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**[NOTE BEFORE READ-I KNOW THE RULES-The sole purpose is constructive manner for positive outlook to help a community and look back at our roughest times]

I think it's urgent. It's not based on call outs. I'm not calling out, though truly we are human. It's not a call out, it's constructive manner. I'm just reviewing an issue and I know it's touchy for discussion, but it has to be done for my sake. We are adults and my parents taught me to discuss things over to not prevent them again. I'm not perfect. Also knowing even us adults get frustrated and break loose at times.

Be Constructive: All opinions are welcome, including criticism and disagreement, but all posts must be stated in a constructive manner. This means, among other things, no personal attacks, no flaming/baiting others, and no call-outs. If you have a complaint or criticism, provide constructive suggestions on how the problem might be addressed. Don't attack the developers, the staff, or other forum posters. Threads and posts that do not meet these requirements may be edited or removed, in whole or in part, at the sole discretion of the moderation staff. This forum is meant for active TERA players who are interested in supporting and improving the game and its community. For sole purpose, this is not a call out! It's just miscommunication during a difficult time.

IF THIS GETS DELETED FOR ANY REASON? I WILL COME BACK, posting this over and over again! I'm apologizing and truly no one knows what I actually went through. It's ok, though this is for both the community and staff. I call it miscommunication as it was for some. Lets just end it there. I'm not going deep into it by how I was treated and I really don't know how I should approach? So does anyone remember this? There is a lot to discuss. The actions of how this community should be is to help each other! No negative toxicity! PLEASE!**

For all you gamers that are playing Tera Online. I see this problem many of times. It's not BlueHoleStudios/Krafton servers! It's your end! Your PING. Personally I never had any problems with ping. Why? I setup my router and internet adapters correctly, which is what you should do!

I posted about this before, because I knew the uproars of complaints from players using exploits/cheats by reading Tera's Zone Chat, Reddit, and these forums. I tried to ignore it, but you probably can feel me on my deep emotions of disappointment. I wasn't happy with this instant cast excuse script just to play a game! Yet, I understand the frustration dealing with lag. I lagged a lot in my past MMORPG games that I played, until someone told me how to fix my lag; a gamer friend. Even today I still see the same posts of LAG LAG LAG LAG AND MORE LAG on these forum threads; truly makes me want to help. Though posting this before, why was it even deleted? Nothing is wrong with DNS. Perhaps because people battled me on it? Ok I get your frustration and I just want to help the best way I again.

Now first of all, I'm not going far deep into this excuse that literally brought the worst anti-cheat among us, which just made me....Oh great BSOD trying to solve the issue to play a game again. XIGNCODE is just that intrusive to make it work properly! So please don't go there with me! XIGNCODE is gone and removed. Again don't go there with me! I'm sure my solution to prevent a BSOD is legitimate, even though the anti-cheat XIGNCODE is removed.

For all that was done, I thank you for trying EME/BHS solve the exploits/cheats. Also please stop using that instant cast excuse that brought us XIGNCODE in the first place!

**[NOTE: Keep in mind don't take it personally; I went literally insane. I should of waited on a lucid answer with my discoveries during research. I was impatient because I literally had problems with XIGNCODE before.]
EME/BHS, this community needs the help and I tried to stop a war! The ignorance is what is killing this game and I know the rules! Though understand what I'm doing, because I care for this community. (Here is where I kinda break the rules-but really I don't) The excuse scriptwriters stated you have to pay money....yeah that! They aren't community and they don't belong here! Yes I became scared by what I read especially on Reddit forums about these scriptwriters. I did everything to try to stay positive to change people's hearts to not use those scripts, if anyone actually paid attention?!

I will appreciate the time for understanding a past customer issue. Also I hope it makes logical sense because I countless informed many of times to support. Approaching the problem was truly difficult over and over again with miscommunication hoping Wellbia will help solve. I wasn't going to jump off a bandwagon. The community and myself couldn't play a game! I loved this game so much! Great friends and I learned from others and also myself to play well. This game has great combat and especially I loved feeling sexy on the battlegrounds. XIGNCODE caused me issues and by how high strong I am, I stuck out for the blame of hype. Lets not go deep into that. Though it's truth that I wasn't the only one with BSOD issues and I know we (community) tried so hard to figure out the issues during a difficult time with something so intrusive in our way to perhaps cause a BSOD. We love this game and we will do anything to play it. So yes I overreacted a bit later.

Again I overreacted before because I just wanted to play a game by not jumping off the bandwagon. Even some of the community overreacted, when problems occurred for them. Since that June 2018, there was an uproar on issues with crashing BSODs among the community, which alerted my past dealing with XIGNCODE on past MMORPG games I've played. Now please understand me as a past customer/gamer and the frustration that I dealt with that caused some of the community and myself not to play Tera Online. The case topic was trying to solve issues that the community and myself was dealing with. I abused the support for a reason for communicating an issue with Wellbia itself at first, which later made me afraid from sources that are hype elsewhere. Lets not go deep into what really happened with miscommunication. I'm stating as it is, I overreacted later on, which lead to my abusive ban from support and I was so frustrated with headache trying to play a game again without any issues. Truly I wasn't lucid enough, though I had the right connection, so I missed some inform that I didn't even know yet. Though here on these forums we help each other and that's what is important, so I never gave up!

I can't believe this is the actual solution I found, which made it so lucid in my mind when it clicked. The reason why some of the community actually crashed with a BSOD. XIGNCODE runs on C++ as stated the Wellbia's website. It took me so much research to figure this issue out! As you read, it makes so much sense by connection. Also anyone against me on it, XIGNCODE is removed.


It doesn't matter what year, I can explain quite lucid. If only I knew before, though it doesn't matter now. So yes finding the true solution to a huge problem wasn't easy.

I read on the Wellbia's website, "XIGNCODE3 supports more than 2000 game environment clients, and operates under Linux or Windows game servers. We provide all interface codes that are easily applicable in various conditions, such as C/C++/JAVA/C#. In addition, the API is structured in simple fashion for convenient adjustment, allowing easy application and testing without any complicated studies". Then it clicked in my mind after countless days/hours, faulty application of XIGNCODE causing an issue to call an API with the kernel system for scanning. System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled is the problem. https://appuals.com/fix-unknown-software-exception-0xe06d7363/ which is exactly connected to the C++ issues stating calling of APIs in the BSOD exception details. That is 100% true detective work! Impatient as I was, researching for solution by sources wasn't easy figuring out. I admit some hype on the internet scared me elsewhere, so I apologize. I just didn’t like the fact how deep XIGNCODE ran like a rootkit on my privacy as it seemed! I’m sorry, though it doesn’t matter anymore, since XIGNCODE is ineffective and gone. I can't really test, though I'm 100% know this makes sense. Upgrading Microsoft Visual and perhaps Microsoft .NET Framework? Could be Microsoft Kernel Patch Security Updates blocking XIGNCODE? Whatever the real solution? Upgrading Microsoft Visual is the best logical solution to prevent BSOD, while XIGNCODE scans.

The logic is just by how the functionality connected with API and C++ of the program to run correctly.

If only I knew before. So everyone if XIGNCODE was around still, I could of just fixed everyone's issue telling to upgrade the Microsoft Visual. I had 2013 not 2015 or higher needed for the gosh darn it anti-cheat to work correctly. I'm laughing at myself! On the right page, though I admit I overreacted. I'm very headstrong.

Now for the DNS. Domain Name Servers (DNS) is the Internet's equivalent of a phone book. DNS maintains a directory of domain names and translate them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. This is necessary because, although domain names are easy for people to remember, computers or machines, access websites based on IP addresses. Without setting your internet provider's DNS or some useful DNS like cloudflare for example, you have no internet.

The question you might have with me is, "How is this going to improve my internet?"
Does it really help with ping? Yes and no. Just more stable signal and less stress on the router trying to find an actual network.

First of all, understanding packets. What DNS does is help with translation of data and how fast packets of data are sent to you. The rest is your bandwidth from your provider. Just sometimes using a DNS like CloudFlare which is ultra fast, will help with the translation of data being sent to you, so your internet provider doesn't have to translate through traffic on it's capability use of its servers; less stress. If that makes sense? I do fine with my own internet provider, yet lots of people don't even set their DNS, therefore their internet isn't stable. You're lucky if it's stable. Yet, I will tell you, hardly any intermittent issues at all! Unless I use the microwave so many times LOL.

[Without DNS]

Router will lose signal with stress because the router is trying to search where the data is actually coming from.

[With DNS setup on router and internet adapters]

  1. Router won't have stress on packets discovery
  2. No intermittent WIFI signal
  3. Stable internet
  4. No more searching for a network
  5. Faster instant boot after a power outage for internet use (I'm not kidding with this)

If this doesn't help you?

  1. Invest in newer IPv4 and IPv6 router technology (NEED BOTH!)
  2. Use an Ethernet cable CAT6 to your computer
  3. Invest in newer DOCSIS3.0 cable modem (I think 3.1 exists?)

If you are using digital phone line. Don't use WIFI! It's horrible. Use Ethernet cable.

If you still have bad internet, which most likely you won't after setting up DNS inputs. A stable 20-30mbps is needed for any MMORPG.


If you were only me? Think about it. I deserve to come back! I moved on and playing a different game. Though anything is for a hope, after all I did to help. If not, I least I tried and personally over my overreaction, I apologize.

Any more questions? PM me please. Appreciate it.

SPECIFICALLY STATES IT! A Microsoft Visual issue!

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