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This is my depiction of Tanly, that I wanted to enter into the contest. The artwork depicted shows Tanly receiving a pair of gloves, from Marda, a female human brawler. At that moment, Tanly found her place in the world...as a fighter. Even though I missed the contest, there's always next time. :)

If you're curious, I made a speedpaint video of this piece https://youtube.com/watch?v=r6OjXyr8Qy4
 Geny's art [COMMS OPEN] 12/13/2018, 01:27 PM Dourden

Hello! ❤
I'm Geny , I play on Velika server and I decided to open my commissions here. o/
I'm open for both tera and non-tera related comm. I'm usually pretty fast, simple portraits can be done in one/two days easily - unless there's a queue. Full illustrations take longer.

Tera related artwork:
2018 Lady Tanly contest entry:
Random elin portraits:
2016 Ninja contest entry:

I'm also able to design guild emblems - I designed and drew guild emblem of The Yakuza on Velika.

Examples of my other artwork:

More examples on my artstation

tl;dr rules
Payment via Paypal (pricing varies depending on client's needs - to be discussed with me on PM, no price chart atm)
Half payment beforehand, remaining half after approving the sketch (things can be edited easily in sketch phase, once its approved i start rendering or coloring)

DISCORD - pseudogeny#1372

Thank you for attention!
That's a very pretty piece!
Oh my goshh, your drawing is gorgeous and your style is lovely!! Do you have any social media where you post your art?

so i drew my priest character with random custom in my mind xd
hey guys, just start playing tera this year and find it a super cool game
also just realized that you can put some art in the forum, so I think its a good idea to sharing my art here
just gonna keep updating when i have time, thank you <3 <3

Hey hey! I'm SugarEnvy, but go ahead and call me Sugar.
Last time I was on these forums was a couple years ago, I figured now might be a good time to come back!
I've improved a lot since I was last here, so I hope you guys like the changes!
Just like last time, I'll be offering chibi art commissions, but the main thing this time will be a YCH!


Please note that I launched these about a week and a half ago on other platforms, so I won't be adjusting prices specifically for here!




ETA OF HOW LONG I TAKE : Up to 1-2 weeks, but typically if I'm not busy after taking your payment I would start on it the same night.
WHAT I WILL DRAW : Elins, Castanics, Humans, High Elves, Amani (maybe) - SFW - OC's of yours or your friends from other games (FFXIV, WoW, ect), ask if you aren't sure!
WHAT I WON'T DRAW : NSFW, Popori, Complicated armor
PAYMENT METHODS : Paypal Invoice, Trading gold / valuables in Velika.
* NOTE - I take full payment before I start any work, this is to avoid having people run off with finished art work without paying anything.

Not interested in any of the YCH poses?
That's alright! They're not in everyone's taste!
But if you're still interested in getting art from me, it would be an additional $10+ USD / 150k gold added onto the prices above!

I also have another method you can pay for these - with costumes and such!
(Current market prices of the item will be whats deducted from the gold commission price)
Please note, though, I won't automatically accept everything offered!
I'll include a list of stuff I'm interested in, so please feel free to take a look around!
Chromaplasm Weapon Skins
Master plasma Weapon Skins (Any colour)

Bone Dragon Mounts (Ultrafury, Nightfury, Bonefury, Astrafury, Ashfury)
Peep Mount
Flying Wolf Mounts (not the mechanical ones)
Cat Mounts
Stormscale Mount
Gloomwing / Gloomscale Mount
Royal Ghost Dragon Mount

Volcanic Weapon Skins + Armor
Arctic Weapon Skins + Armor
Dyeable Bewitching Elin Costume
Dyeable Asian Silk Dress (Elin or Castanic)
Elin Dyeable HYDRATH Uniform
Elin Dyeable Frost Suit
Dyeable Rogue's Garb
Blackguard's Leathers (Elin)
Dyeable Pixie Princess Costume (Elin) + Wings
Pixie Princess Costume (Elin) + Wings
Starglow Costume
Eldritch Academy Uniforms (Charcoal or Ivory)
Jeans and Jacket (Elin or Castanic F / M)
Dyeable Flight Suit (Elin or Castanic F)

Black Ramen Cap
Seafood Stew Cap
Blue Ribbon
Black Bow
Ebon or Ruby Fascinator
Chrysanthemum's (Any colour)
Angelic Head-wings
Frostspun Flower
Golden Antler Hairband

Fur Coats (Black or White)
Capes (Veteran's, Captain's, Officer's, Noble's, General's)
Frosty Mantle of Indifference
Diabolic Wings
Angelic Wings
Cheery Winter Scarf
Snowy Winter Scarf

Don't see anything on this list that you have, but still want to offer something? Let me know!

If you're interested, please message me in one of the following places:

Finished commissions will be posted in a new comment here!
I am finally publicly accepting commissions! I do most commissions for TERA players; however, I am willing to draw other things outside of the game. From drawing your OCs to drawing your main in an MMO; I'll do my best to make them as good as possible!

No elin swimwear OF ANY KIND
No elin devilicious costumes

*My work usually takes about a day to complete, unless it's a big project which could possible go into the next day. Due to my never-ending burn for drawing, I take about a MAX OF 3 DAYS TO COMPLETE ONE TO TWO DRAWING(S).

*How it works: You request what you want via pricing info in docs, I will create a free sketch and see if YOU like it. If you do, you may pay me via Venmo (or in game gold). If you don't, I will make changes to the sketch until it is approved. You are also given the option to cancel. There are no refunds AFTER the sketch has been approved. You cannot cancel when a drawing in process.

*When making a request, please send in as many references as you can. I will DM you if I require more for a more accurate drawing.

*In discord, I let my status notify people if I am drawing their commission or not: https://i.imgur.com/Tl19FDF.png

*Do not be discouraged when asking for multiple characters in a drawing. I DRAW A LOT and it will not bother me if I have to draw up to 5-10 characters at a time. (However, please note that the more characters, the more expensive and the more time it'll take to complete the drawing.)

*I don't make any wish lists, but hey, if anyone has a 2.0 Battle Birdy, I'll be happy to take that off your hands :D


Pricing and Art work Information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tdgXU-DKTEcOgtwpVimhaTsu26XZqbJUmdJeX-IPnpM/edit?usp=sharing

Some Art Previews (Same ones in the doc)

'Moe': ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

USD Payment Methods:
There's only one, download Venmo (mobile paypal)

USD and converting it to TERA gold:
$5 = 75k
$10 = 150k
$20 = 250k
$30 = 350k
For example, if I wanted a Moe Commission with a background ($15 USD), I would have to pay 175k in tera gold. ($10 + $5 = 150k + 75k = 225k).

Drawing weapons will be $45 or 675k EXTRA. (Just to discourage people into making me draw them qq)

However, if I have to draw weapons, I will not draw any of the following weapon skins:
Lady Tanly Gantlets

If you like my work, please don't hesitate to contact me via discord @ Edini#0564 if you're interested about my commissions.
Or hell, if you don't want to just check out my deviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/absolutini

Thank you for reading~ <3
It's been a long time since I've been back in the Tera game and now I'm on a new platform - PS4
my laptop can no longer run the game, poor old thing, so I have to rebuild all on PS4 or hope for a miracle of cross platforming and access to my old babies
So I want to try and offer art for gold or costumes and whatnot, not really sure how things work these days so lets give it a shot and all
I do Chibi and full regular art
I will admit I'm not the best at armour or animals, I will not draw Popori because in general I am terrible at animals
Here are some refs that I hope will catch some interest, I don't know the going prices so I'll take offers, haha hope I don't sound desperate
As things pick up, If i mean, i'll update this and whatnot
Chibi 1
Chibi 2
Chibi 3

Full 1
Full 2
Full 3
Where are you gonna post all the entries for the brawler loading screen contest @KitTeaCup ? You said during tuesday stream that they'd be posted in the forums that afternoon but I can't find them. Did you post them somewhere yet?
This is a great video.
Hello Anons, friends, detractors and all of you going " Oh no! God no. Please no. Kill it with fire!" I would like to let you know of a Fanfiction project I am starting involving Goku as a baby landing on Stepstone island and his life growing up in Arborea. Before anyone starts getting angry and thinks this will be a Goku [filtered] fest where my point would be "Lol Goku solos eazy gg m9" or some other stupid nonsense, you are dead wrong. As a baby and a very young child Goku had the power of an average human. It was constantly training with literal gods and the strongest in the universe for him to be so strong. As for Tera, The Gods and high tiers are incredibly strong too and in no way fodder. The story would also be very boring if it was always about power anyways, especially with such a vibrant and rich world such as Arborea. With the talk of power and such out of the way let me get to my other points.

Tera is by far one of my favorite pastimes and Dragon Ball was one of my favorite Mangas and Animes. No offence Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super. That's besides the point though, I always wondered what it would be like if he grew up in Arborea and what adventures he would have so I have started putting pen to paper and the story is in the works.

I want to know what you think. Be it that i should off myself or that its cringey or that you always wanted a story like this, please let me know. Cheers.

Open for one full body in the style above! One char only. Simple bg included. USD only. Starting at $50 (+more for extra details).
PM me on discord if you'd like a slot!
Look at this angel's beautiful art, my gosh such cuteness
beep boop updates once in 100 years
Cyborq wrote: »
You are extremely talented. :cookie:
I hope I might someday get a commission from you.~

Aaaah I feel flattered, thank you so much
You are extremely talented. :cookie:
I hope I might someday get a commission from you.~
 Useless event 11/30/2018, 02:57 AM DHEE5KW5FP
Meanwhile, I got my weapon to +6 and my gloves to +4. Not sure how it's so fail lol.
 Useless event 11/29/2018, 04:57 PM StevenAnthony
salt salt salt
 Useless event 11/29/2018, 12:07 PM Jellycola
It's a trash event like always not only the scrolls are useless but also have a degrading effect...
2 pieces decreasing from plus 7 to plus 5 having to waste 600 golden plates and a bunch of diamonds to bring them back to +7 kiteacup and bearshoes do you know how expensive this items are? You barely play Tera so probably you dont now i cant imagine if someone with weap plus 8 or rest sc plus 8 failed too , this event its kinda useless and the chance that someone " Push up his gear " its super slow do a favor to the comunnity and put back again the double drop and ghillie vanguards and extra gold if you really want to help
Darling wrote: »
oh gd I'm crying over that 90's anime style it's perfect along with everything else ; - ;
I'll be def waiting for your commissions to open back up ;; <3

Thank youuu tons Darling ( * ^*)~ I'm hoping to do more in the future since it was really fun!!
oh gd I'm crying over that 90's anime style it's perfect along with everything else ; - ;
I'll be def waiting for your commissions to open back up ;; <3
Zoknahal wrote: »
Amazing! I really like it! 20/10

Waahh so happy~ UkZW8Ae.gif
Amazing! I really like it! 20/10
★ Commission for @Zoknahal of this lovely elin, I had a lot of fun with this piece and got to learn and experiment quite a bit! (〃°ω°〃)
MyuuMew wrote: »
mewsu wrote: »
I'm a bit confused... >.< so you have to either:

- Draw Lady Tanly herself
- Or draw your own elin brawler, but with the brawler lore/story presented?

I can't just draw my elin brawler with no lore involved?

i asked this on stream and lady tanly is a MUST to be present, you can draw your bralwer interacting with her but its all about Lady Tanly.

Sigh... Okay, thank you so much for the reply!!
mewsu wrote: »
I'm a bit confused... >.< so you have to either:

- Draw Lady Tanly herself
- Or draw your own elin brawler, but with the brawler lore/story presented?

I can't just draw my elin brawler with no lore involved?

i asked this on stream and lady tanly is a MUST to be present, you can draw your bralwer interacting with her but its all about Lady Tanly.
How about you add the artwork from the LAST loading screen contest to the game first befor starting a new one...

This is really not fair to the people who put their work into their priest artwork :/
I'm a bit confused... >.< so you have to either:

- Draw Lady Tanly herself
- Or draw your own elin brawler, but with the brawler lore/story presented?

I can't just draw my elin brawler with no lore involved?
i like that honorable mentions also get prizes, but are you guys gonna specify what they will get? i mean the "plus a little extra" part. i think the contest would attract more people if we'd know what the prizes are <3
Its been nearly 4 months since the Priest loading screen contest ended and those who won have still not had their work added to the game at all. Why are you starting another loading screen contest without adding the previous winner's work to the game? It is really unfair to those that won last time. It honestly makes me think that those that win this contest won't have their work added to the game months after the contest ends or maybe not even at all. Do you not actually follow up on the promised rewards?

The winners didn't get their EMP for over a month after the contest ended and never got their artwork added to the game.
Relay some of Lady Tanly’s story in an original piece of Lady Tanly-themed TERA artwork by Sunday, December 2 at 11:59 p.m. PST, and you could win a Lady Tanly bundle plus loads of EMP! You’ll also secure a spot for your artwork on one of our loading screens, with your character name and server name displayed below the image.

Who is Lady Tanly?
Tanly hired Marda, TERA’s first brawler, to protect a trade caravan from marauding orcans. The two bonded after Marda singlehandedly defeated an orcan raiding party, and the big human brawler gave the elin a pair of tiny powerfists…

Need to know more about Lady Tanly, the first elin brawler? Get the whole story here!

Or create an elin brawler of your own, and experience the story firsthand! Here's a quick guide on how to make your very own Lady Tanly!

Watch for social updates every day on Twitter and Facebook until Friday, November 30, for inspiration from Lady Tanly’s herself!

How to enter:
  • Submission must be original art (sorry, no screenshots) sized 1920 by 1200 pixels, 24bit RGB in .BMP, .JPG, .PNG, or .PSD format.
  • Submission text must include your character name and server name for you to receive your prize. (You may also include an optional caption up to 160 characters, which EME may edit if necessary.)
  • Submit your entry as an email attachment to [email protected]
  • Your full entry must be received by Sunday, December 2 at 11:59 p.m. PST.
  • Standard EME contest rules apply.

We’ll announce the winners (and honorable mentions) on our weekly Twitch stream on Tuesday, December 4.
The prizes for the best submissions include:
  • 1st Place: 10,000 EMP, plus a Lady Tanly bundle
  • 2nd Place: 5,000 EMP, plus a Lady Tanly bundle
  • 3rd Place: 2,500 EMP, plus a Lady Tanly bundle
  • Honorable Mention: Fame and glory (plus a little extra)!

If a picture paints a thousand words, why not tell Tanly’s story and win prizes?
 This Is War (REMASTERED) 11/13/2018, 07:06 AM Chumino
Nice one!!!
Hey guys!

Back in 2014 I made a GMV about TERA. The video scored over 26,000 views, which was pretty nice. However, there were plenty of errors in that video when it came to editing so I dedicated these past few weeks on remarking it from scratch! Here you go, lemme know what you think?

selling sketches like this for 35k!! kaiator only~unknown.png
The loading screens are still not in the game :/ It's been over 2 month...
bump bump !
Hi everyone, is Ferri again (like a year ago) with some tera inspired art and stuff. You may know in very fan of the Lore of TERA, specially the old gods, the original twelve and their children.
Here we go, when i started doing tera inspired art my inspiration became from the three main goddesses, the child of Zuras, Velik, Kaia and Mystell. i've done many traditional art of my beloved Kaia and some digital too, here you will see what i did some days ago when inspiration got me, with some Lore explanation to understand what i did. I've also watched some concepts from Korean artist called "stella Kim" or something on deviantart. I'll show you some old work so you can see my progress too since 2012 :dizzy:

We starting with the goddess of Elin, and my works about her. The 3rd still needs to be painted, but you can see those 2 fishies? they are the twins of Elinu, Balder and Ishara, for some reason i think she's a mermaid (Karas and Elinu are half fish ppl D:), elins have a passive skill who makes them swim faster, their city is a lake, and other stuff.
1.Boring first try, nature focused. (2014)
2.Underwater stuff following the Idea bout she's a mermaid(2016)
3.Inspired by the loading screen when she's holding an Elin with her hands (2018), you can see some hints in the crystals above her, allemantheia, elins, pora elinu and some stuff, this is only the lineart but the image will be bigger with other ornaments and fancy stuff.
4.this is my try for "Ishara" the evil daughter of Eliun. (2014), i tried balder too but i failed due to lack of male anatomy.

Other secondary Goddess Selen, The wife of Balder, old and new version of mine. I have a theory about elins, As Lore says, Elinu used to "craft" them using the fragments of her divine body now this task is made by Selen, the Goddess of Moon, that's why i made her look like some Elin inspired (the ears) i skipped the deer horns cuz many elements, and also goddesses may shift their appearance (Velik says), may the elins looked different in the Divine Age, who knows.

3. KARAS! finally a man, the God of Elves(2018), missing god, and the flower of Life, notice the tail D: inspired by the skywhale bcz i think hes a merman and the skywhale is his rest from (like sikander being the egg). He also created the Flower of Life. Lore facts(?): As you may know, The elves gave their God a Gift, a beautiful Flower, He enchanted that flower and gave it to them, they called it "the Flower Of Life" an infinity source of energy (but nothing is free, the flower takes the energy from other living things (like nature)) See the Forest of Allemantheia. This theory based only but i think Allemantheia used to be a Rainy Forest. Surrounded by walls( make tera great again) as you can see in the limits of the city(and also Elves used to be very hostile with the other races ), not as big as the walls of the new city but huge, when the flower of life got damaged by Sikander's attack during a battle with other minor god nerezzar or something, causing the scar between continents(dividing them 4 parts D: both north and south arun and shara) and also destroying the flower. The chaos caused by the flower destroyed the forest of allemantheia, draining the energy from the grounds leaving only a desert behind, and the structure sinking in the desert (another theory of mine suggest that allemantheia is a tower and the lower levels are covered with sand) Idk they restored the city when Serion fused with the flower and made the Core, and the new limits ( MORE WALLS) contains the core from draining energy from the rest of the world TL;DR post D:

4. Isren, Goddess Of Faeries and Wife of Sikander.
Older(2014) and New Version (2018)with some Lore Elements, Isren, Icaruna (Her daughter according with some quest idk didn't read well that part, and Seravy, the guardian of Fey Forest.

5.My beloved Velik, with her Giant form in the sea, i had a dream, she's waiting to contact with the heroes in the sea, in some island. She made the islands we know when her teardrops touched the sea, a total of 9 island arose in the divine age, idk i missed the source of that info.

6. Eldritch Academy Witch (? Vadoma( oct 2018), old and new. due to Halloween XD

7. Tiarania, Tiaran's Elin.(2015)

8.Young Shandra manaya (2014)

9.Kaia (2013)

10.Lilith :> the queen of vampires, her concept is pretty curious, bc she has horns, like deva, deva vampire D: in the lore Gluda (goddess of vampires and gula) and Zuras(goddess of Deva), were enemies, Gluda and Akasha both Killed her :> then the Deva became Castanics with the guidance of Lok, and some became Arc'Deva with the influence of Lakan, and the story behind fate of arun and stuff.

11.Various Stuff of my characters Ferrishyn, castanic female(sorcerer) and Yui, Elin (Mystic) Raisan, Castanic male (Priest), and random stuff, Still missing some characters but i'll make them later, gods and goddesses too XD and also paint them

I have Old ones about Zuras, but cant find them. Well, that was all :D i'll make another gods and paint them later, hope you enjoy my works.
★ Not super TERA related, but wanted to update with a 90's anime style drawing I did~ ★
 [Veilka] sebu's art stuff 10/26/2018, 06:20 PM sebuu
finished couple and single chibis for Jen <3
Ello luvs! I am here to trade art for items cuz i'm poor. pls send help.

discord: momon-desu#8814
or pm here for my ign to discuss in game if you want

ANYTHING! Even NSFW tbh. Just send inquiry.

You can offer gold. But yea. talk to me first about it and how much you wanna offer!

What I really want:
Blue Songbird
But a battle Thrush would put you up the list!
Dakuryon Pet! [MP or HP doesn't matter]
Gunner Stormcry equipment [Any armor part or a weapon.. I don't mind.. this will put you up the list]
Any Cosmetics tbh. Just offer up. We will discuss.
But the Blue Songbird/ Battle Thrush is what I need right now as my mounts are slow. lmao.

I'll be doing these types of art:
 closed 10/26/2018, 03:35 PM J53ALA4R96
nvm changing it
 [Veilka] sebu's art stuff 10/24/2018, 10:28 PM sebuu
gift for a good friend ~ and a quickie of yumeko
Okay, thank you! I had a question or two but I'll ask them on Discord :)
@Exortus kait ♡#4222
try adding that! the commissions are closed but i will be opening soon c: feel free to dm me a form!
I tried adding you on Discord, but it wasn't working and I noticed the topic said 'closed', but it could be reopened in October. Are you still taking orders? o:
commission for cyanic <3
i apologize for the wait!
finally finished a commission for sesquialtera on kaiator <3
it was really hard! i had to simplify some things. i apologize for taking awhile, i have been busy dealing with some stuff.
☆゚.*・。゚ Here's a commission done as a gift to @Nenixa from @Margarethe , who wishes you a Happy Birthday! ゚。・*.゚☆
☆゚.*・。゚ Sending you the best wishes and hoping you have an amazing day! ゚。・*.゚☆
 Sufina Art Dump 10/14/2018, 12:35 PM Ferrishyn
Lovely artworks, i'm in love
they have to many things to do to start another race by scratch, also no one wants to make more animation, so much work, for example a new class like female only stuff you know, Notice that the races who are playable have their own city/zone / are civilized /easy to animate *cute,sexy,handsome* etc.
Hiya, I’m Ryuko.Kun from Velika. I’m here to offer you all some commissions! I do both traditional art (mainly pencil and ink) and digital art, although I’ve decided to offer everyone traditional art first, as it is my first time doing any commissions and because of that I just want to go a bit easier on myself. This also explains so few slots, I’ll come back with more slots if I end up enjoying doing commissions though! All the rules, samples, prices and such are listed below. If you have more questions, as well as want to request a commission of course, please contact me on Discord (Username: heathenly#8180).

- I take payment in PayPal, gold or cosmetics (check out the pricelist and my wishlist below). The cash/gold prices may vary depending on the gold/cash conversion.
- If you’ll pay me with gold or PayPal - I would like half of the payment to be delivered to me after I get the initial sketch done and send it to you. When I’m completely done with the piece - I would like to get the rest of the payment.
- Be patient please, art takes time. I give myself a deadline of a few weeks, if everything goes smoothly on my end (which usually does) you’ll most likely get the piece done within a week or less however.
- I will constantly keep in touch with you and update you on the progress or inform you in case the process will take a bit longer.
- I will need reference pictures of your character(s). I will need a front and side shot. Eventually a weapon reference as well if you want me to include it in the piece.
- I have the right to decline any commission for whatever reason.
- I would appreciate artistic freedom, meaning that I can tweak or modify traits of your character(s). Don’t worry, I won’t make your character look completely different than on the original reference pictures! If there are any feautures that you’d like me to strictly keep (if there’s any specific pose you’d like me to use, or any details in the clothing/appearance and such) then please let me know.

What I CAN draw:
- Female Castanics, Elves, Humans, as well as Elins
- Pin-up/”Cheesecake” poses
- NSFW/Ecchi
- Front and/or ¾ shots
- Weapons (as long as they’re not too complicated)
- Soft gore (a.k.a. a bit of blood here and there, simple scars and wounds)

What I will NOT draw (either because I lack the skill or simply don’t want to draw it for whatever reason):
- Elins in any sexual setting (revealing clothing, seductive poses, etc.)
- Dynamic poses and scenes
- Complicated armor
- Amanis, Poporis and Barakas
- Chibi
- Side and back shots
- Males
- Porn
- Gore
- Pets and mounts
- Advanced backgrounds (like nature, landscapes and such)

Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3

The prices are per character. The prices in gold depend on the current USD-to-gold conversions.
- Headshot: 8 USD
- Waist-up: 11 USD
- Thigh-up: 15 USD
- Full body: 18 USD
- Weapon: + 4 USD
- Inking: Headshot/Waist-up/Thigh-up/Full body subtract 1 USD = price of an inked version. Same goes for the weapon’s price. (Example: let’s say you request an inked version of a full body drawing, the price will then be $18 + $17)

Check out the diagram below!
(coming soon)
hi for the longest time I've always wanted a class in this game that was a mix between melee and range and I thought, what's a class that always sells/popular in mmorpg's? and I thought its got to be necromancer/occultist. This class is a stance class and uses its dark magic gloves fitted with blades at the finger tips and knuckles as its weapon. to switch stances you use a certain skill and the character will immediately switch stance animation and available skills for that stance will appear in your skill hotkey based on where you have set them.
Melee stance -features summoning a large dark energy scythe that can bleed, poison, inflict defense debuff, pull multiple in closer for melee attacks, can leech health with certain attacks, and has a skill that delivers a massive uppercut swing that launches the enemy airborne while they are repeatedly hit with dark thorns before falling to the ground. while in melee stance this class can summon only one demon variant (a small demon that uses duel sickles to attacks their targets)

range stance- this stance's goal is to deal as much debuffs and damage as possible in order to summon more powerful variants of demons to attack their enemies which are built up on a special bar (similar to brawler and gunner) this class is only able to summon the more powerful demons at its disposable through range stance which the first is a tall demon with an giant ax that attacks its target that the class tells it to. the second is a female demon that summons a pool of dark magic that chains enemies to the ground (in pvp this only applies a slow effect) then launches a ball of dark energy at the restrained targets. The weaker demons this class can summon in this stance that don't require the special bar is a demonic female sorcerer that deals damage to target from range.

both stances has a skill that allows them to absorb incoming damage for a set time and for the damage absorbed health is gained and if in range stance their high demon summoning bar is filled based on damage absorbed.

lore of class: during early days of the war against the Argons the federation was losing miserably. A certain Elin general took it upon herself to research the dark potential Elin and the other races had to overexposure to argon energy. it was many years later that the current queen at that time discovered the Elin general reckless pursuit of her research and was forced to make a tough call -exile the Elin general whom she was betrothed to or use a potentially dangerous new found power to fight the argons? With great sorrow she choose to exile her betrothed. Before leaving the exiled Elin general left behind a book containing her research ( a book later found by the notorious Peanut VonStudel). during her exile her knowledge grew even more and it was through contact with the Devans and the Scions of Lok that the research and knowledge eventually fell into the hands of the Castanics then eventually the federation and through the federation, those of the other races daring or reckless enough to study the knowledge soon learned the dark power as well (yes people I want this class to be usable by all races and genders)
 [Veilka] sebu's art stuff 10/05/2018, 12:12 AM sebuu
commission for Floating!
 [VELIKA/PP] iris's comms 10/04/2018, 07:47 AM Dokibun
Hi, quick question! Are you accepting PP only?

1.- EME creates no actual content for the game. It's just BHS.
2.- BHS has no need to create more races since lorewise, undead are just faceless enemies controlled by a god, none of them have a mind of their own at all. Even if they did have lore that would grant them as an actual race, BHS would rarely ever think about making something new, let alone letting it go through.
3.- Prions and Orcs have way more chances to be their own playable races, yet nobody cares about them, thereby no one would want an actual new race. Since the ones that should be on their way are not even known.
who thinks it would be a good idea if enmasse created a lich or undead skeleton race. I think it would be interesting and pretty cool cause rarely in mmos do you get the chance to play as the undead instead of fighting against them.
Recently finished commission for Kaylin !

Slot is back open again, paypal or gold ♡
 [Veilka] sebu's art stuff 10/02/2018, 10:30 PM sebuu
finished couple commission for Jen ~
 Vampy's Chibis Velika/PP 10/01/2018, 09:50 PM Vampyy
Full Chibi
Commission for Momoe
 Vampy's Chibis Velika/PP 09/30/2018, 12:49 AM Vampyy
Couple Full Chibi
Commission for @Jennileee
 [Veilka] sebu's art stuff 09/29/2018, 04:40 PM sebuu
hello, I am here to sell some simple chibi art ( ´ ω ` )

35k gold or 30 emeralds per character

wishlist! pls pm me about it
appearance change voucher
castanica demons castanic male/elin/box
pink wreath
dyeable airy aurora
snowy white scarf
elin eldritch uniforms

find me on discord @ sandy#0137

thank you for your interest!! ( ´ ▽ ` )
Price finally added! >v <
KitTeaCup wrote: »
Hi there,

I am REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry, this is not a good excuse, but with PAX/server merges my plate was overflowing.

I just emailed everyone, and all of the winners should be receiving their rewards by the end of the week.

This is seriously my bad. I'll make sure the next art contest we do it so much better on my end.

@Pee please let me know if you get that email!!!

Thank you, I recieved your response, you put in a lot of good work in this game and we know you do love it and appreciate us fans, with everything going on I hope I didn't cause any fuss I admit I was stressed out myself and got upset, sorry.
 Vampy's Chibis Velika/PP 09/27/2018, 03:43 AM Vampyy
Either ingame server Velika or discord @ Vampy=❀=#6001
Where can I message you ^^ Interested in your coms~
 Vampy's Chibis Velika/PP 09/27/2018, 03:37 AM Vampyy

Yes, prices have changed. I got a lot of commissions that are very overwhelming. I realized I've been undercutting myself.
Contact Information
Full chibis @ 40k/$15
Mini chibis @ 10k/$5
Follow me on Reddit
I'm Mayu from the newly merged Kaiator server !
I recently started trying to draw more again, and I would like to offer my new chibi style through Tera >v <

If you want to contact me you can via ingame "Mayu" or on discord Mayu ♡#8178

Example -

Rule's -
♡ No male character's
♡ Please do not rush me ):

! Paypal or gold is accepted !
$30/25Ok per character

Slot's -
1. Kaylin

 Feirel's art shop ( CH ) 09/27/2018, 12:25 AM Lizzu
My commissions are now open again! ^^

Hi there,

I am REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry, this is not a good excuse, but with PAX/server merges my plate was overflowing.

I just emailed everyone, and all of the winners should be receiving their rewards by the end of the week.

This is seriously my bad. I'll make sure the next art contest we do it so much better on my end.

@Pee please let me know if you get that email!!!
 [VELIKA/PP] iris's comms 09/26/2018, 11:16 AM irschts
hiya my commissions are open

more examples, prices & information → https://irschts.wixsite.com/commissions

I like your art! :) You have a nice style especially the way you color.
Give this person the rightful EMP they won. :/ frickin mEME.
It's been a month since the priest loading contest how long does this usually take? Has anyone else had trouble with this in past? I was speaking to support, but they gave up and told me to email them, to which they never responded.

Just kinda annoying with all the stuff coming and going from the store I was looking forward to getting, but it's also kinda upsetting that they're no longer responding it's not like I asked a lot or anything I just wanted to know how long I need to wait so I don't get my hopes up for stuff in the store..

It's also well, it's kinda a lot when you put hours into working on something, because you love the game for them to not really seem like they care... and not even bothering to put them into the game yet let alone give you the emp you won!

;_; -Boat
Stricera wrote: »
Can you draw many looking faces? My helf has like the only angry male face ever

It is possible, depends what it looks like. PM for inquiries
Can you draw many looking faces? My helf has like the only angry male face ever
☆ Hello Everyone! ☆
Intermediate digital artist, looking to sell art commissions of your Tera characters and original creations! Also known as 'Areena.' Sold a few digital pieces before.
Kaiator gold and Paypal are accepted.
☆ Scroll all the way down to view the prices and examples. ☆

1) Empty
2) Empty

☆ What can be offered:
- Female (Elin, Human, Castanic, Helf)
- Male (Boy-Elin, Human, Castanic, Helf)
- Plain armor/weapon designs. (If it looks like it's going to take up more time than what I am getting paid for, then I will have to refuse.)
- Any custom hairstyles, eye color, face adornments, some accessories (such things outside of Tera's standard cosmetics, such as Elin ears and tails matching their hair color.)
- Custom poses, or doing a singular activity
- Transparent or plain pattern backgrounds.

Regarding Communication: Contact my discord at ' alina#5706 '. Must stay in contact and will deliver updates upon accepting the commission. Be detailed about your order. References are required.

Completion Time: 6-18 hours - spanning out to a week or two.

☆ Canvas Sizes
- 2800x3000, 2500x2500, 1500x1800, etc. 3000 pixels is the max, 1500 is the minimum.

☆ What CANNOT be offered:
- Anthro-characters (No furries. Nothing beyond animal ears and a tail.)
- Baraka/Amani
- Elderlies
- Complex backgrounds (i.e., Elaborate background themes.)
- Chibi

Regarding Additional Characters: The subjects must have the matching, equivalent portrait depiction. I.e., if character is depicted at full body length, so must the other additional character. Pricing applies per character. Limit of TWO characters.

- Requiring half payment upfront. Once the piece is finished, a watermarked sample of it is delivered to you to affirm the completion. Upon receiving the other half payment, your full art piece is delivered.
- Refunds are accepted if the piece is still being sketched, or if something prevents me from working on the piece. No refunds once I am lining and/or coloring the work.
- Do not sell, distribute, nor claim my art as your own.
- Do not use for commercial use. I.e., profiting off of my art through Twitch, Patreon.
- Major changes are void once the drawing is finished.
- If you ignore me for a week, or block me while I seek to receive feedback from you, I will drop the order.
- I have the right to refuse an art commission.

☆ Thank you for your time! ☆

Full Body
- Color: 250k ($30) No Color: 170k ($20)
- Examples: ElsgG9G.png vlz1nc9.png ykVmP9x.png

2/3 of a Body (down to thighs)
- Color: 200k ($23) No Color: 150k ($17)
- Examples: p6SjTYk.png

- Color: 120k ($15) No Color: 60k ($7)
- Example: 7R5Mkap.jpg

Oppabo wrote: »
My queen....perfect art is perfect <3

♥ Thank you so much angel ♥
My queen....perfect art is perfect <3
Couple chibi v1 i finished a while ago uwu

And a fullbody of someone's DnD char!
 Luvi's Art corner 09/18/2018, 05:08 PM Oppabo
Omg your work is beautiful!! ;A; can't wait to see your rendition of tera chars <3
 Luvi's Art corner 09/18/2018, 05:32 AM JXE5356AKE
Very beautiful work!
Hello, everyone! Welcome to my art shop! ^o^
My name is Lessa and I mainly do digital arts. Since I am in dire need of golds, I thought I would open up art commissions.
I only accept gold as payment, I do not have a Paypal because Paypal scares and confuzzles me. >w<;;;
All commissions will start at the price of 10k each [aside from chibis, which would only cost 7k], and additional charges may be added
depending on how complicated your commission is. Additional characters will be 5k each [for additional chibis, will be 1k each].
I can draw Elins, Castanics, High Elves, and Humans. As well as Dakuryon although his horns always make me cry
You can contact me here in the forums, or in-game on the Mount Tyrannas server via messaging me on my main, Briarheart.
Please send me visual references of your characters, and whether you want a fullbody, half body, or chibi. My examples showcased here are black and whitish, but I can do full color if you'd like, at no additional cost. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! <3
Examples of my work below! I apologize if they're too big, I'll resize them if need be. More examples can be viewed in my album here.

My Archdevan OC, Cúchulainn. Dakuryon's youngest son, and the most magickally gifted.

Chibi Cúchulainn and Nemato! ^o^

A rather war-torn Dakuryon. Inspired by -- as well as based on -- some roleplays between some of my friendos.

♡ Small quick pixel I did yesterday as a break of my boyfriend's priest~
 Screenshot Daily! Forum 09/15/2018, 02:59 PM Moonpelt
Hello everyone in the Tera online community,

My name is Moonpelt and, what I like to do in my spar time in Tera besides fighting, questing, and other stuff is explore all over the game taking amazing screenshots of the land and beauty of the game it's self. Many players normally just power level through the game and then stop playing or do other things when we should all take the time and breathe, see the amazing art/landscapes is around.

Now what I have done this last few week is taken my screenshots to the next level and added inspiration quotes from people ( not just players ) and put them on the pictures. Whether or not these quotes and screenshots of mine impact you, I hope it can at least bring some joy or wonder to your minds. Tell me what you think of these ones so far and if you have any suggestions or want to request one, let me know. ~Moonpelt











 Luvi's Art corner 09/15/2018, 02:07 PM Chikki
Hello, everyone!

I'm Luvs, a artist who draws a lot of things but I especially love cute girls. I have been offering art services in Blade&Soul for over a year now so I thought to expand to Tera now :3

You can find my works here: https://synthpolice.tumblr.com/ or join my private discord server: https://discord.gg/6Wgq2c7

I'm also admin in a growing art commission community with over 2k members on discord, feel free to drop by! https://discord.gg/K9Byf3c
★ Half body commission for @Margarethe ~
commission 2/2 for nakaee MT
 Yeriss/Isaabis' Art 09/10/2018, 03:50 AM RenniBee
@mewsu Aww thanks so much! :D It was really fun to do. I love being super extra on the details and making the hair glow and the weapon glow and be on fire and... particle effects and sparkles and things haha!
 Yeriss/Isaabis' Art 09/10/2018, 12:37 AM mewsu
omg, that's gorgeous!!! ; A; i adore how you did the weapon and the hair!!
 Yeriss/Isaabis' Art 09/09/2018, 11:58 PM RenniBee
Hi all, just wanted to share a little art piece I did for my bf Saabi. It's his human female slayer. :) Hope you like it.
i will reopen commissions in october!
i will be trying something new, i am looking forward to it ! c:
sorry for the inactivity, i recently started school ><
here's 1/2 commission for nakaee @MT
xXEruneXx wrote: »
A tip is to make the lines on the eyelids a little bit lighter as such facial details do not need to be defined in a simple linework. You can give a hint of it in the shading process.

Shading the image can help with the foreshortening where one leg is in front of the other.

There is an extra line on the thumb on the left hand (or right for the avatar)

I do notice this seem like a trace of an avatar in an idle pose from a screenshot. While some people complain about tracing, it can actually be good practice! It helps an artist notice details for anatomy and linework. (Obviously do no trace work for some sort of profit. Only do it for practice!)

The tip I would give if you use a screenshot for reference is also try breaking the whole image down. From the skeletal anatomy of the body of the elin, to the body and then the clothes. Try out that technique and then add different outfits to what you made after.

I do like most of the linework in general. Have varying thickness in lines is something that is suggested to illustrative artists. Thin the lines in certain areas and thicken them in others.

Hope this was helpful!

Yes I used a screenshot as a referential, since it's the first time I do it on PC, i'm sorta trying to get the hang of the tools and stuff.

I don't really plan on selling anything, I'm just doing it casually for the fun and relaxing! I will for sure try that technique!

Yes, it was very helpful, thanks a lot for the tips! ^^
A tip is to make the lines on the eyelids a little bit lighter as such facial details do not need to be defined in a simple linework. You can give a hint of it in the shading process.

Shading the image can help with the foreshortening where one leg is in front of the other.

There is an extra line on the thumb on the left hand (or right for the avatar)

I do notice this seem like a trace of an avatar in an idle pose from a screenshot. While some people complain about tracing, it can actually be good practice! It helps an artist notice details for anatomy and linework.

The tip I would give if you use a screenshot for reference is also try breaking the whole image down. From the skeletal anatomy of the body of the elin, to the body and then the clothes. Try out that technique and then add different outfits to what you made after.

I do like most of the linework in general. Have varying thickness in lines is something that is suggested to illustrative artists. Thin the lines in certain areas and thicken them in others.

Hope this was helpful!

I never really had a chance to finish this piece and while I feel as though I’ve improved since then with my digital art class I took, I wanted to finish this up anyways. Maybe I’ll come back to it in the future and digitally paint it, but here it is for now.

So this is the first time I tried doing some digital art work related to Tera and I would like to know what do you guys think about it?

And how can I get better?

Thanks! :D

Absolutely! I want the artist community, and players, to know that I care about them! And seriously, my bad.

So far we've been getting a lot of participation, so please make sure to share so we can give these artists some love! :)
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