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TERA PC - General Discussion: I'm curious, what keeps you playing TERA?

I've been playing TERA for 5 years and I loved the pvp starting out (I've never kicked anyone or tried to be toxic to anyone btw), but with PVP becoming inactive and the new adventure coin system basically forcing me to AFK, I don't feel like even logging on that much lately to be honest. Probably the main thing that entices me to still log on is the people that i'm kinda close to, but even then I don't feel like there's really any motivation to play TERA anymore. When I do login, LFGs are often dead and there's not much activity compared to what it used to be (which i'm assuming others feel the same way that I do). So i'm curious, what makes you guys still play TERA?

TERA PC - General Discussion#2 Elinu108/02/2019, 06:52 PM

Elins and combat keep me playing.

Friends, I suppose.

i only play cause of the combat, holy trinity and cute chars
literally no other mmo has all three and its baffling lmao

Nothing much, really. The whole "grind to upgrade to grind to upgrade to grind" cycle had pretty much worn me out.

I might do an event here, talk to some friends or RP there, but these days I'm pretty much just logging in for the sake of logging in.
TERA PC - General Discussion#6 Fuelyn08/02/2019, 08:56 PM

Open World PvP, combat, and interacting/socializing with other players.

Only way I could see myself dropping the game would be with the complete removal of Open World PvP since it's pretty much what gave me a reason to keep playing in the first place.

Awaiting 2 new mmo i have my eyes on that the only thing keeping me playing this game beside the combat which i enjoy a lot tera is getting old age pension treatment from it's managers and creators it's only a matter on time. All my friends left and when i'm logged in 99% of my time is spent afk the zeal for this game is slowly resting in peace.

+Open world combat action with dungeons and not instanced zones

+Few genderlock classes, many races can take the first classes into the game.

+Good/Ok graphics, good fantasy and some arts that still look gorgeous today.

+Action Combat with not [filtered] stat like Block, accuracy and evasion. Plus good design and gameplay.

+Elin and Popori, maybe this last is the strong one.

+The PvP is pretty good, but unbalanced and some classes are weaker or stronger than other.

At the end, i invest so much into this game and put money on it. I'm pretty dissapointed why the developer let the game die and i just waiting for some good news today.

Friends and maybe because i already spent too much here to drop it.
but mostly cause game has a sentimental value to me.

TERA PC - General Discussion#10 J4C0X08/02/2019, 10:09 PM

Combat Playstyle, Friends and Costumes

TERA PC - General Discussion#11 Fanfreya08/03/2019, 01:05 AM

I love mmos. been playing them for years. But like anyone else, i wont just into any mmo.
For example, i liked WoW, but wasn't into it. Played for a month and left. Same with RIFT.

I love korean/japanese combat MMOs.
Im drawn to the art style and combat mechanics of games like Tera , Aion, Blade and soul, Archage, Revelation online etc.
The kinds of combat that requires split second timing, chains and a ton of keybinds.

To be honest the only thing keeping me in tera is Skill-Prediction/Proxy...
in other words, the fact that i can play the AN mmo like its supposed to be played.

B&S supposedly has a skill-prediction built into the game, yeah not with my ping.
Ive tried B&S with 60ping vs 250ping (mine). No go.

Before this, i actually quit mmos for a long time cos i couldnt find one that i liked, thats playable with my ping, then i think last year i heard Tera banned proxy and skill prediction and i thought "what the heck is this skill prediction thing ?".
When they unbanned it, i gave it a go and HOLY KRAP im playing the game like everyone else !
of course ping still counts and i wont ever get the same DPS like those with naturally low ping but i dont care at this point.

So why did i play tera to begin with ? Cos it was and still is a good game, great combat fantastic art.
What KEEPS me playing tera ? ... Skill prediction ... i do want to try other games ... but i cant.

TERA PC - General Discussion#12 alasiete08/03/2019, 03:01 AM


TERA PC - General Discussion#13 Christin08/03/2019, 06:49 PM

What keeps people making these attention needy threads is what i"d like to know.

Knowing PVP is dying keeps me playing.

Honestly, being able to earn stuff in game without having to deal with other players keeps me playing. I can farm for as long as I want, I can afk while doing housework, and I can earn cosmetics for my toons.

Most of the players getting mad at the adventure coin system are only playing one character. The game is simply not designed for you to just play one character and that's it. Create another character to play. You'll have a whole batch of adventure coins and something new to learn. Trying to find enough for you to be able to spam one character all day long just isn't viable anymore. Now that they got rid of a handful of dungeons, the remaining dungeons might start popping more.

What kept me playing was the beautiful lands, character models and combat. I very much love the "avatar" looking map as well as the Springtime map. Incredible colors and immersion!

What pushed me away from Tera is the proxy, injector, script cheaters. They have ruined endgame content. If you play honestly, your DPS will never be good enough. Also, the RNG is ridiculous at the end.

If you play causally, it is very enjoyable and colorful!
TERA PC - General Discussion#15 CaityG08/04/2019, 02:30 AM

Nothing. I quit right around the time the first batch of gunners came out. The way the game has spiraled downhill since it went F2P and how it's gone straight to p2w is a massive turnoff for me. Elite is pointless, bgs are dead, the gear and level progression changes so frequently that unless you throw your wallet at the computer or no-life this game you'll never catch up. Terribly localized lore, cringy voice acting, and story and side quests were removed for literally no reason to make it easier for the casuals. Not to mention easy mode perma crit weapons to make leveling even more braindead, so entire areas of the world can be completely skipped, dungeons are constantly coming and going so your achievement ranks frequently get gimped... Oh, doing away with Blast from the Past too, that was a huge mistake. I found it fun to queue up and play with lower levels. Man, I miss the days when Visionmaker was BIS.

Seeing some of the changes coming down the pipes that makes the game even more of a whaling expedition just further confirms that I made a good call in leaving when I did.

I just come back now and again to kinda watch the place burn, but my loyalty's to Guild Wars 2. At least there you don't need ten million keybinds to do stuff. :^)

TERA PC - General Discussion#16 Araseo08/04/2019, 08:42 AM
Nostalgia and the combat system.
TERA PC - General Discussion#17 kubitoid08/04/2019, 12:34 PM

@39HATFDXLY said:
what makes you guys still play TERA?

dead forums

hasn't this topic already been submitted like four or five times now?

elins and the combat/pve

I like the new progression systems too. It's nice that your gear doesn't become obsolete every 6 months anymore since you just keep upgrading it rather than having to throw away your +12 masterwork gear you put a ton of work into every single patch

TERA PC - General Discussion#20 Lapomko08/07/2019, 02:11 PM

@Skilliard said:
elins and the combat/pve

I like the new progression systems too. It's nice that your gear doesn't become obsolete every 6 months anymore since you just keep upgrading it rather than having to throw away your +12 masterwork gear you put a ton of work into every single patch

You are up for a big suprise soon.

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