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Xbox One Discussions & Feedback: Dears Console Players. We are a SH*T

Well, it seems that tera console players are forgotten by EME.

Not there news of Updates, Apex, New dungeons, crossplay or arrangement of the small population on some servers like EU Xbox.
Every time there are less people to do dungeon and people who started a few months and we have difficult classes to get materials by ourselves we are starting to get bored ... I hope that this issue can be resolved because less and less people there ... and If I don't hear from you, I will add to that list of people who left Tera to never return because of their neglect in their console version.

well, who change my title ?????

Your forum post's title was changed because it violated Forum Rules.
D. Inappropriate Obscenity, Vulgarity, and Profanity

  • Anything construed as referring to human anatomy, mental development, or bodily functions inappropriately.
  • Anything construed as excessively crude or offensive.


Sh** are a violated word?????? OMG

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