally do something flashy, but its not going to allow you to learn some new tactics, new auto-attack.defensive dodge or combo breaker action, its bad.
The char creator is absolute trash. Unacceptable how bad it is. Im in shock that it hasnt changed since beta. It's funny. The bad creator is so bad im not going to spend a penny on this game.
 new type of quest 09/18/2018, 04:56 PM EFYDTA4J3W
Hi, I'm a TERA player and I had an idea to improve the game, it works like this:
would be an island where to enter it would be necessary this in the minino level 60, form a party of at least 5 person, maximum 10 and each class of that party would have to coguistar a specific type of key of its class to release the first part the gate.
And inside the lha there are several gates each needing a mechanism to be opened, more precisely defeating certain types of monsters, where a key made of the monster's character will be released.
After gathering the twelve keys you can open the last gate where there would be an unknown and new monster protecting the treasure, which would become equipment made of dragon scales, or characteristics of other monsters.
 the island only would be released from 3 to 4 months modifying the whole system of prize, monsters and mechanism, and within the party there can be no class repeated, would have a time imitation between 2 to 3 hours, being added 30 minutes more to kill the boss, as a reward for getting to the last gate in at least an hour.
Hey, Whertepler here, I actually reminded myself to read your thread when I was free.

Simple answer to your question is: No. I don't feel there should be a male elin race, or that it would fit.

To be fair, if I ever want any extra races in TERA, those must be the Orcs and the Prions, which have a lot of backstory and unique designs (except Orcs since they follow the same concept for every. single. videogame. orc, but their backstory with Thulsa is pretty cool actually)

Elins are basically coded as Popori Females, even if before the game was fully out it was changed lore-wise.

One of the things I actually like about TERA is that there is a lot of variety, and that's represented in races such as Baraka, which are genderless even if they look like chubby males. Adding a new race just with the intent of bringing in more money represents a lot of work with little payoff since most chose the Elin not because they were unique or relatable, they were just simply the best race for everyone since they are small, slim, cute and fit well with what most consider the "anime essence" of the game (Even if I don't believe for a bit that TERA looks like anime). A boyish Elin has been asked before, but it would seem too much of a copy and would be pretty unnecessary, since BHS is already in a very comfortable spot with Elins as female-only.
Elin's have always been the most sought after race, but what if a new race was made of Elin for male, that had many physical characteristics such as ears, tail, size, and instead of being furry and chubby actually skin? I would want to see this new race have access to the ninja class along with brawler since KTera released the Elin brawler. If you feel the same way about this lets get this thread noticed. Share the link with your friends, like it, and comment on it so we can potentially get this added to Tera.
On potato PCs (like my dear little HP laptop) , the performance hit it causes makes the game completely unplayable.
As the title suggests i'd like more of a quality of life update for things like inventories.
Whenever you have an item in the inventory of another character on the same account(and server) you have to go through the process of logging out characters and switching to bank the item, to speed this up (QOL) i was thinking an NPC like the banker where it lists all the characters on the server you are currently logged into and able to access the inventory of those characters (Move items, give/take ect..)
 A new class 09/06/2018, 04:19 PM Riisssaaa
You know the funny thing is... We have classes with all kinds of weapons and no knives yet. :3
 Upswept hair 09/06/2018, 04:15 PM Riisssaaa
I wouldn't mind hairstyles having a toggle option in the costume tab tbh.
It's how other games have managed this and your model is what everyone else sees too.

Not sure how possible it is for them to implement it though.
Relic weapon models are some of the nicest looking non-premium weapons in the game.
And I only noticed this because I happened to take a break and look at my weapon.
Sadly, these weapons are largely ignored because the alt-levelling grind is fast.
We take these weapons for granted!!

I would like to have relic weapons added to the fashion coupon shop as weapon skins.
(And yes OwO I do buy fashion coupons with EMP sometimes... I can't help it.)
 In Game DPS Meter? 08/20/2018, 07:31 PM PJ3H96XH35
Also I almost Forgot but here is a disclaimer...

I under no means have had or currently have a DPS Meter. I am also only a week into the game and have already come within days of endgaming. Yes it is too easy with the help I got. And I am rather good at mmos. I am not bluffing at all I am rather seriously being truthful.
 In Game DPS Meter? 08/20/2018, 07:24 PM PJ3H96XH35
'Ok now people. Look. I see every point made and 99% is true and undeniable. However here is where every person here can be blamed to have been faltering. DPS meters are a great help for those as explained already. It can be of help personally or it may be used to help others. Now it is a catalyst for trouble yes. It can cause troll and complete morons to have a different means to do what they already do. wait I am sorry. I need to check something. ..... Hmm that is interesting these said people are already doing what you fear they would do with a DPS Meter. Wake up. Now now now I am not hear to rant. How about... Hmm... AH! I got it. To show up on a DPS meter should be optional. Right no that is impossible. Nope it is not. Tera can handle it no sweat. Just add it to the "Game Play" or "UI" settings and you are all set. If you are too scared to let people see that you suck. So be it. Toggle away at the button and stop winning and ruining everybody else experience in game cause you can not for some other worldly reason get your sh*t together. Now to say I have personally had someone help me for days on end with my end game. he was and is a very nice and very helpful person. I have in the same sense been victim to and witnessed other new players get harassed for being new are not being good enough. WOW!! What a shock. I never new you did not even need the DPS Meter to harass someone for being bad. Yeah... Um... Do you see where I am going with this. I too have helped people do there best to improve and have fun in the game. Wait wait you can not be telling the truth. Yes I helped people. There are people that would find a DPS Meter a godsend. All because it is a catalyst to help people and improve ones self as well as have a means to challenge oneself. Wait I am truly sorry I am saying what has been said and proven countless times.

Point a-z. If you do not want a DPS Meter then do not get it. If you do not want people to know that you actually suck then stop wining allow Tera to have a DPS Meter on the terms you have a It is a win win. We get a DPS Meter and you can hide you DPS as much as you want cause you suck. I am SO!! SICK AND TIRED!! Of people ruining it for others cause you can not seem to think smart enough for said solution. WE WANT TO IMPROVE AND HELP OTHERS!!! Is that really all that bad or wrong. Are we not allow to improve? Are we not allowed to help someone? Is it that horrific a notion that you have to ruin it??!!!!

Tera if you can build and in game DPS Meter please that would be great and also do not forget the "Hide My DPS Cause I Suck" button. Now as sarcastic as this is I am being serious and rather thorough. Stop ruining the game for everyone that enjoys it and may put money in it or could put money in it. And do not.. Do not be a [filtered] and make the DPS Meter something to be paid for with IRL currency. Cause that is just rude and you will I promise lose a lot of your player base from rage at the incompetence that shows.
yes please.
 Nicolas Cage Footsteps 08/18/2018, 01:51 AM Breetizm
So this may be the strangest post to whoever is reading this and if any of the EME team comes across this thread, but I thought how about Nicolas Cage footsteps. From many of us gamers perspective, Nicolas Cage is praised as a god. In TERA, there are also gods. But let's all be real here, no one would want TERA gods as footsteps, as that's pretty boring. Can you imagine Nicolas Cage footsteps? That would undoubtedly the greatest item to be sold on the TERA store. For a limited time offer, grab a pair of Nicolas Cage footsteps for only 12000 EMP. I can only imagine the amount of people that would buy the item would be so magnificent, the servers would be so stable, everyone at EME could get a raise, and we can finally have more content for the player base. 1DwiEpL.png

This smiling face of a god, can be the key to TERA's success.
It will be a good way to reward players with 5% more of item exp when claiming vanguards since it cost real money , and a lot in game gold in broker and gear ask for more and more item exp while you enchant it.
 Red Baron Elin! 08/09/2018, 10:51 PM LMEW5HA5PT
Well, Red Baron anyone, really.

Remember when cars were a mount in TERA?

Just saying, it'd be awesome if there were flight suits that looked like old school WW II flight suits, with a mount like one of the old school planes.
 Damage Meters 08/01/2018, 12:22 PM Walties
In 2018 a “true action mmo” not having a DPS/ combat metrics meter is silly. It is the golden age of min/maxing characters for mathematical optimization. The community will do what it wants with the numbers, but people will be toxic either way. It will help the people who are concerned about their dps maximize it through trial and error,while people not concerned about optimization would still be free to play as they like. If a dps meter came out and your friends stop playing with you because of low dps, where they really your friends anyway?
RH645LWPCE wrote: »
Aman Tank 1 hand Hammer/or melee weapon with a gauntlet embedded with a magic crystal on the other hand that can project a barrier/force shield to block wears heavy armor...skills details later..though should be able to use his gauntlet for some offense skills/buffs but primarily for blocking.

Sorry for the Necro Thread but I was going to Suggest something Similar, Race specific or not one reason I've never started a Tank is the Lancer is just so Awkward in its animations; its not his fault really, spear-men are well spear-men its a thrusting weapon, they were just never used the way the artists were force to depict these characters with these big blundering sweeping moves. The Lancer IMHO should have been much more like a Historical Hoplite if you wanted to go that route, but even a Hoplite carried a sword for when the going got close.

So I totally agree with the Idea of a New Tank Class, I would love to see it Wield Hammer or Mace, a good Heavy impact weapon; give it some knock down, knock back potential. While not used so much GW1 Warrior had some awesome hammer skills. I would prefer a Shield as the offhand weapon myself, vs the Gauntlet Idea, Again a Good Solid Shield Bash for Knockback/Stun; make it an active weapon.

That said, I would not pass on RH64's class if published. I really like playing a Tank, its a preferred role for me, I started out as an Archer in most Games, but as I like playing at the tip of the spear; very often now days. I tend play some sort of "Stance Tank" in games that allow for that possibility.

And Yes I know we have Brawler, but it seems to me Brawler is seen much more as an in close DPS option and not really a Tank. Or has that opinion changed recently.
All I can say is...this fanart that someone did a long time ago before Elin Gunners were even considered is finally coming true... tumblr_inline_pcghcd6v3Y1tpzzpb_1280.jpg
 Character housing 07/27/2018, 11:31 PM Gatokatzen
Its possible in unreal engine 4, like ark evolved , fornite, the forest etc. But not for tera old render motor
we have been asking for this for years and still no answer from eme staff except for " we will look into it ", and " we will send the idea to bhs ". still no answer.
 Character housing 07/16/2018, 11:59 AM JXCJXDGRKF
> Hey guys i was thinking the same thing as u about character housing but also about guild buildings. I see that many mmo are almost the same concept not much change but i think ot would be pretty awesome to have a guild building where all guild member can return in and this to combine with housing idea. Like this example [all players who are part of a guild can use the guild building as a house and each can have a room and those who don't have guild can go and get type of apartment in a hotel who is in a specific city)
> There should be price for every building like monthly pay even for guilds or even texes. Also for the idea for each one having his house and guild building u can see the AION housing system (the only game with housing system i know) but u should make it cooler i think tera can do it. All those who read this let's give our best to share the housing and guild building idea
(oh better concept about this idea the anime Log horizon but i don't expect something that great)
 Character housing 07/16/2018, 11:50 AM JXCJXDGRKF
Hey guys i was thinking the same thing as u about character housing but also about guild buildings. I see that many mmo are almost the same concept not much change but i think ot would be pretty awesome to have a guild building where all guild member can return in and this to combine with housing idea. Like this example [all players who are part of a guild can use the guild building as a house and each can have a room and those who don't have guild can go and get type of apartment in a hotel who is in a specific city)
There should be price for every building like monthly pay even for guilds or even texes. Also for the idea for each one having his house and guild building u can see the AION housing system (the only game with housing system i know) but u should make it cooler i think tera can do it. All those who read this let's give our best to share the housing and guild building idea
I was wondering what these were. Now i see this and it seems like its not worth it to bother trying to get.
 GVG 06/19/2018, 03:02 AM The2scimmz
games boring as [filtered] without gvg tbh bring it back, if a guild doesn't wanna join they can stay pacifist mode.
Forum for players to give game suggestions, HMMMMMMMMM..........

Sounds really nice and community-friendly section. But do they even give a sh*t? No bruhh.... they do what they think allows them to earn more money. So, this section is just for fun guys... No need to crack your heads to give suggestions, even if it's good, they won't even look at this page.

Funny to see how Tera still exists...
HAHAHA..... developers don't even give a sh*t about players ranting.

FEMALE locked classes allows them to get more money, so they work it that way.
Bullcrap. I'm a woman and while I don't advertise it in-game... My main is a high elf's male. (He's adorable! And yes my username is his character name.)

Women play MMOs too. Go figure. And there are men that play and don't want to be a little Elin as well.

The devs think only guys in their basements play games. That is why all the new jobs come out as female only. It's sexist to be honest.

I will almost always play as a male just because I want to. I literally NEVER considered Elins. If there was a male version I would have looked.
Maybe not hard but it could possibly make you switch out not needed aggro crystals or other aggro rolls into something else.
 Race Specific Classes 06/14/2018, 02:32 AM 7XFCHLT9CD
I find it pretty unfair that Elins, Castanic, and Humans have their own race specific classes.

It would be nice to see Popori, Aman, Baraka, and High Elf specific classes! Show them some love too! </3
But to be honest, I think that a Popori or Aman Brawler would be SICK to see!

It would be very awesome if the developers did this for us, a lot would agree. This has even been a topic in some of the "In Game" conversations I've been in.
MistyTera wrote: »
First of all for what it caused on the community, because DPS meters created anathema among many honest players not using them and simply trying their best. I happened to come across this video, looking at skill rotation videos.


This is valid and I'm not the maker of this video.

The truth! Test on yourself and with others. It's considered cheating having the DPS meter! No offense, but it's literally asking for the answers, because you're frustrated. It makes everyone evenly matched if they had the answers. No MMO has given answers! I experimented with classes and tested my rolls, glyph advantages, and rotations with others and myself. Essential mana was given from people that tested with themselves and with others; some were DPS meter users :# . Look at Essential Mana, because it's a start to get at least somewhere. Anyways, it's over on the DPS Meters! GET REAL! STOP ASKING FOR IT!

Besides here on forums people ask questions about their class. People do help. So search for those forums or simply ask your questions about your class. That's what the community is for.

This is pretty much half the reasoning. If they gave us every answer straight up, there would be no experimentation of builds/skills within the game. We'd all jump onto the same things and play them the same way. Things would get very boring, very quickly. It would destroy any kind of diversity they hope to achieve within the game.

The other half of the reasoning fell on the community. New players still trying to learn were getting flamed by high-tier players with DPS meters. No advice or tips given to improve their play, just insults and getting kicked from Raids. It didn't take a lot of people using meters to make this happen. Only 1 of the 5+ members of the Raid Party to start it off.
I like DPS meters as someone already said its a good way to compare against yourself (if nothing else) or possibly another player of the same class (if thats what youre playing).
In neverwinter I was almost always at top with my Great Weapon Fighter but then I played with a new guy in our guild (also a GWF) that beat me almost everytime and sometimes by alot so I asked him what he did differently but it was very helpful.
Even a DPS meter for myself would be good (damage chat is of no help whatsoever since we cant parse that log in an easy way on console)

why there is not a dps meter because it makes players criticize other players, and people get demotivated a lot, because dungeon runs random when you see people do less damage they get kicked out. happened with me a lot when i started playing TERA, people using shinra dps meter basically downsized me because i play sorcerer class and was doing low dps, got a lot of kick-out in low tier dungeon when i was in guardian gear, and now i get kick outs from 439 dungeons simply because my dps hardly reached 1M/s i started using shinra meter myself because EME doesn't seem to bother and people complain a lot on my dps,, so i installed it so i can find players on servers who criticize my dpsing made a lot of complaints about them on global chat on their servers, well dps meter discourages sometimes when veteran players criticze newbies because of their low dps, but if you really want install shinra dps meter, although i think xing code blocks it now, but not sure because i haven't tried using it after xing got installed in the patch, dont wanna take risk of getting banned.
 A new class 06/13/2018, 04:31 AM xXDragonPhoenixXx
seems like an arcane warrior type of class i wanted, arcane warrior is a magewarrior hybrid thingy, MASTER OF ARCANE ARTS AND SWORD ART
 A new class 06/13/2018, 01:40 AM 4P5JJC57LJ
I would like to see a dark knight class. (Available to all genders) who wears heavy armor, wields a one handed curved sword in one hand and it's dark magic in the other, with skills such as; kill target with this skill target is reincarnated as your ghoul/thrall, etc. they can attack med range but is mostly close using their sword and magic blast
Please boost sorcerer skills in terms of dps, Wizards, Mages Sorcerers should be an OP class in almost every game but first time a game i played where sorcerer is the weakest class, although i still love to play it,

New skill for sorcerer

A) Divine Infusion

cooldown time 5 mins

increases power by 75 crit factor by 100 and crit power by 4 for 25 secs
if mana boost is used after the skill, increase additional damage of all skills by 25%

if Concentration is active addtional power increase by 25

Negative effects
with great power comes great risk
after the skilll boost finishes player get stunned for 5 secs
reduce players hp by 2% for 5 secs
cannot be purified status but can be healed to replenish hp
if concentration is active than addtional 2 sec on stun effect

B) Concentration
full time buff
Body mind and spirit unite,increase attack damage by 30%

Reduce 0.05% hp every sec
Reduce 1% mp every sec

This is just my suggestion for new skills but please can something be done to boost sorcerer, no one wants them in 4 start dungeons or higher anymore, because, and if someone wants them they just want skilled ones, with my daily ping of 300ms my sorcerer basically sucks all the time, but there is no other class that i like other than sorcerer, if its not possible to boost sorcerer than bring a new class battlemage / arcane warrior or something. well i only like to play mage classes and i know EME will not do anything about it because the game is already too old to be improved anymore, but i still feel like giving a suggestion.
 Suggestion 06/12/2018, 01:43 PM xXDragonPhoenixXx
marriage, if you want to play a game like that, play DragonBlood on facebook, its for couples,
 Suggestion 06/12/2018, 04:31 AM RandomElin
Wouldn't necessarily ruin the game. If implemented, there should be some other way to get the attribute bonus, though. Well, either that or not include the attribute bonus.
 Suggestion 06/11/2018, 02:08 PM MadJoker
No.. no.. hell to the naw.. that will ruin this game altho its already ruin but that idea will make it worst i vote against this idea just NO!
 Suggestion 06/09/2018, 10:44 PM 4N3YXLWJTE
Good evening, i want to suggest that you creat a npc for players to get married and receive an attribute bonus, marriages of personages man with man, woman with woman, man with woman, thank you for attention.
Back in the day you could buy these things, they were awesome.
I expect many people, like myself, kept a bunch, hoping to have a supply that lasts, but since in the last year there's been about ZERO in the broker, I think our stockpiles have ran out (I'm down to like 2).
These things have been a staple of my time on tera. New years eve, Velika and Highwatch are filled with exploding dragons to celebrate.
For the past three years, I've hosted a fireworks party on the fourth of july with friends and guildmates, making sure to have stocked up a good amount by the end of june so that I can give everyone who shows up at least one dragon firework.
I understand that these things can cause lag, but they're one of the best "just for fun" things in the game, and I would love to be able to hand out a bunch again these year at july 4th (firesnaps and the letters really don't have the same effect).
new class, DRUID highly advanced class, for elfs, massive heal type with great many healing skills using nature energy
I'm new here, just started playing on console, and I really love the game so far!

However, the gender-locking kinda frustrates me, only because some of them don't make sense to me. The locking behind a race is actually okay in my mind, considering I've come from a game where that was very prevalent. As long as there is a lore reason for it, I'm good.

My biggest one would have to be the Gunner I hear so much about on PC, as I feel that should have been open to both genders of the races that can play it, and I definitely can't wait for the Human Brawler to get a Male version as I'd like to play one, as I usually make my toons Male. I'm still going to play a Reaper (Even though the whole loli thing does not intrigue me in the slightest).

I also feel that some of the classes that are race locked could totally have the races opened up a bit. My suggestions would be to possibly the Gunner, Brawler, and some how maybe Ninja. The Valkyrie I'm not bothered by cause lore stuff. But I feel that Humans could totally go Gunner, even Female Human would be fine. Brawler is hard, as I see Amani totally fitting that, but again I don't know much lore. Ninja is just more of a pipe-dream if anything, as I've seen the animation video above, so I understand it being pretty difficult.

TL;DR: Gender/Race Locking should definitely at least be looked at. But for the most part it's pretty okay.
Well, in some cases, having a dps meter would help players who aren't sure if their build/rotation is as good as it should be, and instead of scanning the combat log and asking other (better players) what their dps is like and compare it to yours, you could just use the dps meter and see if it correlates to a better players or if you need to improve.

Dps meters I've used in the past created competition to do the most damage, sorta for bragging rights, and allowed for me to watch and see if newer players were catching up or improving.. and to see if I was improving or catching the players that were better than myself.

Conclusion: DPS meters will either instill elitism or competition, that is up to the individual not the devs
 RED REFUGE HARD 05/29/2018, 02:25 AM hiresama
the mask has a chance of 0.0000000001? or does it not fall directly? in the dungeon RED REFUGE HARD
It just wouldn't look right! Very feminine and hard to recreate something to make it not look so awkward. That's my opinion.

 Upswept hair 05/28/2018, 01:25 AM 7FEJ466PDL
I just found out recently that my group mates see the upswept and not the down hair - Like I originally had from character creation. I might have to change it as that's super frustrating. I'm guessing there's no frigging point to put in a support ticket about this, huh?
MistyTera wrote: »
Like how many gender lock thread forums are there? No offense, reduce it down from someone else's thread forum.

Doesn't matter to me anymore. I'm already gone from this game so I don't care how many of these threads litter the forums nowadays. Good day and hope you find this forum more to your liking in the future.
The other races would be weird to have a ninja. The ninja class skill moves are very feminine and it would look just awkward for a human, castanic, and etc on any gender. Don't believe me? Look up Tera Ninja Slow Motion. I'm just lazy to post it, because I'm typing on a phone to actually copy and paste the video from YouTube. Anyways, the time to recreate the moves/animations would be time consuming for a male targeted role. Sadly you can only dream about it by pose stance.
I really, really hope the Amani, the Baraka and the Popori get some love since they're the most unique races of Tera(and i say that even if my main is a Elin).

Btw i kinda agree that it feels strange that the brawler was at first a female-locked class. I mean, the first an only NPC who use that class was male(and so they should have had all the animations ready even before making the class playable), so why it wasn't male-locked or, much better, gender free from the very beginning?
ALDM7GYFGM wrote: »
I just came here to say gender lock is really stupid and pointless

and above all, if your still gonna do it anyway be fair some classes are fit more for females while other for males but this game every single f*ing class is locked on females.

I mean really the brawler class was way more fit for males (although I suggest it shouldn't be gender locked in the first place) but haven't they ever heard the phrase " you punch like a girl" yeah I know its a fantasy world but still...

I guess the console version doesn't have male brawler yet? Will you stop being sexist with that line-" You punch like a girl!" Don't you watch the MMA or UFC women? Seriously those girls can punch! Also don't you know the brawler lore? So lets not get sexist by accident over your frustration with gender lock. Female gender-lock tends to be targeted more due to sexism and attraction of the female sales from males. BHS is trying to do both, when it seems fit, and also it comes down to time to create. Something is released for player attraction! It's like they wanted female first, so that women wouldn't feel like they are not powerful enough to punch for at least brawler; it's a sexism thing. Either perspective, no one was expecting a male brawler, but it happened on PC! So please give it rest! My point is that you should give it time.

Why are some people so sexist towards women here on forums and global?
Like how many gender lock thread forums are there? No offense, reduce it down from someone else's thread forum.
ALDM7GYFGM wrote: »
brawler female really?? has no one ever heard the phrase "you punch like a girl" before?

Lets not get sexist ok. Don't you know the brawler lore? Give it time, because the console version is quite new.

Seriously smalls you're killing me with that punch line. It's like stating, "You play baseball like a girl!".

The2scimmz wrote: »
looks good but why

Because it will help tank to `predict` and `calculate` the value of agro.
I believe this system will help player when playing as tank class..

The only time this would be beneficial would be when a player is about to nuke the boss and when you see the aggro bar surge for them, you can taunt and catapult yourself above them. However, it really isnt hard in this game to hold aggro.
I'm sick and tired of getting yelled at for each and every little thing I get wrong within these complex dungeon fights. If I could learn the key mechanics on my first or second time through, that would help a ton, but there is no briefing-style, tutorialized piece of media to read or listen to ahead of the actual fights in-game. I either have to ask my parties how to do the fights in detail or look up a guide online... I don't want to do either of those because A. it could irritate my party or B. there might not be a detailed enough guide out there for me to consider in my current dungeon. Give me something in-game to read or listen to, an "Advanced Help" perhaps or "Dossier on the Boss Mechanics", which will brief me on what I should do in my chosen role or in general to combat specific advanced dungeon content. I would like if I could pull it up and look it over to remind myself at a glance how each fight should be tackled, just several key bullet points, and I would like to have these for both 5-man and raid content, as the elitism in this game is rampant. You don't have to make it a forced tutorial or briefing, just make it available and suggest that players read or listen to it on their first time through a dungeon via pop-up. At least give me the tools in-game and ahead of time for learning how not to come off as a "noob", thank you.
We have most of the same mount and costume events so I’m sure it wouldn’t be game breaking to have the newer hairstyles. I dislike changing my characters late game and would prefer to get those hairstyles before I’m out of character slots :)
In my opinion, DPS-meter will result in `Elitist`,
`Elitist` is approximately an act of some `experience` players in TERA that have `Superior` feeling than other players,
because they are thinking has better Gear, Skills, Experience, and everything.
they are tend to complaints to other players rather than give the solutions.

And some abnormal behaviors like this :
- Blame you because of lacking DPS.
- Compare each other, and lead to discrimination.
- Sarkastics.
- Selective.
- Ignorance.

For overal, DPS meter is `bad`, and you know what i`m thinking?
ENMASSE should `banned` player who is using DPS-meter for a month,
DPS meter is ilegal program, and bad for community !!
 Revive PVP on console 05/11/2018, 05:21 PM Slickory
Hello, im currently playing on the EU server on ps4 called Arkazaar. And we are all really into the 3v3 aspect from Tera. But currently there are next to non. Rewards for climbing the ladders in 3v3. Heck there is not even a ladder where you can see who's in the top 10. There is no dessire for us to keep playing on a pvp server. If there arent gonna be rewards for pvp/a ladder. Why are there not any non-white Title's for 3v3. You guys should implement a ranking system. In 3v3. Which makes it more fun for both you guys and us. Where we can have fan made tourney's which also helps the game grow. Give us a reward for playing 3v3. And ill be happy. All i ask for is. Rewards like. Special PVP ONLY gear. Or, something like a Crown for the different rank you reach like 1st 2nd and 3rd. by the end of the Month. Also give the person that got 1st rank something special like a mount for the whole month untill you have a new winner for the next month. And so on.
That would be cool. Aman and Baraka are IMO the most interesting races(especially Aman), but it's sad that they got no limited classes .-.
What about an heavy armored mage for the Baraka?
Besides stating the obvious that Aman and Baraka have no love...With all the classes getting added being mainly dps and being specific race only.....and really only having two viable tanks and healers I believe they should receive them this way.

Aman should get a Tank only class
Baraka should get a healing class only.

Aman Tank 1 hand Hammer/or melee weapon with a gauntlet embedded with a magic crystal on the other hand that can project a barrier/force shield to block wears heavy armor...skills details later..though should be able to use his gauntlet for some offense skills/buffs but primarily for blocking.

Baraka Healer magic weapon is way up for all guesses Im not to creative on this end as I was going to say a spell book that has runes engraved in it or a magic crystal. I'm open for any kind of suggestions..cloth armor need more details as to what type of healer.. I'd like it to have party buffs but also solo buffs...

Was trying to stay away from Common Class Setups/Weapon Style but I miserably failed on the Healer aspect
The2scimmz wrote: »
looks good but why

Because it will help tank to `predict` and `calculate` the value of agro.
I believe this system will help player when playing as tank class..
looks good but why
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