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Back when we used to queue corsairs stronghold for insta pvp action...
Commission @Blushu DONE <3
And even then, the vast majority of the playerbase will never try to get +9 SC gear or anything like that in the first place. The vast majority of players are casual or semi-casual (just like with every MMO these days).

IF you log in on Tera EU/Killian and move around at outskirts or check the LFG and inspect players then you will impressed to see how many players actually have above +5SC.. or how many reached SC or went beyond on the Manahan server.. but then again PvP and PvE motivate players to want to get involved.


Maybe i am not looking at the big piece for Tera PC/NA and i do not understand the fact that maybe the game is considered as being fine as it is or even pretty healthy based on certain expectations? Even though there is not PvP whatsoever and the PvE players are disappearing slowly making the even the LFG to look like a ghost town? Maybe this is fine because the aim is to have a casual or semi casual player base? And if that is the case that for example then should i take the example and log in only 10hrs per week and give up on trying to get even better gear/mounts/etc or even elite since its meaningless in that situation? And if we all become casuals or semi casuals playing literally for free barely supporting the publishers in any sort of way then would that not be a problem?

So how should i play on NA at this point? Or what am i doing wrong?
i have only one question for mEME staff. dafuq is wrong with you people, can't you do your job ONCE right?
we've known it was still there though...it was up in 20minutes after the patch that "fixed" it....and then everyone went silent about it
Since my old discussion was removed without any note or anything I repost it again -.- If it wasn't a bug and someone removed it on purpose please tell me why at least...

Hey there,
I'm creating gifs and stuff, so if you like my work read the following information about commissioning me~ ^-^

♡Examples of my work♡

☆I have the right to reject any commission offer for any reason
☆I won't do extreme violence or gore.
☆Tera characters only
☆Payment upfront
☆You are not allowed to use my art for commercial purposes
☆Credit me if you use the art somewhere else
☆No background

☆Gif ☆ 50k
☆Additional Character + 25k
☆Not animated ☆ 30k
☆Additional Character + 15k

Half body:
☆Gif ☆ 100k
☆Additional Character + 50k
☆Not animated ☆ 75k
☆Additional Character + 40k

Full body:
☆Gif ☆ 150k
☆Additional Character + 75k
☆not animated ☆ 100k
☆Additional Character + 75k

☆All listed prices go for simpler(3-5pics), fully colored gifs
☆Nsfw + 20k
☆With pet + 10k
☆With mount + 30-50k
☆Weapons could cost extra, depending on how detailed and therefor difficult they are to draw.
☆If you would like to commission something else, not a gif or another character that isn't from tera, feel free to ask.

♡What I need from you♡
☆Send me a PM or contact me ingame (Rabqit | CH)
*What do you want to commission?
[Example: Half body gif with pet. Cuddling the pet.]
*How do you pay?
[Example: That would be 110k -> 50k + wish list item with a value of 60k]
*Front, side and back view (Screenshot) of the character and everything else that I shall draw.
[Example: Screenshots of the character and of the pet]


It will take me about 1-2 weeks per commission, starting with slot 1. As soon as I finished one commission, slot 2 will become slot 1 so it will work like a waiting list. (That doesn't automatically mean first come first serve, because I still wont do stuff I don't enjoy drawing :3)
As soon as I am finished you will receive the gif or png file either with white or transparent background, your decision (both would be possible as well of course). Note that if you commissioned an animated drawing, you can also have all the different png files if you'd like to.

♡Wish List♡
(Will be updated soon)
☆Starglow Weapon Box / Starglow Arcannon (most wanted)
☆Azure Phoenix (x2)
☆Arctic/Glacial Dragon Armor (Elin)
☆Finishing School Casual Uniform (Elin)
☆Frostsilk Dress (Elin)
☆Frostspun Flower
☆Feral Valley Jr. High Uniform (Elin)
☆Castanica Demons Outfit (Elin)
☆Dyeable Striped One Piece (Elin)
☆Summer Wrap (Elin)
The low key ads for a 3rd party program that is against the rules in this are interesting.
azuriela still mad cuz bad... yikes
people that dont play bgs dare to talk about it, yikes

stay salty bad kid
Do you only do animations or do you so static art pieces as well?
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i have a feeling they can do more than what you
asusm5 wrote: »
people use for kill this wbam . drop items for stormcry . diamond . etching IV box . they just stay afk and get a notificacion of channel and location when boss respanw -
Tempest Kanash (Fyrmount)
Divine Reaver (Serpentis Isle)
Nyxarras (Sienna Canyon)
Linyphi (Vale of Spires)
Yunaras Snaggletooth (Plain of the Damned)
Betsael (Amena Quatla)

You're being pretty hopeful if you think that the mod is capable of doing that. The only thing it can do is tell if you a WBAM is loaded in your client. You'd have to be in the same channel and vicinity of the boss for it even say anything. Essentially the same if you were to have a secondary monitor with tera on it and afk while doing other stuff. Any dev can go on github and easily verify that

i think they can do more than you think or are using something else, It's pretty amazing how people find these Bosses and other BAMs during events so fast without seeming to look for them at all.

I can tell you that, I have a google doc which notifies me when it has surpassed a certain amount of time which is the earliest time for the wbam to spawn. However, it is not a hack and it is nothing unethical.

So if you find it unfair that people have advantage over you, kill a wbam and save the time you killed it to have the advantage over everyone else. That's pretty much how the monopoly works.

Google Docs are third party how very unethical of you :^)

But yea, I still find the loot WBs just fine .-. Yay more complaints and over-exaggeration about exploits, better just remove the game.

It's actually not that hard to put bot accs to log spawns but whatever i guess :s (besides knowing already the spawn intervals). In EU at least you might get banned for doing that :sweat:

I've actually seen a couple of bots standing in wboss areas :sweat_smile:
So yeah the mod is actually the least useful way of hunting for them since it only alerts when the boss loads into the client.

Yeah, it's useless when you can automately trigger a tp to the bam cords :smile: good bots are hid under the terrain btw :sweat_smile:
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i still cant believe that so many of what make Mystic a "support" healer is still left unused. Why is there no kind of DPS modifier buff for the group when we pull out vengence for a burn, but theres a defense buff from protection? (yes, buffing endurance is a defense move) why are all the other auras completely and utterly useless? When I play my priest almost every single one of her buffs and skills are used. 90% of mystics skills are useless. I've just never played a "support" class where everything about them was useless except for 2 buffs (auras are buffs) and their ability to heal.
Anyway. just a class rant, i love mystic i think they are a lot of fun to play, i just wish their skills were more widely used instead of having just a few that are viable.

Most of the cc skills are meant for pvp and 50% of their auras are useful so idk.
Their buffs strongly outshine priests buffs too.

50% arent useful, thats my point.
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Kk. So my points should go up every month with renewal thanks for the info
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It's your own fault for not paying attention. Last time what happened to me, I listed an item with 1-2 less 0's behind it and lost a lot of gold. I put in a ticket and they said they can do nothing about it. I presume the same applies for if you buy the wrong item.

Its different. In this case, someone unethical is intentionally trying to trick other players into buying things that are pretty much worthless. No one really tricked you into listing an item with less zeros. Even if EME does not actually change the item name this thread can at keast raise awareness.

it's mind boggling how people just blame the victims and not the perpetrators. These are the same people that will blame the rape victims for how they look or dress rather than blaming the rapist. Simply disgusting.

Like it doesn't matter if you use or not a 3rd party program?

On a serious note, learn to read.
If you made a mistake, learn from it.

Fraud is fraud and people doing those frauds usually looks for new players to make them their victims.

Do you really dont grasp the severity of this? Those people are discouraging others, I have seen some of their victims and I am glad some of those who abused of them are already banned (casually they were also exploiting the game).

That kind of behaviour should not be accepted or tolerated. these people trick new players into buying those things making them believe those are more valuable than they really are worth.

Are we really blind about the issues that actually hurt the player base?

EME actually banned players for placing a diamond ticket at diamond price?

IF you didn't understand that sentece then sorry, I thought I made clear that they were using exploits and they were banned for that, not because they were scaming players. Or is there something that means different in the words you marked in bold?

Are you butt hurt because personal issues?
go play eu tera, its much better atm. EME sux a$$
you loser time not shearch

Pls :(
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play with 4 friends and this will never happen

When your friends aren't on 24/7 at the same time you are, nor are your guild mates, you really don't have a choice, so your suggestion is completely non-helpful. [Removed]

deal with it, or solo the boss, RG is ezpc

RG yes. But let's talk about the 4 and 5 star dungeons.

Let's put you in there solo and when you need help let's say "deal with it".

You must be fun at parties.

It's obvious you're a troll, so I won't be entertaining you any further past this point.

bru, just drop out, dungeons aren't special or rewarding anyways.

Neither are your comments, but guess who ain't dropping the topic?
Quote : There will be a TERA PC maintenance on Tuesday (1/11) from 8-11am PST.

Tuesday is 1/09
Thursday is 1/11

EME please ...
people still buy and sell, just not on the forums.
TheDarkWan wrote: »
Well, looks like this is it for the feedback. Nice responses EME.

These sorts of vision/strategic decisions are many layers above them, would apply to the game worldwide, and would take months/years to be implemented. What sort of further feedback do you expect?

enough said
Svett wrote: »
Tera could be much more popular than it is with just a few changes that would make casuals, PVE, PVP, and hardcore all relatively happy. There are a very limited amount of people that want to play Elins, or female characters.
But this is the niche that supports TERA the most, and has stuck with it through the years. If it were so simple to just make "a few changes" that would dramatically change the game's popularity, I'm quite sure that all the many companies relying on TERA (6 global publishers plus the developer) would have pushed for it by now.

That being said... I really, really hope that all the people pushing so hard for removing gender-lock will make male brawlers a big success. That will be the true test here, and will no doubt inform future decisions. They'll care about the metrics a lot more than any amount of forum threads.

Do not misunderstand what I am typing. The Elin has it's place in the game and is very valuable. I for one do not find anything attractive about them, but also do understand why some would. The game just needs more choice and not forced play.

Offering a male brawler now, is not a true test, as you say IMO. If it was offered originally then you would have true statistical data. people who played a female to end game are most likely not going to make another Brawler, so that would make the test false.

What would be interesting ( they would never do it though) is to offer a free race change potion for 30 days. See what happens then.
People in tera forget that they are just a person sitting behind a desk in a computer or a laptop. Not the character on screen, Is the modern culture,where people always insult in twitter, facebook , instagram etc. Because they never be punished for that. My recommendation is dont be angry or sad, for the toxic players, Keep playing ask in global to find a friendly guild. Tera have a lot of good people who loves to help.
I've never seen such an unwelcoming and toxic community ever since league. What's even more interesting is apparently this game doesn't care enough to even offer a report section. Toxicity is therefore encouraged as there are 0 repercussions. The fact that elitists exist in such large numbers and toxicity like this vvvvv is allowed is terrible. What's even worse is that these players are in fact protected as I am obliged to block out their names. I'm Aoshikai.


There are several things I would actually like to note

1) I just rejoined TERA last saturday from a 3 year hiatus.
2) Just hit level 65 about 3 days ago
3) I have been forced to relearn the game from scratch as most of the game is very different right now
4) There is no where prior to doing dungeon that explains all of these fine mechanics
5) The fact that there are so many elitists in this game is terrible and it's saddening there isn't a fix for it

Alright now on to my main complaints

Apparently these people automatically assume that the player is supposed to automatically and immediately know everything about the dungeon and the fine math of the game before even playing it. It's a sickening and terrible and toxic assumption, and I've met a large amount of these toxic players (specifically in Ravenous Gorge, as these players can get away with it more because its smaller).

Instead of politely explaining what I'm doing wrong and what to fix, I instead get flamed for it. This isn't the first time I've encountered it and I've just ignored it up until now but this guy would NOT STOP. It was a CONSTANT flame. What's even worse is that he afkd for majority of the dungeon (I was eventually kicked by him after being called more names). It's rude, immature, toxic and unwelcoming. This isn't how a community for a game should be and it's to accepted as there is no possible repercussion ANYWHERE possible. There's not even a mute button. You can't hide chat box without hiding the entire UI. You're forced to see this constant flame.

His buddy joined in a bit as well. It's humiliating to have to go through this. Excuse me if there's NOTHING that explains there's anything else to these dungeons than just killing the boss? Excuse me that there is in fact (surprise surprise) no guide to anything? I've looked on youtube for Valkyrie guides and they're outdated or (according to a disproportionate amount of comments) horribly wrong. And any half made guides that do exist aren't even geared towards fresh level 65s. They usually skip to the part where you apparently have this and that (and don't explain how to get this and that) and are doing this and that with them (and very poor explanations).

I shouldn't have to be punished, humiliated, and discouraged from doing dungeons, or rather, playing the game in general because of these elitists. It's a terrible extremely unfun experience.

However, I do want to learn these mechanics but (again surprise surpsie) there's no guides as far as I see them, and nothing that tells me how much damage I should be outputting, how much I actually am, and what I can do to fix my apparent "trash as f***" dps.

Apparently anyone who knows what they're doing (as far as I have seen personally) are elitist rude boorish toxic and unwelcoming people. The treatment new players get from veteran players is actually terrible from my experience. What they don't realize is that it is "noobs" that are going to keep this game alive, as I'm sure that a lack of new members and a leave of veteran members leads to a decline of ANYTHING.

It's depressing that there are no veteran members that politely tell you these things AT ALL, as they either just stay silent and carry you (which does nothing for you in the long run, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life) or flame you without actually telling you . . . anything.

Sorry if this seems rageful but it's severely tilting to have to experience this, and then be kicked out of the dungeon "just because" while he gets to afk, flame and get his loot.
Locking this thread since the issue has been resolved and there is another thread on the topic.
lesbianvielinusagi B)
If you have an issue with other players, please feel free to submit a support ticket and we can investigate: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit
Yea i agree with you,seems exactly what's happening.
STRIKE= stop using elite membership=stop playing 100% for a week= link with powerful media sites and show what's going on and that way, maybe are smart enough to do something positive for the community and no thinking in their pockets.
Stop elite usage-stop playing for a week-media will take over and someone is gonna stop ignoring us and fix this mess .STRIKE is the right word for this.
Hey everyone,

Double vanguard reputation and rewards have been re-enabled. The event that was in place unceremoniously expired at the turn of the new year and following some investigation, we identified the specific configuration settings required to re-enable it.

This weekend, starting Friday at 12 a.m. PDT, we will be running triple the amount of vanguard rewards to make up for the days during which the event was turned off.

Beyond this weekend, we're going to leave this event on for the remainder of the month (ending on January 30). Starting in February, we’ll be putting the event on a schedule (similar to how battleground jackpots are setup). This means they won’t be on full-time any longer, but we can have a bit more fun with them (like offering triple rewards instead of double) while mixing up our overall event calendar.

On an unrelated note, we’ll also be running a double drop event this weekend in Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax. The specifics of these events will be announced in a news post shortly.
FYI this discussion was closed because we've looked into the support issue but giving out details would violate user privacy. I can verify that the suspension didn't have anything to do with the Nightfury riding skill on the broker.
Heruvim wrote: »
i didnt have any lag mustve been you

The inclusion of gear in this pack was solely intended to aid a new player in completing the first few quests in the Fate of Arun quest line. If you’ve ever used a Level 60 Scroll on a freshly made character you’ve probably noticed that it can be tricky getting level-appropriate gear, throwing you in the deep end against level 60+ BAMs that can one-shot you. The gear in the bundle was intended to mitigate that. The pack was designed to allow a new player instant access to TERA's high-level FoA content at what we felt was an accessible price point so we hoped that it would attract some people to try TERA for the first time.

The points raised in the OP regarding our messaging of the gear included in the pack are good ones. To a new player, the words “high end” have a totally different meaning than they do to level 65’s. We should’ve been more careful with how we presented the gear and recognized this component of the bundle as potentially controversial, though it was not intended to be.

As far as this thread goes, unfortunately a lot of the discussion has devolved into bickering, name-calling, and airing unrelated grievances that deserve their own forum threads. Because of that, this discussion will be closed.
EME doesn't care anymore and those who believe that they do are in for a rude awakening. People seem to be defending EME out loyalty these days, since they have been playing the game for such a long time, but the problem is that their loyalty is making them bias and blind to the current state of the game - that the ship is pretty much under water. In the past, EME used to put some effort into events - now we get a cash shop sale as an event and a $15 scam to new players with the promise of high-end gear. People who keep defending EME while they do these things are what makes EME think that we enjoy being taken advantage of. EME literally thinks that Tera players are stupid as this point. Why has Tera become like this????
We never issue bans blindly, there is always some investigation that is conducted. If there is some dispute surrounding a specific ban, this forum is not the place to discuss it. The issue presented by the OP is well-understood and I'll have the TERA game and EME customer support teams look into this ban and others like it more closely.

In any case, this thread has diverged off-topic and is now closed.
First of all, welcome to the forum. it seems you are one of the new GMs for tera(or eme) unless you are using decoy account.

Since I saw a few comments by you with a link to new-year event, I will leave my message to EME and you here.

I am pretty sure that EME noticed people's opinion & anger. But please remember the new-year event will not solve the people's anger.

Yes, we did not have any Christmas event while EME staffs are enjoying their holiday. If you say there were 2 events which were golden gift and limited big discount for 1 day, you will just pull aggro from more people.

In my opinion, for EME as a Game Management, it would be good to make a post with an apology and/or an explanation for what happened in order to make people understand how you manage the game. Again, we missed the Christmas event and GM's were completely gone with no communication. People have been already disappointed by your way to mange TERA, so it is time to show that you are still willing to communicate with players. New year event is not for the one that we missed. You just linked that event to people's forum and it really seems like you are dodging people's opinion and throw an event to us in order to make us quiet. Even if It will temporarily work to release people's anger, people will also be disappointed how you manage/communicate with the game players.

All you did so far is "there will be an event for new year's celebration" which is dodging people's anger and constructive opinion.

Please be constructive as a GM like you always ask to forum people.
Arwen wrote: »
tisnotme wrote: »
seriously don't like it don't buy it , or better still [filtered] off and play another game if you really have that much of a problem here
If you purchased this bundle from Chrono.gg
how is a sale an "event" let alone a sale put on by another company "Chrono.GG" as you have stated and you cant buy thru EME or with any emps
just like buying tera or other game stuff thru a/your steam account

You have a problem understanding what the meaning of "co-operation" is.
In co-operation with our friends at Chrono.GG, TERA is having a one-day-only sale, and we wanted you to be the first to know!

On Thursday, December 28, head to Chrono.GG and look for the “All-Access Pass” for TERA’s most amazing deal of the year.

This is an event and is meant for TERA players, and I am one of those whether leeches like u likes it or not.
And please F_U_K_OFF telling me what to do and what not. After 7 years of being a loyal customer and player of TERA i have all the rights to complain and voice out my personal opinion and discontent about the game on TERA's forums, without having pricks like you coming to lick eme's but*holes bashing on who thinks it different.
I can say the same: you don't like what you read, don't read it and go elsewhere.

But Honey, TERA has been a game for less than seven years. Sure, it will get its 7th Birthday this January for its release on korea, but you are stretching your experience.

Also, diminishing a fellow member's opinion does NOT make yours more valid, I understand your frustation, but like Counterpoint reminded the people back at another thread, this is matematically an offer. Like it, or not. As the price for the Level 60 Scroll is 50 USD when the offer itself is 15 USD. You may not like the offer, I sure don't and I will not buy it as I like leveling normally and don't need anything from it.

Also, people calling this an event sounds just flawed, sure, it's a cooperation between EME and Chrono.GG, but if it doesn't affect us in-game with changes to loot or something, it just isn't in the boundaries of "event".
Ray676 wrote: »
The Level 60 Scroll normally costs 4995 EMP and includes no gear.
30-days of Elite normally costs $14.95 (although this is 15 days, so cut it in half).

So, the claim that "this would run you well over 5,500 EMP" is met even without counting the gear at all. It's 74% off the price of the scroll + Elite, with gear thrown in as a bonus.

The "high-end gear" is compared to the nothing you normally get with a scroll (so you can kill your bears with level 1 gear?). I think you're getting hung up over nothing, to be honest.

How's that EME [filtered] taste bud? make sure you cup the [filtered] too, eme shill dog

lol you're angry cause math proved the argument wrong. Get over it, cry baby. Take the loss and learn from it.
6YXE6F9HEL wrote: »
What you're suggesting will make you to leave the patch sooner while giving you less satisfaction for completing your set/weapon while feeling better through it, it is by all means not something bad.

But the issue isn't there, if you're playing a game you're probably expecting to have a good time and ahve fun, if the game isn't fun, why even play? There is of course aspects you find fun, as you're saying, working for something and achieving, enchanting your gear, that's by no means unfun. But you're clearly showing the way you should do it isn't interesting to you, why even bother.

Are dungeons fun to you? are bams fun to you? is dueling fun to you? are tera interactions fun to you?...etc. if you can answer yes to that that's probably way more worth than working towards enchanting your gear, that said, repetition isn't good, it's really bad.

And that's what tera offers the most...so if you can't manage that and it doesn't seem to be any fun to you, i'd suggest you to just leave the game. I understand, i get it, the game in certain things isn't boring but most of the "main" content it's filled of monotony and that can last so far, if you had your fun, okay it's time to take a break and do something else, if you didn't yet, maybe take it a bit slower? I won't harm to do so.

Now, now if you still want to keep going you already know what's on the path. I'm sorry(well you could also get lucky i mean, rng is the best factor for tera tbh).

Excellent post. Let's get some more people in here with th
kubitoid wrote: »
you are S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Edomdrah wrote: »
6. Not a single person I ran into in my Tera experience didn't choose to camp a safezone over 1v1ing me when I KoSed em. Yourself included.

please dont necro old threads
your getting as bad as the other necromancers bringing posts back from the dead :p
Of course they're dead they haven't made any new content in almost 5 years.
My Experience with TERA on PlayStation 4!

I tested the game in Regular PS4 and on PS4 Pro so trhough the sections of Pros and Cons, bugs and stuff I'll be posting what happened to me in both consoles separately, let's get into it!

Let's start talking about Graphics and Renderization. Comparing characters and enemies graphics to the scenario graphics you notice a huge difference between both on a Regular PS4, characters and enemies are rich in details and stuff, their magic effects are detailed and vibrant but the scenario felt a little too simple compared to it, you don't see much details on grass, earth, trees and the nature itself, only some crashed stuff, and some rocks arround the map are detailed. It felt the same on a PS4 Pro, but on the PS4 Pro you notice the image was cleaner than the Regular PS4.

The next thing I'll be talking about is FPS drops and Disconnections. Everytime I arrived on Velika or any other city my FPS dropped a lot, I had to patiently guide my character through the cities like I was watching stopmotion and it made difficult not only to walk arround the city but the interactions with the NPCs, sometimes when I was walking arround in a map full of mobs even with no signal of another player arround my FPS dropped a lot. On a PS4 Pro the drops ocurred on the cities and in the maps but not that low like the Regular PS4. Disconnections on both consoles happened quite frequently like 1-2 hours between each disconnect.

Let's move on to in-game bugs or malfunctions, I tested this bugs on both PS4 and both had the same bugs

1. Resurect another through scrolls or Priest skill of Resurection wasn't working because the dead player don't recieve the message confirming the resurection.
2. During some cutscenes through the game some characters were gliding instead of walking/runing.
3. The Reaper class R2 combo (basic attacks) bugs sometimes and she starts spamming just the same 2 attacks repeatedly until you release the R2 button (Video coming soon).
4. When you go for the PS4 Menu and get back into the game it freezes for a second or two and sometimes disconnects you from the game.
5. Sometimes when you interact with NPCs to deliver or assign to quests their dialog menu don't show up and you need to press Options button to fix it.
6. Sometimes on the server list screen I couldn't select any server no mather how many times I pressed X button.
7. It was missing 3 classes from character creation: Gunner, Ninja and Valkyrie.
8. The HUD loads before the loadscreen leaves what causes a mess during loadscreens.
9. The quest log covers part of the map and sometimes it is hard to read the quest log or the map, you should move the map to the other side of the screen.

Now let's talk about Sound and Communication (Text and Voice chat). The in-game sound was so loud that I almost died when I opened the game the first time, I went to settings and even when I turned down the volume to the minimum possible it was loud, everytime I started playing the test I had to create a Party (Voice chat) on PS4 to reduce the game sound otherwise it wasn't tolerable on minimum. In-game voice communication wasn't working well, I had to change a lot into settings to be reasonably good and still the PS4's native voice chat better than the In-game voice chat. The text chat was another problem, the messages were sent with delay and the chat area was to small, very hard to keep up while chilling and chating via text, I lost some PMs my friend sent to me just because of the size of the chat that fits no more than 5 lines. This happened on both consoles, Regular PS4 and PS4 Pro

And finally what I wanted to talk about since the beginning, PvP and PvE gameplay. The keybinding is awesome, very easy to learn and deal on the Dualshock, skills chained to each other very well for nasty combos and massive damage and I liked it very much but I felt that in this test we had a lot of PvE and almost none of PvP, because we only had available that Kuma Battleground mode which wasn't the real PvP but an Christmas Event, if you guys were planning to give us a Christmas PvP event you should put the regular PvP and the Kuma event instead of just the Kuma event. People rather dueling than join a PvP queue just because of that mode being the only PvP mode of the whole test. The Dungeons are awesome but I couldn't join any high level dungeon because of the eternal queues due to the short number of players playing the test.

And last but not least the In-game events and other stuff. In the promotional video of the test it was said that you guys were supposed to run some events with the players and I saw absolutely zero events runned by a GM, I just saw the Kumas PvP event and some rewards that I recieved for login, time played and leveling up, this was supposed to be the in-game events runned by GMs? I felt rewarded, but I didn't felt like I was in an event at all. And another thing I thought the game was supposed to have Keyboard and Mouse recognition since it is a PC game too, like Fortnite, Onigiri or Final Fantasy XIV that recognizes a Keyboard and mouse pluged in to the PS4, please add this feature to the final build because I rather 1000x play with Keyboard and mouse than playing on a controller, even knowing the map and gameplay feels good on controller.

I hope I helped you guys improve your game for the final build with this feedback, thanks for giving me the opportunity to test your game in first hand! ;)

Too short to type anything.
Bonbonnie wrote: »
Nope. Come to GW2. We're chill and fun there.
b-but gw2 is still p2p. f2p in gw2 is ersatz. im not ready for this yet
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
why are elite CCBs only 3 hours ? and not 12 like the common ones.
u gave us 24 three hour ccbs instead of just 6 twelve hour ones.

wht i dont understand is... Everful nostrum is unlimited... why not give us 12 hour CCB unlimited aswell?? makes no sense to me... its not like we can trade those things anyway, so why limit it??
Tone? TONE??
Eme are kids to be offended on our tone that they caused themself by their constant indifference, ccb and pots, silent mode without answer?

Vi it is their job. And if they feel so stressed about our tone then hire another people who will deal with our tone by actions, not blatant silence like offended demotivated girls, who will shut us up with their iron hands with cool events and solved troubles, elite peeks, bugs, vanguard shop, fashion coupon, friendship circle shop, pvp rewards, dungeon rewards aka meta tokens and by other stuff.
On a forum where some people can't even write in positive way heir positive thoughts due to language issue (me ofc)s, where people meet people from completely different countries in the world its irrelevant to count tones.
Currently Tera is unfriendly basically to anybody.
For new players the amount of grind is discouraging. As I said it takes literally months before a new player can get into the game. It took more than 2 months for returning old player I know to farm +5 weapon farming every day iod on several characters, i think 4 or 5 characters. But he's old player and knows what he was doing. New player farming on one character can't get any closer to this, because at one point he will also need to do dungeons for experience. And he can't really sell gold talents, because he needs them for enchanting. Especially on higher tiers a lot of needed, if one wanna upgrade all pieces. Silver talents are scarce as well. I don't wanna count how many of those you need if you wanna upgrade 5 pieces of accessory to maximum tier. It is probably not even possible to do it within 1 patch cycle, unless you buy, but in order to buy you need to sell something else and what you can sell is gold talents, which as we said, are needed in bulks on a first place. I seriously doubt that a new player can farm on one character from 0 all he needs in this patch cycle unless he gets very lucky in enchanting or something, maybe not even then, given the amount of buyable mats you need.
For the old players Tera is also very boring, because you can't farm hardest content and get at least part of what you have spent on gearing back, through selling something from the dungeon or as a flat reward, neither it drops mats so you can finish gearing. People who are around in the game for years won't do IoD and will rarely do anything more than GG or HH20 raids and only if they happen to be in MT where a lot of raids are organized, outside of MT the situation is for sure much worse. Making dungeons too accessible for anybody is also not really accepted that good by end game players as now literally everybody can do them, which hampers mat selling on one side, makes the HM title worthless because everybody has it, and in generally there's nothing hard to do, hence these people have no challenge and therefore no motivation. The random gem drop chance is negligible, i don't think its a guaranteed drop and when you get 1 emerald, divided in 5 people it is not so much of a reward... Diamonds are nice but rare. And you also need tens to hundreds of them to gear. I think in 50 runs in rk9em i got around 4-5 diamonds.

To do a daily routine you need around 1h per day per toon in order to finish 16 iods, or some low dgs and iod, gg and so on. Besides being a huge time sink, it is also not fun activity to do. Bosses have too much hp and pose absolutely no threat, even if you do with slaying crystal. Then slaying and keen are of questionable value cos u need to wait for bams to spawn anyway. MOBA and FPS are way better concepts, because you probably need the same amount of time to master them, but you can master them by actually playing the game. MOBA game lasts 30-60 min. FPS game more or less the same. But you have fun and actually play the [filtered] game, like FPS doesn't make you shoot dummies for 1 month to collect money to buy bullets for your 30 min game. The rest of the reasons are the ones you mentioned.
For some reason mmos and especially cheap Korean grinders think that people would enjoy farming iod, gg and other solo farming places for months before you can gear and enjoy end game. On top of that, once you have geared and completed what the game has set you as endgame goal(hm title, officially dps race is not a thing anymore, since there is no legitimate way to measure your dps unless you use external programs on your own risk), you can't prefarm for next patch in any other way than doing more IoD. Gearing another is not an option as well, because unlike in previous patches where you could just farm mats and gear it and go straight to end game content with it, nowadays this is not even possible and you need experience on your weapon to enchant, unless you have few millions of gold to brute force. Needless to say, if you have already passed through annoying experience of doing boring and unrewarding places for experience on your main, you don't wanna do that on your alt. So at best, you gotta settle at +0 sc or something like that.

People are too obsessed with talks about "stability", "stable economy" and talks like that without realizing what they are saying. The abundance of materials doesn't make the economy "less stable" whatever this means, it just makes the game less grindy and arguably people could enjoy it more. The real problem is that EME has the bad habbit of making some poorly announced events decided only few days in advance that used to give tons of free things which people can't get in months of farming (such as first mongo event), and if you miss the event, because you didn't know about it or because you were busy in these particular hours of the day or days, you get behind a lot compared to people who did the event, not to mention that some people also do mongos on multiple accounts for even more rewards. This is pissing people off. That's why the basic loot has to be sufficiently abundant at first place and events like jackpots and mongos have to be rare (and imo also avoided at least in the way they are being organized), instead of loot and rewards from the game being extremely bad on their own, and then for few hours you get mongos that gives you loot equal to months of farming.

The problems just got worse with this patch in terms of end game content.
We got another mid tier dungeon coming from the previous patched which people have already farmed for hundreds of times, since it was decent as a reward, but now it keeps supplying people with useless mats. From what I saw in the forum in the threads, farming talents is also worse than before. On the bright side we have even more achedevan formulas and metal fragments, which is cool cos I only had 3k+ of each and desperately needed more.... not. And if you dismantle them into tokens it is even worse because nothing in the token store is needed and tokens heavily flood the bank space as they don't stack over 10k.

Meanwhile people are getting close to the title, me and friends have 50+ by the end of this week, next week we would have it already. I guess EME doesn't care that endgame content isn't worth being done, which will cause or has already caused end game players not to play Tera and to play other games instead. It's a pity.
Ashno wrote: »
been playing on eu's event server and gotta say i might just play over there for now on

If you are interested in making some profit early on then try crafting/selling runes from Alchemy without going over Artisan because the demand is extremely high considering that ever so many players are leveling up professions ( as example i already made 100k in two days ). And you can try to farm your own crafting potions since they cost only 500 vanguard points and replenish 4k crafting points instead of buying them from broker. Then you can go Artisan weapon/armor for even more profit.

Anyway, i hope that EME will give some attention to Tera NA seeing from other examples that a happy and healthy game creates happy and healthy players that are either playing or willing to spend more money ( i have to admit that i was thinking to spend on EU for some nice packs that are not filled with RNG junk ) and with this said there is more profit to be made... though i doubt so because the plans for Tera NA were most likely settled a long time ago and along the lines to never update the vanguard shop as a prime example.

Each with his own. Best is to not hold grudges.
I would like to stream too man
6AY wrote: »

Dont even bother, there u have it...
Was that December 7th or August 12th?

Either way, what's always bugged me about ticket responses like these is the answers often vary depending on who answers your ticket. For example, I knew a guy who liked to race change a fair amount. When he did it the first two times, he sent in a ticket asking for his costumes to be redone for his racechange, and the GM agreed. Several months later he returned to the game, race changed once more, and found that this new GM was unwilling to do it. Another friend's GM was banned from the game. When this friend wrote in a ticket asking to be made GM in the banned GM's place (he was already an officer, as well as one of the few active members left in the guild), the GM responding to the ticket would not do it, opting instead to leave the guild in limbo. Well, somebody must have asked twice, because about a month later some other GM apparently agreed to help them out; their GM is no longer the banned member, but the officer who had initially requested GM status. Several months later, a completely separate guild had their ex-GM return to the game and, upon being told that they were no longer wanted as GM in the guild they'd abandoned, wrote in a support ticket and had their GM leadership position reinstated (leading to the mass exodus of nearly every member of said guild). These are just three examples but I think they demonstrate the point: that the support team, though generally quite good, can occasionally be a mixed bag and you're really better off not posting your numbers in chat lest someone like OP decide to report you for it, and the report lands on the desk of someone who's having a particularly bad day at the time.
This thread has run its course and contains a lot of bickering and boasting, so I'm closing it. The nature of loot boxes is defined in the description of the item - they are a chance to receive multiple different items (you never receive an empty box).

Please respect the purchase decisions of others - and for those who don't like the loot box method, some items will always be exclusive to that system but we'll continue to work on alternative methods to get cool items in TERA. We never want people to feel like they got zero reward when putting in the time, effort, or money towards enjoying the game.
Nedylene wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
There is an update coming for the VG shop, but the first one getting a revamp is the Fed. Bill store as stated in the currently pinned thread.

I'm basically taking the feedback we're seeing in this and other threads and passing it on to the TERA team for when that happens, so suggestions on what to change are definitely appreciated.

Oh nice, we removing the vanguard shop.

He didn't say that. He expressed that an update is upcoming for that specific store. In any moment was mentioned that the Vanguard Store is going to be removed.

Does the federation bill store "update" (advertised as an update - turned out to be a merge with other shops) not ring a bell to you?
In any case I'm hoping for a nice update, I hope it will make the points have some more worth because dungeons aren't worth it at all atm besides the xp and a """"chance"""" for an emerald.
Hi, Guys Need your Help in Relationship Matter. We are dating about one months, and she has a Birthday after 3 days, and I found some interesting and little bit sexy quotes to congratulate her http://www.mysticquote.com/true-love-quotes-him-her/ How do you think, should I use it, or it'll be better to speak my own words?

Commission made for Fuccubus on CH
It was a pleasure working with them!
They had ONE JOB, Making the INTERFACE controller optimized. The fckn' controller mode on the PC version's only 2 friggin' flaws, are the interface and the removal of camera direction controls for melee (only ranged retaining this setup).

They just HAD to change it. Why???? Cause they want! Cause they KNOW what's better for you!

You can easily use all the skill bar on the controller nowadays, and that's exactly what I do. It all just works flawlessly other than the menu usage. They just had to change THAT and only THAT, or at most (that is, please do so), bring back camera direction and character direction modes.
[Removing Forum Violation]
Closing this Forum Thread, since another player had already posted the link to the full IGN article, including videos.
. .
Lag duplicated my 1st post. Sorry
maxis1 wrote: »
> @clfarron4 said:
> EU, published by Gameforge, is the most active server.

I can't tell if your serious or jokeing when Tera whent free to play I joined the EU version by mistake. And after coming over here EU doesn't hold any events hardly and I heard it's cash shop is super p2w.

Actually EU is doing far better job then NA is. To sum up what is happening for the past couple of months


To answer your question though, MT and TR. Every other server is practically dead
I'm not rich enough to be kami. :c
This is something the community has been asking since VM3 patch, and been keep asking for every single fuking patch. It is still not changed, without even an official response to this cooldown issue. (only added strong version of those pots)

This is so annoying, to wait 30mins for bravery cooldown or have to pop a strong version of bravery or canephora.
I cannot believe this is still going.
@PhoenixKiss you require a hobby.
Thank you for the quick answers. i didn´t know about that perk on high tiers.

Margarethe wrote: »
Christin wrote: »
Who's idea was it to put that box in the item claim, in the first place? That was the silliest move ever! It's just automatic for most of us to claim stuff on whatever character we can and then bank the box. Was there some major reason that box wasn't added to a quest like the Valkyries' boxes? That would have saved us from all of this hassle.

What made me most upset, is that we often like to take a few tries to create characters. With this setup, once your character claimed the box, you were totally stuck with her. If you deleted her to make another, you were out the rewards. At least with the Valks, we didn't even claim the box till level 15 (I think). That gave us enough time to decide if we wanted to make a change or not. I can't remember if we were able to claim more than one Valk box per account. Maybe that is the reason they put it in item claim? Either way, they really need to get something better setup.

The box could have been only claimable by Elin Gunners in the first place.
We have random garbage at item claim that we're unable to claim nor delete due to restrictions.
Yet an exclusive event box restricted to a class could be claimed by any Race/Class/Gender.

or could have been like prier releases where the account stuff (like char slot and elite) got a 1 off delivery to the item claim
and then each character you make of the new release gets a character lvl box
Fly off via pegasus or go to the start of the island and accept the questline
Ah my little lady would love to meet you on Tempest Reach


Can i pls have ur sliders <3 i know this post is waayy to old lool, but im in love with ur castanic :P
hcmxniro wrote: »
StarSprite wrote: »
hcmxniro wrote: »
Meningitis wrote: »
Yet another thread about this.
EME keeps saying no, but everyone wants it super bad. =__=

doesn't matter. EME is superb at not listening to us; their ear protection game is always on point.

It makes sense to not sell it while it's bugged though. This is an item that would have been in a loot box so, unless you're really lucky, you are looking at spending quite a bit of cash on a product that doesn't function as it should. Some players might be okay with the weird behavior of the dress but if you're paying a premium for an item then it should work properly.

I guess it just strikes me as odd that they care so much when they regularly release costumes that outright replace femani legs and have no tail holes for the elins, leading to seriously horrific clipping issues with the right tails. They're perfectly OK with doing that, they're fine with the scarves that regularly shoot off into infinity, but this is where they draw the line? I don't buy it, sorry.

Because every single time EME does a live stream where they're trying to attract new players, there'll be some ****s forcing elin upskirts center screen just to be annoying. That's why, as a publisher responsible for marketing TERA, you'd draw the line there, even though it means giving up potential sales.
and again us waiting is kept
Margarethe wrote: »
Naru2008 wrote: »
Oh yes. Let's just release a game that isn't ready to go live, then have people [filtered] about it being completely broken. That's even better!

Assuming it will be working properly when online.

I like to be optimistic, rather than pessimistic, by nature. :)
Is maintenance ever not extended.
Sethryan wrote: »
Soon TM.... They are busy with elin shitunner and crap footstep [filtered]..... remember they have to keep pedos happy.

That's not a very nice way to put it, and it doesnt contribute anything to the discussion. Refrain from derogatory comments like this in the future, or as you can see your avatar behind bars, you will get a perma ban.
> @Sethryan said:
> Everything is about keeping the pedos happy.... so why bother.....

Oh look a [filtered] deflecting
Tera is alive thx to pedos and elin virgin lovers so they will keep doing this. I just wish they put an option to disable the loading screens cuz i think they are all ugly and i dont like them at all, i have enough with the elin gunner s-thit already.
They're up since 2 days ago
Thrall of Vengeance is cuter than Elin Gunner, Come on

PS: Runs like heck
Linhh wrote: »
aaa thanks T_T <3. uhh I'm not really sure what elite vouchers do, could you tell me?

Elite vouchers can be used on any server to increase elite time account wide.
Call outs are against the forum rules.
Require to send a ticket to support.
Recommend placing those on the EME discord as well, per suggestion of @Zoknahal if you'd like to raise awareness.
FWIW I bought over 200 Pet Food boxes to get my candyspinner that I've been obsessed with getting. So bad luck knows no boundaries.
Our support section might be able to help.
I mean now is downloading ....now i wait to see if complete. Ty guys
this is why EA makes money people :l
you need send tiket ( since many "real" players use this kinds of proxys ) you cant call out players names here, you can do in others ( discord o other meme forums,) but here they delete this kind of treats cuz you need follow rulez
4KNTN63WET wrote: »
I have a fx 8230 right now, this cpu should easily be abnle to run tera

Yep I thought you might say you had an FX processor. AMD's Bulldozer series CPU's have absolutely god-awful single-core performance, and so Tera is going to run poorly on that CPU. If you updated your CPU to something newer like a Ryzen or Intel chip, you'd see a much bigger jump in performance.

I had an i5 2500k since 2011 and once I jumped to the R5 1600, I noticed a huge jump in minimum framerate and I regularly hit and stay at 80fps.
tisnotme wrote: »
In case it helps anyone who hasn't played any of EME's other games but wants to make sure they don't miss out on the EMP purchase rewards (which you have to claim within 15 days), here are some instructions:

If you don't already have access to the beta, you will need to purchase any of the Founders Packs available on the Closers website. Once you have access, create a character, complete the tutorial mission, go to the first hub area. In the Inventory window (I key), click on the "EMP Store Delivery Box" in the bottom of the window, and you'll find the bundle in there.

NOTE: Depending on which tier you purchased, once you open the bundle, some of the boxes inside are time-limited, but the items within them are not. Most of the items can be placed in your account bank for another future character, except the wings. (You can access the bank by talking to Cmdr. Song and pressing the A key.) If you got the wings and want to move them to another character later, you will need to repackage them using an item called "Quality Assurance Seal" can buy on the Cash Shop.

and there is the catch for the free black Friday gear
for closers you will need to purchase any of the Founders Packs if you arnt already

Yeah, I wondered about that too. I think the game will probably be coming out of closed beta soon, so probably they will open it up for everyone. The other option is that you can use a guest key from someone who is already in the CBT. But yeah, I think they should find a way to extend this for Closers until everyone is able to get an account.

actually thinking bout this more with the problems receiving the Kritika prizes with the problems and the situation with Closers and now the fact of needing to buy founders to receive the gifted prizes , and with Tera's Mini guns and leveling event and ongoing Dec events , it has me wondering how many will forget the claiming on these prizws when every thing gets settled due to being involved in the Tera events leading up to Chrissy now
I my self may revisit the other games to try and get my stuff before the weeks out but from there on I recon my spare time rill christmass will be in Tera for the events and such
"Destroyed Velika" "Save Velika"

This I can't wait to experience.
Now that I have devs attention (because so far I've only see you guys respond only to these kind of threats), Is it there any answer to why we get disconnected from the server SO much. I can't even play, I get dc'd every 10 mins and it's getting really annoying.
When the sale went up, this was available for sale. In the time it took me to buy the EMP to get this it has been removed. Baited :(

Bring it back please.
Oppabo wrote: »
Hihi id love to take that spot!! Could i update with reference once i get on my pc?
Aa also i think the portrait isnt showing (or my phones broken)
ALSO wondering if you took couple requests? Thanks!! ;w;

♥ Server and IGN: Lin (AV)
♥ Pictures of character/references: soontm
♥ Expression (Do you want happy, wink, sad/crying or shy expression): up to you >w<
♥ Gold or Paypal payment: gold!

Hi Lin~ It's Lin as well! :'D Thanks for ur interest!
Actually, I could give a try for couples if they are not too detailed~! Usually I don't do couples though.

https://sta.sh/0w5cavak6nm here's a link to the portrait if it wont show on the forum still!

Clouds is a small close-knit guild that focuses on end game content. We constantly strive to create an environment where our members complete difficult content together and enjoy each other's company.
Recruitment Process

We require members to have at least Frostmetal to join our guild and prefer members to be skilled in RK9. Unskilled players can still join, however must be aiming for hardmode content, show consistent effort over time, and strive to continually improve. Discord is a requirement for applying and to communicate with the community, although voice communication is optional. We do encourage you to join voice channels but will not pressure people to talk if they do not want to, so be at ease! To join our guild, please contact an officer in-game and fill out an application. Once that has been submitted, you may be accepted as a member on a trial basis. Trial members will gauge their progress, skill attainment, and overall enjoyment of the guild and review these with an officer to receive full membership.
Guild Culture

Clouds strives for inclusivity, enjoying TERA with our friends, and to share a desire for end game content at the highest level possible. We are active on Discord chat and voice! We are a fun-loving group that make jokes and play other games with each other like UNO, Cards Against Humanity, and Overwatch; to name just a few. We also host guild events such as movie nights and seasonal events. Despite our crude humor, we do not allow bullying, racism or NSFW content in our guild Discord.
Goals of the Guild

Clouds members are expected to be aiming towards clearing the hardest content and continually improve. We strive to be a semi-hardcore guild. We generally frown upon static groups, preferring to work at ensuring everyone in the guild is able to do hardmode content with everyone on an equal basis. As a result, we are clique-free. Though we are serious minded, we are not overzealous and do not take ourselves too seriously. We thoroughly enjoy seeing our members improve their proficiency at the game and their class(s).

If you feel like you could be counted among us as family, please feel free to inquire with a guild officer or a member today!
hellno wrote: »
I came into the patch without 449 ilvl and while it sucked going into FW with equalization gear I put up with it. I slowly gathered up enough materials and gems to level and enchant my gear to 449 which I just reached a few days ago. Coming into the patch I thought to myself why was the ilvl requirement so high? But now I know the intent behind it. This is a privilege that you should EARN and not simply get handed to you. People who have 449 put in a lot of time and money into their gear. Honestly if I can run these bgs and save up the mats to get my gear where it needs to be then why can't you? or anyone for that matter? Ultimately, at this point I would be pissed to hear that I had to go through the grind of gathering materials including the expense of gold to get my gear to 449, and then it's changed and basically handed out to folks who didn't put in the same effort.

What are they handing out???? please for [filtered] sake get off your high horse and use your brain. You want people to use WORSE GEAR while they work there way up to the required ilvl. How is using your own gear an earned privilege. you already worked for the damn gear, its already better than the equalized crap you get.

How are people on these forums so damn stupid

So to rectify the issue you want them to lower the ilvl gear requirement so that more people can use their own gear? What about the folks who had to grind to get their gear to the level requirement to free themselves of equalization gear already? The same thing that YOU can do yourself! How would that be fair that they lower it now after the fact?

Or are you wanting them to improve the equalization gear? Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with the current equalization gear. I don't understand where you're getting this idea that it's completely garbage. Every other battleground drops your ilvl down significantly more than FW. In FW when I was still in equalization gear my heals were criting for 81k which is only 10-15k short of what I get now when I am in my 449 ilvl gear. When I am in Corsairs my heals are around 25-35k in equalization gear which is considerably lower than FW. FW equalization gear is pretty damn good already. You're never going to get equalization gear that's on par with your own gear that's the whole point of having equalization gear to begin with!!! LOL

So you want the gear in FW to be almost on par with the 449 ilvl gear? NOT going to happen. This set up is it not intended to be "balanced" .. because if that was their intention they would have never enabled this feature of using your own gear. They knew when introducing this feature there would be a tip in the scale and that people using their own gear would be stronger than using equalization gear making it unbalanced. What you want is it to be balanced and improved, but if they improve it any more than it already is they may as well allow everyone to use their own gear in FW. Any improvement would put equalization gear on the same strength level as 449 gear. Something you're not understanding..

you are seriously one of the dumbest person I know. You want PVP to be more unbalance for EQ just because they didnt fix it before you worked your way up to ilvl449? entilted much. seriously idiot pvp is about fun and making it more unbalanced is not fun.

Just look at these. What kind of idiot can defend this difference

My Gear:

I lose 6% CDR + 10% CDR on kaias, 20% stun reduction, 33K HP, 41 crit resist
  1. On Windows 10, I tried to change the S1Engine.ini config file in C:\En Masse Entertainment\TERA\Client\S1Game\Config - your path may vary - to point to my user/pictures, but Tera put it back each time I ran the client. Maybe the software is checking to see if i'm changing the game or something. FAIL
  2. So I tried to make a user called patchbuild, and that was a nightmare. and ended up creating a user called patch anyway. FAIL
  3. So I ended up creating a folder - required admin privs of course - in the C:/users/ folder called patchbuild and then set security so that EVERYONE could write / modify it. SUCCESS.

So, Tera now saves screenshots as intended.
> @KarmaTheAlligator said:
> LilMsQTay wrote: »
> Really? the 30th? I was thinking they would release it on the 22nd, bc that's when the leveling event is, pretty worthless to have a leveling event a week b4 the new class is out....at least it will be for me, I am not leveling a new character besides the elin gunner and I have most of this week off for the holiday.
> Do you people not know how to read or something?

I dont need your [filtered] comments, u can keep them to yourself.
Now if you have something productive to say I'm all eyes
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