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I believe close beta is over and all are now waiting for open beta , so the code is now usless unfortunately
Hey I got the email with a code for PS4 but when I try to redeem it it says that I can't. I got the code last month. Is there any chance Bluehole can give me a new one? I'm happy to provide my current code privately to Bluehole as proof
0xFF05 / 0xE0191009
• What happened: Unable to declare a GvG against guilds that have previously surrendered recently. Gives the error message "On cooldown. You can declare a GvG battle again after 1 day.", despite waiting longer than the listed time.
• Date and Time the bug was witnessed: Frequently between 2016 to current. Usually after a guild surrenders 2-5 times.
• Reproduction Steps: Unable to test for reproduction, but the steps leading up to the bug are:
1) Declare a GvG on a guild
2) They surrender/withdraw
3) Repeat until the error occurs
• Screenshot:


Looking for advice to fix it.
Unfortunatly you can't directly call out names in forums.
That aside, it's very likely to simply be lag/desync.

The likelyhood of it being some sort of cheat is pretty low, especially with the recent call to arms about 3rd party programs.
I am potentially a new Tera player. After downloading the installer from the Tera website I ran it only to get the seemingly infamous "Pointer is NULL" error mentioned in so very many postings before mine. The majority say to run as admin (which is total crap, BTW), restart PC, and some other ignorant and generic suggestions. The only tip that allowed my installation to progress was this one:


It looks as if the "fix" is to get someone else's more recent installer/launcher and replace the one taken from the canonical download page. At this point my launcher has been updated and is actively downloading the game data (only 3.5 days remaining...yea!)

Tera team, it is completely lost on me why you would have new players download such an old and known-buggy installer. Look at how far back these bug reports go:


Can we get this fixed, please? How many customers have you lost in the years past (and are you still losing) because they don't have the skills or patience to find a workaround? The fix is simple because you've already done the work. Just link people to a newer launcher that doesn't have this bug. If nothing else, redirect to that guy's dropbox link.

How did you redeem them ?
They come in item claim so you need to log a character in and claim them
Then they will end up in your inventory there you need to activate them and whilst doing this don't forget to click on the box agreeing to use them before clicking on
Then you can make a new character

If still not working I'd suggest sending a ticket in for a problem like this but I hope this fixed it for you
i bought two new character slots and when i redeemed them and logged out to create new character i wasnt able to
Not sure if anybody discuss about this.This is done by running into an object on the floor with mount and re-summon it. This will cause you to glitch into the ground and mobs cannot attack you even when is aggro (We can't damage them too) . I did this by chance.
I was commenting on the wording of the event as announced on the web site, not the forum posting here. Also, I posted after the start of the event, which (according to web page) was 00:00 PST. EME really should match up forum, web, and game. Doesn't matter which one you pick, the other two are broken.
re your post in the thread
Re-enabling double VG rewards
Bjond wrote: »
The double drops for GG & PoP are working. The triple rewards are not. VGs are giving 2x reputation, but no increase to gold, item XP, or metamorphics. 'Dunno about other VG rewards -- haven't done one with tokens or chests yet. I suspect the "tripled rewards and reputation gains" statement on the web page either had some unspoken caveats or they just didn't do it.

you may want to re read this very thread from the start

Lapomko wrote: »
Does it mean that gold reward also get trippled?
As before, only reputation and item rewards are currently doubled and will be tripled during this coming weekend's event.
I just did a couple GG and 4x Petrax. The 2x drop bonus part of the weekend is working fine. However, the 3x VG rewards is NOT working. Instead, the Petrax VG gave 2x VG reputation, but no other increases to any of the the other VG rewards. Gold was still 210g and item XP was only 20. If you didn't intended to increase all the VG rewards -- just only the reputation -- and only by 2x instead of 3x, you might want to align the announcement statement and game behavior.
not to mention the unbalanced matching. enemies got like 4 tanks and ours got 1
ever plan to fix this sht? i lost a match cause the lead skills weren't there and couldn't lead properly w/o the scan. scanning plays a big role in leading a game, esp a losing one
incoming ban boyyyyyyz
Injector through and through
Desync is a [filtered], no callouts on the forums though
I was in FWC when I got ready to go for a pyre, I found a ninja (Ninja.Gaideen) and well the video explains :scream:

its a bug or cheat? :s
I had the same issue and the response I received was that they are aware of it. That's pretty much it.
This is very frustrating... The glyph costs so many points and it's not even working as intended... I really hope they fix this soon. I'll send them a reminder ticket.
Well, since this was said I might as well make notion of it. Last time I checked my titles, I was missing the Founder title as well.
Using the Support Tickets would be your best (and honestly probably only) bet to get this resolved and a fix put in place.
i have a founder account, and all my other characters have the founder titles,but today i bought an addition character slot, and made a slayer, but i can't find the founder title on my title list, but the mount is still available
Currently with the roll reset glyph on, I get the reset notification on the 2nd roll, and the skill does not go on cooldown, however I cannot roll again for 4 seconds(the normal cd)

Have confirmed that other Valks are also able to replicate.
I have to say I did enjoy the technical test but did find some similar bugs. 1. As mentioned above, some quests I had to click on options to get a dialogue box opened, 2. Not a huge issue in the grand design, but I did find that the clothing on some characters seemed clipped when wearing robes, looks like the robe is stuck in there legs. 3. Lack of keyboard and mouse compatibility. 4. I found when trying to chain skills, half the time it wouldn’t chain after I clicked the combo button but would instead revert back to the start of my chain, yet the chained skill would be on cool down.
Resurrect works ppl had to figure out to close the original message for self resurrect because this message covers over the resurrect from a player or scroll
One of the introductery quests for level 60 leads to an area that bluescreens characters. If you log in it will immediately blue screen. I managed to get my menu up and teleport out. Went back to the area same thing. Managed to get out and avoided this quest line all together
That is the same when it happens to me that when I am in the middle of the game it also comes out.
Hello, I wanted to report a bug (or whatever) that when I start the session first asks me to log in but I get the window to start session. Does anyone know why that is? I would appreciate it :'(
Actually when you face this bug you need to pass through a load screen to fix it or be in a city, I had the same bug then I took a pegasus to Velika and tried to use it again and it worked just fine
WOW I can't believe I'm seeing this... Part of my bug list suddenly appears in another topic with one word altered. I spend HOURS writing my feedback on technical test for PS4, then someone go to my topic, copy part of it, change the word "Priest" to "Mystic" and add this "4. The game should have option for Keyboard and Mouse" phrase that I added to the end of my topic out of the bug list this person copied part... My topic is now on approval just because I edited to put some links to videos in it to show En Masse how the bugs was happening into the game
Can't you just change channels?
Yes, I agree, thanks for the response. :)
After playing for awhile my character icon on my mini map disappeared. It's a lot of lag while I was playing. The cutscenes would glitch like the characters in the scene will be sliding around in a cross like pose. Fun game and I look forward to play more on the Xbox one after the maintenance is over.
After playing for awhile my character icon on my mini map disappeared. It's a lot of lag while I was playing. The cutscenes would glitch like the characters in the scene will be sliding around in a cross like pose. Fun game and I look forward to play more on the Xbox one after the maintenance is over.
Missing classes is not a bug.
This is not a bug. There are multiple instances for the game world. If the one you are in has lots of people you can change instances.
1. Resurect another through scrolls or Mystic skill of Resurection wasn't working because the dead player don't recieve the message to confirm the resurection.
2.Sometimes when you interact with NPCs to deliver or assign to quests their dialog menu don't show up and you need to press Options button to fix it.
3.did not have 3 classes in character creation: Gunner, Ninja and Valkyrie.
4. The game should have option for keyboard and mouse.
I think servers are down because the beta was finished yesterday
Yep same here
Same thing here
I cant find tech test ps4 forums so if you need to move thos post please do. It was good i finished lvling my brawler to 65 at lik e 9am est. Got to play most the dungeons my biggest gripe is the sound in caves echoes so bad its all you hear gotta fix this its bad.and for the love of god let us completely edit and remap our skills like perma having x to gather was just a pain in the [filtered] to have on my main bar for something i only did once in a while. Anyways, the quests 99% worked a few didnt or i couldnt find the npc. Its kinda hard to find where you need to go for some or even find new ones theres an option to turn that on i just think you might wanna have it on by default but, even then its still hard to find the npc even with a big question mark on your map. There was frame drops im sure you guys are still working on it it was really bad in dungeons and pvp sometimes but just restarted app and it was fine like i said i cant find correct forums and i cant stress enough about the customization of skill bars so, if you can put this to where devs can see it ill be happy. I had a great time playing it was fun.
Yeah ive been trying to connect for the past 3 hours. Theres nothing wrong with my connection as im playing other games online. If they're updating itd be nice if they atleast said that on their social media.
Lmaooo. Whenever this happened where it would state, "You're busy", Just relog. No don't close app, just go to character screen and poof back in.
Everytime I try to get on I get A connection error on Tera ps4
Same bug. Tried to drop the quest but unable to do so. Tried Destroying the device now cant find another one lol. My issue now is no server connection.
I still don't see the PS4 Bug Report...I have the same issue with the clothes clipping. I know that is minor.

I think you have to give it a minute to recognize you are a test participant. From what a read, it seems only people participating can see it.
Baraka Curscene centered on smaller race size. So I saw belly no face lol
The biggest problems for me, was the framerate that is still very low and the textures that are poorly detailed and take too long to load in some areas.

I played on Xbox One X.
I can confirm Bug 1,2,3 and 6 happened on my game aswell.
Also when in town I often get the message resolution has been reduced due to insufficient memory and before that the game freezes for a few seconds then works normal again.
I play on XBOX ONE X and it feels as if I have really low fps all the time but especially in cities there are huge framedrops.
In several instances I have had my... Invisible cursor for lack of a better term interact with objects in my environment while I'm in a menu/dialogue on button presses. This has caused issues with dialogue and inventory navigation. Often my cursor refuses to go to slectable options . These issues are easy enough to clear up by simply exiting the menu, re-orienting your character and trying again, but rather annoying regardless.
After using the "locate teleporter" function for the vanguard "Hunt the Dusky Basilisks", my minimap player icon disappeared. Since I have entered different maps, used the world maps " My Location" function, nothing happens. I've restarted the game twice, and even restarted my console to no avail.
I enjoy this game under normal circumstances so far, however this particular bug is game breaking. I look forward to playing again once it's fixed.
Is it possible that we could continue to play while you tweak and finish the game?
Every time maintenance is done, it could be realtime feedback if what was tweaked worked the way it was suppose to.
Ps4 Tera is super fun , the problem that I have had is with huge frame rate drops.
Lancer wallop does not respond the character just stands there. The game would run really well on console after frame rate issues are solved.
All in all good game I had problems with lag to in small areas and flying.
I've noticed a lot of lag on the ps4 version, but that could be due to stress testing of the server.

I've also had quests update, and then all the mobs and the npc's in the zones disappear. I've had to quit the game and restart to correct it.

Just once in a dungeon, level 27 dungeon, I was unable to type in Party Chat. Could not use the default chat or my own keyboard.

Been a few quests where you have had to collect an quest key item from a mob(s) and players who did not spawn the mob have been able to interfere and kill the mob(s) and collect your item(s) making you repeat the fight.

About all I've noticed so far. Enjoying the game on PS4!
When are you que up for dungeons the text box in which you accept going insidr the instance glitches, allowing you not to enter the dungeon. If you restart the game youll be in the group but not in the dungeon. When you exit out of the group you get a 15 minute penalty. Please fix! Great game otherwise.

Lastly you when you complete the avatar weapon and when the pop up at the top announces it sometimes doesnt go away.
By any chance have you had to go back to the main menu after entering the game because when you entered there were no npc's or other players showing up just the little animals and scenery? I'm having that problem a lot, along with everyone freezing but me, and also the constant disconnect.
when I fly to other places it lags really bad
Can't use decryption device says I'm busy, for the building a mystery quest
Think Im gonna add what I found here (that possibly havent been mentioned yet):

1. Not often but once connection is lost, player is greeted with only the backdrop of Tera, no option to Select Server again
2. In the Level 10 Dungeon (For the Children quest), declining the "Reset quest" can leave the player stuck in the dungeon.
3. Continuing a dungeon quest (For the Children quest again) is sometimes impossible as the mobs don't spawn in, forcing the player to reset it.

Not sure if it's my connection or something but I thought to add it here just in case.
I have been experiencing major lag in all areas causing me to freeze badly then rubber band forward . Problems where after talking to a NPC, it wont back out of the chat and I can't defend against attacks. And sometimes my map location vanishes.
Map size is way too big and it often overlaps the quest and can cause me to think that there is a marker there.
1. Quest Markers are slightly off from where the map says they are.
2. Going to the feats tab causes the game to crash.
I too always have serious frame drops while riding Pegasus and disconnects from the server 2X during.
How is navigating the larger cities? For me the framerate is rather bad there also
I wish there was a option to set map transparency tbh
Is the minimap suppose to take half your screen please tell me there's going to be a way to adjust this
The bottle-necking at name mobs for solo quests made this game unplayable for me. Between the sheer number of people doing the quests at once, and people trolling by killing the names multiple unnecessary times it just flat wasn't fun to try to play. I only got to level 16 and I spent more time killing 2 mobs(one I never updated), than I did in all of the other content combined. Sure, maybe once the hype dies down after launch these will easily be doable; that's not going to keep a crap ton of people who have a similar experience from ever really playing.
Before saving Anya the argon sentinel attack area misplaced their red attack area about halfway across the field when I was in front of them beating them down with brawler. Kept testing it out and it happen with a lot of their attacks. Might be a bug or something.
The quest called Scruffy Kumas Herders is bugged. I am trying to turn it in and get my reward from the npc Mattin but it makes the noise like its completeing but the quest doesn't complete. I have tried resetting the client but it doesn't help.
I still don't see the PS4 Bug Report...I have the same issue with the clothes clipping. I know that is minor.
Im sure this has already been reported, but upon death in a dungeon it is very difficult to resurrect people. Not sure why this is but should be looked at.
Could have have sworn there was no ps4 bug report section when I wrote this. I'll just write it over there I guess.
These are a few things I noticed during the test.

1. The outfit clipping, it's not important to the game at the moment but it's the first thing I noticed
2. The character selection, already made characters, makes my PS4 sound like its about take off for flight
3. Argon Sentail damage range box is not accurate, in the beginner instance
4. I had an experience when I could not use parcel post even though it was open. No matter what button I pressed it would not come off and my character moved around like it wasn't open. I could see through it and play the game but I logged off and back in again and it went away.
5. The game may not be saving my viewing distance. I don't like to be too close to my character
6. Random zoom in after monster kill
7. For this one I don't know if it's just me, but the main quest markers can be slightly off the npc location, in Oblivion Woods at least. That slightness has me running around.
8. Devan Arcanist swing attack box is not accurate
9. Yellow quests are not over npcs heads or on the map.
10. I see "N" for parcel and TERA Store but there is nothing there that is new or nothing there at all

Hopefully this disconnected part would not be an issue on beta version hoping there be more servers
This "thread" or discussion is bugs I've noticed but if the community finds some and need a place to post it. Here's One. Before i start i would like to say that although these bugs have affected my gameplay in some way, I'm still happy to play the test and very appreciative to the hard working people at En Masse.

So to start off the loot system has to be bugged because right now when you get into a dungeon on PS4. It's a free for all for loot. Those who watch cut scenes are not going to be able to grab anything lol I've been a victim to this... So to specify again, There's no, "Rolling for Loot". Seems to be fine on Xbox but PS4 its madness. I know there is rolling for loot on PC so yeah, Dev's get to work after the test.

Second thing i noticed is, When you go to Bastion location with my Reaper, I don't know if it puts stress on the game or something but it's like a guaranteed crash. I can sort of confirm this because I've crashed about 10+ times when i relog. I haven't tried going as my Berserker as i don't want to experience anymore crashes but i might as well eventually. Every time I'm on my Berserker i don't experience much of anything. Is something wrong with reaper class because i started noticing things a lot more when i made a reaper. For example when i was running the 5-man dungeon Argon's Corpse i believe it's called, It was a fps drop fest all way round. But mostly at the last boss that spins and does that move when it's like, "Get inside or go far outside". I get close and it's sort of freezes but when i back up it clears itself up a bit. This just makes me worry for what's to come as far as raiding and what not.

Lastly, I'd like to direct you to these Imgur images i have uploaded which show that there is a bug with the adds or enemies. Didn't come up to often so i just want to point it out. Sometimes there can be an Invisible Adds running around hitting you and you won't notice. Typically happens after you've killed a large group or maybe just for me but yeah. Here you go.


TL;DR Read The Bolded Text To See What The "Bugs" Are Exactly.
I'm going to write this in an essay style to relay my concerns of this Technical Test.

I was excited that TERA was finally coming to consoles. I opted for PS4, although I own an Xbox One, I hardly use or touch the Xbox due to the inferior hardware and games available. But that's another story and another topic. It was great to see one of my favorite games ported to the PS4. I've heard chit-chat about the console version playing like a third-person action game, like Devil May Cry. Although this is somewhat true, the ease of playability for newcomers would be a challenge as there are certain combinations of buttons you'll have to turn into muscle memory in order to be efficient. Luckily, I'm a veteran player of the game and know the mechanics at the very least.

Everything is basically similar to the PC version as far as story and gameplay are concerned. Where it's different is the UI and all the menus. There's no compass to show your directions, but the mini-map does have the transparent cone to show which way you're facing. Talking to NPCs also yield a different UI that's very appealing. Your inventory management is also very organized, but no way to sort. But one of the first things every player will seemingly realize is the time it takes to render. Loading in, you'll be greeted with a horrendous loading/rendering time where you can't do anything but sit there. This doesn't happen just with loading into zones. No, this happens mid-fight as well. There were a few times when I'd be fighting a small group of mobs, and the game just froze up trying to render (or something) and a huge chunk of my HP disappeared -- nearly killing me because it kept happening. Places you'll likely encounter this sort of behavior: talking to NPCs, fighting, loading in, entering a new area/zone, basically anything that will cause movement.

If you've been patient and calm enough to get through the hurdles that I've mentioned, there's also crashes that happen at random. I could be just walking along, and BAM (not BAM as in the Big @$$ Monster) CE-34878-0. This could be my PS4 just giving out, but I've ONLY seen this when I play TERA. It's like the game is trying to take up more resources than the PS4 has to offer and causes it to crash. There's also the random disconnects from instability to contend with as well. You'd be lucky to see the "You been playing for 1 hour" message, or any message if you've actually been playing and not AFK. I've only seen this message twice in the 18 hours of total play that I've dedicated to the PS4 version. The game also shows evidence of the infamous memory leak we have on the PC version if you did make it over an hour. You'll have choppy play and will basically be forced to log out and back in to make playing bearable again. Overall, when the game is running fluidly, it looks and runs better than what it looks like on the PC. My guess is because it's trying to run at 60fps minimum. Or it may be my TV's simulated refresh rate (240 hz) compensating for judder I get on the PC with monitors.

I'm LV 53 as I'm writing this, and some bugs to note:
Flying to zones on the pegasus, you'll have the chime-y sound when you're inside the "portal" on repeat until you relog.
Occasionally, the timers for Effects will be on the wrong icon (ie 22hr 100% EXP timer is on the 1 Day Login bonus buff and nothing on the EXP buff).
Sometimes, NPC conversations don't load so you're stuck with the NPC on the side of the screen until you hit the Options button or the touch pad.
Sometimes, combining a quest item will say you're busy. Fix is to relog.
Battlegrounds sometimes doesn't show the score at the end to show you the button to leave. You can get around this by either leaving the group or bringing up the score.
Lancer chain for wallop after Shield Counter doesn't work (I don't have the slightest clue about what works or doesn't work on other classes).
No fast way to mute voices in parties/raids (Really need this, because some people/voices are annoying and you don't need/want to be hearing that the entire time).
Collecting parcel posts then deleting doesn't work when inside the message. You have to back out and delete.
If you enter the Item Claim under the TERA Store tab, you'll be left with an 'N' next to the tab until you relog.

This is what I've found so far, I'll add to this when/if I find more. (I test software as my day job. It'd be nice if the PS4 had log collecting capabilities like PC debugging)
When you are in your parcel post and get attacked it stays stuck on the sreen until you log off
Every time i use Pegasus fps drops like crazy, my screen went gray and i just see Pegasus flying in a gray screen
In certain areas.. like enclosed ares such as tunnels in hall ways the sound amplifies... and its sooo annoying.. please fix!

Anyone else that has PS4 bug reports post them here!~
The quest line "Traces of the gods" is bugged right now, when I bring up the quest menu and scroll down onto quest details my game freezes entirely
Bug 1: During cutscenes associated NPC's will not walk like they're supposed to, instead they glide in a still animation.
Bug 2: Enemies will become invisible in environments, not sure what triggers it but had to swing at air to get aggro off my character.
Bug 3: In inventory sometimes when switching between categories it will overlap items and causing said items to disappear until menu is restarted.
Bug 4: Heartward thrust on Slayer class doesn't register on first animation on enemies unless the mob is of large size.
Bug 5: Trying to use melee attack against moving enemies will not hit most the time.
Bug 6: When in loading screen objectives and quests will appear before loading is done.
Bug 7: If you have a dungeon instance confirm pop up as the same time as you open world map it will freeze the game entirely
Bug 1: During cutscenes associated NPC's will not walk like they're supposed to, instead they glide in a still animation.
Bug 2: Enemies will become invisible in environments, not sure what triggers it but had to swing at air to get aggro of my character.
Bug 3: In inventory sometimes when switching between categories it will overlap items and causing said items to disappear until menu is restarted.
Bug 4: Heartward thrust on Slayer class doesn't register on first animation on enemies unless the mob is of large size.
Bug 5: Trying to use melee attack against moving enemies will not hit most the time.
Bug 6: When in loading screen objectives and quests will appear before loading is done.
Bug 7: If you have a dungeon instance confirm pop up as the same time as you open world map it will freeze the game entirely
• What happened: I was in the Allemanthia region, travelling from Elenea to Bastion using a pegasus. During this flight i received an error, and was put back on the home screen. From then on, upon trying to re-enter the game with my character I would be immediately given an error. My guess is that the specific spot where I was riding it glitched, and since you logging in will return you to your pegasus journey, this results in me immediately getting the glitch/crash again.

• Date and Time the bug was witnessed: I guess it's been about 20 minutes of retrying so far, so I'd say I got locked out at around 2:20 PM EST.

• Reproduction Steps: The furthest I make it is the character select screen, I choose my character (a Priest Elin named Vel) and the loading screen shows up. There is no bar for the load, you only see a short percentage number that never makes it to 100, and then the error shows up.

• Screenshot: I would if I could, but.

For the record, my Elin's account says I'm in Tor Exsul, so that means this was the exact location I was flying over when it happened. I recall having been able to see a town from where i was, so i wasn't too far from my destination.

I would like to personally advise other players against travelling the Allemanthia region by Pegasus, as this exact route was not the only one where I experienced a disconnect, though it wasn't anywhere nearly as bad as what has happened here.
Hey sorry I know I'm really late but I'm bummed out been sick last 2-3 days with cat scratch fever missed out on Tera codes for xbox everyone I know had one I never got my email for code but if someone can hmu with one when I get my email I'll give them a usable code back to gift to someone else.
hi, i have the same Problem on xbox one. you can change the Server. all people play on server one but ingame you can change. after that. the needle will be ok.
Naru2008 wrote: »
...You do realize this is a technical test version, and it's going to be heavily glitched and have issues, right?

You meant like the actual game?
...You do realize this is a technical test version, and it's going to be heavily glitched and have issues, right?

Yes the first time I play tera for ps4 for 30 minutes I got disconnected from the sever and then. When I had reenter the sever, I I had to double tapped the x button they need to no fix these minor glitches and I like the idea that we are able to delete the character if it doesn't suit our style.
Hey guys I'm playing on the PS4, and the quest with anya is bugged. When you go to use the needle it says you're busy. I ended up fixing it by using the unstuck me button. But that can't be the solution you want. Not sure where to post this stuff, so if in the wrong section please provide directions. Thx and hoping to help with this technical test a decent but.
It fades away for me. Double-check your settings (and run a repair?)
ingame chat doesnt become hidden as before after short period of time. it stays visible and its very annoying, all those messages, negotiations etc draw attention greatly. how to fix/revert this?

ps - i guess for me it started after chat vulnerability fix coz never experienced this issue before
It depends on your settings as well as desktop specifications. Some settings limit the characters you see, and older hardware will load/render other characters slower.
its based off your horsepower actually.

If your cpu is not new nor advanced, grey blobs are normal. This is especially true for top players who usually tend to have a ton of buffs on them.
Old island of dawn.
Stamina system.
This is going to be based off your settings in-game. Adjust your settings. Though nothing will fix the poor optimization of the game in general.
I can't play like this: http://i.imgur.com/CYreAvo.jpg sad game :/
On Ascension Valley, I logged in today to find my level 65 Mystic/High Elf/Female trapped on Stepstone Isle.

It was my first time playing my Mystic since Sunday. I started on on Stepstone Isle at Tangle Point in front of Anya and Zo-zo. There were no quests available from any of the npcs. I couldn't teleport, use Vangard Quests or unstuck to get off the island.

I'm fairly certain I didn't teleport there on my own the last time I was on. The only thing different about my Mystic is that it's originally from the "free level 58" event from a few years ago and hasn't done most of the quests.

If anyone else finds themselves stuck there you can escape the island if you:
1. Teleport to the only place you can: Stepstone Isle. You'll end up at the "Stepstone Pegasus Platform".
2. Run back towards to the first village. On the way, one of the teleporters will offer to take you back to the quest "To help by gathering."
3. Accept the first quest from Anya and complete all the quests on the isle. At the end you'll be able to take the pegasus to Velika.
Aside that, I know there is at least one spot in the purchase process flow where it's listed wrong (I think it's on the receipt page in Xsolla). When you actually go back to the EME side it shows correctly, and I think EME will send you an email that shows it appropriately, but the Xsolla confirmation page is wrong. So this might be what happened to you too.
Thank you very much good sir!
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