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TERA PC - General Discussion: Is this a bug?
I recently re-roll my weapon to have two skills cooldowns reduction (-7.2%), but I found it had NOT effect AT ALL!

when I have only one skills cooldowns reduction roll, my skill "Jackhammer" has 6 seconds cooldown, but when I have two skills cooldowns reduction rolls, the "Jackhammer" still has 6 seconds cooldown.

And I even tried to equip a different weapon ( a lv 22 powerfist that has no skills cooldowns reduction). But I "Jackhammer" still has 6 seconds cooldown!

I meant, not only the skillbar shows it has 6 seconds cooldown. I also tried to use "Jackhammer" with these two weapons and I was sure that they had the same cooldowns!

Is this a bug? Or I misunderstand the skills cooldowns reduction?

Sorry for my bad english LMAO..
TERA PC - General Discussion#2 Deluso12/07/2016, 10:11 AM
Sent ticket, report bug. Ask for explanation.
cd reduction doesnt stack. reroll again
TERA PC - General Discussion#4 Ketoth12/07/2016, 11:41 AM
jackhammer is 6s cd.
you get 14,4%

this mean that jackhammer will have 5.136s cd

but since game dont show decimals numbers, it will show 6. but the skill cd is less.

you can do the same with nostrum:

with just nostrum will show 6s (5,1s real cd)
if you equip you 2cdr weapon with nostrum will show 5s(4,36s).

Dont look just the number. record the real time
That 6 will turn to 5 sooner with CDR. Just watch carefully. Let's hope it is not a bug.

Hi. following up on this bug, I recently rolled 2x CDR lines on my Guardian Weapon and I can confirm that the CDR stat does nothing.

CDR does effect most skills, but you should look for it's effect in longer skills, (like brawlers infuriate, or rhythmic blows), since as above mentioned, the time reduced is less than a second on most skills so doesn't "show" on the countdown, but it is still shorter

Wait.... I just realized, this was a bumped thread.... why you do this

TERA PC - General Discussion#9 Elinu110/11/2019, 09:33 PM

wow what an old dead thread

Yeah, will lock the bumped thread, but hopefully the question is answered.

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