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Anyone have ping issues after the last maintenance?. I play normal with 100ms, after the last maintenance play with 170 to 250ms.... Have 2-3sec of delay and well.....

TERA PC - General Discussion#2 TJKat11/23/2019, 08:38 PM

Right after last maintenance myself and several people I was playing with noticed some massive ping spikes. I was peaking at 500ms or more when I'm normally always under 100ms. I think it's gotten better since then, but I still get the occasional spike, usually in the middle of a one-shot mechanic.

I just stop play until they fix this s.tupid lag.... can't do CU with 350ms.... and they never say something about ping spike problems just ban or closed threads....

My my, it is just a coincidence that it started happening after a maintenance.
It is always, I'm afraid, the ISP's fault.

For those impacted by this sort of issue, please send your diagnostic info and traceroute to [email protected] A confluence of data is the only way of understanding the root cause, whether it's the server, the route, or whatever.

Keep in mind to do the traceroute when you experiance this high ping. There's no use in having a high ping at 8pm prime time and doing a traceroute at 3am when the whole town is asleep.
I paused Tera for ~2 years and learned a lot about servers, network, etc.

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