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Console General Discussion: So this level event

I already have a lvl 65 ninja, with that said will anyone with a lvl 65 ninja/warrior get at least the lvl 65 costumes? Anything else below im fine with missing. If not care to explain why exactly we would have to re level that class AGAIN? Im glad to see a old event I missed last time return to do this time, but still bummed there is still NO flying suits or no re release of the Rogue set.

Anyways please lmk if we (the already 65 ninja/warriors) get the costume stuff for 65, and why the flying suits or even the re release of the rogue set arent here.


Already level 65 players will not get it, no. You'll need to start from fresh. It is, after all, a leveling event.

Console General Discussion#3 Lingyi09/04/2019, 08:36 AM
how are the rewards distributed? I have a lv.50 warrior. Will it get the rewards moving forward to lv.65?
Console General Discussion#4 Exipheus09/04/2019, 10:29 PM
> @Lingyi said:
> how are the rewards distributed? I have a lv.50 warrior. Will it get the rewards moving forward to lv.65?

You will get rewards for any level you have not reached. So a level 50 will get all the rewards that come after level 50
Console General Discussion#5 Lingyi09/04/2019, 11:27 PM
@Exipheus great!
Console General Discussion#6 Kouichii09/08/2019, 05:46 PM

Great event, but you really need to make this once Per-Account, with all the people making new characters (99% chance it's a Tank/Healer for faster Queues) you literally can't find ANY good Tanks/Healers that perform their role correctly, making the DPS get seriously frustrated.

I shouldn't have to use POTIONS to keep myself alive in literally EVERY Pre-65 Dungeon.
Is that why you put Potions as some of the rewards, because you knew this would happen?

I feel you're doing more harm than good with Events like this that can be repeated on new characters over and over.

First off, Saru a simple "Only characters lvling up will get rewards not max" would have suffice. Your a mod act like it. Second you did NOT answer the second part of my question. If anything as I know the flying suits wont be released on console (i gave up) could ANY mods here tell me when the rogue set will be re released? Dont give me "soon" as its been a while now and id like to get the set.

As for the rewards, imo it should be set to ONCE and thats it. Ive seen people exploiting the free lvl up costumes by selling them in broker for gold. That not only hurts the already terrible economy of this game, but YOU THE COMPANY loose money on people buying emp to sell for gold. If anything in events like this make everything gained account bound. Im sure everything that im saying is going unread by the "mods" but enough already.

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