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CW4G4FNCD7 wrote: »
What time are the servers supposed to be back up today?

Don't necro dead threads
> @TakeshiKira said:
> ¡Hey, use my Buddy up Code for Amazing Rewards!
> My character: Takeshi.Kira
> Takeshi.Kira's Server: Velika
> BuddyUp Code: Takeshi.Kira#0470

This isn't a buddy up code thread and also an old dead dreaded up necro'd thread
  • Flying Skill: Royal Ghost Dragon
  • Village Atlas (Permanent)
  • Travel Journal (Permanent)
  • Flying Skill: Jetcycle MHZ
  • Flying Skill: Skycycle MHZ
  • Studio Style Smart Box (Hip Hop)
  • Jeans and Jacket Smart Box (Varsity)
  • Castanica Demons Smart Box
  • Care and Use of Your Pet Felicity
  • Dyeable Deep Jammers Box
  • Blackguard's Leathers Smart Box
  • Elite Status Voucher (90 Day)
  • Golden Noblesse Smart Box (Elleon Rare)
  • Purple Master Plasma Smart Box
  • Red Master Plasma Smart Box
Excuse me..that was a lot to type out by phone. I'm sure there is some bad mis spell checks and few grammar. However, I'm too lazy to proof read.
E7KJMJA766 wrote: »
instead it is better that an entire server can not play it? do you really think that 1 or 2 tanks or 2 healers make the difference? Rly? Now all server hate enmasse because lost all night
I think there may still be some confusion on your part... I explained above, that this is a Developer (Bluehole) implemented design.
EME is the Publisher of TERA, and we don't have direct control of how something is designed, though we can push forward suggestions for future updates.

In this Forum Thread, you continue to place blame on En Masse Entertainment for something you dislike by saying, "Now all server hate enmasse because lost all night"...
they trying to push korean slave trends in NA market, lmao. i give up im quitting
TERA has things going for it, a lot less in the last couple of years but it still has some things. The worst thing you can do is copy another baddie Korean game.

Revamp BAMS, make new BAMS. People that play Black Desert want to AFK fish most people that play TERA actually want to PLAY a game.
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My gf told me someone got some costumes/mounts that were soulbound moved to another toon as a once-per-year courtesy, i think they were both elin but worth trying.

Decided contacting support and they indeed confirmed we have a 1x per year courtesy to transfer up to 20 items, idk the exact limitations but i moved most of my Draconis ferris fragments to one toon and all my DS1 ultimate skins/smolders from Velika toons i don't play anymore (used to play on CH) to my current toons at Kaiator.


hm. thats interesting, ill send in a ticket about it. thanks.
I'm gonna reply to this before that one dude in every thread who says WHOLE GAME IS HACKS does and say yeah, they do care. The streamer themselves clipped this, for attention, and they're getting exactly what they want when a thread like this is created.
Well someone's got a plug up their butt, a $150 version.



Thread served its purpose now. Can be closed.
Is the rouge garb available for PS4? If so where can I find it
NotSoBad64 wrote: »
Ya I have seen this happen multiple times as well. The bomb just disappears no matter how many times i try setting it, with or without zombies.

Please do not necro topics from 2016, if you are having a problem please open a new topic so players, player council, or staff can assist you.
Helpful info in this thread, thanks
Still can't enter mine

This is a really old thread, but I also posted here about the same issue:

It means you don't have the latest patch, so you either need to reinstall the launcher (steps in the link) or point to a different patch server (steps here).
metagame wrote: »
you know that broker history only goes back like a couple of months right

"before" could've been during one of those strongbox jackpots

Even during those events, no one with at least two brain cells is going to buy a single key for 15k.
Stop feeding please. Thread reported
Dydric wrote: »
I think Elins are the most sexy things in the game! They look so hot to be 500+ years old! That being said do you think they will just delete the other races in game and make it all about the Elins or just make a Elin spin off game? I don't see the point of the other lesser races. Elin is one of the big reasons why I play this game and all the other lesser races kill it for me. Also do you think they will add a boy Elin? I would love a boy Elin but he has 2 be as cute...

Master Race:

says 500+ years like if the game is in real time wth be real please say the cute and done cause all the other race is same thing no one is getting old.
Can something be done about this troll?
This clutter of new, pointless forum posts is a nuisance.
I think Elins are the most sexy things in the game! They look so hot to be 500+ years old! That being said look can do you think they will just delete the other races in game and make it all about the Elins or just make a Elin spin off game? I don't see the point of the other lesser races. Elin is one of the big reasons why I play this game and all the other lesser races kill it for me. Also do you think they will add a boy Elin? I would love a boy Elin but he has 2 be as cute...
Hi ther is it a planned maintenance or unexpected drop out? We were close to the end of dungeon, so are we loosing entrance?
GGv00 wrote: »
As the title says, who was the winner? it is 14 already and I don't see anything announced about this.

This is a PC event, not a console event. I recommend moving this to the PC forum discussion for an accurate answer.
yes 21 characters on your server :3

Today, we launched the PlayStation 4 version of TERA in Japan! Woohoo!

In the interest of full transparency and to head-off any speculation or conjecture, we wanted to let you know that in the Japanese version of the game, the in-game store details the probabilities of winning certain items from loot boxes.

While many products in the Japanese in-game store may resemble products sold in the NA/EU console versions (and even the PC version is some cases), these products were created uniquely for the Japanese market and the probabilities published therein may not necessarily reflect the probabilities in other versions of TERA published by En Masse.

Just a heads up!

Thank ya,
@tisnotme I've replied to your question in the other forum post, but for completions sake, I'll add it here too!

Did you get a chance to review the Patch Notes? If not, here they are! I'll quote how you're meant to get your new character slot from 20 to 21:

"3. Character Limit
Server character limit expanded from 20 to 21 slots
One (1) free character slot per server (Kaiator and Velika) will be delivered via Parcel Post when you log in between Tuesday, November 13 and Tuesday, November 20."

I hope this helps!
vkobe wrote: »
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
vkobe wrote: »
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
Tera is 6 years old and now people complain LMFAO

people complaint since reaper release, it is just you didnt played tera a this time ;)

Yes I played since Tera release People always complained but not as much as lately
And they complained way before Reaper

reaper was the first locked class in tera

are you sure you are veteran player? because you seem to not be there on the old forum, today the forum is more dying than really alive, in the old forum we had like 10 threads by day about locked class is bad :)

Spaceshitty banned many then he got fired LOL
If you want to look just right for your brand new elin brawler, just copy these images here!

To get the details, use these options in character creation:

If you want the outfit, powerfists, title, character slot, and appearance change voucher, grab yourself the lovely Lady Tanly Bundle HERE!
can a mode delete this topic please ty.
1. Elin Brawler
  • Added brawler as a selectable class for elin characters.
    • Race Change Vouchers do not allow female human brawlers to become elin brawlers at this time.
    • LevelUp! Event

2. Enhancement Point System
  • Added Enhancement Point (EP) System
    • Use EP to boost base stats and skills.
    • Gain EP by completing Vanguard Requests and defeating high level monsters.
  • Unlock EP by reaching level 65 with at least one character on the server.
  • EP XP is gained per server, and shared with all characters on that server.
  • EP XP Boost event:
    • 30% EP XP Boost for Vanguard Requests
    • 100% EP XP Booster (1-hour) items will be given out for the next four weekends. Gain 2x boosters each day (Saturday and Sunday), for a total of 16x boosters throughout the event!

3. Character Limit
  • Server character limit expanded from 20 to 21 slots
    • One (1) free character slot per server (Kaiator and Velika) will be delivered via Parcel Post when you log in between Tuesday, November 13 and Tuesday, November 20.

4. Dungeon
  • New Dungeon: Bahaar’s Sanctum
    • 5-Person dungeon
    • Accessed via Instance Matching or the teleportal in Frymount, Ostgarath
    • Requires ilvl 456 for Instance Matching
    • Limited to 1 entry (2 for Elite) per day
    • Rewards include (but are not limited to):
      • Stormcry Equipment Chest
      • Gems
      • Supreme Metal
      • Springy Draco Limb
      • Weight Pendulum
      • Sacred Mallet
  • Reopened: The Abscess
    • 7-Person dungeon
    • Accessed via Instance Matching or the teleportal in Frymount, Ostgarath
    • Requires ilvl 412 for Instance Matching
    • Limited to 2 entries (4 for Elite) per day
    • Rewards include (but are not limited to):
      • Enchanting Box
      • Golden & Silver Talents
      • Metal Fragment
      • Wood Chest

5. Battleground
  • Kumas Royale
    • Changed to a 5:5 battleground
    • Adjusted NPC Kumas Health
      • Mama: Health halved
      • Baby: Health doubled
    • Baby Kumas are now larger in size

6. Leaderboard
  • Added Bahaar’s Sanctum
    • The likenesses of the season’s top-ranked Bahaar’s Sanctum party will be cast as statues for the following season.
      • Likenesses are based on the character's appearance during maintenance at the end of the season.
      • Some costume items may not be reflected in the cast image.
    • Other rewards include Infinity Mask Ticket, Onset Mask Ticket, and Medal of Conflict.

    7. Items
    • Players can now enchant Heroic Oath gear up to +3.
    • Added Supreme Metal to General Goods merchants.
    • Increased item stack limit on various recovery potions, scrolls, and Equipment Crystals.
    • Replaced Entropic Strongbox with Item XP Strongbox.
    • Reverted Fashion Strongbox to pre-halloween contents.
    • Added EP Reset Potion to Dragon Scale shop.
      • 17903fbaac0d0db0f1a4e3a3d7fe8773f73e2b23.png
    • Added Gym Uniform Renaming Coupon to Novelty merchants (change took effect with v75-HF2).
      • 2a6b97203189f2bb77023accee78694126f69bc3.png

    8. System and Options
    • Removed Xigncode from game client.
      • Xigncode data folder may still exist in client directory [“...\Client\Binaries\XIGNCODE”]; this can safely be deleted.
    • Added ability to hide visual effects created by other players.
      • 67121baca5685ad9185a87f988d7c1fad4730679.png
Vy1Vivi wrote: »
Saabi wrote: »
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
Just a heads up that Rep is known to be heavily focused on using paid class scripts to give animation advantages that no other Gunners can do.

That's why moongourd is always a meme to see top player scores because ppl just point out that it's a script user.

I feel like people like to accuse others of using paid scripts that give animation advantages with no proof just because they are at the top of the moongourd list.

I'm pretty sure if you have low ping or SP you can do everything he is doing.

There's a good chance there's truth to what they said. All you have to do is check out the gunner discord. A lot of them openly admit to utilizing proxies and scripts to improve animations, skills, etc. And its mostly the 'top players.'

By the way, of course you could do everything they were doing on the stream, because they didn't use their scripts or whatever it is they use with the spotlight on them. How dumb would you be to use that stuff when a bunch of people are literally watching you?

I hope you realize that just using proxy and scripts won't magically make you the 1%. You're just accusing him because he's good and you're not, with no way to prove your point. Further more, all of the private scripts barely provide more advantage than the publicly available skill-prediction bundled with the proxy.

Nice snaking on the discord btw.

I didn't accuse them, genius. And I never said it would make you the 'top 1%' so good job there too. You have no way to prove whether I'm good or not, so way to go being a hypocrite. There are plenty of players like me who are good with their class but don't need scripts or proxies, regardless of whether the 'top 1%' use them or not. And I'm not 'snaking,' I'm just telling it like it is.

By the way this is just a game, a game hardly anyone cares about judging by its current population, so you need to chill out.
I can't believe its 2018 and the amount of people offended or butthurt about getting a temp ban for running around offending or trying to butthurt others
EME does not currently publish TERA in SEA. Full stop.

@99GAAM3THM This might explain the issue you're having. http://tera.enmasse.com/tera-ps4jp
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
I am sorry and i was wrong.

Now I do hope those whom this apology goes to don't get into fire and fury mode (looking at one or more posters up there), and this thread can be moved on from and left in the past. Let this also be a lesson for others to check before firing their ammo at someone or something.

Misunderstandings are the stupidest reasons to start wars, after all. Don't fall for it, folks!
When you guys made the server merge back in august for xbox EU servers, you didnt ask us whether we prefer having a PvE or PvP server. You guys choose PvE for us.

Deathwrack hits, and we are now suddently left out from the biggest portion of PvP content released ever.

We would like to know what is EME position on this and what should we expect.

The server is alive but is not that populated, cuz the dungeons we have been running for months, became boring after a while. And also people was waiting for new content. All the new content...

If u prevent us from getting the same content of other customers/players the player base will be very disappointed. And the upcoming release of another console MMO might just drive away those competitive players from the game.

I spent money on this game, and most of the people that are left in the server, did aswell.

We have the same weight of the rest of the community so we want to know if we are gonna be treated differently based on a decision that you guys took for us without even asking.

On behalf of Xbox EU server. Kindly waiting for an answer.


Just went down moments ago.
Even in +15 ambush you wont be soloing 417-422 dungeons. Theyre specifically built for parties and are designed to reset or 1 shot you if too many people are missing.
It lasted about 30 minutes?
pikkaa pi !!

Well I hope that we have account migration. EME is officially dead, people left because of bad decisions and BH wont even flinch because regardless of what servers we are in they will still get money.

Well as for me if no account migration Ill slowly migrate till my SEA tera catches up to my NA but that will be hard because its 5 years worth of progress. Good bye 300 ping for 5 years.
Due to issues with my new Windows 10 install where my system had to go through 3 resets since initial install and that from the last reset where I had to wait to make sure that all was stable and being that I was unable to see that this server merge took place during this time period and now see that I have to delete some of my characters to now play this game after reinstalling the game I will not do it so if you want you can just delete my account. This going to only one server and the reasons that I have read about it just does not compute to me. So if there is a forum admin seeing this do what you have to do to delete my account as I have not uninstalled the game from my system and I had Elite status......Thanks, ImTerl
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »
Kira98 wrote: »
You defending them if play in NA :^)
Play a game with Enmasse as publisher is not worth. Just stop buying elite, emp and all shi.t content by mEME.

Sounds like you aren't putting effort into what you are saying, or just lazy.

Playing and not feeding the company money [vs] Playing and paying their greedy money

Are two different things. People can still play and not support their cash shop will still be effective instead of just plainly stop playing if you feel like playing.

Playing the game even without spending real money in the cash shop is still support the game. While you might not be giving EME your money directly, when you are playing the game you are still contributing the game whether you are doing dungeons, battlegrounds, producing gems, golds, talents, and mats. If you're not paying for the product, you are the product.

If you are tired of playing TERA and want to move on to another game, that's fine. If you do enjoy playing TERA and is just unhappy with the way EME is managing the game, you have the option on play on EU.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
Play red dead to redemption 2 or shadow of tomb raider while wait for future changes, actually game is in an abandoned status. No events , too much grind , and low players.

why wait? it is too late we are doomed :3
Christin wrote: »
Gatokatzen wrote: »
For those who wants to know what Xigncode is , it’s a anti poorn or nuude girls or [filtered] scanner with legal implications. It scan your adult sites or adult content to the local Korean authorities. Then Koreans locate your home via tracking IP systems and go to arrest you.

That’s why is popular in Asian games, police cannot go home by home looking people perversions in every computer, solution Xigncode for all.

Then they can invade Koreans computers search for the perverssion things and put you in the jail.

Well, after your explanation, I feel so much better. I don't live in Korea, so I guess all of my porn will stay safe and sound. LOL

Professional hackers already investigate the problems with xigncode. The most weird part about the program is that realize extensive search for poorn and adult things and send it. I guess in Korea is illegal to keep adult things or videos or pictures in your home . Especially since some Koreans used to install cameras in public bathrooms.

If you look around google there are news about people arrested for having illegal poorn. In their computers with the help of xigncode. The good thing is that the law only apply in Korea

By far the worst implementation of any class revamp. Why not treat Valkyrie the same way you treat the Warrior. The class become a passive shyte class. All awakening skills are clunky ANIMATION LOCKS WITH TIMERS. And what makes matters worst they remove any useful power links and replace it with crap crit factor like if the class need it, on top of nerfing SC further.

I'm done with this class until these B-I-T-C-H-E-S re-think what they did wrong with this class.
It will stay the same
This topic has run its course and is devolving. Closed.
Nopi wrote: »
Gatokatzen wrote: »
Nopi wrote: »
Tera's future always depended on Korean players, as the game is made initially and mainly for them. The rest of the regions are simply cash cows to feed the Korean dev and to implement mainly Korean player petitions (with only very few ideas from other regions). It's like this with most Korean games I've seen so it's not really BHS's sole fault.

As dungeons and item levels go, I suppose someone at the dev team thought that only the "few and proud" should be the ones even accessing the entirety of their game, with everyone else shoved out of the good parts. I remember back when maxed mid tier gear could access the highest dungeon. I felt that was a fair system, even though it gave not much incentive to really go for VM at that time, unless going for either bragging rights or speed runs.

True, right now the game is in a weird status. Stormcry is mid tier gear but cost remain epic high. So you have 2 options keep playing for materials or leave the game now and back when heroic gear will be new stormcry and stormcry will be cheap as frosmetal. And you can reach heroic +0 for the 5% of actual exagerated cost.

That is, if they ever intend on rolling back to the old ways. If not, then you will have two high maintenance gear sets, a long grinding road only few will dare walk, and a bunch of newbies and casuals not really interested in seeing the new dungeons anymore, because the devs decided to shut the front door with an "experts (read again: masochistic grinders) only" tag.

This can be solved in a few ways and a few tweaks. Make SC again the defacto high tier set that can access everything easily, with HO being the luxury set that is there but not really needed to get (brag rights and speed runs). Remove Guardian gear and prospect accessories and start up with TH and Bellum, and keep FM as the solid mid tier gear. Make all 412 dungeons 431 with slightly better drop rates (all others would then be 439 and up), and buff gold and silver talent drops across the board and/or add quests that grant enough mats for people to get to FM. Also, adjust item XP so people don't have to be at the same enchant number for too long.

Amen xd. I bet best option for now is keep playing Ark evolved fornite, and new games.
blah blah blah blah
Did you stop masturbating?
> @ggregnice01 said:
> You can get the scarf by purchasing the starter pack in the PlayStation Store for $15... ✌️

Necro's a 9 month old thread to offer a PC problem with a playstation fix
I'll give a 10/10
1. Battlegrounds
  • Added new reward items:
    • Champion’s Enchanting Chest III
    • Empowered Enchanting Chest
  • Added new items to Bellicarium shop, including but not limited to:
    • Golden and Silver Talents
    • Heroic Oath Gear materials
2. Resolved Issues
  • Added Instance Reset Scroll for ilvl 455 dungeons to the VG shop.
  • Passive skills will now trigger as expected, such as Nether Dragon crit and Reaper’s Vengeful Attack.
  • Minimap will no longer be locked.
3. Miscellaneous
  • Tier I and II Brooch Etchings, added in v75, are available as drops from the two newly added dungeons:
    • Grotto of Lost Souls
    • Dark Reach Citadel
    • NOTE: Brooch Etchings are not craftable at this time
  • Supreme Metal has been added to the Metamorphic Emblem shop.
FWIW go to EU or come to NA console

Much more friendly and forgiving than pc from my experience. If you do come to Kelsaik pvp server and join Retribution.

We regularly run learning groups.

> @Huv said:
> You answered your own question

He was venting, question was rhetorical if im reading this right.
Ace203 wrote: »
https://i.imgur.com/MeuhqY2.jpg This is an image of my desktop.

https://i.imgur.com/zjXFr1v.png This is an image of all [filtered] running on my pc.

Where is a suspicious program?

How you retards, besides being incompetent for literally anything manages to even implement some [filtered] anti-hack program that nobody even heard of (xincode) that despite nothing even remotely suspicious being run on a computer finds something that is?

Do I have to restart pc now everytime I wish to play Tera?

Is this a joke? Where the [filtered] is server maintenance page?

You, people, are so [filtered] incompetent, that like... if there is training routine to get more incompetent, you people invented it centuries before people were aware of it.

I can see you right now on the ground beating up like them spoil children my my. Hey son something was flag in the process, the get more info on the xigncode why didn't take screenshot of it and show us. I mean your pissed yes but saying they incompetent and till playing their game damn is garbage you all like and that's what your paying for so suck it up. if you all decide to stop play that only when they will remover but no love the game too much then live with it, simple as that.
ZingoPingo wrote: »
Trying to cash out on the remaining players before the final nail in the coffin. :feelsbadman:

En Masse please...

Real talk with mEME? Really xD?
> @DEJHJ3ALJA said:
> And still no ninja titles nor deathwrack. What have you done?

Deathwrack ismt coming out until november. What youre seeing is preview news.

Chill out
On October 10th we got this twitter:

That tweet redirected you to this news post: http://tera.enmasse.com/events/deathwrack-update

This post is not on the news post list anymore btw, so i dont know what's going on...

Any official word on this ? Why did they remove the post and why are we hearing nothing about this big update that was supposed to come today ???
MaiAura wrote: »
Do not support their greed those smartboxes should be available in game from halloween event not paid for

Tell that to the scores of people in the game proper, who've already spent hundreds of dollars trying to get the new faerie outfit.

Just like the talent boxes from the weekend, just like the new Cat undies from a few months ago, just like the gem boxes that keep coming back (which I personally find the most insulting). As much as we on the forums hate it, we're not the ones being listened to.
currently downloading Tera EU all hope is lost for EME
Because quick attack gives bonus damage to melee and IB gives crit to ranged attacks now.

Theres no longer a 10% flat all damage buff

The idea was to QCQ -> melee combo

IB -> BS- E.LoTW - BS -E.LoTW

Also ninja passives are currently broken so you are noticing a decrease in damage if youre using QCQ for the 10% melee damage as its not applying after the apex quest.
I think my last post was wrong. Maybe it is time to get some fresh air into this game and let some old go. Why, just look at any thread and try to find one that isn’t in instant turned into personal attacks, toxicity in one form or another, entitlement and so on. So if we can get rid of that, I’m all in.
Also on subject of saying I’ll take my money to EU … well Tera is still BHS’s game and EME is still part of BHS, so :)

Don’t get me wrong I’m in no form saying EME is great, far from it, they seriously need to step up their game, as Tera is on fast lane downhill for at least last 2 years., but not just EME, BHS too.

Honestly, its been on the fast track downhill post FOA 1.
ZingoPingo wrote: »
"We're cutting support for NA proxy" - Not EME btw.

Proxy is still readily available and someone will still be developing it after the 16th, you're ignorant if you believe otherwise. Stop using this as an excuse to quit.


if u dont know, calli and the other proxy dev are going to hunt, who will use their proxy work in NA, they already told about it, so im not going to use a "fake proxy" created by anonymous, probably a lot of issues are going to happen. So im quitting the game. Now the good reason to quit is... we dont have PRO player to finish any HM DG's, we have few players that still play, 90% my friends already left, even from EUA (USA) left, unhappily the bad choices of mEME killed the game, after emerge we had 2 pages full of LFG now we have only 3 LFG's and +2 lfg for buying stuffs
Moolgogi wrote: »
I'm sorry for being an [filtered]. I was careless and hurtful, and I regret my actions. I will spend my time reflecting on my behavior.

That's right child, reflect like the bad boy you are.
Lol, but with damage is how we hold aggro. Are you saying we don't need more crit chance when our crit chance is already garbage, we shouldn't stack crit, power, and go full aggro?

Alright, we're tanks, but we still dish in that DPS in order to hold aggro.

I think you misunderstood my statement, yeah we're supposed to deal damage but imagine if Leap crit all the time, we'd match Brawlers and tank balance would just reinforce Lancer as still being the best. Again, what gear are you in? And what dungeons are you running because the harder the dungeon the higher crit resistance bosses have.
LMAO is this some sort of joke?
They sent out emails warning people about the name wipes, so anything you say now to try defend your point isn't gonna cut it being that they warned you.

Also I like that they did the name wipe, there are so many people holding onto nice names and not using them for years and years when someone else who is playing and active can get good use out of the name.
I thought Kuma's was dead content by now.
People are leaving but the reason as to why is completely wrong.
Thought I told mods to close this thread, guess I need to DM them.

This thread is reeking with idiocy by comparing afkers as mere "population" and using "sociopath" terms to show little intellect of whatever is trying to prove rather than impressing whoever that wants to read a flood of useless text that has nothing to do with the original topic that already been answered.

Again, mods can close this so these quote batters can move on and duel on discord or w/e that brightens their day. Thank you.
Combo -> Onslaught is not as practical as we thought it'd be.

Meta is still Shield Bash -> Onslaught due to the cast speed glyph.
EME is just few steps behind Webzen full r$tard mode. almost there B)
Shakillo wrote: »
Copy-pasted from my reddit thread:

The following link is to a document that I have been working on for the past week for the entire Tera community.

The Document

This will be my first and most likely final contribution to the Tera community, so I hope that if you have the time, please read over what I have to say. I ask that everyone who sees this will share it with everyone they know so long as they're related to Tera, whether that's via discord servers, the forums, in game, or just through DMs.

The last thing I will say here is that this document is extremely long, so long that it puts the warrior bible to shame. You can easily browse through the sections via the documents outline (View -> Show Document Outline).

So, I've run every piece of end-game hardmode content since 2012 as a lancer with ping varying over the years from 8 all the way up to 270+ on rural wifi with a shared 2mbit connection... So I can assure you that I'm aware how big a difference ping/connection quality makes to lancers. However, I can also tell you that even base SP on ANY ping beats single digit ping every single time, assuming identical player skill. It's literally just cheating. I can also assure you that it's possible to clear content and hold aggro (albeit much more frustrating at times) with ping in excess of 200. If your only drive is to be "better" than other people.. and you're okay with cheating to get there... frankly, i'm not going to miss your contributions to the tera community. Like, I understand the drive to be a top player, I've pretty consistently been in the top 1% for a long time, and I've been slowly and steadily improving. Yes, there's a ceiling where RNG (including ping/connection rng...) plays a bigger factor than skill in lancer dps. Yes, the party you run with also plays a huge role. But breaking through that ceiling by cheating is.. kind of pointless in my opinion? If you can't do what you're doing on a 0 ping connection with the best computer in the world, what's the point of the record? How is it different from memeslash? It's just artificially inflated numbers through abuse of badly written netcode.

Did you even read the entire document? You certainly didn't. You're literally proving the point he made in it. If you actually read it I advice you to re-read it again.
Right now I can't even get past the launcher login.
Maybe they are paid to kill that game !
If I had to guess, the reason they did this is because EME got yelled at by Nexon, since they were supposed to be a KR exclusive item (they are a reference to another Nexon game and were added to TERA when Nexon got publishing rights in Korea).
Yeah that's really embarassing. Not just for her but for EME as a whole. The disconnect between them and the game has never been so apparent.
this is gold

You guys have time to delete stuff but no response yet? EU got Apex already, you have to rush a little, every day you are losing lots of players, or did you just accept the inevitable and resign to do anything? Please just shut down the NA servers, don't make us waste our time with the slightly hope that you will do something right. I already created an account in EU, even with 280 ping is 10 times better than NA, and i have less lag for some reason... i just want to test Apex in my sorc in NA then i will probably uninstall because there is no hope with mEME
ElinLove wrote: »
That's honestly next level childish if you ask me.
Tell me about a tantrum.

If the truth is childish, I think I'd rather stay a child than be an ignorant adult. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I don't care if KTC is a female or not, she is the worst CM tera has had other than Danancia(or however it's spelled)
Here ya go EME, you got your wish.
Makes me happy to see people making right life choices.
> @Digivolve said:
> Vinyltails wrote: »
> they get people on stream WHO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING to preview new content (haven't watched one but one of my EU friends say their streams are so much better and stuff
> On their most recent stream (awakening 2 preview), GM jumped right in one of the new HM dungeons all while explaining the mechanics (I was told they playtest them a lot, sometimes with other players?). Sure, he wasn't the best reaper EU, but it's a million times better than what we've been getting from EME for the past 3 or more years

Put Shame to EmE doubt they have Anyone on staff that can clear the end game dungeons.
Yup love the old lumber town quests. Very simple gameplay but very enyojable when you’re learning your class.
Less lag huh tell that to the players that left because they can’t use proxies for lag lol
> @M6KPMHHLR3 said:
> Remove sexism mod as well so our CM can do their job after 8 months of not doing it.

OOF. :+1:
> @Xochiquetzals said:
> It sucks that now PC Tera is gonna get buried under console Tera.

Its really not but at the same time the console team seems to care quite a bit.
I read that as him saying it makes 0 sense he lives 5 hours from the servers and has bad ping.
On console mystic can do a few things in lkhm

During You can sleep now

I usually jaunt into the aoe > corruption ring the damage > regress the boss

Or you can corruption ring the push back > jaunt in and regress but the timing is much tighter

Also you can CR the pull tether to negate it and heal through the shield phase

Best advice is to move to the opposite end of the ring then slightly forward while everyone else bunches up vs the rings edge so youre always the "furthest" away and CR thus letting you heal/boomerang asap instead if needing to run back in risking ppl dying or the shield exploding.
This game is going down the shitter fast. I logged in to see HW almost deserted and only like 2 fake lfg...A sad day in the life of tera
Tera NA
They may actually do that if the game actually does shut down. I remember another game I played allowed players to do that where you take screenshots of your characters and submit them they would duplicate everything in that version.
what exactly happened ..? You bought an item from the store, did not receive it and got perma banned? What?

1: I bought emp and never received it again
2: I post topics discussing and venting on the problems, including, I said that I had given up and that I would start over in another game.
3: I said that the company did not compromise as it should because they did not solve my problem
4: I made a complaint pointing out the mistakes and saying which one was right and which was wrong
5: I said in the last topic that I did not care, and that I would start in other games, because to continue here is to lose money without winning.

The only things I did was to impose my rights and question actions and behaviors on the part of the company, I did topic explaining what happened, I bought emp on Sunday and I did not receive until now, I just received a message from en masse by email talking that the matter was canceled, and then I received the permanent punishment, I do not have access to the account and I lost the investments.

this is a case of justice, the company itself opened doors for me to address the procon presenting all the evidence. Anyway, I did not even talk about procon. but I will seize the opportunity and I will open a lawsuit, I want my money back, including the promised money.

Beware you guys playing. What is a sea of ​​roses can be gasoline and fire.
Yes. That must be it. The wrong guild. Hundreds of players and numerous head counts daily then suddenly they stop as this happens and its because im.in the wrong, used to be active guild.
Sold my complete lancer +9 sc set for $300. Ban me mEME, I'm done giving you the due appreciation you once deserved ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
> @ZingoPingo said:
> emphysema wrote: »
> ZingoPingo wrote: »
> Will be nice to have the cheaters out of pvp, thanks EME. :)
> because almost all outclassed you in pvp doesnt mean they are all cheaters. cheaters are minority as you are white knights. git gud
> outclassed!
> https://puu.sh/zqFqh/4440aa5757.gif

Is that console? I saw that same thing on console. Walked right over the guys traps and they wouldnt detonate
EME was known for that, but stuff changed I guess.
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