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Class Balance When? Mystic is so broke..

Class Balance When? Warrior is so broke..

@HitAhARD16 said:
Class Balance When? Warrior is so broke..

Lol??? u havent seen Reaper/ninja/??

Reaper/Ninja is burst damage if the fight is longer than 4 mins their dmg tapers off alot.

lol reaper ninja they just depend with their burst, but mystic a healer can easily outdps geared people in guardian even they are using blue gear.

Mystic is getting guardian legion nerf, already in patch notes. I got out dps'd by a priest in guardian legion....
Still when war nerf?

1) EnMasse doesn't handle game balances; BHS does.
2) Both mystic and priest are given a damage boost in guardian legions, poor place to judge how "busted" they are in terms of dps since their numbers are inflated.
3) If you look outside of dps, mystics are lacking in heal capability compared to priest and that gets rough with how most new dungeons put more weight on the healer. If any balance is required, it should be for more reliable healing.
4) The only people really complaining about mystic dps are the ones who do less than them, so it kinda sounds like a personal issue here ¯_(ツ)_/¯

5) this discussion is useless because the staff are not active in the forum.
6) want to complain? best place and discord, chances are better than here.
7) better to learn Korean and complain directly to Bluehole, because EME will not do that.

8) Maybe he didnt know about the changes to mystics in the patch notes, thus he learned something thus not usless.
9) Who the hell are you to say whats useless and what isnt.
10) Tell us something most of us dont know, and for somebody that says nobody watches these forums you sure do complain on them alot.

11) We all know that in the forum it is useless to complain and better disagree (if he does not know it and why it is a new forum).
12) I am the batman.

TERA PC - General Discussion#11 McXuun02/12/2020, 03:18 AM

13) this looks fun, I wanna play this forum game
14) basically new, so I really not sure what the balance problem is, can one share, I started Mystic a while back still in 40's, still curious

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