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TERA PC - General Discussion: Costumes/Fashion Not Available = No Money (petition/strawpoll)

Why don't EME sell all the fashions at all times, even the old ones? It's just stupid if you ask me.
Some fashion have just disappeared from the shop and not even available in the Broker... Why?

Do I need to make a petition/strawpoll? I already did...
Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/19701870

Tera why the hell do you take down options in your store? There is barely anything in the store and you take everything away?! It's stupid and frustrating. So what I have to wait till black Friday deals to get something. One time a year!?

Petitions aren't really allowed on the forum per the forum rules, and doing a poll is kind of just a petition in a different name. But, besides, it isn't really going to help.

I can tell you the general reason they do this, whether you agree with their logic or not. (Personally I'm about 50/50 on whether I think this is a good or bad idea.)

Basically, they are applying the logic of a clothing store that has limited shelf space, and using this approach to "focus" people on specific items they want to push at certain times. By retiring items out of the shop and allowing supply to dwindle, it increases the amount people are willing to pay for those "old items" when they get brought back. When they do bring things back, it also increases the chance that "strategic buyers" will buy extra copies of those cosmetic items to save for later when supply dwindles and the in-game market value goes up. They can also strategically choose when to bring items back according to their business needs. For example, need to increase sales in a given month to reach your sales target? Just take a few desirable supply-constrained items out of the "vault" at that specific time. This also has the effect of reducing the "competition" in the store whenever they release new items, and eliminating "dead stock" (since most items get very little sales after their initial push).

Having said all that, I know the objection already. The consequence of all this is that you have people who come back to the game, want to buy a thing, are willing to spend money on that thing, but end up not spending anything because they can't get the thing, and they may not stick around until EME brings that thing back around. And yeah, that is entirely the trade-off with this approach. They're giving up this chance to get small incidental sales of old stock from people randomly, in exchange for this ability to manipulate supply to grease a large volume of sales when they want. Is it worth the trade-off...? Well, EME seems to think so...

(Personally, I think that if they are going to do this, they should at least bring items back more frequently and on a somewhat regular basis to increase the chances that people can get what they want... but that'd require a lot more active/constant store maintenance. You could argue that at least just leaving everything on there requires less maintenance...)

Incidentally, in the last while, they've introduced some other ways to get some of this "old stock" again. They introduced the costume dismantling feature that allows people to get a random new item when getting rid of old ones. They also recently added a whole lot of the old cosmetics to the TERA Rewards Emporium. I'm not saying that this is by any means a substitute for sales, but it is a way of introducing some new supply of older items, which (mostly) could be available through trade. You can also of course try WTB in sales chat and on Discord. Depending on the item you want, there might be people holding onto them.

All this said... this is completely aside the issue of collaboration campaign items like Hello Kitty or AoT. For those it has nothing to do with the above, but is just because of licensing restrictions. So if you were looking for one of those... those were just purely one-time-only.

I just want to open the store, click some filters, and buy the stuff I want... I don't wanna buy stuff I don't want, and I'm not interested going through some spaghetti-cluster of stuff or level to max in order to get something.
Clean and simple, clothes/fashion in the shop, nothing else.

What's the matter with people, why can't I just buy the clothes I want, is that rly too much to ask for? I'm not talking about the collaboration stuff, if I can't buy simple old fashion I'm sure as hell not buying something I don't want. If EnMasse is not interested in money then so be it.
I got the feeling ever since I got back from my 7 year break that these guys are rly trying hard to shut down the servers and close the door... EnMasse not wanting money proves I'm right.

And btw, the poll is not closed just because they removed the link, it's still going and yeah, I think everyone already knows the results and that's exactly my point. EnMasse don't care for their players and that's why the game dies. They don't even care that people want to give them money xD

It's laughable, rly.

TERA PC - General Discussion#5 RonLaw04/06/2020, 10:33 PM

Buh byeeee

If they were really smart they would sell an item to unbind old costumes from a character in the cash shop. They would make tons that way.

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