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Console General Discussion: [PS4] Maintenance 4/15 @ 7pm
We will be entering maintenance downtime at 7pm PDT on April 15 (02:00 am UTC 4/16). We expect this maintenance to last for 3 hours.

This maintenance will be addressing last weeks missing patch, specifically around the concerns of enchanting costs.

Thank you for your patience!
We have now entered maintenance. During this time, the following will be fixed:
  • Rare Server crash due to inventory issue has been fixed.
  • Flying mounts will now obey TERA flying regulations and start their descent once flying gauge has been depleted.
  • +10 or higher Misery, Deathwrack, Behemoth, Oblit gear now appropriately displays Enchant sub-menu.
  • Twistshard weapon/armor's enchanting cost is corrected.
  • Client will no longer crash when entering the game with certain enchanting effects.
  • Ruinous Manor > 2nd boss's pattern > problem of decal being will no longer display in the combat area when baby spider turns to sleep state.
  • Client will no longer crash when gear option UI is opened while in combat.
  • Thaumetal Refinery > 1st boss's pattern will no longer causes client crash.
  • City civil unrest related NPCs showed up for work a little early. We've sent them home until its time to battle.
  • Gear enchanting/upgrade UI > gear level now appropriately displays in 000/00000 format.
  • When receiving guild quest reward via parcel, parcel title section is no longer missing.
  • Item option selection UI > selecting an option and moving to a different tab no longer displays the previously selected option.

Thank you once again for your patience!
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