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Hello. A friend of mine been trying to get back into the game after 3 years, the problem is somewhere along the way someone managed to get into her account, steal everything she had and delete all her costumes. She never shared her account with anyone, she has no idea who or why someone would do that, but it happened.

So she entered in contact with En Masse support, after a bit of a back and forth she managed to finally get a positive answer from someone, which is embedded in this post. But a mere day after that they suddenly have a 360 and decided that 'Someone accessed your account, we aren't don't have anything to do with it, that's against the ToS so you gonna be punished' Like, what exactly is the purpose of that? All she wanted is her costumes back that someone managed to delete from her account so she could play the game.

The result if this goes through is that my friend simply won't come back to the game because the support is less than ideal to put it midly. Usually the GMs do a good job, but somewhere along the chain something happened and I imagine she isn't the only one to find herself in this situation, where the people who are supposed to be helping her are punishing her instead for something that isn't her fault, she just wants to play your game.

As also mentioned on Discord, this is something your friend will have to get resolved with support. There is too much about the details of the situation that we cannot know. For example, the circumstances of just who the "someone" is who managed to get into account is important. If they find out that she had deliberately shared credentials with that person for whatever reason, and then later on that person decided to use the credentials she provided to steal her stuff, they wouldn't consider that a "hack" or "unauthorized access." To determine this sort of thing, they would look back at the access logs to see the history of accesses from that computer/PC, when it started, etc. All this is stuff we can't know from our point of view, but they can see.

In my honest experience, there is usually another side to these sorts of stories because EME Support is typically extremely reluctant (almost to a fault) to take any sort of disciplinary action against any account unless there's irrefutable evidence. So if they say they are unable to resolve the situation here, I expect there is another side to this story we don't know. But if you really think it's just a misunderstanding of some kind, follow up with support in the ticket and be sure to be fully honest about all the circumstances so they can align the story told with the data they see. If they perceive that you're telling them one thing but their data suggests something different actually happened, this could easily sour their attitude towards doing this kind of favor. That being said, this all might be a big misunderstanding too, and if so the best way is still to work it through honestly with Support. I assure you that they're not bad people (especially the anti-fraud team), but they get lied to by people all the time, so they keep their guard up if they think that's what's going on.

In general terms, people should use Account Armor. It's certainly not infallible since people could hack your email to hack your EME account, but it puts a significant extra hurdle in the process. If an unknown person does hack your email to get to your account, EME's data will be able to see where that access came from and help corroborate the story.

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