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TERA PC - General Discussion: So what?

It's 9:36 AM est.
I did one Ghilleglade. It wasn't double/triple drop.

The above sounds okay, right? Read on.

I'm elite, I get two ghilleglades on reset. I was only able to do ONE on an alt that I did yesterday. Hint, reset was supposed to happen 1 hr 36 mins ago.

So basically, daily dungeons have not reset. The event ended. What the [filtered] are you all doing? Can you all please just say you're incompetent and give the publishing rights away, or just close the servers? Stop being proud please, if you care about the game let someone else work on it.

Stop ruining the game, if you keep ruining it you all will likely lose your jobs. Fix things please, have consistency.

get a life

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