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TERA PC - General Discussion: RNG SUX, Finally the last straw, i quit

This game has been ruined by the money grabbing rng system of the so called new and improved gearing system. I have gone from +12 to +13 back and forth for more than 10 times and now my weapon has failed back to 10. This game has been ruined, i cannot gear, i cannot try hard for leaderboards and this improved success enchant event has left my gear worse off than it was before. I give up eme, have it your way

TERA PC - General Discussion#2 Anung02/09/2020, 04:50 PM

honestly this is why I didn't want to mess with the exodor and reason of why I made the eternal version, maybe with a efficient method to get the improved feedstock I would have considered the exodor version but honestly the only efficient and realistic way is if you grab your wallet and p2w with the lottboxes, up to you if you want to keep going with this or not I would recomend you to get eternal if you want to stay in tera, otherwise just quit.

The great enchanting event get your gear up.
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The new RNG gear/enchantment and adventure coin system are driving players AWAY from the game in droves.

hardcore players must be loving this new system <3<3<3

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