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TERA PC - General Discussion: still having issues with game

I can not log in to all my characters still sticks in load screen . i did try the advise quit game and log in another ,but i still cant get in the one i want. i reinstalled the game thinking it would help it didn't. those i can log in , i sat there watching the screen for 20 minutes and the health bar and energy bar were zero and i couldn't see any npcs and i couldn't do any skills . i couldn't log out had to force close . i know it says its fixed but i am not the only one, my whole guild pretty much logged on to force close from what i am told . not sure who is playing but lucky you your one of the few.

Same here.. mEme needs to look more at Tera, This game is dying and absurd, and so the name of the company goes along as far as neglect. If they do that with Tera, with the other games it would be no different.

server imploded you gotta wait a bit till its back up (issues been going on all day)

TERA PC - General Discussion#4 iLucky01/09/2020, 01:32 AM

There are a few threads on this problem,


R.I.P... :s

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