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TERA PC - General Discussion: What a horrible experience coming back

Haven't played in 1-2 years, came back and immediately started doing the Velika Banquet quest line thinking that's what I had to start to level up from 65 (later learned it was for the armor set and that the best way to level up to 70 was to farm the same old dungeon MC over and over again, cool, fun!) Too bad the quest glitched out when I opened the lucky box and no coin popped out or appeared in my inventory. . trying to get help from world chat was like pulling teeth (thanks to the two people who were cool) but the rest were elitist and toxic, this game has always had a bad rep for having a toxic community but that sure proved it in the first 10 minutes of being back.

Alas I guess I won't be showing my blue halo off to anyone because I just immediately uninstalled after that.

Do what WoW did and give us a vanilla Tera that had some actual weight and meaning to the world.

10 minutes on global chat represents the entire community?

Also, I'm not too sure the cause:effect relation. You encountered a bug and toxicity, and a vanilla Tera would solve it? Having been there, I can assure you, it too had bugs and toxicity...

In any case, sorry that you had a bad experience, but given that you already installed the game there's not anything anyone can do to help now.

/reset and redo the section

Maybe a couple of tries on the global chat wont be enought to prove that we have a toxic and elitist community ingame, lets not try to blind ourselfs, most of players dont care more for helping people ( dont mindif you are a returning player or a new one). sometimes even try to troll you or making sarcasm of your way to play ( in the best cases).

You should probably get off the internet.

In every game you will see this problems. And if you encounter a bug in game you better make a ticket. Not everyone encountered that bug so they won't know to help you. There are forums, reddit and google sometimes that can help you faster and with better results.

Gotta love the "get off the internet" peeps, they're the ones who are toxic and were born to make gaming not fun. Perhaps they should drink a tall glass of Get Right and try act the same way they do onilne as they do in real life. I guess they enjoy being the toxic little trolls they truly are since it's physically safe for them to do so online. If they showed their true selves in real life, they'd be walking around with three shoes... Two on their feet and one in their @$$, or worse, death. I was going to give this game another try but instead, "I should probably get off the internet." Anyway, thanks for the post and helping me in my decision to stay away from the actual people who should probably get off the internet. Potentially saves me money too. Sorry devs, no money spent by this whale.

TERA PC - General Discussion#9 Elinu106/30/2020, 02:58 AM

@ZingoPingo said:
You should probably get off the internet.

the true definition of an a**hole

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