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Elis are for p e d o s,specially elin warriors.
Joke,but i suppose to get news soon.
Pages wrote: »
Pretty sure this mount is automatically learned on every character, similar to the Terminus mount.

It's also not a Founder mount (Terminus is the founder mount) it's the Collector's Edition mount. If you have the Golden weapon skins though, you should have the Regal Frost Lion (they're both Collector's Edition).

It is not automatically learned. It's a book that you claim then learn. Btw, I bought the game during the intial launch. Terminus came idk how many years later. The Founders Account was one of the original accounts that was purchased with a boxed disc. I never got the collector's ed. It may have been a promo back in the days but who remembers these things.
Killstyle wrote: »
I would suggest:

1) Optimize the game so we can have big events like Nexus / Dreamstorm without throwing the whole server into chaos

2) New story quest where high level characters rid old Island of Dawn of the BAM problem so new characters can start there again =P

3) New content in old, now unused, areas like Lumbertown area. Could even be some enemy invasion point that high level characters go or events like Rootstock take place. Something!

4) New island pops up, aka WoW xpac islands, that replaces Island of Dawn dailies with some new quell the island to make it safe quests.

5) Stop removing stuff from game. Tera needs more content not less.

6) If player housing ever got introduced it needs to have a function beyond "Hey, look, I have a home.". It could included a free (one hour cooldown) teleport to your home, a fishing hole and cooking place (as someone mentioned above), should only be placeable on the outskirts of the major cities (i.e. outside Velika maybe even around that coliseum thingy), extra storage place, possibly only place you can change your cosmetics, etc.

1 - optimization?! never happened.
2 - impossible for a company who only cares about lootbox.
3 - The GM's are so useless, They don't even know how to run an actual event. ( we realize that after they took down the report system, what GM is for... censor the forum, the only function they have these days).
4 - A dream within a dream (inception irl)

1 - We ask for simple things like keen mote 100% ( go to EU, that is what they say all the time)
2 - We ask for the reduction of the number of Dawnstorm token for glyph (not even a comment)
3 - optimization in this game is fairy tale.
4 - They cut VG in half so that they can call "double VG" of some kind of an event (which is not)
5 - They seems to be out of budget somehow.
6 - The excuse is, we don't have staff members to change numbers... (The EU version is a bigger company, so they can change whatever the [filtered] they want, while NA, they seem to be useless to the point of not knowing how to change the rate of an item who drop from a specific mob).
7 - The change in the fashion coupon took years to take place. ( and you don't need to reset server for that )
@Fezoh hi heres my list '^' ( gear difference matters in ow/fwc but eh )
Sorc: Minks Icha Tooi ( shouldn't add an additional name, 4th/5th/6th sorc are not even close to them, miles below)
Brawler ( Aveon Lucky ) ( haha don't add names before spin nerf)
Lancer ( Pokedex General Apex )
Archer ( Suntail ( deceased) Xilian ( deceased) Tyler ( recently deceased)
Gunner ( A..M (on break, dk when is return) Shot(deceased) ( Who tf is ROBV compared to those 2 OMEGALUL)
Berserker ( Painwheel, Koool, Wolf) ( current active zerkerwise I would add sessh, but he isn't on the same level as pain nor koool, closer than most)
Slayer Coool Shiba( I haven't seen him shine too hard in the limited 3s game I had with him (against or same team) but hes good nonetheless, Porscia
Valkyrie (OMEGALUL) I haven't seen winter play recently/dk whose alt is that, outside of him and numb(deceased) Luxrelia has been the most consistent in 3s/fwc/ow , but doing well at this class doesn't really matter either way.
Reaper Add numb and whoever else you want up to brexa, none of them plays anymore(deceased/hehe)
Warrior noone really shines atm compared to people from the past, add whoever you want(Aveon's warrior omegalul)
Ninja Numbnips(deceased) noone has reached anywhere near his level/presence
Healers: get a pocket and call them your best hehe ( too lazy to add, as long as they have a brain and do their job we good)
Closing Thread and removed images that are Forum Rule Violations.
Please report this type of activity via Support Ticket , instead of making a Call Out in the Forums.

@ess - An appropriate action has already been taken on what you had been reporting.
double post
HGLGNX4A5L wrote: »
The game does not start until 65. Which is where statics and farming comes into play. The game is fairly easy and steady flowing up until the end game dungeons.

It's my point, mmorpg leveling is dead.
What's the point then? Just give us lvl 65 characters and lets farm dungeons.
Why bother making quests if there is no real point?

A lot of mmos WILL give you a max lv character for a price or just as a returning gift if you havent played for a few expansions. Personally, I think leveling a class is essential to learning it properly. It slowly opens up the skill trees and allows you to practice rotations, priorities, and mechanics that you need to know. I dont like playing end game content with people who dont even know what skills they have. The zones do give reputation you can use at vendors to get some useless/cool stuff and of course gathering nodes.

Its difficult to balance leveling sometimes. Most of the classic mmos have an intense grind that makes you want to tear your hair out. As someone who plays multiple characters, i like to level quickly since ill be going through the story 10+ different times.

I think they (not only Tera, I mean modern MMOs) can do something like, if you already maxed out a character, the exp goes twice as fast for the others...

And you're absolutely right, I farmed all dungeons maybe 3 or 4 times during beta. Only 1 or 2 groups impressed me. I tried a mystic, because I will not play this class and I wanted to play something else during beta.
Around lvl 45-50, I found tanks that cannot keep aggro, and it wasnt the dps fault... I had to summon my thrall of protection to help them...
Dps that doesnt look at me when I have some boss summoned pets on the back and prefer to die instead of help me / pick up some health orbs
Didn't play with healer, so i cannot tell

It was only pickup groups, but on release I will need to find some friends. Pickup is too risky :lol:
I apologize for the delay in the delivery of my findings, but I was unable to access the forum on my main account "BigTwitch2K4@yahoo.com". It would only display tge Server Maintenance notification and nothing more. This made posting on the forum impossible. But on to the main reason for posting here.

I believe this current OB2 testing phase went significantly well. The main hubs were sustainable, as well as decent stability during dungeon runs and Kumas Battlegrounds. My main gripes were that the chat filter was overall far too strict and there was an issue with the Queue notification triggering a rainbow screen tear which I believe may contribute to a seizure pattern. Note that I am running on a standard PS4. There were no hard-freezes, but I felt forced to restart the client under 2 conditions. Condition 1 was during rainbow screen tearing and Condition 2 was when there was a desynch. I would notice that after multiple Queue activity runs I would get lag desynched to the point of unplayability. I may attribute this to overtaxing the hardware's RAM, but I may be incorrect in my assumption so take that with a grain of salt.

As I only played as a Priest, Mystic & Brawler I cannot attest to any Class specific issues outside the scope of my experience. I shall provide links to video proof and processes for the sake of being thorough. The only one listed that I believe needs immediate attention prior to Early Access/Launch is the rainbow screen tear. Changing the chat filter to "bleep" the filtered words instead of negating the entirety of the message due to "violation" would go a long way as a temp-fix until a better system is in place. Do those 2 things and hook Trophy/Achievement triggers into ingame accolades and you may call it a day. This would make it ready to ship as the other less detrimental situations can be remedied over time, or on-the-fly depending on circumstances.

1. OB2 - Rainbow Screen Tear *!!!!!SEIZURE WARNING!!!!!* The 1st 3-5 minutes are all you need to see for the issue in question. (This only happened in OB2 on my end.)

2. Tech Test - Unstuck inoperable under a certain condition within a dungeon instance. Dragonfell has an odd invisible wall to the Southwest. And too many things going onscreen upon login crashed the game and forced a disconnect upon login. The latter may have been remedied in OB2. The 2 former are definitely build agnostic.

3. Tech Test - A quest requiring decryption of notes was bugged, stating a "busy" response upon activation. The 1st 5-7 minutes are discovery & testing for solutions. Within that timeframe I also discovered some out-of-bounds soft rocks that are non-invasive. The discovery of the possible solution trigger happens at the final 5-7 minutes. All was left in for the sake of those interested in viewing the testing processes involved prior to the discovery of a temporary solution.

Here's looking forward to release. I have faith in your processes after seeing the expedited effort to make Tera playable in such a short timeframe. I commend you all for this, especially since this is your 1st dive into the realm of console development. I predict a late March, early-mid May release considering the remaining tasks. I shall definitely support your product as you have proven more competent than most.

Yup lol this is the guy who honestly started a thread to try and target and prey on any women who might be playing this
Obs wrote: »
The only required dyads are glistening and only for certain classes non of which are healers

Poisedly/Resolutely Dyads can be extremely useful depending on the content you're doing.

It's smarter just to use the normal ones on Red niveots as theres alot of useful ones. For blue dyads it's only Hardies Glistening/swift or Relentless that are needed.

I have been complaining a lot in the past two years due to many things that i thought that Tera needed and partially i think that i was righ but things slowly changed in the past few months and i am really happy to see that both the PvP and PvE are increasingly active with each day as if it is getting better and better while at the same time i see more and more players that are pleased with the game again slowly giving a more positive vibe in the game and making players to want to get involved all around.. And with everything said i believe that at least this time i need to give the credit where it is due.

Thank you.


p.s. if there is one that i might ask then that is to please make rare glyphs somehow easier to grab
That's actually something I'd definitely love to play through! I vote for this to be a thing!
1 veteran crystalbind ¬¬
good day

I have a performance problem came in to play and everything goes normal, but after playing about 30 minutes, the sound of the game begins to interfere, the game gets very slow and 60 fps down to 20 fps

The aspects of my pc are:
Core i7 4790k 4.0 ghz
16 gb of ram
GTX astrix 1080

thanks for your attention
Thanks for reporting this.

Right now, the preferred method of reporting is via Support Ticket.

Our Support Team is staffed to cover weekends, and they can get to the report and take action on it, prior to when I am back in the office.

@CornishRex - I do check the Forums while out of the office.
ElinLove wrote: »
there's nothing to understand
Clearly you make no effort to understand, so any argument with you is pointless.
ElinLove wrote: »
create a mental fanfic that the game is for a bunch of sexual deviants into kids because of a race
I have explained multiple times that i have never said that, so why are you still making that argument?
I have said that OTHER people have that image of Elin, and that's the reason they leave/don't come back/don't play the game at all.
I have never called any players, P***
ElinLove wrote: »
Yet you expressed all possible forms of saying they're the biggest disgrace here and literally creating a sexual deviance relationship to it.
You can make an assessment about something without being emotional about it.
The truth is the truth regardless if you like it/agree with it or not.
My assessment has nothing do with my personal opinion about Elin, or ppl who play Elin, but with the state the game is in (low pop-mostly Elin)
I don't get it why it's so hard for you to understand.
ElinLove wrote: »
There's nothing to understand about your comment
understanding another persons argument, is the point in having an argument with someone.
if you have no intention of understanding my comments, then stop arguing with me.
ElinLove wrote: »
you just twist factual data and then later proceed to personal attacks, there's no real arguments to base it on, just your theory that people see TERA as a deviant game because of Elins and that your choice would have been the best, something you just made up out of your mind. It's that same passionate screams that have been going forever on each topic on this forum, be it males, DPS meters, other 3rd party tools, balancing, you name it,
don't pretend you haven't done the same, and pretend you're better.
and this is the only topic i have been having any arguments in, so now you're just making stuff up yourself and blaming me for the same.
I haven't posted in any dps meter, 3rd party tools, balance threads, so stop making stuff up.
ElinLove wrote: »
people will distort whatever facts or even words, and throw at your face the "you're an idiot, shut up", which you try to tell I'm doing
You're distorting my words all the time, so you would know.
You have told people to stop whining about the male animations or whatever, and just play the game; stop whining=shut up.
ElinLove wrote: »
at least some thumbs up for them, constructive criticism is OK, but downright useless bashing?Just proves it wasn't worth investing in 1st place.
we have given constructive criticism. improve the quality of the content you make, and people will respect that, and invest in the game. throw out halfassed content, and people will go meh, i'll find another game.
low quality=low investment=low profit.
ElinLove wrote: »
See, I'm actually doing a favor to the whole male fanbase by trying to slow down the cussing and bashing, yet, some very specifically passionate people
ya clearly. sorry to burst your bubble, but you've done as much passionate bashing as me :)
ElinLove wrote: »
sugarcoating and hiding behind prettier words
then you say i'm passionatly bashing you while hiding behind sugaroated pretty words? which is it?
I've been direct at my stance, so what am i sugarcoating? the forum is filtering certain words, so don't try to making me look dumb for avoiding filters, and making yourself look smart, when you specifically said there's nothing to understand in my argument - you're just grasping at straws, while trying to make me look dumb, just cause you don't understand my comments.
What i said and what you understand, are 2 different things.
ElinLove wrote: »
you guys are always screaming it's not enough, too late, too little,
because it is: low quality=low investment=low profit.
Sine you like to use profit as an argument, who do you think would invest in something, they see as a sinking ship?
Not even the devs are investing in something they are unsure about, so why should the players invest in something they are unsure about?
ElinLove wrote: »
and have this misguided mindset that the misstakes they make, is a step in the right direction, when you can't even see the abyss it's leading towards" <- the exact meaning of white knight ain't it?
Actually no, you're the definition of whiteknight lol.
Whiteknight is passionatly defending the game, when it's clearly a mess.
It usually refers to guys who will defend a woman, and do whatever she asks them to do. and will belive her over his friends.
I'm doing the exact opposite, i'm bashing it, and telling them to start making real effort.
While you are bashing anyone who says bad things about the game, especially Elin that you love, so you're a whiteknight to Elin.
Release Date from the Full Version?
THANK YOU for the additives.
Very nice. Zones weren't overfilled, which made kill questing silly (10 people on one lil' mob). Velkia (or whatever) was playable. Inventory and UI worked. Conversations worked. Nice to see what your software engineers can accomplish in so short a time. Let's call it done and release, oh I dont know, next week?
hello? is nobody gonna help with this? cuz even the steam version just crashes after launching the patcher/updater that lets one actually launch TERA
Petitions are against the rules. Also, Galaxias!, the first song/ dance was created as promotion material for the Japanese music group that goes by the same name. I doubt we'll get either song/ dance that's posted here regardless of support for the idea due to copyright issues.
Quality TERA related content right here
So as an Australian we already know that most game devs consider us too minute of a community to justify our own servers, that is kind of fair. Right now TERA is actually a really great game for us to play on console. But we are still plagued by a few major issues that really need to be rectified before launch if Enmasse wants the Australian community to flourish.

1 - TERA doesn't even show up in our xbox store. If you didn't know we have a localised xbox store and TERA is nonexistent there. This of course means we have less players because most of don't even know it exists. In order to download we have to change our xbox's region to United States. If this isn't changed for release TERA will gain next to no Australian players.

2 - Our default server is EU. This of course means we are connecting to a server by default that offers us a smaller english speaking community than NA and on top of that i have tested out both servers and NA has drastically reduced latency making the game much more playable. The only way for us to currently play on NA is to leave our xbox's region as United States which leaves us in a spot we don't really want to be in.

I do not claim to understand server routing, game development, etc. but i really hope by the time TERA launches Enmasse can fix the few issues plaguing the Australian community. We may be less in numbers but we're still here, hoping for change.

Please help us get the word out to Enmasse
This Thread is being closed for Violations in the Forums Rules.
( Petitions are not allowed. )
great thread. 10/10
I believe some of the emails are still being delivered, but it may be a case where it was only sent to a very select group of players.
Thanks for pointing this out.
I'll inform the appropriate team.
Starting Friday, March 16 at 4 a.m. PDT and continuing until Monday, March 19 at 4 a.m., we are highlighting Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax.

During this highlight, the Pit of Petrax (Vanguard Request) and Banyakas (Treasure Chest) will have a bonus reward of the Pot o' Green event loot box.

You’ll earn increased drops from monsters, and an additional bonus jackpot for completion.

Jackpots yield one of the following:

•Master Crafter’s Secret Additive ×1
•Smart Dyad Niveot Structure ×1
•Superior Noctenium Elixir ×1
•Crafter’s Cure ×2
•Feast ×2

The Pot o' Green is guaranteed to contain a non-tradeable Apothecary Dye.
It may also contain a non-tradeable Me Lucky Hat (7-Day), a non-tradeable Olive Bandit Mask (7-Day), a non-tradeable Emerald Eyeglasses (7-Day), a non-tradeable Green Honker (7-Day), a non-tradeable Rainblow Cloud (7-Day), a non-tradeable Permanent Olive Bandit Mask, a non-tradeable Permanent Emerald Eyeglasses, a non-tradeable Permanent Green Honker, a Tradeable Permanent Me Lucky Hat, and a Tradeable Permanent Rainblow Cloud

Also, be sure to check the in-game Calendar on Saturday to obtain the Master Plasma Weapon Skin (3-Day).
yes, the quest totally explained why dye is 1k fashion coupon
Closing Thread, due to Necro.
And? Its my post and like I said before, it's entertaining.
Thus, dun dun dun dun. You are the troll, congratulations.
You've strayed from your original point and original post as the OP to focus on me. I'm charmed. What's next, do you wish to know my favorite color? My favorite moviiies? Games ..? Do you wish to 'party up' During the last beta, or the main game?
is it possible to know when the complete game will be released? or if there will be an early access (paid) to log in before the full release?
The XP looks to be the same as the PC version and its been this way for awhile. You can easily outpace the dungeons just doing story quest.
> @Trunkinette said:
> yes just now but if you have 50% for this it is because he has some problem.
> In other games you have 100% for this ask.
> i mean this 50% say we have problem about us game

50% of a very small sample size. Most are just ignoring your post.
Hi everybody
As some know I'm trying to reduce the gain xp on Tera so that it can take advantage of all the content of the game without passing lvl 65 and have seen only the dungeons.
So I did a survey that I sent them
if you want like me do not end up having your lvl max in 3 days but enjoy all the contents of Tera
 vote 'YES'

Hi everybody
As some know I'm trying to reduce the gain xp on Tera so that it can take advantage of all the content of the game without passing lvl 65 and have seen only the dungeons.
So I did a survey that I sent them
if you want like me do not end up having your lvl max in 3 days but enjoy all the contents of Tera
 vote 'YES'

where you have see this ?
yes just now but if you have 50% for this it is because he has some problem.
In other games you have 100% for this ask. 
i mean this 50% say we have problem about us game
just when the game starting in pc the rate is really different. but now you can be 65 in 4 days and people dont know playing self character because he up so speed and he can not enjoy self level up ...

the devs need thinking for the majority of the players and they want to mainly lower the xp
i want male brawler also
just when the game starting in pc the rate is really different. but now you can be 65 in 4 days and people dont know playing self character because he up so speed and he can not enjoy self level up ...
lolwat wrote: »
Why was this item changed to "Surprise Loot Box 22" without warning or notice?
The Loot Table for the Federation Gem Loot Box has not been changed, and the localization issue ( the name ) will be fixed during our next Patch.
can't believe the word bussy is a forum violation it isn't even a real word

gay slang is just too much huh what's next you gonna ban the word wig?
Closing Thread due to Necro.
Closing this thread now as the changes we wanted to make are complete. We will open up the conversation for further updates to the store when we time permits us to continue working on it. Please watch future patch notes for any additions/removals/changes that may occur.
another EPIC FAIL FROM EMS great job

Now somes players have responded to my poll to lower the xp in play and 54% agree that will do the developers?

the player on console like pvp it is not same communauty of pc.
look the favprite game in pc and favorite game in console and you can see by your self .
people love fighting in console
After the event for male brawlers is over you will be allowed to change.
Now somes players have responded to my poll to lower the xp in play and 54% agree that will do the developers?

List your grievances/complaints/blah/etc:

- NPC banker/merchant/broker have been removed from fashion coupons... fix this ASAP please ty.

- Double VG rewards as a permanent fixture again ASAP please. If you are going to give us Ktera patches with no regional changes that include dungeons with increased HP and we don't have the Ktera talent system to increase our damage, then you need to double VG rewards or lower the cost of entropic boxes to 50-75 vg credits. It is ridiculous to expect everyone who wants to do RM NORMAL in under 30 minutes to have SC+5.

@CobaltDragon @seandynamite
This guy is just a troll, I really think its all fake to get a reaction to be honest, not cool man
Erstmal danke das wir / ich schonmal ein Einblick ins Spiel haben durften.
Und es zu genüge testen konnten. Das Spiel macht richtig Spaß nur noch die Kinderkrankheiten in den Griff bekommen.

Mein system:
Ps4 pro, 500 GB ssd, 150k Unitymedia Anbindung.
Headset: Razer Thresher Ultimate 7.1 Surround


1. PS4 dreht den Lüfter ziemlich hoch. [YaY last den Jet starten]

2. 2St. gespielt und Anwendung friert ein.

3. Diverse Anwendungs zusammenbrüche bei: Kamera drehen, Spieler einladen, Doungen betreten [Gruppenbildung], wechseln der Gebiete [innerhalb der Provinz und in die Hauptstadt] und weitere finden sich im Eng. Forum.

4. SOUND Probleme
In den Doungens/InIs, Höhlen schallt es so dermaßen das ich die Leute im PSN Chat nicht verstehen konnte.
Hatte unter Einstellungen /Sound I GAME, Gesamtlautstärke, alle Soundregler auf 0 [ganz links] und und trotzdem hatte ich alles gehört, was gerade getan wurde nur in mehrfacher Ausführung und im Surround.

5. Interface
Macht sich manchmal selbstständig. D.h. Geht von selber zu, Inventar lädt nicht, Dialoge schließen einfach und in einigen Fällen friert die PS 4 /Anwendung ein.

6. Allgemeine Leistungs probleme, Frame Einbrüche, texturen laden nicht und am nervigsten extremes Screen Tearing.

Mfg DeamonM85
They are aware and working on it

Server status page will be unavailable until it gets ported into the new site.

> @CobaltDragon said:
> Human Males can now be Brawlers.
> Increased the maximum number of Character Slots from 18 to 19.
> Race Change Vouchers and Gender Change Vouchers cannot currently be used to change Female Brawlers into Male Brawlers.
> See the Brawler Page for more information.
> Dungeons
> Ruinous Manor (Normal/Hard)
> The Ruinous Manor dungeon is back, with some balance adjustments:
> * Players can queue for hard mode with item level 446; normal with item level 439.
> * Added Elemental Essence and Wall of Souls Fragments to the loot table.
> Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)
> * We made a balance adjustment to the first three bosses.
> * Revised loot table.
> Revised loot tables for other dungeons:
> * Thaumetal Refinery
> * Lilith’s Keep (Hard)
> * RK-9 Kennel
> * Sky Cruiser Endeavor
> * Broken Prison
> Class Balancing
> Ninja
> * Burning Heart only deals 1 strike’s worth of damage.
> * Burning Heart damage increased 3× to compensate.
> Warrior
> * Rising Fury only gives 1 edge no matter how many targets are hit.
> * Added Lingering Traverse Cut glyph to increase effect durations for party members.
> * Reduced glyph cost of Lingering Traverse Cut glyph that affects self only from 2 to 1.
> UI
> PvP Leaderboards
> * There’s a new icon on main menu; or use (ALT+L) shortcut to access.
> * Covers Fraywind Canyon, Corsairs’ Stronghold, and Champions’ Skyring.
> * Must compete in 5 or more battlegrounds in a season to check your current ranking for that battleground.
> * Rankings will reset with this update.
> Hat Stylers
> * Added a Restyle Hat function in the Dressing Room.
> * Saving changes for restyled hats consumes a Hat Styler item.
> * Specialty Store Merchants now sell Hat Stylers to allow you to change size, position, and angle of hats.
> Added confirmations for when you use a superior (gold) rarity skill book or design.
> Optimized UI to improve frame rate in dungeons and open world.
> Added a notification to players above level 30 if a crystal slot is empty.
> Gear Enchantment and Upgrade
> * While Enchanting and Upgrading Guardian Gear and Twistshard Gear, we significantly reduced the amount of Gold, Golden Talents, and Silver Talents required, while increasing the amounts of other materials required to enchant and upgrade.
> (This change did not effect Enchanting and Upgrading Frostmetal Gear or Stormcry Gear)
> Misc.
> * Increased gold rewards for Corsairs’ Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon.
> * Updated some early story quest flows.
> * Players can now fly from Velika to Crescentia at level 10 and to Lumbertown at level 13.
> * Added Rally BAMs to Civil Unrest: Velika.
> * Removed set effects from accessories and gear.
> Bug Fixes
> * Various localization fixes.
i mean the exp is abused and this game is realy beautyfull and funny but we forget alot zone and donjon because the xp it is so up before when tera coming on the pc the xp rate it is really not same.
i want change this because tera is the first good mmo on vonsol but i need your help please.
You can ansher this survey for know how many people mthinks same.


for see the result it is here
i mean the exp is abused and this game is realy beautyfull and funny but we forget alot zone and donjon because the xp it is so up before when tera coming on the pc the xp rate it is really not same.
i want change this because tera is the first good mmo on vonsol but i need your help please.
You can ansher this survey for know how many people mthinks same.


for see the result it is here
Hey guys
I've been playing the game for over 1 year and I still can't believe the game have daily rewards
why? because they didn't show on my game for some reason
maybe the game do not support middle eastern players? I don't really know
because the Maintenance time do not work for me, the support tickets do not work, and now I can't even claim the daily rewards
It sucks so much that the game I loved and played for OVER ONE FREAKING YEAR can become RACIST!
I didn't even thought that can be possible, the more you know

Here's my daily rewards I've been ( not ) collecting lol, and yes my gears are bad because nothing can help me as a free player except those daily rewards I didn't know they exist
Closing due to Necro'ing a Thread.
nah, and i don't know french can't even answer this.
the xp rate is the same as pc and with the grinding you have to do in endgame that will take you weeks/months you wish the rate was higher.
having a low xp rate you are bound to 1 character now people. with the current rate its easier to switch to another class you might like better and not spend weeks leveling it up.
You ansher this survey for xp in game


for see the result it is here
You ansher this survey for xp in game


for see the result it is here
Bonjour à tous les futurs joueurs de Tera sur PS4
La Guilde Dream-Guard recrute nous sommes pour le moment 92 membres sur notre communauté.

pour nous trouver taper dans la recherche de comunauté:
Tera Fr (PS4)
This is my personal experience with the open beta on PS4(slim). More so what I noticed that seemed a little out of place or possible issue to be looked at. It's been a very long time since I've played Tera on PC so I can't compare it.

First thing right away I noticed that talking to NPCs can be a hassle. I was facing the little girl in the beginning but it kept selecting the guy next to her at one point in the quest. I had to run away from her and come back to talk to her.

Second, interactions with mining, gathering, etc. have a bit of an issue. Some I ran up to wouldn't gather/interact with at first so I could have to move again to get the action back up. Like a slight glitch in the command if you are moving immediately before hitting X (or whatever the interaction hot key would be).

Third, combat seems a bit choppy. Now this would have been something I should have looked on the PC version before saying anything but I don't want to download it right now.

Fourth, (issue that needs to be looked at for sure) a cultist quest that deals with the decoder. I received the decoder from the bezerker but accidently hit 'I've lost my decoder' at the NPC. So I went ahead and used one of the decoders and got 5 decoded messages, I think anyways. Can't remember what they were actually called. These did not trigger the quest for some reason. The quest is stuck at the NPC telling me to use the decoder. I was also unable to trash/cancel/restart the quest.

Fifth, (another one that needs to be looked at for sure) issue with terrain and affects of the two basilisks in the small cave in Oblivion Woods. The cave has an issue, you can see it on the ground, where there is a line in front of the caves and any move (red mark on the ground from mob) is not visible. The mobs are indicating the move (I had one do it outside towards the line) but it doesn't show past that line.

Crashes I experienced often: opening the parcel page, summoning mount, opening vanguard page, Tera store, and just randomly near other players (low channel). Sometimes going into the menu caused me to lose my UI. I could still move around and pull up the menu but not select anything (it would move me as if I wasn't even in the menu screen).

This is all I can think of for now. This game has lots of potential. I will say this though, if you guy have "rewards" again, please specify in the post if we can keep them after beta or not. There are plenty of people, myself included, that are angry about not keeping the whole 2 hour login stuff as it wasn't stated if they were permanent or not. I wasted a lot of time doing nothing in fear of DCing when I actually could of been playing and looking out for anything that may need more fixing or polish. With that said, the timing was off, the rewards came anywhere from 15-30 minutes after the two hour mark.
Dude wtf with the porn
This is why Tera is the best game

I wonder why this guy keeps talking to me
There are a lot of questionable restrictions and questionable words that wern't restricted.

(just a few examples)
Not Restricted
- [filtered]
- Hentai
- Hell
- Bukake
- Oppai

- Trump
- Challenge
- Skills
- Onegaishimasu

I totally agree this needs to be addressed.Chat is almost impossible to use, it restricts you from helping players and giving advice. It's overall discouraging players to help others. You spend the time to help and one word in your sentence like: "go to your 'Skills' menu" *game gets triggered and deletes your entire text" Either star out the word that breaks terms (for more offensive words) or make it more lenient. Also make an option to turn it off possibly? a profanity filter to turn off and have total freedom should be allowed. People dont like what others are saying, they can turn the filter on or just block them.
It's sad that the in-game chat system sucks so bad (the word sucks is also banned btw) that you have to resort to sending messages on the consoles setup to help other players.. whats the point of chat then? Just disable it if it's this useless.
I also agree with many things Kodokumi said above. Disable the psn name in the chat (waste of space) just keep the characters name please. Let us customize chat bars and fix the sizing in it too! People playing in 4k can see chat just fine, no need to make the font so big and clips longer messages. The server log in messages are clipped when you log..

I think my rant is done now.. lol
Hi, I've been maining warrior dps for a while now and I've been doing my best to become better and better. However, I keep noticing that there are still better players than me (both other warriors and non-warriors), with the same gear as me or worse. I tried to search for different tips and advice for a better warrior dps play on both google and youtube, but I really can't find much more that I wouldn't already know. Also, I haven't found such a thread on the forums, that's why I'm posting it: to get help for both myself but also other warriors who have the same issue and seek help.

Now, whenever i play a dungeon, I really try my best to pay attention to my mistakes, so I learn to not repeat them again (rotation-wise). I've done this for a while now, so I don't find myself doing any mistakes almost at all at this point. Also, because I've played this class so much I came up with my own '"rotation" that I think is most effective (I basically have a priority list of skills to chain into bladedraw, which is : 1. Charge -> BD, 2. Rising Fury -> BD, 3. Combative Strike + Traverse Cut + BD. I always try to find the fastest way possible to get 3 edge. I always start off the fight with Backstab -> Combative Strike -> Traverse Cut -> BD, to get the attack speed buff already at the start, and I always make sure to keep the buff up by using Combative Strike -> Traverse Cut (I hit once and chain into BD asap) -> BD. Additionally, I'll always iframe with evasion rather than Death from Above, so I can get the additional attack speed glyph from it). Still, I sometimes see other dps players that are better than me or just as good, even with worse gear than me (i have +0 stormcry weapon, full dyads).

My individual damage lies usually around 2 million in 431 item-level-dungeon (so at the moment: Lilith's Keep (normal mode), Thaumetal Refinery (normal mode) and Kalivan's Dreadnaught). My ping lies at around 120-150. I always switch my setup depending on what healer i run a dungeon with, so I have the correct crit cap and so I can deal as much dmg as I can.

This all is very frustrating, as I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, and I'd love to become a better dps warrior (I really like the class). I've watched a few korean Tera warrior players on youtube (I was recommended learning from korean players), and I've always wondered how their play is so clean, fast and flawless. I'd apprieciate help a lot, thank you!
> @DCHPNXD9YD said:
> What's the insensitive to play any more betas? Everything gets wiped which is fine and expected but it's more the fact we get nothing from it, enmasse say its for fun which it's not not with all the crashing and freezing and it's not like we get to keep any exclusive rewards/items we earn other than those useless ugly masks.
> There is a full release of the game on PC so why waste time on the console beta. I know that many people won't have a PC or 1 good enough to play the game. My old PC broke and the 1 I got now can't even play the game at its lowest settings its that bad lol which is why I'm sure so many are looking forward to it being released on consoles but with the lack of insensitive and having to restart every time I don't see nearly as many people playing the next betas.

Some of us like to test the game and give feed back to make it a better
launch for console. I know I like to be a start of something and take bride that I was able to be part of making the game better.
Après cette 2 ième béta, voici mon avi:

Etant un joueur Tera depuis la première heure des bétas privées sur pc, j'étais vraiment curieux de voir ce que cela allait donner sur ps4. Pour résumer je suis assez convaincu de cette version console. Le seul regret est toujours la même histoire avec la ps4, la portabilité des comptes pc.......

Un jeu assez fluide dans l'ensemble (beaucoup d'améliorations par rapport à la première béta!). Le moteur Unreal Engine fait toujours son effet.
J'étais un peu sceptique sur comment allait être réparti toutes les nombreuses commandes sur la manette. Dans l'ensemble, c'est assez bien fichu. Il faut juste un peu d'habitude et les skills pleuvent dans tous les sens.
Un petit point négatif est au niveau du chat. C'est un peu le bordel pour y accéder et d'ailleurs durant la phase de "stress test"; j'ai pas vu beaucoup de gens communiquer.
En ce qui concerne les quêtes je n'ai pas remarqué d'erreurs significatives. Après j'avoue que je n'ai pas toujours pris le temps de lire les échanges des pnj

J'aime toujours autant les paysages divers et colorées des mondes de Tera, cependant, j'aurais aimé trouver plus de détails, d'animations...... Avec la puissance des consoles de maintenant, je pense que cela peut être encore bien plus poussé. et pourquoi pas espérer une version "PRO" du jeu avec une émulation 4k.....(J'en bave d'avance....). Donc petite déception à ce niveau là du jeu.

Stress Test
Tout le monde à subi les déconnections intempestives; les crashs, les écrans figés,etc,.... Le plus dur , c'est de crasher en plein donjon..... là tu te bouffes la manette.....
J'espère que la release sera vraiment stable et supportera l'afflux des joueurs, surtout au début.
Donc en résumé:
crash durant les donjons
Crash dans les animations vidéos
Crash dans les téléportations
Crash dans les phases d'envol avec pégase
Crash dans la ville de Vélika
Crash pendant la prise de quêtes.
Crashs divers durant quelques actions dans le compte (fusion de cristaux, craft, enchantement, achat sur le store).
En revanche aucuns bugs pour moi pendant la récupération des colis ou cadeaux.

Voilà pour mon petit retour. J'espere que la sortie ifficielle du jeu sur console ne se fera pas trop attendre. Je pense que le jeu rencontrera un grans succés sur console.
++ et bon jeu à tous.
> @SarinaNyannyan said:
> > @Equitas said:
> > The support section (http://support.enmasse.com/tera) would be the more appropriate place for this request. Make sure to include as much information about what was happening at the time you crashed.
> Except when you go to make a ticket for console it grays out the submit button (probably too many tickets being submitted). I don’t think OP or I will get unstuck before the beta end. I’ve already accepted the reality.

Yeah, I never did get a response to my ticket, nor did they unstick me from Bastion in-game, as I still can't log in. My ticket was sent a few minutes after the EME response. The implication holds true, be it beta or full release, that if you have an issue like this, and more than one person lodges a complaint in the forums, it's likely it won't be just those two people affected.

Most people in the beta, in all likelihood, won't think to post in the forums, not write a support ticket. If anything, they'll assume the game just doesn't work, and move on. In our case, we both have taken the time to alert them, and have had no official response.

It sets a dangerous precident of trust going forward, as how can we feel confident we'll be heard in situations like these during full release? I'm still hopeful we'll get an answer to explain what happened, and perhaps assurances for any future issues that we will indeed be taken care of in a timely manner.

I truly want the best for this game, I want it to succeed going forward, as I have been playing since the early days in PC beta (prior to my PC dying on me). I just hope EME is just as committed to the community in console as they showed me they were on PC.

Hopefully, we get to know the issues st the very least, even if they can't be fixed in time.
there are aLOT of 'normal' words that cause a censor. I mean aLOT. its really hard to even find the root that's causing it in a phrase most of the time. Definitely is frustrating trying to have a normal 100% civilized conversation.
Please just bring back permanent double Vanguard rewards. Do whatever event you want on top of that. Even without frequent events are fine. We certainly don't need half baked events like this RNG key reward or the BAM Massacre laggy event from last month to fill the whole calendar month. Peoples are getting double VG for so long that right now it is a nerf to revert back to base rate. In the past month I've seen more players leaving Tera than any particular month before. Next week is the Male Brawler launch date, and we are only getting leveling EXP from Vanguard. What about those of us who want to do end game contents? Well, we got to wait for the following week... People are leaving the game because all the sudden they need to work twice as hard to get the same reward. It hurts the player base so much.
Kestrel36 wrote: »
I think it comes down to play style and preference to be honest. They both have different strengths and appeal to different types of players. To me priest seems more stationary and more like a standard big-heals healer. I find that the feel a bit slower to play than mystic; they have a much wider variety of heals but they tend to take a while to actually cast (I can’t remember whether you’re locked in place for the animation or whether moving just cancels the cast). Whereas on my mystic I can zip all over the place with teleport jaunt casting the lock-ons and dropping orbs. Back when we still had the titanic wrath buff it was fun learning to teleport under the bosses feet to drop it on the melee and zip out again without getting hit. It’s still fun learning the pattern of fights to figure out the best places to drop orbs, provided you have a group that actually uses them. Making use of cc and interrupt abilities, and dropping down thralls to help with damage now and then are all fun elements to the class beyond just healing.

Of course priests can do damage too, and like with their heals they have a wider variety of abilities to make use of, but I still prefer the mystic for their speed and utility. Priests are great healers, and very good in any group, but mystics can be just as good if played well. They might be a bit more challenging at first since you don’t have as many tools at your disposal, but to me they make up for it in usefulness, mobility and fun. They can be a bit frustrating in groups that are unwilling to make use of their orbs, but I’ve honestly not had too many of those.
priests can move while using their lock on healing abilitys which can target 4 people at once with the glyph they also have a burst aoe lock on called healing immersion which heals the target and all group members with in 7 meters of them (group being 4 others even in raids)
. ok .
. . . . .
Hello, I have about 2 hours of gameplay completed since OB started on xbox one at 9:01am eastern time.
(Had to go to work) bleh :(

So far these are the bugs: and what I've done to fix.

1) when entering areas that are super populated and then trying to open any menu the menu will close by itself even if you leave the area.
(Fix) change channel to a lower populated one and fixes everything.

2) about 40% of the time when using a charge up type attack, when unleashed the game will freeze for about 3-7 seconds. Usually on the lower end.
No fix.

3) I got a message where the chatbox is, seemed like some kind of game status or something message saying the memory is low or something like that and that certain texture details where lowered. I even have a picture of it.


1) make the standard d pad buttons usable for skills the default layout and make it to where you press the LB to open second skill set to use items on dpad.

2) either make or give the option to have your inventory automatically be the set option to open when you press start as it's the most used and a pain to have to constantly switch between the 628 tabs you have on the game. Or maybe compress some of the options/tabs?

3) release all characters. Gunner was bae :( I'm nothing without bae :(

4) that is all for now but more will come.

Also your reward system thing for playing for certain durations isn't working. Unless it only works on Saturday and Sunday then disregard this message.

I seriously adore Enmasse you guys created such a wonderful game that you really cant compare anything against it.

It's so unique and fun and I'm waiting and hoping game is officially live asap I'm reading to buy some cosmetics :) woo!
5 slots open
Google translator? xD
I've mainly been commenting on this Thread.
I understand the frustration right now of not being able to get in.
We're still investigating it, and will continue to provide updates as we have them.
Thanks for letting us know.
I provided a response about it in a different Thread.
Thanks for letting us know.
I provided a response about it in a different Thread.

Dev answer here.
Apparently, this doesn't work. The game launches with the US account but the SA account It's locked.
ok now if it closes again at least my comment is here
Place for testing, IoD (Island of Dawn)
Mobs for testing, (in this particular case) Brutal Naga Battlemaster
Purpose of test, Ability issues.

Test and outcome:
While fighting the Brutal Naga Battlemasters I noticed something apparently off in accordance to the ability description for Mindblast and Lightning Trap. Multiple times during combat with these particular mobs I came across a situation where Mindblast (including the reset glyph) wouldn't do anything at all to these mobs. A particular time I got 4 resets (which I was giddy over and then pissed off about) of which, 0 of the casts took effect on the mob. After those 4 resets, and nearly 3/4 health bar trying, I turned to Lightning Trap, which also (obviously, which is why I am posting) didn't take effect either.

I understand resisances, I get that as being part of the game. However, these descriptions do not have any indication that they will be resisted by less than boss mobs. Now I understand that crystals and such that activate towards "bosses" affect BAMs... but they aren't really bosses in the sense of normal mechanics that do not affect bosses such as stuns, snares, etc. With that being said, do "half boss" BAM's (which CAN be stunned, snared, slept, stopped) have an added resistance that you "have to know the game" to know that they have? And if so, where is this information as to the exact resistance %, AND what do players have available to counter that resistance? Something? Anything? Nothing?

If they don't have an added 'hidden from the gaming world' resistance, then these skills are severely buggy.

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Oh bleep I forgot what year it is
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Zazaaji wrote: »
JohnNapalm wrote: »
DXMM75LKCA wrote: »
Release is when PlayStation 5 is released xD

so 2019? not so far =D

It's amazing that so many people believed your comment, when it's very clear you're joking. Heck, 2 people in this thread alone took it seriously, and I've seen at least 7 others in other threads commenting similar to what RCMPMFGNYY said, assuming the 2019 thing was unofficial.

It's because they are new to the internet and don't understand mEME's or sarcasm.
Necrod but still relevant. We should have an option to turn this off.
voidy wrote: »
You know what's funny? BHS said they're making AIR in the same engine as tera because it's the one they're best at using.

the more cheap to get no optimizated hue
At this point, I'm having a very difficult time believing you're not a troll.
Back in the old days we had party mode and solo mode in dungeons when leveling.

Would be good to know if EME can push something like that into BHS again for Solo players aside from current content when leveling.
Imprezive1 wrote: »
will the gender change from female to male brawler be available the day they release?
- This has been answered in other Threads already.
Imprezive1 wrote: »
if not would i be able to change my costumes to male before the March 30th deadline
- Support does not exchange costumes for a character that has not yet applied a Race Change.
Originally started on CH, but moved to MT back in 2014 when i wanted to pvp and i've been there ever since. But I've been thinking of moving my priest to CH because I want to roleplay and I'm not active enough anymore to really do OWPVP like in the past. Is it worth moving to ch to find any roleplay buddies/guilds? I'm kind of just like craving to rp and I recently downloaded FFXIV but the combat style isnt enough to keep me interested. Worth it, yay or nay?

and no, no [filtered] good lord
I'm not terribly picky with items!
Looking for per image:
1. Sketchy Bust
-Little gold,Some silver(Varies on Demand)For reference: 15$
Added: Cloth Armor + Costume Armor/Weapons

2. Realistic Portrait
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3. Semi-Realistic Portrait
-Some gold,Some silver For reference: 35$
Added: Cloth Armor + Costume Armor/Weapons (Uncommon)

4. Sketchy Waist up
-Little gold,More silver(Varies on Demand)For reference: 25$
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I'd take loot boxes too!
Used to be one of the "PC master Race" then I got older. At 31 sitting in front of the PC at work then coming home and doing, between it getting old and my damn wrists hurting after a ew hours gaming, sittin on my couch relaxin is just so much easier. And echoing some of the others, it's just cheaper and easier to maintain. Now drivers, no Directx nonsense, just boop the buttons and go.
Berserker tank is only at a loss in terms of not having a manual enraging skill for monsters which can usually be used once or twice per boss fight. Really this is the only thing they have going against them and I feel is the main reason why people refuse to run with them. All about the most damage possible instead of having fun and getting through the dungeon. Your claim that berserker tank does the least damage of all tanks shows me that you clearly do not play berserker tank at all, or if you do then not well enough to compete with other tanks to form such an opinion. A berserker tank barely suffers that much of a damage loss when compared to if they are not in intimidation besides not having the fiery rage buff and the basis of crystals supplementing crit damage. I still do 10 million criticals from the front very often in just base stormcry.

What DOES need to happen however is to bring over the cyclone being available in intimidation. Ktera has had this for many years now and honestly it is a slap in the face to not have this added to our version of the game, but to give us the cyclone front crit passive for monsters. The only use that has is when clearing mobs if you decide to hit from the front for whatever reason. So next to none...

Berserker is one of the harder tanks to become skilled with. As a berserker main for over 3 years now and as someone who has played every class to a somewhat knowledgeable level I can state that it is almost on par with the skill level of a warrior tank, but instead of optimizing your rotation in the sense of not screwing up your combos as a berserker you play to squeeze in as many quick hits before an opportunity to get in a fully charged thunderstrike when you see that you can.

If anything berserker tanking was already buffed seeing as the seperate stacks of punishing strikes until recently were 3% debuff instead of what they are now at 4%. Buffing that further would be a bit unnecessary I think. If anything I would like to see buffed for a berserker tank maybe a mini power buff for a few seconds everytime you use fiery rage in intimidation for the whole party. It would not break the current cooldown for intimidation if they gave the party the buff if it was a short duration as it would be a complete waste of time to switch between intimidation and no for that. If maybe it was 5 seconds it would be fine with just a tiny power and crit buff. You already spam fiery rage as a berserker for getting your pumped glyph up and flurry of blows if you play berserker tanking right, so it only gives more incentive that way to use it more.

Personally and surprisingly I have never been shunned for tanking as a berserker in dungeons because I guess I do good and carry teams alot of the time. As stated in this thread berserker can be an emergency tank, and I do this often to save runs or even take over outright if the tank just is that bad. I think tanking for berserker is a wonderful addition to the class and I would not like to see it go away, just a few very minor tweaks would be wonderful.

In conclusion I would like to see cyclone as an actual usable move in intimidation as is in Ktera already and possibly a mini power/crit buff for the party on fiery rage use in intimidation for about 5 seconds. That seems very reasonable to ask to make berserker tanking so much better and actually stand out a bit from other tanks. No other tank has a crit buff for the party.

Just my thoughts on the matter.


I used no consumables except for a prime battle solution. I still get called a [filtered] tank. I didn't want to post in General Discussion because I know most people would just overlook buffing zerk tank because they simply don't care.

I don't think Cyclone is necessary because Thunder Strike is enough.
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