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TERA PC - General Discussion: Servers down?
TERA PC - General Discussion#1 Elinu101/21/2020, 08:05 PM

Was in game got server disconnect, now servers wont show up. Anyone else?

Same here.

TERA PC - General Discussion#3 Elinu101/21/2020, 08:09 PM

Now i'm getting error Error S0003, can anyone help?

same here for me

Launcher doesn't even work

Error S0003 here also

yep was in dungeon game froze now got s0003 code

Oh i was starting to think i was the only 1, same here i was in a dungeon game froze and got that error too

looks like ill go paint some fence
even the Tera.enmasse.com for news etc isnt coming up

TERA PC - General Discussion#10 lRaven01/21/2020, 08:21 PM

Game froze and DC. My ping requests are timing out.

TERA PC - General Discussion#11 Castgirl01/21/2020, 08:26 PM

same here cant even log back into the launcher now , hope its fixed soon

the main web didn't work too xd

I'm smelling rollback. Lalala... B)

TERA PC - General Discussion#14 Fanfreya01/21/2020, 09:08 PM

@ChakNense said:
I'm smelling rollback. Lalala... B)

same s0003 here too.

i just tried to log in, not sure whats going on why a roll bak, was there a major dupe bug or something ?

I think there is just an issue with logging on. I already got a message back after sending in a support ticket. They didn't disclose much as that it was an issue. They would not go further, but I just want to play with ma buddy who JUST started playing yesterday.

TERA PC - General Discussion#16 TheKings01/21/2020, 09:15 PM

same here ...

Well, now that my free time suddenly got freed up, I guess I'll replace it with a story.

We all know the servers are hamster-powered. This time the Hamster System Administrator S0003, a.k.a "Soe", must have escaped from the facilities, thereby neglecting the duties of administrator, and leaving the rest of the hamsters in disarray. Right about now, I'd think there'd be a hamster-hunt for Soe. Soe must be brought in, and reprimanded-- no raisins for a month. I believe it is high time to promote Vice Administrator S0004, a.k.a. "Sofor", as the new system admin.
/story time over XD

Seriously though, I've never seen this happen before where the main site goes down too.

That's very, very strange. Never seen that before, that shutdown is really unexpected.

TERA PC - General Discussion#19 Alurya01/21/2020, 10:00 PM

Oh boy, its time for another compensation.

The issue has been resolved. There was a routing error causing problems. Players should be able to log in now

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