What happened: I gonna open some chest box and went to (see appedix 1). I go inside the circle place and remove all equip item. after i remove all equip item including the costuming, i save it under the outfit 4 (Shift + 4) then i press the shift 1 to equip it again then press shift + 4 to switch again, then suddenly i realized my wing is gone. I check the system log to check if i accidentally deleted it, and never saw any log regarding with the wing. i delete some item from my invent to prove that system log record it, and it does. So if i accidentally deleted my wing it will be recorded on system log, bug it wasn't. So maybe its bug on shifting outfit. please see appendix 2 for the prof that i have a wing.

P.S No item delivered to parcel post. (see appendix 3).

Image of my Inventory and equipped item (see appendix 4 and 5).

Image of bank and wardrobe (see appendix 6 and 7).

Date and Time: Wednesday, 4 December 2019 (GMT+8) around 12pm

Additional details:
1.) IGN Quian
2.) Kaitor (PvP)
3.) near Airship platform (See appendix 8)

**A favorable reply at your earliest convenience would be appreciated.

** appendix 1 **

** appendix 2 **

** appendix 3 **

** appendix 4 **

** appendix 5 **

** appendix 6 **

** appendix 7 **

** appendix 8 **