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 Lins Art Shop (CH) 06/21/2018, 03:55 AM Imprezive1
Sent a PM.
 Lins Art Shop (CH) 06/20/2018, 12:24 PM LinXiaoXing
Slot Progress :
1) Empty
2) Empty
3) Empty
4) Empty
 Lins Art Shop (CH) 06/20/2018, 12:23 PM LinXiaoXing
Hi, i`m Lin, i opened artwork comission, in these categories of images and artwork :
1) Half Body
2) Full Body
3) Full Background
4) Sketal Animation
Detail of description :
Price : 50,000 Gold
Server : Calestial Hills Only
Image resolution : Around 3508 x 2480 pixel (A4), with around 300 Dpi, RGB 8 Bit
Image format : PNG
Image description : Full color, with simple background
Working progress : Around 4-5 days.
Images sample :
Price : 100,000 Gold
Server : Calestial Hills Only
Image resolution : Around 3508 x 2480 pixel (A4), with around 400-500 Dpi, RGB 8 Bit
Image format : PNG
Image description : Full color, with simple background
Working progress : Around a week.
Images sample :
Price : 200,000 Gold
Server : Calestial Hills Only
Image resolution : Around 3508 x 2480 pixel (A4), with around 400-500 Dpi, RGB 8 Bit
Image format : PNG
Image description : Full color, with detailed background
In these categories you can request any background and character pose as you desire.
Working progress : Around 2 week.
Images sample :
Price : 500,000 Gold
Server : Calestial Hills Only
Video resolution : 1280 x 720 pixel (HD)
Video Duration : Around 30 second in actual animation, and can be loopable as you desire.
Video format : MP4
Video description : Full color, with detailed background and animation
In these categories you can request or suggest any concept, any background, and character pose as you desire.
and also you can request any background music during post-production.
Working progress : Around 3-4 week.
Animations sample :

You can see more of my art work in my social media :
My Facebook
My Deviantart
My Artstation
My Discord : husniarsyah#9264
FAQ (Frequently Ask and Questions) :

Q : How do i purchase the artwork?
A : You can fill the form like the format in below :

- Character name in game : .........
- Artwork segment : ......... (Example : Full Body)
- Character class and races to draw : .........(Example : Warrior / Elin)
- Special request : ......... (Example : I want my character using pose like assassins, wearing the mask / etc, or you can empty this one)

And then post in here,
After that.. we both meet in game (Calestial Hills server), you should pay me in advance, with half price of the artwork segment,
for examples, you want me to draw in Full Body, that would cost around 100,000 gold, and that means you need to pay me 50,000 gold first,
and another 50,000 after the artwork is done.
From here, i need to screen shoot the characters that you want to draw, or if you already have the data, you can send it into my facebook or my discord.

Q : How if i`m not play TERA, or i`m from another server besides Calestial Hills?
A : Sorry i can not fulfill your request for now, maybe in future i figured out another payment methode.

Q : How do i trust you not to scam?
A : I can`t scam, because my neck in Guillotine..
Here`s my character nick names in the game :
- Lin.Xiao.Fan (Brawler) - my main
- Lin.Xiao.Xing (Priest)
- Lin.Xiao.Ming (Mystic)
- Lin.Xiao.Lian (Gunner)
They all in Calestial Hills server, i have few other characters, but not much i log recently.

Q : Do you accept any valuables items as payment?
A : Ofcourse, any item that valuables in the games with the same price range from artwork segment.
if you wanna do the transaction with these items, we need to disscuss first what the item you want to gives me, lets see if i need it or not,
or its depend how i can re-sell the item to market.
If that items can not separate by quantity like costume for examples, then you have to agree to gives the whole item in advance to me.

Q : How do i monitored the artwork progress?
A : After we meet in game, i will ask your social media or discord, to submit the progress,
and i will not directly make the artwork to finish, i will consult every progress to you first, and here`s the progress :
Sketch >> Grayscale >> Color base >> Finishing

Q : What if i want to make revision from the artwork?
A : Depend on revision, some times i will charge for free for minor changes, or if they are so many or beyond repaired,
it would charge between 20-35% from artwork prices.

Q : How if i canceled the comission during artwork progress?
A : If you canceled comission during the progress, i will not refund the half of your gold, and i will gives the rest artwork progress to you.
and otherwise, if there any condition.. that i would terminated the comission before the artwork is finished, i will refund all your gold in full.

Q : How if i want to draw anything besides TERA fan-art?
A : Ofcourse i would draw anything besides TERA categories..
And here`s detailed rules and description :
- I will not draw porn and nudity (The limit is bikini or underwear).
- I will not draw any content that `againts` or `contradiction` with society, politics, or religions.
- I will draw any characters design as you desires.
- I will draw any detailed character as you desires
- Any artwork categories besides these 4 categories (Half body, Full Body, Full Background, and Sketal Animation), for examples like `Couple` or `Chibis` need to disscuss for future progress and price agreement.
- The prices of artwork would change anytime depend condition in the games, but i will not change the prices if the artwork/comission already in progress.
- The RULES and FAQ`s will be change depend how the problem will occur, but i will not change the main basics of the RULES or FAQ`s that would bring contradiction.
Feel free to ask any question, and thank you in advance :)
Hi, i was trying creat an brawler but i never have creat any human, anyone can give the slides from face of this screenshot? the hair its from coupon.

Needs more
sweet shots! good job <3

Hi there, my name is Marie, I made my account with Steam so my username is all funny!!! I don't know how to change it.
Anyway, I'm here for art because I want cute stuff!!!

  • i can refuse any order for any reason whatsoever
  • i can take a maximum of 2 weeks to work on a piece but you will more often than not have it within 5-7 days
  • i require full payment up front and i will keep you in constant communication about your artwork
  • you can request progress shots at any time
  • rushing/deadlines are an extra fee
  • double the price in both gold and cash for multiple characters, i.e if something costs 10$ or 50k, it would be an extra 10$ or 50k per character

I follow the EMP purchase numbers!!
I use a 1 EMP : 50 Gold ratio
10$ - 1000 EMP
20$ - 2200 EMP
40$- 4600 EMP

paypal/EMP slots
1. -
2. -
3. -
5. -

gold slots
1. -
2. -
3. -
5. -

1.) Character Name:
2)Character ref: (front, back and sides)
3.) Character Info/Personality:
Find me in game on Celestial Hills!!!
that's amazing! i signed up and i vote for you! goodluck
Commission progress.
The black space in the back is going to be filled later with a weapon.
So pretty! If your waitlist is still open on DA, I'd love to be on it to do RLC! I don't have any characters on MT, but I'm sure alot of cute elins will come your way for your art ~
Oppabo wrote: »
Beautiful art - I love the shading!!
May I ask what server you're accepting gold on? uwu

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I was trying something new there and wasn't really sure if it looked very good.

I've added my servers in the "Contacts" list, I completely forgot!
Praise the Amani, for they are mighty. They are.. Al mighty. Get it? Cause Amani?

... I'll take my leave.
 ☆Sadist's Art Corner☆ 06/14/2018, 11:09 PM Oppabo
Beautiful art - I love the shading!!
May I ask what server you're accepting gold on? uwu
Make Amans Great Again
☆Hello There!☆
☆You may call me Sadistic or Sadist! I am offering illustrations for Gold!
☆I am more than happy to draw any characters you have in mind, whether it be an elin or baraka!☆
☆How do I commision you?☆
Hit me up on Discord! My door is always open!

☆Do you accept money (USD,Euro,Yen,etc) as well?☆
Not as of right now. That may change in the future, though.

☆What kind of details do you need about my character to complete the commission?☆
I usually ask different kinds of questions with each person, just to personalize the experience, but it's all the same general idea.~

☆What counts as a "complex" background?☆
I'm really not a hardass about this. I would consider complexity to have things like perspective, buildings, etc. If I feel like what you're asking for will be difficult I'll let you know.

☆When should I pay you?☆
You can either pay me upfront, or you can pay me after accepting the Work In Progress sketch I provide for your review.
☆I hold every right to decline a commission.☆

☆Absolutely no underage characters depicted in sexual manners.Ever. Do not ask me to do this.☆

☆I will not make any hate art regarding religion, sexuality, gender, race, politics, ETC.☆

☆After receiving your finished illustration you may use it where ever, but please be sure to credit me.☆

☆I will not draw inflation, foot [filtered], vore, weight gain, pregnancy, diapers, watersports, scat, scalies, extreme muscles (bara), extreme gore, coprophilia, necrophilia ETC.☆


Discord: 100% Mean#6025
Feel free to either directly message me on Discord, or feel free to join my group, dedicated to my clients!
You dont HAVE to be a client to join the group or talk to me!


→ FLATS ☆ Profile (20k) ☆ Half Body (50k) ☆ Full Body (80k) ☆

→ SHADED ☆ Profile (50k) ☆ Half Body (100k) ☆ Full Body (120k) ☆
☆ My style may change from time to time as I try new things quite frequently! ☆
☆ Weapons can be done for a little bit extra depending on the complexity.☆
☆ I can draw both SFW and NSFW. ☆
☆ Illustrations can come as transparent, PNG or with a simple/complex background. ☆
☆ Feel free to ask me any further questions! ☆

Message me if you're interested!
What I had to say I already said on your twitter, but I'm still gonna drop this reaction pic here bc of how much I love it XD

Omg this art is so adorable!
Commission progress for Firian. (This commission may change a bit). I want to try a nice colouring with this one n.n )/
Her elf with the same name.
mewsu wrote: »
super cute art and lots of improvement!!!! <3 I'd like to know about your social media as well if that's okay!

Thanks ;A; and sure thing, I'll pm you as well o/
super cute art and lots of improvement!!!! <3 I'd like to know about your social media as well if that's okay!
Evell wrote: »
awh so cute! do you have any social medias or links so i can see more of your art? i love your style!!

Yup, I'll pm you o/
awh so cute! do you have any social medias or links so i can see more of your art? i love your style!!
Pisque wrote: »
Finished comission for Bunnic ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

I did a remake with all my heartu ;A; (and I can't believe it's almost a year already omg)


 Recommend 06/12/2018, 06:03 PM Pages
khazimaro wrote: »
You can add a tamer class? Or sub weapon like we can change weapon even if my class is Valkyrie to make the game excitement, i like to play different kind of weapon in a Single character, will i really like to use spear+Sword+bow+Gun+hand to hand combat.

This is just...Black Desert Online...

 Recommend 06/12/2018, 10:20 AM khazimaro
Hi, i recommend to add an angel race and fallen angel, like their wings are white if they are angel and black if they are fallen angel..i think its good to add this kind of Character because i like to customize different kind of races But i think not only me but other player also Gonna like this kind of cutomize because i like charavter that have a wings..and please add a customize for eyes color and lips, make the game good And beautiful because its kind of boring..i think its better if you guys watch anime so you can understand what we want but your game are already good but their are some missing And You can add a tamer class? Or sub weapon like we can change weapon even if my class is Valkyrie to make the game excitement, i like to play different kind of weapon in a Single character, will i really like to use spear+Sword+bow+Gun+hand to hand combat And also the ninja class please make the other race use ninja, i like elf to use ninja..for me your game is already good and addicting and nice graphics and beautiful characters..please add an angel race..sorry if my english is not good because im not fluent n english..thank you for your game..
I've been lurking in the creative forum silently...there have been a lot of fan arts and most of them are just that. But dang, you have my admiration. *claps*
this is so awesome!!
Omg! Thats amazing! Really great work, i love the details * ^ *
Oh wow that's amazing!
thank you guys!!
so cute and romantico <3 <3
woah that's so amazing ;___; you did such a good job i love the details. it's fantastic
asdjkiltguiok woah op O.O
the details are amazing, omg you even made the small zipper on the shorts *-*
and the sword is incredible, that glow in the dark touch ;^; <3333
fantastic work ;^; goodluck with the contest
i signed up and i'll vote when it opens :3
@Featherism !
Sorry I just put the old name by error!!
Hello everyone,
I play Tera on Tempest Reach and I'm also a figure and garage kit enthusiast.
I always wanted to create my Elin Slayer and (with much patience and dedication)
I was able to find the time to recreate my Prosciuttina.FTW wearing the Castanica Demon Outfit and wielding her Lipsplitter.
In these days my creation was submitted to a contest and you can see the image gallery dedicated to it at the following Link:


I warmly invite you to check it out and root for her!

From June 14th onwards you will also be able to vote for her but only if you're signed up in that website.

It really took much passion and i had to overcome many hardships to realize her,
finding the pose and a way to craft the details of the costume, I had to create the sword from carving two kitchen knives!
I thank everyone that will check her out or that will dedicate their time to give her a vote!

Let me know if you like it!!
Beautiful work, Also your twitter link is not valid? :( i wanna see more of your art reeeee
Update, Commission finnished!
Hi! I'm back with updating!.
As you know many of you who follows me on twitter I've been submitting delay commissions and being in touch with people who asked me the refund or the still commission!.

Some of you I even said I rather to make the refund and you said no, others just are waiting (someone just asked me to NOT submmit its commissiion in any gallery which is privated!). I can understan some of you are angry at my slow on going, it is reasonable, but being ride or trating me wrong and assuming I' m lying isn't correct....

It is true I'm not at discord that much due to RAM issues i need them as much as I can to run painting programs -.- not because I'm avoiding anyone.

My twitter : https://twitter.com/Nordunel

There's someone who asked me to make a commission of doujinshi which takes some time to do, I'm really sorry I'm slow I'm working as fast as I can , but there's someone who literally says I'm lying.... I am not, you can see ALL the progress on my twitter account!.


I have no reason to lie!
As a small commission break I decided to experiment with bust shots :3 I like how they came out even though they're not super detailed~

CornishRex wrote: »
:heart: :heart: :heart: I'm in love

I'm so glad that you liked it~; A;
Silliness in rp with friends. Finnoe, my Mystic, being taunted by a Raven
Recent commissions+gifts done~

Click for fullsize! v
mewsu wrote: »
★ simple colored full body for @CornishRex of her super cute human~she was really fun to draw and just one of the prettiest human females ever! ;~;


:heart: :heart: :heart: I'm in love
★ simple colored full body for @CornishRex of her super cute human~she was really fun to draw and just one of the prettiest human females ever! ;~;

★ pixel chibi commission for @Oppabo ~was my first time coloring butterfly wings and i'm very pleased with the result! new hairstyle was a challenge but pretty fun to pixel ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

 Velik Art 05/29/2018, 06:01 PM Ferrishyn
Hi, I've made this fanart of the goddess velik few weeks ago before tera birthday but i had no internet no upload it until now :> enjoy.
XWFTHP5G53 wrote: »
astdjhfkfgjgj ;^; i'm melting <3
your arto is so cute <3

★ a simple colored full body that i finished today! was fun drawing this pair of cute, snuggly elins~ (=´ᆺ`=)

★ another mochi for @Palochi (・♡・)

My entry for the loading screen contest ;w; the old version might appear in game, but here's the most recently edited one!

Also a headshot commission for @Margarethe I finished recently!

Waiting list for August batch is open! If you're looking for a pixel or chibi, I might be able to fit you in now! (Also prices adjusted with most recent emp rate)
xiophie wrote: »
ohh okay! will do

Yeah I miss the old days of forums, when people actually posted their characters with different poses, facial expressions, and etc; what makes them unique. So I decided to make a forum thread to keep it all in one place. So that anyone can say, "Oh wow!"
ohh okay! will do
Could you post them here-*link below*. They're wonderful! I started a thread on these types of screenshots.


this one was his idea ^-^
thank you! i love taking them ^-^
aww those two elins look adorable together ;w; lovely screenshots!!
thank you! :D
The beach one is so nice
I love taking cute screenshots ^-^

 The Art of Noire 05/13/2018, 10:52 AM TwilitAbyss
Yooo what is UP, my TERA homies? I decided to make this thread thingamahjig for my TERA art. Feel free to make requests, I always appreciate excuses to practice lmao

A 10v10 deathmatch event with guardian gear!

Best of 3, single elimination pvp event!

For players on Mount Tyrannas only.

  1. Only 2 of each class is allowed. Healers are limited to 3 total.
  2. Only guardian gear is allowed. You may use up to tier 3 etchings on weapon and armor but no jewelry etchings at all.
  3. Consumables are not allowed.

Event starts at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) on May 18th and we will go up to 2 hours. Please show up on time. We'll allow a 10 minute window for anyone running late. Teams can replace missing members so long as the replacement abides by the rules above.

Prize: The winning team will get 10,000 Noctenium Infusions for each team member. Other rewards pending.

The deathmatches will take place in Allemantheia Outskirts. Location subject to change if there are problems with that area.

If you're interested in joining please fill out this google form.



Thanks to EmE I've acquired quite a few tradeable scarves. I also happen to have some purple wings that I'll be giving out to players who find and trade with me.


I'll start around 7pm pacific (10pm eastern) Saturday May 5th. Hints will be posted on the eme discord for anyone looking. I'll also stream my location at

Good luck!
Doing chibis € 16,15 or 200k gold each! <3
hi i'm moa and cyan on tempest reach and i'm poor and want cute costumes so i'm opening an art shop

  • i can refuse any order for any reason whatsoever
  • i can take a maximum of 4 months to work on a piece but you will more often than not have it within 5-7 days
  • i require full payment up front and i will keep you in constant communication about your artwork
  • you can request a stream or progress shots at any time and if i am available to stream (if not we can arrange a date and time for stream later)
  • rushing/deadlines are an extra fee
  • double the price in both gold and cash for multiple characters, i.e if something costs 10$ or 50k, it would be an extra 10$ or 50k per character

1$ = 100 emp (rate 1:35)

paypal slots

gold/costume slots
1. gold [open]
2. gold [open]
3. gear [open]
4. elite [open]
5. elite [open]
6. costume [open]
7. costume [open]

item wishlist
1. reaper stormcry
2. mystic/priest stormcry
3. warrior stormcry (specifically tank)
4. elite status
5. fortified pinkalicious innerwear
6. elin airy aurora costume
7. dyeable wedding dress
8. hello kitty pink uniform
9. hello kitty dress
10. dyeable flight suit
11. elin colorful cat club costume
12. star glow weapon skins (priest/mystic)
13. star glow costumes

crayonicons - 5$ - 17.5k

chiblets - 8$ - 28k (no samples yet, will be edited with samples soon!)

chibis 13$ - 45.5k

bustshot 15$ - 52.5k

thigh up 25$ - 87.5k

fullbody 60$ - 210k

loading screen/desktop background 100$ - 1mil
no samples yet but there will be some soon

if youre interested pm me here or contact me on discord @ Ren#8025
Aaaaaaah I see OOO: thank you!!! Education! xD
Do not worry haha, it is made on purpose due to the well famous backward hard in the cover of Guilty Gear XX Midnight carnival's game, made by the very Daisuke Ishiwatari (Creator of Guilty Gear universe :D ) it was something the commissioner asked for :)

EDIT: I don't know if you're aware, but the commission is a character from the same videogame :D
Hello, dear community!

Posting some of my old fanarts, since i have a new account, so dont be surprised if you recognize some of my works^^
I will upload new ones soon, since my work sheduled calmed down finally:D

Will give an update later on what types of comissions I would do:)




what a beautiful piece of art! <3
(but I think the hand in the back of the guy is the wrong way round? x-x maybe I'm just stupid tho...)
Commission finished.
As you know, it takes me a little bit to finish each piece, but for sure you'll get what you asked for n.n;;
W E L C O M E !

I'm an amateur artist whose looking for something to kill time,
so don't be afraid to send your form!

status: o p e n
Stream status: o f f
✿ Be patient!
✿ Please use the form!
✿ Three slots at a time.
✿ I can reject offers.

IGN: //
Server: CH
Reference: Please use pictures!
Personality/Things they like: Be descriptive, but don't write a novel!
Offer: items/gold
Hello and welcome to my art shop!
Do take note that my art style is inconsistent, so the samples shown may or may not have the same style.
and that I only do HEADSHOTS

✿ Be patient!
✿ Please use the form!
✿ Three slots at a time.
✿ Paid users will be prioritized

Do's( + ) and Dont's( - )
+ Girls(except amanis)
+ Gore
+ Poporis
- anything too cluttered
- males(sorry i suck at males)
- full body/chibi

✿ Elin Eldritch Academy Uniform
✿ Castanica Tech Uniform
✿ Feral Valley Jr. High Uniform

✿ Plucky princess wand

you can offer items that are not from the list as well! just make sure it's for elins :>

SKETCH = 10k


for more samples, visit my deviantart
contact me in the forums please!

Server: CH
References: clear refs pls
Personality: 2-3 words
Quantity: 1 or 2
total: gold/items
 ELLEON COSTUME 04/28/2018, 01:05 AM Dakuto
Should have Elleon's armor suit as a costume or a similar concept of it
Hi there everyone! I'm going to reopen my commissions here~
I'm Evie from AV, however I will only be accepting Paypal/other money transfer commissions, and 1 small gold(AV)commission! right now >n< sorry!
The gold amount will be the emp rate of my prices!

Commission types! ↓↓↓

Full Body ($30+USD)
spring_miku_by_fluffans-dc672qm.png sakura_by_fluffans-dc92yn0.png

Illustration ($35+USD) This is where I'll design the character for you!
meissa_by_fluffans-dbzqx0u.png bjorn_commission_by_fluffans-dc3b6z5.png

Animated Half body/bust ($40+/- USD)
This is a current wip, but i still wanted to give an example of one! The final product will be colored, more fluid, and have sparkles/heart animations as well~

If you order this, I can also animate other things than just the hands and mouth~
I can not guarantee when this type of commission would be finished as they take longer to do, but likely 2+weeks!

Bon Bon Chibi ($20+USD)
nurse__by_fluffans-dbwvnh5.png star_guardian_lulu_by_fluffans-dbzyys5.png

Butterball Chibi($15+USD)
A butterball chibi will have less anatomical features, as well as a more simplified outfit, compared to a bonbon!

Halfbody/bust ($20+USD)

Other commission info!

If you want more than one character in the picture, the price will go up depending on what you order!
I will add animated sparkles/ hearts to your picture for +2$ on any commission type (this 2$ charge does not apply to the animated icon option)
Please let me know if you want any other animation type added to your order, and I will let you know the charge!
Adding a detailed/complex background will come with a higher charge! however if you want a simple colored background with some flowers or something, I'll do that for no extra charge!

I am willing to do..
Any character/OC

Please PM me with...
-Type of commission (fullbody/butterball/etc)
-Photo/description references of what you want
-your name and payment info
-the number of characters
-The pose you want it in

Please check my dA T.O.S for a more detailed list about what i will/wont do, and other terms! https://fluffans.deviantart.com/journal/T-O-S-719504294

My social media-

Deviant art https://fluffans.deviantart.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fluffans/

Please contact me ..
either in the comments here, DM me here, DM me on any of my social media OR add me on discord! Evie#3510

I'll be taking roughly 10 slots, and intend on staying open most of the summer!


1. Bjorn- 2 person+background
 Ghillieglade Question 04/24/2018, 11:52 AM Edits
Is there a way to do the Ghillieglade instance without purchasing the 100 vanguard rep teleport scroll?
Speaking specifically for the non-elite players. (It is my understanding elite players can teleport there)

Seems a little expensive to me.
So i see the whole community just stick to vanguards.

No one runs the dungeon because of loot.
Just because they want to run the dungeon.

Because everything that drops until 417 dungeons you can get easily by just grinding for yourself.

So, if you aren't that much into BiS, what's the point of the dungeons?

I mean, when I played on PC, you could run low ilvl dungeons solo for MWA and stuff for example/
There is no reason (lootwise) to run dungeons until you reach 417.

For a game that is meant to be multiplayer, this feels tooooooo much single player if you ask me.

Common, I can get midtier gear weapon with just doing 8 daylies? took me about 4 or 5 days to have full midtier set.
That's no way to run a multiplayer online game if you ask me/

What's your opinion on this?
Hello! My Earlier thread was deleted for some reason~ So i'll set up shop again!

I'm from Mount Tyrannas! My IGN is Soliss

Here are my samples~! More samples @ TUMBLR

NON CHIBI [bribes only... i accept gold and RLC]

Pricing: [i will only do blinking animation... any other animation is considered extra] [Will do couples or groups too]
For Gold:
- 80k for blinking chibi.
- add +20k gold for extra animations
For Paypal:
- $15 for blinking chibi
- add $5 for extra animations

For non-chibi bribes
- I'll accept wishlist items... [see below]
- If you want to offer gold.. maybe.. hmm.. no less than $30

- Battle thrush/canary mount [will draw anything for this]
- STORM CRY WEAPON OR ARMOR for gunner! any part will do, discuss with me first [I NEED THIS. I REALLY DOOOOO. WILL DRAW EVEN COUPLE ART FOR THIS!!!]
- Female Complete Mechanical Bundle
- Baby
- Andy

- I will draw almost ANYTHING
- Pay first, then i'll start drawing.. except for paypal transactions.
- For paypal transactions, I'll send you the first WIP then when you approve, I'll send you an invoice.
- Please no rush. I have RL stuff too... but i promise to do your art as quick as i can possibly can.

Character Name: 
Mode of payment: (indicate if gold, item or real cash)
Character ref: (front, back and sides)
Character Info/Personality:
Weapon ref: (only if you want me to draw a weapon): 
Anything to add?: (Specific pose you want, or any detail you wanna add/remove)
Paypal e-mali: (For invoice purposes. don't mind this if you are paying for gold/items)

1. Tired - Blinking Chibi - Flying mount
Title says it all, can only pay gold, would like full character portrait
Eu e meu irmão começamos a jogar e ainda estamos meio perdidos, gostariamos de saber se existe uma comunidade br ativa no tera e se poderia no ''acolher".
Two recent pieces done~ one for a secret easter, one as a commission!

10% discount still active for paypal commissioners~
The Chosen Ones, Erune and Eruno
The Fae Sisters
Hello~! I'm Ponjii.. Also known as Soliss or Dagiel in Mount Tyrannas.

Here are my samples for you to see:


prices note: I will only do blinking animations, any other animations would be considered extra.
- gold: 80k
- for extra animations: +20k gold [depending on complexity.. may have to add]
- money: $10
- for extra animations: +$5 [depending on complexity.. may have to add]
- Will also accept item bribes. Just tell me.

-i will draw ->Almost anything. Just discuss your order with me first, and we'll see how i goes
-I start working on your order only after i received the payment
-i have the right to refuse.

If you're interested, send me a PM with this form:

Character Name:
Character ref: (front, back and sides)
Character Info/Personality:
Weapon ref: (only if you want me to draw a weapon)
Anything to add?: specific poses,additional items, additional animation if ever, etc.
Paypal E-mail: For invoice. invoice will be sent as soon as first sketch is approved. Disregard if you are paying gold.

Redraw of an old image
Trying something new in drawing
Drawing of Erune
Eruno, my adorable goofball~
If BHS let me design outfits for Tera
My female Castanic. She's a pretty lady~ :3c
Chibi doodles of my Elins and a Friend's
Initial brainstorming doodle ideas of the loading screen contest before settling on the final image
Here, she's firing off the turret in front of a big explosion with monster parts flying everywhere
In which I share my chicken scratch art. Once I get comfortable enough with my work, I might do requests in the future. I'm still learning so have mercy on me. First up is this piece I did of what I think Nemato might have looked like without that freaky headgear. Still in the middle of coloring it so I'll update this post once it's finished:

This was definitely worth the wait. For those still waiting on your commissions, be patient, and you will be rewarded with an amazing piece like this. Its almost magical how you can draw the best out of the strong and aggressive scary looking aman, and make it look like a total gentleman.

I am 10000/10 pleased. Thank you!
Commission finished for Zoknahal. His amani lancer!
SO SORRY for the huge delay, i had to take care of some things this week!
I'm working on the next commissions from tomorrow on! just give me some days, i've turned a little slow due to mom issues, but you'll get your character for sure! ♥
WB. Look forward to them. You're better than that one artist who took 50% of my payment, showed ONE live sketch then went MIA and block/deleted me.
Kind of a shameless plug, 3 years ago I streamed Tera pretty much daily. Life caught up with me and took me out like Batman's parents. Anyways, I'm back to a point where I'm not working insane hours and have a PC that can stream again. So I'm back! I stream Mon-Friday from 7pm-9pm guaranteed. Sometimes the streams will go longer and I try to get a couple hours in on the weekends when I find something new. (aka let's play's, follower choice, etc)

I've got my EME Partner application in and hopefully that goes through, but in the meantime I'm gonna try to do some giveaways out of my own pocket. So feel free to come in and hang out. I'll link a highlight below of a quick zerk walkthrough I did recently, as well as the twitter, fb, and twitch page. Follow twitter or facebook to get notified of the day's schedule as well as when I'm going to be live.

"Short" Zerk Walkthrough

Ulta's Twitch

Ulta's Twitter

Ulta's Facebook

Hi everyone :)
i want to share with you two videos i made with michael jackson character.
First one :
Second one :

Take care and good games :)
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