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Click here for my suggestion.
I keep trying to launch Tera on Xbox and as soon as the server select screen comes up and I select Lakan for pve or even Kaprima the music makes this weird sound the birds stop flying in place and it crashes. I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled in many times. I've deleted the save the data and I've hard reset my Xbox and it still doesn't work. And what's weird is the game used to work before the server merge. I'm not sure if that's the issue but by the looks of it I won't ever be able to play this game again until I get some kind of fix. Any suggestions?

i have shut down and restarted the game 3 times. Whats up?
The server apparently crashed.

That will happen occasionally. Usually it will be back up shortly, as you saw.

@Milice was kind enough to make a page to act as a server status checking tool, until whenever the official one comes back.

You should be able to change your username at

See the following for a guide.

Unless that didn't work.
Nevermind, I just managed to log-in again.

But errors like "Can't enter right now" and the previous one show up several times, even though it is not maintenance. :(
Why can't I enter the Velika server? ( 11 PM GMT +8 )
And why can't I change my username? :(

Hope for your consideration.
 Lancer: Onslaught 09/22/2018, 03:07 PM Tsin
This happens whenever your ping fluctuates with Onslaught and Super Leap and is the key reason why people say to only play lancer if you have good ping. Midway through using the skill, you'll desync and won't connect with the boss/player, so it'll move you through the boss/players as if it wasn't even there. Nothing to do but get a better connection to the server. Sometimes you'll move all the way through, sometimes you'll rubberband back in front of the boss/player.
 Lancer: Onslaught 09/21/2018, 10:06 PM 66P6YL9MH3
In both dungeons and FWC, when using onslaught, I will teleport through bosses and players.

This recently happened in FWC at 6:06pm EST with 64ping.
Did you try just deleting your hosts file? sometimes having it reset fixes this error. If not, something is blocking you from accessing en masse's sls service, check to make sure your firewall and/or router are not stopping your connection, or try a VPN.

Tried all of them but the VPN one , what you mean try a vpn cuz if i log in via that it will instant block me and wont let me in
 Slayer visual bug 09/21/2018, 04:51 PM tadaaaa
Blue halo disappears after using Apex skills and weapon glows bright red.
Did you try just deleting your hosts file? sometimes having it reset fixes this error. If not, something is blocking you from accessing en masse's sls service, check to make sure your firewall and/or router are not stopping your connection, or try a VPN.
I click Play and then once it loads im stuck on server select screen , i click a server but nothing happens , if i click "refresh" servers dissapear , tried reinstalling , tried the "hosts" method , also it says "PORTS:FAIL" at enmasse diagnostic tool , any solution for this please? its driving me crazy
I think I resolved my issue. Turns out I had some Malware infecting my computer and it was somehow affecting the game.
How the Malware got there is beyond me. Why it was making Tera crash? Not sure. Why it all started after the merge or when the malware was installed? Also not sure.
All I can say is that by removing the malware, I am now able to play the game for more than 10-15 minutes. Over an hour actually.
Having unstable ping to servers all the way up to 400, when always under 30 before merge.
Relevant: Post Merge Known Issues [Update Sept. 20 10:30 AM PDT]
I'm champion is appearing without laurel.
I have this problem with the launcher >.<
I still can't log in...
Seems to be working on my end too, thanks! :3
yep works for me now , very nice job support!!
We have deployed a fix for the issue. Players should be able to log in using their Facebook accounts.
Facebook log-ins are working again. You should be able to get into the game normally now.

You can reset your password by visiting this page: https://account.enmasse.com/users/password_reset
THey said they have found what's causing this and they are working to fix it , wont take more than a couple of hours imo , best is to wait now!
since yesterday trying to login using facebook and nothing
could you help me reset my password?
I want to avoid these kind of mistakes in the future.
Yesterday after last update
the game does not accept my facebook login any more
I always used it and today it does not work
I enter and nothing happens.
I do not know my password, because I always logged in using facebook.
they could get me into it.
Tried logging in with Facebook, and it just opened Facebook login box and then after i typed in my information it closed it and didn't do anything. I tried again by just typing in my email and password and now I'm getting user authentication failed even though this is the first and only account I've tried logging into today... :/
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
My problem got solved with server merge!
I always logged in using facebbok
but now my game does not open
I type my login and nothing happens
thanks any help.
 Laurel Is Missing 09/19/2018, 08:18 PM Fyregem
Hello, all! I wish to report a bug concerning the Achievements and Laurels. After the server merge, I noticed that my Bronze Laurel is no longer there, so I tried to see if I could get it back by doing a simple achievement. Unfortunately, It didn't work, as you can see in my screenie here. It would make me so happy if the staff would kindly fix this! Many thanks <3

 facebook login 09/19/2018, 06:25 PM JJD9HPNNRW
Geletron wrote: »
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.

finally some good news! looking forward to this thank you
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
i type in my username and password , then nothing happens...
 Laurel Diamond 09/19/2018, 03:04 PM xAnGeLxX
my problem is about my diamond laurel is not seen in the game because I have the necessary points I add photos so they can help me.


look my Achievements
Same here... pls eme fix it :c i want to play...
 facebook login 09/19/2018, 01:56 PM Efra1234
i cant log in with my facebook account.... someone know whats happening?
 facebook login 09/19/2018, 11:37 AM YPEHW7GFPX

I can not log in with Facebook
same thing here , help EME
yea same here with the user authentication. if i dont use facebook to log in then that happens even though i've been playing fine for the last few weeks..
Guys seriously? how long do you plan to leave issues unresolved on this game? you guys seem to not care about us PC players at all because these issues are years old which is a shame as no issue should go that long without being addressed, i logged on one day about a year and a half ago after being gone a long while, so i log in my char im playing the game and i right clicked my screen for something and all of a sudden my UI has went bonkers, everything is scrambled, so i look through options to find a way to fix it so i come across the UI panel i hit the reset UI button and guess what? it doesnt work, so i ask many people about this and they tell me the settings are server side, so my question is when do you plan to address this and fix the button? my next issue is controllers have also taken a hit and dont work the way they are supposed to, im using a ps4 pro controller, i start the game up everything looks fine, but most buttons dont function for example interact is supposed to be L2 on a ps4 pro controller, but its still the F key on the keyboard, i have to use my mouse to move my cursor, when it was the analog before, issues like this make a person want to stop playing, hopefully you address these issues and stop giving all the attention to console which you guys gave a fresh built from the ground up UI and nice controller setup, but you cant fix these 2 issues that have been present for years?
I've only started playing Tera for about a week now, and up until today, the game ran flawlessly. However, today, after the server merge, I began to have random Crash to Desktops (CTDs) that result due to "Error: 000a:0000 Insufficient Memory." I've never had this issue before the merge! It's happening completely at random times, and I cannot figure out what may be causing it.

I found the En Masse troubleshooting page for this error and have tried everything on it, to no avail. Nothing seems to fix this issue. Even playing the game on lowest possible settings does nothing to fix it (and now the game is butt ugly).

I also don't have any problems with my RAM. I've run memtest and no errors.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this???

PC Specs:
CPU: i7 6700k
RAM: 32GB 3200MHz
GPU: GTX 1070
OS: Windows 10 x64
Game is installed on an HDD separate from the OS drive (which is an SSD).
same for me i enter my details then nothing happens , im also getting User Authentication Failed when i try to log in without Facebook , hope they fix it soon!
My friend is also experiencing the same. He could not log onto the forums at all during the merge, but managed to log onto the launcher. After he logged off the game, he could not log back on at all. The Facebook login window disappears immediately after clicking it, not allowing him the chance to even enter in his login details.
 no facebook login 09/18/2018, 10:39 PM PA6DDHWHTR
I always played using facebook login now it does not open the game what I do
my friend has made and used his account by connecting through facebook from the very start, and thus don't have an actual forum/launcher log in. there seems to be something wrong with the facebook log in because everytime after he types his info, nothing happens. same on site as with on launcher. he said it worked once and he was able to check to see if his character names were saved, then he exited and now cannot get back in. any known fixes for this before servers come back up?
 abc 09/18/2018, 05:43 PM Darkwitt568
Hi everyone!

I wrote in the other forum post pointing to this one. I've shared this with Bluehole!

However, if anyone is having this issue, I really hope you're sending in support tickets and sharing your issues so we can fix this!

Thanks again :)
hmm, I've also seen that this is an issue for other people going back a long time
This happens to me sometimes too. I think it's timezone based so try claiming them around the afternoon, that usually works for me.
the calendar claim button looks ok, and I can click on it, but nothing happens; I've tried all my characters
I have 2 days and both show red button and can click but no result
 Slayer visual bug 09/15/2018, 03:50 PM tadaaaa

I'm having a problem with this visual bug and i was hoping you guys would fix it with the server merge maintenance. As you can see I'm using a Blue Halo but after i use Apex skills it disappears when my sword starts glowing more reddish than usual.
Further information, when I logged on to another zerk I own, the first use of unleash had hotkeys from before, so this was correct. However, after I relogged that zerk the hotkeys got reset.

My understanding of how settings are saved is that when you log out of a character, it sends to the server all the settings information. The fact that my first time using unleash since the patch used my custom bindings, and then got reset when I logged out of the character seems to indicate that the issue lies somewhere in the part where it sends to the server all the settings information after logging out.
 Downloading 99% stuck 09/14/2018, 06:28 PM YungNA
I tried to patch but it just stucks in 99%. When Ima close the launcher, shows a yellow message: "reliable source serving corrupt data". Tried to do the FAQ steps but i just reinstalled the game (2 days ago) and seems absurd that the files are corrupt somehow and i have to redownload all again which takes me like 20 hrs.
Also tried to send a support ticket but I cant, the button to send just stays gray.

Help pls...
So I recently came back to Tera and I had these spare costume pieces that I used way back in 2015. I looked at the soulbind and it wasn't soulbound to the old character name rather to a random character who I've never seen in my life. Just curious how in the world that happened.
• What happened: When you use the berserker skill unleashed, your keybinds are supposed to change to be unleashed skill only, and they will be saved at whatever position you had previously. However, if you relog right now the keybinds for unleashed skills will reset to their default key.

• Date and Time the bug was witnessed: First noticed 10pm pdt, Thursday Sept 13. This issue clearly came from this new patch.

• Reproduction Steps:
1) Log on to an apex berserker.
2) Cast unleash
3) Move the unleash skills or unbreakable into different hotkey slots
4) Optionally wait 4 or so minutes and unleash again to see that the unleash skills are still the same
5) Relog
6) Cast unleash
7) Notice that the unleash skills have been reset on hotkeys (Issue)

This is a massive QoL issue to anyone who does not use the default keys that needs to be looked over. It's like if you have thunderstrike bound to left mouse button, and then I tell you that you must use the esc key.
 Not there 09/13/2018, 01:23 AM Meningitis
Isn't that what I just said? One from players/broker and the premium version (Catnap) in lootbox which is in store. What are you "no"-ing about??
God sorry, i missed that part. I can't READ
 Not there 09/12/2018, 11:45 PM Viennoiserie
Isn't that what I just said? One from players/broker and the premium version (Catnap) in lootbox which is in store. What are you "no"-ing about??
Hello guys, im sorry to bother u, probably having a lot of trouble, but I don't wanna be annoying, but a friend of mine logged into my account and used the character slots that u guys gave to us on the MT server, but I`m not decided yet, so I`ld like to ask if u guys could remove the used slots so I can make my mind until the server merges.
Thanks and have a good week !
Sorry but im having issues to open a ticket on support section, so this is the only way to contact u guys !
Please help !
 Not there 09/12/2018, 10:56 PM Meningitis
You can try your luck in broker or trade chat.
Bronze Bikini is a seasonal costume. Its lootbox might be put back on sale on Black Friday or next year during the summer.
Fortified Catspaw can be purchased from players/broker. Its premium version (Catnap) can only be obtained from lootbox, which is in the store.
No, that's the catnap version. The catspaw version is the goldfinger token version.
 Not there 09/12/2018, 10:17 PM Viennoiserie
You can try your luck in broker or trade chat.
Bronze Bikini is a seasonal costume. Its lootbox might be put back on sale on Black Friday or next year during the summer.
Fortified Catspaw can be purchased from players/broker. Its premium version (Catnap) can only be obtained from lootbox, which is in the store.
 Not there 09/12/2018, 10:12 PM Snuffy44
I finally find some things I want and now I can't get them, :(
 Apex icon missing 09/12/2018, 09:04 PM JoolDeX
I've also had someone in a party in a dungeon asking me why I don't have an apex icon
 Apex icon missing 09/12/2018, 09:04 PM JoolDeX
Nope. I have Apex on my priest and that is showing just fine. Also at character screen it still says "this character can earn apex skills"
 Not there 09/12/2018, 04:36 PM Equitas
The store was emptied out and replaced with daily deals. Different items are listed each day.
 Not there 09/12/2018, 12:10 PM Snuffy44
I find things in the Dressing room, I click on them it sends me to the store, but they are no ware In the store, I tried costumes, accessories, loot boxes, what I was looking for is Fortified Catspaw Inner ware and the Bronze Bikini, where did you hide them? Snuffy44
I still have this bug. However, it only seems to apply to CH. On other servers, it works just fine. I also can't open the in game store or see featured items on CH when I can on other servers.

Hopefully this gets fixed with the merge.
 Apex icon missing 09/10/2018, 05:58 PM Pages
Are you using UI mods? UI mods from before Apex was released will not show the Apex icon.

Other players who are not using UI mods should be able to see that you are Apex.
 Apex icon missing 09/08/2018, 09:33 AM JoolDeX
I'm a mystic and I got apex. I've got the apex title and the extra glyph points, so I've finished all quests. However, the apex icon is missing by my health bar, so nobody can tell I got apex except for my title. So I find that weird.. Did I miss something or is this some kind of bug?
 Dressing Room- Can't Rotate 09/07/2018, 04:47 PM Tite
Pinya wrote: »
Resetting UI position fixed the problem for me

Much appreciated!
Resetting UI position fixed the problem for me
I have this problem, but just in certain areas of the map. If you can't rotate, just travel to somewhere else and try again, maybe you're standing in an awkward position that won't let you rotate, or it's just bugged in that area.
Other than that, I don't know how to fix it ^^U
Although I'm not sure the exact sequence that causes the root bug I am sure of the one that makes all your escape skills unusable until you are hit again
Tera brawler still loaded with glitches in pvp. If brawler cancels a knockdown into ground pound restand then cancels again into bulrush it glitches out all your escape skills into a free stun and if a brawler is in any form of stormcry it is a one and done combo that is inescapable and bugs your character. they also have a glitch on the tenderizer move I think it is what that is called. the one that beats you up in midair. It roots you into place afterwards and you have to use a movement skill to break the glitch as the root is infinite if you don't. so if you get staggered against while rooted or knocked down you won't be able to escape it
 Can't connect to servers 08/31/2018, 03:49 PM Goodie
After downloading TERA, i can login but i can't connect to servers at all. I click on them but nothing happens. Refreshing doesn't seem to work either, they just vanish. It seems other people had the same problem. Here's what i tried:
Run as administrator
Adding TERA EXE to firewall exceptions.
Changing HOSTS file on Windows 10 (as seen here: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/28082/cant-enter-any-servers)
Tries to run in windowed mode, as suggested on the same link above.

I tried to run En Masse diagnostic Tool and it reported i have a connection issue (but i don't). It created a txt file with informaton (should i post it here somehow?)

Additional information: my connection is dynamic IP (IP changes everytime you connect) and that cannot be changed, it is part of my internet provider's services.

This was also sent as a ticket to EN MASSE costumer service.
 Can't enter any servers? 08/30/2018, 10:11 AM Sifthor
I solved the problem after reading and noticing that my host file had a typo in it from the original download

so in one of the post on this forum it explained to check to see what ip you are connecting to, using the cmd prompt. once you have this ip you should go to your host file located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder (note you need to open it with notepad ran in administrator mode)

once you have it open
your last line should read with whatever ip you had in your command prompt. don't use mine that's an example.

# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
# localhost
# ::1 localhost
# patch.tera.enmasse-game.com

My original last line looked like this

# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
# localhost
# ::1 localhost patch.tera.enmasse-game.com

Notice that there's no hash tag and the text is not lined up. All i did was add the hash tag and lined up to how previous lines looked saved.

Started the launcher in administrator mode and voila! it patched and after 3 hours of watching netflix the patching was done and for the first time in 4 days the game started.

hope this helps others
 Can't enter any servers? 08/30/2018, 03:34 AM Sifthor
Same for me i've tried it all and i can't get in any server
I see nobody has helped you in like 2 weeks, and im having the same issue, only without the launcher closing by itself. When i try to close it an error message appears saying the launcher is unable to load downloader.dll or patcher.dll file. Help??
Have same issue.
I'm getting a similar code with PS4:

Unknown Error Occurred, error_message='sceNpCheckNpAvailabilityA Failed, error_code=0x80410141', error_code='-2'
Do you want to retry?
Update: had to turn off gamer mode in my firewall.
Been at it all day, this game will simply not let me into a server. I have tried all the "official" fixes and it still doesn't work. I would really like to know if it's simply futile for some people to get onto servers so I can uninstall this game if that's the case rather than continuing to try something that will never work.
I can not enter the game. I get this error

Unknown Error Ocurred,Error_message_='sceNpCheckNpAvailabilitya Failed, error:code=0x82e101f7', error_code'2'
Do you want to retry?

I tried that approach and still, did not work.
 Can’t select server 08/22/2018, 03:33 PM X5Y9T5LAYX
Spent about 4 hours in the last two days trying to get into a server with no joy, not even for a second... this shouldn’t still be a thing....
Rakden wrote: »
Got fixed during today/August 21 maintenance (if not earlier)

Ty, but actually got fixed yesterday.

When I ran Tera it applied and small patch and that issue wasnt there anymore.
Got fixed during today/August 21 maintenance (if not earlier)
I don't know if it's just me but when i try to auto lock on targets on console it auto changes the target when I shoot an arrow because Im an archer
So the code from e-mail newsletter that should expire on September 2nd at 11:59 p.m. PDT isn't working. Tried redeeming it as usually (and as instructed) at account.enmasse.com but it returns as an invalid code.

edited july 14 now its the 18th of august still nothing fixed
 Can't enter any servers? 08/16/2018, 11:04 PM Emiyu
My problem is solved <3

see Run The Launcher In Windowed Or Debug Mode section.
this started today, i played like 6 hours in total i think (not non stop, i closed a few times the game and the launcher)
and i got disconnected 3 times (in different occasions, but all 3 inside dungeons), the first two i was able to just select my server and character, but the third one not only wouldn't let me enter to the server, after restarting the game i got ping 500-700 and after a relog that got fix, this was very strange for me i never had that problem before the last maint. I'm using wtfast for a better ping experience, and since i got the software i never had this problem either, i don't know if this will keep happening but maybe i wasn't the only one having this issue
Dying and respawning in PvP resets my camera every single time.
 Can't enter any servers? 08/16/2018, 02:32 AM Emiyu
I still can't get inside any server since the last tuesday maintenance/patch >.<
I've tried to delete ''EN.version'' , ''Live2-Launcher'' and ''Game.version'' and re-launch the launcher
I do have the same problem. Two days ago accessing the game server was fine but last night I was terribly confused why it suddenly fails to let me in. As of this posting, I still could not enter to any Tera's game servers.
Title says it all. Started yesterday randomly after I had already played an hour or two. Checked firewall settings, compatibility, ran as admin. Does it through steam or straight from launcher. Diagnostic tool doesn't find anything. Deleted and reinstalled Tera and still no change. Looks like I must be the only one having this problem. Anyone have any advice?
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