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I didn't see this anywhere else, but want to go ahead and apologize if it’s already been suggested. To be perfectly clear; I am not suggesting a DPS meter, only a Threat/Aggro meter.

Greetings to my fellow lovers of TERA. I played for a span of 2 months about 3 years ago, and I absolutely loved the game. It didn't take 45 minutes to pick a race/class; it has a good story, good content, good community, and the game gives a real sense of progression. I love the Action Combat style. All-in-all, it’s a fantastic game. I was forced to quit by a combination of an outdated computer that was breaking down and the fact that my keyboard coordination is practically non-existent. But, TERA coming to console has opened the door back up for me to play happily and effectively. In my excitement and anticipation, I've been researching and watching all the guides I can. Been doing this for the better part of a year, now.

It took a while, but something has become quite apparent to me: DPS Meters and websites hosting DPS rankings for Raids/Instances are actually useless and irrelevant regarding DPS classes. They do not show the maximum potential DPS for any class, they show the number value of the maximum DPS any member of that party could sustain without overcoming the Aggro production of that party’s tank. Regardless of what class you're playing, your overall damage output will be limited by your tank's ability to hold Aggro.

Example: Archer pushes 5m DPS. Warrior pushes 3.9m DPS. Lancer Tank can only out-threat 4m DPS. Warrior hypothetically never stops attacking due to never having aggro. He maintains 100% of his DPS. Archer overtakes tank aggro by 20%, so he hypothetically must stop all DPS for 21% of the Raid to compensate. That puts him at the same Overall DPS as the 3.9m Warrior. Max DPS or Max Potential DPS mean nothing to the Archer at this point, because he’s limited to less than 4m by the tank.
Because of this, Max DPS Potential for any class is a strictly arbitrary number. All that actually matters is how much threat your damage produces in relation to your tank. As long as your Aggro is less than his, you’re free to go ham. If your aggro generation threatens to overtake his, you know to slow down.

An Aggro Meter would allow all of the classes to monitor their Threat generation in relation to the tank’s. I feel this would promote communication and teamwork within the Raids, and help everyone monitor what’s going on in an easy to understand format. Since there is more to threat/aggro generation that simply DPS, this would not be monitoring DPS. You would know for yourself how much damage your abilities did, this would be allowing you to see the Threat generated as a result of that damage. It might even teach a player that instead of using Ability 1 to deal 1m dmg for 25 Threat and stealing the tank’s 23 Aggro, that player should use Ability 2 for 500k dmg/ 10 Threat and Ability 3 for 500k dmg / 11 Threat, to do the same total damage, but only 21 Threat, so as not steal Aggro and potentially ruin a Boss fight. This will directly help players UNDERSTAND MECHANICS for their respective class and style of play, therefore promote easier learning of such.

Playing DPS isn't so much about just throwing out all the damage you can as fast as you can before you get hit and die, and recording that number, it's about throwing out all the damage you possibly can without overtaking your tank's Threat production. So a Raid where an Archer is able to average 5m DPS isn't so much a statement about an Archer being OP or "King of DPS", it's a statement that the party's tank drew enough aggro to allow the Archer to do that DPS.

I'm terribly scatter-brained and feel like I'm rambling without getting to my point. My point is, a BlueHole or EnMasse sponsored/produced Aggro/Threat meter would be a great benefit to new and veteran players during Raids/Instances (whatever you prefer to call them). It doesn't matter what actual damage numbers are that you're throwing up as long as you could keep your threat/aggro % just below that of the tank. If you start getting too close, you'll know to slow down and back off. If you've got a lot of wiggle room, you know you're either free to keep it up, or might need to ask someone about your rotation. This will help players learn to manage their damage and rotation on the fly during combat, and specific to their party/tank. Another huge benefit being skills. Being able to see on the fly during different types of combat the relation of skill damage vs skill threat generated could certainly help to teach players what abilities to use in which situations, and which ones to AVOID.
Hey En Masse team,
I've played since the early days on steam and thoroughly enjoy the game to this day. The art direction and locations are both beautiful. With such a vast world and expansive lore, its a shame the world is so empty. So, I figured I'd drop my own recommendations in here on how to flush the game out and increase player enjoyment.

Through watching .Hack// and SAO (god rest my soul) one of the biggest things in a game is involving players in the world of the game they play. Events that occur in the main world as well as the endgame areas can involve players of all levels and reward them for continuing to explore the world and play amongst the lowly peons of the non-endgame players. So i'm going to draw from these two for ideas.

So, in terms of player engagement I would recommend the following changes.
- invasion events scaled to player zone level (maybe up to 5-10 levels ahead for added challenge) that randomly appear in the various zones. Rewards scale to player level in an ever-changing quest to battle the forces of the Argons or cult of Lok.
- Rewards continue to drop (though perhaps at a lower rate?) for players 60+ so that way players can continue experience the game world and interact with low level players.
- Expand the rewards tables. Maybe avatar weapons were a bad idea, and should only drop from the dungeons, collecting pieces as a rare drop from the dungeon itself for that area, or the story boss (depending). This means more weapon and armor crafting options to rival the gear dropped by mobs and there's some variation in how players build their early game characters, and high level players can make some gold by selling the rarer drops to players. Armor and weapons and accessories should drop from mobs, and rarer items drop in dungeons, instances, the invasion events, and BAMS. Maybe you see 5 players of similar class all using different gear that tailors to a different play style within that class because they got different pieces of armor. Like a glass cannon warrior has a chest piece taht has low defense but a buffed attack stat. Vary things a bit.
- Monsters and dungeons still reward players for fighting them. Like if a level 65 player or say a level 45 player fights against a level 15 monster, it would still drop the items it would for other players.
- Most of the players I meet in game always talk about how the rewards for doing things are not even rewards. it feels like a pittance rather than a reward. This can drive many of your potential "turn players into payers" away from the game due to the sheer grind of it all.
- alot of the classes, while buffed to all hell, feel like things have just given into what Warframe calls "Power creep" meaning weapons become so powerful, the enemies continue to scale to that new power level, and it just goes up and up and up. Rather than that, bring all the classes down to where they used to be. Make them feel like the classes they were. The lancer had to pull aggro by spamming his shouts and stacking aggro onto his abilities through glyphs. Now all he has to do is put a few aggro crystals on and play DPS instead to hold aggro. Anyone dealing substantial damage comparatively instantly steals that from them. If bosses would draw aggro based on players actions instead of damage output, it would change a few dynamics and make things more enjoyable. Like if dps were stacking crits from behind, it would try to turn and face them and focus them down, a healer still pulls aggro by healing, but the Tank's job would be to disable and shout preventing it from doing so, making tanks a more technical class than to just slap the boss until it pays attention to you. Just for zerkzilla to one shot the aggro away with a 24 million damage crit. Don't make the monsters retardedly strong, make the players adapt.
- Exp grind became too easy early game, and retardedly hard late game. That huge exponential exp growth required to level up is ridiculous. It should be a fluid algorithm all the way through. If you really want players to stack 1.8 billion experience points to hit 65, then apply that to everybody and stack the monsters to give the xp required to not make that grind take literal weeks. or bring endgame xp down, and apply a simple algorithm to it and make endgame more of a reward than a chore to obtain. With all that in mind.
- Make dungeon vanguard missions obtainable only if they reach that far in the story. tailor rewards to make the dungeons worth while (give out more weapons and armor variations, not just feedstock for days for the one weapon that's worth a damn), make story rewards worth obtaining in the ever-expanding ladder of player progression. Make players feel like they're obtaining something of worth instead of holding onto avatar weapon 1 until they get weapon 2 and every weapon picked up between is useless unless its the enchantable dungeon weapon. Players should feel as though the dungeons were something worked up to and something to struggle through. Right now, with only feedstock dropping, and the occasional rune for the nigh-on worthless crafting system (from what I've experienced) since you never hold onto those rare dropped gears long enough for them to bother being crafted into their enhanced versions.

one of the biggest issues I see that are lambasting the game with negative reviews, is the lack of optimization. Since the early game was designed before endgame was tacked on, it was optimized, but everyone noticed the drastic drop in quality within the endgame when it comes to ability for lower end pcs to handle it.

Either upgrade to TERA 2.0 by upgrading the engine, or fix the one you have now. I understand that it will cost the company alot of money to re-make an old game, but the source of revenue will just die off one day or decline to a non-sustainable level unless you guys really fix and better this game's content. WoW is a huge MMO still to this day because it added entirely new content constantly and actually updated their engine as they released new content to ensure they could maintain that content well.

have one of your dev teams sit in the global chat one day and just listen to your players. They'll passively give you all the information you need to really buff the game out and make it as memorable as games like warframe or WoW. Right now your combat engine is the BEST of all of the MMO's i've played and I'd really hate to see it go to waste by rusting into nothing. Just be sure to ignore all the "I'm gonna [filtered] the loli's comments" that the community is really known for. Sift through that trash and find the golden bits.
0xFF05 / 0xE0191009 how to fix??
Ardire wrote: »
why not just use a flying mount to get to the NPCs? you get a free one when you hit level 65.

The player could do that, but it's much easier to just walk and then jump to platform to platform. Trust me it works 100%, the walk helps you to not over jump the platforms. Really it's the best way to do it, if you want the experience while leveling.
I agree, even if they have no purpose. I think it just put a good environment to where people felt comfortable. I agree completely with you guys.
why not just use a flying mount to get to the NPCs? you get a free one when you hit level 65.
When I first played this game, I figured out that walking and then making the jump is much easier. / to walk on PC
I recently bought a rainblow cloud for my Baraka and I noticed that the colorful effect is not as big/noticeable as someone that's smaller ex.Elin. I don't think that's fair. I don't think just because you're bigger the effect should stay the same. I think it should go with the size of your character. It would be awesome if you guys could fix this. It's bad enough that you guys don't do too much for Barakas as it is. Which is understandable but there's still people that play Baraka. I only play Baraka so making an elin character is not an option. Pic related.
My small ideas for next or future exspansion to story.

Return of the Gods

Roak returns to now reak havoc upons the other races. ( release the destroied castanic homeland as new map )

Shakan returns to help with vanquishing Roak and his minions.
Also brings with him a Druid class. Dps/Support with “tamed pet” ( argonfied beasts should not be tameable as well as humanoids and bosses [world/dungeon])

Possibly new race???????
Shakan is the beastlord ( good fight for druid with pet )
Roak is a demon so loads of fun to be had developing a story and fun fights and crippling attacks ( possesion, shadow hold/aoe )
Since highwatch the home of the baraka’s was in the last why not the castanic’s destroid world??
I want campfires back as well. They were a good way to meet other players and allowed for your small afk break (restroom, smoke, snack/drink)
I would like to see ninja released to castanics male/female.
And maybe release druid/warlock class for amani, popri and baraka
I would like to suggest expanding the wardrobe from 4 tabs to 8 tabs like the bank tabs.
Can we like get some new wings to match our starglow/blue sky outfits please? White wings are pretty but I'm hoping to see more types.
Tera has been my game since 2013 and it died down on me later on. Despite that, I would still login from time to time because of all the fun memories I've had with it.

I would like to suggest an event where the most popular dungeons back then, comes back. Preferably the difficulty will be the same as any hard mode dungeons this patch.

i.e MCHM, KN20, Wonderholme HM, ACHM etc.

It would be nice to have this event happen >w<)v
I just got a cosmetic weapon for my brawler, but its so sad i can see the my weapon. pls add a Unsheathe weapon key :(
I had a chat with spacecats ages ago and he said if people from pve servers would actually want GVG's he would try and bring it back.
EME can do a lot of things,gvg doesn't generate them profit.
For the past year if is not profit is not good for them, to involve in what player base want's means work and they don't feel like working.
View post on Tera forumsGVG 01/05/2018, 02:55 AM Roycee
Make it happen please, that one time GvG got bugged on CH proves that EME is able to turn GvG on and off at will on every server, not just the PVP ones,
Are you sure you want to go? -> but are you certain that you're sure? -> click here to confirm you're ready to go -> GO!
To do simple things I don't think it is needed to click three times just to teleport somewhere. First time brings up a "teleport" button, that button leads to another button that says for example "Pit of Pietrax>", then the third confirmation comes up "Teleport to Pit of Pietrax. Are you ready to go?". Even if it is in error, the game isn't that serious that you can't just portal back again. If you had to pay 100g each time you portal I can understand at most two confirmations, but this is just overkill.

essential mana...love your ninja...I'm done!
Is it possible to make ninja's focus like a mystic buff? When it is activated, for it to automatically become intense focus (10 stacks) and not cancel if they are knocked down. I think it would buff their damage if you don't have to wait 5 sec to gain a stack. With the current focus it takes almost 1 min to get intense focus (10 stacks) and when knockdown it is cancelled. Then you have to wait another minute for it go get up to intense focus again. Another suggestion would be to increase the amount of chi a ninja can gain from all their attacks as well as increasing the amount of chi a ninja can hold. Just a slight increase can really help their damage.
ZagatoMKR wrote: »
A: I'm still waiting for Elite changes that would actually be beneficial to casual players. Also... BDO's "sub status" allows for unlimited character customization *wink wink*.


value pack in tera is elite voucher
New Feature:

Stolen from Runescape.

Daily spins - Casuals get 1 spin, Elite get 3. Also possible to buy spins.

Loot: Gold, Loot Boxes, Crystal Box - Dyads, Dyeables, Innerwear, (Armor: Mask's) Item, Item EXP (use on item), Buffs - Potions, EMP, Character Edit x1 (skin colour, hair), Etchings. ETC.
MistyTera wrote: »
Why don't people use essential mana? It has helped my classes so much! Stop complaining about the classes!

care to elaborate? I can't remember seeing an essential mana zerk tank guide and even if there was this thread is about buffing the tank stance not how to play tank stance zerk.
Why don't people use essential mana? It has helped my classes so much! Stop complaining about the classes!
The new end game gear has the advantage of increasing its enchantment success rate by the use of this exp mechanic.

I've changed my gear from crit to power. But this meant I had to start from scratch with a new Power item (zero item exp). Increasing the grind for end game content.
Players love to play mmorpg where devs or any staff communicates with players.
Answer their questions and such.
You know, something that hasnt been done in ages.
If you want even better reputation then EU Tera, please start showing some acivity on forums.
There is a male race, its popori. Killian was just a small human...

I thought he was an elf.

I thought he was simply weird.


Elf goddess Elinu made Elins?
Ikhay wrote: »
CBT4 Korea
massive necro and irrelevant since it wasn't the games FINAL form.

CBT4 Korea
i know how you feel.
Just use the gear it was given to u and u can blaze thru island in short time.
Hey I used a Level 60 Scroll.. and I'm forced to do the tutorial island.

Can we get an option to skip, or the ability to teleport out via elite status?

Just thinking it would be nice if my reaper, brawler, ninja, or gunner could have the same stance as normal elin, human, castanic etc or vice versa, even if it was an EMP purchasable item I'm sure lots of people would buy it.
I don't think the block or crit penalty matters that much tbh, I think the only thing zerk needs to make them decent for tanking is an enrage, I always wondered why bloodlust didn't just get enrage in d stance tbh
Bring GVG to pve servers again, if those pve guilds don't want to get dumpstered they can either hide in sz or just keep their guild on passive.
considering we have this thread often i'm suprised they haven't considered it, everyone is asking for it.
It is nice to open TERA world for XBox PS4 users/

But a lot of players left out of Skyrim (The elder skroll V) when see huge long lists of inventory and ohers commodity maked to PS and others palm devices.

The game became broken.

What is good for XBox may be the death for PC players.

Please show us the examples of others games that survive transfer from PC to PS.

In RPG games i hate arcade like style to go trhrough some important locations - jumping on moving tales for example.

Europe is locked into the Gameforge version of TERA on Steam. Thus why the NA version is not available for you on Steam.

I'm not quite sure of the exact details, but this was put into place something like a year ago when Gameforge put their version up on Steam. Licensing issues or something like that. (Or Gameforge not wanting potential customers from their region to play elsewhere, if you want to be more cynical.)

I don't think that EME really can do anything about this region locking on Steam. Even though they can continue to offer the service via their own launcher to everyone.
Im from Europe, Slovenia.
As far i know, there arent any blocked regions where i live.
You have to say where you live. No one can explain why you can't use steam unless you actually find it.

There are some regions recently blocked by Steam due to licensing issues such as the upcoming Thailand server for Tera.
Enmasse please resolve region issues if you want even more players.
Some players care a lot about steam numbers, and when i want to check
Enmasse Tera on steam i get error :

This item is currently unavailable in your region

Why is that so, can anyone please explain ?
I can play just fine via launcher, so there should be no problem on steam also.
Pump up those numbers so main city and zones wont feel like a ghost town.
Please Enmasse, take your time with Xbox and PS 4 test phase and make Tera
cross platform if you dont want PC version to die in next year or two.

Make it cross platform please, to keep game alive for years.
There are so many new mmorpgs coming out on PC and consoles that are polished
or just offer more unique features, not to mention grahpics.

Do not ignore this post and please respond, so we can know if there is still any hope left.
1. The game has a problem with the CG model.

2. Can the UI be turned off

3. Whether the controller key can be as customized as the PC

4. Skill to be able to customize Settings in a PC

I use the handle in PC to play the game feel with a lot better than the current setting
we have been screaming this ever since they removed them.
Hello! I am a returning player from several years ago. I played Tera since it was out of Beta from day one until I switched games about 2 years ago. I just returned last month.

Overall, I like the improvements and changes that were made- mostly that gear is progression based and less RNG involved. However, one thing I keep missing most is the way campfires would regenerate health and MP. I am not sure why campfires were taken out, but rather than having to constantly pot why can't campfires regenerate health any longer? What possible reason was behind the decision to remove them? It gave players a place to gather and socialize while waiting for health to regen. Maybe it was done to force people to buy pots?? But pots are given for the quests anyway so it's not like you must buy them, so it's kinda pointless.

It added a nice little facet to the open world- if you walked into the warm glow of a campfire, you began to regenerate. It made sense and made the world more interactive. Now that it's gone I miss it.

Thank you
I follow your mode. Yes, i have more success in walk mode. Not get yet the top of the pyramide. but advanced more.
Think it is work.

Great discovery - I do the quest "Fragment of Hope". And occasionally find - get the top by using 'Teleport' to the quest zone through Vanguard Request list. In section "Story Quests".

O! God bless the developers!

But it is not work on yellow quest. :()

Need to get the top of the other pyramide near.

Will try.
A way to make these easier is to set your character to walk mode (default is / on the numpad). You can then, in my experience, just walk right up to the edge of the pad slowly and then just jump from there.

I'm not sure if this will actually help with your specific issue, but it has made the jumping around much easier for me, since it's no longer about exact positioning and instead just hitting jump and as you slowly get to the edge of the pad.
So im new to Tera, and aparently i picked a dead PvE server.
Can we please get a server merge ?
I'm probably not the only new player who picked a dead server.
And i know for a fact that players who decide to try new game dont usually quite after
some time if servers are too empty, if finding a party is hard or takes too long.

Please consider my suggestion, its good for server population ?
1. I disagree about new players taking a week or two to level up their characters to 65. I'm a new player, and I played TERA on console in the 4-days Technical Test for the first time in my life. First day playing a little bit more than 12 hours (with pauses of course) I leveled up a Priest solo playing from Level 1 to 46. On the second day I played about 5 hours and leveled up from 46 to 60, played less time because I needed to work and other stuff. Third day I started a Brawler and played about 9 hours, leveled up from 1 to 34, and in the last day I played for 4 hours and leveled up from 60 to 64 and put the Brawler on Lv. 60 with a scroll that they gave to us. In the end I got in 4 days 2 characters almost on Lv. 65, even being a doctor and working 12 hours a day.

2. Guilds can recruit new players to help even if PK is happening or not, PK is not an excuse for people to recruit new players to their guilds. Guilds aren't built over PK system, if you want to create a guild to help new players you just need to start a guild and share the guild on game chat or game communities like reddit or Idk and BOOM, I'm sure you'll have a lot of new players to start helping.

3. PK system always made me quit some games, it was really annoying trying to do your quests and stuff and have to deal with another players hunting you down just because they think it is fun. The pleasure in hunting down new players is just to [filtered] them off and make them quit some games, the problem with the PK system is not the system, but the players who uses it. The game Tibia is a good example when if you leave the deposit area tou can be killed by anyone, literally anyone, and if you do get killed you lose everything on your bag, and there is a big chance of losing one or more parts of your equipment and lots of experience. I know TERA system wasn't that radical but it's still annoying die to someone and have to travel all the way back to where you were to try and complete your quest if the same player don't kill you again.

4. That is not true, we always have players looking to [filtered] someone of in empty channels. The channel 1 is better? Yes it is but we always have that player who like to mark someone and follow this person to the eternity and beyond and this is not cool.

Some games solve this problem by creating a PvP activation, it is kinda like an option you toggle between Normal mode and Agressive mode while in Normal mode you can't be targeted by other players and on Agressive mode you can, but people dislike it because they want to attack everyone.
Thank you for attenton.
I cannot buy new equipment. Lack of money.
I tried special little keyboard for left hand. But it is not resolve the problem.
Because misclicking on the key is exists.
My probem is the exact coordination of the fingers moving.
I see you problem and it is very bad, but have you ever tried playing this game on a controller? You said that on console devices is nice so I thought it could be better for you, I know PC version of TERA supports controller gameplay and it is feels pretty nice even on PC.
I know a streamer who have a limited condition just like you, but his condition is that he can use only one hand. He's known by HalfCoordinated and he helps players that have this kind of problems that difficults to play games or so.

He uses a remaped XBOX controller to play his games and he do pretty well on the games he plays. I don't want to be a [filtered] here but have you ever looked for a "special keyboard" that could help in your problem, or another accessory like a special gamepad, or even a type of glove that could help you use regular keyboards better?
PVP in the fields on PVE server would be mistake.
Exists dedicated to PVP servers. If the author ofv this discussion wiosh can go there.
If is nice for TERA separtate PVP/PVE.

I played long time in Lineage 2 where PVP or better say PK allowed ererywhere.
So PK noobs was everyday practics.
Worse time came when L2 became freeplay ( no payment) , the gang bands of russian and brazilian teenageres terrorize solo leveling players.
And the powerful clanes couldnot effectivy protect their members.
I know bcos particilated in hunting for that bandids.

It is diferently other game. When U should be ion alewrt all the time.

So I dont want open PVP/PK .

May be some special zones,. like Battleground, . As for example in LOTRO. (I played too for long time)
Problem is - I have my palms(hands) corrupted by polyneuropatia.
(It is hard to use keyboard to write text too, but i can)
So I cannot exactly position my toon on the small round tile to make next jump. As a rezult i know i never get some quests finished.
The game likes me very much. I did all quests on the map ( no exclamations marks) but 2 quests in Sienna Canion
Sleeping Giant
Level 56 Sienna Canyon
Ruins of the Giants Teleportal
Go to the teleportal at the top
of the pyramid in Thunder Hold.

There are some reputation quests in Tirkai, to climb to towers.

These ARCADE games style not to do the game more playable or more interesting.
In some others locations exists 2 mode to get a top zone and i think is more correct.

May be on XBOX and PSP devices it is nice. But on PC keyboard it is nonsense.

For example it may be a battle vs BAM or hordes of normal monsters to get to the top of the pyramide or ohter mode. I dont speak about normal stairway ...

I hope others gamers support my petition.
Thank you.
But what about Valkiria class?
She is little goddess of war (scandinav mithology) flying about battlefield and etc.
So why not flying ? :)
Completly agree!
Or make links to achievment . when achievment include inside to complete others.
Or add functionality to copy/past achievmens ' names.
failed that hard
MuseBless wrote: »
4M5LLEYYFG wrote: »
Hello, I'm french. Sorry for my english but i have one question, Will we keep our characters after the technical test?

Ok, this is not a topic talking about TERA for consoles, this is some report on TERA for PC my friend. Since we were using a timed event account on Technical Test for TERA on consoles I believe we will not be able to keep our characters, I don't think TERA gave us that Level 60 Warp on the last day to keep the characters with us. Hope I helped

You're in the wrong forum thread my friend. Google translate....Vous êtes dans le mauvais forum enfilez mon ami.
4M5LLEYYFG wrote: »
Hello, I'm french. Sorry for my english but i have one question, Will we keep our characters after the technical test?

Ok, this is not a topic talking about TERA for consoles, this is some report on TERA for PC my friend. Since we were using a timed event account on Technical Test for TERA on consoles I believe we will not be able to keep our characters, I don't think TERA gave us that Level 60 Warp on the last day to keep the characters with us. Hope I helped
4M5LLEYYFG wrote: »
Hello, I'm french. Sorry for my english but i have one question, Will we keep our characters after the technical test?

Yeah, the issue is just because the technical test is now over. Now we wait for the next test and/or beta.
I think the Servers are closed, at least on PS4 they already closed the servers to the Technical Test
Been having the same issue as well,
Checked my internet, its working fine (even able to play another MMO on my xbox)
Same issue since yesterday
I have the same problem. Disconnected from server. Check your internet connection. But my internet is
Zerk tank hasn't been touched since its introduction to this game one and a half years ago. Recently warrior tank got a buff, zerk tank should also get a long-awaited buff.

Intimidation Stance's crit factor penalty of -18 should be removed. Intimidation Stance should increase block absorption from +60% to +80%, if not, Intimidation Stance should have an endurance bonus to mitigate damage bleed in RKH and RKE.

Last but not least, zerk tank should have the Infuriate skill. With this Infuriate skill added, I will be able to spare 7 glyph points. Which means I will have enrage on a 2.5min CD instead of all other tanks' 5min CD.

This way, zerk tank's party DPS will have some chance at being comparable to the other tanks.
Hello! how to find out the status of xbox servers? I have a permanent connection error and I do not know whether this is an offline server or a problem with my Internet connection :'(
You can change this yourself in skills settings, that is why the settings exists!
My Experience with TERA on PlayStation 4!

I tested the game in Regular PS4 and on PS4 Pro so trhough the sections of Pros and Cons, bugs and stuff I'll be posting what happened to me in both consoles separately, let's get into it!

Let's start talking about Graphics and Renderization. Comparing characters and enemies graphics to the scenario graphics you notice a huge difference between both on a Regular PS4, characters and enemies are rich in details and stuff, their magic effects are detailed and vibrant but the scenario felt a little too simple compared to it, you don't see much details on grass, earth, trees and the nature itself, only some crashed stuff, and some rocks arround the map are detailed. It felt the same on a PS4 Pro, but on the PS4 Pro you notice the image was cleaner than the Regular PS4.

The next thing I'll be talking about is FPS drops and Disconnections. Everytime I arrived on Velika or any other city my FPS dropped a lot, I had to patiently guide my character through the cities like I was watching stopmotion and it made difficult not only to walk arround the city but the interactions with the NPCs, sometimes when I was walking arround in a map full of mobs even with no signal of another player arround my FPS dropped a lot. On a PS4 Pro the drops ocurred on the cities and in the maps but not that low like the Regular PS4. Disconnections on both consoles happened quite frequently like 1-2 hours between each disconnect.

Let's move on to in-game bugs or malfunctions, I tested this bugs on both PS4 and both had the same bugs

1. Resurect another through scrolls or Priest skill of Resurection wasn't working because the dead player don't recieve the message confirming the resurection.
2. During some cutscenes through the game some characters were gliding instead of walking/runing.
3. The Reaper class R2 combo (basic attacks) bugs sometimes and she starts spamming just the same 2 attacks repeatedly until you release the R2 button (Video coming soon).
4. When you go for the PS4 Menu and get back into the game it freezes for a second or two and sometimes disconnects you from the game.
5. Sometimes when you interact with NPCs to deliver or assign to quests their dialog menu don't show up and you need to press Options button to fix it.
6. Sometimes on the server list screen I couldn't select any server no mather how many times I pressed X button.
7. It was missing 3 classes from character creation: Gunner, Ninja and Valkyrie.
8. The HUD loads before the loadscreen leaves what causes a mess during loadscreens.
9. The quest log covers part of the map and sometimes it is hard to read the quest log or the map, you should move the map to the other side of the screen.

Now let's talk about Sound and Communication (Text and Voice chat). The in-game sound was so loud that I almost died when I opened the game the first time, I went to settings and even when I turned down the volume to the minimum possible it was loud, everytime I started playing the test I had to create a Party (Voice chat) on PS4 to reduce the game sound otherwise it wasn't tolerable on minimum. In-game voice communication wasn't working well, I had to change a lot into settings to be reasonably good and still the PS4's native voice chat better than the In-game voice chat. The text chat was another problem, the messages were sent with delay and the chat area was to small, very hard to keep up while chilling and chating via text, I lost some PMs my friend sent to me just because of the size of the chat that fits no more than 5 lines. This happened on both consoles, Regular PS4 and PS4 Pro

And finally what I wanted to talk about since the beginning, PvP and PvE gameplay. The keybinding is awesome, very easy to learn and deal on the Dualshock, skills chained to each other very well for nasty combos and massive damage and I liked it very much but I felt that in this test we had a lot of PvE and almost none of PvP, because we only had available that Kuma Battleground mode which wasn't the real PvP but an Christmas Event, if you guys were planning to give us a Christmas PvP event you should put the regular PvP and the Kuma event instead of just the Kuma event. People rather dueling than join a PvP queue just because of that mode being the only PvP mode of the whole test. The Dungeons are awesome but I couldn't join any high level dungeon because of the eternal queues due to the short number of players playing the test.

And last but not least the In-game events and other stuff. In the promotional video of the test it was said that you guys were supposed to run some events with the players and I saw absolutely zero events runned by a GM, I just saw the Kumas PvP event and some rewards that I recieved for login, time played and leveling up, this was supposed to be the in-game events runned by GMs? I felt rewarded, but I didn't felt like I was in an event at all. And another thing I thought the game was supposed to have Keyboard and Mouse recognition since it is a PC game too, like Fortnite, Onigiri or Final Fantasy XIV that recognizes a Keyboard and mouse pluged in to the PS4, please add this feature to the final build because I rather 1000x play with Keyboard and mouse than playing on a controller, even knowing the map and gameplay feels good on controller.

I hope I helped you guys improve your game for the final build with this feedback, thanks for giving me the opportunity to test your game in first hand! ;)
I’ve had an awesome time doing the technical test!! Only experiencing lag issues for me. Also, as a Female Elf Mystic, her dresses will often cut into her leg, exposing parts of her body that in theory should be covered by the dress.

Also, tried to use the Mystics ressurect ability a lot, but it would not ever resurrect my teammates
BHS did talk about a potential cross server lfg recently.
On the Kumas Battleground replace evade (tumble) to "O" and rockets to "△"
that will be logically
I am sure we have all been there... You list an item at current market price only for someone to come along with a ridiculously lowball offer. My suggestion is to implement a reserve price which is the minimum you will sell for, and if someone offers below that then it auto declines. Also perhaps auto negotiation if someone offers full price. Because it's almost guaranteed that someone will come along and bid when you are least able to respond, usually right in the middle of killing a boss or taking a few moments to visit the bathroom and then they either pay the tax or buy from someone else.
Been playing for a few days I enjoy a lot of the game and it looks great in my opinion but there are a few things that might need a few adjustments and maybe a few fixes.

1. Some quest I had to use unstuck option to progress through.

2. Should preloaded major cities to reduce lag stutter with object rendering.

3. add movement while in use if the item wheel would be a great help in boss battles.

4. The lag stutter in major cities as you move around. While moving in the city encounter stutters that makes it hard to navigate.

Hope it helps a bit in the works on the game and I hope to see it become bigger success later on. :D

im not so good in english, but i try it.

Played on: Xbox One S
Race: Human
Class: Berserker
Level: 40 (maybe 15h ~ 20h don't know exactly)
Location: EU
Language: German

The most Bug's and/or Suggestions are postet allready:
9W4HH7ANE5 wrote:
Bug 1: During cutscenes associated NPC's will not walk like they're supposed to, instead they glide in a still animation.
Bug 2: Enemies will become invisible in environments, not sure what triggers it but had to swing at air to get aggro off my character.
Bug 3: In inventory sometimes when switching between categories it will overlap items and causing said items to disappear until menu is restarted.

Bug 4: Heartward thrust on Slayer class doesn't register on first animation on enemies unless the mob is of large size.
Bug 5: Trying to use melee attack against moving enemies will not hit most the time.
Bug 6: When in loading screen objectives and quests will appear before loading is done.

Bug 7: If you have a dungeon instance confirm pop up as the same time as you open world map it will freeze the game entirely

Confirmed (100%)

partially Confirmed(as Berserker, if i use "Overwhelm" against a moving Enemy will not hit, also some Text [Quest, active Effects, etc...] appear before loading is done.)

not Confirmed(never happened as i have played)

XR44L9E6T5 wrote:
First of all the UI need to be completely revisited, because the map is too big and too centered in the visual that make really annoying trying to read the words or find the enemy or npc. agree / Sugesstion: make an option to move the minimap or allow to disable it.
The life bar is too centered too.
The skill bar need to be more cleardisagree - skill- and lifebar was clear and visible, i also had no problems with the positions or anything else.

The game freeze whenever you go in the xbox menu. Confirmed - freeze for 2,38sec ~ 3,54sec everytime i have used the Xbox Guide (only the picture... so the FPS dropps to 0, the game is still running!)

Sometimes the sound disappeardid not have
And there are some problem with the sync.or collision, like "Bug 5" in the upper text.

For a technical test is very good build and with right adjustments tera will be a very good game, soo hyped for the release.
100% agree
Ill leave here another feed during my test

and now the rest, that i have found:

1. Velikawache ("Velikaguardian" in English?)
If i talk to them, a Menu appears for various help or Information, but i can't navigate and/or select any sub-menu.

2. Camera
sometimes (felt 10 ~ 15%) if i talk to an NPC the camera centers to the NPC and im unable to cancel that with (B), only *select* (cn_back) or *menu* (cn_start) frees me from it.

3. Options
in "System" > "Options" > "Anzeige" ("Display"?) > "Gewaltsame Darstellung" ("violent representation"?) when I make the bar completely full (100%) and restart the Game, the bar is again empty (0%).
it don't save it.


control pad left opens the circular menu for potions, rolls, and other consumable stuff, and i can't close it with (B), only the left control pad button closes the menu (and even that is not displayed).

like "1." the *select* (cn_back) opens the Emotion / Quickchat, here i can't use (B) because it is linked for the Quests, which is ok, but i dont have displayed that the *select* (cn_back) closes the Menu or activates Emotes / Quicktext if i have selectet one.

if i use a Teleportscroll, i don't see a progress bar.

in "Profil" ("Profile"?) > "Fortschritte" ("Progression"?) in the upper left corner is a Text (in German: "Lorbeerkranz mit mehr Fortschrittpunkten: 0") very small ~6px

Server-Messages (for Maintenance etc...) are not displayed in the Chat, only in center of the TV / Monitor for few seconds.


by the Berserker Skill "Raze" in the Description stands "Intimidation", by all other Skills is it (correct) "Einschüchterung"

if i select a Player with *select* (cn_start) or open the interaction Menu per Chat, here stands "gamerkaart anschauen" correct is: "Gamercard anschauen" or "Spielerkarte anzeigen".

The Daily and/or Weekly Quests (initiative? - don't know it in English) if i select the Daily or Weekly quest, the reward-items are displayed, but the description isn't it, only something like this ▓ ▓ ▓ ▓ is in the Description (missing Fonts)

in "System" > "Tastaturbelegung" ("Key bindings"?) > "Controllerbelegung"
"Tastaturbelegung" is in English: "keyboard assignment", we don't have a Keyboard on the Xbox One.
Correct is: "Tastenbelegung" or "Controllerbelegung" like the sub-menu from "Tastaturbelegung".

in "System" > "Optionen" ("Options") > "Anzeige" ("Display") > there is a point called "Safe Zone", it is the option to adjust the screen resolution.
in German: "Bildschirmanpassung" or "Bildschirm anpassen" or "Bildschirmauflösung anpassen"

The Item called "Masters Additive" isn't Translatet (Description + Item name)

The "Shadowlaced Weapon Smart Box" isn't Translatet (Description + Item name)

The item "Shadowlaced Voulge" isn't Translatet (Description + Item name)
(i think all "Shadowlaced" items / skins are not Translatet in German)



Game Crashes: 2

one time in a Dungeon (Loks Bastion?) as i have full charged my "Thunder Strike" and released the button, nearly at the impact the Game freezes the audio was gone..... strange was that the xbox did not close the Game after 7min. only manually closing worked.

i was afk (smoking 6min. ~ 7min.) after i go back to the game, got on my horse and rode along a path, the game crashes and closes themselves.
Back to the xbox Dashboard.

overall the Game felt good,
25fps ~ 30fps in the open world / at questing
20fps ~ 30fps in Dungeons

i wish there are 10 fps more but, it's a Technical Test and... we are on a Xbox, so it's good.

at last i agree with "XR44L9E6T5", the Game is in a very good build and im looking forward to the full version.
Hello, I'm french. Sorry for my english but i have one question, Will we keep our characters after the technical test?
Hi, after almost 20h of gameplay of the beta xbox one i can gave some feed about this technical test.

First of all the UI need to be completely revisited, because the map is too big and too centered in the visual that make really annoying trying to read the words or find the enemy or npc.
The life bar is too centered too.
The skill bar need to be more clear

The game freeze whenever you go in the xbox menu.

Sometimes the sound disappear
And there are some problem with the sync.

For a technical test is very good build and with right adjustments tera will be a very good game, soo hyped for the release.

Ill leave here another feed during my test
Actually if they Reorganize the Servers, I personally would much prefer to see a Server Dedicated to Casual Players. That all players would have one opportunity to opt into at first. One needs not look far in General Discussion to find Threads where a player was booted, Dissed or otherwise abused by the rather famously Toxic Tera Endgame population. Giving Casual players a fresh place to start a new community and leaving the end game trolls an Island unto themselves. (which they would dearly love anyhow.) would serve both populations better. And IMHO would be much better for the game overall.

1) well just because there was an incident of 1 endgame player dissing a casual, doesn't mean the entire endgame population is like that.
2) separating 2 different groups of players is a very bad idea for the economy. most of endgame's customers who buy carry runs are either pvp players or casual players
3) separating 2 groups of players by "skill" also means breaking groups up. what if there are friends that are in both endgame and casual? or what if a casual player wants to get good and try to get to endgame? what if an endgame player wants to take it easy?

I don’t know what happened but as a tester I just want to let you know that my server crashed and then took forever for me to get back on. It was just a little sever crash.
WaterIsWet wrote: »
This might sound unconventional, but have you tried looking away from your screen when it happens?

LOL Yeah I could, but it's like this. Are we done it? Look away for a few seconds. Are we done it? Look away for a few seconds.


Moments later...

Actually if they Reorganize the Servers, I personally would much prefer to see a Server Dedicated to Casual Players. That all players would have one opportunity to opt into at first. One needs not look far in General Discussion to find Threads where a player was booted, Dissed or otherwise abused by the rather famously Toxic Tera Endgame population. Giving Casual players a fresh place to start a new community and leaving the end game trolls an Island unto themselves. (which they would dearly love anyhow.) would serve both populations better. And IMHO would be much better for the game overall.
As noted previously, RK9 hard mode does not have an additional reward for its first clear in the vanguard turnin. In KTera it was giving 4500 metamorphic tokens.

With the new patch, the broken prison dungeon does not give any additional rewards as well for its first clear of the day. Since it is a 4 star dungeon like RK9NM, I would suggest 1350 metamorphic tokens to be appropriate.

I believe that the additional rewards were something publishers could have control over, so it should be possible to set it. Please add in the additional rewards for the dungeon vanguards, especially for how underwhelming the rewards are for RK9EM.
keep those characters on their separate/individual login servers (only visible to those who have characters on them) and they would join the merged server as they log in.

it's almost the same as increasing character limit to 18*x in a sense, but no more characters can be created.
name conflicts would have to be solved first of course

The pages glitch at times.
Weird that it would behave like that, but THREAD IS CLOSED! It confused some people quite a bit.
Ok I once clicking one tab like Leather, Metal, Cloth tab (scrolling through them) and then going to Exclusives-> whatever tab I was on like for example 5th page tab...it will be that 5th page tab. Weird?
NEVERMIND, it didn't show at first? I don't know why? Just the way it opened at first. Weird that it opened on 5th tab on Exclusives.
All fedbills items got moved to fashion coupons, except you left out the body changers! I ask why?
Just a simple suggestion for IM when raids come back -
Last patch, vhnm was 2 healers always, df was 1 / 2. But vh didn't need two healers if the one knew what they were doing, and a newer healer to dfnm could get overwhelmed on the double boss alone. It would be nice if healers could, when queueing for raid, have an option whether they are fine to solo heal or want another healer. Those requesting another healer would always get one, those fine to solo heal may or may not depending on what classes are in queue (like previously).
It would mostly be for helping the easier dungeons go smoother since most LFG the hard modes :D
> @Blackbirdx61 said:
> Have to agree with the OP, I might not get Dizzy per se, but it is right annoying would rather just sit with the still that loads for a moment before that noise takes off. Someone mentioned changing the file. Would you happen to know the file name? Might well do that as a work around.

Its the s1.engine file, under the tera folder in s1 data > config i think, open it up, turn motion blur from =true to =false, save go into file properties and make the s1.engine read only and start your game back up.
kamizuma wrote: »
So what do I do if I have 81 characters?

This is the problem. If you collapse further, people will have to start deleting characters who have soulbound cash shop items on them, and the game currently offers no way to transfer soulbind to another character. Telling people "hey we're collapsing the servers, and you'll have to delete extra characters and all the cash shop items you paid for are now useless" is not a good answer. They need to come up with an actual solution to the issue before they consider more mergers.
It's not a question of bringing it back; it was never added. They've said that it'll never come to our region of the game unless BHS fixes it, and BHS thus far has not shown any signs of fixing it.
WE want it back!
why not bring it back? everyone wants it and now that we have a lot of elin gunners more.
EME win money people is happy and they don't have to design new costumes just fix the old alice dress a lot of people really want it
I have max characters on av and ch, I don't want to delete any of mine. I enjoy the population that av and ch has. we can actually run things in areas that only has 1 channel, we can run on iod without having our bams taken from us by higher geared players. I would rather be able to play on the different servers anytime I want with no server issues, than to have 1 or 2 huge servers that will crash all the time because its not able to handle the population.
we don't need server merges, we need to have whats causing the players to leave fixed. we all know why people keep leaving the game over the past couple of years and nothing has been done about it. so even if you make 1 huge server, you may wind up with the population of ff server if things don't get fixed.
So what do I do if I have 81 characters?
With the name issue, EME will just have to deal with that too by fixing name conflicts (i.e characters on the bigger server keep their name, or characters that were first created keep their names) and releasing unused names.

Character limit can be solved by offering people with too many characters free transfers during a limited time to other servers. Or just delete some characters until you have space.

It's a really huge task but needs more stressing that it needs to be done. Calling AV/CH/FF? "alive" is a depressing joke. In the past month or so I've seen a bunch of people coming to MT from those servers, and then I think of the people left behind who don't want to pay for a server transfer.
Hi. I just read the most recent news about TERA coming to ps4 and Xbox One. I think this is great! What I want to ask about is if we might see controller layouts brought to PC because of this. I realize TERA on PC already has full controller support and what not, but i've always found it a bit unsatisfying deciding how I want the controller to be laid out. I can never get it quite right. With the release of the game on consoles though, I'm sure you guys have figured out the absolute best controller layout for both controllers. So will those controller layouts be brought to PC as a sort of default layout with the option to fully customize every button if you so choose? I think this small addition would help people like me a lot and would definitely let me just sit back and relax once in a while which is a bit more difficult with mouse and keyboard. Hope to hear a response soon, thanks!
too many would quit just on losing their names alone. also those other companies probably have better servers than what we have. our most populated servers keep going down as it is, I would hate to see what would happen if they only had 1 server. also, they would have to increase the maximum characters we could have by at least double the amount. the character limit and names would be the biggest things people would have a problem with.
I've been messing around on Blade & Soul recently and found that they merged all servers into 2 bigger servers. Faction chat (server wide, almost like Tera's global chat) is almost always alive. Even though LFG/Broker in BnS is cross-server and BHS cannot implement this into Tera, EME can at least merge servers.

Let's have a look at other regions/games:
KTera- Is just 2 servers.
JTera- Is just 1 server. During primetime you can see 2 pages worth of LFG for dungeons. (most popular server on NA Tera/MT I see not even half a page)
Taiwan Tera- 1 server.
RU Tera- 2 servers.
Aforementioned BnS- 2 servers

Other reasons to do this asap:
Trade Broker is dead. No market, no gold movement, no players buying EMP to trade for gold.
Less people = guilds break up, some may leave in the process.
MMORPGs are a social game. Not a game to just do stuff to kill boredom

I think it's about time to follow suit and to not let this issue linger any longer.
I would touch upon other suggestions such as events or fixing other issues such as fed. bills, but changes/updates will work less efficiently on a smaller playerbase compared to a larger one. If you are going to sort out your list of issues I would say this is probably number one to do.

not sure if anyone from EME sees this so I guess I'll throw a ticket once I lose my patience. For now I'll just sit back and throw some snowballs around in Wintera for a while.
Yeah, they were sure typing in English when they started complaining. I don't pretent anything is going to teach manners to people who don't want to learn them, but a way to separate the racers from the new(ish) people trying to get the stories as well would be a good thing in my opinion. Even separate qeues for those doing the Dungeon for the story and those who just want to race through at breakneck speed.
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