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I love taking cute screenshots ^-^

Yooo what is UP, my TERA homies? I decided to make this thread thingamahjig for my TERA art. Feel free to make requests, I always appreciate excuses to practice lmao

A 10v10 deathmatch event with guardian gear!

Best of 3, single elimination pvp event!

For players on Mount Tyrannas only.

  1. Only 2 of each class is allowed. Healers are limited to 3 total.
  2. Only guardian gear is allowed. You may use up to tier 3 etchings on weapon and armor but no jewelry etchings at all.
  3. Consumables are not allowed.

Event starts at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) on May 18th and we will go up to 2 hours. Please show up on time. We'll allow a 10 minute window for anyone running late. Teams can replace missing members so long as the replacement abides by the rules above.

Prize: The winning team will get 10,000 Noctenium Infusions for each team member. Other rewards pending.

The deathmatches will take place in Allemantheia Outskirts. Location subject to change if there are problems with that area.

If you're interested in joining please fill out this google form.



Thanks to EmE I've acquired quite a few tradeable scarves. I also happen to have some purple wings that I'll be giving out to players who find and trade with me.


I'll start around 7pm pacific (10pm eastern) Saturday May 5th. Hints will be posted on the eme discord for anyone looking. I'll also stream my location at

Good luck!
Doing chibis € 16,15 or 200k gold each! <3
hi i'm moa and cyan on tempest reach and i'm poor and want cute costumes so i'm opening an art shop

  • i can refuse any order for any reason whatsoever
  • i can take a maximum of 4 months to work on a piece but you will more often than not have it within 5-7 days
  • i require full payment up front and i will keep you in constant communication about your artwork
  • you can request a stream or progress shots at any time and if i am available to stream (if not we can arrange a date and time for stream later)
  • rushing/deadlines are an extra fee
  • double the price in both gold and cash for multiple characters, i.e if something costs 10$ or 50k, it would be an extra 10$ or 50k per character

1$ = 100 emp (rate 1:35)

paypal slots

gold/costume slots
1. gold [open]
2. gold [open]
3. gear [open]
4. elite [open]
5. elite [open]
6. costume [open]
7. costume [open]

item wishlist
1. reaper stormcry
2. mystic/priest stormcry
3. warrior stormcry (specifically tank)
4. elite status
5. fortified pinkalicious innerwear
6. elin airy aurora costume
7. dyeable wedding dress
8. hello kitty pink uniform
9. hello kitty dress
10. dyeable flight suit
11. elin colorful cat club costume
12. star glow weapon skins (priest/mystic)
13. star glow costumes

crayonicons - 5$ - 17.5k

chiblets - 8$ - 28k (no samples yet, will be edited with samples soon!)

chibis 13$ - 45.5k

bustshot 15$ - 52.5k

thigh up 25$ - 87.5k

fullbody 60$ - 210k

loading screen/desktop background 100$ - 1mil
no samples yet but there will be some soon

if youre interested pm me here or contact me on discord @ Ren#8025
Hello, dear community!

Posting some of my old fanarts, since i have a new account, so dont be surprised if you recognize some of my works^^
I will upload new ones soon, since my work sheduled calmed down finally:D

Will give an update later on what types of comissions I would do:)




W E L C O M E !

I'm an amateur artist whose looking for something to kill time,
so don't be afraid to send your form!

status: o p e n
Stream status: o f f
✿ Be patient!
✿ Please use the form!
✿ Three slots at a time.
✿ I can reject offers.

IGN: //
Server: CH
Reference: Please use pictures!
Personality/Things they like: Be descriptive, but don't write a novel!
Offer: items/gold
Hello and welcome to my art shop!
Do take note that my art style is inconsistent, so the samples shown may or may not have the same style.
and that I only do HEADSHOTS

✿ Be patient!
✿ Please use the form!
✿ Three slots at a time.
✿ Paid users will be prioritized

Do's( + ) and Dont's( - )
+ Girls(except amanis)
+ Gore
+ Poporis
- anything too cluttered
- males(sorry i suck at males)
- full body/chibi

✿ Elin Eldritch Academy Uniform
✿ Castanica Tech Uniform
✿ Feral Valley Jr. High Uniform

✿ Plucky princess wand

you can offer items that are not from the list as well! just make sure it's for elins :>

SKETCH = 10k


for more samples, visit my deviantart
contact me in the forums please!

Server: CH
References: clear refs pls
Personality: 2-3 words
Quantity: 1 or 2
total: gold/items
Should have Elleon's armor suit as a costume or a similar concept of it
Hi there everyone! I'm going to reopen my commissions here~
I'm Evie from AV, however I will only be accepting Paypal/other money transfer commissions, and 1 small gold(AV)commission! right now >n< sorry!
The gold amount will be the emp rate of my prices!

Commission types! ↓↓↓

Full Body ($30+USD)
spring_miku_by_fluffans-dc672qm.png sakura_by_fluffans-dc92yn0.png

Illustration ($35+USD) This is where I'll design the character for you!
meissa_by_fluffans-dbzqx0u.png bjorn_commission_by_fluffans-dc3b6z5.png

Animated Half body/bust ($40+/- USD)
This is a current wip, but i still wanted to give an example of one! The final product will be colored, more fluid, and have sparkles/heart animations as well~

If you order this, I can also animate other things than just the hands and mouth~
I can not guarantee when this type of commission would be finished as they take longer to do, but likely 2+weeks!

Bon Bon Chibi ($20+USD)
nurse__by_fluffans-dbwvnh5.png star_guardian_lulu_by_fluffans-dbzyys5.png

Butterball Chibi($15+USD)
A butterball chibi will have less anatomical features, as well as a more simplified outfit, compared to a bonbon!

Halfbody/bust ($20+USD)

Other commission info!

If you want more than one character in the picture, the price will go up depending on what you order!
I will add animated sparkles/ hearts to your picture for +2$ on any commission type (this 2$ charge does not apply to the animated icon option)
Please let me know if you want any other animation type added to your order, and I will let you know the charge!
Adding a detailed/complex background will come with a higher charge! however if you want a simple colored background with some flowers or something, I'll do that for no extra charge!

I am willing to do..
Any character/OC

Please PM me with...
-Type of commission (fullbody/butterball/etc)
-Photo/description references of what you want
-your name and payment info
-the number of characters
-The pose you want it in

Please check my dA T.O.S for a more detailed list about what i will/wont do, and other terms! https://fluffans.deviantart.com/journal/T-O-S-719504294

My social media-

Deviant art https://fluffans.deviantart.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fluffans/

Please contact me ..
either in the comments here, DM me here, DM me on any of my social media OR add me on discord! Evie#3510

I'll be taking roughly 10 slots, and intend on staying open most of the summer!


1. Bjorn- 2 person+background
Is there a way to do the Ghillieglade instance without purchasing the 100 vanguard rep teleport scroll?
Speaking specifically for the non-elite players. (It is my understanding elite players can teleport there)

Seems a little expensive to me.
So i see the whole community just stick to vanguards.

No one runs the dungeon because of loot.
Just because they want to run the dungeon.

Because everything that drops until 417 dungeons you can get easily by just grinding for yourself.

So, if you aren't that much into BiS, what's the point of the dungeons?

I mean, when I played on PC, you could run low ilvl dungeons solo for MWA and stuff for example/
There is no reason (lootwise) to run dungeons until you reach 417.

For a game that is meant to be multiplayer, this feels tooooooo much single player if you ask me.

Common, I can get midtier gear weapon with just doing 8 daylies? took me about 4 or 5 days to have full midtier set.
That's no way to run a multiplayer online game if you ask me/

What's your opinion on this?
Hello! My Earlier thread was deleted for some reason~ So i'll set up shop again!

I'm from Mount Tyrannas! My IGN is Soliss

Here are my samples~! More samples @ TUMBLR

NON CHIBI [bribes only... i accept gold and RLC]

Pricing: [i will only do blinking animation... any other animation is considered extra] [Will do couples or groups too]
For Gold:
- 80k for blinking chibi.
- add +20k gold for extra animations
For Paypal:
- $15 for blinking chibi
- add $5 for extra animations

For non-chibi bribes
- I'll accept wishlist items... [see below]
- If you want to offer gold.. maybe.. hmm.. no less than $30

- Battle thrush/canary mount [will draw anything for this]
- STORM CRY WEAPON OR ARMOR for gunner! any part will do, discuss with me first [I NEED THIS. I REALLY DOOOOO. WILL DRAW EVEN COUPLE ART FOR THIS!!!]
- Female Complete Mechanical Bundle
- Baby
- Andy

- I will draw almost ANYTHING
- Pay first, then i'll start drawing.. except for paypal transactions.
- For paypal transactions, I'll send you the first WIP then when you approve, I'll send you an invoice.
- Please no rush. I have RL stuff too... but i promise to do your art as quick as i can possibly can.

Character Name: 
Mode of payment: (indicate if gold, item or real cash)
Character ref: (front, back and sides)
Character Info/Personality:
Weapon ref: (only if you want me to draw a weapon): 
Anything to add?: (Specific pose you want, or any detail you wanna add/remove)
Paypal e-mali: (For invoice purposes. don't mind this if you are paying for gold/items)

1. Tired - Blinking Chibi - Flying mount
Title says it all, can only pay gold, would like full character portrait
Eu e meu irmão começamos a jogar e ainda estamos meio perdidos, gostariamos de saber se existe uma comunidade br ativa no tera e se poderia no ''acolher".
Hello~! I'm Ponjii.. Also known as Soliss or Dagiel in Mount Tyrannas.

Here are my samples for you to see:


prices note: I will only do blinking animations, any other animations would be considered extra.
- gold: 80k
- for extra animations: +20k gold [depending on complexity.. may have to add]
- money: $10
- for extra animations: +$5 [depending on complexity.. may have to add]
- Will also accept item bribes. Just tell me.

-i will draw ->Almost anything. Just discuss your order with me first, and we'll see how i goes
-I start working on your order only after i received the payment
-i have the right to refuse.

If you're interested, send me a PM with this form:

Character Name:
Character ref: (front, back and sides)
Character Info/Personality:
Weapon ref: (only if you want me to draw a weapon)
Anything to add?: specific poses,additional items, additional animation if ever, etc.
Paypal E-mail: For invoice. invoice will be sent as soon as first sketch is approved. Disregard if you are paying gold.

In which I share my chicken scratch art. Once I get comfortable enough with my work, I might do requests in the future. I'm still learning so have mercy on me. First up is this piece I did of what I think Nemato might have looked like without that freaky headgear. Still in the middle of coloring it so I'll update this post once it's finished:

Kind of a shameless plug, 3 years ago I streamed Tera pretty much daily. Life caught up with me and took me out like Batman's parents. Anyways, I'm back to a point where I'm not working insane hours and have a PC that can stream again. So I'm back! I stream Mon-Friday from 7pm-9pm guaranteed. Sometimes the streams will go longer and I try to get a couple hours in on the weekends when I find something new. (aka let's play's, follower choice, etc)

I've got my EME Partner application in and hopefully that goes through, but in the meantime I'm gonna try to do some giveaways out of my own pocket. So feel free to come in and hang out. I'll link a highlight below of a quick zerk walkthrough I did recently, as well as the twitter, fb, and twitch page. Follow twitter or facebook to get notified of the day's schedule as well as when I'm going to be live.

"Short" Zerk Walkthrough

Ulta's Twitch

Ulta's Twitter

Ulta's Facebook

Hi everyone :)
i want to share with you two videos i made with michael jackson character.
First one :
Second one :

Take care and good games :)
I'm a newbie artist looking to do comission work to test things out and see how it goes.
I'm selling chibis, some samples are underneath.
What I can draw:
•Elins (mostly)
•Females (except Amani, sorry!)
•Some accessories
•Mostly front view poses

What I can't draw:
•Hats (I can try... but it doesn't go very well 98% of the time)

•I can reject the comission and you will be refunded.
•I will send you a sketch, after that you may either proceed with it or cancel it.
•After the sketch is sent, if you wish to proceed you have to have paid the full price for it.
•Please do not use my comissions for any commercial use!
•I may take as long as I need for it, to a maximun of 3 months. (If anything were to happen I'll let you know)

Since I'm starting out, price will be 20k for each, every extra character you want to add is an extra 5k.

Contact info:
•You can contact me on the forums.
•You can also contact me on Tera (Serenely - CH Server)
•You can also DM me on discord Mica#5027

• [Open]
• [Open]
• [Open]
I'm so sorry for the massive delay. It's not grand but it's what I've got, I hope it's okay @Mwu !!!

some recent gifts and comms!!!!!!! commissions are open agen
First commission!
Dokibun wrote: »
I hate to be that guy buy your works look hella traced.

I guess so.. D:
I hate to be that guy buy your works look hella traced.
Hey guys. I'm a beginner artist who is feeling a bit desperate to accept an art commission or two, so here I am.
To keep it short and simple, I am looking to accept paypal only for commissions! I may be able to negotiate with gold but, I do not follow fluctuating EMP rates anymore (also not many people even have enough gold nowadays). Also, I only do soft-shading~

I CAN do:
- Females (Elin, Human, Castanic, Helf)
- Male (Human, Castanic, Helf)
- Plain armor/weapon designs. (If it looks like it's going to take up more time than what I am getting paid for, then I will have to refuse.)
- Any custom hairstyles, eye color, face adornments, some accessories (such things outside of Tera's standard cosmetics, such as Elin ears and tails matching their hair color.)
- Custom poses or a doing a singular activity - Nothing too complex, please!
- I may even be able to draw an OC of yours outside of Tera depending on how much details they have!
- Transparent or plain pattern backgrounds.
- Square, or iPhone-like canvas. Max is 1000x1000, 1000x1200-1400.

- NSFW. No lewd.
- Skimpy clothing. No G-strings. Yes, this means no devilicious costume, no leatherguard! I'm sorry for being a prude~
- Anthro-characters. I will not draw your Elin as 75% furry, nor will I draw a Popori. I am sorry~
- Baraka/Amani. I'm bad at drawing rocks and dragons.
- Complex backgrounds. Nothing elaborate.
- Desktop wallpaper canvas. This will take hours to draw on.

- Full body $30 with no weapons.
- 3/4 body $25. (half of thighs included)
- half body $20 (from head down to hips)
- bust $15 (from head down to chest)
- head to shoulders/collarbones $10
- an included weapon is $2-$5 extra depending on the detail. For example, healer weapons are easy to draw, but dps/tank - not so much. It all depends.

Please be mindful that I am still a beginner artist despite digitally drawing since 2013. Please contact me on Discord at Alina#1916 if you have any inquiries. I am a clingy artist, so I will have to talk to the person who wants to commission me at most like once every two days. If you ignore me for more than seven days straight, I will drop the commission. I can't work on something if I receive no input on it.

Payment Method: I will sketch your piece - no line art or anything detailed - and I will show you it so that you may decide if you like where I am going with it, then pay half of the price initially, afterwards I will begin working on it. I will require the other half payment once the drawing is finished and I will provide you a small sample of the finished product before you pay.
I value honesty and I would like to work with a customer who is also honest with me. I will not continue to work on a commission if I am not being paid, unless I genuinely want to do a free request. Please do not pressure me for free art either (even if you are popular on the internet and will claim to advertise my art on your page).

ALSO if anything happens to where I can't work on your art, I WILL refund your money back. As I mentioned, I value trust and honesty. I will refund your money if something may prevent me from working on it either completely, or for a long while.

Thank you all for viewing my thread~ I love you all and I really enjoy drawing characters on here! I will be even more happy to know if someone is genuinely interested in commissioning me and I am willing to work with them! Bless you all, have a wonderful day~!!
Also, check out my deviantart @ Areenya if you are interested in staying up to date with what I post. Most of my artwork I have displayed here already, as of this posted date.


Head to shoulders (this is from 12.07.17)

Lazy "full" body (from 11.10.17)

Another one. (from 11.15.17)

An actual full body. (from 12.02.17)

Absolutely awful art style. Just to prove that I can draw males but... the faces may look a little bit more detailed than this. (from 12.22.16)


A full body + weapon, something like this would cost $32. (from 12.29.17)

Another lazy drawing. (from 03.28.18)

A 3/4 body. (from 02.01.18)

Another 3/4 body, a Touhou character. This is not from Tera. (from 04.02.18)

Done for the Easter even over on the Tera Art Discord. She is Pup's elin!
record a scene and I'll score it. thank you my friends! xo
some chibis i did of Bubbline! :3
;~~~~~~~; !!!! My castanic lancer looks so cool! <3 I love her horns they're so perfect :DD
I didn't notice the scar on her forehead at first but its such a lovely addition!
Thank you so much for drawing her! c: <3 <3 <3
Hi, I'm so sorry to be this late.
I have no words to say this... but I'm so sorry for the late.
When I first had my tablet with me again I just had a lot of works to to at once which took me ages, not only tera's commission's but other people's commissions which were taken before this one (as I said when I made thi spost for commissions) plus that not only had to make all these commissions (which mostly were private as some of you guys over here have asked me to be too), but as you know had my son a year ago and He just conssumes my life, I don't even have any time to play tera, I wanted to keep this commissions updated but I wanted to make it when I had the majority of progress done to show them to you.

Many of you have added me on Discord, so I keeped you as updated as I can, but again: I could't just say it all at once because it were 15+ commissions and some works I had to to first and not all of them have the right to be show on internet because most of them are for people's projects which I have no permission to submit on any of my galleries until the day they show the final product on their galleries first (they're the real athor, I'm only artist I have to wait for them)

I'm so sorry I do not want you to think of me as a person who have taken your money or gold from the game, I don't even have the time to play tera anymore even if I love it so much :( many things have been happenning and i cannot control them as I want to.

Yesterday I arrived home from a little trip to take some rest before i continue with my work, now I have sent some people's over discord their info, commissions from tera will be taken again from today on (not openning commissions again but finnishin the old ones you guys askes me to).

If you cannot trust me for a few days until I finnish, you're in the right to ask me for refund, and i'll gladly will give it to you with no problem, since I'm not a thief but just, as I said, had some problems with me that I just didn't see coming, i'm so sorry.

Commissions updates tomorrow.
(Some of the commissions are taken from tera's people BUT are not tera's related so I'm not sure whty will be shown in here).
the artist contacted me, i believe she will be starting in on commissions soon
Here's some screens of things I want to draw
My main gunner
Other gunner/heavy armor
My oldest char, mystic
Beautiful amani heavy armor
My fav light armor for elves
@Dorkablee @CL653YPY74 @KeepItCreepy I forgot to tag you lol

thought i'd do a small update to show a pixel i have done for an Easter themed event we had over a TERA art discord. this was for @Toadette ~:3 been hard to work while packing stuffs and being sick but still fighting!

Hello! Welcome here!

I've been thinking of making commissions and I finally decided to try so.

Will draw
• Females
• Weapons
• Animals
• Clothes

Won't draw
• Males
• Chibis ( I mean I can try.. but my last chibi art summoned the satan so I would not want to draw them for now D: )

• 30k for every drawing (depends on the complexity of it)
• accepting items as well ( I'm a gopher, I kind of want everything I see, so we could make an easy deal  ̄(=✪ x ✪=) ̄ )
• asking for it in advance

Examples for non-tera drawings


Examples for tera drawings


Feel free to message me here, if you like my drawings and would ask for one for yourself! ^^

Have a nice day and thanks for checking in! ૮⍝◜•˕̮•◝⍝ა


10% off everything until May 1
Post more samples
Excellent work, a beautiful arrngement :)

Reposting this coz ppl have asked me about archer PvP recently. Note: Some parts are outdated content and theory. I will get around to fixing that sometime this year ;D
Glad you like it~
inssani wrote: »
Sorry for the delay. I had to make like, a 1000 button pins for a con I'm going to this weekend.

*KISSES* thank you so much for drawing Gryffi, she turned out so adorable!!! <3 <3 <3 I love her pose, it brings out her bossy lil attitude and her lips are ON POINT
You are an angel, thank you dear ;333; :3
✨ hello and welcome!✨

i'm doing sketch commissions for coffees
Every once in a while I record a video. This time was special. I dedicated this one to the people who was there for me in my time of need, people who i am now friends with. I may not use the best video maker out there, just good ol Windows Movie Maker, but i put my heart into this, hoping that the message can reach to those dear to me, and those who may be going through a hard time.

You aren't alone, there is people out there, reaching out for you that want to be there for you. Those are the people whom you can really call friends.
Enjoy the video. (The music is in Spanish, but i added the English translation to the video description)
@Selenya Thank you friend! Let's hang out soon! ^^
I can only dream, but amani class would be really cool. A support class would be really cool. A necromancer :D
Also yes I kinda hate Tera after lvl 65 ;its all about the freaking gears and the much trouble to get it enchanted it takes away all the fun ; getting in game and have to spend hours and hours doing dungeons killing bams and more just to get few mats , to get exp for gears etc just to fail the enchant and on top of that everybody gets greedy or [filtered] if you dont have the high gear to run dungs nobody cooperate in parties players with high gears bully everybody else ;so yeah it is really unbalanced after 65 and makes the game way less enjoyable than when leveling up I always hoping that the makers of this game take a look back and see how during leveling time the game it is really good players DO cooperate with each others in parties and help each other bottom line the game its much better during lvlng than it is after you reach max level
They already tried that when they destroyed Island of Down ( one of my fave places in Tera) and placed in there bunch of Bams which btw the storyline back in Island of Down was way better and more realistic than this bs of Anya and children with powers ;(so fairy tale mode ) and whatever in Stepstone island I never understood why they decided to do that ; but well its done and made me and many of the players I used to play with very disapointed.Hopefully they will see that get elves an exclusive class playeable for male and female will be a nice asset to the game.
Sorry for the delay. I had to make like, a 1000 button pins for a con I'm going to this weekend.
Non Tera Commission
I've been checking her twitter from time to time but while I've seen some of her drawings of other stuff, haven't seen anything about comissions :/ I'm actually considering asking for a refund as I am leveling a sorc I plan on equipping at least to frost, but I'm still trying to be patient here o3o;
I haven't heard from her since February; our conversation was about when she would upload the sketches and she said when she gets a scanner. :/ Nothing else since then. I have not asked for a refund but I am considering since my other commissions from other artists only took about 3 weeks. 6 months is a long wait.
it's been almost exactly a month since the artist contacted me to let me know her tablet arrived, and about 6 months since i first placed my order and paid in full. i have had no communication from her since february 25 regarding my own commission, nor those from everyone else on her waiting list. i also have yet to receive a response about the refund i requested.
hello ! welcome to my little store ~ (´;ω;`) <3

im selling chibis for $6 through paypal / 100k gold / elite status voucher!


- any humanoid characters (will be chibified!)
- simplified armor (+10k gold/+$1)
- weaponry is free unless it's very detailed

- non humanoid characters (eg popori, amani etc)
- complicated designs
- masks

ingame name+server:
character ref (front, back, side):
weapon ref (optional):

- never upload without my permission!
- send payment after i give confirmation
- i do not take half payments (before + after)
- respect the amount of time i take, 2 days -> 4 weeks
- no refunds after i have started the art piece, i can make tiny adjustments (small detail errors)

AV - Nursebaby, mystic
CH - Lolikitten, priest
Ahh your stuff is so adorable <3
MistyTera wrote: »

Your brawler is unique. Not the standard face dimensions you see similar from every player.

Gosh sorry for the late reply!!! Thank you so much dear, that means a lot to me <3
Xeiryl wrote: »
your art is so gorgeous T_T
!! Thank you so much. It means a lot to me to hear that!
Omg so beautiful <3 Good job :3
My utube is Wolfysblood my twitch is Wolfysbloodedge
Hi im guild leader of VileWolfsPack on PlayStation, i have started VileWolfsPack firest back in 2003 in fiesta, i was inexperienced at the time, 14 years later im looking for a new home for VileWolfsPack to Claim, i have moved the guild around from mmos to fps like destiny and Cod im not much for fps cant stand um now lol . Just wanted to see if VileWolfsPack had a change to live in tera coumminty

commission for Annie ki <3

Hey all,
Tempest Reach Castanic Berserker here.
'Threw together some scenery shots, and orchestrated a little diddy with them.
If you like what you hear, you can download the mp3 for free!

Hope you enjoy! And if you want, record a video for me to score/write music too!
your art is so gorgeous T_T
Completed works!
Dokibun wrote: »
hi stop being perfect k thanks

d'aw, i'm super far from being perfect~but thank you!
hi stop being perfect k thanks
Hello, please post this in Game Suggestions~
it would be nice if a new zone was available with monsters of different level with unfair abilities for level cap players. For example, a story could be created about a island that immersed from the ocean or sth. This will make Tera fun for lv65 players
it would be nice if a new zone was available with monsters of different level with unfair abilities for level cap players. For example, a story could be created about a island that immersed from the ocean or sth. This will make Tera fun for lv65 players
it would be nice if a new zone was available with monsters of different level with unfair abilities for level cap players. For example, a story could be created about a island that immersed from the ocean or sth. This will make Tera fun for lv65 players
it would be nice if a new zone was available with monsters of different level with unfair abilities for level cap players. For example, a story could be created about a island that immersed from the ocean or sth. This will make Tera fun for lv65 players
It all comes down to money again, if BHS thinks it won't make them as much money as elins do it simply won't happen I guess. EME has no say on this matter sadly, besides providing some feedback that koreans rarely listen to :lol:
Glad we got the male brawler but I have this question/suggestion seen that elin race has two exclusive classes reaper and ninja that castanics have the valkyrie,and humans have brawler now female and male,why elves don't get one as well? I know you will say ohh the gunners but hey its shared with castanics and now elins and this race its popular too I've been playing since 2014 and always seen enough elves in game ,I think it is time this race gets its own exclusive class ;it will bring a fresh wave to the game :)
Someone can close this post, please?
Find out, I created it in the wrong place. I will copy to "Game Suggestion".
Description: the player can buy a aleatory Prophecy and he don't know when the prophecy will be fulfilled. When the players enter on the dungeons the prophecy may or may not be. The prophecy is a surprise when will be fulfilled.

Example of the prophecy:
- Invasion of the gorillas: a portal is open and many gorillas appear. The players has 2 minutes to kills all gorillas. If players do not kill the all Gorillas in 2 minutes the players do not gain the rewards.
- Second boss: a second boss appears and after kill the boss the players wins double drops.
- Second boss in sequence: a second boss appears and the players need to kill the Prophecy's boss first and after the dungeon's boss to gain the rewars.
- the Rift: suddenly open the rift and many monsters appears. The players has 3 minutes to kill all monsters to gain the rewards.

Objective: create a dinamic and amazing dungeons.

What do you think ?
That's actually something I'd definitely love to play through! I vote for this to be a thing!
Thank you for the contributions guys! Your screens are so pretty! I won't be accepting any new screenshots until I complete some more drawings.
★ finished a very colorful soft mochi for @CandyMomoko ~(^・ω・^❁)
Petitions are against the rules. Also, Galaxias!, the first song/ dance was created as promotion material for the Japanese music group that goes by the same name. I doubt we'll get either song/ dance that's posted here regardless of support for the idea due to copyright issues.
Two Recently completed commissions :>
Or maybe this dance is better

Creating a petition for this dance/song to be added to Elins.

Your brawler is unique. Not the standard face dimensions you see similar from every player.
Latest works~

Non-tera related work!
Wow, Paesyn really got better at this!
I can do little chibis like this for 30k gold! Wow! What a steal!
one big commission down! this was done for Bubbles. it was a fun experiment and a challenge, tried new coloring styles and i'm proud of what it turned out to be. i'm not used to doing furniture or backgrounds in general, but i think it came out alright~ (=´∇`=)
♥ Welcome to my Art Shop! ♥
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Tumblr - http://pintato.tumblr.com/
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Waist Up: $7 USD or 30k gold
Full Body: $10 USD or 40k gold

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Waist Up: $15 USD or 60k gold
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Simplified Weapons
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OCs/Non-Tera or BNS characters

Can’t Draw:
Nudity or anything 18+
Complex Armor/Weapons

♥ I take payment upfront
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♥ I do not allow refunds when I've started on the art
♥ I may have slightly longer turn around times depending on irl factors
♥ Prices are per character
♥ Thank you for stopping by! ♥

Lancer: https://imgur.com/a/OXDd4
Priests: https://imgur.com/a/9f3RT, https://imgur.com/a/tMpnM
Mystic: https://imgur.com/a/fQmo1
Brawler: https://imgur.com/a/1qnKc
Valk: https://imgur.com/a/8EL9V
OMGGGGSSSH WHAT?!??? I'M IN LOVE <3 :3 <3 :3 <3
thank you so much, i love these so much Q W Q thank you so much for complimenting and drawing my characters, aaaah i'm dying
she's so beautiful, the pose and expression are ;;;;;;;
the way she holds her hair mmm

(sorry for the late comment btw I'M SO BUSYYYY)
★ Welcome to my Art Shop frends ;^) ★
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★ i play on MT ★
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★ Payment ★
DM me which type of payment you will be using (PP, elite vouchers, costumes/gold worth enough to serve this. I only have limited slots for non PP, and they're lower priority than my PP commishes.)
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1- Tangerine Full Body
[pp only]
1-Gunner Illust
inssani wrote: »
Mewsu's brawler

that's so good, i love how you drew her!!! thank you so so much for drawing my kitty human <3 :3
Not a commission but an example of a halfbody with a detailed background :)
I would die! I've never had art of my characters and am an artist myself but never do them justice. I love your art style and couldn't choose between my warrior, gunner, or archer... But I don't have any shots of my gunner's face so I'll send my archer and warrior and feel free to pick whatever you prefer/neither one!

MbQZaSN.jpg Warrior, Exhilaration
FZNngOT.jpg Archer, Arimasen
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