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TERA PC - General Discussion: How do you survive in nightmare lachelith with 250 ping. share your ideas
As a slayer, Lasers after eating spheres are likely to kill me if I don't have dash buff. I am too slow to walk through lasers. Evasive roll doesn't work because of desync.
As a priest, After dodging the front slam->tail swing, I don't always have chance to get in her front side in time so i need to iframe the tail swing, if there comes the fate mechanism next I will get 1 shot because backstep is still on cooldown. Fiery escape isn't a good choice sometimes it desync, sometimes i need to get near lachelith where melee DPSs leave circles in bad positions I am gonna die.
After 30% the push back attack, I can't cleanse myself and partners before stagger happens leave us extremely vulnerable, I have +64 attack speed I still have no chance.
As a lancer, warrior tank when lachelith does frontal slam. I feel so hard to get out of animation lock then backstep or evasive roll away in time.

Looking for advice from high ping players who can still do well in nightmare lachelith. The learning progress is much more horrible than I learning SSHM.
As priest if you can't get in her front then just move away from her before she use her tail swing, if you're 23+ meters away from her you won't get hit and for the 30% mechanic get right behind her under her tail so you avoid the first stagger while she waste time turning around to shoot you and you'll time to use cleanse, then for lasers if i get the 3 set first, walk doesn't work for me because of the delay with 280 ms, so i've to backstep on the 2 lasers safe zone and walk out of them again fast (sometimes works and others not) is she start with 2 set of lasers first is easy to not die because you don't even need to move till the 3 set of lasers start coming out of the floor. This dungeons is really a pain for high ping players and that's why there aren't so many tanks for it.

For Mystic is the same but easier since jaunt is faster and easier to aim than with backstep and same for Sorcerer, can't help you with your others classes because i just did it in these 3 chars so far.
TERA PC - General Discussion#3 Laemie11/19/2016, 11:01 AM
Im having 250-300 ping here too and i have figured out a few notes for self, hope they help you:

So as a dps, i mainly play Zerk, i suppose you dont have much trouble with other things except for the laser so here's how i survive the laser on me:
. So when i get pushed, the moment i hit the wall, i hold either left or right key, if i see the blue circle unbeneath me, i keep holding it abit longer AND i will see myself moving 1-2 meters right after the blue circle appears, that will put me right on the edge of the laser, then, when they come up, i only have a very small distance to move, just only a few steps left. And ofc, you have to pick up a mote while doing so.

As healers, Priest in your case, its pretty chill til 30% if you feel confident enough with the range of her attacks.
. So put yourself on 1 side of the boss. Keep around 10 meters from the boss, just enough to do TN, ES, Mana charge (not really much needed nowadays but yeah). The moment you see the boss HOlds her scythe on the sky, instantly fiery escape away and stay at 25-26 meters. Really easy to move out :P, the only thing i actually use my backstep on is the Curse circle, actually i also use Fiery escape for that one BUT when i want to go to the boss to take the curse, i have to use backstep so i might not die to other ppl's circles.

About cleansing on Priest. I figured out something, assuming you have duo heal:
. Get 165k ish HP, never get your HP too high (200k~) because here are the reasons:
+ Your heal isnt % based, so once you pick up a soul, you will TOP OFF your HP to 100% which is the most important thing faster than having 200k HP. And with 250-300ping. THe way i survive the debuff blast is: I kaia everyone and use GS then put myself INFRONT of the boss, then after i get pushed to the wall, i follow the rules i said above, survive with 10-15% ish HP then cleanse myself, remember i said dont get too your HP too high? Kaia shield will die faster when you get pushed if you have 200k HP than 165k HP. Remember this applies to DUO HEALS, and youre only saving YOURSELF, sucks, i know.., the reason why i dont put myself behind the boss is, i want the boss to target me with the laser asap, so i will have more time/HP to survive the laser WHILE having the debuff.

. FOr solo heal on Priest (Iv never tried because it doesnt sound so possible to me lol), then you gotta put yourself behind the boss, get all tthe aspd you can get, ES before you get pushed, - dont need Kaia shield this time -. cleanse and try to hold 1 moving key like i mentioned above. If youre lucky and the laser is 2-3 then.. heh, good for you !

I dont have much experience on tank :P
niaj iuni lachelith nightmate anisaj miminaj woh na sa ji nasei minusai shairai uiau wowowowow :D iasa manasaj ijij wuaj danj muaj shiniuah shumer waj ui ais muansaj iju lachelilith 250ms inisi majins muns shuaf daj wowowowo :D oshio dagashi manishu wanasaba sab jab siej 250ms? wowowowo :D icha!
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