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 [TR] WTB name 'Lil' 06/04/2017, 11:41 AM yuggy
Willing to buy name 'Lil' in Tempest Reach. Answer in forum or Guy (Lil)#6594 for discord
 [TR] WTB Novelty Items 04/24/2017, 12:23 PM NPCPak
Hello TERA Community,
I'm looking into purchasing certain rare items that can either still be earned or no longer obtainable by normal means. If you're interested in selling on of these items, you can send an offer by clicking here. Any assistance on obtaining these items would be greatly appreciated.

Unusable/Unobtainable Items (HIGH Priority)
(!) (Arcane Supplies) Fortnight Hammer
(!) (Uncommon Arcane Supplies) Fortune Egg I
(!) (Rare Store Item) Kumas Toybox
(Superior Miscellaneous) Megaphone

(Uncommon Crafting Reagent) Cabochon Structure
(Uncommon Crafting Reagent) Hexage Structure
(Uncommon Crafting Reagent) Pendant Structure
(Uncommon Crafting Reagent) Concach Structure
(Uncommon Crafting Reagent) Crux Structure

Crystals/Gems (Least Urgent)
(Miscellaneous) Amethyst (30g) (Original Variation Only)
(Miscellaneous) Pearl (50g) (Original Variation Only)
(Miscellaneous) Ruby (100g) (Original Variation Only) (N/A to purchase)
(Miscellaneous) Sapphire (200g) (Original Variation Only)
(Miscellaneous) Emerald (1,000g) (Original Variation Only) (N/A to purchase)
(Miscellaneous) Diamond (10,000g) (Original Variation Only) (N/A to purchase)

Fireworks/Firecrackers (Least Urgent)
(Uncommon Store Item) Year-End Fireworks Box
(Uncommon Arcane Supplies) Fireworks (Dragon)

Boosters/Changers (Least Urgent)
(Uncommon Combat Supplies) 50% Gold Hunter Boost (7-Day)
(Uncommon Combat Supplies) 50% Reputation Boost (7-Day)
(Rare Combat Supplies) 100% Quester's Gold Boost (1-Day)
(Rare Combat Supplies) 100% Quester's Gold Boost (7-Day)
(Rare Combat Supplies) 100% Gold Hunter Boost (7-Day)
(Rare Combat Supplies) 100% Reputation Boost (7-Day)
(Uncommon Arcane Supplies) Shape Changer: Big Head (1-Day)
price and server?
Here's an idea, create something like "___ change name voucher" where people can sell names in-game legitimately. After trading the name with someone, the one holding the original is forced to logout to change names the same way other vouchers work.
Will there be a name clean up again ?
Or another question, if we see the name being sold, is there a possibility to unlock that name or smth like that ?


Theres your answer...
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