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My Experience with TERA on PlayStation 4!

I tested the game in Regular PS4 and on PS4 Pro so trhough the sections of Pros and Cons, bugs and stuff I'll be posting what happened to me in both consoles separately, let's get into it!

Let's start talking about Graphics and Renderization. Comparing characters and enemies graphics to the scenario graphics you notice a huge difference between both on a Regular PS4, characters and enemies are rich in details and stuff, their magic effects are detailed and vibrant but the scenario felt a little too simple compared to it, you don't see much details on grass, earth, trees and the nature itself, only some crashed stuff, and some rocks arround the map are detailed. It felt the same on a PS4 Pro, but on the PS4 Pro you notice the image was cleaner than the Regular PS4.

The next thing I'll be talking about is FPS drops and Disconnections. Everytime I arrived on Velika or any other city my FPS dropped a lot, I had to patiently guide my character through the cities like I was watching stopmotion and it made difficult not only to walk arround the city but the interactions with the NPCs, sometimes when I was walking arround in a map full of mobs even with no signal of another player arround my FPS dropped a lot. On a PS4 Pro the drops ocurred on the cities and in the maps but not that low like the Regular PS4. Disconnections on both consoles happened quite frequently like 1-2 hours between each disconnect.

Let's move on to in-game bugs or malfunctions, I tested this bugs on both PS4 and both had the same bugs

1. Resurect another through scrolls or Priest skill of Resurection wasn't working because the dead player don't recieve the message confirming the resurection.
2. During some cutscenes through the game some characters were gliding instead of walking/runing.
3. The Reaper class R2 combo (basic attacks) bugs sometimes and she starts spamming just the same 2 attacks repeatedly until you release the R2 button (Video coming soon).
4. When you go for the PS4 Menu and get back into the game it freezes for a second or two and sometimes disconnects you from the game.
5. Sometimes when you interact with NPCs to deliver or assign to quests their dialog menu don't show up and you need to press Options button to fix it.
6. Sometimes on the server list screen I couldn't select any server no mather how many times I pressed X button.
7. It was missing 3 classes from character creation: Gunner, Ninja and Valkyrie.
8. The HUD loads before the loadscreen leaves what causes a mess during loadscreens.
9. The quest log covers part of the map and sometimes it is hard to read the quest log or the map, you should move the map to the other side of the screen.

Now let's talk about Sound and Communication (Text and Voice chat). The in-game sound was so loud that I almost died when I opened the game the first time, I went to settings and even when I turned down the volume to the minimum possible it was loud, everytime I started playing the test I had to create a Party (Voice chat) on PS4 to reduce the game sound otherwise it wasn't tolerable on minimum. In-game voice communication wasn't working well, I had to change a lot into settings to be reasonably good and still the PS4's native voice chat better than the In-game voice chat. The text chat was another problem, the messages were sent with delay and the chat area was to small, very hard to keep up while chilling and chating via text, I lost some PMs my friend sent to me just because of the size of the chat that fits no more than 5 lines. This happened on both consoles, Regular PS4 and PS4 Pro

And finally what I wanted to talk about since the beginning, PvP and PvE gameplay. The keybinding is awesome, very easy to learn and deal on the Dualshock, skills chained to each other very well for nasty combos and massive damage and I liked it very much but I felt that in this test we had a lot of PvE and almost none of PvP, because we only had available that Kuma Battleground mode which wasn't the real PvP but an Christmas Event, if you guys were planning to give us a Christmas PvP event you should put the regular PvP and the Kuma event instead of just the Kuma event. People rather dueling than join a PvP queue just because of that mode being the only PvP mode of the whole test. The Dungeons are awesome but I couldn't join any high level dungeon because of the eternal queues due to the short number of players playing the test.

And last but not least the In-game events and other stuff. In the promotional video of the test it was said that you guys were supposed to run some events with the players and I saw absolutely zero events runned by a GM, I just saw the Kumas PvP event and some rewards that I recieved for login, time played and leveling up, this was supposed to be the in-game events runned by GMs? I felt rewarded, but I didn't felt like I was in an event at all. And another thing I thought the game was supposed to have Keyboard and Mouse recognition since it is a PC game too, like Fortnite, Onigiri or Final Fantasy XIV that recognizes a Keyboard and mouse pluged in to the PS4, please add this feature to the final build because I rather 1000x play with Keyboard and mouse than playing on a controller, even knowing the map and gameplay feels good on controller.

I hope I helped you guys improve your game for the final build with this feedback, thanks for giving me the opportunity to test your game in first hand! ;)
I just wanted to offer my own ideas, and hopefully brainstorm with others, on making some changes to the BG rewards. This is a little bit of a rant, but I think it holds valid points for the suggestion that comes at the end. Currently, just as a reminder, these are the following rewards for the remainder of the month via Jackpots:
  • 1x Emerald
  • 4x Titan's Ember
  • 4x Titan's Storm
  • 4x Titan's Ease
  • 4x Titan's Earth

So, these are rather poor options for the jackpot. Especially as you begin to need numerous emeralds, and eventually diamonds, for enchanting gear. I'm not even sure why the titan's materials are dropped in pvp. I suppose it's just another place to farm them, but it's simply not a reliable source right now with the ease of Pit of Petrax, IoD, Ace Dungeons, and so on. As for the emeralds, it just isn't worth doing PvP for a single emerald. With the queue times, if you're lucky (as a damage class), it may take 10 minutes for a quick 3s match. Assuming all the jackpot items are a 20% chance to drop, that's an awfully low chance of being reward a prize holding 1k in value. I've seen emeralds selling for about 1.1-1.2k on broker at times as well. Additionally, if you find a semi decent party, you can run Ravenous Gorge 4 times and obtain 2400 gold just from the vanguard. That's already 2 emeralds off the broker in roughly the same time it took to queue into 3s. I also find that Ghilieglade is much more efficient. While I don't always get emeralds, I have 3 characters I can run it on where the fight itself only takes about 30 seconds. I have a few others that take roughly a minute or less for the fight. While I may not get an emerald, I am stilling getting other materials useful to me for enchanting my gear.

3s queue timer ~4PM EST
3s queue timer ~7PM EST

So, on 3s jackpot day (this a screenshot from earlier today 11/15) it's still rather slow. Going into more of a prime time, things definitely picked up, but it's not what it used to be. Now, here's where I think BGs can use some changes. I'll go in order of the battlegrounds and then talk about the jackpot.

Corsair's Stronghold: Let's open this up to level 30s again. While I know many have mixed feelings about this, I think allowing level 30s and above to queue for CS will greatly decrease the queue time and it will allow players to get a feel for some basic PvP early on. I think one of the issues PvP is rather slow at 65 is because it's something only for those at level 65. There is no longer any real PvP BG for players still leveling. I think if we allow these players back into the CS queues, it will definitely create more of an interest to those currently leveling and they will be more likely to give it a try at level 65. As for the rewards of CS, as this is being opened to level 30s, I think there also needs to be a huge incentive for them to want to do this. I think this many receive some mixed opinions, but I feel that changing the reward box to reflect a higher drop rate of emeralds may create some incentive for all players to keep playing CS. Additionally, I would try to change the reward box to reflect the FWC reward box. Make the rewards universally useful. This way, as new players level up, they will have a bit of a head start on materials and can enjoy endgame a little faster.

Fraywind Canyon: Only concern about FWC is that the reward box, currently, is much more valuable than any other BG. Because of this, only FWC seems to get popular on jackpot days. Some of the other BGs still seem a bit slow. Additionally, you even get a box when you lose. So, at the very least, you're coming out of FWC with something. I honestly think that is a great system and I think it should be implemented to other battlegrounds. I'll touch on that a bit more later.

Gridiron: Grid is sort of in the same position as CS. I don't think it should be opened to level 30s, but I think the rewards could be upgraded a bit. The current jackpot system is not enough to make it worth the wait and queue time, in my opinion.

Champion's Skyring: While I may not be the best PvPer out there, I seem to enjoy 3s the most. All of the others have some sort of catch to it that separates them from from being a "true" PvP experience. CS is more like a castle siege with siege weapons and bombs, grid has the various crystals, and FWC has the BAMs and point captures. While those don't make the BGs any less of a PvP BG, they don't have the beauty of simplicity that you find in 3s. Just a nice 3 v 3 match with no catch. However, even 3s is barely worth the time for the reward. The first match I did rewarded 4x Titan's Embers, and the second reward 4x Titan's Storm. Each queue took about 15 minutes, followed by another 5-8 minutes for the matches. Someone who decided to do 4x RG in the same amount of time is already ahead of me, even assuming I won both times.

Battleground Jackpots: Here is where my issues with the jackpots begin. If you really want to make use of the current jackpots, you better be winning 100% of your BGs. Unfortunately, that is simply not logical. Even at 50%, you are still relying on the 20% emerald to show up. So basically the likely hood of you winning an emerald, assuming you have a 50% win rate, is about 10%. As many people active in the PvP battlegrounds know, it's very hard for 1 person to make an impact on the match (excluding 3s). It really is a team effort in the end. As of recent, especially in FWC and Grid, I've noticed that one side generally dominates the entire match. Albeit there for some exceptions, but I find those to be a bit more rare. I think the following rewards, in order of how rare they should be (based on my opinion), would be most worth the time spent in a BG:
  • 2x Reward boxes (so instead of 5, you get 10).
  • 1x Diamond
  • 5x Emeralds
  • 3x Emeralds
  • 1x Titan's Essence Box (Player chooses 4x of the following: Titan's Earth, Titan's Fire, Titan's Peace, Titan's Storm)
  • 1x Emerald

Reward Boxes: Basically, the current FWC reward box should be offered in all BGs. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe FWC currently gives 6x of the box to the winning team and 1x to the losing team. These boxes will drop everything from wood scraps to essences. Obviously the rarer the material, the less you get if you actually get one. This provides an effective way for people to gear up if they want spend a large portion of their time doing PvP. With that being said, I think this should be replicated in BGs as follows:

Corsair's Stronghold: 3 per win. 1 per loss.
Fraywind Canyon: 5 1 per loss.
Gridiron: 5 per win. 1 per loss.
Champion's Skyring: 3 per win. 1 per loss.

Please excuse the makeshift table. I'll make a proper one when I have the time and update it. But this should illustrate my point. Now with this, it really adds a lot more incentive to PvP matches.

So, TERA community, what are your thoughts? What do you think we can do to breathe some life back into the BGs?
FGWJJK4RH4 wrote: »
I personally think having Damage Meters as an actual game feature due to the only possible way of getting one of these is to use Third Party Applications, and as this is against the rules. I think that it should be a function that should be implemented into the game, due to so many people wanting these and there's many good reasons for it..

Like being able to see your damage within a Dungeon, as there's no way to see that at all, it would also be good just in general, questing, PvPing Etc.

If you think this would be a good this would be for Tera, drop some feed back as all the feedback shows them how much we need this :)
If you like this idea, how would you use it? what would you like to see and how often would you use it!

Adding or removing "adjustable" skill damage meter will be greater because every damaging/defend/support skill will gives different number of amounts.

Example, if I play as a Gunner and I trigger "Blast" skill as the first strike. Then, it is chained to the "Arcane Barrage" skill on the second strike. The amount of damages dealt by Blast and Arcane Barrage skills usually will shown in front of me and as system messages.

If I want to calculate or adjusting or editing or making any improvement on my character, then I will need more UI to support me in collecting all the data for the amount of damages dealt, which is the "total amount of damages" for specific skill. I believe with this way, a player can know how to adjust which of his character's skill is more efficient for his specific purpose.

A player can add a meter for the specific skill he wants to analyze. For damaging skill, then the damage meter will be red, defensive skill, then the damage meter will be blue, and for supportive skill is green, etc.
- Add or remove option at "Skills" window.
- Tick to add or untick to remove.
- Cap amount can be edited at "Skill" window also, no data will be collected if damage meter is edited with zero amount.
- Cap amount display in number or percentage can be edited at game "Options".
MAKE NEW SERVER! no server transfer allowed! FRESH START LEGO!
I am aware these are different issues, but I figured why not. I saw people complain (myself included) about that whole server transfer thing, and people got into various arguments about the technical details of that, who is responsible and for what, and how it may or may not be of a high enough priority for BHS. Well I am not a fan of such arguments. I`m just a simple and selfish buyer that wants to avoid spending cash on a none-functional feature. So ill present my argument under a hypothetical assumption, that the technical details have been solved, and that my suggestions could technically be implemented. I don`t care how, lets say it was done by magic. The details are not my concern, as this is just a suggestion.

1 - Merge the dead servers. Doesn't really matter with whom. It would save me (and others like me) the trouble of spending money when then the technical details will be resolved, involving the issues around the server transfer. Imagine that the server transfer got fixed, then a month later, servers got merged. That would be quite a scandal for those that realized they spent money for something they could have gotten for free, if they only waited. I realize that doing this might cost a few pennies that could have been squeezed from people fleeing the dead places, but I think that merging is a better option. Communication is key here, but I am sure that if people knew they had something better to expect, and save themselves a few pennies along they way, they would wait peacefully until they get a full resolve. And, much like many other issues ive noticed, I think that if people knew that this was going to happen, they would be alot more inclined to wait peacefully, without going on a thread bonanza complaining about issues which cannot be solved at this moment. What I am suggesting is better then keeping people in the dark.

2 - Bring back alliance. I am not a pvper. My ping isn't good enough for that. But pvping is fun sometimes. I could get into an argument about how doing pvp nowadays isn't really immersive enough, or even worthwhile at all that much if you consider the various monopolies. But thats a technical argument and those bore me. So instead, i`ll go in a different direction. I think that the old alliance was more immersive then its modern counterfeit (Civil Unrest). Apart from how alliance was more of a joint experience, involving more players in a much larger area (which gave it more of a "sandbox feeling"), the old alliance also involved hunting BAMs (mixing pvp and pve), and you didn't have to be Ubber-geared in order to participate. Imagine how much nicer it would be, if the new double stat roll option on our current gear, would be implemented back then. The average player has no real reason to even use the double rolling feature. People like community effort, and, i`m sorry, but the old Alliance system was vastly superior social wise. Civil Unrest just... isn`t all that interesting (imo), and does not have a "community feel" to it, like the old alliance did. People say that pvp is dead. So I think Alliance count help to revive it. They already recycle content to no end, so why not recycle something that was good, for a change. Even Crusade gave people some kind of thrill.
These boats would be similar to mounts, but would only be able to be placed in water or liquids in general, the only difference between these boats and mounts would be the fact that other people could ride them as well, maybe once they are placed down, they cant be picked up again or something. but i think that this would be a neat idea.
Righto, I've tried to make a support ticket 3 times now regarding some in-game stuff
and I've kinda given up so I'm posting here.

Hello @Spacecats @Halrath @Denommenator
Dunno who will respond first so lets go.

There is a small issue with some of the Vanguard Initiative Green Quests
They are giving Tier 8 Feedstock Kinda useless in this patch if i may say so

If you Wouldn't mind correcting this Soon it would be a great help I know its minor
but T8 really XD?

Screenshot here shows 2 of the quests.

This thing has come to my attention. Free players vs paying customers. We aren't even getting something good in return. I mean, WTF is this? We suffer bad RNG while free players gets good 'coz they keep playing hours and hours? This game is becoming really unbalanced. If you want it free then make it 100% free and make those things that can be bought with real money be only accessible to those who are REALLY PAYING with real money. En Masse is compensating more on free players than those who pay. Hmmmm. Not good. We love the game but we don't get good something in return for buying stuff by paying real money. WTF. So unbalanced. We aren't asking for P2W but at least keep those items that can be bought via Tera Store only account bound to paying players aka PAYING CUSTOMERS. There are players who doesn't even want to pay a single cent and many are like that. We even have friends who doesn't want to pay something and we have friends and my girlfriend who joined Tera and has Elite in autopay doesn't even get something good and coming from OUR SALARY. We aren't even happy about this norsatisfied about your service being so laggy despite of us staying because we love the game.
...or at least it HEAVILY favours 5dps/1tank/1healer. A friend and I queued in (Heal + DPS) and we wiped because a lot of people were not comfortable with mechanics. 3 of them left and we asked one of our friends to queue (Healer) to see if we couldn't get two healers in to make things a bit easier. Instead we ended up with 3 more DPS... so it seems like it is either impossible to have two or it prefers taking DPS. Yet the dungeon has been buffed to the state it was in at release, which is to say - very difficult to heal unless all 7 people in the party can be trusted to dodge most everything, and you can't expect that in instance matching.

The only other 7-man raid currently in the game is Velik's Hold and that forces you to have two healers even in normal mode, which is rated easier than DFHM... so it's really inconsistent right now.

I don't know if this is something EME has control over, but I would recommend making it require 2 healers or at least favour queueing 2 healers in.

Okay, so for this forum post, I'm making a pretty large, as common issue amongst people that own mediocre PC models, and simply cannot afford a particularly high end PC.

With light of bans on going into the config and just, manually adjusting the graphics to actually be able to run, a lot of players have been required to return to a crummy 12-19 (at best) FPS when playing, alongside things such as freezes, constant gaps in what is appearing, and...cursor lag? (Yeap, apparently thats a thing.)
It's nothing new that a lot of players consider Tera's optimization to be one of the worst ever seen in MMOs, and this isn't to offend anyone. Most likely, the developers just don't have experience with a weaker PC when it comes to tests for these titles, and as a result, accidentally fail to see the issue presented.

As a result, I would like to suggest a more in-depth, and deeper level of optimization for Tera. This includes adding additional graphical settings players can turn off, such as certain UI animations, player skill graphics, and more. This would allow players to play more smoothly without being required to break the rules, because honestly, if you're a tank or healer, and you've got low FPS with studders, you aren't going to do well at all.
now I want a real flying lizard...he's so cute...can you get them in the u.s.a. or are they banned from entering the country? do we have them native here?

Draco mindanensis, commonly known as the Mindanao flying dragon, is a lizard species endemic to the Philippines. I just looked up the lizard just now. Also Draco is Latin for dragon, but it's not really a dragon.

Only if dragons did exist....


MAKES YOU WANT ONE! Red eyed crocodile skink


Sadly, I don't think we will ever see a return to old Level 11-65 (*cough 60 days best days *cough) PvP. Alot of the community is too whiny about that these days and from a. Business perspective having players getting killed outright as soon as they exit Lumbertown by some high level character just killing people probably didn't do much for their population.. which I was fine with

As much as I'd personally love PvP to return the reason open world PvP was so successful in the old day was there was an actual reason for it to exist.

Crafting, since it had a purpose meant you would have to gather mats and the competition for gathering was quite high. You wanted to level up mining? Oh look you just spent 30 seconds killing some mobs you didn't need to to try and get to that ore node or flower

But now some [filtered]. who saw the same node you did just took it from you while you fought your way through mobs to get that and yet he's just going to steal it. Are you just going to let him get away with that?

Want to level the fast way? Sorry you can't we have claimed this area for our guild XXdragonpusslayers to power level in leave immediately or be anhilated.

See my point? You had to fight to get anywhere. leveling was actually difficult while it was slow and tedious at times. But It forced you to go out and explore the open world and areas to make levels.

You were much more engaged every person you met you'd ask tips for try to find your way around or how to survive and escape. the clutches of those awful outlaws before the bigger more friendly mature level 60 players. came in charging with fury and rage eradicating or dying at the I hands of those outlaws.

Area's to level became where you made connections with people who would become steadfast friends or hated enemies. Giving you motivation to get to Max level because you wanted to either A make them pay for what they did to you or B help them out and get vengeance against those who wronged you or your newly acquainted companion.

While there was no guild system back then with leveling the reason to join a guild was "tips,advice,help, protection, way to engage in the community."

It was fun it was exciting PvP felt good over felt good everything felt good it was not balanced that heavily in terms of over rather then PvP it was the perfect mix... Before the dark times came..
Sanxxieh wrote: »
♥ OWPvP with old lvl limit (lvl 11)
♥ no avatar weapons
♥ underwear usable by lvls 45+ only
♥ stronger BAMs

This, sooo much... Also return the old Island of dawn & Lumber Town. Streamlining the tutorial is fine (Island of Dawn was slow & convoluted, with lots of backtracking, absolutely terrible for new players who don't know the quests and optimal routes in advance.), but in the new [filtered] tutorial zone you can't even play with your friends because of single player instances breaking up the party all the time. A new tutorial would have been fine, but unfortunately it just sucked even more. And honestly it's not even that much faster.

How am I supposed to play an Online Game while being unable to actually play with other people?

Also, BAMs should be stronger again like in the past, but with crappy weapons & 10 times more health or whatever it was you have to fight for at least 15 minutes to solo a single BAM, and what do you get? Like 5 normal mob's worth of experience and some crafting mats that are obsolete because crafting was removed from the game. (Not that crafting was that big to begin with, but there was some worth to it.)

So obviously BAMs would have to also give much higher rewards to actually give a reason to fight them.

Complaining that kill & fetch quests are boring isn't wrong, but Tera's only strong point is basically the combat.

Also also also, the old dungeons. Screw that blast from the past that cut out the content of the dungeons. There was basically nobody playing dungeons like Saravash Ascent (or whatever it was called) and a lot of these dungeons because they were so long and not very profitable, but you shouldn't take away good content because of that, just increase the rewards...
After the Valk patch, low level dungeons bosses are now resistant to stun. I found this quite disappointing when I was leveling a new alt because I feel that some of the boss mechanics are developed to be canceled out by stunning them. It was suppose to be a challenge for players to learn the attacks and read the bosses' movement accordingly to determine when to use their stuns. Having this awareness can help a lot of players from dying in the dungeon and also increases the player's overall gaming experience. Here are a list of examples which an experienced player could have used stun to prevent bosses from casting major attacks. Most bosses has the same pattern.
1. BoL Guardian boss: Stunning when the boss tries to head back to the middle and uses the fire blasting attack.
2. SM Last boss: Stunning to prevent the boss heading back to the original place to spawn adds.
3. CR Last boss: Stunning to prevent the boss heading back to the center of the room to summon duplicates.
4. NT Last boss: Stunning to prevent the boss heading back to the center of the room and does the back-and-forth leap.
5. GL Last boss: Stunning to prevent the boss heading back to the original place to spawn the adds. They should also be able to stun the boss when it places a secondary aggro on another player and charges at them.
6. AH: AH is what I believe to be affected by the most after this patch. Same mechanics as BoL's Guardian on the first boss. Players should be able to stun and prevent it from returning back to the center. For the second boss, players are required to stagger, KD or stun the boss when it cites the third verse of the spell. The spell will cast a debuff that removes 70% or so of the player's HP. As for the last boss Akasha, players are also required to do the same when it is trying to summon bams. These bams would cast sleep and poison attacks to the players.

If the Hard Mode for BT, LoT and ET were still available, this stun resist on bosses would also hugely affect the dungeon experience. For example in LoT, Killian is one of the bosses that its major attack is not cancelled by stunned it. As we all know that in Hard Mode, there will be no words on the screen to notify the players that it will be returning to the room and cast a wave of fire towards the tank. Therefore, if any players stuns or KD the boss around the moment when it was suppose to use this mechanic, they would not know about it and gets killed by the fire. This was one of the challenges which many people faces during those times and is also one of the things that makes dungeons fun and challenging.

Having initial played since KTERA launched, then moved to Taiwan's TERA, EU, and finally ending up here in the NA servers, I have seen a lot of changes being made throughout the past few years. Some really enhanced the dungeon and gaming experience such as new achievements, new bosses and also simplifying the enchanting. However, the removal of some mechanics such as stamina, charms, alchemy crafting on pots and scrolls were actually quite disappointing as I feel that these were part which makes the game fun and interesting. I understand that improvements are needed to provide a better game for the players. However, I really wish and would appreciate that if BHS could review on the matter about the boss stuns as I find that this is one of the major mechanics in the game that really enhances the overall dungeon experience. Thank you for your time.
vkobe wrote: »
say that to our current president B)

Haha yes, sorry for you. And for the world. He will lead you to a ww3. A total douchebag
say that to our current president B)
Hello, this is just my thoughts since i feel like sorc in this game lacks of something about being a sorcerers. so please dont flame me if you find this suggestion of mine a game changing or game breaking changes. btw, my concern are only about animations, looks and styles not about damage or anything related to pve and pvp. sorry about my english, its not my main language.

First, Dual wielding class - make it like lancer or warrior. the current orb float on the left hand and add a staff,wand,broom or any stick for the right hand. I know this will be a lot of work for the animations for example the current way for human sorc to cast meteor strike was raising both hands and move it downwards in the character direction where the magic circle is drawn, but with my suggestion the developers needs to change it to only raise the right hand where the staff is located and point it up like a real mage while chanting the spell and drop the meteor where the character is facing.

Second, Add or change one of the movement skill (Glacial retreat or Teleport Jaunt) - into a skill where the sorc ride the wand like a real witch and move where you are facing or the same as how to controll the bullrush skill of Brawler. i think the skill speed should be the same as the new running skill of archer.

Lastly, Manaboost animation revamp - make the sorc float a few meters or atleast elevate from the ground while on manaboost effect.

I hope the moderators will take see this and make a move to pass this suggestion to the developers and take this ideas into consideration. Thank you.

a suggestion for Sorc model rework.
1. make it dual wielding class with broom.
2. make a new skill to ride on the broom.
3. make sorc float while on manaboost effect.
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3KYWNKFW44 wrote: »
Takeso wrote: »
3KYWNKFW44 wrote: »
Concordo! Eu adoro jogar tera, eu não sou o tipo de jogador que eu dedico 12 horas diárias para cultivar vários itens em diversos personagens, eu não tenho interesse no Pve do tera,no entanto, eu adoro fazer PvP, mas é muito difícil fazê-lo, uma vez que o lucro de fazer PvP é muito baixo, e ao mesmo tempo para obter uma forte arma pvp é necessário fazer PVE ???... o que é ridículo!, sem falar no alto custo para deixar o item na perfeição ... o que é muito desanimador. e com poucas modalidades atraentes para PVP... detesto os PvP que não envolve diretamente os personagens como por exemplo kumasylum etc.
Uma coisa que eu gostaria de relembrar é a maioria dos mapas do tera serem fantásticos e não serem explorado devido a facilidade de evoluir apenas fazendo DG, é muito triste você andar pelo mapa e ve-lo deserto, eu gostaria que voltasse o domínio de território controlado por guild na qual o foco da modalidade seria o PVP...

Grande ideia a questão do domínio de territórios por guild, isso iria movimentar bastante todos os mapas do jogo.
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Concordo! Eu adoro jogar tera, eu não sou o tipo de jogador que eu dedico 12 horas diárias para cultivar vários itens em diversos personagens, eu não tenho interesse no Pve do tera,no entanto, eu adoro fazer PvP, mas é muito difícil fazê-lo, uma vez que o lucro de fazer PvP é muito baixo, e ao mesmo tempo para obter uma forte arma pvp é necessário fazer PVE ???... o que é ridículo!, sem falar no alto custo para deixar o item na perfeição ... o que é muito desanimador. e com poucas modalidades atraentes para PVP... detesto os PvP que não envolve diretamente os personagens como por exemplo kumasylum etc.
Uma coisa que eu gostaria de relembrar é a maioria dos mapas do tera serem fantásticos e não serem explorado devido a facilidade de evoluir apenas fazendo DG, é muito triste você andar pelo mapa e ve-lo deserto, eu gostaria que voltasse o domínio de território controlado por guild na qual o foco da modalidade seria o PVP...

Grande ideia a questão do domínio de territórios por guild, isso iria movimentar bastante todos os mapas do jogo.

que poderia ser feito da seguinte forma: cada guild iriam se enfrenta para controlar um território na nação, posteriormente as guilds dominantes dos territórios iriam se enfrenta para domina a nação e finalmente as 3 nações se enfrentariam para declara a nação vencedora...

Eu entendi o que você colocou, mas acho que a função para um guild defender uma nação seria um pouco ruim, porque daí você influenciaria a ter poucas guildas no servidor. Mas a ideia é boa, precisa apenas talvez modificar detalhes.

eu acho que não, muitas guild's iriam conseguir dominar áreas dentro dos continentes, no entanto haveria uma guerra entre essas áreas (diversos guild se batalhando) para disputar o domino da nação, isso irá ocorrer em todas as nações (vélika, allemantheia e kaiator, cada nação tem diversas cidades que podem ser ocupadas por 1 guild seja ela, pequena, media ou grande) apos se batalharem, as 3 melhores guild representante de cada nação irão se batalhar para disputar a nação vencedora, posteriormente irá reiniciar para que se inicie uma nova disputa...
We will build a Great Wall! (of text)
Hii Link here most in game knows me either as White.Rider or Hito.Shura been playing the game for a long time a little before f2p. Seriously seen it all in game been a top5% player been a crafter, a hunter of achievements and all . Been a loyal elite member since f2p payed for me and my then gf every month so ive supported this game and never have "Demanded(yah idk how people demand something from a game they didnt create)". But at this point in the game im taking a break even with my fav class getting a revamp(archer).

Back in the old days this game was actually FUN. Like i really enjoyed loging on coming home from class and work staying up for hours just to hun bosses and dugeons .I even stayed up a full day playing( abe it it was for a cause). The game used to be worth playing the bams was just that BAMS Big A$$ Monsters that challenge you . When you first ran into a baslasik and it utterly kicked your [filtered] over and over again till you developed the reaction time to kill it . That was fun , now you can litearly stand still spam auto attack at level 15-20 and kill them without needing to really heal . The game used to be fun and worth it to do certain stuff . Before avatar weapons players used to hun world bosses for the rare weapons and gear be it earrings or rings armor or weapon they were uniqwue had status effects and looked different from other gear.The dugeons pre level 65 was fun and taught you how to work as a team let you get used to your class , but now the game is plan and simple trash as most gamers say now. With the massive increase xp tbh all dugeons pre 61-65 are useless and is now just taking up data , you outlevel any armor you get before you can really enjoy it. You cant enjoy the dugeons cause no one does them most just power level to quickly get to 65 asap. Thwe attitude in the game is soo poor forget white knighting seriously the game attitude is toxic not just MT as the stigma used to be mt players were all meat heads that just do pvp,( ive met some really cool mt players that do more pve stuff then pvp)You go into any major town theres countless players just standing around the broker or doing random stuff but go into the field where bams are you will be luckly to see 1 to 3 players gathering or killing.
The gear progression is utterly pointless you spend weeks to months to farm =for mats to get vm and bam a patch comes out and made the gear old and useless. Players now value gear and carries over skill(ie a person in a guild can get carried though one dugeon 10 times and get the skilled title but not know the dugeon at all but since it says skilled they will get picked over a guy who has done the dugeon 9 times with no skilled has looked at vids of the dugeon ).The dugeons has no value at all or fun to them . They are either too long like for real just a massive dugeon kill minions run for a while fight a boss and repeat. The thing about some of the older dugeons it required the party to split to do other things to unlock doors for the party to contuine. Now when my little friends i have left in the game ask me if i wanna heal or dps for anything im like meh idc theres no excitment. Im not one of the cosmetic players I dont buy stuff from the store unless i want a mount tbh i dont have a issue with how the store is run , yeah i would add a few items into the store to improve the sales all while not making it p2w. i.e no gear or items that give any any any kind of stat boost be it perm or temp. But instead give items that improve drop chances or rare spawns stuff like that .
I know this is a rant and I can honestly go on for hours from the guilds that is now pointless and down right evil,(Big guild forcing little guild to disband , Ive seen first had a big guild tell a smaller friends guild that if they dont join them they will block and auto kick anyone with their guild icon everytime they see them and eme can not do anything to stop them). Seriously this game used to be sooo enjoyable i used to brag to friend to play it and we all had fun but now they all left due to patches,bugs,the community bashing each other and tbh the game became pointless we do the same thing over and over again to the point it feels like a job not a form of entertainment.

Im not just ranting here are some suggestions I can make (Though I know they are pointless to say)

Create a legendary class and items: Creat a non gender lock class that can only be unlocked by reaching level 65 with a set number of characters and completeing certain achievements to stop xp grinders. Make it 3 classes a dps, tank and healer

Dps make it flashy hit harder then any other class (cause if it didnt what would be the point in going through all the requirements)
Tank combine the best features of the current tanks add more flare and be able to make the bosses always argo them ( like some bosses have random argo the legend tank holds all argo no matter what
Healer combine the best of mystics auto buffs with priest massive heals add in debuffs that cant be blocked by bosses.

Legendary weapons one of a kind weapons no tradeable non craftable set the limit to 1-5 per month make it so the items are drops from a legendary beast that will only spawn for one person can only be fought by one person so no random player comes in and starts attacking. make it kinda like must defeat all world bosses plus some other stuff then a aera on the map will be unlocked via pegaus where you can go and fight a legendary beast for one item .

Legendary weapons I think should be like the fell arms from Tales of series where they atart out as weak but with each kill gain attack and balance. They should have 2 extra rolls to keep up with new gear that comes out every few months.
Armors should give resistance to status and gain balance and defense based on kills and have extra 2 roll.

Just make tera fun again not casual and worth getting into . Make bam hunting worth it make achievements worth it attract more hardcore players
I made a mod for my brawler, to make her look super scary and strong ^^


Here's the download link:

It's one of the fashion coupon costumes, dyed fully black.

The rest of the outfit: some sort of face mask (I like super shades on mine as well), and rogue hood. Weapon skins --> anything works tbh.
but schisma

and even starfall now gonna be a unuseless sets

what i want to do, its bring life back to the old tiers

and a way to force this, its a special dungeon

i have 8 bank slots

people can have all the sets in 1 bank slot

when i first started this game was fun we had battle grounds and dream scape every few hours and it seemed like dungeons were more fun not all toxic now with this latest patch the smaller guild will just keep getting pounded on and not be able to level cant run battlegrounds cause the likely hood of getting put on the super op side is slim when your not op and it gets old getting slaughtered every match and the people in the dungeons are way to toxic for me. so i have stayed away and never got the hang of any of them so if you intended to push all the people playing this game just to have fun and not want to take the game so serious that they cuss and call you names for not being a superior player out then mission success !!!! thanks enmasse/bluehole
@Troyzerk Hmm, the proposal for a nerf on MP restore is interesting. Even right now, it IS possible to run out of MP, and running out of MP for a healer is baaaad, because then the healer can't... well, they can't heal. I know the most immediate thing that people would say is "well then it's time to stock up on those mana pots your tank and DPS buddies have been using all this time!", but allow me to explain why it's not feasible, and what kind of changes it may bring to tera.

Pots are about to get nerfed... big time. look here <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kdtv1d04vTjakwdl0oupGyJyAarybfm4-BGsOipkAjw/mobilebasic>;

The best mana pot will only restore 1440 MP for healers. That's roughly 20% of a healer's max MP. I can use 1440 MP very quickly (and no, I'm not talking about resurrect, but yes, that will also use up all of that MP with one use). A mystic target heal costs ~250 MP, and the Boomerang Pulse heal (the glowy ball that heals you twice) costs ~750 MP. Bam. 1000 MP used. And if the heals are halved? With the amount I heal right now (+15 SF with healing III etchings, pinnace/argosy jewelry, and 4x grounding vyrsks; 0 succoring vyrsks), that's about 58k-87k depending on how many of those crit (0%crit-100% crit). I am now at 440 MP just from using two heals. That amount I heal though could be wildly inaccurate, though. That's only halving my total heals after every heal modifier (healing skills increased by x%, increases HP recovery by #, etc) has been applied. So basically, [(current heal formula that I don't feel like typing out)x1.5 if crit]/2. It could be more, or it could be less, depending on how this is actually implemented, if it ever is, but I'm assuming that's what you mean by "half". Basically, a healer's situation with mana could become even worse than sorc's right now, because at least sorcs good mana pots to use.

So if none of my heals were to ever crit, I'd have to use 2000 MP, or roughly 1/3rd of all my MP, to fully heal a party, assuming 100% accuracy and hitting all four party members with each cast (that happens.... not very often. Even less often if even one of them are ranged classes). This is not taking into account the other things a mystic is typically "expected" to do, like debuffs, auras, and resurrect, which also consume MP.

Now, with all of that said, if the mana restore is nerfed, I suspect that healers (including me) will do what DPS classes have already been doing for a while and use glistening (not just the dyad secondary, but the red crystal too, since we don't need to use DPS crystals). I know healers use brilliant right now, but that's only because brilliant already provides enough mana regen for healers, so glistening isn't necessary. Using glistening will restore a very nice amount of mana, and even crit heals on players' backs will proc the mana restore, but then healers would have to get more crit factor to maximize the crystals' effectiveness. This could mean that crit factor items (will have EVEN more demand than they do now should these changes be implented, with healers wanting them too now. [filtered], even keen etchings might become more common on healer weapons and gloves than energetic. This will also mean that healers will have to sacrifice their endurance rolls on jewelry and crystals, as I see many healers using in endgame dungeons, in order to maximize their crit factor, although I guess that's OK since, as you said, the difference in damage taken between cloth, leather, and metal is virtually nonexistent, so this WOULD help with that issue.

I know that this goes against what you said about wanting healers to pace themselves more, but I promise you, from a healer's perspective, we want to avoid situations like this at all costs. There are a lot of things a healer needs to keep track of and respond to when warranted, and adding MP management to that list of things is GOING to hamper any healer's performance (mine included). If there is something that hampers our ability to perform as healers that is preventable, we WILL take those measures to prevent it, and MP replenishment is one of those things.

So, if you're wanting to nerf any kind of self MP-replenishment with the hope that it will force healers to focus more on mana regen, you would have to change Tera drastically. I say keep the mana regen the way it is.
Archage is a great game but it's p2w, but it has it's third update or whatever. Can't TERA, a game with HUGE potential have revamp ? Improved character creation graphics maybe a slight improvement, and everything that I've listed up there ^. They can make it's money back, it's a RISK but they're f-ing p*ssies to not take that into considiration. IT CAN MAKE IT'S MONEY BACK. Make Tera better again.. NO. MAKE TERA EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE. DO it plz.
they should make a necromancer class for Castanic
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