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You may correct me, but Popori are made from wild animals by Elins (NA/EU version. Also in KTera?).

Why are Popori not mass produced then? One would domesticate them like e.g. wild deers in a certain area with close control to have a mass production running. Even if that is too complicated, you just force replicate/clone the wild animals.
You then train them in warfare and have a nearly unlimited amount of cannon fodder. Here we go with the Clone Wars.

I was originally going to do this for the Valkyrie Loading Screen Contest, but no one does captions on those loading screens. So I didn't enter, even though my sense of humor was hilarious.

Long ago there was a popori named Cat, named by his popori mother and father. All the poporis made fun of him because his name was simply 'Cat' and it was boring. One day he was questing with Phoenix.Jadiete, a castanic valkyrie.

Phoenix.Jadeite: Why do I have to be teamed up with this silly nuisance in the federation?

Cat: You're pretty.....[Continuance on nuisance]

Phoenix.Jadeite: You know castanics and poporis can't date right, as for as compatibility goes? Besides don't you EVER HUSH UP!?

Cat: I like the stars. Lets sit for awhile. Snack first.....battle later.

Phoenix.Jadeite: URRGHH, FINE!

Cat: I like Poritos.....Want some? [popori cheese chips-made up like Doritos]

Phoenix.Jadeite: No thank you.

Cat: Suit yourself...More for me.

Phoenix.Jadeite: Well, it's your chips anyways.

Cat: I want to go to the moon, because it's made of cheese.


[By the raise of her Glaive she gets mad makes the moon go red, but controls herself and then sits back down]


Phoenix.Jadeite: Well ok Spacecat, make yourself a rocket.


[The next day, Cat asked his mother to buy a name voucher to change his name to Spacecats. Spacecats became the first popori to go to the moon, even though he realized the moon isn't made of cheese. Still Spacecats loved the stars so much a DJ popori made a song after him.]

And then Spacecats became the coolest popori to ever live!

Looks like someone plays a trick on you

For valkyon and for the federation

Im a elin, better you start to respect me.
Male castanic at the LoT bridge:
"Less whine, more wine."
It's okay, when it's in a three way~
#Changelog Nº1

- Synopsis changed, trying to make it more appealing to the readers.
 TERA Lore Loading Screens 06/20/2016, 10:20 AM Fucboi
Is this what you're looking for?
A bit of background on this post! The original Unofficial Arborean Drinking Guide post was built and compiled by user LordHelmos on the previous version of the forums, and that thread can be found here. It's worth noting that many guilds have built their own guides/lists of ideas, or added onto this one on their Guild's Enjin pages. If someone would like to like or post those not already here, it would be much appreciated.

The Unofficial Arborean Drinking Guide:

Ever wonder what Symon has tucked away under his bar? Ever get stucking wondering what you should order at an Arborean tavern? The unofficial drinking guide can help! Below is a collection of some of the best, finest, and even strangest brews the world of Arborea has to offer. Whether you are looking to get completely sloshed before a day of monster hunting or are looking for a fine wine to share with your high elf sweetheart, the unofficial Arborean drinking guide has something that will fit the bill!

Beers and Ales:

Pegasus Ale:
An Arborean favorite that is popular in both Shara and Arun. Served at almost every major tavern in the world and is one of the most common brews. Pegasus is a light beer with a light brown color.

Skywhale Ale:
An Arborean favorite that is light brown in color. Has a smooth taste and is found almost everywhere.

Lux Lager:
A full bodied amber brewed by Vanarchs for Vanarchs.

Legion Stout:
A dark brown stout popular among federation soldiers.

Four Paws Seasonal:
The conglomeration of four Popori brewing partners. Has a light brownish-gold color and has a strong sugary taste during the summer. The brew is seasonal and changes in flavor and sweetness depending on the current season. In winter the ale grows thicker and more opaque in color while losing its golden sheen.

A very fancy Allemantheian favorite. This classy brew is imported directly from the desert jewel and finishing smooth. It has a very distinguishable golden color.

Amani Pride:
A reddish amber brewed by Amani patriots in celebration of their new age of freedom. Popular in Kaiator and during gladitorial events.

Old Tome Tap:
An aged brew usually carried by the caravans of baraka normads. Is a deep brown and carries the thick taste of the earth.

Gula Grogg:
A brew originating from the savage gulas. Usually brewed in a barrel with chunks of raw meat. Has a bloody-amber color.

Longshank's Lager:
A Ostgarath lager popular among castanics and pirates. Has a dark amber body.

Red Lash Lager:
A Ostgarath amber popular among bandits and Naga.

A castanic brew that is almost pink in color. Has a berry taste and is very strong. Alludes to the Castanic matchmakers that play the role of hostess at Castanic pleasure houses.

Honey-Bee Ale:
A Pora Elinu classic. Has a light-golden body and a sweet honey taste. The bottle usually has a picture of an Elin dressed like a honey-bee.

Roundbelly Brew:
A Popori light brown mead with a berry taste. A pitcher or gourd of roundbelly is commonly called a big belly.

Magic Hammer:
A popular mead with a minty bite that is mass produced by the Mysterium using arcane means. Almost clear like water and much stronger than normal ales.


Mad Mandrill Orange/Mango/Banana Schnapps:
A popular brand of mixers and schnapps is distilled from fresh Bastion fruit. Who knows how many workers got mauled by mandrills getting the ingridients to make this stuff...

A Kaiator favorite. Its highly flammable and goes down like dracoloth fire.

Allemantheian Blue Drop:
A blue color Allemantheian liquor that is distilled using the core's magic. Usually served over glowing hexagonal ice cubes and has a sweet mana-infused taste.

Farmer's Mark:
A human favorite that is distilled from Arcadian grains. Is a light brown bourbon with a country taste.

Blackrose Rum:
A rum that is popular among pirates and castanics. Named after the famous Kallindrissa Blackrose, a legendary pirate who vanished looking for the "Cradle of Immortality."

Blackrose Rum (Gold Label):
A top-self version of blackrose rum that goes down much smoother due to its age.

Lady Black Arrow:
A drink distilled with fresh Noruk blood to honor Velika, goddess of the hunt. The bottle is decorated by an engraving of Velik's bow.

A cinnamon red Castanic spirit with a candy-like taste.

Rozenthorne (Black Lace Edition):
A top-shelf version of the castanic favorite. Said to change flavor when shared with a partner...

A licorice flavored spirit popular in castanica. Is dark purple colored.

A Pora Elinu favorite distilled with real moongrieve blossoms. Is lavender colored with a camomile taste.

Chebika Sunrise:
A spiced spirit mixed with oasis sands. When poured, the sand sinks to the bottom to make the drink look like a rising sun inside the glass.

A green Tuwangi spirit with an exotic taste.

Element Ice/Fire:
A magical brew distilled by arcane means. Ice has a very glacial and biting taste, fire has a strong cinnamon and spiced rum taste.


Popolo and Elinette:
A pinkish light wine developed by a private Pora Elinu brewing company.

A very fine and almost clear elven wine that symbolizes the ancient flower of Karas that is so important to elven history.

Shevranberry Vineyard:
A reddish human wine distilled and aged in Velikan farmlands.

A popular yellow and medium bodied wine served all across Shara and Arun.

A dark purple castanic wine that is usually served with an indecent proposal.

Allemantheia Gardens:
A golden wine distilled from core-enchanced vineyards in the lower depths of Allemantheia.

Desert Jewel:
A elven wine that is distilled from the natural plants growing in the desert outside of Allemantheia.

Three-Daughter's Orchard:
A white wine distilled by a human family living in Lumbertown. Has a very natural and home-grown taste.

Hidden Grove:
An Essenian wine distilled from the rare plants found in heartswood.

Lords and Ladies:
A human favorite with a clear golden body.

Mystel's Secret:
An rare wine distilled using the blessed water from Mystel's shrine.

Dancer and Prancer:
A sweet berry berry wine with an almost velvet color. Specialty brewed by a partnership between high elf and castanic vixens.

[filtered] Drinks:

Sit of the Kumas:
A powerful drink that attempts to put the earth splitting power of a falling kumas into liquid form. The bottle is shaped like a sitting kumas and the drink is usually served in a small cup with a marble sphere in it. One shot of this drink is said to easily flatten even the hardiest of adventurers into the ground. Drink at your own risk!

If you have any suggestions for a new drink or a mixed drink, post them here!
 marry 05/05/2016, 07:16 AM thekor
Last I checked this was a guide section not a stupid question section that belongs in off topic or... Well [filtered] this thread doesn't belong anywhere else but the trash can maybe suggestions but posted in guides really? Does no one know how to read these days? are you trolling or just stupid?
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