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TERA PC - General Discussion: Boss timing
TERA PC - General Discussion#1 DOOA01/12/2020, 09:22 PM

As a returning player I am amazed and distressed how few mechanics are actually obeyed. Mostly characters just get healed through.

Boss timing is worse. Like in Red Refuge, all boss actions are easily learned and reacted to with a few deaths. But the third boss at around 30% (Argog Reveals His True Self) hunches down and does his huge AOE which is fine except the timing. There are a few players that actually get it right but often the party dies and recovers to finish. Or there is a Lancer to block it.

If my ping was stable within 50 ms this would probably not be an issue. But I am in NA where we have crap internet.

TERA PC - General Discussion#2 asusm501/12/2020, 09:48 PM

but Red refuge was nerfed ... with 300 ms are easy with minimum set.

i play from oceanic region, and my ping never goes below 220. You don't need 50ms for -most- of the dungeons, but you do need stability. But that is a given in any mmo, no connection stability means no mmos.

You should be using skill-prediction, it emulates client-side skills. Its not perfect, ping will still be an issue in terms of dps, but its tons better than if you were to pay for a tunneling service like WTFast.


now as for dodging skills like Argog's 30% AOE, there are always visual tells.
For Argog on my warrior and my 220ping, i wait for the ground ripple, and i use DeathFromAbove the second i see it.
This works 100% of the time, because i know my class very well, i know exactly at what point of the animation DFA works and doesn't work.

If i were to swtich to my alt-Archer and i used her 'Dodge-jump' (cant remember the name) i get it wrong 80% of the time because, i know [filtered] about that class.

There will be a handful of dungeons where your ping will be an issue and red-refuge is FARRRR from being one of them.

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